Hamsters on Crack

Glenn Reynolds suspects that this story will confirm some PUA stereotypes settled pattern recognition.

I used hang with a guy who would go to Saskatchewan and sell drugs all the time. He was ballin’. He made tons of money. On our first date, he spent well over a G. He was just throwing it out like it was nothing. He was buying me anything I wanted. We rode around in a limo… It was crazy. We would go out to all these fancy-ass restaurants and all the white people would stare at us like, “Who let these hood rats in?” That was fun. He’s never really in town though, so I only get to see him a few times a year. I think if I ever decide to just settle down and be a housewife, I’ll marry him.

There’s not much in the story for religious traditionalists to latch onto with any sense of consolation. Still, as far as genetic selection for entrepreneurial traits is concerned, it has to be possible to do worse.

ADDED: Another sex psychology story (also via). If you think about the archaic genetics of warfare the answer to the question is obvious. For males losing matters absolutely. For females, not so much.

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  • Jack Says:

    The natural mechanism for resistance to intraspecific parasitism is male aggression which prevents horizontal transmission of the parasite genes. Horizontal transmission is how virulence, including parasitism, evolves. This is why the Y-Chromosome has much more geographic structure than does the mtDNA.

    The problem with civilization is that it involves a gang in the form of an elite-controlled government that suppresses male aggression and imposes a monopoly on violence: this ends up protecting parasitism. That is civilization’s ultimate weakness: elites are such easy prey for parasites.


    admin Reply:

    This sounds plausible — is it a theory thrashed-out in detail anywhere accessible?

    My assumption is more down to earth. Primitive warfare, taking the form ‘kill all the men and grab the women’, places the two sexes in very different position as far as their genetic posterity is concerned. If high-fitness brutal invaders take over, the men all die, whilst the women switch into a new track. If there’s anything to such speculation, it would predict that older women, with children, would tend to cluster closer to the natural male viewpoint: there’s no military option too extreme if the alternative is defeat (genetic extinction). This would be an interesting test, because the sociological view — it’s all to do with nurturing, empathy, or some such — leads to the expectation that women with kids would be more pacifistic.


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  • spandrell Says:

    Something tells me you only stay in China so your daughter finds it hard to choose this sort of lifestyle.


    admin Reply:

    Getting too self-conscious about such matters could be counter-productive. (It might be too much to hope that the guy who comes top in the calculus exam counts as the best catch.) Still, I’m assuming the social status of successful crack-dealers isn’t exactly super-high in your Japanese village either.


    spandrell Reply:

    Villages have their own problems with human capital. The balance between provincialism and urban excitement is a hard one.

    I don’t have a daughter to worry though. I’ll watch my niece with detached amusement.


    admin Reply:

    “I don’t have a daughter to worry though.” — You don’t get the “avoid tempting fate” thing at all, do you? (It’s an absolute certainty now that the next six will all be girls.)

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  • spandrell Says:

    I didn’t mean it in that way. Men’s sexual preferences can be quite problematic too. Japan still enforces shotgun weddings, which it pairs with Cathedral inspired Marriage 2.0 divorce rape laws. Picking up harlots as a man can fuck your life just as much as a woman falling for a crack dealer.


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  • Podsnap Says:

    Just being in the same room as all that money made me feel important. It made me feel like I was doing something right.

    She says this right at the end.

    Most women are very insecure. They have no idea what they should be striving for in life. Cash smells like popularity. And popularity is always the right answer for women.


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