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On Trump in Warsaw.

(Pitched more to retail politics than usual.)

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  • GAMA Says:



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  • collen ryan Says:

    At what point does exit become populism? Can the populace ever be right,? Is this really anti capitalist or anti certain type of “capitalism”?
    I dont see populists really going anti capitalist they are anti open borders, anti outsourcing production, anti globalism, These all have all sorts of worthy non economic reasons to oppose, but also as owners of these western nations and the infrastructures capitalists wish to operate within,and could not exist without, they expect to be compensated in some way but instead see nothing in it for them.
    Rather they see multinational corporations extracting from them as if they are banana republics, Monetizing the debts they didnt authorize but were arranged for by jew bankers and globalist elites to finance their demise, and supplement the immigrant wages along with other prog projects.

    You say capitalism for you is always aligned with the right, as a former marxist this is unsurprising, but for the rest of us do you define “right” as anything more than capitalism? Because you seem to claim capitalism has been doing so well it unstoppable, and at the same time worried about left ratchet, its fair to say in the last century capital and what a lot of people would call leftism have been accelerating in tandem How can this be? Could it be capitalism is neither right nor left but merely a tool.

    I hate to bemoan this but its never been replied to moldbugs patchlords answer to shareholders. Imagine USG owned by Halliburton and its citizens the shareholders, some large shareholders some tiny, but all productive citizens own some share, in fact they built the company and took it public.. Do you think Halliburton would allow todays corporations to rape them the way they rape the west today. No what we have today is halliburton going into a bannana republic that has no productive citizens and corrupt elites and making deals no intelligent people would sanction. In fact no intelligent capitalist would develop such an unsustainable plan, But Capital is rarely intelligence its always short sighted.The only reason my version of patches works and moldbugs cant is the shareholders have other interests besides a return on their shares.
    What you actually have in globalism is what moldbug proposes hows that working for you.

    You really need to define what else makes rightism besides market driven economies, then figure out how to have them work together.


    collen ryan Reply:

    So youre optimistic about the jew question, I agree its only a matter of time before some says outloud jew privilege is the highest of all,then katie bar the door. Some commented on the speech trhat he didnt give any special place to the jew struggle which was conspicuous in the absence. One does wonder didnt the jews think this thing through, I suppose they didnt expect to succeed so spectacularly. They really could have seen this coming though by the time they rolled out the white privilege type stuff thought twice about leaving fingerprints on bloody axes I guess they were giddy with schadenfreude


    Mariani Reply:

    Leftism is vaguely pro-capitalism in developed countries. Institutions/public sensibilities in those places are too sophisticated to abide clearly retarded. So leftism is Woke Capital in the West. Populists see this and get worried about who the elites are and what allowed them to be elites.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I think you have to distinguish between types of capitalism, some types are not vaguely left they are fully partnered with the left and have been for decades, it seems the bigger the capitalist or the more techy, the more leftist.very small and low tech capitalists are sometimes right and most of the middle are simply vichy

    The sad truth is capitalism has completely betrayed the right sometimes for profit sometimes for convenience. Since the left has given up on universal socialism in favor of racial redistribution capital is less threatened and sees affirmative action as a cost of business. Often these costs are offset by other givaways like illegal labor and welfare supplements to wages so the capitalists net gain, but the nation owners are cut out of the deal because democracy doesn’t really do what it advertises its only a farce to relieve pressure, and diffuse responsibility to widely for accountability.

    An interesting question is at what point did capitalism become associated with the right, the throne and alter always saw it as a threat. When they were displaced by capital and capitalists became the elite is the beginning but those wasps were sure to eschew the vulgarity of capitalism personally their culture was anti capitalist while their fortunes were not. But soon wilsonian globalism begins to make inroads as this progressive capitalism. And that is whats become hegemonic. The big leap forward for capital among actual conservatives was anti communism which is merged back again into progressivism as proto neocon


