Exit Test

What can Exit do? It looks as if France is going to provide an important demonstration:

France has become a defeatist nation.

A striking indicator of this attitude is the massive emigration that the country has witnessed over the last decade, with nearly 2 million French citizens choosing to leave their country and take their chances in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the United States and other locales. The last such collective exodus from France came during the French Revolution, when a large part of the aristocracy left to await (futilely) the king’s return. Today’s migration isn’t politically motivated, however; it’s economic.

This departing population consists disproportionately of young people — 70% of the migrants are under 40 — and advanced-degree holders, who do their studies in France but offer their skills elsewhere. The migrants, discouraged by the economy’s comparatively low salaries and persistently high unemployment — currently at 10.9% — have only grown in number since Socialist Francois Hollande became president.

The young and enterprising in France soon realize that elsewhere — in London, say — obstacles to success are fewer and opportunities greater. The British capital is now France’s sixth-largest city, with 200,000 to 400,000 emigres.

The exile rolls also include hundreds of thousands of French retirees, presumably well-off, who are spending at least part of their golden years in other countries. Tired of France’s high cost of living, they seek out more welcoming environments.

My beloved country, in other words, has been losing not only its dynamic and intelligent young people but also older people with some money. I’m not sure that this social model can work over the long term.

It will be extremely interesting to see.

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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    California is also seeing a lot of Exit.

    But instead of disciplining California (or France), the exit leaves California or France more leftist while also making the destination more leftist, through ruin voting, the increase in diversity, or just the sheer presence of people with leftist attitudes. This is certainly the case with the California exit, and therefore is probably the case with France too.


    Handle Reply:

    I’ve seen this with Californian exiles who refuse to get ‘mugged by reality’ and awaken to the cause of their flight – some unenlightened and puzzled blather about the ‘cost of living’ instead of clear political consequences of their voting patterns – which they then perpetuate in their new locales.

    It’s one of the problems with exit that is the flipside of the immigration debate nonsense.

    Are immigrants to America cultural-admirers, liberty and limited-government lovers with strong work-ethics, etc. Or are they just looking for improvement of their quality of life in a place that is secure and rich and with suicidal, no-questions-asked generosity with regards to who is entitled to public services and welfare benefits.

    The same thing goes with exiters. Are they people who have awakened by epiphany as to the kind of politics and policies that destroy a nation, or are they just frustrated unemployed, rats fleeing a sinking ship for another more seaworthy vessel that they are about to infest and continue to maintain their practice of chewing holes through the hull.

    The problem with exit is that the people in charge usually benefit electorally from the exit even as the community falls apart. What use is feedback if the sensor is reverse-biased?

    It’s an open question as to whether opinion can change in the direction of reality faster when one is tied to the land. At the very least it prevents further spread of the epidemic and abandoned lost-causes of that which has been left behind.


    Alrenous Reply:

    It’s not normal for the exited entity to recover. That any companies have ever recovered (Atari, Apple, GE) is cause for great props both to those companies and the system that hosts them.

    The point is to be a warning to others. Optimistically, France burns down into Afghanistan, and then Germany goes, “Oh shit” and takes the necessary steps. Less optimistically, Germany goes down too and Britain goes “Oh shit…” Und so weiter.

    Before multiculturalism, lost causes didn’t spread anyway.


    admin Reply:

    “Optimistically, France burns down into Afghanistan, and then Germany goes, ‘Oh shit’ and takes the necessary steps.” — Yes, this has the great advantage of being a real mechanism.

    admin Reply:

    Disenfranchising ruin voters is such an elementary requirement for social sanity that it’s difficult to understand how it can not be an issue.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Oh, I agree, but (1) it isn’t happening and (2) it isn’t likely to happen even with a substantial rightward shift, provided the shift isn’t explicitly Rx/NRx/hard right, and (3) people influence the culture and its ideas and priorities even if they dont’ vote.

    On the subject of California or France collapsing pour encourager les autre, dream on. The ratchet isn’t reality-based. We already have plenty of examples of failed societies through embracing leftist principles. One more or less doesn’t make much difference.

    Kevin C. Reply:

    @Lesser Bull

    On the disenfranchisement of ruin voters, you’re right; it isn’t happening, and isn’t likely to happen. As I’ve commented on other reactionary blogs, there has never been a successful narrowing of the franchise without eliminating voting altogether; the one time a country attempted to shift from universal male suffrage back to property requirements, the result was Emperor Napoleon III.

    “The ratchet isn’t reality-based. We already have plenty of examples of failed societies through embracing leftist principles.”

    Indeed. The scenario is “France burns down into Afghanistan” and then everyone goes, not “oh sh*t”, but “more liberalism needed”; Germany goes down to, nobody goes “oh sh*t”; Britain goes down, nobody goes “oh sh*t”, and so on, until the world burns down.

