Disconnection IV

In a Zhejiang mountain retreat for a couple of days — disconnected by my lousy disintegrating laptop rather than the wireless link here (which seems fine). The screen this is being pushed through looks like a piece of extravagant abstract expressionism cross-cut with destructive psychedelics. Impossible even to tell whether I am littering the thing with typos. Oh yes, and the quote marks key does not work. So basically, it is the view of a broken deeply stoned robot from inside a Jackson Pollack painting. (You are going to have to trust me on that.)

So consider it an open thread, and try not to be more obnoxious than strictly necessary.

ADDED: Daoist mountain bamboo forest (Siming):


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    You now have a fully postmodern laptop.

    In all honesty, sorry to hear it but good for you for hanging on to it to the bitter end. Slightly less landfill.


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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    If The Chinese Communist Party changed to Chinese Corporative Party and floated 49% of its share on the stock market and implemented a techno neo-feudalistic society with Xi Jinping as emperor — would we all be happy?


    Mariani Reply:

    Get a ThinkPad


    Mariani Reply:

    This wasn’t meant as a reply


    Orthodox Reply:

    So it would be the current United States, but with a dictator?


    Mild Troll Reply:

    The current USA with a “dictator” wouldn’t be the current USA in any sense whatsoever.

    If it could be then this would imply that government design has no effect on general policy, which is empirically untrue.


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  • Anon. Says:

    As Heaven and Earth are fairer, fairer far
    Than Chaos and blank Darkness, though once chiefs;
    And as we show beyond that Heaven and Earth
    In form and shape compact and beautiful,
    In will, in action free, companionship,
    And thousand other signs of purer life;
    So on our heels a fresh perfection treads,
    A power more strong in beauty, born of us
    And fated to excel us, as we pass
    In glory that old Darkness: nor are we
    Thereby more conquer’d, than by us the rule
    Of shapeless Chaos. Say, doth the dull soil
    Quarrel with the proud forests it hath fed,
    And feedeth still, more comely than itself?
    Can it deny the chiefdom of green groves?
    Or shall the tree be envious of the dove
    Because it cooeth, and hath snowy wings
    To wander wherewithal and find its joys?
    We are such forest-trees, and our fair boughs
    Have bred forth, not pale solitary doves,
    But eagles golden-feather’d, who do tower
    Above us in their beauty, and must reign
    In right thereof.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    that sounds more like a been on front line, not on vocations.


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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    Anybody notice that Moldbug’s Receiver is never discussed here?


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Talk about a jarring silence.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    As you have often shown, you believe there is a conspiracy of not discussing some things here. So far as I know, that is absurd. It shews a conspiratorial mania.

    Mostly, it´s each author´s own responsibility to get people to discuss a thing — if that is his wish.

    What is Moldbug’s Receiver?

    You´ve never either really provided, from what I recall, a proper argumentation for your theory that Mr. Land is a “Communist”.

    Communism « whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state. » is being worked for by Mr. Land how?


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    First, the heart of the matter; it was, unsurprisingly, surmised by Spandrell:

    “The fact remains that your response hasn’t been… elegant enough. People see that and take the chance to troll you. Nazi! hahaha.

    There should be some witty comeback that solves the issue, and if you don’t find it nobody else will.” (Sentences #59)

    Alleged “trolls” like me and Michael would shut our mouths if we had a reason to; one would expect Land, as shrewd as he is, to say the magic words. He acts like he understands the “”al-tright”” and its supposed distinction from NRx but evidently too fuzzily to control the situation.

    “you believe there is a conspiracy of not discussing some things here. So far as I know, that is absurd. It shews a conspiratorial mania.”

    Have you ever read something from admin’s “arcane” category? This is the main thing (that he probably shouldn’t have even posted): http://www.xenosystems.net/open-secret/

    There are two kinds of esotericism (at least two that my peasant-cunning can grasp), there is the not-saying variety where something that obviously, blatantly, should be said, isn’t…. (it’s indecent to even speak about this)…. then there’s the kind that, no matter how you say it, no matter how “explicit” you are, it, as they say, falls on deaf ears. As Alexandre Kojeve (coincidentally a Communist spy himself) phrased it,

    “Telling of [Emperor] Julian’s art of writing, I hope I have not betrayed his secret–nor, for that matter, anyone’s secret–by writing the preceding pages. For these pages will say nothing of interest to those whom the emperor wanted to exclude from the small number of comprehending readers of his philosophic writings. They will indeed say nothing at all. In the spirit of their author, these pages contain nothing other, and nothing more, than a modest salut addressed to the bons entendeurs of philosophy–over the oceans and through the centuries.”

