When the winter comes, life becomes hard. Do the nice thing, too often, or too indiscriminately, and “Gnon will destroy you.”

Only the most extreme sociopath is oblivious to the comforts of moral squeamishness. It almost counts as the basic scaffolding of sanity to believe, or to immersively pretend, that our deepest qualms are shared by the commanding principles of being. At the highest level of hegemonic global culture, such scruples — projected ever more wantonly into the nature of things — are represented by Francis Fukuyama’s teleo-zenith “liberal democracy” which, as Daniel McCarthy accurately points out, “turns out to be a synonym for ‘the attitudes and institutions of a world in which Anglo-American power is dominant.’” Hobbesian realities have receded from Western public consciousness in direct proportion to the rise of a titanic ‘Atlantean‘ power. To confuse the gentle webs of civility with fundamental structures of reality is decadence, a path that Western sensibilities have been traveling for decades, if not centuries. Nothing deep within the fabric of the world gets upset about the same things, and in the same ways, that we would want it to.

‘Children’. That single word, alone, says everything that is necessary here. Lost, abandoned, exploited, sick and neglected, crippled, starved, and slaughtered, they saturate the media-scape of the harshening Western winter. Their real features are hard to discern beneath the thick coating of symbolism they bear, as every scale of the media, from brainwashed micro-blogger to massive news conglomerate, orchestrates the pathetic cry: how can this possibly be allowed to be? There should be something, profoundly rooted-down into the nature of the world, that cares about tormented and massacred children, shouldn’t there? Something other, and more, than the fragile machinery of a civilization that now tilts and groans ominously in the rising winter wind? When these media-blitzed fate-damned children scrape our moral sensitivities down to the raw, bloody quick, there has to be something basic concerned to protect them, surely?

No, there really doesn’t.

Welcome to the world without the state. Life is, as Thomas Hobbes put it, nasty, brutish, and short. Gangs are a common element in 4GW, which is what these children find themselves caught up in. Childhood as we know it, which is a Victorian creation, vanishes. Child fighters were common before the Victorian period; 18th century Royal Navy warships often had 12-year old midshipmen and children as young as eight serving as powder monkeys. In other parts of today’s world where the state has broken down, child soldiers are normal. […] Here is where a correct understanding of Fourth Generation war is necessary. Mrs. Nazario is right: these children are refugees. As the number of failed states grows and disorder spreads, we will see vast floods of refugees, millions and tens of millions, all trying to get into one of the ever-smaller number of places that remain orderly. Those states, including our own, dare not admit them. Why? Because they will bring the behaviors they are fleeing with them. It was just this sort of immigration that brought down the Roman Empire. The barbarians (except perhaps the Vandals) were not invading Rome to destroy it; they were moving in, during the same sort of movement of whole peoples, Volkerwanderung, we now face, seeking the order Rome offered. But their numbers were so great they overwhelmed Rome. The Dark Ages began as a refugee crisis.

The world is going to become very hard. We, however, are no longer hard. It is unlikely that we will cope.


The laughter of Gnon is not gentle.

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  • FoolishReporter Says:

    *pours a shot for everyone* welp


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  • Nathan Turner Overdrive Says:

    “North America’s getting soft, padrone. And the rest of the world is getting tough. Very, very tough. We’re entering savage new times, and we’re going to have to be pure… and direct… and strong… if we’re gonna survive them.”


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  • Antisthenes Says:

    This post was a redsuppository. Can we officially declare ourselves Fnarglians now then?

    From that link… “Norway needs to send its Somalis back to Somalia (the Norwegian government had to print a brochure in Somali saying, “No, it’s not OK to rape Norwegian women who are out in public without a male relative.). To be or not to be, that is the question facing the state.”

    Excuse me while I picture the Somali thoughtfully pondering aforementioned brochure and reasoning through the moral quandary presented, by and by coming the conclusion not to rape after all. SWEDEN YES, we have brochures.

    It’s 15 years old now, but the Sloterdijk/Habermas debacle (http://philosophynow.org/issues/26/Philosophical_Rumblings_in_the_German_Republic_Der_Philosophenstreit) stands for me as a pretty clear depiction of the way the politically correct Left veils over (uber)Hobbesian reality for the purposes of its own scholigarchy. It isn’t even accurate to say that it was about S *thinking* too dangerously; even publishing PC thoughts in a dissenting syntax was enough to set the hounds of Critical Theory on him. I’d be tempted to draw a parallel to the Deleuze/Badiou incident at the Sorbonne here, if I knew enough about it to be sure it was wholly cogent.