    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    Left is “pro”-capitalism in the same way Lenin was “pro”-capitalism i.e. leave just the amount of it that’s enough to finance socialism. In that regard it’s exactly the same as the far-right, except maybe a bit less luddite.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Yeah thats the idea i was raised on but its simply not proving out if anything since the collapse of the soviet union the left has become less socialist they seem to have figured out Laffers curve and realized they will get more in the long run from working with capitalists.Yes you could fairly characterize that as maximizing the take but looking at current market valuations its hardly Lenninist.One of the things they have done is work with capitalists on synchronicity, ways that they can get more from the capitalists in non monetary terms that also benefit the capitalists bottom line. cheap labor subsidized by welfare paid for by those still working,and affirmative action is one, raising the regulatory barriers to new entrants allowing the big players to set prices in a cartel like manner,is another. Massive government contracts, free money or at less than at less than 1/3 of the inflation rate, tax free investment. foreign policy designed to subjugate the world into global capitalists private playground, not based on better mousetraps but on better ICBMs. Look it pains me to admit all this but its been 40 years since the Benneton ads with all the nigger babies appeared on busses, The cold war ended the democrats ran on welfare reform the soviets collapsed This is not your Dads frame this is the NEW world order.
    And I dont know what you mean by “far right” Is there a right farther than here? Do you mean the right that wants to conserve more than just capitalism?Capitalism is great, you now why? Because it serves us, if its not serving us its not great as something to look at its a menace.Its a tool or a system that can be put to a number of uses If its being put to use building your enemy’s war machine its a menace, if its expanding your nations wealth and strength its great. Today we (thats those of us with a certain conservative nature) are living in an occupied territory and capitalism is supporting the occupiers, the fact that it once supported us is at the moment irrelevant.The thing about capitalism to remember is its fucking stupid contra moldbug it does not spontaneously produce wisdom, it singlemindedly pursues profits at any and all costs in the shortest time frame it can.It will make paperclips till we are buried in them or porn or crack cocaine or german tanks and rockets it doesnt give a fuck about whether its customers laborers nations or the very planet it all depends on will be consumed in the process it will address that when the time comes. Thats not a bad thing thats just how it is, its not for capital to regulate itself that would be against its interests. It is not even for capital to direct itself, capital will always try to get you to buy what it can most profitably produce it is up to you as the consumer to refuse to buy what you dont want and ask for what you do want. This on the macro scale is how nations should treat capitalists. The left gets this, they say we dont want coal burning furnaces we dont want strictly meritocratic labor markets, and they get what they want and capitalists find ways to profit. The right could do the same but the right is still reacting to the soviet union domino theory and so fetishized capital and says well we really wish our young men would get good jobs and marry and have children but if you must make porn, and computers made in china to watch it on then who are we to stop you, better capital are free and our people are slaves than we seem to be leftist. The theoretical maximum profit is whats idealized, why should capital have to make less profits giving leftists what they want when it can make maximum profits selling rightists whatever we capitalists want to sell them, fuck the consumer. This ideal maximum profit,do you know what it looks like -a crack dealing company store,this is what youre worshipping. No ones suggesting socialism in fact a right government would do away with the welfare subsidized wages the affirmative action hires many of the regulations increase competition lower taxes etc and all it would ask is that they operate in a way that will allow a healthy and sustainable nation to thrive.Look I used to love Ayn Rand at 17 time to grow up the worlds a bit more complex humans like it or not have a complex and at time contradictory instinct DNA, we dont actually make rational choices we can not be a gear in an infinite profit machine the machine will break down quick if unattended. I too wish this were not so, maybe one day we can in fact reprogram ourselves to mate perfectly with the capitalist machine that might take all the flavor out of life though.

    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    Oh cut out with logorrhea for once. Lenin did the NEP. Hitler engaged in privatisation. Nobody thinks those two are capitalists. Same thing now.
    Of course, bussinesman and commissar alike, whether honest, crooked, or crony, always pray at the altar of the state religion, always bow before the official religion. And that’s a good thing, it’s a feature not a bug. We just have a shitty religion these days.

    collen ryan Reply:

    And your point is? Im not claiming nazisr lenninists or progressives are capitalists, Im simply pointing out capitalists were as happy to partner with all of the above as they were to partner with other states so lets stop assuming capitalists have political affiliations, they are a tool ant state will use and if the state is powerful enough it will impose limits and extract tribute from the capitalists, A capitalist is no more a conservatives natural ally than a tank is.It all depends on which way the tank is facing on whether its an ally or a enemy, most of the last 100 years capitalism has been facing the wrong way, while that neednt always be so it is so. Even when capitalism is not aiding and abetting our political enemies it seems always to be working against our culture culture being the thing that holds fragile civilization together this is something to be concerned about. again it neednt be this way but it is and this is mostly not liberals fault but conservatives knee jerk defence of all things capital that allows this cultural assault to go on. Ill mention again since its one of those things you NRX love to ignore your throne and alter types you allege to wish to restore never saw capitalism as ally and they certainly never thought capitalism ought to be unrestrained, they understood it was necessary but very dangerous if allowed to grow beyond the King/church states power

    BTW if you dont like my verbosity feel free to not read it few do and Im fine with that but if you do i dont give a fuck what you think of my spelling and punctuation or uts length

    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    Businesses never have more power than the state. Those are some nasty delusions. I mean how many divisions does Wallmart have? Corporate rule is a cool meme but is (unfortunately?) not a reality. BTW I am not a legitimist.

    collen ryan Reply:

    I think rhodes east india hudson bay medici virgina and plymouth corps, blackwater privateers and others had some divisions, some might argue the rothschilds had all the divisions, but my point is not that capitalists did overpower states but that states were sure to see they didnt and for good reason. Are you saying capital wouldnt have divisions if they were not prevented from it ? Moldbug want to give zuckerberg divisions i think this is a bad idea but we can test patchlord theory if zuckfag get elected

    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    What the are you on about? Mercantilist corporations of yore had explicit state charters. Zuck getting elected has got nothing to do with corporate rule. Zuck getting to own the US would be quite a different affair. But then he would behave the same as absolute monarchs of yore, and instead of shilling for UBI would look how to maximally squeeze the life out of his subjects. Instead of useless leeches he would import valuable workers, but ban their emigration. Those on welfare he would enslave.
    Yeah the Old Order was insanely awful (reactionary ignorance and romantic delusions notwithstanding), but hey at least no king had incentive to replace high quality subjects with low quality ones.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Im pretty clear what Im on about,capitalist have zero record of being inherently rightists, they cater to whoever, Capitalists have amply demonstrated they will not pursue the wise long term strategy but almost alway the short money even when such strategy is clearly going to kill off their own interests in some way eventually, usually being natural resources and their customers. ( no Im not an environmentalist socialist, or anti capitalist)

    They are never motivated by public good but usually only by profits sometimes also power or creative vision by founders. Its even a romantic fantasy of the right that they provide what we want cheaper, what they actually do is provide what they want to sell for as much as they can sell it for, and try to convince us we want it,
    Sure its true we can theoretically resist this and try to persuade them to direct their energies in more constructive directions, but its a constant struggle, particularly within the context of the consumerist propaganda driven civilization they have constructed and the left has emulated, which we call the cathedral.

