Arguments that indiscriminate immigration is socially beneficial are too widespread to pick upon in detail — spend any time over at The Economist or, for the full-throttle ‘altruistic’ version, Bryan Caplan’s place, to be inundated in them. It’s hard to see how a lack of selectivity could ever be advantageous from the perspective of the demographic recipient, but the whole discussion evades a far more toxic problem. If a case for the mass implantation of unscreened foreign populations is couched in the language of self-interest — however misguidedly — it can, at least potentially, be engaged rather than merely diagnosed. (This blog has no problem with immigration in general whatsoever.)

Far more disturbing to any surviving assumptions about sane social policy decisions is the very different argument (exemplified by the Cathedral-crazed second questioner in this clip (via)) that immigration is a punishment to be embraced, in a form of religiously-intoxicated, collective self-flagellation, to scourge the sin-blackened Occident, unendingly, for its ineliminable historical crimes. This is ethnomasochism in its purest instantiation, and argument is wholly irrelevant against it. Such moral-religious convulsants do not want ‘good’ (productive, orderly, talented, aspirational) immigration. They want the lash. No ‘racist’ profile of potential immigrant groups can be vicious enough to elicit aversion, on the contrary — the more harm that is promised by the incomers, the more sobbing gratitude accompanies the invitation. Immigration is meant to be torture, so what use are brainy, well-behaved entrepreneurs? The ideal immigrant in this vision of infinitized moral purgation is not a social asset, but a wretched, dysfunctional parasite, or better still an arrogant, contemptuous aggressor. ‘Model minorities’ are erased from the picture entirely, because they do not exact the suffering that is so ardently desired. (“You can wander through Chinatown late at night without being robbed, beaten, or raped — what’s the possible spiritual value in that?”) To repeat the essential, and hideously consequential point: Immigration is supposed to punish us.

This is the terminal pathology of Western Civilization, in its ‘highest’ state of expression. There is not much that can be said to be fortunate about it, except that it cannot be indefinitely prolonged.

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  • Michael Anissimov Says:

    I approve this message.


    Rasputin Reply:

    Our leader has spoken.


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    […] Over at Outside In. […]

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  • Orthodox Says:

    The Native Americans did far worse to each other than the settlers did to Native Americas. By this logic, Native Americans got what was coming to them.

    Continuing into the future, the United States and England are creating the justification for total world domination. Look what your people did to us! We must punish you, it is justice.

    The U.S. has enough justification for war against Mexico at this point. There are dozens of potential “false flags” every month that a good yellow journalist could spin into war fever.


    peter connor Reply:

    Too late, the US military and the US in general are full of hispanics…..


    The International Community Reply:

    The US was full of Germans at the start of the 20th century. German-speaking Germans.


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  • Erebus Says:

    The popular social position with respect to immigration — which is based on a pathetically poor understanding of history (or a deliberately twisted version of history) — has people believing, wholeheartedly, that they need to abase themselves and make penance for the “sins” of their forefathers. Nothing could be more repugnant and wormlike.

    The UK is actually among the worst in this regard. Immigration is simply not a topic which can be discussed in polite society. It’s bad in Europe, the USA, and Canada… but not quite as bad.

    Aside: One looks at things like this and has to laugh…


    admin Reply:

    Auto-directed *facepalm* for not using the word ‘penance’ in the post.

    That link! “On one hand, I was introducing Jessie to all this radical race shit …” — so he gets that right.


    Ruco Reply:

    The author of that article is like too many people I know, some I still sadly call friends but they can throw one dope party. They’re quite fond that term, it’s all quite fresh isn’t it? What I observe on the day-to-day is that these kids (25-35) are simply incapable of seeing things any differently from the leftist status quo. They cannot acknowledge or recognize an active entity such a Cathedral structure because there’s no question to it’s existence, they’re entirely wrapped up in it and know no different. Short of severe re-education and/or death they’re entirely hopeless but still pose a danger in their absolute ignorance. At times I feel like I’m conversing, if you can call it that, with an automaton, Cathedral AI.


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  • The Reactionary Tree (@ReactionaryTree) Says:

    Well said. Immigration is not being promoted as a means to merely fuel markets but instead to punish Europeans (and Americans) for their “crimes” against the world and humanity.


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  • michael Says:

    So its settled DENRX is ethnonationalist! I move for a vote, uh show of swords on guest worker and alien residency laws for jews.


    admin Reply:

    Seems like a peculiar reading to me.


    michael Reply:

    the rule is jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never jam today.


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  • Ethnomasochism | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    Never is suicide more tragic (or indeed rare) than when it is done for a misguided justice. White guilt is a better tool for cultural eradication than any gas chamber ever devised.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    Ok. This is where I plug Bruckner’s book on Western Masochism again!


