While this blog generally seeks to spread dismay whenever the opportunity arises, it cannot pretend to a huge obsession with what might be described as ordinary racism. When perusing the thought-crimes of the mainstream racist community, it is continually afflicted by a sense of overwhelming unreality. This is not (of course), because races do not exist, or do not differ significantly, or … whatever. The most politically incorrect cognitive position on almost every point of this kind is reliably closer to reality than its more socially-convenient and comforting alternatives.

The problem with ordinary racism is its utter incomprehension of the near future. Not only will capabilities for genomic manipulation dissolve biological identity into techno-commercial processes of yet-incomprehensible radicality, but also … other things.

First, a sketch of the existing racism-antiracism contention in its commonplace or dominant form. The antiracist, or universal humanist position — when extracted from its most idiotic social-constructivist and hypocritical alt-racist expressions — amounts to a program for global genetic pooling. Cultural barriers to the Utopian vision of a unitary ‘human’ gene pool, stirred with increasing ardor into homogeneous intermixture, are deplored as atavistic obstructions to the realization of a true, common humanity. Races will not exist once they are reduced, by practical politics and libidinal indiscriminacy, into relics of contingent historical partition. In contrast, racial identitarianism envisages a conservation of (comparative) genetic isolation, generally determined by boundaries corresponding to conspicuous phenotypic variation. It is race realist, in that it admits to seeing what everyone does in fact see — which is to say consistent patterns of striking, correlated, multi-dimensional variety between human populations (or sub-species). Its unrealism lies in its projections.

Gregory Cochran suggests that space colonization will inevitably function as a highly-selective genetic filter, unless extreme political intervention is taken to prevent this:

One generally assumes that space colonists, assuming that there ever are any, will be picked individuals, somewhat like existing astronauts – the best out of hordes of applicants. They’ll be smarter than average, healthier than average, saner than average – and not by just a little. […] Since all these traits are significantly heritable, some highly so, we have to expect that their descendants will be different – different above the neck. They’d likely be, on average, smarter than any existing ethnic group. If a Lunar colony really took off, early colonists might account for a disproportionate fraction of the population (just as Puritans do in the US), and the Loonies might continue to have inordinate amounts of the right stuff indefinitely.

As a scientific sort, Cochran is exploring this scenario as a potential source of compelling hereditarian evidence (anticipated through thought experiment). What, however, of the prospect itself, as the illustration of a mechanism that lends itself to theoretical generalization? One might discuss it in terms of ordinary racism, as a zone of disparate impact (which it would almost certainly be). Yet this is only to scratch at it, hazily and superficially.

The most prominent model of such a filter is found in the theory of assortative mating. Strictly speaking, the racial-preservationist culture advocated by ordinary racism is an example of assortative mating, with a criterion of genetic proximity filtering potential matches. This is not why the idea has such currency. It is assortative mating on the basis of SES that has lifted it to prominence, both because it seems unquestionably to be happening, and because the implications of its happening are extreme. (Crucially, SES is a strong proxy for IQ.)

Assortative mating tends to genetic diversification. This is neither the preserved diversity of ordinary racism, still less the idealized genetic pooling of the anti-racists, but a class-structured mechanism for population diremption, on a vector towards neo-speciation. It implies the disintegration of the human species, along largely unprecedented lines, with intrinsic hierarchical consequence. The genetically self-filtering elite is not merely different — and becoming ever more different — it is explicitly superior according to the established criteria that allocate social status. Analogical fusion with Cochran’s space colonists is scarcely avoidable. If SES-based assortative mating is taking place, humanity (and not only society) is coming apart, on an axis whose inferior pole is refuse. This is not anything that ordinary racism is remotely able to process. That it is a consummate nightmare for anti-racism goes without question, but it is also trans-racial, infra-racial, and hyper-racial in ways that leave ‘race politics’ as a gibbering ruin in its wake.

Neo-eugenic genomic manipulation capabilities, which will also be unevenly distributed by SES, will certainly intensify the trend to speciation, rather than ameliorating it. On the sweetness-and-light side, racists and anti-racists can be expected to eventually bond in a defensive fraternity, when they recognize that traditionally-differentiated human populations are being torn asunder on an axis of variation that dwarfs all of their established concerns.

ADDED: Assortative Mating, Class, and Caste

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  • Chris B Says:

    This is all assuming civilization doesn’t go full retard and collapse into anarchy.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    I thought civilization has already gone full retard, and that we are waiting for it to reach peak retard and collapse accordingly. Unless you’re assuming this means literal nuclear fallout, our pockets of sanity will remain and restore civilization within select enclaves. Present civilization may last long enough to see things through to the singularity but we can’t count on that and I don’t see why enclaves styled after the first foundation couldn’t finish the work towards reaching the singularity.


    Hurlock Reply:

    Actually, I suspect this is even more true in the case that civilization does go full retard and collapses into anarchy.


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  • Izak Says:

    The message I’m taking away from this is, “The people who talk about race as it is now are fools for not talking about it as it might possibly be some day in the future.”


    admin Reply:

    The people who linearly project race as it is now into the future aren’t seriously thinking about the topic.


    Izak Reply:

    It’s equally silly to project race linearly according to trend lines as though they are unwavering. You have the same problem that the WNs do: you’re noticing a pattern and seeing the trend continuing indefinitely into the future. For the WNs, white people should be on the endangered species list right now because they’re going to be a minority in America in 2040 or whatever; for you, we should already prepare for the advent of some zany half-white half-asian race of super smart guys.

    I don’t think the general thrust in either of these patterns (both of which are complementary, not opposed) will manage to withstand the extreme tensions they’re producing.

    Heartiste has made some valid points which touch on assortative mating based on socioeconomic status: it tends to result in browbeaten, pissed off men with low testosterone and no ability to control their wives — which is why I suppose he specifically recommends marriage (IE, mating) based on mixing male status and female looks, not strictly high IQ. It probably won’t be long before men start to approach the situation from the same stance.

    In the meantime, it seems like the very basic tripartite division of mongoloid/caucasoid/negroid will maintain its structural integrity for centuries down the line.


    admin Reply:

    Hang on a minute — you think there are centuries down the line?

    Izak Reply:

    Posting in this thread because Heartiste just did something interesting.


