The Cathedralist War on Trolling is limbering up fast. Just a few days ago, we had this. (Paraphrased: to resist the Cathedral is trolling). Now the follow up (“Trolls are like terrorist cells” — literally).

The Duck does the integration:

That escalated quickly.

They’re everywhere and even if one gets eliminated, there’s two more to take its place (that also applies to HYDRA). But I feel like this is the point we’re at now. That’s sad and terrible, but it’s the truth. I used to think turning comments off was *the* solution, and while I do think comments have become useless, and largely a hotbed for hate and racism, turning them off is only going to drive the poison to even more public forums like Twitter and Facebook, where a hateful or factually corrupt tweet or status update can spread like a disease across the globe and turn supposed rational human beings into muckrakers of misinformation, hate, and other dark things.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    4chan has been taken apart?


    Mai La Dreapta Reply:

    That…. that is amazing and disheartening. If the progs got to 4chan, then they’re nigh-invincible.


    VXXC Reply:

    “If the progs got to 4chan, then they’re nigh-invincible.”


    Whaddya got?

    cuz somebody’s gonna take it.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    This looks like it could cause another diaspora from 4chan. Being able to hide from the SJWs on reddit was one of the things that 4chan had going for it but apparently no more. Even the alt chans are said to have had mod changes. /pol/ still seems to be used as a containment board but their pop count will likely swell as other board users will be forced over there (and eventually assimilated). However people who’ve been in /pol/ longer may start feeling out for a new home. We’ll probably continue seeing even more perspective immigrants from /pol/. Hopefully they’ll merely be steered towards the wider manosphere.


    Implying Implications Reply:

    >some anon makes an unverifiable post claiming moot is a big fat Jew and that 4chan is kill
    >keks are had, everyone on 4chan moves on
    >the [enlightened gentlemen] at roosh’s forums comment on it, noting that the source is “dubious at best”
    >Vox reads it and runs with it as a legit story
    > >9000 comments on how “zomg the SJW’s have taken over 4chan!” and “what’s a moot?”

    Top lel. I know you nerds find 4chan “low-class” and wouldn’t deign to actually visit it to verify any of this crap, so allow me to clear the matter up for you: it’s just another shitpost on /pol/. Apparently Vox doesn’t care about fact-checking as long as he gets clicks. Fame corrupts.


    Alrenous Reply:

    If it’s true, subsequent events will have a noticeable SJW cast to it. Can you imagine trying to herd SJW mods to not censor? Impossible. You don’t need proof, you just need to wait and listen closely when the data speaks.

    For now, it’s Vox being punked.


    Implying Implications Reply:

    >”You don’t need proof, you just need to wait and listen closely when the data speaks.”

    Let’s assume, even for a second, that moot actually gave the moderation of his site over to rabid SJWs because Nick Denton blackmailed him over a niece’s *attempted* suicide. Exactly what are they going to do? Ban any threads they don’t like? Good luck. I hope they enjoy sitting on their asses 24/7 staring at a screen. Assuming they can avoid being summarily doxxed and harassed into seclusion, that is. Being a mod on 4chan isn’t even a paid position. If I had to sit around and police every un-PC thread on 4chan (which is 99% of them) for free, I’d either be a masochist with no life, or I’d kill myself. Even assuming they were crazy enough to persist, 4chan’s culture is ineradicable. For every thread they deleted, ten would spring up bitching about how the last one was deleted and calling for a hacking crusade against the mods. “Hornet’s nest” doesn’t begin to describe what they’d be fucking with. I’m not talking about those [sillies] from Anonymous, either.

    Luckily, we don’t have to assume, even for a second, that anything in that post is true. For one, the anon claimed to be a “mod for /d/”. 4chan doesn’t have board-specific mods. Strike one. Then he claims moot called a meeting in the IRC…and doesn’t post the chat logs – something any 4chan mod with half a brain would have saved the instant any bullshit went down in IRC. Strike two. He claims the exiled mods gathered on 4craft and discussed things, and also e-mailed and Skyped each other. Again, no logs, no saved e-mails. He would have nothing to lose by posting these. Strike three. He said an ousted mod had saved a collection of perma-ban notices for IPs that were linked to logs of IPs connected to moderator services. Doesn’t post them.