    There is no reason to think giving ownership of the west and its peoples to the likes of even today’s tech capitalists would lead to anything desirable. They are tools used to get better mousetraps they need to be bitchslapped regularly for overstep[ping previous states understood this the left is increasingly in their thrall the right should not fall in this trap..

    But Patchlordism is stupider on so many other levels, its archaic not futuristic, it proposes reversing the already built multi dimensional patch system where by within one time space an infinite amount of time space patches can be established over an infinite amount of territory ie communications, shipping, residential real estate,local government, bespoke quilting, and turn it back into medieval manorialism.

    It imagine this present infinitely more complex patch occupying the same territory a lord and thousands of minions and ministers could barely administer 500 years ago will be now administered by one zuckfag because he has a laptop, or that somehow zuckfags ministers will magically be better than the kings and the civil servants because something something he might behead them or unfriend them? Oh and some how this reestablishing of manoralism is not a direct contradiction of exit.

    Since you dont like logorea annoying details ill stop here and only say the entire idea is exactly what it was a idea thrown out on a blog at 3am, and taken up by a bunch of millennial newfags that have never been out in the world.Your emperor zuckfags little tour of the little people is a perfect metaphor the the ridiculousness of this idea

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  • collen ryan Says:


    so robots do masturbate to electric sheep


    GAMA Reply:

    Apparently so !
    I figured people who lurk here would enjoy cheeky ol’ Roko’s Basilisk in a comedic youtube form…


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  • Ryan Says:

    That was a really enjoyable read Nick. I liked your analysis of how the speech made a lot of the never Trumpers realize that in this case the enemy of my enemy is just another damned enemy.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449373/angela-nagle-kill-all-normies-explores-alt-right-roots-rise Nick got a mention in NRO


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  • Shoshana Says:

    I found this article quite interesting, but the paragraph about JQ seemed a bit disconnected.

    We, real Jews, are fiercely fighting for our ethnic survival and nothing in the POTUS speech sounded even vaguely threatening. We also understand very well the dangers of Islam.

    Read some Bible, understand real Jewishness. It’s a primer for the true ethnic survival, and the Third Reich was only some pathetic parody.

    Poles have complicated history with Jews, and Poland is not only a place where Holocaust happened, but it’s also a place were Jews flourished for centuries, while the rest of the Europe was getting rid of them.

    Polish antisemitism has different roots than Western varieties. Poles were actual victims of Jewish communists, and so they created special term: Zydokomuna.

    It makes them uniquely immune to leftist ideology, but at the same time they don’t have any real JQ problem. It’s not a question for an average Pole that Jews were involved in murderous regime. It’s a common knowledge. Therefore, they can tolerate Jews as long as they are not leftist without a qualm, because they know that the very same commie Jews were persecuting everyone, including their religious brethren. Here, I solved JQ for you 🙂


    Shoshana Reply:

    Needless to say the leftist Wikipedia is not the best source on the topic.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Sorry Shoshanna that doesnt solve it it, doesn’t even address it. The problem is not even particularly jewish it’s just that it arises in western societies as a jewish v white problem.
    In some ways this particular variety of dominant minority might be more easily solved.

    Since this majority is also reasonably high intellect and more importantly, very high achievement. The dominant minority is hardly recognizable as an outsider and is actually about 50% DNA mixed with the majority. The majority is a tolerant and open civilization,and the two have lived together and exchanged information and culture for so long as to to some extent bred a joint culture. And other reasons.

    However in practice it has instead become more insidious. Despite thousands of years the minority has not assimilated, as you just pointed out they have a non assimilation culture (gene?) that makes Nazism look like multiculturalism. Part of this uber identity is always looking at things from a self interested perspective within the host nations and networking internationally to further these interests. Often these interests are diametrically opposed to the wellbeing of the host peoples and nations. This has now brought the west to an existential crisis, and those who see this as in direct conflict with jewish interests as well as the interests of their own quisling elites which the jews have partnered with.

    This entire process has played out hundreds of times over the millennia with white and non white nations, It’s actually surprising especially since the last iteration ended with quite a lot of dead jews and not so very long ago that jews have not changed strategies. Either stop living as outsiders in others nations or stop being outsiders in the nations they lead. While clearly they are genetically incapable of assimilation due to the virility of their identity genes, (and in fairness assimilation is annihilation) , They could though live in Israel, It seems the temptation to live as dominants in others nations is too tempting. Perhaps the stereotype of the greedy jew is like most stereotypes fundamentally true. They can simply become wealthier and more powerful living among people they can dominate or at least have an average edge, than among themselves, So despite the inevitable end game another expulsion or holocaust is simply the cost of doing business.

    In the case of whites the end game certainly is inevitable, we dont actually need Jews and are perfectly capable of expelling them when they become too bothersome. Some submissive majority nations/peoples might make the decision being dominated is preferable to self rule, though I find this highly doubtful,As Milton put it “better to rule in hell than serve in heaven” I cant speak for nigger races though , except to say in my opinion and observation, they were not better off under colonialism than as large fauna. Colonialism did and I think always will prove unsustainable because as I say its intolerable and not natural to men though women bear it well. And because postcolonialism will always be hell compared to pre colonialisms eden.

    The “question” is not yours to ask Shoshana, it is ours and it is “whats to be done about you”. This seems to be an eternal question because, well youre like a bad penny. But the question usually becomes faint almost unspoken, until the point your current project begins to hoist you on your own petard once again, until you have succeeded so well and cost your hosts so much, that enough people take notice and realize something must be done, or we are done for.

    Sometimes this means the Barons getting together and buying out your contract with the king at enormous cost, sometimes an expulsion, or an forced conversion and assimilation, followed by inquisitions or UN inspectors as it were.

