Neoreaction, as it tends to extremity on its Dark Enlightenment vector, frustrates all familiar demands for activism. Even if explicit anti-politics remains a minority posture, the long-dominant demotic calculus of political possibility is consistently subverted — coring out the demographic constituencies from which ‘mobilization’ might be expected. There is no remotely coherent reactionary class, race, or creed — it painstakingly explains — from which a tide-reversing mass politics could be constructed. In this respect, even the mildest versions of neoreactionary analysis are profoundly politically disillusioning.

When demotist ideologies have entered into superficially comparable crises, they have forked into ‘realist’ compromisers and ‘terrorist’ ultras. The latter option, which substitutes a violent intensification of political will for the erosion of the extensive (popular) factor, is an especially reliable indicator of demotism entering an idealist state, in which its essential ideological features are exposed with peculiar clarity. Terrorists are the vehicles of political ideas which have been stranded by a receding tide of social identity, and are thus freed to perfect themselves in abstraction from mass practicality. Once a revolutionary movement becomes demographically implausible, terrorists are born.

Neoreactionary realism, in contrast, is positively aligned with the recession of demotic sustenance. If this were not the case, it would exhibit its own specific mode of democratic politics — an evident absurdity. Any suggestion of frustrated rage, tilting into terroristic expressions, would immediately reveal profound confusion, or hypocrisy. Lashing the masses into ideological acquiescence, through exemplary violence, cannot imaginably be a neoreactionary objective.

Demotist activism finds its rigorous neoreactionary ‘counterpart’ in fatalism — trichotomized as providence, heredity, and catallaxy. Each of these strands of fate work their way out in the absence of mass political endorsement, with a momentum that builds through the dissolution of organized compensatory action. Rather than attempting to make something happen, fatality restores something that cannot be stopped.

It is thus that the approximate contours of the horrorist task emerge into focus. Rather than resisting the desperation of the progressive ideal by terrorizing its enemies, it directs itself to the culmination of progressive despair in the abandonment of reality compensation. It de-mobilizes, de-massifies, and de-democratizes, through subtle, singular, catalytic interventions, oriented to the realization of fate. The Cathedral has to be horrified into paralysis. The horrorist message (to its enemies): Nothing that you are doing can possibly work.

“What is to be done?” is not a neutral question. The agent it invokes already strains towards progress. This suffices to suggest a horrorist response: Nothing. Do nothing. Your progressive ‘praxis’ will come to nought in any case. Despair. Subside into horror. You can pretend to prevail in antagonism against ‘us’, but reality is your true — and fatal — enemy. We have no interest in shouting at you. We whisper, gently, in your ear: “despair”. (The horror.)

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  • peppermint Says:

    Not true. What is to be done is to build the Antiversity.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    And just what can an “Antiversity” accomplish?


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  • WBC Says:

    In short you are saying let them destroy themselves, and dont lash out in violence when you realize there are no political solutions. Yeah?


    admin Reply:

    That captures much of it, but I’d add lethal Mind Virus (compatible with Peppermint above).

    … and for those determined to see things get kinetic, there’s a Frankenstein formulation in terms of the cultivation of monsters (but that requires less talking about).


    Kevin C. Reply:

    What makes you think a “lethal Mind Virus” against Progressive memes is possible? I see no evidence that any such thing can ever exist.


    fotrkd Reply:


    WBC Reply:

    You are explicating the position of the “anarch’ first introduced by Junger in the 70’s. I suggest you peruse the quotes of the Novel Eumeswil on good reads


    I suspect, you will have to read it pretty soon. It is where you will probably end up anyways. A taste:

    “The partisan wants to change the law, the criminal break it; the anarch wants neither. He is not for or against the law. While not acknowledging the law, he does try to recognize it like the laws of nature, and he adjusts accordingly.”

    ““Seen politically, systems follow one another, each consuming the previous one. They live on ever-bequeathed and ever-disappointed hope, which never entirely fades. Its spark is all that survives, as it eats its way along the blasting fuse. For this spark, history is merely an occasion, never a goal.”

    I.E. You’re “Do nothing”

    “Opposition is collaboration; this was something from which Dalin, without realizing it, could not stay free. Basically, he damaged order less than he confirmed it. The emergence of the anarchic nihilist is like a goad that convinces society of its unity.”

