The SPLC honors Richard Lynn with a place in the stocks. (He’s a “white supremacist” apparently, despite thinking the future of human civilization lies in the Far East. (*yawn*))

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ADDED: The dike is creaking.

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  • Driftforge Says:

    Completely unrelated to the above, but http://www.counter-currents.com/2013/12/milestones-of-eurasism/#more-44231 describes the development of the neo-philosophy that is growing within Russia at this time.

    It isn’t neoreaction, but it is something distinctive and distinctly anti-citadel. Doesn’t mean its friendly, but given recent events, I suspect that for the next while, focus is going to move there.

    They have certainly addressed some of the same questions that neoreaction is asking, albeit with different answers.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Interesting find, Driftforge, thanks!


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  • admin Says:

    I’d like to think Aleksandr Dugin was an ENR / NRx division point — but I suspect 50%+ of ‘NRx’ can’t get enough of this sort of thing.


    Driftforge Reply:

    It’s not neo-reaction; even though it is hierarchical, it draws from a quite distinct set of texts. It is an example of an external opponent that is rising up in opposition to the current theory, and it already has national backing. It is more an example of what we get rising up elsewhere because neo reaction is late.


    admin Reply:

    Sure, but I’d still expect it to be wildly popular on the Slavo-Monarchist fringe. I’d be thrilled to be wrong.

    You’re right that it’s extremely interesting. Deserves a dedicated post at some point.


    Artemisia Reply:

    Dunno which texts it originally drew on, but this is where it seems to have got to: http://nazbol.net/lib/


    Scharlach Reply:

    Ugh, I hope it’s not 50+% . . . .


    admin Reply:

    Twitter makes things look worse in this respect than they are. Perversely, that makes me want to think that the effectiveness of Twitter is less than it probably is.


    Konkvistador Reply:

    I read Dugin’s stuff written in English. It seems like post-hoc rationalizations for geopolitical needs.


    admin Reply:

    The deep geopolitical thread is what makes it so interesting. Everyone rightly references Mackinder and World-Island theory — it’s strange in a way that grand geostrategy doesn’t play more of a role in NRx discussion. (Despite the supposed attachment to particularity, there’s a tendency to grab iconic figures and institutions from anywhere, without situating them very seriously.)

    It goes without saying that I’m siding with the Atlantean pirates.


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  • Hawk Spitui Says:

    Your “ADDED” link to Occam’s Razor is broken.


    admin Reply:

    Thanks — fixed.


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  • Hurlock Says:

    @admin Dugin’s Eurasism is pretty much the centuries old russian foreign policy of mass expansion (+ mandatory anti-capitalism) condensed for the present day consumer.
    Unsurprisingly Dugin is a big fan of Evola.


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  • VXXC Says:

    O/T. Bulgars on NRxn. From Google translate – although not the page. cut-n-paste

    Bulgars on Neoreaction

    Neoreaktsionisti not another sect , whose name rhymes with ” onanisti ” or are those implicating himself in absurd activities to earn some media attention and name recognition. And while they are still widely unknown to ordinary people , I think the readers of my blog should have the privilege to be informed about events outside the mainstream .

    Neoreaktsionistite believe that while edge technology and capitalism have contributed significantly to the development of mankind in the last two centuries , democracy its damage. They are the champions of the old times gender roles , social order and monarchy.

    But who are these people and why what we are fighting matter?

    ” Reactionary ” essentially a definition of anyone who opposed the French Revolution . Today , these are the people who support the return of a past state of affairs , said at its widest. ” Neo – reaction ” begins with a computer specialist and entrepreneur Curtis Yarvin who blogged here under the pseudonym Mencius Moldbug. Soon others like Michael Anisimov and Nick Land and Anomaly UK, began to identify themselves as ” neoreaktsionisti .” (For more info and links to them , see end of post )

    Anti- democracy position combining these people ideologically . Most of them are libertarians who believe that democracy and freedom can not exist with each other. ” System managed ” by the people ” such as democracy and communism are predictably less financially stable than aristocratic systems ,” wrote Anisimov . ” In general, they experience more recessions and piling more debt. They spend more resources. Every dollar goes more to the improvement of living standards of people in an aristocratic system than in a democracy . ”

    Their opinions on what kind of monarchy prefer different. Some of theocracy (management type Vatican ) while Yarvin offers transformation of countries in corporations where the king is CEO- it and aristocracy are shareholder- s , because according to him the stability and order must be over everything.