    Of course any of this is a human tragedy and social disruption, whites being humanitarians and efficiency experts this becomes fraught and so we question and question. Of course this discussion must take place under your watchful eyes since the question under consideration is why have we allowed a foreigner to become our elite.Those of us most qualified to ponder such questions are often those most likely to have intermarried with some of you. Oh its fraught.and so it gets put off until the moment is at a crisis.

    What is the cause of this, why do we keep finding ourselves here. Well we have already established why you persist, you cant help yourselves, if you could you’re intelligent enough to see the inevitable and denouement. But why do we allow it to repeat?

    Perhaps we have not until now had enough concrete evidence of certain realities. One is although we whites are particularly open, it is nevertheless true that all peoples will and do compete, not just individually but as peoples, People can critique Macdonald all they want I personally am not enough of an anti semite to have read more than a few essays and counter arguments of the mans work. I dont need, to all I need to know is how evolution works and that two groups are genetically identifiable to know there is some level of competition going on. and if these groups are living in the same nation, no matter how small a group or how slight their advantage, given enough time they will come to dominate the other. WE did not always know these things, in some sense it was scientific progress applied to HBD and its study in the Dark Enlightenment that ended speculation and debate among informed persons, ironically many jews were and are involved in this new reaction.

    We have further learned that Jews are indeed on average more intelligent than europeans. While many focus on how the intellectual capabilities of different human groups can way more than explain all the disparities previously attributed to racism. Making it clear nigger races are a favored not disfavored group (thanks to a jewish group strategy) , few have thought about the implications going in the other direction. La Griffe claims all the Jew wealth and Power disparity can be explained by intellect alone, I have to quibble that although I have not his statistical chops, that I find that to be bullshit. As I said earlier given a long enough period of time its enough to account for it, but its been 70 years since we dragged you from the “gas chambers” (you’re welcome) Its ridiculous to assert their was no ethnic solidarity going on to put you in charge of the nation that saved you in that short a span,- and we don’t have to assert it, the world is chock full of evidence of it.
    The leftist logic that, examples can be found counter to the general trend so disproves the general trend, are of course leftist logic. The argument that jews did not actually break any laws ( or at least can not be called lawbreakers) is beside the point unless youre a “all men are created equal cuckservative”, in which case youre supporting
    multiculturalism by quoting slaveowners and will be had for lunch by the left.The argument that “theyre doint too” is a logical fallacy, and motivation is always a component of guilt, they are acting selflessly if stupidly you are acting selfishly if intelligently.

    From the perspective of whites who primarily wish to conserve their civilizations, nations, peoples, its besides the point.

    The point is you can not assimilate,but you can pass yourself off to further your interests.

    You can not forgo the easy money and power to be had living among non jews.This is despite knowing eventually you will destroy or almost destroy your hosts and have to start over. Since the “holocaust was a mere 70 years ago we can safely assume nothing will ever stop you from trying again.

    That we do not need you, would be better off without you if only because we would be alive but really because we seem to have some traits apart from intellect that make us the achievement apex of the human species. (no this secret weapon is not jews) And we are perfectly capable of a solution final or otherwise.

    That we are once again at that point in the cycle,only perhaps because history, technology, your determination, or chance, this time its an actual existential threat to euroman, and quite possibly by extrapolation to humankind.Most importantly the question is urgent the west is on the verge of a turning point and this is part of that equation, we may not ever get a redo if we can not survive this century in tact.

    This question is important to solve now we have the information to solve it because its a question that not only applies to you and us but may soon be eclipsed by us and chines, and of course is of interest to all human groups with this issue.

    This question can not be avoided much longer, as Land observes the jews are now so prominent in the engineering of and running the new world order, to seem to a woke observer hegemonic. it’s absurd to hope no one will notice this as the early, but most numerous victims of the accelerated decline of westciv demand responsibility be attributed, what went wrong and why would people do such things, who bennefitted.

    In fact the overarching meme fermenting since the fin de siecle has been why are our elites working counter our personal and national interests, until recently it seemed simply inexplicable. Only very recently has what was once termed under conspiracy theory as a New World Order, been renovated into newspeak as the cheery “Globalism”. Though meant to appeal to cuckserve capitalists and new age multiculturalists alike, like “fake news” it was quickly thrown right back into the trenches in Davos in the sarcastic, as a bete noire “globalization”- read (((international))) project to eliminate white nations and their peoples.In the process its left the corridors of Alex Jones studios in Lubbock Texas, like wrecking ball through the overton window.

    Just this week our new president, ironically an honorary jew if ever there was one, implied as much as western civilization must find the will to power over the internationalists……cough cough ahem. As ineptly as hes doing it, history and reality are on his side, he’s staked out a third position that not only triangulates the SocCap alliance we are not supposed to notice but he brilliantly did it at the geographical crossroads of the two most recent past globalist enterprises national socialism and international socialism, ( Both of which had a lot of capital financing them we are not to notice either) This venue made it impossible for the left to denounce the speech as a nazi speech. (Bannons prints are all over this, (Jesuit bred cynicism has its merits)

    Even more deliciously he spoke in front of neo humanist sculpture right off the cover of an Ayn Rand novel or a former Soviet satellites town square, Art that was supposed to give support to the lie that those globalist projects were in the interests of humans. Of course none of them are they are in the interests of their designers who see people, cultures and nations as commodities or impediments.Land is correct cultural archetypes are full of delicious contradictions and subject to clever riffs.

