Democracy is Doomed

Even UK Cathedral mouthpiece The Economist seems to be getting the message that democracy is cooked. While careful to code the most sensitive perceptions, it givers every indication of recognizing that democracy can’t be transplanted beyond a dying ethnic core, that it relentlessly collapses time-horizons, and that it systematically selects for demagogic leaders (among numerous other problems). The Chinese model, despite its manifold imperfections, works far better.

No worries though — The Economist has some solutions. All democracies have to do is practice government self-restraint, reverse the growth of the state, and suppress majoritarianism, and everything will turn around for them. In other words, if democracy could just stop being democracy, it would have a future. (It can’t, and it doesn’t.)

When democratic societies were far less deeply degenerate, they degenerated. Now they’ve become social wastelands of super-entitled dependency, led by professional pop-star liars, the idea that they have the cultural resources to reverse their morbid course is pure comedy.

It’s all going down. (Learn Mandarin.)

ADDED: The new cannibals.

ADDED: More neo-cannibalism (pass the popcorn). As the media-grievance complex pushes everything to hair-trigger hyper-criticality, it just takes two syllables to seriously mess with your life.

ADDED: David Mamet muses on “the current position of Western democracy wending its way back to the sea. … If before the big bang there was nothing, and if all energy since then is expended in the manner best suited to return the world to that state, then all seemingly random permutations of energy dispersal must be attempts to accelerate the return to chaos.”

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  • Henry Dampier Says:

    “The Americans with Disabilities Act says that they should have the proper equipment to handle me, the same as they do for anyone else,” he says indignantly. “I’m entitled to that. I’ll probably have to sue to get the care I really need.”

    This man is a hero of democracy.


    VXXC Reply:

    The Optionality for Heroism is coming. That isn’t good.

    Conflating democracy with say the USSR is quite edgy anywhere and trendy here, as well as a recycling of the end of the Cold War arguments of the 80s.

    It lacks the merit of being true, Russians are bastards for a reason


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  • peppermint Says:

    You joke, but The Economist is a right-ish economic SWPL publication. If the NYT doesn’t implode, it will start saying these things as well in a decade. The Western world is already ruled by managed pretend democracy. Our first step, according to Moldbug, was to convince the ruling elite to consider our perspective.

    It was already happening when there was widespread discussions among my ultra-leftist friends concerning whether democracy was compatible with human rights, as state after state voted down gay marriage. There was a real perception than education would not be enough, we needed responsible government insulated from politics. That’s the neoreactionary ideal, too.

    Depending on how quickly they can start ruling like neoreactionaries, the current Western states could still exist in the future, and begin to drop the pretense of democracy in as little as 20 years.

    This just confirms further that SWPL types are ready for serious change. We already knew this from movies like Fight Club and Coyote, the arthouse movie starring Bill Oberst Jr.


    Hawk Spitui Reply:

    I don’t doubt that the SWPL types are ready for serious change. I do doubt that I’m going to care much for the ends they’re trying to achieve. The fact that they may be willing to consider neorectionary forms doesn’t necessarily mean they’re prepared to embrace neoreactionary ends. I suspect that if they achieve autocracy, they’ll simply use it to double down on the same PC philosophy they’re already pushing.

    Establishing the throne is all very nice, but who will sit upon it counts for a lot.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    The objective is social dominance. Political philosophy is just rationalization.


    Orthodox Reply:

    The key is that they’re abandoning their strong position because they realize it is crumbling around them. This opens up instability in the system as it seeks a new equilibrium. Reactionaries have optionality in this moment. We have several paths to achieve our goals and our freedom of movement increases as the Cathedral collapses both ideologically and in fact. Their options are collapsing into a very bad singularity.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Suspect? I’m certain of it.

    The collapse of democracy is probably still to be welcomed from an accelerationist standpoint, though, as democracy has more often functioned as a brake on the Cathedral than as a gas pedal.

    It probably should also be welcomed by lovers of truth. ‘Managed’ democracy where only votes that the elites like count is a sham and better to do away with it.


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  • Max Says:

    Don’t really have any commentary to add, feel like the links speak for themselves.


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  • spandrell Says:

    How long did it take to abolish the Roman Senate? 600 years you say?

    I’m sure some of our math people can come up with a good equation on how long politics lags reality. I’m not holding my breath.


    piwtd Reply:

    How long did it take to abolish the Roman Senate? I’ve always wondered about that and never have been able to google the answer. Did the oligarchs of Rome stop getting together and calling itself the senate with Odoacer or did they continue even after that? At what precise moment did such an ancient institution stop existing? What was the last session like? I know that in Constantinople they kept their senate until the Turks came. There were people titled senators in Renaissance Rome but I don’t suppose that there was any continuity with the ancient senate.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    How about this one? NYPost calls a school the worst in NYC, then students write letters to complain. NYPost makes it the front page news, “Read It and Weep”

    It’s as if Heartiste was made editor.


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  • VXXC Says:


    “flowing from a state of high entropy (the individual) to one of low, the government.”

    It takes the playwright who made poetry of “Fuck You” to call our government low entropy.


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  • Thales Says:

    As the downward spiral goes mainstream, the most important thing is, of course, to have a set of witty rejoinders at the ready, for example:

    “You heard it here first!”

    “I hate to be an I-told-you-so, but…naw, I actually enjoy it…”

    “Oh, but you see, baby, I really am the ‘last man on Earth’…”

    When the EBT-zombies come and the future goes r-type, a perfectly-timed twist of the shiv will DHV and set off the tingles necessary to knock-up as many HB8’s as possible to genetically Win The Future…


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  • Lightning Round – 2014/03/05 | Free Northerner Says:

    […] Democracy is doomed. Related: The aristocracy of outrage. […]

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  • Wagner Says:

    “I’m proud to marry a total skank.” – said no one ever

    Marry a skank, you’re unhappy. If you’re unhappy you’re not optimal at your job. If you’re not optimal at your job what happens to society?


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