Going Down

Yes, the United States is undergoing a triple-pronged dysgenic process.

The only serious questions are about speed.

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  • Alrenous Says:

    K-selection works by applying parental intelligence to offspring to improve genetic survival rates. Positive feedback: smarter parents have more surviving kids, who are smarter than average and thus have more surviving grandkids.

    (Need a good word that doesn’t conflate survival and genetic survival/reproduction.)

    Rapid population growth always favours r-selection, because the r families are naturally bigger. Rapid growth thus rapidly lowers aggregate intelligence.


    Johan Schmidt Reply:

    “Need a good word that doesn’t conflate survival and genetic survival/reproduction.”



    Alrenous Reply:

    “Applying parental intelligence to offspring to improve profliferation.” Yeah, seems to work.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    Of course it’s happening, but worrying about what is happening to “U.S.” is a “we” trap.

    What’s happening to the aristocratic fraction? We need more fine-grained data to get an inkling of what’s in store. The Fates eschew vulgar threads as they warp the tapestry of the future. Only noble men have destinies.

    Jayman did good work at a finer level of granularity a few years ago. The picture wasn’t so rosy, but it’s salvageable.



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Good post.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Smart but sociopathic dysgenics engineered the crisis.

    They can leave and will one way or another and they know it’s over.

    They’ve harmed not killed us.

    Why yes I do mean them. It’s their doing if we’re going to group people…their group did it.

    Problem with Admin and so many other clever types is they only see the elites who are beyond salvation.

    And yes their feral pets…

    America Red country is a strange, exotic country to you….and it’s quite healthy.
    Sure there’s damage. But on the whole quite strong.

    We’ll make it. We have to fight [also strange to some] but we’ll survive.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    I don’t say red state, because it’s really not a state-state divide, but an urban-rural divide. But, I sincerely hope that small-town white America manages to preserve itself and recuperate its sovereignty, VXXC.

    In my experience, most small-townies are hopelessly antiracist Jesus-is-Love types. They wouldn’t pull the trigger in the first place, and if they did, they’d subsequently find it necessary to hide and deny the fact. In short, they aren’t hard, and they aren’t ready for war. We’ll know they’re ready when the majority of right-minded adults openly consider it as the Christian duty to kill or otherwise violently quell their oppressors.

    If they ever do become ready, it will be because they united behind a modern day red aristocrat, a Jackson or a Jefferson. And it is that man who we’ll say was destined to lead his people to emancipation.

    Oh, and guess what? You won’t be lynching me. If the time comes, you’ll cut a deal. *rubs hands*


    Bruce Arney Reply:

    While people will kill because it is their Christian duty to do so, may be true, people will only die for their children. People must see that it is imperative to fight and die, if necessary, for their tribe, but not for “America” which is fatally compromised. Only when Christians start strapping on suicide belts will the final outcome become anything other than certain. A Christian jihad is a huge variable in the calculus of revolution.


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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    Is the admin of Outside in ever going to start writing consistently on his blog again?



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I wouldn’t believe you if you told me that you have thoroughly digested his older writings. Even from a few years back.


    Hegemonizing Swarm Reply:

    I’m sure he’s working on other things.

    The site has pretty much turned into a “downfall of Western civilization” link dump only, in recent years. Still amusing, but I agree it was more interesting when there was more writing.


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    http://www2.warwick.ac.uk Darn whow the Warwick (what a fascinating name) site is colorful


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  • Abelard Lindsey Says:

    If you believe this dysgenic process is real and are hostile or opposed to private or public efforts to develop “trasnhumanist” technology, then you are a part of the problem.


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