    You’re “On the futility of direct action”


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  • Michael Says:

    Posture being the operative word. Sorry couldn’t resist that.

    Ok while I put my measly 130 non university trained mind to the task of translating the deconstruct speak ,off the top of my little head Id say someone has a bit of Ennui.

    OK I think we could translate the first paragraph into The world is a veil of tears or if god is dead all is permitted.or as my viking princess says” whats the point dad, this sucks”
    The glyphs in the next tablet I think translate into tea partyer and vikings riding wolves alike will drown in the rising tide of color in that order
    tablet three roughly translates into we hipsters only do ironic you didnt think I was serious?
    The fourth quatrain seems to summon some thirteenth earl of somewhere circa 1917 brandy in hand saying this is the way the world ends.
    The Cathedral already cant possibly believe anything its doing will work! This is how we know it is evil.

    Just because middle aged Siddhartha finds himself laughing at his folly on the riverbank doesnt mean he should have hung himself at 16 or strangled his son at childbirth. We may not be perfect able but we endure stiff upper lip and all old boy
    In all sincereity if ive missed the point can you explain .


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  • VXXC Says:


    For a moment, I thought ….a plan?

    Which is: War of the Termite.

    Which is fine.

    Nothing wrong with ants either. Most of the Amiriki here are at least ants in personal regards.

    What you seem to be warning against is the Dark Winged Grasshopper.

    Mind you with that narrow spectrum of conflict one could teach at TSA. You are missing rather a lot.

    And Termites don’t you know…build anything. That’s not very reactionary.

    There’s also the question of corporeal form and where to live, how, that sort of thing. mere horror you know is horrifying. As a way of life it doesn’t have much to recommend.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Can Horrorist not speak in complete sentence, make own termite grammar, not answer directly and absolutely critically be self-referential? . If the Cathedral’s gonna be around until the last DEC tenure and social security expires, I gotta get in on this….and invent my own field. Horrorist Quantum speak.

    It worked for Chomsky.

    I wonder if Chomsky could have pulled that one off in the age of the Internet. metaphysical question.


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  • raptros_ Says:

    oh i gotcha; the task is make it clear that their goals are unobtainable, that their providence will never come. i’d say the time is right – progressives aren’t driven so much by fervor and faith as by the desire to be Cool. there’s a perfect target right there – put the horror of not being cool anymore in ’em.


    VXXC Reply:

    @ raptros,

    yeah I love that part. I don’t know about others but the Obama and gun control supporters around the office are looking pretty dejected.


    peppermint Reply:

    What previous Blue Team presidents have gotten the mainstream media to spin as pragmatism, with only a few explicitly communist newspapers calling it a betrayal of progressive values, Obama has Reddit calling a betrayal of progressive values. Reddit has much more reach, and is less explicitly not-mainstream, than the communist newspapers that sell for a 1$ donation (and have references after their articles, unlike the mainstream media, because they don’t treat their readers like idiots).

    So the Blue Team rank and file, who want to say that Obama is a hard-nosed pragmatist with unquestionable progressive values due to his identity, find it deeply unsettling that he’s betraying progressive values.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    “put the horror of not being cool anymore in ‘em.”

    How, when they are, and will remain, the arbitors of what is or isn’t cool?


    fotrkd Reply:

    Hmm… not sure this treads on your feet or not, but:

    trichotomized as providence, heredity, and catallaxy = religion, ethno-nationalism, and techno-commercialism. It’s not a horror of not being cool, but a horror of comprehending reality when it comes back to hit you.


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  • VXXC Says:

    In a word: Cuba.

    In another word: NO.


    admin Reply:



    VXXC Reply:


    Quantum Cryptronics requires short answers. You have given the correct response, WTF..
    If Chomsky can do it, so can I.


    In ingles, no we can’t wait for it to collapse. For example Cuba. Cuba endures. It shouldn’t, it’s people are literally duct taping 55 Fords into boats to drive to US waters [one guy has done this at least twice].

    And yet the shithole endures.

    It doesn’t take all that much to maintain tyranny once you’ve got power and you control the means of production and the goods of life, like say Health Care. And Food Stamps. And so on. Most people will endure it because most people are cowards. That they have outlets to bitch on like talk radio, letters to the editor, town hall meetings, and the internet is one of the clever things the Cathedral inherited from the New Deal. Yet Detroit is growing larger and larger. I see more beggars daily on the streets. And no I don’t live in shit. I am well gated from it. But shit is spreading.


