Poseidon Awoke has a great post up about the class characteristics of neoreaction. It’s bound to generate a lot of discussion. Much of it is irresistibly persuasive. You’ll want to read it.

I have a few quibbles — Vaisyas aren’t ‘activists’ (because business isn’t politics), and the Catholic slant of NRx is more complicated than this essay makes it out to be (because cladistics). These kind of qualifications aren’t decisive in themselves.

The decisive reservation has to do with the social function of code specialists. Perhaps this tweet makes the point best:

‘Silicon Valley’ changes the meaning of ‘Brahmin’ — if we’re still going to use that word. Most simply, the long-established distinction between literate and industrial elites loses its security in the epoch of programming, or digitization. NRx washes back from a social horizon at which the sign and its operationalization have become de-segmented, necessitating a seismic re-configuration of class identities.

The Brahmin priest caste, like the digital elite, specializes in signs, but they are signs of exhortation, rather than of intrinsic efficiency. Is not the Cathedral precisely a name for that apparatus of signs — (non-STEM) academia, media, bureaucracy, politics … — which cannot in principle ever compile? The Cathedral is a secular religion, which has to preach because it does not work.

When NRx insists upon a division within ‘progress’ between techno-economics (which works) and socio-politics (which decays), it opens a rift that splits the Brahmins, rather than further separating them from social inferiors. NRx, at its core, is a ‘Brahmin’ civil war.

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  • Alrenous Says:

    Credit to Nassim Taleb for giving me the words, though his are incomplete. (Section 40, I think.) There are three arenas: the sacred, the profane, and the secular. Nassim uses ‘profane’ to mean secular. Instead, we need profane to indicate a sacred thing which has been desecrated. (The secular can’t be desecrated.)

    Truth is sacred. Even simple truths, “The sun feels warm.” “It is bright today.” 0 = 0.

    Progressives descecrate the truth. That is their game. (LWs are progressives; they desecrate logic.)

    Progressives seem to be playing holier than thou, but they’re not. They’re playing unholier than thou. This is why their game is so destructive. They take real philosophical truths and pervert them.

    Perhaps at first they were playing holier than thou. That is itself a profane game. If I am in fact holier, perhaps by being truer, more authentic, then you shouldn’t listen to me because I’m holier, you should listen to me because it’s a good idea. This can be seen by checking the case of error: when the holy makes a mistake, they remain holier, but it isn’t a good idea to listen to them in that instance. If you listen to the holy because they are holy, you’re doing it wrong.

    The reason to keep the secular away from the sacred is that profanity spreads. If you start playing holier than thou, you profane yourself, and will soon be playing unholier than thou.

    The first Whig really is the Devil.


    VXXC Reply:

    Actually unholier than thou nails them.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    absolutely. The downward acceleration is the principle of energy in leftism; in order to harness infinite progress, invert the y axis and jump into the bottomless pit.


    sviga lae Reply:

    Beautiful. Have your ideology define entropy as negentropy by fiat. Perpetual motion achieved.

    Alrenous Reply:

    Black holes are progressive.

    The length contraction according to a distant observer goes infinite before you hit the event horizon, which effectively means there’s an infinite distance between you and the surface. Which means you can, in fact, drop something in there and it will work like a bottomless pit.

    Or maybe progressives are just wrong, and physicists need to ‘shut up and compute’ less.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Progressives seem to be playing holier than thou, but they’re not. They’re playing unholier than thou.

    This is often true. Altho I won’t call Regressive Leftoids “Progressives.”


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  • VXXC Says:

    “NRx, at its core, is a ‘Brahmin’ civil war.”

    Sure it is Dear.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    Excellent piece. To be honest, the whole “status/signalling/etc” aspect of the psychology reminds me of high school and thus exhausts me. However, an understanding of it is crucial to attracting a critical mass. My only caveat on the implications of batting eyelashes at would be Brahmin converts because cool is that not all elites are created equal. I doubt that the current crop of Brahmins would retain their places in the sunlight uplands of a DE/NRx future– any more than the Bulgarian economics professor was of much use after the fall of the wall. I think they know that too– thus decreasing their incentive to play footsy with DE/NRx. Some would certainly– but for most, the operating system would be utterly “does not compute”.

    With that said, the key piece is noblesse oblige. The obligation to be noble is stirring and essential to a genetically predisposed aristo. For all their faults, it was embedded in the old WASPs (inherited from the Victorians). It worked ok and even now the Brahmins cling to the threadbare aesthetics of it– that’s about all that’s left though.


