A persuasive argument for why the Chinese authorities are looking forward to Hillary-v-Jeb in 2016:

The ruling Chinese Communist Party is deeply sensitive to charges that it is non-democratic and the playground of “princelings” — a pejorative term for the class of Chinese business tycoons and political power players who trace their lineages to Communist veterans. Nothing helps to blunt that charge as much as the idea that American democracy is similarly corrupt. “The Chinese media, especially the Party media, has been using American elections as a way to discredit democracy,” says Kecheng Fang, a former reporter for the Southern Weekly in Guangzhou who now researches Chinese media at the University of Pennsylvania. “I think much of Chinese media has been referring to this election as Clinton 2.0 versus Bush 3.0, so it’s a very trendy topic.” As Weihua Chen, chief Washington correspondent for the China Daily, the government’s largest English-language newspaper, put it to me in an interview: “You guys always talk about being the greatest democracy, but now you have a democracy run by two families for more than a decade?”

Scrape down past the popcorn topsoil, and it’s a depressing story. Democratic hegemony is so solidly entrenched as a benchmark of global regime legitimacy, that even China resorts to pointing the finger and taunting: call that a real democracy. The Zeitgeist hasn’t remotely begun to turn, and the world’s most powerful autocracies are still deferring to it submissively, even as they beg for some tolerance in respect to timing.

If NRx has one serious task — and in fact, an overwhelmingly intimidating one — it is to contribute to the establishment of an alternative principle of political legitimation. To imagine that significant steps had yet been taken in this regard would be to court extreme self-delusion. The road ahead is hard.

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  • Dynasty | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    Meanwhile I’ve just been fined for not voting in the last election. 100 dollars. It’s legitimate because they can do it. Barbarianism is the rule, so the principle may have to be established on an exception, which would be like some twisted right-wing reading of the Frankfurt school (Benjamin). Nothing self-deluded survives Malthus. Or more truthfully, only the ‘greatest’ delusions survive.


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  • Tryptophan Says:

    Does the Chinese media and state ever justify itself using mandate of heaven type ideas explicitly or implicitly? Are those ideas taught with Confucianism in Chinese schools?

    I’m wondering if there is any non-democratic basis off which we can build.


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  • the chinese can't be that stupid Says:

    The Chinese understand that the Clinton and Bush families differed very slightly in policy where it counts and relied heavily on the same elite funding sources.

    These funding sources operate much like an aristocracy albeit one based on financial achievement There is a fig leaf of democracy but that is all.

    wonder when #NRX will catch on.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    That’s a very pessimistic slant, admin. Just because they’re pointing out the internal inconsistencies of American demotism doesn’t rhetorically commit them to either the premises or conclusions of demotism. It’s just one line of attack; their scintillating success is another. You don’t actually need to declare that you wear the mandate the of heaven; it is enough simply to have it.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    Holy hell, I wish I could edit my comments on this blog.


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  • Wade McKenzie Says:

    “If NRx has one serious task — and in fact, an overwhelmingly intimidating one — it is to contribute to the establishment of an alternative principle of political legitimation. To imagine that significant steps had yet been taken in this regard would be to court extreme self-delusion. The road ahead is hard.”

    Admin: I think your take on this is spot-on. Ultimately, “democracy” as the principle of political legitimation is something like a deliverance and culmination of modernity. If the early modern period seems different from the later in that respect, that is due entirely to vestiges of medieval philosophy and politics that have since been eclipsed by the “new science” and “new politics” of modern philosophy.

    If an alternative principle of political legitimation is ever to be established–perhaps, “revived” would be more precise–the ground-principle of modern political philosophy, which emanates from Thomas Hobbes, will have to be undone. That ground-principle is the right to self-preservation. So long as any of us are committed to that “right”, we will always remain in the orbit of democratic modernity–or something so like it that, for all intents and purposes, it will be the same thing.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    You’re a communist shill.