    In this post, he explains why he dislikes Assortative Mating theory, even seemingly addressing the specifics of the main text above. For the record I don’t agree with his rebuttal. The reason is because when women get silly and meaningless degrees in Women’s and Gender Studies or whatever, they still require a high IQ at the tertiary education level. All of the “research” is basically bogus, but you still ultimately have to be a structured writer, you still have to know a bunch of big words and retain jargon, you still have to understand the basics of abstruse post-structuralist and/or phenomenological philosophical thinkers, etc. etc. even if what you’re writing is sheer garbage. No, it’s not very hard work, but the amount of work, for what it’s worth, requires high IQ. Personally I’ve noticed that feminist grad students (and their ilk) do the work they do mostly because they have more free time to do other stuff, while the men in hard sciences are all working their asses off.

    You could actually compare most humanities grad scholarship to what alchemy and magic was for enlightenment-era scientists. Isaac Newton studied the occult sciences, and the reason was probably because ultra-complex and obscurantist systems of thought appeal to highly intelligent people, regardless of validity.

    However, Heartiste follows up his own point with this bit of advice:


    So he sort of has his bases covered. Even if his analysis is wrong, he’s doing his part for the segment of his spergy fanbase who might otherwise fall into the trap. More people will probably adopt these sorts of attitudes in the next couple decades.

    As I’ve said, the new cognitive elite seems too screwy and dissatisfied for trends to continue indefinitely. I predict a gradual reversal, but I guess we’ll see.

    admin Reply:

    Still in the process of digesting this — it’s clearly a significant intervention. But agreeing with you (I think), it’s easy to underestimate the IQ demands of even highly dysfunctional credentialism. (After all, the credential signalling model arose as a theory of proxy IQ testing.) Simply complying with the demands of politically correct speech in the academy, for instance, is a highly g-loaded test. A non-privileged-caste academic in the modern humanities or social sciences, working in the most depraved recesses of the Cathedral, deals with a myriad radioactive (and potentially career-wrecking) obstacle courses every day. It’s probable that nobody has had to navigate such an arcane maze of high-consequence language games since the inner circles of the clerisy during times of extraordinary theological controversy — unless communist party members in power. That this selects strongly for intelligence (however perverted in its orientation) seems to me simply undeniable.

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  • Frank Says:

    If you haven’t already, read Dune. Best attempt I know of to imagine the type of multi generational hyper racism necessary to create a messiah/overman.


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  • peppermint Says:

    Hey admin, http://i.imgur.com/eiEhPA9.gif

    race will continue to be a thing until genetic augmentation becomes mainsteam, which will probably take decades, assuming that it doesn’t become illegal first, as in Star Trek DS9.




    at least this won’t happen anymore once physical currency and easily-fenced personal items are phased out. But that’s actually not the problem:


    this is the problem.


    this isn’t exactly a solution, but it’s awkward for socialists


    admin Reply:

    “… will probably take decades” — we’re pretty much agreed about the relevant time-scale.


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  • Roi Says:

    The multicultural Apex Fallacy

    Proles will still be proles. Proles don’t thrive in multiculturalism.


    Michael Reply:

    yes but proles will produce a lot more elites than elites so mind your proles


    admin Reply:

    Prole production of elites is not a constant, but a variable function, dependent on the degree of genetic homogeneity. As populations are disintegrated by assortative fission, it necessarily declines. (Murray thinks this is already an evident trend.)


    Michael Reply:

    i think what Murray was describing then and now was a disruption in prole mating habits.My experience is proles are happy like hobbits till wizards come knocking.obviously multiculturalism immigration forced integration [redundant.] feminism etc are factors that effect prole employment housing etc Murray then was concerned about the cognitive sorting through standardized testing which is one of the causes of the asso9rtive mating that takes place on campus one of the albeit better causes of prole dissolution. White proles like many large mammals require a certain amount of security and dignity to reproduce the elites we need to compete with the wily east asians and minor asians. left in peace and prosperity by elites proles will spin off elites and perform all sorts of other positive social functions. This cognitive sorting as unz describes is not very thorough regarding rural whites contra murray in idaho we have mechanics i have no doubt could build rockets and farmers with 135 IQs who believe in creationism a bright young man does not want to leave every thing he knows and loves to live the decadent elite life so many remain un tempted or un found by the net. this is healthy we needn’t bring every last high IQ to Washington -patchwork ay.
    now here is a problem how to support them without turning them into welfare cases. banning immigration seems a really pro market way to raise wages triangulating third world corruption and low IQs against american proles is not a free labor market nor is it productive.not everything is invented at google. having a high iq blue collar workforce is good in many ways besides elites have no idea how difficult a lot of blue collar work can be blacks and Hispanics are utterly incapable of construction work for instance. but that bright idaho kid working on dads skidder is the guy that invents something that revolutionizes american mining not some geek at google.murry say we all still marry within a few points of our IQ in nyc this will probably some third worlder we met at the google frozen yogurt pantry thats not a good thing if it happens constantly.

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  • Hyper-Racism | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Michael Says:

    It doesn’t look to me like we will be designing babies before the collapse it certainly doesn’t like we will talk BonoBOBOs into swapping spit with with chimps they might add a little jew or adopt a slant but they secretly like their own DNA, as for us shanty Irish etc -not gonna happen ,we definitely like our DNA. now Ive said for decades the guy that figures out how to straighten black embryos hair will make a fortune but who is going to pay to make blacks white when they could more cheaply pay blacks not to breed- seriously for $5000 apiece you could neuter the entire black underclass.if it were not for BOBOs squeamishness so once you propagandize eugenics again all sorts of options open up.But that might not be possible it goes against a lot of other memes. Im aware it will be tempting it will start out as medicine it will give your kid a better chance at Yale or the Knicks We have a quadrillion in derivatives hanging over our heads and have pissed off everyone in the world a coordinated assault on our economy could take us down in weeks.once that happens order will be a challenge because USG cant endlessly up the anti on firepower against any given situation many losses wil be cut patches will appear a quilt will be made and it wont be of multicultural DNA. technology aside.
    so what i would be concentrating on is how to propagandize DENRX to pull generals and Governors and citizens over to something quite alien to them


    Blak-Kunt-01 Reply:

    who is going to pay to make blacks white when they could more cheaply pay blacks not to breed- seriously for $5000 apiece you could neuter the entire black underclass.

    Is this something you’d like to see Michael? If so, how is this not an example of the ‘ordinary racism’ mentioned above?


