End of the Ratchet?

Richard Fernandez makes a basic, but essential point:

Mention repealing Obamacare and you are told it is impossible; even John Boehner said, it’s the ‘law of the land’. Brown vs Board is the law of the land, Roe vs Wade is the law of the land, but Hobby Lobby or Citizens United is an abomination to be repealed or ignored soonest. It’s like a ratchet. It moves only in the way of the approved narrative.

This is the same insight identified by this blog as The Idea of Neoreaction, which is to say: recognition of a degenerative ratchet as the central mechanism of ‘progress’ (to the Left). Fernandez draws explicit attention to its constitutive asymmetry. Partisan polarity is revealed as a one-way conveyor, alternating between ‘stop’ and ‘go left’. Two-party democratic politics is structurally-established as an inevitable loser’s game for the Right. Once this is seen, how is the thought of ‘conservative activism’ in any way sustainable, except as a transparently futile joke? Hasn’t the line already been crossed to the dark side?

Fernandez is still hedging:

… the real news is this: it’s not working any more. Even Obamacare might actually be repealed. Liberal foreign policy might really go down in flames. Already the authorities are warning of bombs on inbound airline flights. And Obama might actually be the worst president since World War 2. Things used to be under control; what happened? […] History suggests that over time all conflict becomes symmetrical.  Eventually both sides become equally brutal. […] If there is any lesson taught by history it is that man when driven far enough is the most dangerous and merciless life form on the planet.

It’s not at all clear to me what’s really being said here. Is this an anticipation of counter-revolution? Or is it merely the tired claim that the next election could really make a difference

Even in the most depressing case, something is being seen that would very much rather not be seen. If acute conservative opinion is tiring of its role as the Cathedral’s loyal opposition, it indicates that the mechanism is beginning to break down.

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  • Chris B Says:

    I’ve been thinking along the same lines in relation to UK politics. The rise of UKIP could really be seen as a symptom of the breakdown in the ratchet caused by Cameron not playing the conservative role of stopping for breath. Instead, he went full blown leftist. Is he a genius doing this on purpose? or a complete idiot.
    I will go with idiot.
    Either way, the ratchet is broken.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    One of the consequences of the truth of anti-blank-slatism is that people can be pushed only so far. There’s both hard limits and delta limits. Certain things can’t be changed, and they can only change so fast. Voters are already deep into lip-service territory over gays and race, but the progressives can’t declare victory, instead they’re accelerating. It can’t be too much longer before we start finding things that nobody left of 125IQ can even pretend to agree with.


    Michael Reply:

    unfortunately living through NYC in the early 90s Id have to disagree there seems to be no limit if done incrementally. and white lefties are almost uniformly high IQ and believe the most absurd things imaginable.
    Im not even sure its democracy that’s the problem what we seem to have learned since ww2 is if you own the media and academia and civil service you can pretty much make people believe and do anything.so can they be retaken maybe the media is susceptible to market forces. the civil service is only interested in job security and academia will fold like a cheap suit as soon as some thugs occupy the faculty lounge. another approach is to make them irrelevant, so again media is susceptible to market forces and may collapse under new medias assaults.If government debt flushes civil servants into the real world be ready to occupy the universities.
    the problem wit democracy might recur but i cant think how that wont happen under the restoration as well, the left has solved this for now with the permanent revolution but its such a bore to those of us of a certain age but to younger people its groundhog day


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  • Scharlach Says:

    Eventually both sides become equally brutal. […] If there is any lesson taught by history it is that man when driven far enough is the most dangerous and merciless life form on the planet.

    I think this point is somewhat separate from the one about the ever-leftward ratchet.

    Here, he’s arguing (rightly) that anti-Western, anti-racist, anti-etc. rhetoric works under the assumption that only one side has a right to be angry. We can let the Mexicans wave their Mexican flags on American soil and write articles about the evil Gringos stealing their land, because the Gringos won’t actually push back and do anything about it. We can teach Somali Muslim immigrants in Minnesota about their oppressed phenotypes because the Privileged Whites won’t object. The assumption is that the Gringos will always act like gentlemen, however jingoistic the rhetoric of the Other, however barbaric their acts, however deep their hatred or dislike.

    This breaks down when the Gringos—a critical mass of them, anyway—get sick of the self-flagellation and start waving their own flags and pushing back with their own jingoistic rhetoric and barbaric acts.

