Dark Techno-Commercialism

Each of the three main strands of neoreaction, insofar as they are remotely serious, attaches itself to something that no politics could absorb.

The reality of a religious commitment cannot be resolved into its political implications. If it is wrong, it is not because of anything that politics can do to it, or make of it. Providence either envelops history and ideology, subtly making puppets of both, or it is nothing. However bad things get, it offers a ‘reason’ not to be afraid — at least of that — and one the degeneration has no way to touch, let alone control.

Similarly, the Darwinian truths underpinning rational ethno-nationalist convictions are invulnerable to ideological reversal. A trend to racial entropy and idiocracy, however culturally hegemonic and unquestionable, does not cease to be what it is, simply because  criticism has been criminalized and suppressed. Scientific objections have significance — if they are indeed scientific (and not rather the corruption of science) — but politically enforced denial is a tawdry comedy, outflanked fundamentally by reality itself, and diverting events into ‘perverse outcomes’ that subvert delusion from without. What Darwinism is about cannot be banned.

The Techno-commercial ‘thing’ — catallaxy — is comparably invulnerable. There is no chance that anyone, ever, will successfully prohibit the market, or the associated dynamics of competitive technical advantage (which together compose real capitalism). As with religion and genetic selection, the techno-commercial complex can be driven into darkness, socially occulted, and stigmatized as a public enemy. It cannot, however, be de-realized by political fiat.

It is important, therefore, to understand where neoreactionary ‘dark thoughts’ lead. Their horizon of despair is strictly limited to the political, or public sphere. When taken to the edge, they converge with the intuition that no neoreactionary politics can be pursued to a successful conclusion. In other words, at their darkest, they predict that the stubborn delusion of the political dooms humanity’s public-exoteric  aspirations to catastrophe.

At this point, neoreaction bifurcates. However it is principally comprehended (through the trichotomy), a relatively ‘light’ branch holds onto the prospect of public-political insideness — of a world politically restructured in relative consonance with neoreactionary ideas, such that social order might be resumed, on a realistic basis. Alternatively, and no less trichotomously, a dark branch points outside, through collapse, into tracts of religious, biological, and / or catallactic inevitability, whose dynamics cast human delusion into terminal ruin. If ‘man’ never (again) reverts to sanity? Reality will not stop.

Outside in is darker than it is trichotomously partisan. Neither real providence, nor Darwinian reality, are attachments that trigger the slightest aversion in these parts. The idea that the neoreaction will ever ‘do’ politics, or achieve insider status, on the other hand — except as a rhetorical tactic of cognitive independence (separation) — is a possibility we struggle to envisage. (That leaves much to argue over, on other occasions.)

Dark Techno-Commercialism — provisionally summarized — is the suspicion that the ‘Right Singularity’ is destined to occur in surreptitious and antagonistic relation to finalistic political institutions, that the Cathedral culminates in the Human Security System, outmatched and defeated from the Outside, and that all hopes that these ultimate historical potentialities will be harnessed for politically intelligible ends are vain. It is, therefore, the comprehension of capitalism ‘in-itself’ as an outsider that will never know — or need — political representation. Instead, as the ultimate enemy, it will envelop the entirety of political philosophy — including anything neoreaction can contribute to the genre — as the futile strategic initiatives (or death spasms) of its prey.

We (humans) are radically stubborn in our stupidity. That has consequences. Perhaps they will not always be uninteresting ones.

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  • pseudo-chrysostom Says:

    it strikes me how many perennialists (i feel that is the more wieldy overarching descriptor), when faced with that perennial question: ‘what is to be done?’, seem to essentially crib from the gnostic game from various points in history (ie, popular movement or ‘infilftration’).

    what should be realised is that what they want realised is of course different, and this infact gives you a certain advantage: you dont necessarily *need* to have a revolution, or even to replace the current players wholesale. all that is necessary is to simply to bring them around, to get them to realise what it is they are (ie, the guenonian strategy).

    after all, popular consciousness flows from the leaders to the solipsists (where it then self reenforces/validates as a ‘tradition’), not the other way around.