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  • Dynasty | Reaction Times Says:

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  • Barnabas Says:

    It appears that the best we might have to build on would be a claim to technical or intellectual meritocracy if the current clericy could be deposed. Does the story of Mao’s mangoes indicate that divine right may be resurrected? https://bloodyshovel.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/explain-this/


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    There’s only one path to political legitimacy and Admin you know what that path is…the road taken for all time. It’ a question of what type of government wins the war and the struggle after the war.

    The current crop of elites in China are descendents of Mao’s what again?

    The current government of the United States traces it’s actual legitimacy from winning the Revolution, winning the Civil War, winning World War II and winning the Cold War.

    What we ended up with in America is actually far closer to the historical mean for English Speaking peoples since their history began to be recorded in the 8th century. It’s been modified over time to at first Jeffersonian Democracy [republic in every state and indeed town/city] which is long the historical mean for England, Western Europe and America then moving logically enough to Centralization – as did Europe under the absolutist Kings. That we have Louis XIV with FDR isn’t surprising at all. That we’re headed towards God knows what and Gnon will choose reckoning by recreating the Ancien Regime on the Potomac isn’t surprising either. That we have worthless paper money is France under Finance Minister John Law…I can go on.

    Admin you seem to still be operating from the view that Humanity needs to advance towards some teleos in governance and rule. No we don’t at all.

    I don’t know why Europe’s history is forgivable and America’s isn’t. We’re simply walking on the same paths man has for all time.

    That same story above is only different in the East because the East from time to time established certain absolute tyrannies in Persia and China that tend to recur. Neither of which in practice as opposed to the reigning philosophies was much more stable than Europe and America’s history.

    Speaking of history how does America and for that matter Europeans move forever away from their historical norms and continue to exist as Americans and Europeans?

    That democracy is the official reigning religion of the day is due to WW2 and the Cold War victories, same as English being the worlds language of business and diplomacy.

    We won, we overreached, our permanent governments became insane tyrants, they will fall.


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  • Panopticon Says:

    What’s the deal with Southern Weekly? I’ve seen them being referenced again and again by the Anglo media when they talk about China. Is it popular/influential in China or is this the liberal echo chamber at work? Do they publish both in Chinese and English?


    spandrell Reply:

    It’s popular as a liberal racket; that’s where aspiring Cathedralites gather.

    Which is why it joined the echo chamber; if you want some prowestern quote from China, you gotta go there. Or maybe Caixin for economy issues.


    Panopticon Reply:

    Are there influential counterparts to media like Southern Weekly in China, quality newspapers/magazines that are independent but lean conservative, pro-China/Party? I already know of Global times and Xinhua but both seem to have a bad reputation and their coverage is shallow.


    spandrell Reply:

    The Americanized media needs to attract elites by putting out high-status sounding content. But the official media is already in power, it has no incentive to actually convince anyone of the legitimacy of the government. And why would anyone listen to them?

    You attract the opposition by telling them that they should be in power, unlike the evil government of today. By saying our government is awesome you’re only making the government happy; and they already know that. In the absence of elections there is no market for pro-government speech.

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  • SVErshov Says:

    they can put all statistical outputs into blockchains, hook it up with some large system dinamics model and obtain new legitimacy via technological means. parts of that system can be open for public to play, real time data, back data testing. Chines people belive in technology and if they will see that goverment do right things, it will certanly give new legitimacy to that government. it can help them to see clearly where they are heading too. 7% growth it is death wish in 10 years max. of course it is too late to implement some real things, but as political propaganda trick it may work.


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  • AugustusPugin Says:

    Not terribly surprising, considering: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Principles_of_the_People#Origins

    >The ideology is said to be heavily influenced by Sun’s experiences in the United States and contains elements of the American progressive movement and the thought championed by Abraham Lincoln.


