Is intersectionality just the greatest thing ever, or what?

Both [Laurie] Penny and [Richard] Seymour have made a point of arguing, moreover, for the latest fad in leftist thinking: intersectionality. “Intersectionality” supposedly means taking seriously the many different oppressions, and how they intersect. “My socialism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit,” Seymour has made a point of saying. Given that they are so keen to speak out against oppression in all its multi-layered forms, it seems really bad luck that they should be accused of being “racist crackers” and “white settlers.”

The entire article is comedy gold.

The Obama presidency AND intersectionality — does anyone still doubt that God is hardcore NRx?

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  • peppermint Says:

    yup. Once White Communists are forced to acknowledge that they are not the deracinated and unsexed perfection of humanity, but White men and women, that’s the start of wondering about their interests as White men and women.

    Intersectionality is probably the most un-Communist and strategically worst idea Communists have come up with. I don’t think it would have made it if not for the Internet’s megaphones letting squabbles between Communists set doctrine. They are succumbing to “Anarchy; the choking, sweltering, deadly and killing rule of No-rule; the consecration of cupidity, and braying folly, and dim stupidity and baseness”.

    Privilege ☑


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  • Henry Dampier Says:

    Just need to contrive more ways to pressurize the left, while leaving just enough space for the less-sanctified to flee, at least for a time.

    The underlying envy that motivates the culture of infinite critique drives the masses to seek and devour their own leadership in punishment for invented slights against the spirit of Prog. Since the universities conditioned the leaders to capitulate to the masses (who swap between adoring their celebrity-gods and loathing them for their imperfections), they’ll feed parts of themselves to their pets out of a sense of sorrowful obligation.

    An appropriate gift for the next grand hero of social justice would be a spicy meat rub for him/her/zer/xir, to bathe in before the carving begins. To be eaten by one’s own followers… is there a better reward imaginable for a true progressive artist?


    pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    to eat itself is the destiny of leftism taking itself seriously, in contrast with a prosaic, exploitative use for rent seeking. conflict and contradiction between sects, between beings, and indeed within beings, is inevitable, because there can be no real dialogue or commensuration between them. indeed, if the post-modern left afforded the possibility of meaningful judgment in the framework, it would undercut the whole house of cards (which is exactly what happens of course, judgment is fundamental to cognition, so leftist conflict is inevitable to the extent they take their leftism seriously).

    this state of affairs can only be ‘sustained’ by cynical understanding on the part of ringleaders that the supposed contingencies to be overcome are indeed fundamentals, and hence, the ‘revolution’ (with them in charge) may never end, aslong as they dissimulate these facts in some way.

    but of course, it does end anyways, as this state of affairs is not anti-fragile. sooner or later the caplans will start taking things seriously, the vines will overgrow horace, and the solzhenitsyns will live not by lies.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    I’m pretty sure intersectionality was meant to create some sort of solidarity between all these disparate groups – but because of the intensity of the LS – all it has done is crank the rachet in a way that everyone on the left must juggle ALL the sacred cows at once. (Remember the reaction to Fisher’s article on leaving the Vampire castle). Fanaticism has reached such a fever pitch at the moment, that hard left teachers are getting suspended for approaching topics in a dynamic and ‘controversial’ manner. I made a big mistake coming back to uni. I should of done what my successful friends have done, concentrated on computing/IT skills. *sigh*.


    admin Reply:

    Treasure it. You’ll leave with a reservoir of contempt you can draw from for the rest of your life.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Nick, can you do a chaos patch on book recommendations? I’ve got a whole load of stuff during my studies that might be useful for some.


    Scharlach Reply:

    What did I and admin tell you, Warburton? You’re being eaten alive, you poor bastard. Should have stayed anonymous. Maybe not too late. Prostrate yourself and recant.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    I know, I know. Even people IRL found it odd…. but It’s actually less about them eating me alive for ‘being myself’ (they know nothing about the neo-reactionaries – they don’t dare come this close to the darkness), and more about being around them (which makes me depressed and borderline psychotic). It’s just very frustating and isolating. I’ve done very well at wearing a mask, but you do it too long and you just become part emasculated, part gym-bound fury.


    Rasputin Reply:

    There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow coalition… just a monstrous ideological mulato.

    Another drink sometime maybe?