    Lesser Bull Reply:

    @Kevin C.,
    I’m starting to think that Exit and Monarchy might both serve NRx mainly as Sorelian myths

    VXXC Reply:

    Agree 100% disenfranchise ruin votes, and only enfranchise informed contributors – that is you pass: Net Tax Contributor by a margin, Turing Test for your nation, citizenship test, positive ID, criminal record, military or police, firefighter service.

    And the selection in America anyway should be by local boards staffed by the last 3 professions.

    Should there be strife the Victor choses the electors.

    Frankly the only possible disinterested political office conceivable is VOTER, and it’s time we started treating it as such, or abandon democracy.

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  • VXXC Says:

    I nominate Lord Handle as Minister for Immigration.

    “are they just frustrated unemployed, rats fleeing a sinking ship for another more seaworthy vessel that they are about to infest and continue to maintain their practice of chewing holes through the hull.”



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  • VXXC Says:

    BTW what happens when you run out of places to run?

    A: We blast off for outer space.
    Q: What happens when they follow you?
    A : 1) Hide Underpants.
    2) ???
    3) Truth and Beauty


    Stirner Reply:

    The final boundary for white flight could eventually become space. That is the ultimate form of exit and segregation. I would also observe that any non-terran human colony could never be run along democratic lines.


    argus Reply:

    How about involuntary reverse exit, if we can call it that? There are simpler technological possibilities out there that are much more likely to come about in the near term. Long before we have the ability to build space arks, some evil genius in a basement lab will engineer a finely tuned genomically targeted pathogen and unleash it on whatever population(s) he deems responsible for the unraveling of civilization. Of course it’s impossible to imagine that the major powers aren’t already working on this new generation of bioweapons, but a psychopathic scientist unaffiliated with any government is much more likely to release one of these bugs into the general population. What happens after that? I’m not sure.


    Contemplationist Reply:

    Thanks for describing the premise of Elysium


    VXXC Reply:

    You will need a First Rate Nation state with considerable resources to accomplish space settlements. Even the baby steps so far were considerable National Efforts.

    Frankly the shortest path would be to rapidly militarize space, by say informing the United States Military 25% of their budgets will be directed UP, or they cease to be relevant.

    Global Hegemony = Global Slumlord, with the IMF extracting rack rents from our more hapless “allies”…such as Ukraine. Oh yes, we did pushed it in GOOD in 94.


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  • Alex Says:




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  • Alex Says:

    The last such collective exodus from France came during the French Revolution, when a large part of the aristocracy left to await (futilely) the king’s return.

    There are many events in the womb of time which will be delivered.


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  • Driftforge Says:

    Freedom of exit does not require or imply freedom of entry, which can create a quandary about where people exit to.


    admin Reply:

    Talent and capital is generally welcomed almost everywhere.


    Drfitforge Reply:

    Talent and capital do not particularly describe those who leave a failing state late in the piece. Those who leave early, yes.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    In the California example, talent is just as likely to be a ruin voter, if not more so. In fact, talent being talent, their ruinous ideas are likely to have more avenues to be ruinous than just through voting.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    Just so. Add in that American “democracy” disproportionately favors the opinions (not interests, but opinions) of richer people, these talented ruin voters are guaranteed an outsize influence.

    Driftforge Reply:

    Further thought on this is that talent and capital form insufficient conditions of entry. Economics is a poor estimator of cultural consequence.


    VXXC Reply:

    Moldbug had the solution with his crypto-key boards (is it just possible he was hinting at franchise?) being composed as above.

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  • Athrelon Says:

    It is still too soon to tell.


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  • noir Says:

    Why exit when you could move up the ladder, and Shanghai seems to offer multiple entry points for the budding expat… Let’s all move to Nick’s favorite city, Shanghai!



    admin Reply:

    I’ll expect to see you all when things go over the cliff back home (except for VXXC, of course, who’ll be in a trench with his bazooka). Unless you’re Shanghainese, though, it’s most certainly exit to pack up and head here.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    1)Learn to code
    2)Pick up Mandarin
    3)Scholarship given and somehow accepted uni transfer

    Then maybe….


    David Reply:

    And these guys, going the other way, because ruin voters.

    VXXC Reply:

    I can’t code, mostly by choice (yuck).

    I’m too stupid to run.

    warn the chinese to not let them vote, before it’s too late for them too.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    *Shrugs*. The seeds of leaving the UK were sewn (ironically) the last time my parents did (1993). They failed, I won’t. The UK is retarded in many ways, and one things for certain, I don’t intend to stay here and see how it all ends.


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  • Lightning Round – 2014/02/26 | Free Northerner Says:

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