Disintegration II

Secession? (plus)

Why not take it all the way to speciation?

(I can already see it’s going to be hard to keep up.)

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  • John Morris Says:

    Call their bluff. If Trump announced he would fully support their efforts heads would explode and they would shut up.. Better still would be to make a comment that a compromise would be for them to join him in his effort to #draintheswamp and return power to the States who would then be free to continue all of the policies they prefer while remaining under the protection of the United States.

    Stop playing defense.


    frank Reply:

    No, supporting them would be a terrible strategic error. You want them utterly terrorized and desperate, entirely enthralled with the unshakable belief that Trump will do everything in his power, seize every single opportunity to dismantle and absolutely pulverize any hope of a future prog utopia. You want them despondent, thoroughly devoid of any hope of being left alone to have anything their own way.

    Then, they will beg: “Save us from this leviathan.” And we’ll whisper: “no.” Jk. We’ll have achieved what we already wanted. Let them have California, a containment country, a honey pot, for reality challenged commies.

    Make progs think that the right opposes localizing sovereignty. Then they’ll start compulsively signaling localism (whatever is anti-right is high status).


    Anon Reply:

    Except it wouldn’t be localism according to the data. It’s rural American versus urban American. Look at the voting within California or Oregon, large rural-spatial areas vote red. Urban votes blue. Giving them the entire state is a major problem. You’d be back to the problem of localism again, but on a smaller scale than national (city versus rural within California).

    I don’t see how the left would fragment any further on this scale, if you gave up these states (I could see something like Texas having further fragmentation, as the ideologies there are pro-fragment).

    The whole signalling thing is overstated, since the genealogy of American left thought is anti-local. It is globalist and millennial. They have to spread the good word. Geographic fragmentation goes against one of their primary motivations to have spaces for themselves while invading everyone else (not to say some of their “cool” current beliefs, like open borders for everyone). What you are saying is that hundreds of years of memetic influence within urban social networks and demographics of fellow believers and elites can be overturned on a quick timescale. I don’t see how that can happen.

    inb4 someone’s suggests red voters moving from California (that doesn’t strike me as very localist).


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    They’re not even really leftist. They’re Protest Zionists and establishmentarians. Arguably, Trump is more of a genuine leftist than his opposition.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Speciation already happened. Western Europeans stand alone. The drama is that other groups have not had such positive results, and have scapegoated Western Europeans in order to make themselves feel better about this. I include Western European descended liberals and surly peasants in revolt in this category.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Every step of distance is a step of speciation.


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  • Axel Says:

    That’s an excellent idea. Full speciation would require genetic modification on a group of humans to the point where they can no longer breed with the ancestor population. They would be hated and seek exit. It has other more perverted benefits: rashtra as a form of birth control, women you can’t impregnate, etc. a whole sex industry could be built off of that.

    Lastly, most war is about sexual competition between primate males. If the enemy can’t impregnate your tribe males tend to calm don a little on the war front. It could be an engine of peaceful political separation, or inhuman genocide. It depends.


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  • Sin of Organ Says:

    Could we hack the otherkin movement to promote an ideological bulwark against anti-speciation? Like Zizek says, the more the ideology.


    GC Reply:

    I don’t think the otherkin movement needs hacking. When genetic modification becomes the norm, they’ll do it off their own bat.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Yup Land you hit the nail on the head with this post. LSD didn’t do California any good apparently but I think transhumanism is useless artificially without human states it can use as ideals, and entheogens allow the highest possible states. I never see transhumanists talking about entheogens (unless someone can direct me?); many think they can put a silicone chip in their head and have the experience. Shamans and mystics need to help technicians understand the *kind* of experience they should be programming people to have.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    check out the God Helmet.


    John Hannon Reply:

    An amalgamation of transhumanism and transpersonalism perhaps?



    John Hannon Reply:

    In other words an integration of exterior and interior – which have never really been separate in any case.
    (Lest we forget –
    http://www.spirituality.org.za/uploaded_images/WILBER 4 quadrants detailed for thesis-744336.GIF
    just so nothing gets either over-emphasized or forgotten)


    John Hannon Reply:

    http://www.spirituality.org.za/uploaded_images/WILBER 4 quadrants detailed for thesis-744336.GIF

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    John, the gods are tricksters, this isn’t up for debate.