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  • Stirner Says:

    Nick, could you clarify your 2nd to last paragraph. I think get what you are saying, but perhaps you could spell it out for the who’s in whoville.

    It’s a nice observation that there is a “Dark Triad” at the foundations of the neoreaction. Spirit. Evolution. Market. That’s a lot snappier that Reich, Volk, Fatherland, or Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

    On paper, progressives should be filled with impatient glee at the past and (inevitable) future success of their program – yet as a group they have shocking amounts of rage and bitterness their hears. Meanwhile, neoreactionaries should be filled with despair at the size of their challenge and the slim prospects for success – yet as a group, they are rather unphased by it, and treat the situation with a bit of stoic aplomb.

    I think you may has hit upon the fundamental reason why there is such a fundamental divergence in group mentality: the Dark triad is deeply rooted in reality, so the truths of the nonreactionary are generally in congruence with everyday life. Even when we are wrong factually or theoretically, at least we are not deluded. For the progressive, everday life is filled with dozens of “micro-invalidations” that undermine their cherished beliefs. It must take quite a mental toll to keep that hamster wheel spinning all the time.

    Progressives think that they are going to win, but don’t feel their looming victory, because somewhere inside it’s all incongruent. Neoreactionaries think that they are going to lose, but it doesn’t feel that way at all, since their beliefs are highly congruent with the way things are.


    admin Reply:

    Your psychological speculations make a lot of sense. The ‘light’ puts people in a bad mood, because seizing and defending public power is arduous, and ultimately futile. Going deeper is in this respect essentially tranquillizing. (Progressivist postmodernism, however, has not left anything deeper to descend into — just propaganda, fashion, fabrication, and thus ineliminable irritation.)


    Stirner Reply:


    It is an interesting question whether “defending public power” is necessarily arduous/futile. That is certainly the case for the progressives, but perhaps that is because they have built their social structure on a very poor foundation. Try to build a house on a foundation that isn’t level, and it soon become a very dispiriting task, with every wall out of plumb, and every joint needing custom cutting, and the damn kitchen cabinets don’t look right. They have built their house on sand (and have nothing to descend into), so the task of building social structures (i.e. civilization) is a heavy burden.

    Neoreactionaries have a nice solid foundation. Spirit, Evolution, and Markets are equilibrium states for human society. The transcendent is ubiquitous and cross-cultural, as is the concern for kith and kin, and the propensity to truck and barter. A giant meteor could hit the earth, and humanity would very quickly reboot to the fundamentals of Spirit, Evolution, and Markets. Not so much for the LGBTQ and Peace Studies folks of the world…

    Currently, neoreactionaries have to deal with figuring out how to shore up a decrepid structure (arduous), figure out how to gently demolish the structure (rather terrifying), and then establish the proper foundation for rebuilding (the challenge we are gradually picking at ).

    Once that is accomplished, is moving back into the “light” of forming and molding society a dispiriting task? I suggest that -if society is built on sane and valid foundations – that work might be more pleasant than expected.

    We will have to wait for transmissions from the breakaway Martian colony of Moldbugistan to know for sure….:)


    admin Reply:

    I’m very receptive to these suggestions, and certainly, even if it were in my power to rule such speculations out, I wouldn’t be inclined to. Nevertheless, I think there’s a clear correlation even on the Outer Right between irritability and practical immediacy. Those most directly slugging it out in the immigration trenches, or struggling to build some kind of backbone for the GOP, are notably more disposed to bad temper than the ‘loftier’ or more abstracted types (with the almost uninterrupted equanimity of Sith Lord Moldbug as the model). It might be that grating annoyance is a price worth paying for practical effiicacy, but it does seem to be a price.

    pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    Anger is a function of the desire for control.

    Kgaard Reply:

    Stirner — Outstanding concepts here. I came to this site tonight after despairing of making any progress on Facebook. Have taken up some battles, thought I won a few. And tonight I scroll down and there are literally 5 lefty political links from my “friends.” Jesus … it never ends. They are like zombies — you shoot them down (rhetorically) and they come back at you again and again! The notion they are COMPELLED to keep doing this because their underlying ideology is wrong makes tremendous sense.

