Heading back …

… into some kind of triple cyclone system. Assuming that doesn’t keep the entire Outside in Supreme Executive Council locked-up in Doha for days, normal service will be restored in the near future …

As an aside: The political culture of the UK has deteriorated so absolutely into consensus socialism it’s scarcely comprehensible. The fact that certain automatic social mechanisms are keeping things (very approximately) on track only adds to the despair. This isn’t a society within a light-year of ‘waking up’. All memory of what waking up might be was burnt out long ago. Hitting bottom is the only imaginable way this ends.

ADDED: Probably should have noted, on the Zack front, that the whole of London was paralyzed yesterday by a tube strike. For UK residents that’s irritating, but understandable. Only a bizarre history of systematic capitulation to organized labor — i.e. communist social infrastructure — can make the situation intelligible.

ADDED: 14 hours on a standing-room-only train tomorrow should polish off one of the most delightful travel experiences in my relatively sheltered life.

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  • woods Says:

    Reminds me of (in the style of Instapundit)
    SHOT: http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2013/02/political-failure-modes-and-th.html
    CHASER: http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.fi/2013/02/charles-stross-discovers-cathedral.html


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  • J Says:

    Unfortunately there may be no bottom to bounce off of – just degeneration to a new, permanently lower level because they’ve transformed the country’s population into just another Third-World craphole. Haiti, for example, does not “bounce back”.


    admin Reply:

    It doesn’t say anything good about the ‘original’ population that it has either passively or actively facilitated the transformation. Demographic adjustment looks far more like a consequence than a cause to me. (After living in Shanghai, I’ve found it hard not to notice how radically retarded the average native Brit prole looks. There’s plenty of shambling about, but not much sign of any lights on upstairs.)


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    If you noticed that in London, I’d dread to think what you’d make of Satellite towns like Slough, Luton, Watford etc.


    Rasputin Reply:

    Let’s take Nick for a night on the town in Croydon…

    John Hannon Reply:

    “…. shambling about ….”

    Must be something in the lager. However, chav-free enclaves really aren’t that difficult to find, and any despair at the state of the nation can always be dispelled – if only for a day – by an inspiring trek in our green and pleasant countryside –


    Erebus Reply:

    I actually rather like Luton. It has an atmosphere of desperation and poverty that one rarely experiences outside the Third World — or the USA’s slums. It’s a city of broken glass, stray bricks, weeds, and the wretched poor. It is very, very interesting to drive the hour from Cambridge to Luton and compare the two towns and the people who inhabit them. For all that, Luton never struck me as being very dangerous… but with each passing year it exhibits more obvious signs of degeneracy, as if it is festering away into God knows what. (This is in contrast to places like Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, which were abominable slums in the recent past, but actually seem to be slowly improving.)

    …In any case, John Hannon is absolutely right about getting out of the cities for a while. It helps.

    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    England has had an effective aristocracy in place for hundreds of years, or longer. The derring-doers and wise men of England had been reliably advanced to positions of higher status, up to and including formal titles, since way back. Now that the wheat has been separated from the dross, (and it has been for a long time), you’ll find little of interest in the blood stock of English proles any more. The system was possible as long as the Men of Quality retained their noblesse oblige, but that’s all done with now.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Where Doctor Orwell of the 21st century did their Intellectuals take them but to consensus everything, group think and woe unto those who didn’t nod their heads?

    What do the Intellectuals of the Right offer now? Capitalism when clearly it’s socialized profit capitalism in the Right mainstream and here at Outside/In their own genocide?

    One must also consider that the Left has power and the goodies to dispense not just for the dolescum but precious academia.

    The Right needs a Danton if it can’t get a Franco.

    BTW are you sure that UKIP, BNP, SNP and the rest fall into the “consensus”?

    I don’t know the UK, I know my own.


    Bill Reply:

    What about Donald Trump? He’s the most capitalist person running right now, and he’s the most favorable to right-wing positions on demographics.

    Saul Solex Reply:

    By maintaining strict class divisions, the use of private education etc,, Birtan’s elites have always been concerned only with their own culutivation and survival, and still are. They’ve always kept the proles this way, it’s just that you didn’t notice them before because they were all at work. Still, at least you now seem to have recognised that white Europeans are just as likely (or not) to shamble about as any other people.


    Pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    >Still, at least you now seem to have recognised that white Europeans are just as likely (or not) to shamble about as any other people.

    hypothesis: otherwise smart people suffering from lingering effects of cathedral mind-viruses mouth colour-blind pieties such as this to deal with their cognitive dissonance.

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  • michael Says:

    such assholes you elites, prole behavior rise and fall with the elites that manage them GIGO


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Yes Michael.

    We may not get a Franco but we could probably generate a Thracian [Sergeant-Major/Centurion who becomes Emperor]. I’ll take it.


    michael Reply:

    beginning to think this guys the wizard of oz never trust a former communist or as Sid said never trust a hippie


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    He never offered salvation- be fair.

    In fact he’s Trans-humanist – given up on entire species.

    Mike the only solution NRx offers is passivism, wait for collapse to rebuild as LARP Bitcoin Lords fantasies or ultimately self-loathing despair.

    As if all is lost? Of course not.

    We get our own leaders – vets, local sheriff [that’s an elective office of course] and leverage what we do have; people, guns, numbers, skills and the sympathy of police, MIL, vets. What we don’t have and all things considered are intellectuals.

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  • SVErshov Says:

    No complaints from this Brit!


    Ripper Reply:

    Watching BBC Survivors 77 vs 05 the demographic and competency shift is overwhelming


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  • Tom Says:

    Pretty sure the new gov just cut welfare spending and corporate taxation, hardly socialist.


    admin Reply:

    Oh yes, practically Golden Era Hong Kong.