    Wagner Reply:

    We are all Buddhas already but if we altered genetics or implanted chakras so that everyone was born an Uberbuddha there would still be an Uberuberbuddha ideal the Uberbuddhas would grope toward (it’s infinite up and down) and maybe Jung is right that the tree grows higher into heaven in simultaneity with its roots growing down into hell but everyperson becoming eg a Hegel is REALLY too much to pass up: “The centre and periphery of things seem to come together. The ego and its objects, the meum and tuum, are one. Now this, only a thousandfold enhanced, was the effect upon me of the [nitrous oxide]: and its first result was to make peal through me with unutterable power the conviction that Hegelism was true after all, and that the deepest convictions of my intellect hitherto were wrong.” (William James)

    Screw Full Communism, we want Full Robo-Hegelism


    John Hannon Reply:

    Funny you should quote James on nitrous – many, many years ago I used to work as a hospital operating theatre technician, which gave me the opportunity for extensive after-hours self-experimentation with the stuff. In fact it was a pamphlet I wrote about my happy hours in front of an anesthetic machine “surfing the sobriety-metaphysical rapture interface” which first brought me to admin’s attention.
    Anyhow, if you read James’s essay in full, you’ll see that he’s ultimately critical of Hegel, saying in effect that the guy was stoned on fresh air –

    file:///Users/johnhannon/Desktop/William James essay.webarchive


    Anon Reply:

    Hegel was a dunce. He is DUDE WEED LMAO: the philosophy.


    HTIIIJ Reply:

    Silly. I remember when I was younger (and sober), the conceptual beauty derived from contemplating the movements of his ontological dialectic captivated me for hours at a time. Nevertheless, this remark from Kierkegaard’s journals slashes the jugular:

    “If Hegel had written the whole of his logic and then said, in the preface or some other place, that it was merely an experiment in thought in which he had even begged the question in many places, then he would certainly have been the greatest thinker who had ever lived. As it is, he is merely comical.”

    Wagner Reply:

    Everyone’s just jealous of Hegel is my sense.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You´re right Wagner. Most things most people say about philosophers is ressentiment.

    For the beyond man ressentiment is pathetic. All too human.

    Only the autistic elite is without ressentiment.

    AKA der uber-mensch.

    John Hannon Reply:


    Wagner Reply:

    Strauss and Kojeve’s student Stanley Rosen makes the case that Hegel succeeds at ameliorating nihilism where Nietzsche does not.

    “For Plato, the noble element in the noble lie is not itself a lie. Perhaps we could call it an Idea. In Nietzsche, however, truth itself is a lie…
    [B]oth Plato and Nietzsche have the same goal, namely, to overcome the split (and so to overcome the separate development of rest and motion without reducing one to the other). This was a common enterprise in nineteenth-century continental philosophy, especially German. The only major thinker to my knowledge to spell out this enterprise in rational terms is Hegel. Nietzsche is perhaps the most influential thinker of late modernity to attempt to finesse the collapse of monism and dualism with myth and poetry. Whether it be because of the impossibility of that enterprise or due to some limitation on Nietzsche’s part, he does not succeed. A major sign of his failure is his inability to distinguish philosophy and art. Philosophy becomes an artifact.
    Otherwise stated, it is the function of philosophy to articulate the structure of art. Nietzsche owes us a rank-ordering of philosophy and art that cannot itself be just a work of art. How this is possible for a thinker who believes that life “rests upon delusion, art, deception, optics, the necessity of the perspectivist and of error” is not clear. (BT “Preface” 5).”

    Hegel thought philosophers should play with their cards face-up on the table so to speak. Or, this is what he said he thought. This gesture is effective in a smoke and mirrors kind of way. Notice that Nietzsche never said explicitly “Dionysus is a noble lie, the eternal return is a noble lie, the overman is a noble lie”? He’s in the same duplicitous camp as Plato and Hegel but he has a couple yellowed toenails in the letting the cat out of the bag camp too and that was the end of him. It’s a sign that Nietzsche was a self-hating child of the Enlightenment that he didn’t stand with the Priests in concealing concealment ITSELF. Remember when Nietzsche joked that the question isn’t whether Kat’s synthetic a priori judgments are possible, it’s why is a belief in them necessary? N opened himself up to the Volk poking holes in his own philosophy using the same logic. Is da eternal return trOO? D’oh it’s a mere thought-experiment. The Heaven/Hell thought-experiment has higher ontological value than the eternal return by virtue of its efficacy in keeping the disgusting rabble in line. Or wait, is the pathos of distance a noble lie for aristocrats? lol See how it all collapses on itself? Hegel’s “science” was a pretense but it’s on a more realistic path than Nietzsche’s autodeconstructing poetry in that it sides with order over chaos, and that’s what civilization needs to keep keeping on. No one believes Kierkegaard’s leap of faith or James’ pragmatism, because they’re not concerned with truth, they aren’t rational. This is a new age, we can’t believe in religion anymore and science does not nourish our souls – we need an option C.

