Hit-Piece of the Week

This one is actually pretty interesting (as well as reaching a whole new level of batshit insane).

ADDED: One hit piece in a week? Oh come on!

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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    This makes 1 SD decline in IQ look too modest.


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  • Max Says:

    It’s the ahistoricism, more than anything else, that makes me cringe. As if they’d never read a book published before 1945.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    When I read stuff like that, my only thought is that it’s over for the Left. I know people think it’s going to get really bad in terms of oppression by the Left, but they might also fall Soviet-style. They aren’t even mounting a defense. The problem is that when there’s no credible defense from the left, the level of credibility needed to become a credible candidate on the right is quite low. Populist revolutions will have a random flavor.


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  • Bryce Laliberte Says:

    Hit piece? It was like being pelted with popcorn.


    neovictorian23 Reply:

    The Left fought the Nazis with guns and clubs. Now they fight an NRx boogeyman with Intersectionality.


    Thales Reply:

    It’s like they’re not even trying anymore, like that Waldo guy…


    admin Reply:

    “Don’t you dare try and escape or we’ll set intersectionality on you!” — Somewhat undermined as a negotiating strategy by the fact they’re setting intersectionality on everybody anyway.


    Shalmaneser Reply:

    Dig through intersectionality to Foucault – dig through Foucault to Bataille – dig through Bataille to Nietzsche –
    “The call is coming from inside your house!!!”

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  • Alrenous Says:

    Seems like proggies have started to privately admit to themselves they’re circling the drain, and are looking for a kulak or a wrecker to blame so they can cling to power for a few more seconds.


    Thales Reply:



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  • neovictorian23 Says:

    Pathetic, in the older sense of the word. It’s as if Joe Hill arose from the dead, took a look around Silicon Valley, whispered “Don’t waste any time in mourning. Organize!” and fell back to sleep…

    To give credit, at least he understands that “Acceleration” isn’t accelerating toward Socialist Paradise, but something never before seen.


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  • Jack Crassus Says:

    Interestingly, I’ve met Moldbug in person, and he talked about the need for unionization of tech workers if they don’t want to keep getting their asses kicked in politics. When the patent attorneys on Sand Hill rd. close up their offices and are replaced by yoga studios, then you will know that tech has real power, he says. You need a group that tech voters trust and follow in order to achieve this kind of power, he says.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Total idiot. Cannot string a coherent thought together.


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  • Gegen Cro-Mags Says:

    Could NRX be understood as a radical trader/barbarian revolt against saint/guardian values (ie the Cathedral)?

    See here for the model: http://www.ribbonfarm.com/2014/06/04/saints-and-traders-the-john-henry-fable-reconsidered/


    SGW Reply:

    Sounds about right. These three paragraphs do seem to sum up the central problem around which NRx is organized quite well.

    “The explanation for this contradiction is a very simple one: by definition, civilization is the process of taking intelligence out of human minds and putting it into institutions.

    The ideas of the smartest people (usually embedded higher barbarians) are externalized and encoded into the design of institutions, which can then make far stupider people vastly more effective than their raw capabilities would allow.

    But in the long term this fails. The smart people die, and their ideas become obsolete and ritualized. Initially, more intelligence is being externalized into institutions than is being taken away through ritualization, but at some point, you get a peak, and the decline begins. As entropy accumulates, it becomes a simple matter for another wave of lower barbarians on the periphery to take down the civilization.”


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Max Faget used to complain about “pharisees”. An expert would make a rule to solve a particular problem. As long as the original expert was around, he knew when the rule made sense and when to ignore it. But then after he retired, his successor inherited the rule, but not the insight or authority to ignore it. We end up drowning in an ocean of rigid rules, each of which only make sometimes makes sense.


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  • Karl F. Boetel Says:

    Someone named Udolpho has gone full Rousseau in his “neoreaction primer” here. Highlights/fnordings include:

    “young nerdy fellows who go up into the attic and larp about in grandpa’s clothes”

    ” ‘human biodiversity’ (racism)”

    “they haven’t done the hard work of understanding the context of their own complaints”

    “soothing defensive posture, functioning much as a hugbox does for autists”

    boy howdy sure does sound like he done learned all about them naorarcshunaries


    vimothy Reply:

    I would like to think UR is one of the Web’s top anti-democracy blogs, but surely above me are Deogolwulf and the formidable Carter van Carter. That is, if you don’t count Udolpho. In any blog contest that includes Udolpho, Udolpho is the winner.


    Curiouser and curiouser!


    nydwracu Reply:

    Moldbug is wrong, Udolpho is from Something Awful and still writes like it. Dude paid actual IRL money to sign up for an internet forum and he thinks he can call people nerds.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Many of Moldbug’s compliments struck me as either insane or disingenuous, such as this one.


    admin Reply:

    It certainly doesn’t strike me as a defensible judgment.

    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    As it is said of contest winners, ‘they have their reward’.

    Cicada Reply:

    I wasn’t aware that Udolpho was anti-democracy, either.


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  • Lurker Says:

    I managed to keep a straight face until this line;

    “[…] it’s a useful medium-term goal of the left to prevent the total failure of the state.”

    Good to know we’re dealing with a real forward thinking bunch here.


    Posted on June 14th, 2014 at 3:09 pm Reply | Quote
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