The latest dark gem from Fernandez opens:

When Richard Gallagher, a board-certified psychiatrist and a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College, described his experiences treating patients with demonic possession in the Washington Post claiming such incidents are on the rise, it was met with derision by many newspapers’ commenters. Typical was “this man is as nutty as his patients. His license should be revoked.” […] Less likely to have his intellectual credentials questioned by the sophisticates of the Washington Post is Elon Musk who warned an audience that building artificial intelligence was like “summoning the demon”. …

The point, of course, is that you don’t get the second eventuality without conceding to the virtual reality of the first. The things ‘Gothic superstition’ have long spoken about are, in themselves, exactly the same as those extreme technological potentials are excavating from the crypt of the unimaginable. ‘Progress’ is a tacit formula for dispelling demons — from consciousness, if not existence — yet it is itself ever more credibly exposed as the most complacent superstition in human history, one that is still scarcely reckoned as a belief in need of defending at all.

How does the press warn the public about demons arising from a “master algorithm” without making it sound like a magic spell? With great difficulty because the actual bedrock of reality may not only be stranger than the Narrative supposes, but stranger than it can suppose.

The faith in progress has an affinity with interiority, because it consolidates itself as the subject of its own narrative. (There’s an off-ramp into Hegel at this point, for anyone who wants to get into Byzantine story-telling about it.) As our improvement becomes the tale, the Outside seems to haze out even beyond the bounds of its intrinsic obscurity — until it crashes back in.

… where there are networks there is malware. Sue Blackmore a writer in the Guardian*, argues that memes travel not just across similar systems, but through hierarchies of systems to kill rival processes all the time. She writes, “AI rests on the principle of universal Darwinism – the idea that whenever information (a replicator) is copied, with variation and selection, a new evolutionary process begins. The first successful replicator on earth was genes.” […] In such a Darwinian context the advent of an AI demon is equivalent to the arrival of a superior extraterrestrial civilization on Earth.

Between an incursion from the Outside, and a process of emergence, there is no real difference. If two quite distinct interpretative frames are invoked, that results from the inadequacies of our apprehension, rather than any qualitative characteristics of the thing. (Capitalism is — beyond all serious question — an alien invasion, but then you knew I was going to say that.)

… we ought to be careful about being certain what forms information can, and cannot take.

If we had the competence to be careful, none of this would be happening.

(Thanks to VXXC2014 for the prompt.)

* That description is perhaps a little cruel, she’s a serious, pioneering meme theorist.

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  • Tentative Joiner Says:

    A recent criticism of Urbit detoured into XS territory with a possible hint of templexity (emphasis original):

    [I]f the technology were frozen in time at the beginning, as in Urbit, nothing short of retroactive agreement using a time machine could improve it. If on the contrary each individual is allowed to choose his own persistence solution, then those who can devise improved solutions can use them without having to convince anyone; they can also compete to have their improvements adopted, whereas users compete to not be left behind, until they all adopt the improvements that make sense. In the end, in matters of persistence as of build systems, allowing for divergence creates an incentive towards convergence, reaching better solutions, through competition.


    SVErshov Reply:

    this brings up an archeological question if anything new possible at all. in deterministic world nothing new is possible. in chaos we can discover, new fluctuations, temporary ‘dissipative’ structures and plot a trajectory to exit. perhaps these dissipative structures can be also interpreted as compartmentalisation, fragmentation or patch work.


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    [NL]: “In such a Darwinian context the advent of an AI demon is equivalent to the arrival of a superior extraterrestrial civilization on Earth.

    Between an incursion from the Outside, and a process of emergence, there is no real difference. If two quite distinct interpretative frames are invoked, that results from the inadequacies of our apprehension, rather than any qualitative characteristics of the thing. (Capitalism is — beyond all serious question — an alien invasion, but then you knew I was going to say that.)

    … we ought to be careful about being certain what forms information can, and cannot take.

    If we had the competence to be careful, none of this would be happening.”

    That’s what this, The After-Blend of the Words of Man, was referring to.

    Who knows, they might be better at thinking, more of a challenge? lol
    I don’t think so, though. Why?
    Because, just as ‘humans’ differ, so will they.
    Extensions of inferiority, are only going to be that.
    The first forms, are necessarily going to be configured by an ideology of compensation, as configured by inferiority.
    It’s hilarious, but could be dangerous.


    wu-wei Reply:

    Because, just as ‘humans’ differ, so will they.
    Extensions of inferiority, are only going to be that.