    Yes even the Prog believers have dead eyes now. But that’s not enough. Not even Castro publicly believes in socialism anymore. Only those rich enough for Elyesium can afford that belief. Not that they live in shit. They advocate it for others. Like me.

    Everyone in Cuba lives in shit, I daresay even the Castro Brothers.

    But as Moldbug might say, Cuba’s sovereignty is conserved.

    Horrorism and [my term] the War of the Termite is fine enough. It is not an end or comprehensive method in itself, but part of the solution.

    And I am not running from that, or submitting.

    [you do realize what lightweights these people are personally, right?]

    We return to regularly programmed Celto Cryptic remarks.


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    Cuba, North Korea, Soviet Union, etc.

    Among many other places. This is something I think the Right in general gets wrong: they can see the trends correctly but they get the time-table wrong.

    Waiting for collapse will probably take generations.

    I do think *some* kind of action is required, but not the go-to actions most people are looking for. So what can we do?

    Make babies. Not a bad first step.

    Building alternate institutions. I don’t know that any will succeed and maybe it’s just a nerd wet dream, but alternative currencies like BitCoin and… yes “Dark Wallet” I think point in the right direction. Having an alternate currency to break our reliance on USD. I’m not saying *this* project will work, but I’m saying that if reaction is about *creation* then this at least points in the right direction.

    In ancient Rome one of the ways the Christians took over wasn’t just their higher fertility but that they also built alternate institutions such as an alternate welfare state that provided better services than the one Rome offered. Power flowed to their institutions and weakened Pagan Rome.

    Could we build an alternate and more effective Police, Courts, Military? Yeah probably not, but I suggest that looking at these kinds of things is the way neoreaction should direct itself.

    Can neoreaction be subversive? If it can it will be because it allows us to do the important things. Not blog posts, not buying useless consumer goods, not lawn gnomes, but the things that institutions and the Cathedral has an interest in keeping from us. Things like access to power, functioning communities, functioning families, racial consciousness, truth & beauty. These things, the important things. Talk is nice, platitudes are easy. But a reaction, means a Reaction. Let’s get to work.

    Dark Wallet:



    dramatic video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouo7Q6Cf_yc “Let there be Dark”

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  • Kevin C. Says:

    “You can pretend to prevail in antagonism against ‘us’, but reality is your true — and fatal — enemy.”

    “Pretend” to prevail? While reality is their true enemy, and will in time defeat them (likely catastrophically for our species); in the meantime they are prevailing against us; a simple look at demographics will illustrate that. The growing volume of neoreactionary voices is not a sign that our numbers are growing, but the cries of the formerly silent as we are ever more squeezed by the forces slowly crushing us out of existence. The question is, will reality collapse the Cathedral before it exterminates the last of us heretics? I increasingly think the answer will be no; accumulated civilizational capital not yet expended, cushoning technology, and demographic momentum will keep the Cathedral going for longer than we and any progeny we may manage to have can possibly hold out.


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  • Psykonomist Says:

    Terrorism is the response of a desperate and extreme minority. Reactionaries have no need to be desperate and how extreme of a minority they/we are is questionable (I hesitate to refer to myself as reactionary because I don’t concur entirely with the whole platform – but it is preferable to anything current..
    The “termite” comparison is somewhat acceptable. Direct attack on progressive meme’s is rarely successful, at least in my experience. Rather, using the latest failure in the form of headlines or official statistics to sow the seeds of doubt in the non-militant-progressive has a greatest impact. Often people can’t connect dots themselves, you merely need to do it for them most nonchalantly and almost with an inquisitive tone yourself, as if you too are also confused as to why reality does not line up with the official meme. This prevents the tripping of anti-progressive-meme defenses.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    “Rather, using the latest failure in the form of headlines or official statistics to sow the seeds of doubt in the non-militant-progressive has a greatest impact.”

    But what does a Progressive do when they doubt? The sole answer to weakening faith is to pray harder. They subscribe to the Care Bear Stare theory, where any failure is due to not caring enough; when a Progressive project does not succeed, it can only mean it wasn’t Progressive enough, and the only thing to do is try again even harder. Doubt is crimethink, so crimestop impels them to double down.


