Force Multipliers

“Shutting down a whole city to search for one man arguably sends the message that the terrorists have won


(Nydwracu digs deeper)

ADDED: Some crunchy commentary and links from Foseti. Common sense from VDH. Steve Sailer owns the topic, as exemplified by this (immediately classic) comment: “There are only about 200 Chechens in the United States, so 1% of all Chechens here have turned out to be spectacular terrorists.”

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  • yann Says:

    This whole thing was LOL.

    Mall cops huffing and puffing as they go door to door in Watertown, Mass., shaking with terror as they catch glimpses of discarded Dunkin’ Donuts boxes through their binoculars (ANOTHER SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE LOCATED … CONTROLLED DEMOLITION IN PROGRESS) – (ESTABLISH THE PERIMITAH!)

    One teenager from the North Caucasus manages to paralyze the whole city and eluded thousands upon thousands of cops, nat’l guard, marines, while hijacking vehicle after vehicle, swiping police firearms, forcing them to pull back choppers because they’re afraid he’ll bring them down by flinging explosives into the air “Bomberman”-style.

    So it turns out ZOG’s militarized Paul Blart units don’t amount to shit.


    admin Reply:

    Five Chechens and HS would have been forced to pull out a tactical nuke.


    Thales Reply:

    Heh, it’s the east coast version of Djorner Unbadged.


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