    Mental and physical discipline, askesis on two planes, represent the punishing limit of reality within the nervous system of the sublimated ascetic. Isn’t it to the credit of NRx that it understands itself as a ‘redpilled’ reaction? The Greeks would have referred to this as the absence of typhos, or smoke. This goes hand in hand, of course, with the heretical parrhesia that appears to characterize the DE blogosphere.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    from brainwashed micro-blogger

    I trained myself in epistemology because I wanted the world to make sense. I succeeded. But shouldn’t this be an objective self-assessment of epistemic competence? Do micro-bloggers feel the world doesn’t add up, do they feel the cognitive dissonance? Or is it as impossible for them to see the world beneath its weight of symbolism as it is to see the real children beneath their share?

    I also have to consider that it is I who became numb to cognitive dissonance. It’s unlikely since my predictions keep coming true, but nevertheless possible.

    It almost counts as the basic scaffolding of sanity to believe, or to immersively pretend, that our deepest qualms are shared by the commanding principles of being.

    This is why I’m confused when you want me to unite goodness, success and what Gnon approves of.

    It is entirely possible that Gnon hates the good. It may be that guy, who the True Detective guy is channeling, is quite correct, that simultaneously the Buddhists are not cynical enough, that to feel is to suffer and non-suffering is unstable.

    It may be that the failure of human goals is enforced by Gnon.

    It does not mean there isn’t such a thing as good, nor does it mean that dire apes’ failure is anything but failure, even if they continue to survive and even biologically thrive.

    That said, I seem to be, to my mild surprise, sane. To repeat what I said on Twitter, I find it axiomatic to believe that Gnon is not quite that harsh. It’s the correct mistake in any case; to assume the opposite is self-fulfilling.

    Gnon’s threat to humans is constituted almost entirely by other humans. It’s hard for us to see this since we’re in contact with other humans so much, but absent anthropogenic opposition, a human’s power is almost limitless. Humanism may not be exactly correct but it is a really good myth; we are as gods. (For Gnon’s sake, if AGW is true, it admits the human is a geological force on par with plate tectonics and solar cycles. Titanic nuclear fireball 0; naked ape, 1.)

    Therefore, much of Gnon’s will is simply made of the will of the dire ape. It is entirely possible that the dire ape will learn, eventually, that success cannot come at the expense of other dire apes. Such only invites divine vengeance. Especially post industrialism, it’s clear that Earth and Stars generously provide incredible abundance. Risking divine wrath is not only foolish, but unnecessary.

    But, I repeat, it is hardly guaranteed. E.g. it seems like the market aggregates human desires, but it doesn’t necessary aggregate all desires, nor aggregate them impartially. Lies are unstable but wisdom may be even more unstable.


    admin Reply:

    Oh, I think Gnon is seriously harsh.


    Rasputin Reply:

    The Other face of Gnon: http://www.gnon.org

    Either the Cathedral’s got him or he’s in some serious drag…


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  • scientism Says:

    The Daniel McCarthy article is very good. I think it’s better if you read the word “security” with something of the Mafioso sense. A sea empire allows you to dictate terms without the problems of a land empire. If it’s trade you’re worried about, you bomb them until they sign an agreement. Word gets around and then you only have to pull into port and they sign. Eventually they just sign and you only need to bring the ships out for the occasional training exercise. That’s how a sea empire works. And he’s perfectly right: when you start acting like a land empire, engage in revolution and regime change, you give up that advantage.

    I would also read “liberal democracy” as “domestic political laxity.” Which is to say: when you have security (in the traditional sense), it doesn’t matter how silly your domestic politics get (within limits). This is why countries attempting to emulate British and American politics tend not to do particularly well. What they’re emulating is a product of the luxury of not having to care very much about domestic political matters. America can afford to be stupid. Obviously we’re now discovering the limit of just how stupid things can get before it all falls apart.


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  • Darkness | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    Shanghai’s looking better all the time.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    Better move there *before* they decide all the expats are zombies that need to be shot on sight.


    VXXC Reply:

    What happens if they decide that anyway? and why would you move *before* meaning it’s coming??

    Now I don’t miss the tongue in cheek [I presume]. But the link points out they bring their defects with them.

    When China if ever realizes WTF they let in it’s all over. Fast.


    VXXC Reply:

    Shanghai is a port and requires Trade, hence a strong Sea Power.

    Now mind you ports usually survive civilizations downturns, although some don’t. See Troy.