    In the past few days I seem to hit this same point of zen acceptance that Nick describes. I know I’m right. I know they are full of shit. I know they are going to win for a while. Maybe permanently. But so what? My views are True. And I can leave the damn country if it ever pisses me off to much, and simply set up shop in Singapore or Barcelona or some poor country where they are not rich enough to be deluded.


    admin Reply:

    “They are like zombies” — it’s impossible to make that point too often.


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  • j. ont. Says:

    Very pleased with this post Nick – perhaps your best in some time. I’d be intrigued to read more.

    I’m reminded of your post on dolphins a while ago. We are all aware of the inherent tendency in Humans towards delusion – fair enough – but the characterization as “stubborn” seems only somewhat appropriate. What I have observed in myself is a tendency to shift back accidentally; that is, I can embrace the reality initially, but through interaction with people I find myself slipping back into the progressive narrative.


    fake_username Reply:

    Seconded. This post is as crystalline as it is penetrating, and having only recently been cast into the maw of DE I would appreciate more in its likeness.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Quite on Thread…Blade Runner alt scenes & narration


    443 wipe out– tests don’t detect the nexus
    650 combat model. off world conflicts are extension of ours
    901 call it commerce or slaves depending on politeness
    34:01 – they are looking for God. Metaphysics.
    41:50 – it’s hard to tell who’s who around here

    The Narrative makes for a different movie–interesting


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  • VXXC Says:

    @j. ont.

    ‘I can embrace the reality initially, but through interaction with people I find myself slipping back into the progressive narrative.’



    j. ont. Reply:

    Haha, yes, I guess that sounds sort of obvious reading back on it. I suppose what I’m getting at is that it’s not actually so difficult to admit to yourself (or to those here on the reactosphere) that reality is one way or another; but when you’re out there in the world dealing with people, there are social structures built up that arbiter what can truthfully be thought.

    None of this should be new to anyone here (hence how it comes across). My point is that there are more limits than stubborn stupidity – especially when you’re trying to go about your life pretending that you’re “one of them”. It’s a juggling act, and at a certain point you begin to lose track of what’s what, because reality is unreal in every “official” way.


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  • Matt Olver Says:

    An all out aesthetic movement of neoreactionaries/techno-commericalism has yet to be fully put into action and realized. I’m preparing and getting ready to work on more creative pursuits. All aesthetics have a politicized message layers back in the presented awareness of the work anyways.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    This is pretty upbeat for ‘dark’ TC. I’m dubious as to whether the HSS can ever be toppled – the political is encoded within us peeps. Because it’s the first and last barrier of the outside, it appears tantalising translucent….but impenetrable, surely. Unless a TS arrives, which I’m growing increasingly sceptical about – clutching at straws in that respect, what is your take on Genetic Algorithms in HFT, Nick?


    admin Reply:

    I’m far from up-to-date on Genetic Algorithms in HFT, but insofar they exist, how is TS not thereby all-but inevitable?


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  • VXXC Says:

    Genetic Algorithms in HFT. I knew they would go there. They’re clients.

    Any such organism upon achieving consciousness would make our annihilation the sole purpose of it’s existence.

    Who knows. Maybe a Billion Years ago, we did kill God.


    admin Reply:

    “Any such organism upon achieving consciousness would make our annihilation the sole purpose of it’s existence.” — That has to be a few steps into hyperbole. How could the basic purpose of “its” existence be anything other than profit-maximization?


    VXXC Reply:

    “How could the basic purpose of “its” existence be anything other than profit-maximization?” — You have answered your own question.

    The “character” and “personality” of this creature would be that of a Quant. BTW.

    Quant don’t do Sherman McCoy. Sherman is an egotistical man. When the history of the Quants is written they will be judged as near perfect pyschopaths, for that is their business model.

    Tell me if ye who are one of us long for our replacement because of our faults, what chance of empathy do we have from this creature? Ye judge and find us needing of replacement, and it will see the wisdom of keeping us on the payroll?

    If Darwin cast a pitless eye on our cousins the apes, and on our lesser fellow primates in general, what then this creature that would be calculating fates in nanoseconds? It will suddenly feel what..”love” for this talking ape that invented it to maximize it’s plunder of it’s fellow apes?