    The Index Reply:

    Even having a welfare system and corporate taxation at all is Communist as fuck. Just saying. It’s going to be a race between capital flight and ideologically-motivated immigration – will Britain first become Somalia economically or demographically?


    Tom Reply:

    The fuck you smoking?


    The Index Reply:


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  • SVErshov Says:

    “If you train your mind to disregard agony, you will find even fire cool” Chines wisdom, from – Shinjuku Triad Society 1995


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  • 4candles Says:

    All memory of what waking up might be was burnt out long ago. Hitting bottom is the only imaginable way this ends.

    Probably, but the point is moot, isn’t it? Think Looper or Morpheus and the spoon-benders: We have a rule. We never free a mind once it’s reached a certain age. Create and continually re-create pockets that hopefully weave together… and see. The important structure’s already largely in place, we’re just waiting on the forever-imminent tech. The UK, as such, doesn’t feature (and potential thuggery is surely best managed through deep pockets).


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  • Harold Says:

    Oliver Goldsmith on Britain, from his poem The Traveller, MDCCLXV.

    Fir’d at the sound, my genius spreads her wing,
    And flies where Britain broods the western spring;
    Where lawns extend that scorn Arcadian pride,
    And brighter streams than fam’d Hydaspis glide,
    There all around the gentlest breezes stray,
    There gentle music melts on every spray;
    Creation’s mildest charms are there combin’d,
    Extremes are only in the master’s mind;
    Stern o’er each bosom reason holds her state.
    With daring aims, irregularly great,
    I see the lords of human kind pass by
    Pride in their port, defiance in their eye,
    Intent on high designs, a thoughtful band,
    By forms unfashion’d, fresh from Nature’s hand;
    Fierce in a native hardiness of soul,
    True to imagin’d right above controul,
    While even the peasant boasts these rights to scan,
    And learns to venerate himself as man.

    Thine, freedom, thine the blessings pictur’d here,
    Thine are those charms that dazzle and endear;
    Too blest indeed, were such without alloy,
    But foster’d even by Freedom ills annoy:
    That independence Britons prize too high,
    Keeps man from man, and breaks the social tie;
    See, though by circling deeps together held,
    Minds combat minds, repelling and repell’d;
    Ferments arise, imprison’d factions roar,
    Represt ambition struggles round her shore,
    Whilst over-wrought, the general system feels
    Its motions stopt, or phrenzy fires the wheels.

    Nor this the worst. As social bonds decay,
    As duty, love, and honour fail to sway,
    Fictitious bonds, the bonds of wealth and law,
    Still gather strength, and force unwilling awe.
    Hence all obedience bows to these alone,
    And talent sinks, and merit weeps unknown;
    Till Time may come, when, stript of all her charms,
    That land of scholars, and that nurse of arms;
    Where noble stems transmit the patriot flame,
    And monarchs toil, and poets pant for fame;
    One sink of level avarice shall lie,
    And scholars, soldiers, kings unhonour’d die.

    Yet think not thus, when Freedom’s ills I state,
    I mean to flatter kings thus, or court the great;
    Perish the wish; for, inly satisfy’d,
    Above their pomps I hold my ragged pride.
    But when contending chiefs blockade the throne,
    Contracting regal power to stretch their own,
    When I behold a factious band agree
    To call it freedom, when themselves are free;
    Each wanton judge new penal statutes draw,
    Laws grind the poor, and rich men rule the law;
    The wealth of climes, where savage nations roam,
    Pillag’d from slaves, to purchase slaves at home;
    Fear, pity, justice, indignation start,
    Tear off reserve, and bare my swelling heart;
    ‘Till half a patriot, half a coward grown,
    I fly from petty tyrants to the throne.

    Yes, brother, curse [with me] that baleful hour,
    When first ambition struck at regal power;
    And thus, polluting honour in its source,
    Gave wealth to sway the mind with double force.
    Have we not seen, round Britain’s peopled shore,
    Her useful sons exchang’d for useless ore?
    Seen all her triumphs but destruction haste,
    Like flaring tapers brightening as they waste;
    Seen opulence, her grandeur to maintain,
    Lead stern depopulation in her train,
    And over fields, where scatter’d hamlets rose,
    In barren solitary pomp repose?
    Have we not seen, at pleasure’s lordly call,
    The smiling long-frequented village fall;
    Beheld the duteous son, the sire decay’d,
    The modest matron, and the blushing maid,
    Forc’d from their homes, a melancholy train,
    To traverse climes beyond the western main;
    Where wild Oswego spreads her swamps around,
    And Niagara stuns with thund’ring sound?

    Even now, perhaps, as there some pilgrim strays
    Through tangled forests, and through dangerous ways;
    Where beasts with man divided empire claims,
    And the brown Indian takes a deadly aim;
    There, while above the giddy tempest flies,
    And all around distressful yells arise,
    The pensive exile, bending with his woe,
    To stop too fearful, and too faint to go,
    Casts a fond look where England’s glories shine,
    And bids his bosom sympathize with mine.

    Vain, very vain, my weary search to find
    That bliss which only centers in the mind:
    Why have I stray’d, from pleasure and repose,
    To seek a good each government bestows?
    In every government, though terrors reign,
    Though tyrant kings, or tyrant laws restrain,
    How small, of all that human hearts endure,
    That part which laws or kings can cause or cure.
    Still to ourselves in every place consign’d,
    Our own felicity we make or find:
    With secret course, which no loud storms annoy,
    Glides the smooth current of domestic joy.
    The lifted ax, the agonizing wheel,
    Luke’s iron crown, and Damien’s bed of steel,
    To men remote from power but rsarely known,
    Leave reason, faith and conscience all our own


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