Salon has been bat-shit crazy for a long time, but right now it’s really going over the edge. It’s almost as if the people there are getting worried about something.

[Thanks to VXXC for pointers into the bin]

My personal pick for comedy gold goes to the article on right-wing brain washing (5th link), which includes this priceless classic: “He believed it when Rush Limbaugh told him that climate change is a hoax. He called Al Gore an ‘asshole’ even after watching the entire An Inconvenient Truth …” (Especially funny for me because I knew someone like that once — he thought Hitler was a dangerous demagogue, even after watching Triumph of the Will.)

Panic! They’re so brain-washed they don’t even believe our propaganda any more.

ADDED: Da Tech Guy EBT follow-up.

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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    “They’re so brain-washed they don’t even believe our propaganda any more.”

    I never used to be able to understand how anyone could believe that the Apollo landings were faked, until one day I got an email from someone ranting about how awful it was that his neighbor’s Apollo-denying college-age daughter was so ignorant that she didn’t believe … and then he listed a bunch of National Space Society propaganda points. Thus was I enlightened.


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  • Stirner Says:

    That fifth link is a gem,

    ” He tried to inject his political views into any conversation he had, with anybody. ”

    AMC Theaters is hiring, they need a new projectionist!


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  • Thales Says:

    “ROC:Isn’t all media a form of brainwashing in some sense?

    JS: I don’t think so. No, I think there are very different ways the media operates, and perhaps intent is part of that. It’s a very complex answer….


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  • Steve Johnson Says:

    I think my favorite quote was this:

    “Ross Douthat has also offered a useful window into Tea Party thinking, explaining that, for the Tea Party, the past 40 years of American politics hasn’t been one in which conservatism was on the rise. On the contrary, it’s been a prolonged period of “failure,” all because the New Deal and the Great Society have merely been whittled away — and not banished completely.”

    Ah yes, all that whittling away of the New Deal and the Great Society and the uninterrupted string of victories for conservatism.


    Stirner Reply:

    Oh sure, deny how the Washington Generals have been dominating the Harlem Globetrotters over the last 30 years.

    Because of the white privilege!


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  • Alrenous Says:

    This thread meets recommended sarcasm levels. Good work, carry on.


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  • Kyon Says:

    And thus the true world became a fable, and unconditional contrarianism became the closest thing to access to it.


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  • VXXC Says:

    “What Washington desperately needs is for America to save Washington from itself. However, first it needs America to really pay attention. However Washington’s problem is that it is the town that has cried wolf too many times. Like the boy in the fable, America is not listening, just when Washington most needs it to be.”



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  • Handle Says:

    I’ve been noticing this for a while, not just from Salon, but Slate, Washington Post, and a lot of other progressive blogs.

    I think it’s two things:

    1. The echo-chamber intellectual-enclave-ghettoization, niche-tailored marketing, economic model of the internet has evolved to a new intensity level. It’s never going back. The whole idea is provocative click-bait that encourages emotionally impulsive sharing and viral breakout for the whole 4 hours of the twitter-cycle. The model works best when your target audience is provocation trigger-homogenous (which is assisted by the self-sorting selection mechanism).

    It’s also reliably good when it follow the Sports-team tribalism model, where you can always get people equally riled up with the same recycled articles about how our side is goodness and light and hip and cool and smart and sexy and their side is the Mordor Orcs manipulated by Ringwraiths and a few Saurons here and there. Trash talk is too fun not to market on that basis. It also helps if people self-segregate in real life and actually come to believe that nonsense. A lot of bad blood and different versions of utopia you can only achieve in a negative-sum game to capture the throne helps too.

    That’s the market, and like you said, as bad as it may be, no one can fight it without force, which, thankfully for us, no one is willing to apply to the problem.

    2. Beyond clickbait and ridiculous but somehow-irresistible absurdly contrarian slatepitches, even the more ‘smart and serious’ posters on progressive blogs have become increasingly unreal, unhinged, disconnected, and untethered.

    Beyond the ‘reality apartheid’ that comes from not interacting intimately with 90% of the human population, I think in a way it’s a symptom of triumph and confidence in ascendant power. The domination is so complete that progressives no longer feel they have to grant any deference to the best counterarguments to their enlightened agenda. They can simply deny them a priori without feeling any need to debate or demonstrate, as if ‘The Science is Settled!’ and it was all addressed satisfactorily in the past.

    The ‘the science is settled!’ attitude to political ideology is the ultimate inoculation against reasoning and cementer of closed-mindedness. You don’t have to have an open-mind or reason anything for yourself, even though you claim to hold those values in esteem. While you can’t express your beliefs in terms of arguments of logic and evidence, your tribe has assured you that some of your coreligionists did so in the past and ‘won’, so you are perfectly justified in feeling confident about the foundations of your belief.

    I’m guessing the Church did a lot of this too.


    Psykonomist Reply:

    The above is encapsulated in the natural tendency for those crying “racist” (etc) the loudest to be the ones with the least total real contact with those of other ethnicities,”habitats”, etc.
    Insulation breeds a heightened awareness of “difference”, even if you can’t explain what it is that is different in intelligible terms.


    admin Reply:

    Both points highly persuasive — and their articulation opens intriguing questions. Socio-cultural compression + total hegemony doesn’t seem like an obviously stable formula.


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  • VXXC Says:

    WALMART was happy to report no arrests were made after the EBT cards came back on the clients trashed the store loading up carts, as if the 15 hour EBT outage was the impending apocalypse.


    Oh wait that was the police who didn’t arrest anyone.

    It is their apocalypse.


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  • Scharlach Says:



    Thales Reply:

    “The result: in two hours store shelves were emptied. When spending limits began showing up again around 9 p.m., one zombie with only 49 cents on her card, was detained after trying to ring up $700 worth of brains, local TV news channel KSLA reported, adding Wal-Mart said it wouldn’t decapitate her if she left the organs.”

    Hilarious indeed…


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  • Grotto Says:

    The acolytes of the Cathedral possess a primitive, animal-like instinct when it comes to anticipating threats. They’re hyper-alert and hyper-sensitive, even if they can’t fully articulate why, because they’ve trained their minds to instinctively shut-off when they reach the boundaries of acceptable thought.

    Why is it so threatening to them that some combination of the white-male-Christian-suburban demographic is making half-joking, half-serious noises about secession? I thought they were blood-sucking parasites. I thought the red states were supposed to be undereducated cesspools of backwardness that took more Federal money than they gave in taxes. The answer, of course, as we know, lies in the fact that we should disaggregate states down to their county-level demographics, and surprise, surprise… we find that the real fault lines fall along race, religion and culture. But the Cathedral acolytes can’t follow us down this path of logical explanation. They can’t say that the difference between militant Black Panther separatists and this nascent conservative white suburban separatism is an orders-of-magnitude increase in efficiency and effectiveness. Like dogs, they can only vaguely sense the moving shadows, and bark indiscriminately.

    This sort of paranoid, inarticulate hyper-vigilance is also found in other places, like the poorly-named Southern Poverty Law Center, which constantly monitors militias and anything else that smells vaguely of organized resistance against the Cathedral.

    What makes it amusing is not that they’re wrong – if a challenge to the Cathedral ever comes, it will grow out of this nexus of successionist, Tea-Party-voing, evangelical, heavily-armed militia demographic. It’s that they can’t coherently state the threat without also admitting to the oppressive, Orwellian nature of the Cathedral. And so they can only sputter impotently about evil Confederate racists. Imagine their terror if neoreaction ever does organize into a coherent force.


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