    (Another trollish bit of auditory advice given to us by Lessing:

    Falk: Ask whatever questions you like, and I must give you an answer.
    Ernst: Then there will be no end to my questions.
    Falk: Except that you can’t find the beginning.)

    I am pointing at the elephant in the room by saying Land is a communist. It’s either that or he’s getting old, or a pact he made with the devil is catching up with him, who knows. There are a handful of reasons I believe this. One is he’s still partaking of the Enlightenment ethos through his rejection of a flesh-king. He can’t trust authority so he gropes at a fantasy robot. Plus, there have been many 60’s babies with the way about them that I see in him. I remember Bill Hicks wanted us to colonize space, he said it in one of his skits, and I thought “that’s a bit of a non sequitur, but the rest of your jokes were damn funny, buddy”. I don’t mean to be mean, Nietzsche has just taught me that a good friend isn’t an.. ass-kisser. A good deal of why I believe Land is a commie is visceral, but another reason is that whether you do it for a deep, far-seeing accelerationist reason or not, being ready4Hillary is part of the Landbrand. There is something fishy going on there. Not exactly slimy, but fishy. Moldbug predicted teh System I mean the Cathedral wouldn’t be ready for its “Receiver” for a while. I take issue with Michael on this point–if I had kids I would think more about the here and now too. Maybe you should move to China where they treat white people like movie stars, Mike? Really though, Shanghai is a 2nd world garbage fire, if admin moved he would become less misanthropic.

    “Communism « whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state. »”

    Notice you had to resort to the dictionary definition. That ayahuasca couldn’t cure you of your Apollonianism, eh brah? Maybe try Ibogaine next time. Speaking of the sy-cud-elik reference in the OP, another silence of this blog is the truth of equality that entheogens and mystical experiences bestow. Rightism is amystical and thus profane. The dialectic of hierarchy and equality is passed over in silence and hierarchy is dogmatically presupposed as Hierarchy. lol

    Remember what T. S. Eliot said:

    They constantly try to escape
    From the darkness outside and within
    By dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.

    Admin’s “robot thing” betrays the same utopic impulse found in the communist. “The robots will decide what to do with these half apes and these womyn.” It’s procrastination.

    I don’t want to talk about the Receiver.

    But if we are going to be waiting here for a while, I think this is good justification for not ‘steering skinheads’:

    “We have explained why shepherds are more liable than others to magnetic disorders; they lead flocks by magnetizing them with their good or bad will; they undergo the influence of the animal souls gathered under their power, and they become an extension of their soul.” (Éliphas Lévi)

    and theirs an extension of ours


    admin Reply:

    “I am pointing at the elephant in the room by saying Land is a communist.” — Freaking weird elephant (but, whatever).

    Fax Fay Faz Reply:

    Between the ostentatious erudition and the extreme prickliness it’s not a bad Ezra pound impersonation.

    My impression was that admin has a “robot thing” sort of the same way Frank Herbert had a “sandworm thing.” Do you understand why Leto II had to become the worm? Indirectly this ties in with Moldbug’s Receiver anyway.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I think the idea of a sentient sapient AI is retarded, and don´t think a computer program will nor can ever have an ‘I’ / a subject.

    Even using AI to take over the world seems unrealistic until we have become so dependent on networked or “autonomous” technology that it controls the vital aspects of our lives. It certainly is a long way from that. If crops fail, I can eat insects & wild things. I hardly need but the most basic technology.

    Pandora’s Box, E1: The Engineers’ Plot

    Land is technocratic, true, he shares that with the Bolsheviks.

    But he´s too much of a Liberal to be a Bolshevik?