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  • michael Says:

    I wouldnt be here if i didnt agree MM had some important critiques But
    I really dont think an alternate system has been explained in any detail this would seem the only alternate to overcoming democracy short of war. Monarchy is a non starter and the hope that some economic collapse will lead to the cathedral simply surrendering to DENRX is absurd first that would simply be a crisis wanting exploitation to them,second for a collapse to happen their needs to be economic exit and they have seen to that. There is the possibility of a counter hack but only as long as europeans are running things which may not be much longer.I cant stress how insane the lack of organization is in DENRX the thinking is haphazard nothing gets settled. For instance the Cathedral actually works pretty well its fucking ingenious if the right sort were running it. The swiss system seems to work pretty well from what little I know of it. Mainly I dont think the problem is so much democracy but multiculturalism and HBD.I did used to worry more about socialism but the science shows multiculturalism to be a more existential threat,while not a hater by any means I have become a proponent of an ethno state of some type. But its more than the demographics the socialists have used immigration to get socialism through at least in the united states.I think even in europe the elites have come to accept capitalism works and in time with a white population would come to a more American view still given time i think we would all come to a Viennese view.But minorities never will they may be just smart enough to grasp that they will always loose on an even economic playing field.And someones making sure they have the votes to keep it tilted. In short I think most of the problems we have with the cathedral self resolve in an ethno state.And its a precondition for any further changes. You guys from the left see MM moldbug as revolutionary many of us who have been on the right for a long time are not quite so impressed he clever funny erudite and even novel at times but a lot of his critiques of the left were long known to us.And his solutions like monarchy and cameralism are not worked out and frankly dont appeal to naturally conservative men who tend to see ourselves as autonomous barons of a weak king we chose for his weakness we are not into bowing maybe its an american thing but you might remember its america that has won the survival of the fittest contest. I think tech [but its not my wheelhouse] could find ways to make government obsolete, The way uber airbnb etc are disruptive government functions could be disrupted thereby draining its power the opening is its broke and if it can outsource services it will throw allies under the bus if its thought through strategically it could be tricked into fatal choices on the decision tree it wont realize until too late. At a certain point it can be seen as serving no useful purpose to quite a significant part of the citizens if essential services are outsourced.This is just one Idea my point is we havnt actually sat down and figured out is it actually democracy or has democracy simply been pwn by some clever jews lol or socialist or SJWs was it deliberate or a fluke can it be counter hacked. The arguent that its demotic is way too vague compared to the successes of the US and the alternatives non existent.
    If these things were hammered out a dark Illuminati could get to work the Cathedral is defeatable and pwnable


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    America was an ethnostate. Then it lost its implicit ethnic identity, along with most other qualities you might expect from good government. So, we have proof positive that being an ethnostate is not a sufficient condition for sustained good government. (Any system that cannot sustain itself is chaotic).

    At a minimum, to propound a theory of ethnonationalism that is convincing to a Moldbuggian, you would need to explain how America lost its white ethnic identity the first time and how your hack will prevent that from happening the next time. It will also be helpful to have a theory about how – this time – your democratic government will protect itself from hijack by clever jews and Marxists of all stripes. To me, it still seems that democracy is the theory that those who are best at PR should be sovereign.

    (By the way Michael, it took me a long time to start reading your posts. Now I really appreciate them, but the lack of paragraphs, intro sentences, transitions, etc, makes it hard to digest. It would be kind of you to take a few more minutes to organize your thoughts, just for the benefit of your reader. You might also find that taking the extra time to organize your thoughts will clarify them for you as well.).


    michael Reply:

