Fred Hiatt on the ‘cold war’ still raging in Hong Kong:

Anson Chan …  rose through the prestigious Hong Kong civil service to the top appointed position of chief secretary, resigning in 2001 when she felt the chief executive was allowing Beijing to chip away at Hong Kong’s core values: rule of law, a level playing field and freedom of press, speech and association. Since then, she said, democracy’s hold has grown more precarious … 

Did you spot the subtle non sequitur? (To resolve it requires some understanding of the fact that the precise, technical meaning of ‘democracy’ to experts like Hiatt is ‘nice Westernish stuff we like’.)

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  • Demo-babble | Reaction Times Says:

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  • RiverC Says:

    Free speech / press seems to some interlocutors to equal democracy. Nevermind that most democracies don’t have it. Nevermind also that the 1st amendment is a distinctly anti-democratic amendment in that it restricts the people from exerting their political will by squelching speech / press.

    I think the problem is most people perceive the 1st amendment as meaning, “the powerful can’t stop the people from speaking!” but if the language of demotism is correct at all (and in some limited way it is) this also means “the powerful, who express the will of the people, cannot stop the people from speaking!” Which ultimately means, “the people cannot use the government to curtail speech.”

    Not to worry though, they’ve perfected other ways of doing it.


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  • Contemplationist Says:

    Nice. ‘Democracy’ is the encroaching problem!


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  • fake_username Says:

    The best time that Hong Kong ever had, or will ever have, was under British rule. As long as China continues its open economic policies Hong Kong may continue to thrive, but there’s little historical precedent that would lend one to believe that China won’t once again, as has always been the case, turn inward thus leading to systemic collapse and mass starvation; now Hong Kong has this bright future to anticipate! The city-state was never at risk of true Western-style social democracy, which is why it has been consistently upheld by neoreactionaries as an example of a veritable aristocracy and successful libertarian experiment. It status as the nation with the highest IQ in the world, no surprise considering it was a viable escape route for those smart enough to flee from communist insanity, will surely not stand as China hurriedly imports its surplus of peasants and farmers into Hong Kong to maintain its hold on the region.


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