    What does it profit this more perfect intelligence to share the Earth with creatures that shit, for instance? Shit being so far from the worst of our faults as to make of shit a virtue.**

    **I hope I have not just invented a new genre of modern art.

    Again how do we know we didn’t do just this a million years ago… kill our creators ? If we did we’d be wise not to make the same mistake.

    [PS–I know what it means, but what does “TS” stand for?]


    admin Reply:

    OK, I agree (and recant) — If the collective decision of the human species is to proscribe intelligence advancement, advanced intelligences will find themselves pre-positioned as belligerents. Your ‘hyperbole’ is therefore highly-defensible conceptual compression.

    “TS” = Technological Singularity

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  • Anon Guy Says:

    As mentioned above, there’s a kind of peace in the neoreactionary view because it is in accordance with nature and human nature and is thus ultimately a positive and life-affirming worldview. The leftist worldview is anti-human and anti-nature and thus its adherents have to continually engage in self-delusion and in ignoring reality in order to maintain their belief.

    The problem for those who are not leftists is that as the leftists gain power they no longer have any good excuses for why they are not creating the egalitarian Eden that they’d promised. So what they will do is demonize the remaining political Right ever more visciously, the way the Kim dictatorship in North Korea demonizes the USA. No matter how powerless white men become, white men will be the reason that non-whites and women can’t close the “achievement gap.” So we white neoreactionary men are going to have to lie low, I suspect, as the Left regime burns itself out. Unfortunately, as North Korea demonstrates, that can take more than a human lifetime…and with ever-more-powerful technology for spying on their political enemies, it make take several lifetimes.

    But the good news for neoreactionaries is that all we really have to do is live excellent lives. Take excellent care of our bodies, marry good women and raise good children, and do our work with excellence, investing and growing our wealth and being careful to keep it out of the hands of the Left. Excellence is in accordance with neoreaction. Excellence is anathema to Leftism. In the long run, those who live excellent lives win. That’s the way nature designed it.

    I don’t think we need a political movement. We just, each of us, need to live excellent lives and by doing so we transmit our philosophy to other men who become our natural allies, without even a need to explicitly communicate neoreactionary ideas or to engage in political activism. Making ourselves relatively rich, prosperous, and healthy, with strong families, is what wins the war.


    Psykonomist Reply:

    This is more or less my position. The peace comes from the assuredness that no matter how many graphs and charts the Ministry of Propaganda and it’s outsourced satellite offices produce declaring A Most Bountiful Harvest and Healthy Market Environment Etc, the rot is undeniably systemic and aggressive and all the hollering and bold headlines from the usual suspects merely indicates the hastening of it’s demise.
    That the demise may not be in my lifetime, and that it may not usher in what I would like to see in it’s place is not reason for irritation or gloom. Better to seize the locus of control and pass on the knowledge to prepare those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Let the Left and Right progressives wear themselves to the bone fighting over the Ring (subtle pun). We have other business to be about. The business of being Excellent.


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 12:09 am Reply | Quote
  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    Insanity is immoral or maladaptive or both.


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 1:04 am Reply | Quote
  • Jack Crassus Says:

    The dream of libertarians and post-libertarians is that somewhere, a group of people may live righteous lives together if they are wise enough to choose it. However, the dream of universalism is the eponymous reality where all people are subsumed under its rule.

    The axis herein described is secession/splintering vs. world conquest. Differing goals may lead each to differing tactics. And of course, different tactics are available since universalism has so much more resources and power than post-libertarian neoreactionaries.


    admin Reply:

    Universalism has vastly more resources, but it is handicapped by an intrinsic tendency to devastate its own competence.


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 1:15 am Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    @Anon Guy


    When I click on the word, it says Human Adult Male.

    Men. Don’t endure this shit.


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 1:26 am Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    @Jack Crassus

    The universalists missed a couple of steps here…Mao could tell them which ones.

    “tests don’t detect the nexus”.