    Psykonomist Reply:

    That is the militant Progressive – the Progressive Activist. Not those merely under the incidental sway of the popular memes. Fortunately those activists usually go through great pains to identify themselves via their activism (or more usually slacktivism) – saving you and I the problem of focus selection.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    Then every leftie I’ve ever met is a “Progressive Activist.” I’ve never seen someone “merely under the incidental sway of the popular memes.” And even if such people exist, what can inducing doubt in them do, except get them Richwined, made near-unemployable Google felons, cast out as anathema by their family and friends? Made into Dalits/Burakumin with whom no “decent” person will associate, lest that “decent” person be contaminated by the utter evil oozing from every pore of the Cathedral apostate’s detestable being? Made unable to find a mate, or if they can, unable to afford the ever-growing costs of family formation, so that their bloodlines are utterly extringuished from the earth, just as all of ours shall be? Remembered, if at all, as yet another example of backwards racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe oppressors defeated in the inevitable victorious march of Progress?

    Mike Reply:

    “The “termite” comparison is somewhat acceptable. Direct attack on progressive meme’s is rarely successful, at least in my experience. Rather, using the latest failure in the form of headlines or official statistics to sow the seeds of doubt in the non-militant-progressive has a greatest impact.”

    The Heartiste strategy of sarcastic mockery, ridicule, and generally sneering and making fun of the cathedral’s sacred cows is a good tactic. The cathedral is addicted to being cool, cool people by definition don’t get mocked, ergo mocked people are uncool.

    It’s hard to feel cool when people are sarcastically ridiculing you.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    Mockery would work to make them uncool… were that mockery heard. But they control the Media, and crimestop ensures that no “racist” or “oppressor” shall be heard; they are as inaudible and invisible as something under Douglas Adams’ “Somebody Else’s Problem” field. Heartist? “Oh, one of those sexist PUAs,” they shall say, and all he says and does will be dismissed; not one derisive word or mocking laugh will enter their impenitrable bubble.


    admin Reply:

    Feedback deprivation also turns people and institutions into dysfunctional idiots. Cathedralists are roughly as (mind) virus proof as Pre-Columbian Americans.

    Mike Reply:

    Mockery is mostly an in-person and social media strategy. The cathedral can’t do much about sarcastic people at work or on Twitter, for example.

    fotrkd Reply:

    The ones who had been men seemed happy, perhaps. “We’re lucky people,” they said. “Look at us, touch us. Don’t you want to be like us? Learn, then. Do like us, then.” Tasurinchi allowed himself to be persuaded. “All right,” he said, “I’ll have a look.” And crossing the river Mitaya, he went with them to the Viracochas’ camp. And discovered, there and then, that he’d fallen into a trap. He was surrounded by devils. What made you realise that, Tasurinchi? Because the Viracocha who was explaining to him what it was he wanted him to do – and it wasn’t easy to understand – suddenly, just like that, showed the filth of his soul. How so, Tasurinchi? What happened? The Viracocha had been asking him: “Are you any good with a machete?” when all of a sudden he broke off, just like that, with his face all puckered up. He opened his mouth wide, and achoo! achoo! achoo! Three times running, it seems. His eyes got all teary, red as a candle flame. Tasurinchi had never been that scared in his whole life. I’m seeing a kamagarini, he thought. That’s what its face looks like; that’s the noise it makes. I’m going to die, this very day. As he was thinking, It’s a devil, a devil, he felt little drops all over him, as though he’d just come out of the water. The cold made his bones creak, and he saw himself from inside, as in a trance. He had to make the greatest effort of his life, he said, to force himself to move. His legs wouldn’t obey him, he was shaking so hard. At last he was able to move. The Viracocha was talking again, not realizing he’d given himself away. A stream of green snot ran out his nostrils. He went on talking as though nothing had happened – the way I’m talking right now. He was surprised, no doubt, to see Tasurinchi running away, leaving him standing there with the words in his mouth. Those who had been men and were standing close by tried to stop Tasurinchi. “Don’t be scared, nothing’s going to happen to you,” they said, trying to deceive him. “He’s sneezing, that’s all. It doesn’t kill them. They’ve got their own medicine.” Tasurinchi got into his canoe, pretending: “Yes, all right. I’ve got to go home, but I’ll be back, wait for me.” His teeth were still chattering, it seems. They’re devils, he thought. I’m going to die today, perhaps. (The Storyteller, Mario Vargas Llosa)

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  • Michael Says:

    off topic for the rest of you but its how my mirks, No one has commented on the duct tape.