    In short, political correctness backfires when the side that is supposed to lie down and take it decides not to take it anymore.

    Look at what happened in Southern California the other day: several hundred people literally blocked a bus-full of illegal immigrants from entering their city. They were sick of having the open borders narrative not only pushed on them but, in So Cal, quite literally brought to life around them. The next step is when someone gets sick of reading more Salon and Atlantic anti-white, pro-open borders pieces and decides to stop the next immigrant bus and actually pull out the immigrants and shoot them all.

    The ratchet leftward produces pressure. The last 100 years, those pressures have been neutralized into a “loyal opposition” as you say. I think Belmont Club is hinting that the pressures may soon become too powerful to neutralize.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    “The next step is when someone gets sick of reading more Salon and Atlantic anti-white, pro-open borders pieces and decides to stop the next immigrant bus and actually pull out the immigrants and shoot them all. ”

    Yeah, that will be really productive, disorganized proles running around killing each other, doesn’t the possibility of a black hole unsettle you? Right wing populism is fun to think about but after people pick up the pieces it’s ultimately counter productive. We’re still a ways away from rock bottom and we need the left to pile drive this thing into the ground. What, you expect the tea party to ride in on a white horse, repeal obama care, whoop de doo, now the left can push for single payer like they always wanted anyway. UKIP is going to turn chavs into ubermensch?

    Proles hate immigration, they always have, anti immigration is basic populism, like bread and circuses. If you think this wave will also undo bread and circuses I’ve got a bridge to sell you. There is no hope for recovery, there is no easy solution, we play the long game. Don’t be Lot’s wife and look back. We prepare the next civilization, this one is done. The Byzantines had a good run after Rome fell.


    Mike in Boston Reply:

    Agreed. Note, however, that the Byzantines never called themselves anything other than Romans and their emperor the emperor of the Romans. Even after the Ottomans took the place over, the remaining Greek-speakers were called the Rum Millet, or Roman Nation. Food for thought.


    peppermint Reply:

    Oh yeah, that will work. It’ll be just like in The Turner Diaries.

    What exactly do you hope to accomplish by shooting a rabble of mindless wetbacks? They’ll be replaced by twice as many in an instant, and the jewsmedia will have cute pictures to show while talking about racism with a frowny face. It’ll be like in the prequel Hunter:

    Then there was five seconds with the distraught parents of one of the women who had been shot. Adelaide shook her head in sympathy and murmured, “How terrible!”

    “If she was with that Jones creature, she deserved to be shot,” Oscar responded.

    “Oh, Oscar! How can you say that? That’s awful.”

    Really, the only response that this comment needs is at the end of Hunter during the philosophical discussion between the main characters

    “You’re dreaming again, Yeager. You have an idealized image of the White man in your head. It’s an image of what you think the White man ought to be, not what he really is, not what he actually has become. You imagine that when the Blacks rise up and start their wholesale burning and looting and raping and killing, hundreds of thousands of these heroic White men which exist in your mind will materialize, along with their heroic women, and you’ll organize them into a disciplined force for mopping up the Jews, the queers, the feminists, the nigger-loving liberals, the politicians and the other race traitors, the nut-case Christians, the spies, the gooks, the towel-heads, and what’s left of the Blacks after I’ve crushed their rebellion. But it won’t happen, Yeager. It’s only a dream.

    “Just because you and I have the balls and the inclination to join such a fight doesn’t mean that anyone else does. We’re unique. There aren’t any others like us left in this degenerate age. You’d end up with a few hundred White volunteers, and you’d find those impossible to discipline. The rest would be sitting at home waiting for their television sets to come back on and tell them what to think, running with the niggers and joining the looting and raping, or praying for Jesus to save them. Understand?

    “What you have in mind won’t work. The White people are too far gone. They don’t understand discipline, sacrifice, pulling together for a common goal. They’re too weak, too timid, too spoiled, too selfish, too undisciplined. Hitler’s SS legions were the last White force on earth which had a chance of doing what you want to do, and there just weren’t enough of them to pull it off. The rabble smothered them with sheer numbers. And the rabble would smother you a thousand times faster. Do you think my Agency is the only armed force in this country? The Army would be called out against you, and it would smother you, no matter how much higher your racial quality or how much better your discipline.”

    Andrew MacDonald then kills off the character that says that, because he’s a moron who thinks it’s cool to depict degenerate condomistic sex as well as murder and mayhem.

