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Americans of Indian ancestry seem to be having a disproportionate impact on the horizons of ‘sensitive’ debates at the moment. Techno-commercial secession and eugenic immigration in a single week. Diversity clearly has an up-side.

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  • Orthodox Says:

    This part is really key in the secession speech: “So the concept here is that exit is actually an extremely important force in complement to voice, and it’s something that gives voice its strength.”

    The Right can sell secession a lot better if it is seen as a strategy. The idea isn’t to secede as an end goal; the idea should be that by pursuing independence, your political goals can be achieved.


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  • bob sykes Says:

    Actually secession is not an option. It would require the prior destruction of the federal establishment by a nuclear attack from Russia or China.

    As to eugenic immigration, what is actually happening is immigration at the IQ extremes. The Hindus are joining the ruling class, and the Mexicans are replacing the blacks. God knows what will happen to the blacks. In the long run we become a pseudo representative republic with a fabulously rich ruling class and an impoverished working class (white and Mexican) and a feral underclass (mostly black). In other words, the Middle Ages returns.


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  • Scharlach Says:

    Srinisavan didn’t even try to bowdlerize the Modlbug out of his speech. This has to be the most exposure a reactionary concept has ever received.


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  • VXXC Says:

    [See last post on Litmus Test]

    And OTOH, who TF is this guy?

    Exit via scams, and USA = Microsoft. No it doesn’t. Microsoft came to mirror the Federal Government, that’s all…

    By way of comparision the Blacks earned the right to be here, by dint of war, work, and perhaps yes suffering. They’ve been here centuries. This is why the common white hand was extended in friendship and equal rights 50 years ago. That it was hijacked and ruined are another matter.

    This thing doesn’t have the right to speak this way to a black in prison, never mind America.

    Winter Comes: This POS had better be on the first plane anywhere but here, and he’ll know it instantly.

    Not even the worst of the Jews are so mercenary [I’m looking at NYC now out the window].

    He puts down roots, blood, etc and in a few decades this gypsy gets to tell us what’s what.

    Telling a roomful of the kind of people who inhabit Silicon et al, insect pyschopaths and aspies marinated in Prog doctrine and submission is one thing. He’s here because of Affirmative Action and that the absolute top of Asia was skimmed to work in industry. Oh, and the British Empire. That’s how he’s here. Him and his cousin Anil Dash. Being found out by the rest of us is another. Oh and his perceptions of us are way off.

    This is why servants from the actual caste society need at least 2 generations before voting.

    And the Constitution and the Federalist papers are only written in obscure code if you come from a culture so alien you can’t understand it. It’s some of the clearest political language ever, easily understood by even Tea party knuckle-draggers once they actually read it .

    When India conquers the United States, India may dictate to the United States.

    Here’s what actually happened: America is not an open society, it’s a high trust society that has never had the experience before of trusting the wrong people. We are learning now.
    We never had predatory government, we have it now. We’re learning.

    God help this idiot, I won’t.

    Exit or Secesh are not actual options, nor are they necessary. He needs to exit. We’re fine if not comfortable right here.

    Freedom = Violence. Every moment of Freedom is paid for by actual violence or it’s potential standing ready in arms. This is ancient.

    If this waterfly wishes to have the actual vote, he and his issue take arms for 3 generations.


    Kgaard Reply:

    I’m kind of torn on this guy’s speech. I see your point that he’s an interloper and hasn’t really earned the right to say all this stuff. On the other hand, it’s damn interesting stuff. Plus … it’s quite interesting to me that, among all the minority groups, it seems to be the Indians who are the most open to actually putting their vote where their mouth is — i.e. manning the ranks of the Republican party (the governors of South Carolina and Louisiana, for instance). Perhaps what we’re seeing is the Indian culture of small business manifesting into reasonably conservative politics. Overall, I count this speech as a positive. If only just for that one line: “We are not just a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of emigrants.” That’s a good line


    Michael Reply:

    You forgot Bloody Wog! LOL yeah hes a presumptuous kaffir and someone ought to thrash him. But still I think we should be grateful he introduced dark thought for us hes inoculated a strategic group of youngsters in a very clever way Im sure thy think its about the 1% or something. But the meme of exit wont trigger anti bodies. And.It likely set off alarms at NSA which is amusing to imagine


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  • Grotto Says:

    Clever. This is a much better way to frame the free-exit secessionist argument. Instead of invoking state’s rights, the 10th amendment, and the Civil War, use the example of Microsoft and Google. This will prevent the automatic thought-crime triggers in most people’s heads from triggering. We should adopt and refine this line of persuasion in our future efforts.