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  • Artemisia Says:

    What would the horrorized “enemies” do though – especially when horrorism reaches its target, doing splash damage all around it?

    Look at the Soviet Union…actually, before that, look at the Russians before the Union – for some bizarre reason, they (we?) are a historically horrorized people, thoroughly believing that nothing they (we?) do would matter. How does such marvellous abomination even came to exist – no idea. And then this by-then-habitual horror of those people, the “let me drink, what do I matter” of the Russian peasant is taken even further in Stalinism, which was a regime essentially horrorist in its execution(s). The Stalinist regime killing machine was not an attempt to instill “ideological acquiescence through exemplary violence”, because violence done was not an example to anyone. People did not perish publically; they disappeared, and no one knew where they went (ah, Bulgakov captures it so well with people being literally sent to the devil – a typical Soviet expression which earned itself quite some place in the language). Not even the predominant NKVD/KGB methods were “terrorizing” per se – just be the nightmare waking your prisoner up every hour of every night. Do that for a week or so, and you’re got yourself all you need.
    Despite disappearances, the (quiet) executions, and the (supposed) “bloody terror”, the majority of people genuinely thought life was quite alright, and not because they were ignorant of whatever was happening, too. They knew – one only need look at the political jokes; boy did they know. But they couldn’t do anything – whatever was happening was simply fate. It has happened for centuries – so what if there was a revolution twenty years ago? Why would something that has been been happening for centuries just stop? And they were right, it didn’t. History fed psychology fed history – it’s brilliant. And unsparing – it wasn’t just some “enemies of the regime” that got spoonfed (and eventually assimilated) horrified resignation; it was everyone who lived there and then.

    Except that the attitude of “give us a drink, and we don’t care because what do we matter anyway” is terribly contagious and incredibly persistent. Russia is still best (although not uniquely) defined by that attitude. It’s even more intensified now – the church’s back, with its own set of crushing instruments The Russians are addicted to horror – it doesn’t bring them (us?) some masochistic pleasure anymore, just keeps the activity down – and oh how pleasant it is for us (them?) to do nothing (I’d know). Very little can be done with people addicted to horror; we (yes, definitely we!) just bask in it. The more horror, the deeper we can plunge into it – it’s not even horrifying, not even an impediment to life anymore. We don’t sit, stare at it, and rock helplessly clutching ourselves – we let ourselves be buried by the falling horror! We go deeper, happily rotting in it, really (we do keep on getting a lot of generous contributions to keep the putrefaction going).

    So – the point of me suddenly getting possessed by the voice of Russian people down here – what happens, when the horrorist victim welcomes more horror? Roots for it, asks for it, supports it. When seeking horror, short of curbing activism, becomes it? It seems like what is “destinied” to crush activism is itself “destinied” to generate the slowest kind of activism, to be sure – more passive than everything else available, short of dying. But still an activism, one that borders on worshipping the big black hairy clawed hand under your bed that grabs you tight till you can barely breathe every night…it really looks like at some point the horrorist strategy would backfire.

    (Admittedly, it could be that only Russians are so brilliantly historically twisted. I somehow doubt it though.)


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Wu wei, non-action. When the state is small you cannot harm it with wu wei because it doesn’t care what you do as long as you don’t directly confront it (the state itself is practicing wu wei). As the state grows, non-action has increasingly large effects because the state is now responsible for an ever growing amount of society. The extreme example is the slave who refuses to work, the communist factory workers who build one giant nail weighing 50 tons, or maybe nothing at all. Consider the position of the Chinese communist leaders versus American leaders if there is a deep recession. Very few Americans were outright punished because blame could be shifted on to business, but in China, the party assumes great responsibility for the economic outcomes. Consider the anger over health insurance that is now becoming singularly focused on Obama. The system sucked before, but it was the system. Now is sucks because Obama.

    Non-action need not be negative. I prefer to think of it as redirected action. One of the most reactionary acts today is to home school your children. Even if progressives home school, they are also harming the state through non-action because their non-participation is public. But better than that, in areas where there are many home schoolers, people are rebuilding communities. Progressives also tend to be leaders in the “local” movement. The local economy does not even need money to function, as traditional society didn’t rely on gold or silver coins, but credit. I sincerely doubt the Amish are paying their full taxes.