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Mark, I disagree with the guilt and masochism diagnosis. I think Scott Alexander nailed it in “I can tolerate anything except the outgroup”.

    When a Blue tribe preacher goes on about how naughty “America” is, he’s not genuinely criticizing the Blue tribe, he’s only refering to the “America” of the Red tribe. If you listen to one of these sermons carefully, you’ll realize that the only thing bad he’s saying about the Blue tribe is that they aren’t Blue enough: they haven’t fought hard enough against the Red tribe. It is us that they loathe, not themselves. It sounds like self-criticism, but it’s fake.


    Barnabas Reply:

    I’m sympathetic to the Alexander theory (even better, the King Diarmait strategy ) but wouldn’t you think that they’d dial it back after winning the culture war? The lack of an exit strategy would seem to indicate suicidal impulse over homicidal impulse.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Thanks for that link!

    Mark Warburton Reply:

    I’ll have a read!


    admin Reply:

    I’m not convinced that Red / Blue tribe analysis crosses the Atlantic so easily.

    More generally, although SA’s essay is a classic, to suggest it dispels all suspicion of white moral mania is to overrate its powers of explanation. That would require ditching the NW European outbreeder hypothesis and the Puritan hypothesis at once, for a piece of proudly non-empirical, universalistic Machiavellian analysis. Everything I know about white people makes me inclined to attribute far more f-upness to them than that. Even righties are generally skewered on cancerous super-ego disorders.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    I’ll keep a more open mind.

    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    You remind me of something M. Scott Peck wrote about the difference between “neurosis” and “character disorder”. Neurotics tend to blame themselves for things they don’t control. Character disordereds refuse to take responsibility for things they do control. Peck’s voluntary psychiatric patients were neurotic, and the involuntary ones didn’t get better, so from his perspective, it’s better to err on the neurotic side.

    Would you say that (1) the NW European population, as a statistical group, is an outlier in terms of tending to be neurotic, and (2) they have too much of a good thing?

    admin Reply:

    Glibly (in the absence of solid ethno-neurological and genetic data) I’m inclined to stick with the more straightforwardly descriptive category of ‘pathological altruism’ than a psychiatric term like ‘neurosis’.

    Clambering further out onto a limb, I’d be interested in considering whether substantial structures of traditional NW European ‘chauvinism’ were in fact defense mechanisms required by populations whose high-trust vulnerabilities become suicidal in cross-cultural milieux involving comparatively clannish, low-trust ethnic groups — i.e. basically everyone except NW Europeans. Clearly 19th century Anglos were not paralyzed by a constant state of abject apologia while managing a quarter of the globe, so something has massively changed. It can’t be genes (that much, in that time span). Hence the fall back that critical cultural shielding has been stripped off, leaving a nation of shelled crabs, whose soft parts are now sport for the ruinous soul-rummagings of the New Religion.

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  • michael Says:

    and we thought we were dark


    SVErshov Reply:

    there is no limits in this beautiful world on how much dark it can get. interesting to note, that in hindu tradition hell described as highly technological place.


    The Index Reply:

    Which text is that in? Just curious.


    SVErshov Reply:

    it is in classical text Shrimad Bhagavatam. It been translated in English and available as digital.

    4candles Reply:

    On their website, Ganogen, Inc., says that they have found a way to successfully transplant human fetal kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, and other organs into animal hosts using advanced microsurgery.

    We also use our patented medical device, the arterial flow regulator, to make the fetal organ compatible for transplantation into the adult animal host.”

    “After transplantation, the fetal organ continues to grow and mature. It even demonstrates function, and in the case of the kidney, can keep the host animal alive all on its own,” they explain.

    According to CBS, Gu and his colleagues obtained human fetal kidneys from Stem Express, a Placerville, California-based company that supplies researchers with tissue from deceased adults and fetuses.”

    Assuming this is legit, the defenders of Planned Parenthood are in danger of tangling themselves in all sorts of gnarly moral dilemmas here. So probably best the MSM don’t delve too deeply.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “This is the terminal pathology of Western Civilization,”

    Only if you define Western Civ as Leftists.

    There’s more to Western Civ than Leftists or the last 250 years, or frankly intellectuals who are sorry the root and vector of all our pathologies.


    admin Reply:

    “In the hands of leftists” is bad enough, surely?


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  • Wagner Says:

    Another one of those posts that ‘says it all’.

    Found it because I was thinking that if I were an anthropologist looking at xenosystems I’d have to surmise that it is the ultimate act of ethnomasochism- Land hates the British more than Artxell does. It’s simultaneously the ultimate act of ethnomasochism and the ultimate redemption of the British- he’s their conscience.


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