    Aeroguy Reply:

    I agree that Michael is guilty of ordinary racism. There’s plenty to criticize with Michael’s writing (personally I’m not sure it’s worth the effort) but not so much that part as a policy suggestion (assuming sane policy suggestions were allowed on the table). Mind you, it would be most correct to say “neuter the entire underclass” but it would also be a denial to say that this wouldn’t mean the majority of blacks or in PC terms, it would have a disparate impact. Paying to neuter is probably the most humane way to deal with the issue (not that we care, although as go the proles, so will go the entirety of human kind once strong AI hits the scene). Michael’s problem isn’t his distaste for black proles but that he doesn’t have a distaste for all proles.

    There isn’t enough appreciation for acceleration, culture evolves faster than genetic mutation (and acts as a genetic catalyst), yet the opening field of genetic engineering promises evolution far faster than cultural evolution (and all pale compared to singularity). One of my takeaways from HBD is that civilization accelerated evolution which is why civilized people are more advanced (not just culturally but even genetically) than uncivilized people. Ordinary racists get that, what they don’t get is that there are more powerful accelerators and if they want off Mr. Gnon’s wild ride (the ride never ends) to preserve some kind of identity they will have to accept equal status (technically complete lack of status) with the other groups who also got left behind by acceleration.


    Michael Reply:

    LOL “Racism” HMMM what does that mean? are you saying you don’t believe in biological racial difference,cause thats the definition maybe you a creationist from the alter trad huh?or do you mean the differences dont matter in this environment ? or that its not nice to notice better to let civilization collapse than be rude? Or do you mean that you suspect i mistake the group average for individual ? well I dont but the thing is those group averages wreak havoc.so to answer your accusation youre wrong Im not a hater, all of my black friends are really really clever amiable responsible as are all my friends, I even have a lot of black Hispanic friends on the left side of the bell curve who are reakable in thier own ways and have worked their way into my hearts for various reasons this is possible because my lifes been atypical so Im exposed to more than most
    That said I would detach with love and send every one home to mother Africa to save not only my own people but to save humanity, because i dont think human kind survives the demise of the european and i think we Euros face an existential threat sorry i dont thing east asians jews or AI or going to cut it and trust me i may write badly type with two fingers tawk like a brooklyn tough guy but im pretty smart and thought a lot about it so the humane thing is everyone go home do your own thing
    “Distaste for proles” LOLOLOLOL you guys really are all ex liberals arent you- no i dont have a distaste for proles i have a distaste for faggots though that preen like that. but esthetics aside heres the real reason I dont have a distaste for white proles, we need them in a way we dont need black proles. IQ reversion to the mean means even if barry and michele had the IQ Salon pretends they do the kids are halfway back to 85 while joe and jane sixpacks with 85 IQs are going to have 100 IQ kids and theres so many of them they are going to have orders af mag more 160s than bill and melinda and co ever will and those 160s will probably not say faggoty things like ” the problem is he doesn’t have a distaste for white proles” god you sound like my english mother.
    If you have ever hung out with black or white proles you would know theres a world of difference like different planets. and you would know that despite the best efforts of the SAT corp theres plenty of blue collar 125- 150s or better im sure. and trust me when the collapse happens its us 130 plus proles who are going to be in charge and you 150 elite faggs will be are techs just like now. theres reasons for this you will never understand buts its true go to any human center of power and BTW we are also all male and over 6-2
    so assuming im an ordinary racist whatever i do get that logically once you decide hey fuck the chips they dont cut it then where do you draw the line every year we cull another 5 points off the left half of the curve- so maybe thats not such a good idea maybe we shouldnt let you idiots do stupid stuff like invent killer hal5000s or breed 290 IQ babies maybe thats a really bad idea yeah i get to date we have been letting elites do whatever but maybe you smarty pants will get wise instead of clever and slow things down until you can see around a bend or two. the world was pretty cool 200 years ago except for a few problems we solved lets savor something like that im not suggesting as romantic or Luddite but say we had made all the good descisions of the past 200 years but none of the bad say all that wealth had been better spent imagine vienna 1778 with Iphones and Africans as a pastoral protected species in the game park we call africa
    theres almost a quadrillion in credit default swaps china russia and half the world are about ready to make their move we dont have the luxury of playing D and D we need to figure out how to flip the army and inteligence services how to organize pre collapse for post collapse and what the plan is the mexicans will flee thats cool but the elites will fight they need to be defeated or flipped asap

    Aeroguy Reply:

    See Mrs. Grundy,
    See Mrs. Grundy scream.
    Scream Mrs. Grundy scream.

    Just as planned.

    Michael Reply:

    whether or not i would vote for this or that option or follow the king or corporation that promised to implement this or that policy isn’t the point the point is admin seems quite convinced that things like off planet colonies and genetically re engineered humans battling AI are something to waste time on when we are on borrowed time as it is. but if it happened quickly and the propaganda machine made genetic manipulation an OK thing then other options become considerable like licensing childbearing, paying bounties for vasectomies and tubular legations, medicaid funded abortions, mandatory sterilization before receiving welfare. etc.
    Now if what you really want to know is if I hate people I haven’t met based on information about their group the answer is no I have lived my whole life in inner cities work in the construction industry in short i dearly love many minorities and they love me despite the fact they realize im not a liberal even perhaps because of that they know my respect is always earned. So unlike you elites i know blacks i didn’t meet at grad school and ive known the facts aboyt race realism decades before Griffie d lion or Steve sailer jay man etc etc ever crunched the numbers and despite my anecdotal affections and fifty something years of living in slums the numbers are now in and they don’t lie so if i could push a button and neuter all the blacks underclass i would because it needs to be done and what the hell Im a sociopath and have no qualms about doing things that need doing based on the facts.but that would not be my policy just one i point out would compete with designer babies a hell of a lot sooner and cheaper. as long as we are playing of world fantasy while Rome burns my policy would be to as humanely as possibly relocate all non Europeans to their “homelands” Because HBD tells us its the only truly sustainable solution. no Im not a national socialist Im a Jew loving new yorker a radical capitalist and yet the east Asians and A Jews seem to pose as significant a a threat as do the African and Amerindian.I would hope we could have a non citizen guest worker to steal tech talent and get great food and culture . but I would really need some convincing to continue to allow Jews to practice law control media and be politically active honestly I think what they have done has not been out of malice but DNA driven and also a defense mechanism to be part of a bigger herd of minorities but its still pretty much deconstructed western civilization and what admin seems to favor when not playing Dune is basically what we had in 1775 thing is it would only replay blacks would not be able to compete and that would lead to great cost social and financial jews would out compete and steer things to our disadvantage we would for a while dominate with shear numbers but in the end be right here again.


