Doom Horizon

Malcolm Pollack has been on the dark wave recently. This is where it leads:

Why is the American nation so inert in the face of onrushing calamity? The signs, after all, are there for all to see; in particular, what should attract everyone’s attention is the collapse of great urban centers such as Detroit and Baltimore. That major port cities in a nation of imperial power should fail so utterly in a mere half-century is almost without peacetime historical precedent — while for such cities to collapse at all is, without any exception of which I am aware, a sign of impending general disintegration.

As I said in the previous post, I believe the answer is that it is increasingly clear, to more and more of us, that nothing can be done. It will be for future historians to say just when we crossed the “event horizon”: some may pick out the Wilson administration, while others may look at the Depression years, or the Sixties; others yet may move the Schwarzschild radius all the way out to 2012. (Some already look farther back, all the way to the beginning of the Enlightenment.) But it is plainer and plainer that it’s been crossed, and that all future timelines take us, at accelerating velocity, through the singularity. It may take years, or even a generation, to get there — but already the tidal forces have begun their irresistible work.

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  • Doom Horizon | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Either that, or the writing has been on the wall since the Magna Carta, and the American attempt to limit liberalism has finally failed, foreclosing yet another way that we think we might be able to get democratic/egalitarian/post-Enlightenment society to function. It cannot. The Enlightenment has failed and we need to go back to our “restore point” previous to it and start from there.


    The International Community Reply:

    Sure, and Protestantism was a return to the restore point of Christianity.


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    Cassandra, Cassandra did you tell
    Did you compose the soliloquy well
    The power of a star turned back, turned back
    Schwarzschild solved the shadow script
    Though the cave might be a crypt
    And gravity knows no rest, no slack
    “The solar engine can scale no more
    This size we saw – we saw before
    Though light it may yet still produce
    It cannot escape; the star turns black”
    “The power,” she yells, “it must turn back
    A man’s own weight does make the noose
    Tighten – did Houdini claim
    That he could win this swinging game?”
    But dialectic’s magic failed here
    For the words could only move a mind
    Among the stars they did not find
    Guess a letter – be chary, my dear
    G-non is dressed as Vanna White
    The crowd misspeaks – the noose goes tight.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Pollack is on it:

    “It seems to me that there is a sort of ideological “singularity”, somewhere not far off in the distance, that we are accelerating toward. That singularity would represent the Omega point of the concurrent, onrushing streams of liberal opinion; it would be characterized by absolute non-discrimination, and rejection or elimination of all human differences, as well as by the abrogation of all traditional values, and of belief in objective human truths, in favor of a radical subjectivity in which everyone creates his own self, and his own model of reality, entirely ex nihilo, with no higher aim than maximizing the carnal enjoyment of this brief flicker of life.”

    I run a lot in groovy yoga/New Age type circles, I can tell you that THIS IS WHAT THEY TEACH, this is what they believe, and this is the new normal in this realm. Anything that is NOT this is therefore absurd and evil.

    We’re talking perky, attractive, 20-40 y.o. white chicks who embody this view. Some have tattoos on their feet and inner arms, some don’t.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    They are the bait, the hook is hidden.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Yes but by who?


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    You are very close.

    the man whose blood was replaced with worry Reply:

    I too am knee-deep in that world–it’s funny how, if you’re polite and considerate, they just assume that you’re one of them. Every now and then I ask a question, like I’m clueless; “are things different because of what they are, or are they what they are because they’re different?”–that sort of thing. Funny to watch the gears grind to a halt–they can tell something isn’t quite kosher, but they don’t have anything they can legitimately criticize on grounds of social justice or manners.

    kgaard, do you have a blog or something? I always feel like your thoughts, though appreciated here I’m sure, would be well suited to their own environment.


    Kgaard Reply:

    I have toyed with it but for various reasons haven’t done it. I’m in a heavily regulated business so always have to watch what I say. Plus, I am not sure I could add materially to the work being done by the existing NRX and red pill writers.

    I always have this idea that I am one step away from figuring it all out and then going in a radically different life direction. I think there should be a way to merge or combine Neoreactionary and New Age insights. That may sound absurd … but it’s quite clear to me that both worldviews are loaded with truths. Sometimes I feel my head is going to explode trying to balance the two.


    Mike in Boston Reply:

    Not sure whether you are willing to stretch the term “New Age” all out of shape to encompass something completely different, but Eastern Orthodox monasticism has trod that ground.

    the man whose blood was replaced with worry Reply:

    Which is why I’d be interested to see that combination borne out unencumbered by externally dictated topics (posts). Again, I’ve enjoyed your posts here, but if you ever find yourself in a better position to blog, know that you have a few folks who’d be interested in reading.