    If you go on /pol/ and /v/ and /b/ right now, you’ll find dozens of threads about the Zoe Quinn affair, for one – supposedly a story that’s priority #1 for SJWs doing damage control. Some of these get deleted, yes, for being off-topic or calling for raids (which is against the rules), but that still leaves…dozens. Not to mention all the other typical threads that would make any liberal burst a blood vessel…still there. People on 4chan are quick to over-react and claim conspiracies where there are none, just as the mods are quick to go overboard with the banhammer when anons get uppity. It’s really nothing new.

    You are correct in stating that even if the authenticity of that post were in doubt, we’d just have to wait and watch. But it’s really not in doubt. If you lurked moar, you’d know this.

    >For now, it’s Vox being punked.

    Being punked=/=posting an anonymous troll’s disinfo for clickbait. No need to defend Vox on this one. He wasn’t even trying.

    Alrenous Reply:

    You seem to imply that I think it has a good chance of being true. The emphasis was supposed to be on ‘listen when the data speaks.’ Don’t need proof either way. But while I’m here, Kassie Washington doesn’t appear to even exist, and when I visited /pol/ (empirical spot checking!) just before posting above, the very first thread was on Zoe.

    I’m not defending Vox. I mean this particular clickbait is punking his methods by being so obviously fact-free. I’m on record calling Vox a sophist; he’s proof you don’t have to be either leftist or progressive to be a sophist.

    Hey. Is it obvious that clickbaiting your loyal readers is essentially trolling them?

    This is a good example of 4chan default hostility. Being hostile usually isn’t worthwhile. Just Exit. Occasionally it’s possible to troll amusingly, even more rarely to get a convert among some hobbit bystanders.

    Been following the Zoe Streisand reaction. Fascinating; it hit #NRx at least twice. This puts both upper and lower bound on how interconnected #NRx is with disinformation networks.

    strelkov Reply:

    It’s not true. #Shutdown4chan was started by /pol/ to trick /b/ into raiding Tumblr.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    I retract my previous comment, I only did a spot check and saw a thread talking about the rumor and had someone describing himself as a refugee. After doing a more thorough check I didn’t see evidence of a SJW stranglehold, just the usual antics. /pol/ and /b/ are only modded to the extent that cp is taken down because they’re considered containment boards. It’s the other boards that are most vulnerable to changes in mods. Also mods, like users, tend to occupy only a few boards of interest. Amusingly the porn boards are policed the most rigorously.


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  • Chris B Says:

    It all has an inevitability to it. If we could somehow get the progs to link NRx to trolling….


    scientism Reply:

    Produce a sort of Protocols of the Elders of Zion like hoax that explains how we’re attacking progressivism through organised trolling. Date it pre-4chan. Include a note at the end that we’ve obtained a universal license for Photoshop from a “prominent Silicon Valley donor” so everyone who wants to use it to create memes is covered.


    Posted on August 21st, 2014 at 8:49 am Reply | Quote

    Premise two is right though. Trolling are terrorism. Trolls aim to strike terror and fear in the hearts of people, which is what trolls do.

    Premise one is true as well. Consider a sub-argument of premise one by modus tollens: If you disagree with progressivism, then you are trolling. There isn’t trolling. Therefore, I don’t disagree with progressives. Neoreactionaries are saying that there isn’t trolling. Hence they do not disagree with progressives.

    Thus both premises one and two are true, and via transitivity the conclusion is also true. So it is a sound argument, irrefutable even. Given we live in a doggy-dog world, a war on trolling is appropriate. Why come admin thinks this is never not the case?


    admin Reply:

    Have I made any such argument?
    (Hail Hydra!)


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  • John Says:

    I think The Powers That Be have finally found a valid, crowd supported use for all the wonderful surveillance data they’ve been collecting.


