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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    Norma is Global Capital – mummified; the fumes of her rot you’ve perfumed.

    Norman is all the particular resistances to global capital which, in the end, reinforce it. NRx and ACC are “Normans”.

    Scrap liberalism, libertarianism and progressivism for clientelist, authoritarian statism. Norma doesn’t mind.


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    [NL] “Liberals tend to like immigrants a lot, while immigrants don’t like liberals very much at all.”

    {AK} No, not necessarily. The desire is for economically domesticated, cosmopolitan variety, by, as you say, the global cybernetics of a surreptitious, ‘WASP’ ‘policed’, intimidated, and infiltrated, economic control.

    The rest of the stuff contrasting alleged Protestant and (modern) Jewish capitalism dispositions as a default liberalism; with the allegedly communal, big-government friendly, strategies, of other immigrant, ethnic groupings; can be explained, where the model might be accurate, as the result of socioeconomic network interactions. In short, people naturally swarm towards open opportunity, not to ethnically closured hostility.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [NL] “Liberals tend to like immigrants a lot”

    {AK} No, not necessarily. The desire is for etc


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “In short, people naturally swarm towards open opportunity, not to ethnically closured hostility.”

    Exactly. And the nativist accusations leveled at immigrants, “Why don’t you fix (develop) your own countries instead of flocking to ours.”, could be applied to the nativists themselves; “Why don’t you fix your own country, so that you no longer have to flock toward immigrants as the locus of your frustration?”


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Well, the ‘natives’ did flock to the countries of the immigrants. Colonial wealth extraction, did help to fix coloniser’s native lands.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Funny, isn’t it, how, in this new paradigm, the immigrants are the colonizers extracting colonial wealth from the natives?

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The ‘Third World’, Rohme, is held hostage in an essentially militarised economic system that extracts far more from them, than it returns. Immigrant populations in ‘first world countries’ operate, through their cultural inflation by the media, as vectors of vaccinatory pretext; ethno-barometric logics used to engineer continuity of exploitation, under the sign of its opposite.

    Wagner Reply:

    Art, you Injuns would still be gazing at your navels if it weren’t for colonialists. Whites put your people to good use, alchemizing currymonkeylabor into science, philosophy, art, etc. as the fruits of leisure, and in which we can all now share. Don’t you like all this stuff the West provides? Call it a fair trade once all the “naggers” abate and *appreciate*. In the meantime I’m sitting back shoving popcorn in my mouth while watching these Kneejerk-Left reactions – Land must have hit a nerve.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Big W, us Indians created it all, whilst gazing at our navels; the West was brought in to do the construction work.

    collen ryan Reply:

    “Mr. C,

    What do you think of someone like Jared Taylor’s approach contra your warriorism? Granted, he is not an anti-semite.”

    Kind of a trick question, I’m not really anti semitic or pro war. That is to say I wish neither had to be. I fully get how bad war will be, and while jews have done a lot of damage Im not really threatened by them i think we could easily handle them once we understand the situation,and I kind of like a lot of them personally, so Im not that neo nazi punching up at my oppressor.More like a rancher managing cattle and doing what needs doing.

    That said its probably best i couldnt find a link to you and had to reply n this thread since wag and I got into this essay last night on the last post before he linked the essay here. What I think about Jared, is what I said about what Land said about the alt right. They are not adopting identitarianism because they are particularly hateful, they do it for the same reason Land criticizes the Liberal-tarians for “accepting the way things turned out” JT and the sensible alt right are pretty much cuckservatives accepting nothing much can be done and trying to make the best of it while adhering as well as possible to their classical liberal wasp culture of fair play and all that.

    My problem with it and why Im mistaken for a jew hating war monger is they are assuming its turned out, when in fact its still turning. Not only is there no exit possible there is no truce possible.It is inevitable this process will continue until it becomes clear whites are in an existential struggle, and that multiculturalism is absolutely impossible because it will always and everywhere end up like this for whites. Our evolutionary strategy is not compatible with the other races. Now some of the most sensible alt right get even this and suggest its possible to have good relations when we are all in our own safe spaces. I think this is sort of true. Ultimately though I think there will be only one race to inherit the universe, after all we are in competition. If whites finding their backs against the wall choose life, they will return to a cultural confidence they had like other races before the jewishing pwning. from that frame i think it likely we will eventually return to establishing hegemony over the universe. But who knows maybe we will be more magnanimous.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Mr. C,

    As I write this, more than a dozen people have been injured and one person has been killed in Charleston.