    White Trash Reply:

    Michael’s not racist – he has black friends that didn’t graduate! – but he’d neuter the black ‘underclass’. No, not racist in that he hates all individual blacks – but what kind of racist ever hates in that way? – just an ordinary racist.

    admin Reply:

    “… we need to figure out how to flip the army and intelligence services …” — you know, that sounds like a plan, or at least the first step on the road to a plan, but it’s probably not something to be plotted in public.

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  • Raymund Eich Says:

    Cochran’s wrong regarding space colonies. The only space colonies will be founded by religious fanatics.

    Why? Space settlements will never pay for themselves. I discussed why in these blog posts: http://raymundeich.com/economics-of-space-settlements-part-i/ and http://raymundeich.com/economics-of-space-settlements-part-ii/

    There are many examples of terrestrial colonies founded out of religious (or religious-like) impulses. Massachusetts, Utah, the Boer Republics, modern-day Israel (do note: most Zionists were irreligious socialists, hence “religious-like”), hippie communes, etc.

    More on religious fanatics founding space settlements at: http://raymundeich.com/religion-and-space-settlement-part-i/ and http://raymundeich.com/religion-and-space-settlement-part-ii/

    These insights don’t negate the observation that assortative mating by SES is happening, or our host’s prediction that genetech will blur existing racial boundaries on the way to new, diverging races and species. But given that one of the most potent religious-like sentiments is ethnic or racial nationalism, not to mention the old US adage that “Sunday is the most segregated day of the week,” we should expect a future of a genetech multi/post-racial Earth against isolated space colonies clinging to old racial identities.


    Michael Reply:

    i had an idea the other day that mars might be easier to move here than slogging back and forth plus its warmer turns out everyone’s thought of that well you know the type of everyone. im a bit more optimistic than the consensus still thats the only off planet possibility for the next couple hundred years and this brave new world genetics is also very far off though i wish it weren’t being of a certain age, can you just see the absurdity of the environmentalist crying about moving mars one scientist asked to run the numbers i read was already in a lather about it


    Aeroguy Reply:

    One of the reasons I like Nick Land is because he’s written about space with a competence par to having a background in aerospace engineering. What he wrote about in Lure of the Void included everything I’ve had to explain in numerous conversations and internet ramblings for years, all wrapped up with a bow. Go read Lure of the Void because it’s clear that you haven’t, do it now. Go read about launch loops too while you’re at it, they’re like space elevators, but better (puts stuff in orbit cheaper than elevators and it doesn’t get eaten alive by micro-meteors).


    Raymund Eich Reply:

    Thanks, Aeroguy. Was Lure of the Void one of Nick’s essays at his old Urban Future site? I recall one of his essays there envisioning spacefaring future (post)humans dismantling planets for matter and energy. Either way, I’ll (re)read Lure of the Void.

    As far as launch loops, I’ve read a little. No doubt they are better than space elevators. But my rule of thumb for thinking about space settlement always failing as a for-profit enterprise is this: the materials science and plentiful energy to make space travel cheaper will also make extraction and production cheaper.

    In other words, a space commercialization enterprise is always going to have higher costs, because it will always have to pay the extra cost of shipping things up and down Earth’s gravity well.

    The only exceptions are for services and raw materials that are wanted and can’t be provided on Earth. Comsats today, zero-gee resorts tomorrow, maybe helium-3 and strange and dark matter down the line.

    To be clear, I’m certain space settlements are possible. (Much of my book-length science fiction is set in extraterrestrial settlements). It’s that the most plausible route to space settlements is through religious/ideological/ethnic/cultural motivations, not economic ones. Picture hardscrabble, isolated NRx clades resisting the red-giant-like expansion of the Earth-based Cathedral. Or a colony of leftists resisting an NRx Patchwork Earth. Etc.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    There is bountiful material wealth, low hanging fruit to be found in the asteroids. When distance from wealth is measured in deltaV Earth quickly becomes a backwater scum pit. The point of Earth’s gravity well is that it makes Earth real-estate low value. Once you leave the backwater, why would you ever think to go back?

    Aeroguy Reply:

    Let me give you a military breakdown too while we’re at it.

    On Earth everyone pisses themselves when they think someone is going to nuke them, in space, they laugh. The worst effects of a nuke are the shockwave and radiation. In space there’s no atmosphere so no shockwave, and radiation is a joke because everything already has to be hardened to withstand cosmic radiation if you’re going to live there. It’s just the heat, which makes nukes just a slightly bigger than average bomb in space.

    Furthermore, lobbing bombs in general at someone in space isn’t a good tactic either. They can see them coming for quite while, months to years in advance if it’s coming from Earth to the asteroid belt. Even lasers can be used as point defense though they aren’t the dominant weapon. The dominant weapon in the opening era of space conflict is the railgun. Given the constraints on deltaV you get a Newtonian certainty of anything’s given position in time rather than feigns and dodges. Sitting up in the asteroid belt, no one on the surface of Earth can launch anything that could meaningfully threaten you.

    In contrast, those in the asteroid belt will have already built quite a few railguns, for moving materials around for economic reasons. Those railguns could very easily be repurposed not just for defense but for offense, I’m sure you’ve heard of tungsten rods from god. Hitting latitudes closer to the poles is a little trickier than this otherwise nearly effortless task, merely adding a small booster for course correction into the iron jacket used to push the tungsten through the railgun. Not to mention the ease of raining flechette on everything in orbit around Earth.

    Think of the asteroid belt as a castle or walled city filled with gold, while Earth is a stinky indefensible, unpaved mosh filled with filthy peasants, in range of arrows from the top of the asteroid’s very high walls. What makes you think the genetically augmented children of high SES people will be down among the peasants and not behind the wall where genetic splicing to be adapted to space will present overwhelming advantages. (Which itself assumes that both the technological and leftist singularity are significantly delayed, so this is on the fringe.)

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  • Dan Says:

    There are a few gays picking preferred profiles from sperm bank catalogs, which is a kind of assortive mating. But I’m just not seeing any evidence that genetic technology is being explicitly applied anywhere.

    People are selecting against certain known diseases and in Asia they intensively select against XX syndrome, but I am not aware of any positive selection *for* any specific traits at the genetic level.