    But it’s never the same. Or even as good.


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  • Posthumous Man Says:

    Yes. Children, too, are to be overcome, whether we like it or not…



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  • Bill Says:

    As a former US Army infantryman, I can attest that the military is not soft. There are a few million trained soldiers in the US who understand the world. They’ve been to Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and this group has a relatively strong value system. There is a hidden reserve of will power and force within this group. For instance, if something really bad happened, like a nuke, or crazy flu that kills 20% of US citizens, we would give up the PC baloney and just start creating order through violence. 40 professional soldiers armed with modern weapons turned lose, without moral relativism, could run a pretty big city.

    To remind you of what the West can do, here is a speech given by the British Field Marshall Lord Roberts of Kandahar:

    (Lord Roberts marches the British Army north through Afghanistan, arrives at Kabul. Kabul’s Amir surrenders, Roberts says, “before he could get dressed in the morning.” Then Roberts gives this speech on the steps of the Kabul Market Place, the main marketplace in Kabul. Here’s British politics circa 1879, the 1st paragraph is amazing:)

    “In my Proclamation dated the 3rd October, I informed the people of Kabul that a British army was advancing to take possession of the city, and I warned them against offering any resistance to the entry of the troops and the authority His Highness the Amir. That warning has been disregarded. The force under my command has now reached Kabul and occupied the Bala Hissar, but its advance been pertinaciously opposed, and the inhabitants of the city have taken a conspicuous part in the opposition offered. They have therefore become rebels against His Highness the Amir, and have added to the guilt already incurred by them in abetting and murder of the British Envoy and his companions – a treacherous and cowardly crime which has brought indelible disgrace upon the Afghan people. It would be but a just and fitting reward for such misdeeds if the city of Kabul were now totally destroyed and its very name blotted out; but the great British Government ever desires to temper justice with mercy, and I now announce to the inhabitants of Kabul that the full retribution for their offense will not be exacted, and that the city will be spared.

    Nevertheless, it is necessary that they should not escape all penalty, and, further, that the punishment inflicted should be such as will be felt and remembered. Therefore, such portions of the city buildings as now interfere with the proper military occupation of the Bala Hissar, and the safety and comfort of the British troops to be quartered in it, will be at once leveled with the ground; and, further, a heavy fine, the amount of which will be notified hereafter, will be imposed on the inhabitants of Kabul, to be paid according to their several capacities. I further give notice to all, that, in order to provide for the restoration and maintenance of order, the city of Kabul and the surrounding country, to a distance of ten miles, are placed under martial law. With the consent of His Highness the Amir, a military Governor of Kabul will be appointed, to administer justice and punish with a strong hand all evil-doers. The inhabitants of Kabul and of the neighboring villages are hereby warned to submit to his authority.

    This punishment, inflicted upon the whole city, will not, of course, absolve from further penalties those whose individual guilt may be hereafter proved. A full and searching inquiry into the circumstances of the late outbreak will be held, and all persons convicted of having taken part in it will be dealt with according to their deserts.

    With the view of Providing effectually for the prevention of crime and disorder, and the safety of all well-disposed persons in Kabul, it is hereby notified that for the future the carrying of dangerous weapons, whether swords, knives, or firearms, within the streets of the city or within a distance of five miles of the city gates, is forbidden. After a week from the date of this Proclamation, and person found armed within those limits will be liable to the penalty of death. Persons having in their possession any articles whatsoever which formerly belonged to members of the British Embassy are required to bring them forthwith to the British camp. Anyone neglecting this warning will, if found hereafter in possession of any such articles, be subject to the severest penalties.

    Further, all persons who may have in their possession any firearms or ammunition formerly issued to or seized by the Afghan troops, are required to produce them. For every country made rifle, whether breech or muzzle loading, the sum of Rs. 3 will be given on delivery, and for every rifle of European manufacture Rs. 5. Anyone found hereafter in possession of such weapons will be severely punished. Finally, I notify that I will give a reward of Rs. 50 for the surrender of any person, whether soldier or civilian, concerned in the attack on the British Embassy, or for such information as may lead directly to his capture. A similar sum will be given in the case of any person who may have fought against the British troops since the 3rd September (Shawal) last, and therefore become a rebel against His Highness the Amir. If any such person so surrendered or captured be a captain or subaltern officer in the Afghan army, the reward will be increased to Rs. 75, and if a field officer to Rs. 120.”