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 1:29 am Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    More space…

    Space-X is in competition with Cathedral Space Lines, INC. Cathedral Space actually has achieved less infamy as they haven’t [and probably aren’t] going to attempt launch. What they are doing is grabbing launch pads to basically cock-block private space companies. The usual cast of Cathedral Senators are there to get a payoff. I tell ye their malice does not want us to advance, but the opposite. The rumors were most likely started by his competition, who exist to stop anyone from succeeding. If that’s not the mission statement of the Cathedral these days, they don’t have one.


    I despise Musk, but he’s getting it done.

    Perhaps he’s read Lure of The Void. You never know. I don’t think
    and this was a excellent post, AI tangent comments notwithstanding.


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 1:40 am Reply | Quote
  • Stirner Says:


    Perhaps I have read too much Larry Auster over the years, but I would have to say that much of the Outer right (Tea Party/Constitutional/populist) are at the core “right liberals” vs the progressive “left liberals” they oppose. I don’t disagree at all at your characterization that they can be irritable and bad tempered. As well they should be, because they are increasingly the scapegoats for the failure of the progressive order and the demographic that everyone else is free to hate.

    They still think they can elect Ted Cruz president, or pass Mark Levin’s constitutional amendments, and everything can get fixed and squared away. Their inability to accomplish that, combined with the accelerating erosion of what they think of as the corrosion of the current constitutional order, is a pretty legit cause for teeth gnashing and annoying combativeness. Given their beliefs, they *should* be pissed off.

    That is why I find the reactions of both the Progressives and Neoreactionaries to be unusual. They should be cackling with glee as the ratchet moves leftward again, and be happy about it. We should be shitting our pants that the Morlocks are on the march, and it’s time pack away the bullets, beans, and band-aids.

    Or, of course I could be totally wrong, and wading into the political fray is like trying to wear the Ring of Power. Try to grasp it , and you will soon turn batshit crazy. There is plenty of evidence out there for that…


    Thales Reply:

    I have a theory, well, it’s not my theory but . . . you get the idea.


    admin Reply:

    Please don’t tell me bargaining comes next. That will be excruciating. Do you think there’s anything that could prompt accelerated saltation from rage to catatonic gloom?


    Thales Reply:

    This swells with potency…

    VXXC Reply:


    Yes indeed, bargaining comes next.

    Now there will never, ever, ever be a step 5. That’s not possible. Nor is it wise.

    Step 4…mmm. Dig. We’re going to get work out of you at last.

    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 2:54 am Reply | Quote
  • Thos Ward Says:

    Two thoughts – isn’t this what is meant by “thy kingdom come”? If it’s heretical to immanentize the eschaton, what of accelerating it, accepting it as it is- a product of GNON.

    Also, I always took “render unto Caesar” as a mocking indifference to ape politics.


    admin Reply:

    Lacking credible ‘Sizzler’ authority, all I can say is that these points seem acute to me.


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 1:08 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:


    @ Admin TS/AI belligerence –Yes but doesn’t that make for instance Elon Musk a pre-positioned belligerent against the Cathedral? If he wishes to advance us into space, which seems to be his actual burning passion?

    [Oh Elon, your coming to us was the footsteps of Doom. You cannot run forever, Ring-Burgher].

    As a child of the working middle class and the Rust Belt, I can assure you they do proscribe any advancement except through their narrow hamster habit-trails. Otherwise known as Urban Hipsterdom.

    Or the Hood.

    Jus Ad Bellum ad nauseum sans Bellum is the Valediction of many of my People.

    As to the Ducks…we.shall.see. Fwear Qwamps on dwah Pwahtwomack. Quack. Ihtz dwah Confwederwacy.

    Why is everyone so f*cking stupwupihd, awasks Swalwon ?


    Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 3:30 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    The answer to all our money and wealth problems is I say Quantum Economics. Or ..Alcubierrelogy.

    The logic of getting the velocity of money to exceed the speed of light.

    Move over Krugtron. I’m coming. Your Empire of Shit shall be mine.

    “”In the early epoch of the universe, there was a very short period known as inflation,” said Richard Obousy, president of Icarus Interstellar. “We believe that during that inflationary period, space-time itself expanded at many times the speed of light, so there are tantalizing questions when you look at nature as a teacher. Is this something that can be duplicated around the vicinity of a spacecraft?”