    Anonymous Rice Alum #4 Reply:

    there should be a way to merge or combine Neoreactionary and New Age insights.


    A while ago I noticed the parallels between the NRx trike and the three loci of purpose Viktor Frankl identified in Man’s Search for Meaning: family, faith, and work.

    On the other hand, maybe the apparent absurdity arises from conceding the frame to Romantics, beatniks, hippies, and ’68ers. “Each person is unique, with a once-in-the-universe combination of capabilities, skills, and passions, and if he uses those gifts to pursue excellence in his chosen endeavor, he’ll deliver a boon to himself, his family, and his society” is 100% compatible with “Most people would be best as menial laborers, under the task management of Vaisyas, the watchful eye and iron fist of Kshatriyas, and the spiritual guidance of Right-Brahmins.”

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “I believe the answer is that it is increasingly clear, to more and more of us, that nothing can be done. ”

    Hmm. Reflecting calmly on response.

    Fuck you.

    Nothing personal.


    Erebus Reply:

    Malcolm Pollack quoted two lines from Yeats’s “The Second Coming”. But a couple of later lines seem, if anything, even more appropriate — especially in response to your comment:

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    True, isn’t it?


    Michael Reply:

    no its trite though.
    whats true is that we have a damned if you do damned if you dont situation and as long as the left continues to turn on itself anf the mud people continue to argue for more structure we should wait and see, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME making preparations for war. The Cathedral is not going to simply let their visa card be taken away and then call up Yarvin and ask if he will take over. I actually have CHILDREN and i dont mean avatars on my sim account so im not going to allow much more of this and im certainly not going to turn over the universe to the fucking Chinese
    There is a lot one could do simply to survive a collapse [which i have taken care of decades ago] ,to help others survive so theres something to reboot, and short of collapse which i dont think cathedral will allow an armed takeover will be needed this is actually not as hard as people think but if you are one who worries about what follows then you shopuld be equally worried about what follows a collapse are we prepared say next week this cathedral pushes china too far on the naval superiority front and its total war and say we lose are you ready to take over the cathedral and steer it rightward ho. no youre too busy signaling faggotry with the other nerds.
    yes DENRX has soms some good thinking but useless practically and guess what there a physical universe outside this internet. .


    Erebus Reply:

    Settle down there tiger. Didn’t mean to get you all worked up. My own position is closer to yours than I think you realize.

    …Gotta ask, though: You’re “not going to allow much more of this”? What do you plan on doing about it? Preparing for the collapse and developing the skills one needs to survive is merely reasonable — it doesn’t constitute “taking action” in any real sense.

    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Don’t take them too seriously Michael, their detached Gnonic Irony will vanish the instant reality comes calling.

    However a call to action to this bunch is quite wasted Michael. Really, I tried. It’s more fun being the more Intelligent Jon Stewart’s of the Right. They also like to avoid real people-probably a good idea.

    As you noted there’s a physical world. In this world there are men. Some men have already looked around and nodded at each other [dangerous risk w/no return to take it further prior to game day, and we’re experienced at dodging Progs who don’t like muscle] and that nod says it all.

    Or “psst. Fuck this. This is not what we fought for.” “Yep.”

    They don’t blog or pursue ever more ephemeral wisps of philosophy, but they’re tradesmen sworn to an Oath.

    We are yet defended. We have no elites but we do have many sworn defenders and the larger stock and people they came from…and we’re all the same people now.

    Really. Cops, FF/EMT, MIL – we’re all the same people. Same families, same communities.

    You’re not alone and neither is America. And yes…thank God for the Guns.

    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Then perhaps Men should do their Worst.

    As in “Do Your Worst!”


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  • Craig Hickman Says:

    It’s just Gnon. A Strange Attractor from one of his lesser tentacles dangling down from futurity toward which all our singular thoughts are being attracted. Like Michaelangelo’s God and Adam reaching out to touch each other across the void… if the fingers ever do touch we’ll know for sure that Gnon, God, and the Void were all lies… that the monstrous truth of it has yet to be revealed… but it’s going to very deadly.