    Before we panic that the world is being conquered by people who have been purposefully encoded genetically, we may note that the world does not yet have a single person that has a single spliced-in gene.


    R. Reply:

    You know, some of the kids who were born with DNA from three different people are already in high school…


    Dan Reply:

    Okay, fine, you win on a technicality:


    A little bit of mitochondrial DNA from a donor, which is separate from what is in the nucleus. When people talk about a human genomic sequence, they are generally talking about the chromosomes inside the nucleus.


    R. Reply:

    I’m pretty sure that some babies with fixed genes (removed a cancer causing mutation have been born). In the UK?

    Not quite sure whether this was accomplished by splicing or embryo selection though..

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  • hughdecroft Says:

    There is the risk that high-IQ tech elites could neo-speciate themselves into a genetic quagmire.


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  • soapjackal Says:

    > Not only will capabilities for genomic manipulation dissolve biological identity into techno-commercial processes of yet-incomprehensible radicality, but also … other things

    ehhh i doubt any super futuristic genetics is going to be making the race topic any less relevant. Applied eugenics and actually strides in that field may but this is just breeding not direct manipulation of codes. More over distinct strains of man will defintiley change ordinary racism (skin color) into something more based on genetics and hereditary lineage. Tribes are not fungible.

    That said I am still a fan of tribalism which will only be exacerbated by space colonies. Even if ideologies are still big power players in the future of space colony individual colonies and cultures will be very physically distinct from one another. The ‘white race’ will be less important than the Jackal Cylinder in relation to the Owl Cylinder.


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  • Michael Says:

    they already have


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 at 2:19 am Reply | Quote
  • ||||| Says:

    What would be funny is if in Blade Runner fashion running processes cannot be altered and augmentation is restricted mainly to developmental stages. Now add a dash of Fully Homomorphic Encryption and voila! One’s bloodline immediately becomes a trade secret and of excessive relevance to industrial interests. You think patent trolling is bad?

    What an amusing conquest of the Territory by the Map would that be. Sanctus SovCorpus!

    Praise Abraxas. Fear Abraxas.



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  • Antisthenes Says:

    “a class-structured mechanism for population diremption, on a vector towards neo-speciation. It implies the disintegration of the human species, along largely unprecedented lines, with intrinsic hierarchical consequence.”

    So, Eloi and Morlocks?


    admin Reply:

    At least roughly.


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 at 8:53 am Reply | Quote
  • Henk Says:

    I suspect it doesn’t take much genetic flow between elite and plebes to inhibit actual speciation, but I certainly haven’t done the math.

    More interestingly, the future consensus about which genetic enhancements shall be the hip and forward thing vs. which shall be uncouth and verboten will of course be entirely up to Moloch.


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 at 9:11 am Reply | Quote
  • Chuck Says:

    “The problem with ordinary racism is its utter incomprehension of the near future. Not only will capabilities for genomic manipulation dissolve biological identity into techno-commercial processes of yet-incomprehensible radicality, but also … other things.”

    So long as reproduction remains biological, people will retain an evolutionary interest in race, broadly conceived as genetic affinity. Only when classes become sufficiently endogenous, will genetic interest with respect to class supersede that with respect to race — and only because classes will have become races, social barriers replacing geographic. From the perspective of hierarchy and difference, classes and other social configurations naturally will become more interesting, degree of racination regardless, as such groups will increasing differentiate in specific behavioral traits. Yet insofar as the differentiation is clinal or, for that matter, heterogeneous, and not racial we are dealing with distinct issues, one of genetic interest and one of genetic difference.


    admin Reply:

    Doesn’t the existing practice of assortative mating strongly suggest that — among the elite at least — racial solidarity is both too broad and too narrow to exercise a commanding influence over reproductive choices?


    Chuck Reply:

    People (seem to, to some degree) assortatively associate/mate on ancestry in addition to doing so on specific characters. See, for example, figure 3 here: Burrell and Disotell, T. R. (2009). Panmixia postponed: ancestry-related assortative mating in contemporary human populations. Genome Biol, 10, 245. Presumably, these represent two different — at times overlapping, often conflicting — adaptive behavioral paths. I was merely highlighting the distinction, lest it get lost in the hermetic traditionalism.
    “Technocomercialism is Hyper-ethnonationaism” isn’t a bad metaphor — or a bad intuition pump so long as the original disjunction remains in sight.


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 at 5:02 pm Reply | Quote
  • Aeroguy Says:

    The religious among us are their nobility. They do not hold up a crucifix to Gnon and hide their face. They face reality and look Gnon in the eye; they see the void and the void echos into the furthest depths of their being. They do not use their faith as a crutch, in this action they have proven themselves to be noble men.

    Of the other two I don’t think we’ve sorted sufficiently. Just as faith can be used as a crutch, so too can identity. Mrs. Grundy is the exemplar of using identity as a crutch, she has no merit which is why being part of something that might have merit is so appealing to her. Not because she values merit but because she values status as a means of sating her ego. This is the crux, merit vs status. If merit were a baby and Solomon was to split it, Mrs. Grundy would be happy, but if status were a baby it would devastate her to have it split. Acceleration is an engine for merit, but status gets passed over quickly. It brought status to civilized people, it brought status to humans. Acceleration promises to advance and move status from civilized people to the genetically augmented. Mrs. Grundy screams because her special status is lost, her precious identity which she leans on and depends upon will be lost. Acceleration promises to advance and move status from humans to AI. Mrs. Grundy screams because her special status is lost, her precious identity which she leans on and depends upon will be lost.

    If you value merit as an end and do not lean on your identity, then have the courage to face reality and look Gnon in the eye; see the void and have the void echo into the furthest depths of your being.


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 at 8:31 pm Reply | Quote
  • Raymund Eich Says:

    Fair point. A self-sufficient space settlement could return to economic motivations. In part because they are possible, and in part because religious fervor seemingly always collapses.

    But to use a chemistry analogy, how do you get over the activation energy barrier? Who puts up the money to make that space settlement self-sufficient, and why? My best estimate is someone like Elon Musk, and for something like religious motivations, as Nick links to at http://www.xenosystems.net/quote-note-113/

    I’m picturing the techno-commercial clade of NRx piggybacking on the traditionalist or ethnat clades to establish one asteroid colony, then abandoning that clade to spread techno-commercialism through the belt.