    My apologies about my english Im fairly smart but dropped out of school very young so while I read a lot I write not at all and type with two fingers. But since you were so polite I will resolve to try harder.
    I agree with what you say about my burden of proof, thats what I meant that Moldbug has some important critiques,I wouldnt even deny that democracy is demotic and susceptible. But if im designing something that i have no apparent replacement for and I find a problem I dont throw it out in tech I think you call it a patch. The record of democracy compares well with monarchy. I would think the futurist crowd would get that. Democracy is lot more like evolution and capitalism the early united states were in fact a patchwork with a rather intriguing central defense and currency. Of course Lincoln. And sure before that too.And certainly I get the US constitution reads pretty ironclad yet.But we could say well monarchy has to prove it wont be hacked by clever jews and rainbow striped marxists because they all were even our faves. Its not that Im a big fan of democracy I rather enjoy saying I dont believe in democracy.But I come to DENRX after a long long search to fix the godamn thing.So I favor realistic possibilities. I would say America was not an ethno state it had a significant african population which is an excellent candidate for its Achilles heel. I like jews I grew up in NYC but they make a good argument for an alternate argument of what went wrong. Could socialism and cultural marxism have taken hold without those two groups is not the still significant resistance in the US not evidence those groups are the tipping point. If we were to not have expanded the right to vote how would things differ long before I was in the DENRX i liked to scandalize my liberal friends by declaring that only net tax payer should be allowed a vote.Ah but we did expand it you would say, but would those voters do it knowing what we know today would there even be liberalism if liberals then could see the progression? So is it a matter of controlling information more than democracy per se.Today’s problems have little to do with what people are voting for its elites ignoring voters,not voters being stupid. This is what makes the Cathedral so powerful that it can manage people so well.Yeah this is PR sovereignty, and while I have repeatedly pointed out that the DENRX seem not so different from the Cathedral but rather piqued they are not running it,it is after all an elite managing proles with utter contempt,and as moldbug kept pointing out its highly adaptive.So the problem is really how to take it over and soon before its too late. Frankly I think they know they are in trouble and would welcome an out if there were a way to save face save their perks and seem not to trash their cherished beliefs all at once.A tall order but its got to be easier than starting over. In other words If the Cathedral has proven anything its democracy is irrelevant command of academia media religion education etc is what counts if you have that and give the proles flat screens youre good to go the elites require a religion but any will due currently have been imprinted on one thats suicidal flies in the face of almost every biological imperative and yet they notice not a wit. I don’t think honestly they give a shit about its tenets which is why they are so comfortable with doublethink.And I think the Nazis were so successful because they figured this out its why they are still so mesmerizing its why these little DENRX fanboys like monarchy it seems religious. Its why admin like the techno future shit its his religion he transcends this mundane world so beneath his cognitive ability and he may have a point that it would be a good substitute for christianity. Christianity is I think a really bad fit with DENRX .And I say this as a lapsed Catholic with fond memories of gothic Cathedrals and tridentine masses in latin.Thing is its a godamn blueprint for communism and its always been the entry point for progressivism and would be my third candidate for what went wrong. Its not that I dont get religion is a civilizing force that Christians are natural allies for conservatives etc but look at the dynamic they have with the GOP they hamstring them. Of course a solution would need to be found probably but to make them the third leg of DENRX seems counter productive because its not only the brothers keepers angle thats exploited but also the its irrational angle thats exploited and if DENRX isnt founded on rational HBD then I have gravely misunderstood. You cant have a philosophy based on evolution and its economic emanation and then be like oh yeah BTW gods a triune being that denies the ultimate reality of the physical universe you need a more dance of the wu li particle physics mysticism with no irksome foundational scripture so subject to whatever we say it means.All right I get this is heretical to the Cromwell theory And believe me this irishman has no love of that bastard lol, but im not saying its all wrong its just not fatal its simply a great European invention thats a bit out of phase maybe the jews and protestants have meddled with it maybe it just needs an occasional adjustment< If theres a powerful cabal of jews and skull and bones My guess is they are thinking they might have miscalculated anyway and would welcome an out if not I think we could take them if we knew what we wanted to do. But we need to be more methodical ,and I think this hopelessness zeitgeist is preventing that. Waiting for collapse is waiting for Godot,In the meantime they are elcting a new people.


    michael Reply:

    In case I was not clear Im not saying democracy is the answer its just not the problem, the problem is the cathedral brilliantly uses democracy as a cover to prevent coupes but is currently wasting its talents and should be pwnd not replaced.

    Shenpen Reply:

    When was America an ethnostate? When New Amsterdam spoke Dutch and Fllorida Spanish and the Amish spoke German, they still do actually?

    Look, ethniciity is not race. Language is actually closer to the idea of ethnicity.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Ok, fair enough. But you know what I meant. There’s no word that means “racial state”. (“Nationstate” should mean racial state, but it doesn’t anymore).