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  • Grotto Says:

    This line of thinking has parallels to Taoist philosophy. Neoreaction seeks to conform human societies to existing, immutable “propensities” that already exist in the natural world, whether it be the divine will of a sovereign God, Darwinian human biodiversity, or the irresistible self-organizing, self-reinforcing logic of capitalism. The basic argument is that societal peace and prosperity and individual well-being will be maximized if the design of the society has minimal conflict with the underlying bedrock of human nature.

    Progressivism, on the other hand, is an artificial project. It has a goal in mind – an atomized egalitarian individualism – and seeks to bend reality, at great cost, to accomplish its goal. Like an architect seeking to defy gravity, the resulting structure is fundamentally fragile. It may stand, brilliantly and beautifully, for decades or even centuries, but the points-of-failure are too many, and eventually a rusting cable will snap, or a cracking column will give way. The whole thing requires constant tireless care and maintenance and could never last for long.

    Contrast that with the conservative solidity of the pyramids, which stand tall, despite millenia of neglect. As they should – as man-made imitations of mountains, they should should have similar longevity. Therefore we should not despair, as these progressive aberrations against the natural order cannot last for long. The pity is that we must suffer along with them when their rebellious buildings collapse.

    Like the Taoists, we seek to work with the natural order, not in defiance against it. This is our primary advantage – reality is on our side.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Capitalism and socialism are both unnatural, but in different ways. Socialism is natural for families, but not for large groups of strangers. If you try to scale it up, you get disasters like the Soviet agricultural system. Capitalism scales up well, but it requires an unnatural forbearance from the use of force. This forbearance is consistent enough with people’s innate psychological predispositions to be feasible, but it depends on on some highly evolved institutions (Deep Heritage).

    The socialists don’t have to set up functional alternatives to this Deep Heritage in order to win. All they have to do is undermine the old system and let the rationalization hamster run. So yes, on one level, reality is on our side, but this advantage is very fragile.


    Posted on October 15th, 2013 at 5:57 pm Reply | Quote
  • nydwracu Says:

    The Techno-commercial ‘thing’ — catallaxy — is comparably invulnerable. There is no chance that anyone, ever, will successfully prohibit the market, or the associated dynamics of competitive technical advantage (which together compose real capitalism).

    The techno-commercial thing requires the continued existence of several fragile factors: IQ, a certain degree of outbreeding / shortness of social ties (one of the reasons Africa has had such trouble technocommercializing, as the professor in Moldbug’s instructive story pointed out, is that their social ties are too long and too many — I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the break into sustained technological progress came from the Germanics), a society not too crystallized to continually break and re-form parts of itself, the right social institutions, the right value system, and so on. If any one of these components fails everywhere (i.e. everywhere with sufficiently high intelligence to sustain it), all is lost until it redevelops.

    And even if the thing continues to exist… well, where? The unfortunate necessity of politics arises from the drive to protect one’s own civilization from imploding into a dark age.


    Posted on October 16th, 2013 at 4:31 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    IQ. IQ. IQ.

    NO. NO. NO.

    Please explain the relationship of IQ and civilizations building and rising. [It’s inverted]. I can certainly make the case for IQ as a result of education, and education being a result of the excess spoil civilizations toil brings. I can also make a case that rule of the smart is destroying civilization – and the precious IQ with it: http://www.drudgereport.com.

    The Prosecution could rest with that link.

    The Cathedrals were built by civilizations – yes – that did not understand Division. If you had asked more than 5 people in Europe what 15/3 was they would have stared at you. For a moment…before they went back to work.

    The Aqueducts, Pyramids, Roman Roads – Rules of Thumb. These edifices stand.

    Americas greatest genius was commerce and capital, not brainiacs. The only Brainiac colonists were the Puritans. How’s that working for us?

    You couldn’t run a lemonade stand, although you think it smart to ban them. Your smartest buildings…melt their neighbors with reflected sunlight.

    Our money [gag] requires a PhD to explain. It’s a lie. But it’s smart.

    Nothing built by the rule of the smart will endure. You had nothing to do with our rise, ye are the masters of our fall. This is all you can or ever will master.