    One thing worth noting is that Silicon Valley techno-libertarian capitalists certainly do not consider themselves reactionary, nor do they have any cultural affinity to reactionaries. They hate traditionalist flyover America as much as the Cathedral. To the Silicon Valley capitalist, this is an intra-mural competition among the elites, between those who chose the law/business path, and those who chose the engineering/science path. Look at the language he uses – an assault on “Boston” (meaning the educational Brahmins), and an assault on “DC” (meaning the government and NGOs).

    What this reveals is part of the fine structure of the Cathedral. The Silcon Valley techno-libertarian branch of the Cathedral is just as dedicated to open borders, multiculturalism, gay-marriage, and the suppression of traditionalism, but it is in a power struggle with the statist East Coast branches of the Cathedral, which feed off of the Ivy League networks, the law schools, and sink deep into finance, academia, and government.

    This is part of the internal power struggle among the various Cathedral factions. Because the Californian branch has some libertarian leanings, some aspects are more compatible with the reactionary desire for succession.

    It is also worth noting that the Californian branch also essentially lives in the American future. A cognitive technocratic elite of East Asians, Indians, and whites, a supporting servant-service-class of mostly-whites to provide food, entertainment, health and therapy, cheap manual unskilled labor from imported Hispanics and Southeast Asians, and a totally displaced and dispossessed population of Blacks on welfare, who are gradually been squeezed out of the Bay Area altogether.


    Scharlach Reply:

    Your description of California is spot on.


    Grotto Reply:

    Thanks. I should know – Silicon Vally techno-utopianism is where I started, a decade ago, before embarking on the long journey to where I am now.


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  • Scharlach Says:

    Srinisavan’s speech will draw different, err, reactions from the neoreactionary trichotomy, that’s for sure.


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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    Americans of Indian descent tend to have high verbal IQ and are threrefore at least as likely to earn themselves Moral Status points by being painstakingly progressive.

    A wash, at best (IMO).


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  • VXXC Says:

    “They hate traditionalist flyover America as much as the Cathedral.”

    Reciprocity is an Iron Law of War.

    They know even less than the Cathedral. Any idiot who describes the language of the Founding Documents as obscurantist is not smart, just super Aspy. Which is how that article struck me.


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  • VXXC Says:


    Was it the smart Gypsies or Dumb ones who stayed at home? They look pretty slick in Europe.

    The ones here are summarized in “King of The Gypsies”.


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  • Michael Says:

    Or was it how moldbug got PWND


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  • Scharlach Says:

    Looks like Wadhwa is making penance for his crimethink. Disappointing.



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  • VXXC Says:

    “I’ll start. Pinterest has 11 women out of 89 engineers, putting us at 12% female in engineering — the same percentage as coming out of undergraduate CS programs.” There’s a clue in that statement. Math is the clue.

    Give out degrees – free, without studying and wasting baby time – and send them telework. Telecommute. Just logon, read 3 emails, logoff in 8 hours. Stay.Home. It’s cheaper, there’s a degree, and we get babies out of it. And peace. And less money spent on what’s a gimme degree anyway. That’s 4-5 years of gimme degrees and 4-5 years of babies. Win. Since the next part is paid maternity leave anyway. Oh, and peace. To recap: here’s your degree, login remotely, logoff in 8 hours, here’s your 20 years of maternity leave, and a 401K plan too if you like.

    The alternative is less babies, less money, and more trouble at work since displaced maternal needs will lead to more agitation, and less less less <<< productivity.


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  • VXXC Says:

    OK. Notice he caved instantly?

    Now don’t waste anymore time looking for allies there…


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