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    In 2014 troll-status had officially been upgraded from minor irritants or tricksters to outright heretics and enemies of the state. The trolls had become zelously stubborn in their denial of Good Humanity and were deemed to be ‘really mean and bigoted’. The war was total. Anonymity was a mask underneath a smile, any smile, lurking like a black devil in the comfort of your thoughts. We flushed them out, scores of them, too many to count. The evidence was all online we didn’t need their confessions, and we never asked them to talk. That’s not what we had come for…


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Showing fear. Apparently they think trolling is an effective weapon, and they should know, shouldn’t they?
    Other perspective, already linked earlier here: (Sorry, forget who by.) Make anonymity low status so bottom-tier especially female hobbits can be exploited for (metonymically) clickable articles. Also, being lastPsych, this is itself a metaphor for something else. Myth and metamyth.


    Alrenous Reply:

    To add to this, I guess disagreeing with a proggie really does strike terror into their putrid heart.


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  • Implying Implications Says:

    This is a good example of 4chan default hostility. Being hostile usually isn’t worthwhile. Just Exit. Occasionally it’s possible to troll amusingly, even more rarely to get a convert among some hobbit bystanders.”

    To be clear, while I’m obviously a /pol/ack, I didn’t come here to start shit. The credulity of Vox’s commenters and now one of Land’s with regard to any half-baked rumor concerning “that place that shall not be named” just wrestled my jimbobs. So I came to set the record straight. If you consider that “hostile” (lol) that’s your own projector-reel. Calling you guys a bunch of nerds is a /pol/ack’s equivalent to giving you a big sloppy kiss (no homo.) I read and enjoy a bunch of NRx blogs and even started a bunch of NRx discussion threads on /pol/. Bryce LaLiberte and soapjackal dropped in to one of them, shit was cash.

    Though to be honest, I’m not even sure if you’re talking about me. It’s hard to tell with you NRxers, since you have your own little language and habits of speaking that are purposely obtuse to outsiders. Kind of like a certain imageboard. Maybe we have more in common than you think, Al-kun. Uguu~


    I am now unable to stop reading your posts in droid HK-47’s voice.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Long suffering correction: Setting the record straight is not the point. Assuming I’m arguing against or dismissing you when I’m not is the point, meatbag.


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  • Implying Implications Says:

    Well then, I apologize for being overly confrontational. I just see so much >implied hostility to 4channers from certain parts of the NRx crew that I guess I’m starting to see it everywhere. Mind you, you’re not wrong to say that we’re hostile by default. I’d say it’s warranted considering how the rest of the internet thinks of us. Even folks on the right, like Vox and his readership, are so dismissive of us that they don’t even bother to skim our catalogs to verify rumors. We’re just a boogieman that people can bring up for clicks. If anyone took the time to lurk and get to know us, as you have done (I’ve seen your comments praising our unique virtues), they might realize we’re just a bunch of regular guys with a clubhouse. Sure, that clubhouse is theoretically open to anyone and we get a majority of idiots, but having good conversations isn’t hard. You just have to make a thread. 4chan has a revolving population and anyone who wants to colonize it for a day, can. Of course, it’s kind of like China. Set up shop there for long enough and one day you wake up and discover you’re Chinese.

    …maybe that’s why you guys don’t like going there. Oh well.


    I lol’d.


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  • A.B Prosper Says:

    Heavy censorship or attempts at it are the norm in all Progressive regimes .

    That said, its going to be harder than they think, the progs have created all the necessary conditions for a poor low order state. You can’t govern such things effectively except by raw force and the progs won’t have that for long or the money for social engineering either.

    Take the UK for example, the #1 boys name there is now Mohammed. Now this isn’t doomsday yet, that crowd isn’t big on a wide range of names but it petty much means despite Leftists affinity for Totalitarian Islam all of the careful construction they’ve laid is going to come to and end. Those guys will want money and power and they won’t accommodate well anything English or there will be a civil war incompatible factions . The light brown mush gulag/mall they want to complete won’t survive the economy and when people can’t be paid off they go tribal, very very fast

    It won’t be pretty and I suppose the Progs could cling to power somehow but they’ll have a heck of a time doing it


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