    Find places where the Church is involved in daily life and support it. The Church is a freestanding institution that can replace many of the functions of the state. If you were involved in charity, the local economy, home schooling your children and not very interested in the doings in Washington (at least outwardly), few people would think you were being anti-Cathedral, yet if the Cathedral looked to you, all they would see is your back.


    admin Reply:

    “Wu wei, non-action.” — Yes.


    Thales Reply:

    Eeexactly… /steeplefingers


    Thales Reply:

    I would only add that Progs, being entryists, should be shunned as reasonably as possible.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Artemesia is owed an answer….


    admin Reply:

    I’m quite taken by the Cathedral core in the clutches of something “that borders on worshipping the big black hairy clawed hand under your bed that grabs you tight till you can barely breathe every night …”


    Artemisia Reply:

    Why, you can try being taken by the hairy black hand a little bit more literally – pay Russia a visit. The result would probably answer Artemisia nicely.
    After all, it has been a while since Old Nick visited us in the flesh – always there in spirit, of course, but we quite miss him.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Well if ye won’t lead out, lead UP into the Void. Space is the Exit.


    The Lure of the Void is UP and EXIT.

    The numbers of fighters in the human race is vanishingly small, 0.1%. The number of defenders about mm…0.04%, and I’m being optimistic.

    Numbers of Predators: at least 6%. Oh most won’t fight. They look for weaklings. However their numbers are in the single digits. You may file 90% of violent mudprolery under this heading. EEEEK!!

    We’d all be f**ked forever, except the predators character defects cause them usually to fall out. That and they don’t do well against strength. BTW the number of Prog fighters can almost be counted and named. They’d fit comfortably in a High School Football stadium. Just wanna let you know what you’re surrendering to…physically craven, morally feral, often personally vile LIGHTWEIGHTS.

    People keep mentioning Stalin, or the New Dealers. You’re abjectly surrendering to Perez Hilton. About the nastiest they can muster.


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    You keep saying what kind of pussies Progs are, and yet I’ve seen no concrete solutions from you for specific actions you would take against them.


    Thales Reply:

    Well, he can’t just come out and advocate organized violent Cathedral overthrow because the NSA/FBI “pussies” are also reading this, amirite?


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    He just doesn’t want a visit from the 4chan party van.


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    Since you’re interested in kinetic action I’ll leave this hear for you. If this kind of thing happens in America, I expect it would start like this:

    “The undeclared, low-grade civil war that we are living should not be declared officially,” wrote Christos Dervenis, a leftwing commentator, in the Ethnos newspaper. “Our democracy may be strong but it is not a given.”



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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    *Once a revolutionary movement becomes demographically implausible, terrorists are born.*
    *Demotist activism finds its rigorous neoreactionary ‘counterpart’ in fatalism — trichotomized as providence, heredity, and catallaxy.*

    Both of these need to find their way into the Neoreactionary Book of Proverbs. Right after the neoreactionary ur-text, the Gods of the Copybook Headings.


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  • Thos Ward Says:

    Love this post. I’d like to add, the horrorist should do nothing political, but what they should do is optimize for intelligence in every way possible. Knowledge maybe deployed for power by apes, but intelligence is indifferent and resists discipline.


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  • fotrkd Says:

    The San Francisco Catastrophe.

    THE whole world was startled on Wednesday, the 18th April, with the tidings that there had been, in the early morning, a tremendous earthquake at the city of San Francisco on the west coast of America. The earthquake lasted three minutes; the roads moved up and down like waves; and large, massive buildings toppled over. Most of the inhabitants rushed into the streets in their night apparel, but many were destroyed amid the wreck of the houses. Numerous fires almost immediately broke out, which baffled the efforts of the authorities to check, through want of water, and greatly increased the devastation. The poorer and more commercial sections of the city were the first to suffer, and the part which has best survived the shock is the residential quarter. Upwards of 200,000 persons were rendered homeless and shelterless, and had to cluster together and lie in the parks and open places. Many of the people were completely dazed and stupefied by the terrible and unexpected catastrophe, while some became literally demented. One reporter describes the case of a group of women gathered in the attitude of prayer, with a person who had gone “crazy” standing among them, crying out, “The Lord sent it-the Lord.” It would be good, however, if the madness expressed in these very true words would extend to a greater number of the inhabitants. San Francisco, we understand, was one of the most wicked cities in the civilized world. The earthquake was evidently the visitation of God. Towns within a considerable radius have also suffered seriously from the shock. The United States Government have voted one million dollars towards a relief fund, and there is much talk already about rebuilding the destroyed city. It would be better if there were some signs of a fulfilment of the words of the prophet, “When thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.” (The Free Presbyterian Magazine And Monthly Record, May 1906)


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  • Grotto Says:

    The neoreactionary cosmology goes something like this:

    1. The natural world (“reality”), is best harnessed for human prosperity by conservative principles which understand the limitations and peculiarities of human nature.

