If you doubted at all whether Hieronymus Bosch was a true prophet, recent neo-puritan liturgical innovations should put the question to rest:

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In an early scene, a green-haired woman lies face down. She is naked, save a cloth covering her genitals. Five members of FFF, two women and three men, are hunched over her, applying lotion to every inch of her exposed flesh. Later, the group’s cofounder, Tommy, propositions a random Canadian woman. And before you can say “Fuck for Forest,” the “environmentalist” is taking her from behind as two topless women film him. A bald, elderly man looks on, masturbating in the background. And in another scene, a bald, bespectacled, obese man, clad in a black corset, orange tutu, and cravat, furiously pleasures himself on camera. He is, the narrator says, one of the most renowned opera singers in Germany.

Graceful decline doesn’t really seem to be on the cards at this point.

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