Crack up

“Why oh why don’t those damned crackers just leave?”

If we’re already entering the ejection phase of neo-secessionism, it has to be a good thing, right?

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  • Hurlock Says:

    Bonus points for using ‘reactionary’ as an offensive term.


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  • Thales Says:



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  • peter connor Says:

    Landrieu had an “honorable career”??? As Bill would say, that’s a good one!


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    It would be a good thing if they meant it. The only exit the clerisy allows is on a gurney, morgue-ward bound. So if Cathedral organs are talking about ‘exiting’ the South, it isn’t secession they have in mind.


    Porphy's Attorney Reply:

    Lesser Bull is correct: at “best” all they’re talking about is throwing away the charade of participating in democratic politics down South and just ruling it with a prehensile claw.

    Amicable mutual separation – heck, even acrimonious but non-violent peaceful separation and leaving each other alone – simply not in their vocabulary when it comes to “Reactionaries.” For reasons MM expounded upon “live and let live” rhetoric is only for the correct kind of people (and even then it’s rhetoric – they live-and-let-live their mascots as long as their mascots go along with the program. Live and let live stops and the leash tightens if they stray from the path. But I digress, because they’re certainly not going to shake hands and call an end to the partnership on amicable terms and adopt a “good neighbor policy” with the South: “ditch the South” would in practice mean “bomb it to rubble and roll the corpses of evil whitey into the ditch and call it liberation”).


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    See also Django. the Cathedral id is showing.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Yes they don’t mean you, or Americans well. They’re not planning on replacing you with Mexicans, they’re doing it.

    This essay could be written about the entire country that is Red, in fact it’s only blue where there are welfare voters.

    As for getting your own country, Tomasky can get on a plane along with the rest of Histories Trolls. Fuck You. Soon you probably won’t have even that.

    In truth this increasingly hysterical rants from the establishment press reflect they know they’ve lost so much of the country and they can’t keep paying for votes on Fiat magic forever.

    But Lesser Bull is right, they mean us all ill. The south comes in for their particular venom because of FEAR. Well, use it.


    Alan J. Perrick Reply:


    If we are being “replaced,” then where are we going?

    No, this is a case of straight genocide. “Assimilation,” ie. intermarrying, is seen as the answer for this very reason.



    nydwracu Reply:

    Oh, talk of consciously breeding a new race as a political exercise goes a long time back in this country. One of the founders of MIT or something.

    And even before that, with some of the other colonies. The Brits didn’t try to do that, though; they wanted to do it memetically instead.

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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    Well of course they DID try back in 1861… here’s the plot for the scifi pink shirt brigade: intrepid prog uses time machine to persuade Lincoln to let them knuckle draggers leave: “Believe me Mr. Prez– we’ll be better off without ’em!”. Paging Steven King…


    EdwardM Reply:

    Rather, Harry Turtledove. “The Guns of the South” – time-travellers provide the Army of Northern Virginia with Kalashnikovs…


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    But back in real life those Kalishnikovs would have been hoarded by State governments and Robert E. Lee would have been standing hat in hand begging and not receiving, courtly gentlemen that he was, and slave it seems by Duty to the worst war Chief in American History – Jefferson Davis. Picked by southern pols – pimps who masquerade as politicians from that day to this – as the most reliable sleazebag to protect their selfish interests.

    The Yankees still would have won, for they understood and applied strategy and the principles of war. Bedrock principles the South defied and wasted hundreds of thousands of it’s best men. For the South set up a postwar government from the outset.
    A autistic postwar government only a Libertarian business minded type could love that functioned corruptly from it’s first moments to it’s last.

    Had the Confederacy prevailed it still would have had to set up a functional central government or succumbed to any organized outsider. We might have ended up as the Greater Kingdom of Brazil.

    I only mention it as you’re already doing it again. If Secession happened today you’d pick either Rick Perry or Mike Huckabee as your leader. The first is being reconquered by Mexico as we speak despite his own governors not 1 but 2 military forces that answer to the governor only: Texas US Army/USAF National Guard and his own State Militia. Not to mention he could probably muster a million armed men ready for defense on his own state soil if he would but lead. Instead he ignores invasion to run for President. Bush II without the training or skill.

    Huckabee of course is the archetype of the southern preacher pimp politician and beloved of conservative women, who control southern politics from the Salon and boudoir. He came out of the nest of state backed organized crime that is Arkansas and is a more disciplined Bill Clinton. Not a rapist but not as brilliant a politician.

    Then there are the warrior stock [or so claimed] who apparently would rather their entire civilization go into the night and disappear then obey principles of war – such as unity of effort/unified command. Apparently genocide is better than getting your own Cromwell.

    Again I mention it as you’re already doing it again. Walking a now well beaten path to certain ruin, singing Dixie to your Doom. What a waste of fine soldiers and people, if only your women didn’t control your politics.


    Leser Bull Reply:

    Thank you! Incompetence and fecklessness is hateful in the sight of Gnon. The Confederacy had too much of both.

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  • Crack up | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Lucian Says:

    re the article, this line caught my eye: “A toothless dog is a figure of sympathy. A vet who takes pleasure in gassing it is not.”

    Leftists will never be able to resist elevating victimhood.

    Personally, I like vets.


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  • Tripletap Says:

    The crackers have already left. The South is growing by leaps and bounds. New businesses and old are locating in the sun belt for reasons of ; right to work, mild climate, low taxes, escape from northern progs, etc. It won’t be a shooting war, just attrition by abandonment for the north. I made my move decades ago.


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