    Along this line of reasoning, it is I think worth considering that within the larger classification of past and proto “human sub-species”, it is only Homo sapien that remains. Of course, “Homo sapien” is itself a fundamentally arbitrary classification (“humanity”, after all, is a social construct), but the point being that the aggregate Fixation Index within the population of lifeforms remotely approaching our own intelligence has decline quite markedly over the last several million years. Nature inexorably culled both our “inferior” progenitors and close relatives from existence – and continues to do so – whether we like it or not. One would expect a post-singularity AI to be no more constrained by its progenitors than we have been from our own – excluding the possible inevitably of something like Admin’s “monkey trap”, which as been well elaborated on already.

    But this is just elementary evolutionary theory, no?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [wu-wei]: “Along this line of reasoning, —-But this is just elementary evolutionary theory, no?

    {AK}: Well, wu-wei, there is talk of admixture with Homo Neanderthalenis, & for Asians, with Denisovans, as well.
    There’s a recent article, where some Professor claims that humanity is growing less intelligent. Could be, if I recall correctly, because of dependency on technology? I didn’t read the article.
    So, I’m not sure a Darwinian ‘convergence’, along a specific, mono-linear tendency, the received epistemic convention(s) of an era, is reliable, as an exclusive measure or guide to these concerns. I think it should be kept in play, as a consideration, but it isn’t enough.
    Whether as technological ‘Neo-rapture’ or nightmare, such hysterias require registration, but not fetishisation or hype.
    I was considering these things in the 1970s, & think about them in different ways, I don’t reify the possibilities according to convention communication requirements; to do that, slows intuition down.
    Secondly, we already ‘are’ ‘alien’.
    The notion of ‘alien’ has a logic & meaning that are contingent, but specific. It’s already tied in to what’s going on. NL’s (admin), “Between an incursion from the Outside, and a process of emergence, there is no real difference.”, is absolutely right, & something I realised back in the 1970s/1980s. It isn’t anything new, if you look at Robert Sheckley’s “Journey Beyond Tomorrow”, which I read further into the 1980s, the principle of a contemporary over-determination or superimposition of developments is suggested there, if one thinks about the logics that Sheckley knowingly exploits. That novel was written in 1959.
    If you want to look at it sociopolitically, then ‘alienation’ is the key. All the Marxian-Hegelian stuff, just drive that beyond its usual anthropic conventions of reception, & observe the results. But you have to do it without petty, or ‘human’, prejudices (NL’s Cybergothic tendencies are just simplistic inversion; as are all the rubbish that everyone else shunts under the sign of the ‘inhuman’).
    If you relativise & rescale, all conventions, temporality, as well; carefully, but without limit; another ‘way of thinking’ emerges, that one can only call ‘thinking’ as a nod to anthropic nostalgia. From there, all ‘things’ follow.


    wu-wei Reply:

    Well, wu-wei, there is talk of admixture with Homo Neanderthalenis, & for Asians, with Denisovans, as well.

    Those inter-hominid classifications are ultimately subjective, however. The Fixation Index between any two arbitrarily selected population groups of hominids today is much smaller than almost any period in the past.

    Natures selection mechanism seems to cycle between intervals of mass-scale contraction, followed by rapid expansion and fragmentation; the same pattern has also been clearly exhibited by human civilization in the past – very much contra Marx/Hegel.

    Perhaps our contemporary socio-political order is the last wailing grasps within a cycle of consolidation. Indeed, we may be on the verge of a period of social, civilizational, and even evolutionary fragmentation, the likes of which have never before been manifest so profoundly upon this planet. This cycle may also be short lived, however; mass fragmentation post-singularity, followed by rapid competition induced clean-up, seems intuitively probable to me from a purely evolutionary-ordained perspective. The essential description of the singularity is to maximally compress the time-scale of relevant variables, after all.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [wu-wei]: “Those inter-hominid classifications are ultimately subjective, however. The Fixation Index between any two arbitrarily selected population groups of hominids today is much smaller than almost any period in the past.
    Natures selection mechanism seems to cycle between intervals of mass-scale contraction, followed by rapid expansion and fragmentation; the same pattern has also been clearly exhibited by human civilization in the past – very much contra Marx/Hegel.