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  • Handle Says:

    This is just Sailer’s KKKrazy-Glue thesis. You pick the old traditional cultural-ideal Übermensch Archetype, and you flip the script (Gnostic?) and turn it into the Devil-Adversary, the pan-reviled secret oppressor. Since most people fall short, or are otherwise different, from this elite ideal, it’s a natural enemy focal-point to bond the disparate tribes.

    But, of course, the tribes have conflicting interests (who pushes out whom in the bario-ghetto or affirmative-action quota wars?), and they will always privilege their own victimization / oppression narrative as more worthy. The natural hierarchical ranking is the perceived distance from the Archetype, or the relative degree of ‘disparate impact’ oppression measured in material and under-representational conditions.

    The contradictions are hard to reconcile (indeed, reality seems intent on driving a progressively broadening wedge between the groups as more people fight over slices of a oppression-compensatory pie of stagnating size). Which is why, despite the fact that the KKK narrative becomes increasingly absurd with the passage of time, it is necessary to use it with increasing frequency and hysterical intensity, lest the fragile patchwork coalition discover their own seams (as has happened in the linked post) and tear each other apart.


    pseudo-crhysostom Reply:

    id call it an inspired state of affairs, if these people actually had significant agency, its rather a perversely fascinating example of meta-stability. not only do they get a hated other to scratch that existential itch, said hated other seems devoted to ensuring things function well enough to support them, which in turn allows then to point again to their continued existence as the self-evidence of their assertions and the necessity of continued revolution.


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  • shalmaneser Says:

    Proddy Prig Richard Seymour- cast from the Elect for not anathematizing race-play.

    Viva Kunte Kinky!


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  • Tinieblas Says:

    This blog is almost /pol/ sometimes.


    admin Reply:

    I’m assuming that’s not a good thing …


    With the thoughts you'd be thinkin Reply:

    4chan’s boards are responsible for a lot of influence on the internet. /Pol/ occasionaly has threads on neoreaction.


    pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    all according to plan.


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  • survivingbabel Says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to announce my break from neoreaction and conversion to intersectionalitism. In fact, I shall go one step further, and practice the purest form of intersectionalitism, otherwise known as SurvivingBabelism. The main thrust of SurvivingBabelism is that, as an oppressed minority, SurvivingBabels ought to have federal civil rights protections. Look at this litany of power imbalances:

    * I don’t get paid near what I believe my labor is worth (disparate impact)
    * I can’t just quit my job and continue with the same standard of living (wage slavery)
    * Occasionally people are quite rude to me in public (microaggressions)

    Needless to say, I shall be focusing my efforts on achieving social justice for SurvivingBabels of every race, gender, creed, and orientation.


    Vxxc Reply:



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  • vimothy Says:

    Suum cuique.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    @Mark Warburton



    Sure. Maybe this time not straight after I’ve put myself through the mill at the gym. I’ll make sure Exvatica comes along too.

    UPDATE – I’m actually staying. The head of centre really doesn’t want me to go…. he’s put me forward for some research work – and even though my grades wern’t as high as the others, there are 2 scholarship positions for 4 people…… so we’ll see what happens in the near future. The teachers have been fine with me – I can’t fault them that.


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  • n Says:

    Intersectionality is just a consequence of Moldbug’s thesis on Puritanism.

    Notice how certain Christian subcultures (like Catholicism) have a key aspect like forgiveness. If you repent, you are forgiven. Catholicism has an inbuilt social lubricant. Sometimes this social lubricant backfires (like forgiving kiddy-fiddling Priests), but forgiveness mostly works to bring people back together. It is a key aspect of building a community.

    This doesn’t happen in Puritanism, nor contemporary American Progressivism. They are obsessed with Sin, and you can never be forgiven. This means there is constant witch hunts.


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    I suspect it’s more complicated than that. Witch hunts are pretty common in Papua New Guinea and sub-saharan Africa. Are which hunts really more of a Protestant thing than a Catholic thing? Are Catholics not interested in sin, or do they have some psychological techniques to get people to not project as much? Or are witch hunts engaged in more by social dominant groups (e.g. US Progressives) than by minorities (e.g. US Catholics)? Or does it have to do with status anxiety rather than current status?


    spandrell Reply:

    Point is that the Catholic church had a resemblance of rule of law, so local people couldn’t just grab a hag they hated and burn her as a witch. The local church representative i.e. the priest had the monopoly of religious violence.

    The fact that Protestants have this in common with Papuans should tell you something about order and hierarchy.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    “Monopoly on religious violence” is a much better explanation than “attitude towards forgiveness”.


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