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  • Michael Says:
    i found this poll astounding last year

    ….”about the role of guns in American society. Overall, the poll finds that
    29 percent of
    Americans think that an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be necessary in
    the next few years, with another five percent unsure. However, these beliefs are conditional
    on party. Just 18 percent of Democrats think an armed re
    volution may be necessary, as
    opposed to 44 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of independents. ”

    anecdotally I have noticed that it seems to be a given in any group regardless class etc that a collapse is immanent, 25 years ago when i first bought land in northern Idaho that was only a given among a certain type of rural conspiracy theorist, now i find no matter hopw liberal conservative how staid and respectable a persons profession or high their level of education they seem to accept collapse is far as i can tell alex jones types seem to be correct that the government is preparing for this
    personally i dont think they will allow a collapse, they might declare permanent martial law default on debt etc but even china is ensnared in this expansionist economy now, however threatening china on the open seas might change that certainly they are in some ways more solvent than we. and as much as i like free markets having your enemies own all the means of production kind of sucks when it comes to a real war


    peter connor Reply:

    War with China is not an option, we would lose badly….unless we go thermonuclear, in which case Mad Max is the best case scenario….


    Michael Reply:

    hey Im not the one telling them this week I intend to rule asia for “decades to come”


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Who enforces Martial Law?

    And China is far away. If they invade then worry. Until then don’t…

    PS – I don’t think we’d lose a war with China.

    Nor do I think war with China, especially all out war is likely.

    And we have ACELA [Cathedral] to deal with…not hypothetical s.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    The doom horizon was when Charles ultimately didn’t abolish Parliament entirely. No parliament, no conflict between democracy and monarchy, no such conflict, no WWI, no WWI, and Massachusetts doesn’t conquer the world. Indeed, no Parliament, and likely Massachusetts’ paranoid truther rebellion doesn’t get traitors on board, or even if they do, the traitors are executed instead of rationally argued with.


    Michael Reply:

    or maybe if he had married the hapsburg chick instaed of the bourbon…
    you remind me of my dad back in the 70s blaming it all on the hippies, by this sort of reckoning the world could never have got to to this point since when Gauis octavious marc antony and marcus lepidus dismissed the senate and founded the patchwork the world was set right.


    Different T Reply:

    Charles, the guy who beheaded after a war about the things in your post?


    Michael Reply:

    yeah i know im irish we have no love for Cromwell
    my point was one just cant blame an event in history and extrapolate, what im wondering is there even a possible culture both sustainable and enjoyable by white men. given HBD finding nice little periods we would like to visit is nice but by definition they didn’t sustain, and im not so sure in light of all we have experienced since we would really enjoy them as much as we pretend.i dont want and dont think i could live under the Chinese system, i dont think its coincidental europeans have tried hundreds of different ways to distribute power or that despite a slightly lower IQ we still rule the jews and chinese. please its also not to say i dont agree a lot with moldbugs critique. you guys want to claim the mantle of the new intellectual architects of the reboot, things is nothings getting accomplished, i dont just mean the squabbles over turf but this whole AI monarchy thing needs to get wrapped up personally i think its stupid AI is decades away and not going to be like the movies and no white mans going to bow down to kings again but Im willing to listen if you all will get it written up so we can move on to something that might be presented to a people who are already shopping for a new government. Theyre ready dudes!
    I think theres a germ in this cameralism thing, ive said for decades if you dont pay taxes you cant vote call it a shareholders vote and your close,, and most of government could be outsourced soon reducing central power between those two and the conditions of a collapse that would send the mexicans south and the women to the kitchen youre close to the sweet spot, but if more is needed -im sure t is then you smart guys need to get your asses in gear enough with bullshit, and in the meantime a practical plan for survival ought to be encouraged not derided, and can we not just stipulate an ethno state is the only viable starting point im fine with guest worker residents
    heres the thing ive asked this on half a dozen blogs its not a trick i really want some ideas but also im curious if there any concrete thought out here so far nothing but snark
    how would a DENRX patriarchy differ from an Islamic or say earlier European model? see what im getting at no ones got anything practical to say on the simplest of questions this is why >140s dont run things. Ive suggested you get organized pick a topic break down the premises as small as possible and work up an answer – snark so whats going to happen is hitler or stalin or mad max.
    in the meantime Im building up a network of rural patches armed and capable of communication post wasteworld. so in case you dont get that constitution or incorporation papers ot the monarchs family tree completed in time, you can find the civilization in northern Idaho


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  • Michael Says:

    thinking a populist revolution is counterproductive and nothing at all can be done seem worlds apart.


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  • peter connor Says:

    @Brett Stevens Brett, I think that is exactly where we are headed, back to the stability of manorial Feudalism, which can function in small chunks…..small is beautiful.


    Michael Reply:

    can you give an example of how this would look. I actually have a manor and acreage power production and armed to the teeth but i really cant see that being replicated to any scale worth commenting on.


    frank-o-phone Reply:

    Connor – If your preferred future takes place, I hope you like back-breaking labour and sucking aristo dick. It’s amazing to me that nrx types, when imagining a feudal future, imagine themselves to come out on top in the new world. Funny that, huh?