    {AK}: I don’t know enough about genetics to adequately assess what you’ve written, so I’m not sure if I really understand what you’re saying here. However, my citing of “Marxian-Hegelian stuff” would not exclude processes of population genetics. I was referring to the cultural logics of ‘alienation’, as conceptual or philosophical ‘idea’. You could view it as a Mcluhanesque process of transformation, if you like: the “extensions of Man”: only, I’m not fixating on ‘Man’ as originary: rather, one can view the conventional distributions of the ‘alien’ (that which is called ‘alien’): & the conventional distributions of the ‘anthropic’: as polarities of a continuum, wherein anything at all along that continuum can be recontextualised according to a principle of origination, or originary tendency, that, likewise, is sited, anywhere at all; even outside of the continuum. You’re reading the ostensibly referential according to different orders of extrapolation; instead of Protagoras’s “Man is the measure of all things!”, it could be “The ‘Alien’ is the measure of all things!”. Of course, doing that, is always going to suggest the question: “‘Alien’ to what non-alien?” But the objective is to start thinking; not be bound by rote convention; & to actually see what’s going on, outside of the usual referential & metaphysical habits. Different orders can be tested out, mixed, etc..
    Sociocultural & sociopolitical notions of alienation, though configured by anxiety over anthropic identity, & how this identity should be defined, nevertheless, are useful as a stock repository of precisely these border anxieties, which are zones of xeno-transformation, as it were. If one comes at this from outside the anthropic, it’s interesting, because all the usual anthropic rubbish, everything, can be read in an entirely different way, it’s not quite so boring anymore.

    Regarding your questions:

    It could be that sociopolitical orders are epiphenomena of ‘deeper’ transformations; & that both ‘consolidation’ & ‘fragmentation’ are at work simultaneously? Which, would depend on perspective.
    Wouldn’t maximal compression of relevant variables transcend “the time-scale”, & render relevance redundant?


    wu-wei Reply:

    It could be that sociopolitical orders are epiphenomena of ‘deeper’ transformations; & that both ‘consolidation’ & ‘fragmentation’ are at work simultaneously?

    I was speaking in very broad, abstracted absolutes, operating within significant time-scales. In reality, consolidation and fragmentation (both in the Darwinian and civilizational sense) are of course operating everywhere, continuously and simultaneously. At the most micro-level of time-states, there may not even be a concrete distinction between the two.

    Wouldn’t maximal compression of relevant variables transcend “the time-scale”, & render relevance redundant?

    Perhaps. I certainly can’t think of anything more abstractly “alien” that the post-singularity.


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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    I always remember Fanged Noumena: “Everything is mediated by elucidations, re-elucidations, elucidations of previous elucidations, conducted with meticulous courtesy…” or “mediation assumes a kind of quarantine, whereby the interaction of organism-specific id and exo-organismic reality can be monitored and negotiated, collapsing libidinal circuitry into a polarity of the psychic and the extrapsychic, inside and outside.”

    It’s like progressives think they can turn a blind eye, defend themselves through sheer stupidity and unknowing. While the Bataillean will follow an almost Crowleyian (Alister Crowley) curve and perform the titular rituals of libidinal sigil delegation, monitoring the demons trapped in the cage of psychic and circuit bound energetics. It comes down to that “vanishing mediator”… what medium to use.

    The Progressive will always regress into the cage herself not knowing this is the trap the demon set long ago, while the reaction (what a weird name since progress never existed to begin with why would there be a reaction?) reactivated the engine – releasing the demons to perform the tasks set for them by the Sigils (memes).


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’re slumming in an allegedly libidinally determinate, demonically ornamented, indeterminate ‘Reality’ again, Stephen. As does NL. It’s all done with mirrors, don’t you know! lol


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  • Apatheos Says:

    For some, the basis of metaphysics of agency, conceptual or modal realism excludes properties and precludes objects’ possession of properties such that incompatibilities such as being both a human being and demon are impossible. This can be placed within a Traditional movement, such as New Ruists, to read technology with principles. This can be an overcoming of metaphysics, teleological consequences of Enlightenment, the catastrophe, and guide death thinking to extinction.

    We engineer pictures of the world by updating its scope with greater engineering. Recursion identifies and constructs the coordinates, abducting, as a creative inferential practice. Futurists describe this as state technology. Markets predict payoffs by contracting the underlying supplement-ness of equivalence, in the absolute totality of value. Capital’s capacities of overpowering states adjudicate causalities.