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  • Ossipago Says:

    Mencius nailed this one. The principle of legitimacy is customer service. A more inspiring name for it might be useful. But the concept is so sound as to be inescapable, no matter how you characterize your regime.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    Ah but we did expand it you would say

    Ahh, but the American voter did expand it! Yes I would say that.

    Having a partial franchise is always going to be an unstable situation, because there will always be some marginal faction whose Realpolitik optimal play is to expand the franchise in order to capture a larger share of the vote. The franchise can only ratchet wider. In time it will always expand to everyone.

    would those voters do it knowing what we know today would there even be liberalism if liberals then could see the progression

    Appeals to “true” history will never avail you nor your NRx democratic leader, nor will correct predictions of future consequences – just ask Pat Buchanan. The masses will be given to understand whatever the elites require them to understand, in whatever way they are required to understand it.

    [It is] a matter of controlling information more than democracy

    Democracy sets up a situation in which the ones who control information flow are sovereign. (Sovereign PR).

    If the Cathedral has proven anything its democracy is irrelevant command of academia media religion education etc is what counts if you have that and give the proles flat screens youre good to go

    Thinking about this. Do we just need another long march through the institutions?


    The International Community Reply:

    Long march through the institutions? Not unless the Cathedral isn’t cybernetically incapable of providing good governance.


    Xoth Reply:

    Let’s consider the practical branch of NRx for a moment. If only at the very sketchiest level.

    It seems more ecofriendly (aka practical) to repurpose the existing institutions into NRx rather than rebuilding from scratch. It might thus be an interesting exercise to construct the diff from what we already have, in order to see what needs to be done. Presumably, we would begin by adding a semi-permanent board on top of all the business units rather than the current circus. At the other end, explicit ownership (shareholdership? or perhaps something else) needs to be introduced to make this relationship clear rather than the convenient diffuseness of today.

    Next, how to get there. One might for example expect that the cozy bureaucratic leg of the Cathedral would resent this, since it today has power without real responsibility to the shareholders. A series of transformations to introduce such responsibility could be part of the long NRx march.

    Note, or recall, that the motivation for the activities above is, somewhat surprisingly, to improve the lot of the ruled compared to the current democracy. Those of a theoretical bent could also use this to clarify the advantages of NRx philosophically as compared to democracy, e.g., formal ownership rather than citizenship (all liabilities with minimal upside).


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    Re: Tinkering with democracy.

    What if voting cost money?

    To more precise, let me propose a game. Suppose it costs $1000 to cast a vote for the next mayor, $1000 to vote for a senator. $5000 to vote for the next president.

    Each person can cast at most one vote, but must buy a ballot stamp in order to cast it. Ballot stamps can be anonymously redeemed for their par value inside of the ballot box; no one knows whether you cast a vote or redeemed the stamp for cash. (So rich orgs can buy stamps and distribute them to voting blocs, but the individual voters make the choice of whether they’d rather cast or redeem for cash).

    Further suppose that the winner of the election has the power to change the price of a vote to any value.

    Under those conditions, what is the Nash equilibrium price of a vote?

    If you think the equilibrium price of my game is very high or very low, can you think of further conditions that would cause the equilibrium price to be somewhere between $1000 and $100,000 in 2015 dollars?

    I thought of this game in the shower. One of the biggest problems with franchise as I see it is that it is a ratchet. It is much easier to expand the franchise than to lose it. Making votes cost money makes it equally easy to gain and lose the franchise and has the further benefit of market discovery.


    michael Reply:

    Youve been busy while I think practically there would be all sorts of predictable objections it has the advantage of forcing one to put THEIR money where their mouth is.But I think its more extreme than need be.I think presenting votes as taxpayer deciding how best to spend the money is intuitive and unobjectionable as is its inverse that those taking charity from tax dollars have a conflict of interest and no skin in the game. This scheme also encourages work. Elites are astounded working classes vote against their pockets but I dont think they do What I think is they have a more realistic idea of money and justice than the wealthy and do not have an internalized unlimited credit world view. I think a balanced budget law would make even socialists fiscal conservatives. Again a intuitive case can be made that while it is one thing to disagree over how best to spend wealth even to redistribute it among citizens it is quite immoral to redistribute the wealth of those not born.Not only is this patently unsustainable but is not even simply taxation without representation its outright thievery,it also reinforces the net taxpayer only votes meme.I realize this sounds kind of mundane and NRO circa1986 but even given todays population demographic constraints and SJW mindset how much could they actually accomplish without the trillions in fiat and the 45% of voters who are useless mouths. Its a self punishing system a free education for an illegal alien is literally some citizens pension contribution. I think we vastly underestimate the effect of the money being completely unreal and infinite has on the spending habits. if money is free most people say spend it, if its actually theirs whole other story.