    Aeroguy Reply:

    I don’t have your optimism but it’s because I saw a different side of the military. I’m a USAFA grad but didn’t commission (long complicated story, that includes documentation of progressive elements who didn’t want someone with my sense of humor in their new and improved 21st century Air Force). The Air Force has always been the softest and most progressive of the branches, further, the academy has always been a nexus point of disseminating change. West Point has 200 years of tradition unimpeded by progress, USAFA has 50 years of progress unimpeded by tradition. There is also the differences between enlisted and officers, particularly those with rings, enlisted take care of their own, officers backstab and eat their young. I’m convinced that my Air Force career ending before it began was a blessing in disguise. While I’m sure that your right about the hardiness of veterans tested in the sandbox, there is also more to the story than that.

    As much as I love the image of armed combat veterans taking charge over cities in crisis, something they are perfectly suited to perform. I don’t see that happening. The creation of b̶r̶o̶w̶n̶s̶h̶i̶r̶t̶s̶ DHS was specifically with veterans in mind, and given the historical precedent of MacArthur marching his troops against the veterans of the bonus army, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Worse than that, what unites your warriors more than being hard is that they are very good at following orders obediently, their brainwashing was successful, they “get it”. Elevating themselves above civilian authority goes against deeply entrenched programming. Furthermore, by moldbug standards they are by and large a dutiful lot of progressives.

    The military which is increasingly purple and contrary to wise and prudent protests, has always been used for social experiments (among other types of experiments) designed by it’s progressive civilian overlords. Being PC is the name of the game for those interested in rank, and ignoring Gnon to chase rank has been a military tradition going back millennia. During a training exercise instructed by one of your enlisted veterans of the sandbox he put a female in charge because “they’re lionesses”, he ate the PC BS and asked for seconds like a good American soldier is trained to do. His lioness when confronted with a simulated machine gun nest decided the best course of action was to have everyone charge screaming head on uphill without cover towards it. He liked her spirit, if it were a real machine gun nest I’d have fragged her myself, but that probably has something to do with why I don’t wear a uniform, too cynical, bad attitude.

    Rome didn’t collapse in a day and neither will the anglosphere. It’s hard to overstate the impact the coming global financial collapse will create, hardiness will be a virtue, but it won’t mark the left singularity. The banksters, the merchant class viasya, will get what’s coming to them, just as planned. The bhramin will remain to continue the march leftward. I’m predicting martial law will be used to maintain order, under PC commanders like the lioness. Veterans will get ration stamps like the other civilians so long as they say quiet. The US is still a bread basket. It should be interesting how TPTB decide to deal with the refuge influx that will make the current batch seem tepid in comparison. If veterans seem like they could be a problem, TPTB could very easily perceive a war with China as a solution. Veterans are a known quantity, bhramins may be irrational but they’re certainly not stupid.

    Wise veterans who break their programming will definitely have a positive role to play, I hope that they are influential in shaping the rightwing counterculture. Their leadership role will be far more subtle than you imagine but just as influential. I was there when they tore off the words “Bring Me Men” from above the ramp at USAFA. In the end game, we will need such men as described in that poem.


    Bill Reply:

    Well, you’re probably right, which is depressing. I wonder in the event of something totally out of control happening if the veterans could be counted on, I hope so. DHS is terrifying too, you’re right about that as well. Where’s Lord Roberts when we need him?


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    I overheard a conversation the other day about a man’s son who was in the Marines, IIRC. The question came up of whether a Marine would obey an order to go house to house to disarm civilians in the US. The older ones reportedly said “no”. The younger ones reportedly said “yes”.


    VXXC Reply:

    The younger ones are checked by the older ones, the younger ones are combat virgins.

    Unless the older ones are gone. Or they decide against you. Never mind politics. You’re…Losers.

    Let me ask: Why wouldn’t they search the house if ordered? YOU NEVER FIGHT BACK. What do you expect us to do? Realize that the order you ask us to disobey requires a march to Washington and the end of everyone there? Do you realize that? Or the disobedient are dead, in prison. So not obeying isn’t enough. This isn’t like other jobs.

    So do tell me? Why if it’s hopeless because you’re hopeless should we disobey that order?

    [yes I’ve been twice to the sandbox].

    VXXC Reply:

    “Veterans are a known quantity”

    No. No they’re not. I am one.

    Now I was tweeting at length but also T/L this AM*

    [I know its my case entry thought process]

    Will the rest of you to save your very lives show us some sign that you wish to live and not as slaves?

    I’ll even say [now] PLEASE.