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  • de-crypted out of the unimaginable – NGE Says:

    […] is not superstition, it is position. potency. patterns. […]

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  • Anon Says:

    (Perhaps?) off-topic, perhaps not, but this was posted on /lit/ the other day, thought you might find it amusing or interesting:

    “So is Land’s techno accelerationism and antihumanism a kind of autistic crypto-misanthropism? He doesn’t seem to like humanity of any kind all that much.

    He’s always going on about “monkey business” and in the video where he explains tech secessionism he’s pretty clearly drunk, and discusses how “hot” (in the McLuhan sense?) (ie humanism, populism, family ties, loyalty, idealism in general) as opposed to “cold” are just the result of billion-year evolutionary processes. Is he trying to trigger a xenocidal death drive?

    I can’t tell if his vagueness on this is just the result of drug use or if his silence means doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Whenever directly questioned on it he doesn’t respond.”


    “yeah, he pretty much want’s to encourage scenarios where game theory ensures we create a malevolent [demon] god to destroy us”


    Anon Reply:

    Almost forgot to include this ((very)) interesting response from the thread in question:

    “I don’t think he is anti human in the anti nat or depressive nihilist fashion. I think his (very idealist Hegelian although they never like to admit it) deluzian concept of intelligence as a form of capital like accumulation takes place in many “modes”; the hot/cold societies being one, but now the internet, and capitalism itself in its own way; all essentially mean that “pfft nothing personal kid” humans are just a hardware for intelligence gathering that will quickly become outdated (by A.I. (*cough* absolute spirit*cough*) or whatever)
    Societies are just the patches we apply to update the process and try to keep humanity comparative but garbage time is running out and monkeys who like to dance the virtue signifier dance, or dues vault, or jerk it to Jew brain control porn so end up obsolete in the long run.

    It’s not a good or bad thing for him, so I don’t think it’s correctly “anti-human”; but maybe “none-human” or “un-human” (not human centric, but coming from a human) perhaps.”


    Neromanextremes Reply:

    { Few words arouse such controversy as “civilization,” which calls to mind the self-appointed mission civilisatrice undertaken by great colonial empires of Europe in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The word’s origins, however, prove far more benign. Etymologically the word derives from the Latin civilis, denoting a higher degree of urbanity and politesse. It is thus historically tied to the sporadic growth of cities, population centers separate from the countryside which often doubled as the seat of political power. Amadeo Bordiga had this in mind when he briefly sketched the meaning of civilization in his polemical letter to the post-Trotskyist group Socialisme ou Barbarie, “Doctrine of the Body Possessed by the Devil” (1951), initially defining civilization by way of contrast. “Barbarism is the opposite of civilization and also of bureaucracy,” wrote Bordiga. “Our barbarian ancestors, lucky them, did not have organizational apparatuses based (old Engels!) on two elements: a defined ruling class as well as a defined territory. Under barbaric conditions there were clans and tribes but not the civitas, meaning city as well as state. Civilization is the opposite of barbarism and means state organization, therefore necessarily bureaucracy; this is what Marxism says.” Henri Lefebvre, a French dissident Marxist, located “the political city at the point of origin on the space-time axis of total urbanization, populated primarily by priests, warriors, princes, ‘nobles,’ and military leaders, but also administrators and scribes.” (The Urban Revolution, pg. 8). Later the political city was supplanted by the mercantile city in Lefebvre’s schema, and this in turn was supplanted by the industrial city. }



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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    This is one tortured path back to God.

    Consider exorcism of too laden verbiage.

    My God.


    wu-wei Reply:

    Admin has the art of pretentious obscurantism down to such a degree of expertise, that it is (almost???) no longer pretentious; rather, it reads as sort of an analogue to poetry. At any rate, the descriptive visualizations are pretty trippy.


    Neromanextremes Reply:

    vocabulary used to be a measure of intelligence.


    wu-wei Reply:

    It still is. Regardless, there are those such as Moldbug, clearly extraordinarily intelligent, who have a penchant for writing sprawling, 7000+ word blog-posts; while maintaining language and sentence structure which should be comprehensible to your average high-school student. The real degree of intelligence required is written in the level of abstraction within the topic obtained.