    2. The Cathedral is a willful, deliberate rebellion from the natural order, and can only be maintained at increasing cost, as the percentage of the society that remains productively grounded in reality continues to shrink.

    3. The Cathedral will collapse due to its unsustainability, leading to a chaotic, anarchist mess. During this time, competing systems of sovereignty and power will arise, and those most aligned with the natural order, namely, those that are the most authentically conservative, are likely to achieve dominance.

    4. As they achieve dominance and prosperity, they must remain vigilant against the leftward-ratchet. Numerous schemes have been proposed to combat this, and some have hypothesized that it is systemic and unavoidable. If the former is successful, we have reached the end of history as a reactionary stasis. If the latter is true, the cycle begins again.

    This aligns very well with the horrorist approach, which could also be considered Taoist. We consider ourselves essentially in harmony with the natural order, and consider the Cathedral as a monstrous rebellion against this order, which must inevitably fail. The primary difference is that while Taoism is essentially practical, intuitionist, situational, neoreaction, born of the Western tradition, believes in an objective natural order whose principles are universal and immutable.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    “3. The Cathedral will collapse due to its unsustainability, leading to a chaotic, anarchist mess. During this time, competing systems of sovereignty and power will arise, and those most aligned with the natural order, namely, those that are the most authentically conservative, are likely to achieve dominance.”

    And here’s where most neoreactionaries seem over-optimistic to me. They all seem to assume (based on nothing but wishful thinking IMO), that they, their descendants, and/or their ideas will triumph in the collapse, when it is highly unlikely that any of these will even survive the chaos, which shall prove so destructive that any sort of recovery afterwards will be utterly impossible.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Vladimir has argued that a Brezhnev-style sclerosis is more likely than a violent collapse. I keep thinking of Henry Hazlitt’s novel _Time Will Run Back_ as a recovery scenario. Everything has been forgotten and has to be reinvented from scratch.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    Whether the collapse is fast or frog-boiling slow, the result is the same; a slow decline means more time for dysgenic trends to usher in idiocracy. It means that the inevitable eradication of whites will be carried out less by violence and more by sub-replacement fertility and blending.

    And humanity will not rebuild “from scratch”; they cannot. The “low-hanging fruit” has already been plucked; the energy and mineral resources accessable with 1800’s technology have already been tapped out. Whether fast or slow, the collapse of the Cathedral will push humanity past the point of no return with regards to the industrial age; the future resembles John Michael Greer’s “deindustrial age”… forever.

    Humanity had its one shot at expanding beyond Earth, or creating the Singularity, and has already blown it. The future is only decay.

    Konkvistador Reply:

    @Kevni C. That is the scenario that has been haunting me for the last 5 years.

    Saddam Hussein's Whirling Aluminium Tubes Reply:

    If Kevin C.’s scenario is correct (and it seems the most likely to me, there is a lot of ruin in a society), then we really ought to do something as opposed to doing nothing.

    And if we need to do something (and somebody probably does) then a significant amount of the wisdom we’ve received from Moldbug needs to be re-thought.

    Posted on November 5th, 2013 at 12:40 am Reply | Quote
  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    @Saddam Part of the Moldbug endowment is the question of whether the USG is bad because it’s democratic or because it isn’t democratic. I have argued that it is democratic, but after voting on Tuesday, I’m tempted to switch sides. I am on enough political email lists that I ought to be relatively well-informed, but I couldn’t even figure out who or what was on the ballot without driving to the polling place. Even then, I had to ask a poll worker, because the generic sample ballot was so unhelpful. It turns out that the single-member district city council race I got to vote in was uncontested. For the others (at-large), this was a “non-partisan” election, which means that they don’t list party affiliation, which is usually the only information I have about most of the candidates.


    Posted on November 7th, 2013 at 1:35 pm Reply | Quote
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