    Because otherwise we’re going to have to go with who wants to live, right now that’s the Cathedral. Not kidding. Never mind right. Never mind wrong. Never mind western Civ, America. Your lives are not safe from the Maoist infused army among you. And I don’t mean AQ.

    If you don’t want to make it and understand further submission is unto death [thanks Molon Labe, they took you seriously] then no matter what we think [we=Vets, Cops, Sworn Defenders] if you would rather die than struggle or see any trouble IT’S ALL OVER.

    Because we get every side is defeat, beat, enjoy the decline, lay down and die.

    You gotta wanna live and not by submitting to more. Cuz more is the end now. It’s too late when you see it in front of you to decide — the default for most.



    Aeroguy Reply:


    I went back and looked for stuff you’ve written to try and figure out where you stand. I’m glad I did because I might have accused you of wanting to turn to vio and lence (I can’t even bring myself to write the entire word), which may even be projection on my part since it took more than a little doom porn to disillusion me of that, moldbug being the final piece to finish the job. I indulge in writing doom porn because I see it moving rational minded people in the right direction, and more importantly, away from the black hole, our greatest weakness and something that terrifies me. My question for you VXXC, are you still trying to fight the vector the overton window is moving in? Because if so that’s not much different than voting team red. Like when dealing with people who still follow team red, the way to do it is to disillusion them, which includes doom porn.

    We are trying to be productive, by building the rightwing counterculture. But it’s important to understand what the purpose of the counterculture is. It’s not to move the overton window, that’s the dominant culture, what we’ve abandoned. What we can do is to differentiate our cultures as much as possible. Anything to push the dominant culture into full bore insanity while we stand in stark contrast benefits us. You must understand that this is a long game, there are no shortcuts, the Cathedral isn’t a Gordian knot that we can cut. But that doesn’t mean despair.

    Identifying the Cathedral and breaking with it was the first step and important but there are many more challenging steps ahead. The purpose of making the Cathedral whine and squirm isn’t to hurt the cathedral but to draw attention to the existence of the counterculture, it’s a DE marketing campaign, pure and simple (We must also be careful to not become too big, cost and standards to join must be high to prevent us from drifting left or towards the black hole. Right wing populism always turns ugly. The rightwing counterculture will not be complete until it includes a nobility, if we are successful in our marketing efforts we won’t be included in that nobility because they’ll be better than us). We aren’t the ones who will destroy the Cathedral, the Cathedral is going to destroy itself. We can however act as a catalyst of it’s own destruction, knowing the difference is important. Because it means we’re telling them to become two steps more degenerate rather than pleading them not to become one step more degenerate.

    Living under the yoke of the Cathedral is awful, that’s why building the counterculture is so important (we’ve merely laid the intellectual foundation and are still constructing the scaffolding). It is the counterculture that will shelter those that break from the Cathedral’s yoke. Exit in place, the goal should be to build a robust enough counterculture that people who lose their jobs in the dominant culture because of the cathedral can adopt a different lifestyle and find employment in the counterculture. Not an easy task, it will not be built in just a couple years. But I do believe that we can do it. The fully constructed counterculture itself will actually be the foundation for a new civilization, like I said earlier, this is a long game.

    Puzzle Privateer (@PuzzlePrivateer) Reply:

    “For instance, if something really bad happened, like a nuke, or crazy flu that kills 20% of US citizens, we would give up the PC baloney and just start creating order through violence. ”

    Why wait?


    Bill Reply:

    The breakdown would have to come. The soldiers I know would just do a basic calculation. Would I be better doing nothing, or doing something. In my mind, the thing that would make ‘doing something’ would be a breakdown in the power structure. Soldiers from the Afghan and Iraq wars have all seen the breakdown of power, and the way power is formed – at the end of a rifle. To create new power is to take a risk with your life, and the lives of your family, etc… So, in my mind the risk from the outside would have to be immediate and threatening.


    VXXC Reply:

    The risk being immediate and threatening does not require the outside world.

    Posted on July 22nd, 2014 at 6:16 am Reply | Quote
  • RorschachRomanov Says:

    I lost sleep over this post. Truth, the painful truth as is said, has a way of troubling we hyper-domesticated men of the West.

    We’ve lived in post-survival world long enough to forget how to survive. Such being the case, we’re probably headed for extinction.


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  • vinteuil Says:

    “Lost, abandoned, exploited, sick and neglected, crippled, starved, and slaughtered, they saturate the media-scape of the harshening Western winter. Their real features are hard to discern beneath the thick coating of symbolism they bear,”

    This is brilliant.


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