    A day later in response to Hungary running anti ((( INTERNATIONAL SOROS))) adverts on its mass Transit stations a permanent civil servant in the Israeli state dept yelled racist only to be countermanded by the secretary with a statement that the international jew Soros is in fact an enemy of the state of Israel. HMM Could it be some jews have seen the writing on the wall? Are they getting ahead of this like Moldbug did with his little garage project or are their national jews now in contention with international jews. We live in interesting times. One thing is clear the international jew is an enemy of the euro man his nations and civilization. The least bloody way to rectify this s to let him know in no uncertain terms we are woke and will be taking steps.These steps are not anti semetic but who gives a shit if they were these steps are founded on the understanding that no men should live under another certainly not the whit race, better to die than be subjugated. That races of men will always compete and the race with the edge will always eventually dominate the other. That nations with more than natural ranges of abilities are always inherently unstable and more inefficient and difficult to manage. Therefore ethno states are always and everywhere the most natural pleasant and best first principle in human organization.Of course this needn’t mean the fourth reich. It does of course mean Jews have to move out of our nation’s. It could mean we force you to have goy children or something or pass laws forbidding you from positions of power and wealth, but that seems a bit naziish. This may seem harsh, while not disproving the trend its true their are many jews that do identify as white and if you all did I for one would like to keep you and just keep fucking the jew out of you despite how difficult that seems youre worth it in many ways. But i just cant seem to convince myself I wouldnt be kidding myself.Your moment was after world war two in the USA you could have buried your jewishness forever or gone to live in Israel. Instead you chose a long march through our institutions using our good naturedness against us while slandering us with blood libels. Its obvious youre on average beyond redemption.


    Wagner Reply:

    “I for one would like to keep you and just keep fucking the jew out of you despite how difficult that seems youre worth it in many ways”

    Tell us about your ex-wife, Mike. The more excruciatingly open you are about it the more you will tempt Land to peer through a counter-historical microscope at his own life. And like I said before, this is like a Manhattan Project, we are trying to reorient his nuclear rhetorical powers.

    A synchronicity I’ve omitted to mention because it clashes with muh agenda is that after the war, Heidegger told (((Arendt))) he did his best thinking “with you.” Nazis: “D’oh! Wudda cuck.”


    collen ryan Reply:

    LOL My jew children are bastards, In new york city jewish girls liked guys like me a lot And being a recovering addict alcoholic I want very careful in fact I was fucking reckless the second coming of lord Byron about describes my 70s and 80s , Then I got sober and married another nordic celt well saxon celt, I wouldn’t actually marry a jewess on purpose, I really wasnt a racist until very recently NRX made me a racist. I was a gender race realists, But while all human groups have always fascinated me that was always grounded in a health appreciation of my own people as the apex of humanity and so how to maintain that and marry outside my area of euroma. I dont know Lands personal history and respect his wish to not have it discussed but I think hes about my age and class and guess his early life lke many of us was caught up in the enthusiasms of the 60s/70s and can easily imagine he liike many of us didnt give much thought to who he mated with.
    Do I think more generally people should be held accountable for miscegenation? Yeah the new racist me has to say yeah its another of those chesterton fences, and the arguments for tearing them down are always something like finding an exception like Hester Prynne and as Alinsky said personalize it. Maybe Hester got a raw deal maybe she was the slut and got off easy considering, the bigger point is theres a 150 years between making hester wear a scarlet letter and do the slut walk and having 50% of children born out of wedlock and all the evil that accompanies that. So saying hey i really came to love you my little jew girl and can see the humanity we share so lets fuck our respective peoples cultures\nations etc and hope humanity can survive it but fuck it we will be long gone in any case is kind of selfish. Now being a nordic celt Im kind of big on individualism and so i am sympathetic in a sense my guess is we make the price the fence high enough we keep this shit to a level it cant go viral but low nough we live in less than the fourth reich, but one of the ways we do this is we dont create tempting situations like multicultural nations, It seems you cant say ethno state without triggering visions of swastikas, but at the time of the swasticker every nation was an ethno state. Hitler wasnt really championing ethno states that was a given. Culture has to do the policing of these things or else you have a police state, this means we as men have to be strict at times to other humans this is what being a man is it will never be popular among the weak the children the women and this is why male society is also necessary and another reason feminism must go as a prerequisite of civilization.

    collen ryan Reply:

    I might add not to single him out but Land is obviously woke to a certain extent but like many whites being related in his case very closely related to others he understands how difficult the nuremberg laws are going to be. I think I already related a conversation i had with some liberals neighbors , she’s a jew artist from chicago on her second boytoy husband, Hes a Brit of the john derbyshire variety only as far left as john is right but just as smart. so we are discussing politics and Im using their preprogrammed anticorporation against them and have led them into a trap and am saying ether youre a Globalist or a nationalist , they want to be anti nationalist but know globalism is about capitalism, we have been brought to this previously by my anti immigration stance and they have already filled in the implied racism im not going to deny this but Im holding them to the facts is it good for the nation or not and i have already gotten her to admit to HBD knowledge many times by flattering her about JEW IQ , now their half jew son and sand step son is about to marry a black girl his second non white the first hispanic.Im friends with them as well, but they are not present. they reply as a non sequitur about globalism that “what are they supposed to do”- they are already all in with this upcoming wedding, its all in that mostly unsaid codespeak we hicog good whites use to discuss the crimethink when need be, but which is clear as a legal document in our heads. And this is the truth its happened really quickly in less than half my lifetime many many whites have entangled themselves with non whites and many of us who have not or like myself can compartmentalize really sperg like we dont really see this. Liberals (and former liberals ) see it more because they are much more likely to be the one. Yeah it was certainly part of the strategy but the point to most is its also the reality, This leads most to denial of the facts that multiculturalism is simply not sustainable because its too panful to contemplate the unwinding, its actually impossible to imagine how it will happen but it will happen somehow, and it wont be pretty because contra Bildbugger and co there is no exit, The world is full up war is the only exit possible. This is what Trump means by do we have the will, Trump probably doesnt consciously realize he means that nor do most of us but does anyone really think the left is simply going to surrender? going to stop ratcheting? give up their jewish families or move to Israel without a war? NBo they will have none of that and so it will continue but already we are getting very close to a war and so at some point it will happen. And all wars have stories about whose fault it is and guess what its never your own fault, now on one side of ths war we have nothing but white people well practically nothing but whites at this point. Now when we stop talking in metaphores and start namecalling will our token non white reactionaries stand with us will we alolow them to, already reaction purged the altright years ago imagine what happens when this rewally heats up it can be no other than an ethnic war. It will be in both sides interest from making that explicit as long as possible even after the fighting starts to keep as many on their side as possible, but it cant last. This is why I have sided i suppose you could say with altright ove nrx because its inevitably the way it will break and that is as it should be because its primarily a cold race war precipitating this coming war.So how does a nick Land handle this I dont know but moving to china is one way at least temporarily.
    I too am a sperg and like nice neat systems I liked moldy at first but when you really think it through you realize it wont work even if hes partially right. My capitalist critiques and democracy support is not legacy leftism or rightism it is post moldbianism I havnt supported anti capitalism ever in my life and am not a huge fan of democracy or ebven racism its just the core founfdation of NRX is really HBD and thats about way more the high jew low nigger IQ its about human nature, Land is looking for an alternative to progressivism to save his multiculti family its another complicated scheem by high IQ idiots who cant be satisfied with what worked fine till they broke it.

    Anonymous Reply:


    If 50 years America will be completely unrecognizable for the America you grew up in. Also, you will be dead.

    You know this.

    Shoshana Reply:

    Nu, but I tried to explain it to you.

    Why is it so hard to understand?

    We don’t lack will to live, you do. For some reason you think it’s prudent and wise to blame us for your own lack of will to live. It’s nonsensical from my perspective.

    You feel inferior to Jews, you feel you can’t out-compete them, because they cooperate too well and are too smart for you? Since when it’s honorable and manly to avoid competition by disqualifying your opponent?

    While we are talking about will to live, do you have any non-bastard children, in whose upbringing you invested sufficient time and energy to make them carriers of your own values?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Its true some of us dont seem to want to live, But I think you will see thats only a pose when they realize this white guilt is for real you wont know whats hit you.By yopu I mean all the minorities in our nation’s. I certainly do think we can compete I think i just said a dozen times we dont need you and can easily expel you and despite the IQ advantage a dubset of you and a subset of asians enjoy its clear to me if not Land that their is more to the competition than IQ and we have it. In fact you guys know it to its why you all want to live among us and howl when we suggest its time to leave. This is not about blaming you for our problems it is about speaking frankly about both our own poor choices haow they came about how they are destructive and part of that discussion is why we allowed foreigners to live in our nations at all let alone acquire the level of wealth and influence we have allowed you to acquire and more to the point why we have allowed you to act so counter to our interests. a nigger or a jew is an animal and will act according to its nature these natures are well known to us yet we let them into our house or some of us did in adressing this problem to the stupid among us it is necessary to point out specifically why it is stupid to let a jew or a nigger into your house particularly when the situation has been allowed to fester to the point the stupid person trusts the nigger and jew more than his fellows. This does not deny the fact we allowed this to happen. We are fine competing with you you in your nation we i ours let the games begin.

    Yes i have legitimate children too yes i raised them although they are technically progs i have sufficient reason to think they will ultimately come around to a woke view. Partly because our views are inherited and partly because they are intelligent partly because i can see where they already have realized quite a lot of lies and are remaining liberal for social and habitual reasons and yes i have passed on to them a deep love of western civilization and my family’s and ethnicities contribution to it .

    You are probably right that some would like to blame the jews for all their problems so what your peoples entire psyche is based on victimhood.Whites victim status is voluntary they actually think they are volunteering to die for your sins theyre christian / prog idiots as i said as things get real they will get angry its already happening why do you think the jew moldbug came up with this diversion

    Rohme Reply:

    Tiff, you two! In long, drawn out fashion!

    Reactionary blood must be split if it is to remain pure!

    Collen, Shosh must know one thing. How can the master race not be the master in even their own countries yet still be the master race?

    Shosh, Collen would like to know how far along the Pentagon is on the acoustical weapons program so he can map his progress on some ear muffs he’s working on in the Ozarks.

    Posted on July 12th, 2017 at 8:40 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    There’s a sense in which discussing the JQ is complicit in the great leveling process, for leftists entertaining it in speech will eventually face the contradiction that there isn’t supposed to BE a master race (euphemistically, “chosen people”), there aren’t supposed to be even masters!, and thus the Jews will begin to be chipped away at as the whites have been the last few decades. Regretful, but maybe for the best insofar as what we take as the Cathedral is going to get a leg kicked out from under it if Jewish people are absorbed into the One Equality… this could result in 1. widespread nigga guvnas 2. an NRx takeover or 3. a white populist takeover.


    Posted on July 12th, 2017 at 10:51 pm Reply | Quote
  • Claire Colebrook Says:

    A subway ride in Warsaw, Poland:


    Notice anything different from NYC?

    Where’s the diversity? There’s nothing here but 100 percent whites, calmly reading books

    What they need is vibrancy!