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 at 9:53 pm Reply | Quote
  • Raymund Eich Says:

    Aeroguy, I reread Nick’s Lure of the Void, and we might be talking past each other. Space settlements can live off the land, but won’t pay their own way. We seem to agree on the former, but not the latter? Nick emphasizes the latter point, and adds the distinction between a colonial space policy and an imperial one – the imperial space policy is to not colonize space at all.

    Given all the historical examples of religious-like movements being a leading zone of opposition to states and empires (Puritans vs. Charles I, Lutheran princes vs. Catholic emperor, Japanese Christians vs. the shogun, Chinese Christians vs. the Qing dynasty, Hindu and Muslim soldiers vs. the East India Company), if Nick’s essay is right, it’s even more likely that religious-like sentiments would be required to overcome state opposition to space colonization, in addition to motivating people to pay the immense costs of establishing space colonies.

    If the word ‘religion’ bothers you, I’m open to a better shorthand term than ‘religious-like sentiments.’ The more accurate ‘socially-instantiated abstractions bigger than the individual that provide loci of meaning’ is somewhat unwieldy. A term to cover religions, ideologies, ethnonationalism, cultural nationalism, etc.

    What makes you think the genetically augmented children of high SES people will be down among the peasants and not behind the wall where genetic splicing to be adapted to space will present overwhelming advantages.

    Did the highest SES members of Siberian tribes cross the Bering land bridge? Did the highest SES members of 15c-16c Spanish society try their hand at conquering Mexico and Peru? Cortes was a minor nobleman and Pizarro an officer’s bastard. A handful of ambitious people of moderately high SES will be the ones who make it through the emigrate-from-Earth bottleneck to become leaders of space colonies.

    Think of the asteroid belt as a castle or walled city filled with gold, while Earth is a stinky indefensible, unpaved mosh filled with filthy peasants, in range of arrows from the top of the asteroid’s very high walls.

    Sure, but since the bitterest competitors are in the same niche, the reality is each asteroid is a castle or walled city, locked into mutual assured destruction with every other asteroid.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    @Raymund Eich:

    “If the word ‘religion’ bothers you, I’m open to a better shorthand term than ‘religious-like sentiments.’”

    Kurt Vonnegut coined the term, “granfalloon”, in _Cat’s Cradle_. I usually just say “quasi-religion”.

    If I were going to write a science fiction novel about colonizing Mars, the motivation of the colonists would be a major challenge. Suppose Junior Jetson is a young man with a lot of money, about to start a family. What would motivate him to raise his children on Mars, basically in a trailer home in a cave, when for the same amount of capital, he could probably just about buy Hawaii? My solution for this plot problem is that it isn’t his money. He is being sponsored as a colonist by a charitable organization, the Sisters of Calamity, dedicated to enabling humanity to survive a terrestrial catastrophe. It seems to me to be a plausible charitable cause. Junior can be generously bankrolled, but without having any other options for what to do with the money. Yes, he probably also would need to have a touch of quasi-religious fanaticism, but that’s relatively easy to come by.

    By the way, I recommend Poul Anderson’s “New America” stories. Basically, his colonists are libertarians, with a very deeply religious leader, who are being exiled by a world government.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Good points all around. Honestly I’m rather pessimistic about humans in space, I see the two singularities dominating the future. On the optimistic side I see the silicon valley type new wealth who grew up on Star Trek providing the funds for the most ambitious projects, not for profit but for prestige (anxiety about the Fermi paradox works too). State subsidies are a joke and I don’t see the enormous capital expenditures required being able to come from any other source than the oligarchs. I see it as inherently techno-commercialist, I’m not sure how the other two fit in since they aren’t exactly the type to attract the attention of existing oligarchs.

    In the case of going to Mars (which is just another gravity well backwater as far as I’m concerned, not a destination I take seriously), you can find an army of the best and brightest ready to knock down your door to volunteer to help settle Mars even with the guarantee that not only will they be buried there but that they will live short brutal lives and die a horrible death from radiation exposure. Demand to leave Earth is high compared to the supply, so high that only the crème de la crème are qualified to even begin competing for the privilege.

    I certainly agree that the people working towards leaving would be, fanatical. My main point of disagreement is that it would involve clinging to racial identity or require any sort of scrapping of the boots for human capital. Unlike a foot journey, and even compared to the cost of 16th century galleons, the investment per person to get them up there is many orders of magnitude higher, thus the quality of human selected for the journey will also be much higher. Africans could be cheaply imported across the ocean and brought to Caribbean paradise islands to work. For space (getting to the belt) we’re talking about a 8 figure cost (minimum) just for the one way ticket, and it’s not to paradise, but to a place where the very air has a significant price tag. If genetic tweaking is available, slots for space will be reserved exclusively for those not just genetically altered, but those specifically altered to better cope with the rigors of space. They will be born for the task, rather than be of pure racial stock they’ll even have adaptations like prehensile feet, just for starters.

    There is one technology in particular that would be enormously helpful which would easily get approval from the leftists for money. Artificial wombs. Hauling genetically modified frozen embryos along with some machinery is enormously cheaper than moving people. The task of raising this new generation, it would be more highly sought after than being POTUS.

    Intra niche competition certainly would be fun to think about. It’s part of why I insist on discounting those groups not specifically adapted for space. Competition vs cooperation depends on scarcity of resources. With abundant low hanging fruit and conflict centering primarily on man vs nature, cooperation would make sense, but after resources get depleted and territory filled competition makes more sense. The nature of conflict also depends heavily on the balance between prevailing offensive and defensive strategies (I’ll need to think about that).


    Raymund Eich Reply:

    Lots of food for thought. I assume you’ve read Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Falling Free” about people geneteched for zero-gee.

    One last comment:

    I certainly agree that the people working towards leaving would be, fanatical. My main point of disagreement is that it would involve clinging to racial identity

    I probably overstated “clinging” earlier. But the base stock of asteroid colonists would be heavily white.

    1. If we’re selecting our colonists from people with very high IQs and enough Aspergery tendencies to function well in the environment, our starting pool will be mostly white.

    2. The eccentric, fanatical billionaire behind the project will almost certainly be white. (East Asian billionaires seem far too pragmatic to back such a fantastical notion). Since human beings, v1.0, prefer to be with people like them, the fanatical billionaire will tend to attract white followers.