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  • scientism Says:

    “The leftist utopia has arrived and it sucks.”

    I think this is what’s really going on. Leftist’s chickens are coming home to roost. They’ve disenfranchised themselves. It all seemed harmless when it was theoretical, but now they’re starting to feel the consequences. The problem is that NRx wants to appeal to elites and elites are the last to feel the consequences of Leftism. Their children attend private schools, they live in nice gated communities, they don’t use public transportation, they travel by private jet, they don’t live in a multicultural neighbourhood. They’re not seeing any of this and probably won’t for decades.

    The Silicon Valley crowd is even more separated from reality. They live in a place where Leftism has the illusion of working. Where money and utopian fantasies mask the cultural malaise and it’s a 24/7 parade of mundane deviance. They’re probably going to be the last people to ever wake up to what’s going on.

    So we’re in a curious position here. Firstly, Leftism has always been bad for the people at the very bottom, and that’s where white nationalism has thrived. As the consequences of Leftism mount, we’re seeing it move up society, and now it has reached us: the intellectuals who aren’t wealthy enough to escape it. Students, technology workers, academics able to dissent from orthodoxy, etc. But we’re terrified of populism, so we’re waiting on the elites, and the elites are going to be last to the party.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Their prose compiles in billions of self-replicating bioware computers.


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  • OT Says:

    Semi offtopic, but a “Traditionalist Society” turned “Nietzsche Club” was banned in a British university:

    One of the individual’s that pushed the ban said the following: “Far-right racists, sexists, and homophobes trying to organize on campus is a direct threat to the student body, and if our efforts at their disaffiliation have been at all successful in preventing them from organizing, then, yes, we are pleased … It is like starting a society to study Hitler.”

    Here is the quoted person’s twitter (before you all click on his twitter, try to guess how the person self-identifies):

    For extra laughs and a curious juxtaposition with the above quote, click on the Facebook profile on the twitter, then on “photos,” which gives this photo:

    Imaginary “Hitler” on campus? Very Bad. Actual Lenin on campus? Very Good.


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    This post gets very close to two vital interesting and true points:

    1. The truth focus of Neoreaction is a subset of the truth focus of the Dark Enlightenment. The Dark Enlightenment is the superior term for truth seeking divorced from values clouding it one way or another, it should be used more. Strange it was displaced.

    2, It isn’t a new insight that Neoreactionaries are often status chasing hipster Brahmin. It is a new insight that Neoreactionaries are very much signalling holiness. He goes on to make a distinction between holiness and nobility, an interesting point, but an exercise in wishful thinking in my opinion, at least if he is looking at society. He misses a brutal decapitating move, maybe because he’s only read second hand use of the Holier Than Thou phrase, instead in its original Jimian Glory:

    If Neoreaction is Holier Than Thou, and it undoubtedly is, then Neoreaction will not correlate to truth, and Neoreaction will eventually suffer the same maladies that Leftism does. Indeed according to Jim’s definition NRXN IS LEFTISM and NRXN has no consistent relationship to reality(!), it only accidentally, for now, coincides with reality.

    I think I’ll start following his blog, hopefully this wasn’t only a lucky brush with new insight, I’ve been starved for good sources recently.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Status is conferred by other people, nobility is in your own self-understanding (or God’s).

    You can’t get away from status in any human endeavor, so the linked article has some real insights. At the same time, how much status-seeking is there actually in a movement where lots of people have to be anonymous, haven’t even met any of the rest of you, and haven’t even tried? If you wanted to try a reductionistic approach on most of us, you wouldn’t call it status-seeking behavior, you’d call it entertainment.

    My main motivation for getting into NRx is that I have kids and I am willing to grasp at straws.


    admin Reply:

    ‘”The Dark Enlightenment” is three words, six syllables, and 20 letters. I’m sure there are other reasons why it isn’t used more, but I find it hard to imagine they’re primary.


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    It should be kept in mind that anti-status signaling is but another form of status signaling.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    There’s a simple explanation for Moldbug’s purple prose. He’s got a high verbal IQ and it’s fun / he likes showing off. I think it’s run to read and has the salubrious side effect of being impenetrable to someone with an asymmetrically high spatial IQ. If only they would admit that it’s hard for them, they could get on that noblesse oblige train, but instead they function as excellent examples of why the noblesse oblige thing doesn’t currently work.


    VXXC Reply:


    Sir. Noblesse Oblige doesn’t work because they’re swine. If you asked them to explain what they should sacrifice for it – the original meaning meant life itself – they’d be at a total loss. They are long Noblesse Sans Oblige.


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