    Goth Ericson Reply:

    There isn´t a thing that isn´t science.

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  • Anon Says:




    Eldrick Reply:

    >Chinese privilege in SG

    This made my morning, thanks.


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  • cyborg_nomade Says:

    united States of good Vibes?


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Federalize the cities as part of an urban renewal effort.

    Pull Chicago, Seattle, Portland, NYC, LA, San Fran(encompassing (Silicon Valley if it wants) and a few other major cities out of the states.

    Federal cities have non-voting delegate in the House of Representative and no Senators.


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  • David Kelsey Says:

    New England and/or the northeast will follow. The problem for any left blue state secessionist faction is ‘we have the money they have the guns’.


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  • Eldrick Says:

    I detect confirmation bias that might lend itself to divergent evolution. This statement is simply untrue:

    “The clearest dividing line in this year’s presidential election now falls along educational lines: Whites without a college degree have consolidated behind Donald Trump and those with a four-year degree are tending to back Hillary Clinton”

    NY Times Exit polling:
    Whites w/ College Degree – 49% DT, 45% HRC

    And Ricki’s article was published 11/10. Data be my God, dafuq?!?

    All said, I do comfort in the fact that shitlib Phds are venturing down this verboten path.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Leftist: “Look at all those white peasants voting for Trump”

    Prog: “Such peasants are beneath the dignity of us.”

    Shrouded whisper: “The vision of peasants is indeed limited, now gaze upon what the shitlords disguised among you are writing.”

    *cognitive dissonance intensifies*


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  • Erebus Says:

    Admin, Calexit is a best-case scenario for you, isn’t it? Both for the fact that it will encourage secession and disintegration generally, and for the fact that the collapse of “New California” (or, “The People’s Socialist Republic of…”,) will be spectacular and entertaining.

    …Time to start donating to the cause?


    Seth Largo Reply:

    An independent California Republic would not collapse because Hollywood and SV are full of extremely rich people who don’t mind footing the bill for a socialist underclass that makes them coffee and waxes their luxury SUVs. There would be no middle class, but honestly, there won’t be one anyway as soon as the baby boomers die out in another 20-30 years.

    An independent California would be in the top 10 richest nations judged by GDP. It would do just fine. Whether or not it’s a place most of us would want to live is another question. (I’m from there, I moved away, and I don’t know if I’ll ever move back.)


    Erebus Reply:

    You’re forgetting that those Californians want to leave the USA because it isn’t progressive enough for them. Let’s take them at their word. It is therefore reasonable to assume that, should the state succeed in exiting, the ratchet over there will take a few hard turns left. This will likely manifest in things like amnesty and open borders, more redistributive and onerous taxes, an increased minimum wage, welfare experiments with a guaranteed minimum income, the “New California” government mandating racial and gender balance at corporations, an influx of brutish and semi-sentient refugees from the world’s most hellish places, poorly-implemented clean energy laws, and so forth.

    And don’t forget that whites are already a minority in CA.

    I don’t think that those bread-winning tech elites and corporations shall remain rooted in place — not when the grass is so obviously greener elsewhere. And, if I’m right, New California could very easily and very quickly turn into Venezuela-lite.


    Mike Reply:

    That demographic of “extremely rich” bourgeois leftists rely on conservatives, mostly federal I imagine, to fight against tax increases. Calexit means those conservatives won’t be around to run interference any more.


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  • sobl Says:

    Support it, let it collapse ss its demographics are oddly close to Venezuela, when it collapses the shitlord road warriors reconquer and need a Neoreactionary way to govern.


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  • uncle joe Says:

    Amusing to see libs using “equality” as one of the founding principles of a proposed state. That stuff about liberalism being a “cult of equality” seems regularly more accurate.

    On another note, if California seceded would they be willing to control their borders then? Seems sort of unlikely, but what would be the point otherwise?


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  • Ryan C Says:

    Liberals feel less disgust than conservatives.

    Which might be why they think that spiritcooking is a nonmatter.


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  • froth_city Says:

    admin, can we get a full update on the ‘Outsideness’ strategy now that HRC is done?


    admin Reply:

    I’ll add that to the “to do” list.


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    […] Disintegration II (Outside In) […]

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  • Foth_city Says:


    Thanks desu !


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