    Posted on October 1st, 2014 at 3:26 am Reply | Quote
  • Lightning Round – 2014/10/01 | Free Northerner Says:

    […] Ordinary racism and future hyper-racism. […]

    Posted on October 1st, 2014 at 5:01 am Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    @Michael @admin

    1. “My experience is proles are happy like hobbits till wizards come knocking.”

    A line so brilliant that Mike condescended to use punctuation. Bravo Mike.

    I’m closest to Mike here in beliefs and what I’ll endure or get behind, possibly excepting I don’t get Veteran off Mike.

    Mike you don’t need to flip the Army. They’re us.

    I have spread from 1986 to now 14 years service in 80s, 90s, aughts. We’re also generational like Police/Firefighters or indeed most trades. Our trade requires bravery and it does seem to run in families as I suspect skill at being a Italian Stonemason, machinist, mathematician does.

    2. Mike is absolutely correct about the Clever Sillies. You can’t be trusted with power, your signature accomplishment is comprehensive ruin.

    Admin not only does it not need to be done on the Web except by general sympathy or stimergic learning ala John Robb, it needs to be encouraged among violent, professional plotters and evaders of the legalistic progressive caste: US MIL and Law Enforcement. We’ve been doing it full time since mid aughts and Law Enforcement for decades. The contribution that the clever can make to this ongoing [but by no means foreordained conclusion] process is using our verbal skills to point out the obvious and it’s implications.

    For example I get a lot of luck with Cops using this one: “You realize WHO the Independent Judiciary is, Right?”

    The reaction from Cops is quite encouraging. This must be encouraged.

    Note – my recommendation to the Police is that in Civil Conflict where the Right comes at last, and the [and their] People come at last is Armed Neutrality in exchange for the Power to Mitigate Evil.

    3. Not everything is invented at Google. Google really invented a search engine which they immediately whored to power [that’s if their seed capital was from power all along]. Google exists now in a similar function to the Counter-Reformation Inquisition and Peer Review, to prevent or retard development as it’s more important to control.

    But Google didn’t understand how smart we are. For instance in the US firearms are very important to proles [Scotch-Irish Borderlands/Backcountry core value]. Proles got busy with reading and parsing the firearms laws and figured out the 80% receiver and jigs to drill it out, exactly that if mags are disassembled into “repair kits” they’re legal, and printing 3D guns damn sure ain’t Google. AIN’T GOOGLE.

    Sorry under no circumstances do the clever sillies run anything. $1000 Trillion in vastly over-leveraged zero interest rate only gambling says so, as does every other metric and our eyes.


    Posted on October 2nd, 2014 at 10:45 am Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Admin – assortive mating has given us clever sociopath cognitive elites. That’s the worst possible outcome, sociopaths are pathological liars, bullies, and worst Cowards. It’s unlikely that trend will continue indeed it’s a function of credit money economies that it’s gone on this long. The prototype for our current ruling class was Ferdinand Ward, of Grant and Ward infamy. Absolutely a sociopath, a coward, a bully and not surprising the offspring of Puritan Missionaries to India.

    And look it seems like a long time, but their reign didn’t begin until the Boomers began their 60’s tantrum, and wasn’t achieved until the Clinton administration. They’ve only been in charge 21 years.

    Of course no one knew until the Financial crisis. Only 6 years.

    @Michael – the Derivatives bomb is a suicide bomb vest. “Gimme EVERYTHING or I blow up the WORLD!!” No, you blow up your world. Which suits the rest of us fine. The rest of us being the 1 Billion people you’ve used as yet another refinanced mortgage on your insane gambling Ponzi schemes. Elites and their collateral don’t share the same existential interests.

    Of course the most genetically common assortive mating isn’t all that assortive, and the doomsday “you can’t touch us now Finances” is a recursively failed model. That’s because they’re inbreeding their own defectives, because they’re caught in a 3000 year old amber block where no one can say no to the shiny object in the market. The rest of us moved on because we wanted to make it, so we had to move on. Note as every one of the dozen or so in my Dunbar file are very good people and none are evil, I am as usual against condemnation by race. For anyone. I’ve even come to an understanding that Islam isn’t intrinsically evil, it’s just defending itself in a retarded way. It too has been carrying defectives for a long time.


    Posted on October 2nd, 2014 at 11:05 am Reply | Quote
  • Hiper-Racismo – Outlandish Says:

    […] Original. […]

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  • Gender Acceleration: A Blackpaper – Vast Abrupt Says:

    […] itself an imitation. To steal a term from neoreactionary circles, “Hyper-Racism”7, the trans woman becomes a copy-of-the-copy just as AI is treated as a copy of the human being and […]

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  • Richard Spencer is a Communist from the Future, and that’s Okay | 🔴 N̵̷IS̵̷ͨͪH̷ͧͦI̸͓ͫͭK̵̷͓I͓ P̷ͭRͮE̷̸̜S̵̥T̵̷̻̍̍ͯI̸̷͉͡G̵̍̍ͯE̸ ⚫️ Says:

    […] the end, it is the end. Hyper-racism is coming next. This is literally it. Spencer’s Alt Right didn’t lose, it just […]

    Posted on November 15th, 2018 at 7:27 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Here we go



    Posted on July 14th, 2019 at 7:18 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Alright, here’s how I’d express one of the anxieties I have when I imagine what the West will look like in the future if the left gets its way:

    Say that we put all the races in the world into two groups:

    the ones that have evolved for many generations with books

    and the ones that haven’t

    In the first group we have virtually all Euro-descended people, most Asians, and most Arabs (if you suspect the merits of the Koran, it’s at least a book, i.e. a superior technology for passing down complex traditions).

    My question is: if the races of the second group spent generation after generation without books, are they biologically equipped to learn at the same rate as races that spent generation after generation with books?

    And to get to the most fundamental things, what are books good for we might ask. Let’s keep it simple, I think everyone can agree that books have improved the quality of conversation over time.

    So you wonder why a nerd like me surrounded by people telling me to shut up is anxious about a leftist future: it’s simple: I see the quality of conversation dropping drastically.


    Wagner Reply:

    If you look at my life and aren’t thoroughly convinced that the word “nigger” has basis in reality you have an agenda, bud. Don’t worry, I won’t laugh when it happens to you. If you want a society based on trust, the niggers have got to go. What Collen Ryan called “the long march South” can’t happen soon enough.


    Wagner Reply:

    I’m living proof that niggers are, indeed, niggers, and you are welcome. Now that we know let’s try to avoid becoming South Africa, mk? What, you don’t know what’s been going on over there? Oh yeah, the media doesn’t like to report on that.