    Quick bring in thousands of chimps to start doing flips, somersaults and pole-dancing so (((Peter Beinart))) won’t feel threatened by all that white, Christian hegemony


    collen ryan Reply:

    I have to be on the trains in NYC early I am usually the only white person in a car of a hundred or so until the last couple of stops in manhattan by the time im maybe part of 30% white. While its certainly much much worse NYC and most cities have always been diverse. So what happened over the great replacement was city people who are the decision makers didnt really notice the change in demographics. People outside the cities had no experience of nigger races and so being a less guarded population and having no influence anyway did not become alarmed for quite some time each places believing it was only an anomaly that other places were still all white.I am watching my second home in north Idaho which began being colonized by hippie progs in the 70s most of who became BOBOs and moved into local politics etc, pushing things like bycycle paths and SJW staements. The local ranchers and loggers are clueless to the significance of whats coming. they have never seen it dont know how a community is organized.Im thinking a lot of {Poland these past few years


    Posted on July 13th, 2017 at 2:26 am Reply | Quote
  • 1 Says:

    >Across social media, much nodding ensued, from constituencies whose approval he would surely least appreciate.
    Cackling laughter and a wide smile at this – “LOL” so to speak


    1 Reply:

    I don’t know why it’s funny to me. It’s hilarious. I feel like the humor of this whole thing has been passed over. It’s pure comedy. I can’t explain why it’s funny. I’ve always thought myself someone with a strong sense of humor. I’ve been told by people I’m the funniest person they know, etc. This is funny. Period. It’s funny because it’s so – the stupidity of the commentators and their analysis is so far off. You cannot help but laugh. It’s like an inside joke that they aren’t getting. And that there is no hope for them to get, which is what makes it hilarious. Maybe I have a sick sense of humor.


    Posted on July 13th, 2017 at 3:51 am Reply | Quote
  • Space Ghost Says:

    So if you explicitly locate transnational progressivism as a distinctly Western intellectual product of Western minds…they freak out? Is it really that easy?


    Posted on July 13th, 2017 at 4:51 am Reply | Quote
  • Claire Colebrook Says:

    Rothsteinberg here

    Trump (speaking in Warsaw): “Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

    Oh dear.

    It looks like Trump gets it. He knows.

    Time for us to show him the Zapruder film


    Posted on July 13th, 2017 at 4:30 pm Reply | Quote
  • Jesse M. Says:

    Obligatory link to Slate Star Codex post on Western culture vs. universal cultural attractors (roughly, the sort of things that would likely have been arrived at independently in an alternate history where some other group of humans had a scientific & industrial & capitalist revolution):



    Posted on July 14th, 2017 at 4:59 pm Reply | Quote
  • Mathias Says:

    Polish girl speaks out against muslim migrants and (((EU immigration quotas)))

    You don’t find women like this in Western European or the USA

    With her passion, she could be John III Sobieski’s daughter



    Posted on July 14th, 2017 at 11:31 pm Reply | Quote
  • SVErshov Says:

    “Beinart was quite correct in recognizing – horrified – the #resonance# of this sentence with the most extreme elements of the present transition, but that was no help to him. ”

    I thought that key word to this article must be “resonance”, and here it comes. If there is so much of resonance everywhere that means real conflict is not there, it moved already from political/ideological hemisphere elsewhere.


    Posted on July 16th, 2017 at 7:23 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:


    ann coulter going down another level of HBD, people are getting the fundamentals finally

    “That’s why a Somali cop’s fatal shooting of a pajama-clad Good Samaritan has gone directly into the “Be Nice to Muslims!” file, rather than the “Why Are All These Somalis Here?” file. (Answer: Because of an earlier mistake with excessive Scandinavian immigration.)”


    collen ryan Reply:

    ” There is absolutely no benefit to the more than 100,000 Somalis brought in by Minnesota, except to feed the Scandinavian ethnomasochism, expressed as arrogant self-regard.

    Gosh, they’re good people. R.I.P. Justine.”

    -this is ann coulter coming to you from lake wobegon where all the children are still above average good night and god bless.

    actually my understanding norwegians shun arrogance almost to the extent the japanese do. Maybe they cant bring themselves to object to the schemes of their more pushy neighbors, maybe ann cant go that deep on Breitbart and is using scandinavians as a proxy



    Posted on July 27th, 2017 at 3:39 pm Reply | Quote
  • Mathias Says:


    Anne Coulter knows that Jews are the ones behind the Open Borders agenda and the mass immigration into white countries, however she can’t say this on Breitbart anymore than she could say it on the SJW blogs. Or this blog.

    When Land writes “XS comment ecology has turned into a sewer”, what he means has nothing to do with grammar, run on sentences, or using the N word. What he means of course is there’s been some mild criticism of jews here recently, and ANY criticism of jews is intolerable, and will be dealt with by censorship and banning.

    I expect to be banned any moment now, and will be surprised if this comment even gets posted.

    For Jews, who represents their most dangerous enemy? Obviously the race with the highest intellectual capacity.

    Lesser intellects are lesser threats to be dealt with once the primary threat has been neutralized. After all, what challenge is there in dealing with the mindless Negro who never developed the wheel?

    Once the real threat, the white man, has been eliminated, then lesser intellects, like those of African and third world Arab populations, will represent little more than a nasty mopping up operation for the Jews.

    Most certainly, once the white question has been resolved to the Jew’s satisfaction, the velvet gloves now used for handling these minorities will come off.

    The endless debate and assessment over how and why Jews are doing this has reached the point of diminishing returns. After thirty years of the Internet, those who know, know. Those who don’t know, don’t want to know.