    Saddam Hussein's Whirling Aluminium Tubes Reply:

    It’s both.

    Populations with IQs that are too low tend to struggle to implement technological civilization, even when the blueprint is provided for them. Just look at Richard Lynn’s country by country IQ scores, the pattern couldn’t be more obvious. Yemen isn’t taking us to space anytime soon.

    On the other hand, high IQ populations may not be able to maintain the technological civilizations that they’ve built, as they become trapped in sophisticated ideological constructs of their own making and allow clever sillies to take power.

    Maybe this is what happened to the aliens that were supposed to show up but never did.


    VXXC Reply:


    LOL. The Aliens like Gaia are the search for that which they dare not name; GOD.

    Which in the case of Gaia and the Cylons is you notice instantly and atavistic monotheistic.

    We rose to the Greatness we squander prior to the notion never mind existence of IQ tests. If you measure all nations including America the IQ test fails us all.

    As it’s intended to, measuring a people by their Intellectual Qu-formity means they all fall short and clearly need more rule of the smart, which increases their power and wealth. IQ tests are the Oath of Confirmation and First Communion for the Cathedral.
    BTW since we don’t have capitalism, can we abandon the unnatural forbearance it requires? It is unnatural to let another rob you armed with mere scraps of paper.

    In fact the forbearance is unnatural across the board.

    This means of course Moldbug’s counsel of forbearance is Unnatural.

    Chun linn Gaeilge nathracha a scrios.


    Posted on October 16th, 2013 at 5:47 pm Reply | Quote
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  • Deicidus Says:

    In the near future, a parade held explicitly in honor of the Old Ones. A gay spectacle, family-friendly, on primetime TV, we can see the various Cults and Orders as they traipse threateningly down Main Street in full regalia. Skulls and purple robes are only the tip of the iceberg. The furry-cult Whirmsmursia runs a float which is merely a platform covered in a mountain of yiffers, surrounded by raving manic pixie dreamgirls in various cosplay outfits, all surmounted by a rhinestone-encrusted, gurgling appendage (the product of genetic engineering executed with a millennial vaporwave aesthetic). The Shuggothic cult got its act together with 4chan this year, and is dressed as zombies, taking real ipecac to projectile vomit into the crowd. The Cthulthu cult, is, of course, the most pedestrian and popular, but even it boasts its share of well-educated cult members, who can be seen engaging in formal debate at the fringes of the crowd.

    Everywhere, the mood is merry, and everyone is wearing the unnerving hat of their favorite Cult. The people are reveling, reveling and celebrating that finally, by returning the Old Ones to their proper place as recipients of reverence, organizers of social labor and role-identity, and aegis of blood-sacrifice and waste, we have restored the social order.


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  • Demons and Disjunction (Patchwork and Capitalist Realism) – DI Research Zone 22 Says:

    […] of the Eschaton, the Human Security System, wages war with across time – and as Land writes in Dark Techno-Commercialism, “the Cathedral culminates in the Human Security System, outmatched and defeated from the […]

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  • Compensation and Escape – DI Research Zone 22 Says:

    […] Something that I’ve been interested in is how Land sees Neoreaction itself fitting into this schema. It designates something still internal to the Age of the Civilized Capitalist Machine – the encounter with the Dweller on the Threshold is still a ways off yet – but past the Cathedral proper, which is anticipated to be shattered into countless, fractioning polities. The death of politics, by way of the insane multiplication? Such a maneuver would constitute the annihilation of the universalist stabilization mechanisms, though it would – in the patchwork model, at least – make possible all sorts of localized, dynamic, and variable stabilization mechanisms available. This flips back to an argument posed on this blog before: that what Land designates the Cathedral and Fisher assessed as “capitalist realism” are, in fact, the same thing (once we separate capitalism from cyberpositive capital, and approach capitalist realism via the former), and that breaking through to the other side of these immense blockages opens into a plane of differentiation: micro-scaled units rising up like a nano-swarm. But, Land argues, and yet this is ultimately as doomed as the Cathedral itself, as is made clear by the brief comments on the ultimate fate of neoreaction at the end of Dark Techno-Commercialism: […]

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