    Various Congresspeople and even the President have condemned the message and purpose of the rallies.

    Both parties agree (and it seems to be the only thing on which they agree) white supremacy is bad. But parties do not speak for anything.

    There is no reason to doubt that these rallies will continue to build momentum.

    Whites taking up identitarianism closes the loop for identity politics.

    For leftists to refute their identitarian claims, they would have to refute themselves since their argument is the same; the principle difference being only which identities are spoken for.

    The big mistake of the left, their sin of omission, was not including white men into their diorama of oppression.

    If leftists really cared about universal oppression, then they would have figured white men into it. Surely, white men are oppressed.

    But their aim was rather culturalization of politics. Now everything is necrotic, they should dispose of their horror. As Land’s counterpuncher Ray Brassier has said: those with strategy will employ your tactics.

    I think your assessment of Jared Taylor is off. And you are also way too pessimistic.

    Racial existentialism is palpable to the masses and is being felt and reacted against.

    That there is no such thing as exit is neither a fact and nor something one could know.

    What you don’t say can be more valuable than what you say. Talking how you talk, Collen, is self-defeating. It begs ridicule and scorn, if acknowledged at all.

    Jared Taylor, however, is playing by the rules of the game. For that reason, he is far more subversive than you.

    His approach is voluntaristic, demotist and legalistic. To use an incongruous analogy, how Martin Luther King, Jr. appealed to the Christian conscience, Jared Taylor appeals to the liberal conscience.

    He frames the question like this: “Why should people be held against their will in a political association they do not want?”

    It’s classically liberal.

    If a large group of determined people orientated themselves around this question and conducted themselves appropriately – adopting pacifism (which I admit their comportments may make hard for them) – it would be subversive, an inverse civil rights movement, and could bring a contradiction to bare the liberal edifice – founded on the right of the self-determination of peoples – could not support.

    Post-script, I am not at all interested or invested in white separatism. I am interested in the dialectical movement of consciousness. Obviously the white closure of identity politics may eject the left from identity politics altogether, once they see it is self-refuting.

    Also, I have no idea what your background is but tone down the machismo man. You make it seem you’re in a camouflage tent planning insurgency warfare over walkie-talking with your network across the Ozarks. My evaluation of your warriorism stands a valid point.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    principal* not principle difference, goddamn it

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Correction: Charlottesville was place of the rally, not Charleston and I’m afraid it’s my bedtime.

    a whirling aluminum tube Reply:

    “Why don’t you fix your own country, so that you no longer have to flock toward immigrants as the locus of your frustration?”

    From a nativist perspective, the nativist areas of the United States are already relatively nice, when there aren’t immigrants around. We’re trying to make them better and deal with our problems like heroin, trade imbalances, government waste, etc.

    The cities are hell but we don’t control them politically.

    So what are you asking?

    The thing is, if you’re an average guy, yeoman farmer type you don’t necessarily benefit from being in the path of a bunch of hominids “flocking towards opportunity”. Maybe better off not welcoming them.

    If you want to be a plantation owner, you benefit from the hominids “flocking towards opportunity”. But we don’t want that.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “From a nativist perspective, the nativist areas of the United States are already relatively nice, when there aren’t immigrants around.”

    I guess that depends who you ask, lol.. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/may/12/nation/na-postville-iowa12

    “If you want to be a plantation owner, you benefit from the hominids “flocking towards opportunity”. But we don’t want that.”


    I grew up in Florida and always knew of the Fanjuls, so that was an easy find to illustrate the point.