    Yarvin offers states to have not more than one city , each city-state is struggling to attract more people to you. According to him, ” if people do not like the government , they can, and need to move . ” That he sees management as a product to the consumer and in the competitive market the consumer is king . This type of design is contrary to the vote as a democratic norm and act on the ” output instead of voice .”

    Silicon Valley is the Mecca of neoreaktsionistite . Giykovete from startup scene of San Francisco see themselves as the biggest challenge for ” Cathedral ” . ” Cathedral ” is allegedly a meta- institution consisting of Harvard and other universities in the Ivy Leaague, New York Times and various government institutions. Anisimov calls this “self-organizing consensus”, sometimes the term is synonymous with ” political correctness .” The basic idea is that ” Cathedral ” control window Overton , ie regulate the discussions we are having in society , applying the rules and ideas that are ” eligible ” and control the way in which we view history. (For the latter , I recommend “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn – you bang your head this book. If you are not enough of you in English 800 pages , I could allocates several posts here ) .

    What is contacted to neoreaktsionzma ?

    After the end of World War II , the United States is governed by four cities , over the past 20 years , the scene has a new participant , Silicon Valley , which is a threat to the status quo. These are Boston ( area of higher education – Harvard , etc.) , New York ( the epicenter of the advertising industry ( Madison Avenue ) , financial (Wall Street ) , publishing and the media) , Los Angeles ( the entertainment and music industry , Hollywood ) and Washington (where laws and regulations are written ) . These points form a quadrangle complex control , which neoreaktsionistite and Silicon Valley oppose reinventing industries in each of these cities as follows: Los Angeles – iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify , etc.; New York – Google Adwords, Twitter, Kindle, Blogger, Aereo, Facebook Ads; Boston – Khan, Udacity, Coursera; Washington – Uber, Airbnb, Square, BitCoin. This , for them , is the way to ” exit ” from the clutches of the status quo . Representatives of the Valley , as CEO- th of PayPal and Tesla Motors talk about alternative locations such as private islands or Mars where to experiment with a new form of society and its management, primarily driven by technology.

    ” Most successful ” product that the current political elites are able to generate corruption and economic stagnation . People took them seriously fed up and the global wave of protest and unrest will sweep them no doubt, as the cycles of history displayed. But do we have a good alternative platform on which to build the next device system? Neoreaktsionistite may well be the key to it.


    Hurlock Reply:

    Barring the usual Google-translate awkwardness it’s an ok translation. If someone doesn’t completely understand something, ask.


    Anwer Reply:

    Hi can you please tell me the source of this piece?


    anwer Reply:

    Can you please send me the source of this piece?


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  • Billy Chav Says:

    The SPLC hack has the gall to write, “Despite his claims of persecution…” in a piece where they’re adding Lynn to their hate roster! Are these people such clueless dolts that they don’t realize that their entire mission is persecution? Maybe they are.


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  • VXXC Says:

    I dunno why that posted twice, sorry


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  • Pete Says:

    The extremely unsubtle and repetitive style of the SPLC’s publications is amusing. The late Larry Auster once wrote that if the SPLC had published a report of a dinner he had had with a couple of friends, it would have sounded something like this:

    The hate astrophysicist Michael Hart met with the hate blogger and essayist Lawrence Auster along with the well known racist Michael Berman in New York where they discussed hate and racism all evening over a hate dinner in a racist restaurant.


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