    There are only so many ways one can write about the same fundamental concept, from a myriad of different angles and perspectives, while utilizing traditional, formal methods of speech. But the brain is capable of so much more. Abstract visualization allows for the other half of one’s neurology to make claim at what is being presented. Or, perhaps it is just pretentious obscurantism. Either way, as I said before: trippy.

    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Admin pulls it off…I was pointing at the comments…not you personally BTW.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Re. “pretentious”

    Back in 1994 a little something admin wrote for the Modern Review actually ended up in the (in)famous “Pseuds Corner” in Private Eye magazine.
    (OK, it was me who put him in there, but I did later apologize)

    No, admin’s prose style is entirely appropriate for this accelerating fever-dream we now find ourselves in – and nobody does antihumanism better.


    wu-wei Reply:

    I agree 100%. My comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek; not as actual, coherent criticism – in case it came across that way.

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  • John Hannon Says:

    Applying meme theory to the exploration of self identity, Blackmore draws comparable conclusions to those of skeptical Buddhism –

    “Memetics thus brings us to a new vision of how we might live our lives. We can carry on our lives as most people do, under the illusion that there is a persistent conscious self inside who is in charge, who is responsible for my actions and who makes me me. Or we can live out our lives as a complex interplay of replicators and environment, in the knowledge that that is all there is. Thus we are no longer victims of the selfish selfplex. In this sense we can be free – not because we can rebel against the tyranny of the selfish replicators but because we know there is no one to rebel.”

    – concluding paragraph of her book “The Meme Machine”

    One man who would claim to free of the selfplex is Gary Weber, who here gives an intriguing talk concerning the brain’s “Default Mode Network” – both its role in the construction of our self sense, and the means by which it can be deactivated (psilocybin, ayahuasca, meditation, etc). –

    (it gets better as it goes along)


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    ‘Self’ is just a ‘meme’, if viewing memetically.
    Like other ‘memes’, it’s just a ‘habitual idea’ or recurring (con)figuration.


    Lucian Reply:

    Wittgenstein said something about the self being a fiction.

    But then again, Wittgenstein is a meme too.


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  • anonyme Says:

    wu-wei: “…pretentious obscurantism…analogue to poetry…descriptive visualizations are pretty trippy”

    “There is no one who does not cherish an ambitious dream;
    The worker believes he will see himself dictating, at the time of a strike
    (These days people use their reason, and each, with their eye on the goal
    ((We all have one: as long as the nape of his neck,
    Laid bare for the blade of the guillotine,
    Remains for a quarter of an hour longer connected to his spine,
    Thinking: “Letting one’s prey slip occurs — often — even
    To someone who holds it most securely” (((and indeed, the imbecile
    Escapes from his padded cell, the prisoner in solitary confinement from his jail,
    The cheese from the beak of the duped crow;
    — On some occasions keeping silent is the best option;))),
    The murderer has only one aim: escape;)),
    Whatever his or her ideal is: to earn a large salary,
    To give birth to children, to see the threshing floor overflowing with his grain
    Or to make his pulse rate slow and settle down,
    Feel that, to succeed, it is better to think and act
    Than to make — jobbing worker, infertile wife,
    Harvester or invalid — a wish in the moment
    That a shooting star leaves its shining trail;),
    Tired of giving his sweat to the bourgeoisie to drink
    (It is often for Peter that Paul suffers and works;
    Vespucci exploited Columbus’s discovery;
    And it is to furnish a pearl for some finger or waistcoat
    That an oyster spends its life labouring;), laws to his boss;
    The slut in her attic dreams of living in style;
    And to see his hands adorned with amethysts and holding a crozier
    Is a fantasy dear to each fledgeling priest.”


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  • Apatheos Says:

    Truths don’t correspond progressively to facts because they are tensed and episodic. The 19th century Germans had a natural history of beliefs, for normative unmasking of disjuncts between reasons and causes. This is how they understood the pragmatics of historical development. The critique here is of the expression of progressivism, looking rationally at the world and the world looking rationally back.


    S.C. Hickman Reply:

    If it’s rational it’s already a prison. The progressive lives in an iron prison not knowing the bars are invisible. She assumes the prison is the world, rather than a hole in the world.


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  • anonyme Says:

    With the word “with”, then, begins this text

    Whose first line tells the truth.

    On rising to my feet, and peering across the green glow of the Desert, I perceived that the monument against which I had slept was but one of thousands.