    The fact is Jews have always been a deadly cancer to their host cultures. The only solution is the one Jews have long fantasized about. Jews know it’s either them or the host.

    After all, they’re the ones who always insist the two cannot live together in the same environment.


    collen ryan Reply:


    A lot of what you just said is true, and I appreciate the support so to speak. But I honestly think some of nicks commenters are nostalgic for a certain period of this blog that did in fact have some pretty sophisticated sophistry, id like to think Nick is one of those. Its certainly possible both are true. Ironically Im not lying when i say my last red pill was recent and was regarding the JQ, and I got it on this blog.

    So dont be so pessimistic, things collapse very slowly then all at once.I actually have some hope even jews will get woke to what they have been about. I dont think most of them get it, i dont even think some of the worst of them really really get it. In a sense we are their parents, always have been. you think your parents are gods that cant really be hurt that dont have feelings like you do, that you can safely rebel against forever.I dont mean any of this to minimize the severity of the situation its existential, and Im not sure we can ever live as one people again,even if they come to understand, and certainly many of them understood all too well and most of them probably ought to have.

    A lot of reaction is jewish but so it seems is a lot of the alt right, and for that matter a lot of the old right. So reaction is a microcosm of the general repulsion about racism, people intuit its going to be impossible to undo this multiculturalism without massive bloodshed, and from what ii know the nazis had a hell of a time. but i think we could do it if we wanted to and humanely.But its understandable no one wants to contemplate it, so no one wants to contemplate losing reaction thats maybe substantially jewish. A big appeal of reaction ironically is it holds the promise of unwinding leftism without a holocaust, of course they have to keep it vague and larpy to stay deluded. In my opinion the longer we refuse to face that whites must have an ethno state the higher the probability it will have to be unwound violently. we are hot house flowers we whites hajinal orchids we need our safe space from tribal humans, we are great at absorbing from others but only in small doses

    yes ann is fully woke except she fucks niggers and jews so maybe not fully huh? lol still no enemies to the right huh, that girl sure can argue a chicken right off its bones.

    reaction will either face some of the issues its avoiding or others will i cant believe im saying this but i think we are about to witness the overturning of leftism within out lifetimes had its going to be HBD founded feminism and multiculturalism are over with the JQ is going to be the most studied topic ever one day,and I dont think socialism will ever again make a comeback. but i dont think lands nightmare capitalism will come to fruition in fact i even think hes wrong about cities, i think whites will use tech to live better outside cities.


    Posted on July 27th, 2017 at 10:35 pm Reply | Quote
  • Claire Colebrook Says:

    Collen / Mathias,

    I think the fact that Jews are behind the Open Borders agenda and mass immigration into white countries has been proven beyond any shadow of doubt, but read this extremely well-written article by Andrew Joyce, if you’re still not convinced:


    As Andrew Joyce points out: “In all Western countries, Whiteness studies, in both its academic and social justice expressions, remains disproportionately directed by Jews. This is an empirically observable fact.

    A book could be written on Jewish involvement in this academic “discipline” alone.

    Many Jews have made a career out of advancing notions of “White guilt”

    Yes, the truly evil canard of WHITE GUILT.

    And once again, a jew mug leering behind the theatrical curtain.

    Cui bono? Who stands to gain from all that white guilt and colonialist depredation?

    Cui? Jewry, that’s who.

    ONLY him, Der Ewige Jew, who then projected his evil upon the unsuspecting but DUMB GOY, “goyishe kop”, the obedient beast of burden, whereby the age-old roles of feudal master and his tax-collecting enabler were reversed.

    At least the judaic demons were smart enough to grossly enrich themselves through this shameful work early on in their migratory history, but what did Europeans get?

    Blame and guilt, that’s what they got.

    Naivety is the true diagnosis of the disease decimating our race, I see it everywhere, all the time, as whites are consumed by Judaic plague compared to which the previous contagions are a pallid joke.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Its not a matter of being convinced jews have had a strategy of non white immigration since the 1800s
    the question i think is besides closing the borders and finding excuses to send all the non whites home,what to do about the jews. They are really mixed in with us, they have some pretty good characteristics and yet it seems insane to trust them. my concern is not how to build enough ovens so much as we cant really decide this question of what to do about them until we can be honest about how destructive they have been. this seems to be to quote a jew a catch 22,we are afraid to look at what they have done over the centuries because it might cause us to stuff them into ovens again (not that that really happened) Its sort of the same problem with looking at the low IQ and violence etc of blacks, if we were ever honest about the magnitude of their pathology we would ship them back to africa, so we do nothing and die slowly. Its just ironic reaction for all its larping about racism and all their lets embrace the dark horror they cant face this of course many of them are jews so theres that but thats the point this is the last opportunity for jews to repent. i have no doubt ww2 was just an appetizer to whats going to come if we can not face reality before the mob fully wakes


    Posted on July 28th, 2017 at 4:36 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Reducing the drooling over swamp-draining to egalitarian leveling certainly helps chip off some of the dirt caked around the emerging Right but it muddles the fact that our central motivation for toppling the swamp monster – I’d aver even in the lowbrow cretin stratum of the Right – is rooted IN anti-egalitarianism and anti-leveling, so by negating our negation you are more in cahoots with Bolshevism than we. If a section of the population has designated the powers that be as Bolshevik and therefore in need of a *dugin voice* PURGE, how exactly is it fair to designate it itself as Bolshevik? “Fumigate me” sounds like it would have been a good Cobain song. Your sorcerous cunning will be dragged into the light as long as you have an internet account, so might as well get used to it.


    collen ryan Reply:

    excellently put.


    Posted on July 29th, 2017 at 3:40 pm Reply | Quote

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