    The Index Reply:

    It’s amazing to me that you would re-state a fallacious objection to NRx about 2 years after it was debunked and expect anybody to be impressed.

    Btw I heard your mum likes a bit of backbreaking labour and Dalit dick, LOL.


    blahblahblah Reply:

    I’m not much of a “nrx” type, but, if I were at the very bottom of the pyramid, between being a serf to a king and a rug to be trampled over by a headless horde, I’d pick the former.

    Sit on that for awhile.


    A.B Prosper Reply:

    Guns change a lot of rules . Serfdom when it requires years of training and specialized nutrition to fight is going to be hella different than one where a 13 year old with hookworm and a room temperature IQ can kill with ease from quite a distance away or with some hidden trap made by a slightly smarter and healthier person

    It might be surprising who comes out on top in that case.

    Anyway serfdom wasn’t always bad for the serfs since it came with reciprocal obligations from the nobles and quite often those obligations were backed with violence and/or by the church.

    This wasn’t always the case but countries that didn’t abide by that often ended up in much worse shape. In the end the failure of the aristocracy ended up with a lot of heads cut off in France

    Now I’d rather be free but half a loaf is better than none.

    Also there is always the fight to the end option, we all die, death before slavery that kind of thing

    NrX ought to if anything teach tools against fear but its overly Jewish and overly intellectual and those groups aren’t usually all that good on death before dishonor type bravery.

    Lastly, the doom horizon is if I may say bullshit, Its caused by the fact that people me included are so damned comfortable and complacent

    When that ratchets, people will change and they will start asking the real questions.

    “What do I want for a future?”

    “j How can I get that?”

    “Can other people coexist in my future.”

    And they won’t be so caught in in the maudlin sentimentality for this crepulent republic that they won’t be able to think about just getting something for them

    The Northwest Front which is like 5 smart Neo-Nazi guys and a handful of skinheads is light years ahead of all of NrX and the Right in thinking and that is not good. Neo-nazis should never be the smartest guy in the room

    There core ideas I’m not going to link to or print are simple, logical and comprehensible and if things go to heck they might be able to pull them off.

    I doubt it myself , them being who they are and the Pacific Northwest being pretty damned liberal but conceptually it works.

    All the freaked out people start thinking “OK if I can’t save the Republic how about I get something for my people, land, water, stuff.” and “here is how we govern and rule” and viola you are getting somewhere,

    It won’t be the “proposition nation” but a nice ethno-state where you fit in , a theocracy for whatever religion you belong too or a smaller version of the old stars and stripes, stars and bars whatever is hell of a lot better than Mad Max and better than the doom train,

    After all back in the migration era Rome was stick a fork in it done, Europe in places lawless but Byzantium was just fine, rich, pleasant and all around advanced for its day.


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    Where Pollack goes wrong is thinking that revolution is the only kind of force. Yes, revolution can never be Right. That is not how Rightists fix otherwise insoluble domestic problems, however.


    admin Reply:

    Throwing in the Schwarzschild radius analogy is a top-notch contribution to the Left Singularity discussion.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Agreed. It’s a great post, really, I just disagree that all violence is revolution, therefore all violence is Left.


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  • frank-o-phone Says:

    Yeah, I heard that too. She told me your dad tasted good.


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  • frank-o-phone Says:

    And just because it’s been debunked, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    lol, do you the twatter? Make this gold retweetable


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  • SVErshov Says:

    David Lynch’s Eraserhead – if you don’t like it better go to bed


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  • Michael Says:

    why shut down the engine of the world of course


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Mike [if I may] relax and look at it coldly like it was a job.

    Like I do. Mostly and I regret it when I don’t.

    Collins won because he was cold Mike – Banker cold.

    What was the Intelligence War but weaponized London Banking? Patient accounting followed by write offs of unreliable accounts.

    He worked for the Post Office Bank [retail banking-The Internal Loan] but also BONY London office – now JP Morgan Chase.

    He also studied to become a Customs Officer.

    What was Collins power but logistics? Again banking and studying for the Custom’s exam in London – which he put to good use for smuggling, now didn’t he?

    The Customs House was also the center of British Administrative Control in Ireland – smart people the Brits. Control of the Trade valves.

    Stiff upper lip Michael. We earned it. Steady on old boy. Our people won when a Son of Cork traveled into the Belly of the Beast and learned from the Best.

    Steady on old boy.


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