    Yet some robota or programmaton exterminating humanity would of course not be respecting the property rights (over their own bodies, etc) of individual humans; and I don´t see what it would solve, since I am not pathologically misanthropic. Only when I feel extremely bad have I desired to push the red button of instant species annihilation, and, thank the LORD, I don´t feel too bad most of the time. 🙂

    Mild Troll Reply:

    Land is not a communist, he’s a right wing Marxist.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    a Newtonian post-Marxist Right-winger.

    is he much for a commun* indeed? hardly.

    altho were an AI to own everything, wouldn´t that be the equivalent of the Soviet state? finally, a state (of intelligence, an artilect) that can calculate the needs of the people better than them-selves? a dangerous idea. one that got started at least as early as Edward Bernay, but maybe did with the first Oriental despot.

    Erebus Reply:

    Darwinian rather than Newtonian, I think.

    Admin is a hard biological realist who sees biological realism to its nigh-inevitable logical conclusion.

    …Does anybody suppose that a Godlike Machine would waste any resources trying to calculate the “needs of the people”?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    There will never be a godlike machine, was implicit in my posts. There´s only Gnon — the most perfect machine — and a lesser machine cannot design a more perfect machine than that which ‘designed’ it.

    That´d be like asking your average low-IQ person to compose something on par with Shakespeare.

    What is the IQ of Gnon? Beyond measurement.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    To me it’s realistic to think that biology is inherently moral. If we “came” or “sprang” (or watever mystical-mythical term you wish to employ) from matter and we are moral beings doesn’t that imply matter itself is moral?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    It does.

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  • devcarrier Says:

    So, there’s been some stirring today about landconf. I’m assuming it’s generally unfashionable to answer these CFPs if you are no longer affiliated with or enrolled within a university. Seeing as how many b[l]og-dwellers of the spergosphere who visit XS or related are not, in fact, spending their time using daddy’s money to write about Queer Metamodernism or the Harlem Renaissance, the content at this gig could be dire if there are such blocks in place –with regards to ‘private researchers’. Either way, it reminds one a bit of that Hyperstition panel a while back. Children playing with fire. I would like to see this as an arbitrary deadline that libidinises some solid work. The downside (one might think disintegration and bastardisation a happy outcome) is probably closer to Thiel’s innovation to mass production (or monopoly/globalisation) distinction. Bad imitations. Corners cut. Sloppy proofs. As in they’re going to have people making mouth sounds in response to that upon which Admin works. Is this official? It might be best to avoid ‘thinking in patches’ and actually deliberate over something smaller. 20mins on Yog-Sothoth.


    John Hannon Reply:

    “LOUD electro-sonic mayhem untouched by human feeling”

    Sounds like an excellent excuse for a splittercore/extratone revival –



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  • spigot Says:

    Louis Sass’ ‘Madness and Modernism’ is a brilliant examination of schizophrenia in the light of modernism and vice-versa: http://libgen.io/search.php?req=madness+modernism&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def


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  • frank Says:

    A brief history of the Cathedral. Thiel apparently cancelled his talk at the PFS 2016 🙁


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  • Try pulling it out ... Says:

    Qualified meta-medicine practitioners once tried to give me a “disconnection IV” directly, but my ontological and noumenal systems tried to reject the meta-drugs they were trying to pump into me, so they simply found a way to lower my resistance by pumping me full of pathos, anxiety, and shame before hitting me with a double-whammy of guilt and self-loathing …

    I walked out of the hospital unsure of whether I was still connected to the “disconnection IV”, and to this day I am still afraid it’s pumping its meta-drugs into my systems without my knowledge or awareness.

    Sometimes when I look out of the corner of my eye, however, it looks like I’m still connected.


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  • Rec0nciler Says:

    Which is Daoist? The mountain, the bamboo, or the forest?


    admin Reply:

    Daoist holy mountain, but I guess the bamboo forest gets thrown in for free.


    4our Reply:

    The individual that perceives them, and the universe that birthed that individual.


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  • Cryptogenic Says:


    Lunar squiddity.


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  • 4our Says:

    I think it’s about time we sound the death knell of new ageism and post modernism and begin taking back what is rightfully ours, beginning with ideas, symbols, the internet in general, and the ability to freely define things.

    postmodernism was nothing but a self fulfilling prophesy of thinly veiled nihilism and corruption taking root in culture. the time to weed the gardens of man is upon us.


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  • Wagner Says:

    I hope this is what he’s been up to.

    I think “they” know that if they do something to us it will only prove that we were right. So we have that at least. (??)


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