    The franchise can only ratchet wider
    ah yes the slippery ratchet ,Ill admit ive read DENRX about as carefully as I type so maybe Im not always as clear as I should be,But am I correct that this theory can be broken into two parts one is not even moldbuggian really just the simple reality that its always easier to take things one step at a time physically and pysychologically. If theres not more to this aspect of it is really a tactic not a condition and then it ought to work as well in reverse.The other component is leftism is a oneupmanship HBD staus signaling that we expect to eventually devour itself. This seems like it ought to be broken down further humans are status oriented no doubt but do all human status marker tend toward infinity regardless of consequences,I think this needs more thought im inclined to say the status signalling can also work in reverse or in the service of efficiency.
    Besides I though we already established voting is a ruse.

    Thinking about this. Do we just need another long march through the institutions?

    Does seem tedious but again I say the alternative is orders of magnitude harder and less assured, on the bright side assuming the same tactics it took them the last 50 years to cause 90% of the problems and they left a map.But what if we cheated tech seems like its made for cheating I bet the NSA has no idea what they are sitting on,but if we are not quick they will figure it out.Look what tiny Israel can do. The cathedral has made some powerful enemies and as I said I think they are realizing they have boxed themselves in.
    My first point though is always they are not going to collapse in any way thats exploitable militarily not that I think they are unbeatable from that angle just a 1.2 quadrillion credit default swap implosion wont make the job easier probably harder because they will have political cover to go martial law. And DENRX has no detailed platform as far as I can tell not even a vague one Ive asked a dozen times on many blogs ,How would or would not DENRX patriarchy differ from euopean patriarchy 19th century or islamic patriarchy never got one comment, but its fundamental. We agree feminism has been destructive of the old order, but we don’t even know if we care about old orders or not.There is a distinct possibility the long anticipated collapse might happen literally any day, Im not making that prediction but if i were a black swan this is the age I would want to be reincarnated into.And while military takeover might be less plausible certainly an opportunity to be heard is likely but we have nothing to say but i want to be king. I realize Im probably not intellectual enough for you guys and too practically oriented Im not trying to denigrate your thinking but rather steer you to more practical applications,honestly I think theres good reason >145s are not running the world LOL


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  • Shenpen Says:

    Alternative principle? Sortitioning. Randomly choose 12 citizens into a presidential council. You can sell it as the ultimate act of egalitarianism and fairness while it upsets the power of the Cathedral elites.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    The only problem with that idea is that it is the ultimate act of egalitarianism.


    Shenpen Reply:

    True, but even egalitarianism is an improvement over evil. As in, I’d rather pop in to a random neighbor and eat the food they cooked than to eat food cooked by a known poisoner…

    Besides, the actually good way to do it would be to sortition not actually the executive or the legislative, but a vetoing body.

    Basically if Moldbug is right and customer service is key and basically what customers do is to accept or refuse service, then keep politics as it is, select 12 customers by lottery and give them veto power. They cannot propose anything, but they can refuse anything.

    This is fairly elegant? It is the same idea how corporations test products. Part of the reason you may see a new kind of cheese in the shops is that I, who don’t know anything about cheese but was asked to participate in a tasting, said that I liked it. And another dunno, 100, 500, 1000 similar non-experts did.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    I’d rather be governed by a bunch of elite, effete technocrats who truly believe in racial and gender egalitarianism than by a bunch of wooden-headed, plaid-shirt-wearing, tobacky chewing salt of the earth types. And that’s not even worst case. Your idea could plausibly put twelve “dindu nuffin” ghetto youfs into the veto council.