    Wagner Reply:

    “Dis boi lookin to get keelt!”

    Like I said, I call em as I see em, and whatever happens happens. I’m sick of people being scared into silence about these things.


    Posted on July 16th, 2019 at 6:19 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Youtube video without context:



    Posted on July 20th, 2019 at 9:13 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Today in “rangordnung formalization” let’s… switch it up a little:


    Could the causality have been something along the lines of…

    The Jews are the best –> they’re persecuted out of ressentiment by the inferior europeans et al –> they developed traits which are arguably the worst in order for their best traits to survive


    Now today dissident-goyim criticize these worst traits they developed and this criticism is implicitly criminalized as ressentimental?

    We’re in a funhouse mirror world with this subject.

    So let me wax phenomenological and just tell you how this looks to me personally:

    I’m feeling hyper-racist toward the goyim right now for persecuting the Jews for being better–*initially*.

    I’m also feeling hyper-racist toward the Jews for disavowing the fact that being persecuted by the dumb goys caused them to develop malicious characteristics.

    The European spiritual civil wars, we hate to see them. Can’t we all just sing kumbaya?

    Gah this investigation truly is “twisty”, it’s difficult to articulate its complexity.

    We’re at a point in 2019, I think, where Jews have ressentiment toward goyim for not developing the negative characteristics they did as a consequence of goyim having ressentiment toward them. Whew, maybe that’s it. What do you think? Just kidding, you’re not allowed to say in public.


    Wagner Reply:

    Read this one carefully, and look up the technical definition of “ressentiment” if you are one who equates the term with “resentment”, I think I’m onto something here- not the whole rubik’s cube is lined up, one side tho is all the right color lol. Too bad we can’t further this conversation in the public square, nicht wahr?


    Wagner Reply:

    This is called a checkmate. We’re done here.


    Posted on July 24th, 2019 at 10:04 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    Evola was on the money when he decreed that the Jew delights precisely in *humiliating* the goyim. See, if they just knocked this crap off I wouldn’t think about gassing them anymore. Ok Ok let’s make a deal – no, no shekels are involved here, sorry: If you are allowed free reign to humiliate us, we should be allowed to humiliate you. Trust me, there is a lot of material available. If I had cavern of gold coins I’d probably invest in the “antisemitic humor” stock wink wink. Their fear is that it’s a slippery slope from humiliation to elimination once everyone realizes that they deserve all the “jokes” they get.

    Let’s try to break them down into Types (since no one else does [at least in public]):

    There is the Empathy Jew, which in my mind at least is completely forgivable aside from their neglect of the S.M.I.²L.E. initiative, and it’s difficult to blame them given that there are still people alive who survived the holocaust.

    There is the Humiliation Jew, which is the main one I have in mind when I make antisemitic remarks- this one wants revenge for all the trouble his or her ancestors have endured, justified as it was or not, and experiences pure pleasure harming and hindering their *ethnic rival*, the non-Jewish European, at the expense of actual progress.

    And lastly there is the Admixture Jew; this is a combination of the first two types, mileage varying of course. I’ve been watching them and trying to get into their heads for a while now and it seems most of the vocally political ones are in this category.


    Wagner Reply:

    Leary is the Crick&Watson of psychology, that’s why I’ve been mentioning him all the time lately. There are biological survival circuits and post-terrestrial, post-human circuits. We might be able to explain the psychology of many Jews by looking at the “horrors” of the holocaust and deducing that they are as a consequence at this time in history “stuck” in the biological survival circuits.

    Should these be the ones ruling the world?


    Wagner Reply:

    Oh yeah, there’s also the category of Jew that is uhmm pretty much a Nazi and can’t say anything about it…

    I think of this as being “Eurobros”, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

    Destiny is literally right in your hands if you decide to start pointing your finger and shouting at people though, just sayin.


    Posted on July 28th, 2019 at 1:16 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Maybe my theory is right that certain POC prefer whites to realtalk with them rather than lie all the time? Lying is quite disrespectful is it not.

    If you remember from my infinite debates with Artxell, if you could call them that, what crystallized most prominently for me was that there are POC that are exceptions among their given subspecies, who are as smart and talented as any non-POC, the problem is that 99 out of 100 are self-deceptively convinced that *all* other POC have the potential to be like them, when it is far from clear that this is the case, and so proceed to voice into their megaphone an extremist open-borders policy.

    I hate to put it this way but it’s true: you’re either one of us or one of them.

    You know that I have thoughts along the lines of.. “Should all the Sicilian criminals in this country be deported ASAP?” , right? Of course I do, and I think they should be. WOPs have no place here, they could pose dangers to everyone else. Ayy why you lookin at me funny now? ahahha


    Posted on July 30th, 2019 at 12:48 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    Those pre-Socratics will “getcha”.


    Posted on August 5th, 2019 at 6:32 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    If you ‘know what I’m talking about’ and you’re not of euro-origin then you’re more related to me than the levelers in my own ethnic subspecies. No one will report on this phenomena.



    Wagner Reply:

    Who knows how many there are. If we were to guess tho we’d probably guess not many. What do you think this says about immigration? Such cognitive dissonance going on. They move here because the culture is better and then… get mad/sad when people tell them … it’s better… ? And the left-chorus is implicitly saying “Move here, it’s better, no no we’re not saying it’s better or anything”…? A total comedy. And we just move closer toward their worse cultures every day. Truly, it exhilarates me thinking about being 50 something and walking around this country seeing how retarded everyone is and muttering to myself about how I was right they should have listened.


    Posted on October 13th, 2019 at 11:54 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    sigh Why do I have a jewish girlfriend. Yes, I do have thoughts of strangling her. Not to death. Unless? This is God’s punishment of me.

    If the US adopted this ^ approach to the JQ we would be better off.

    Just being honest. Oh I guess I can expect more punishment then.

    No, I wouldn’t strangle her, I would simply skip that by not dating her. And yet, see, why is this real? Is this what jew/euro relations have been like throughout history?

    “Do you ever wonder if maybe you shouldn’t post some things?” No.


    Posted on October 14th, 2019 at 12:10 pm Reply | Quote
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  • On Nick Land: The Weird Libertarian | Cybertrop(h)ic Says:

    […] extremely peculiar neo-Nietzschean racism can be seen in his 2014 blog post “Hyperracism” and also in his more thorough 2019 article “Disintegration”. Land, while […]

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