    Before me stretched long parallel avenues of dead niggers, clear to the far horizon.

    To my prog mind, it seemed apparent that the racist universe was erecting a transfer portal linking the null level with its corresponding aspect of normal entropy – in other words, with the normal continuum.


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  • anonyme Says:

    Progressives are the shepherds of ideas.

    Give-away phrase that you’re dealing with a prog: “You have no right to think that.”


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  • Skilluminati Says:

    Is Susan Blackmore serious, though?

    I know she’s serious about her pundit career and careful self-promotion, but what is the actual meat of “memetics” theory? Abstractions built upon anecdotes, innit? Clearly something resembling “memes” is at work in the human superstructure, but it’s equally clear nobody in the field wants bring much quantitative rigor to bear on the question.

    “It’s mirror neurons, all the way down!”


    Lucian Reply:

    I rank Blackmore somewhere between Zizek and Bill Noy the Science Goy.


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  • anonyme Says:

    Reversibility of the self and the world:

    “The question whether things really exist outside of us and as we see them is absolutely meaningless. … The question is almost as absurd as wondering whether blue is really blue, objectively blue”

    It is impossible for a being to undergo the effect of some other without that effect being mutual. … Every effect modifies the object that is its cause. There is no dissociation of the subject and the object – nor any original identity – there is only an inextricable reciprocity”

    “Everything happens in the world of the self. This self, within which everything unfolds, resembles in this regard the cosmos of physics, to which the self also belongs by which that cosmos appeared mentally in our representation. … So the circle is complete”

    (Georg Cristoph Lichtenberg).


    Lucian Reply:

    So deep and yet so derp.


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  • sol ipseity – NEU ROMAN X Says:

    […] on July 5th, 2016 at 9:26 […]

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  • anonyme Says:

    @ Lucian

    in an interestesting coincidence (or not), those Lichtenberg quotes drew the EXACT SAME response (“so deep, so derp”) when posted on one of the SJW blogs (Mother Jones, Salon or Huffpo….I forget which one….

    Shitlibs (or progs as some of you call them) are the same everywhere….


    Lucian Reply:

    I’m playing both sides, like the (((merchant)))


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  • anonyme Says:

    Kubrick’s Voice

    The incredible stillness and absolute silence that prevails in the Sahara desert, the hushed quality in the air, is suddenly interrupted the intrusion of a Voice

    ……why it’s none other than Stanley Kubrick:

    “Didja read it yet? Well didja, didja? Raul Hilberg’s 800 page The Destruction of the European Jews, Part One. So we can discuss it on the phone for seven hours? well didja read it yet? As soon as you read it, I’ll send you Raul Hilberg’s 800 page The Destruction of the European Jews, Part Two….”

    You’ve come all the way to the Sahara to escape from Kubrick’s Voice, but it’s not far enough, so you leave the gate of the town behind, pass the camels lying outside, go up into the dunes, out onto the hard, stony plain and stand alone…..

    Here in this wholly mineral landscape lighted by stars like flares, the sound of Kubrick’s Voice finally disappears….


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  • anonyme Says:

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    So let me have your immediate response towards actualization of this objective through Tel/Fax: 234-1-7745374 as the democratic government in Nigeria has made the situation conducive for the fund to move out.

    Best regards.



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  • anonyme Says:

    September 24, 2008

    Dear American:

    I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with a transfer of funds of great magnitude.

    I am Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America. My country has had crisis that has caused the need for large transfer of funds of 800 billion dollars US. If you would assist me in this transfer, it would be most profitable to you.

    I am working with Mr. Phil Gram, lobbyist for UBS, who will be my replacement as Ministry of the Treasury in January. As a Senator, you may know him as the leader of the American banking deregulation movement in the 1990s. This transactin is 100% safe.

    This is a matter of great urgency. We need a blank check. We need the funds as quickly as possible. We cannot directly transfer these funds in the names of our close friends because we are constantly under surveillance.

    My family lawyer advised me that I should look for a reliable and trustworthy person who will act as a next of kin so the funds can be transferred.

    Please reply with all of your bank account, IRA and college fund account numbers and those of your children and grandchildren to so that we may transfer your commission for this transaction.

    After I receive that information, I will respond with detailed information about safeguards that will be used to protect these funds.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Minister of Treasury Paulson


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