    It’s nauseating to consider, actually. Although, from a safe distance, it could be bountiful source of popcorn, for the endarkened connoisseur.

    michael Reply:

    I’d rather be governed by a bunch of elite, effete technocrats who truly believe in racial and gender egalitarianism than by a bunch of wooden-headed, plaid-shirt-wearing, tobacky chewing salt of the earth types

    really ? Not me and I know both groups really really well I grew up upper middle class NYC successful educated artist father European mother, But have spent over twenty years half a year in the mountains of northern Idaho First Id point out you are jumping to a conclusion about their IQ and Ill bet just about everything you think you know about the type you’d be surprised by the reality I was.But if youre sure then just vote democrat cause thats what we have. But Ill give you a quckie about how government functions there. Those guys wives run the government and when i have to renew my truck reg i just send a check for approximately the amount to motor vehicles in sandpoint Id no address. I did this the first time because i was rushed and lost the letter I got back my registration with bills and silver change and a swet note apologizing for the tape on the coins. I was so impressed Ive repeated it every year for ten years with the same results except they know its me and chide me. I could write for days about how impressed I am with these people.


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  • nydwracu Says:

    If NRx has one serious task — and in fact, an overwhelmingly intimidating one — it is to contribute to the establishment of an alternative principle of political legitimation. To imagine that significant steps had yet been taken in this regard would be to court extreme self-delusion. The road ahead is hard.

    Ctrl+F ‘mice’, no results. Are we going to forget that Deng Xiaoping already established that alternative principle?

    “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice” stands in opposition to “the socialist train that comes in with a delay is better than the capitalist one that comes on time”. For “socialist” and “capitalist”, read “democratic” and “authoritarian”.

    If this can’t catch on, it’s because it doesn’t have the charisma of the revolutionary myth. We need more poets.


    admin Reply:

    The Deng Xiaoping reference can be read exactly the other way around. He did everything except establish an alternative principle of legitimacy. Mao’s portrait still overlooks Tiananmen, and gets stamped onto every banknote. Pragmatism isn’t enough.


    Chris B Reply:

    PRC – the countries name betrays it pwnedness. There are three paths as far as I see. 1)mandate of heaven/competency. 2) formal ownership. 3) (bad option) weaponise sub Central Power centres to keep Central Power weak and constrained. This may work for time (medeival England feudal system) but is demonstrated to be very fragile. Unfortunatly 3 seems the most acceptable to everyones sensibilities.


    Dale Rooster Reply:

    The charisma of the revolutionary myth is not going to dissipate into the thin, suffocating air of egalitarian dreams realized by shooting millions of counter-revolutionaries in the head to consummate the marriage between heaven and earth. It never will. Likewise, the revolutionary appeal of MM and the DE manifests itself through their subversive nature. Note that a revolutionary movement, community or aesthetic need not be egalitarian or democratic or progressive. The Alternative Principle will probably never appeal to any one mass of people outside of those who already see the logic of it, but so what? There’s no reason it should these days. MM or Deng Xiaping might illustrate in different ways why the AP is not only a sensible alternative to Democracy, but a necessary one. However, the proper reaction to that probability of a world unmoved by the AP is a shrug of indifference, it seems to me, at least at this point. Instead, “capturing public opinion and turning it against Washcorp itself” should be the focus. And since Washcorp is synonymous with Democracy!, the AP might actually become “fashionable” to those who sit on the wrong side of history. So I agree with Nydwracu—we need more poets. The restoration isn’t a revolution, but that doesn’t mean its not revolutionary in spirit.


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  • Edwin Chalmers Says:

    What is “an alternative principle of political legitimation”? You mean an alternative foundation of unquestioned assumptions that serves as the basis for governance? Surely, all principles of political legitimation are, at bedrock, unconsciously formulated and not consciously calculated. In any case, what do you see your alternative principle being?


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  • This Week in Reaction (2015/07/26) | The Reactivity Place Says:

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