    There is exactly one way forward – we must change the assumptions of our future leaders, convince them that ruling a functioning civilization is better than ruling Brazil.


    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    Is ruling Brazil really that bad from the point of view of the rulers? Downward mobility is a bitch.

    If the rulers regress towards a mean IQ two standard deviations above that of the ruled they won’t have to worry about downward mobility very as much.

    And status is relative. Being on top will still be pretty great for status motivated types, even if the overall conditions decline significantly.


    peppermint Reply:

    Ruling democratic Brazil is a good deal as long as the lights stay on and there are shiny new iPhones every few years. That requires other things that require other things, and eventually you realize that democracy must die so civilization can live.

    Don’t think the people in control of the government are thinking about their futures by importing diversities, except in the narrow sense of who’s going to vote for them in ten years.

    vxxc2014 Reply:


    “There is exactly one way forward – we must change the assumptions of our future leaders, convince them that ruling a functioning civilization”

    Nonsense. There’s many ways forward. And more still to keep moving at all.

    Which is ruled out with the future leaders if they come – and they will – from the current leaders unless something changes.

    Now if one doesn’t want to face hard truths and their implications, then one can kick the can down the road as far as one’s own choices. Not to choose for instance.

    BTW neither the favelastanis or the future leaders have a problem with Brazil, each gets exactly what they want in that case.

    The middle class stands there knowing the ruin as they pay for it and try to manage above it but are leaderless.

    No more Future anything, we live Now. We do or do not Now.


    JPOutlook Reply:

    Thumbs up to “Peppermint”. Thumbs down to “V.X.X.C.”

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  • scientism Says:

    Leftist economic policy shows reversals – Thatcherism, Reaganism, the Nordics, etc – usually when it runs up against reality (budget crises, destroying their industrial base, global competition, etc). Things usually start heading Left again soon afterwards though; the Cathedral is willing to accept such a reversal, or even a change of strategy, in order to survive and continue its work. But with social policy I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reversal. You can’t undo lowered standards.

    It looks like Fernandez is talking about people no longer being willing to go along with the Cathedral’s narrative. This appears to be the case. The Cathderal has yet to master the internet and people are venting their frustration and discovering that they’re not alone. Now even an idiot can see that the mainstream media is always on message. But even if people have had enough, it doesn’t imply they can organise or they have the initiative to do anything. Look at the US, where conservatives have just taken to maintaining perpetual deadlock. That’s probably what this will look like. People are no longer willing to play their part but, simultaneously, people are no longer capable of mounting any kind of meaningful resistance. The danger is that the small acts people do achieve will create the perfect pretext for a crackdown.


    R7 Rocket Reply:

    Crackdowns cost money.


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  • tryptophan Says:

    There is no hope #officialneoreactionaryposition


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    It’s irritating to be correct and foresee it before others, indeed before it’s happened.

    Truly thought is more pain than use.

    No projection of consequences seems to stop narrow and immediate self-interest. Even to doom the love of position, power, money and status NOW seems to trump every consideration other than immediate threats to survival – when it’s too late.


    JPOutlook Reply:

    Mr. Land is just running his blog. No need to get worked up over it. 😉


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    The people seem to be taking their fate into their hands, we’ll see where it leads. They have the right of self defense like every creature on this earth.

    And I don’t think they’ll check with their intellectual betters first.

    The women leading continues, the SoCal stop the bus was organized by a nurse who had worked with immigrants and was concerned about disease.

    Some people here must live in a different united states. I’ll bet there’s more than 40 million meso americans afoot, I’m in NJ.

    As to massacres/crackdowns hmm. I don’t know about the former and the latter would be problematic. You can crack down on a few knuckleheads not legions. Esp when the head crackers are from the people’s own thede.

    The nurse who flash mobbed the residents out to defend their town had help from “former border patrol agents” which means current border patrol agents [that’s how things work].

    It’s completely safe to say Obama has lost the Border Patrol, Fast and Furious killed a young agent a couple of years ago and he’s been a martyr since. It would be like partying with the Saudis after 9/11 wouldn’t go down well with NYFF/NYPD etc…oh…wait.


    R7 Rocket Reply:

    I agree.

    When I saw the map detailing the structure of Pax Americana on this blog, the security forces were missing. It’s foolish to leave them out.


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