    If ‘nativists’ focused their rage at their state governments and local businesses instead of at immigrants, that would be fearsome indeed.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Its worse than even that,because long term no ones ever benefited from eating shit. Capitalism today is destroying the mycellium on which it thrives.It may be getting some cheap calories in the short term but long term its toast. The commies didnt partner with the capitalist because theyre stupid. Communists think in generations capitalists think quarterly, To the extent capitalists think at all.
    When cucks like NRX get all ‘muh capitalism’ at the nazis they are like the other cuckservatives getting all muh constitution at the other socialists, it doesnt fucking matter if youre dead. Which is sort of ironic that since todays capitalists are yesterdays slave plantation owners and we know how well that turned out. So NRX is defending crypto slavery (moldbugs not even crypto about it) while the nazis are defending ethnic patchwork.
    It gets more bizarre when you think how obsessed we nrx all are about genetics and CRISPR yet the most basic low tech thing we could do to improve our average genetics is beyond the pale.

    Anon Reply:

    >And the nativist accusations leveled at immigrants … could be applied to the nativists themselves

    This is a pretty stupid analogy between cases. The nativists typically don’t have political and ideological power (that every third sentence of yours is insulting them, you must realize this, unless you are less than 1SD and driven by other motivations). While the immigrants are backed by elites here, and some of the immigrants in western countries are tied to elites in their homelands (see the connections between Gulf State oil elites and the city of London and financing/support for Islam there, for instance). The nativists typically have no control over the political process (if they did, Trump would have completely reversed things by now), while it could be argued that the more cognitively and financially upper-end immigrants could be part of the political processes back where they are from (see Indian elites in South Africa, Jewish elites in America, and Arab elites in England).

    Also, what ends up happening is that in your relentless, “but what about the browns,” quasi-SJW signalling you’ve also just created something that is indistinguishable from the nativism you allegedly despise except at a localist and social network level where the groups revert back to the mean after two or three generations. I saw this happen in the tech industry. Open it up to a bunch of high IQ indians, and they start operating and recruiting on ethnic grounds to the detriment of actual good code (HBD runs roughshod over capital. Probably another reason why Land “loves” capital). Congratulations on building ethnic blocs though, I guess. That you think immigrant voting blocs are better than nativist voting blocs really goes to shows what you are interested in here: ethnic-localism for yourself, no ethno-culturalism for the various European groups. It really does become what the idiots on /pol/ always say and what cultural critic Philip Rieff has said: a race war and a cultural war.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    You are attributing things to me that I have not tried to say. You are either psychoanalyzing me or making shit up.

    I should have specified I was talking about illegal immigration, not Saudi royalty sending their darlings to Harvard.

    The contest is between the nativists, their state government and the various business interests.

    Instead of taking out their frustration on illegals – the often said, “Why don’t they fix their own country?” – nativists should look at the problems within their own political system: “Why don’t I fix my own country?”

    It’s not analogy, it’s simple inversion. One could draw from that further, “If I don’t fix the problems in my country, why should they fix the problems in there’s?”

    It isn’t a matter of hard work and struggle through the political process, but simply about the luck of the draw, where you’re born, since neither the nativist or the illegal immigrant are doing anything to change the political structure they’ve inherited, and are merely following pre-determined paths.

    Anon Reply:


    Good god you are one of the dumbest commentators here. It is an analogy, because you are inferring conclusions from a comparison between cases. The cases are rhetorical situations with an orator, audience, and asserted claims. Case one’s orator are nativists, audience is immigrants, and assertion has the fixing claim along with a denial of entry. Case two’s orator is empty (but presumably something anti-nativist), audience is nativists, and their assertion is the fixing claim with SJW boilerplate. None of our conversation gets off the ground here, unless you accept the fact that you are making comparisons between cases, drawing inferences from it (explicit or not), then noticing the counter-claims to the analogical argument are built off dis-analogies and other counters (dis-analogies that moved you enough, that you are now starting to walk back your original comparative claims in a self-sealing effort). I could respond to your post above in a more comprehensive manner, but given you don’t even buy into the fact that you are arguing via analogy there is absolutely no point nitpicking your garbage, since you don’t even buy into basic philosophical analysis of what an analogy is.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    The case I was making is general with a singular Citizen and an objective of keeping people in their own countries and out of others’ or keeping people out of their country and inside another.

    I see why you consider it analogical by virtue of how I presented it prior. So I don’t consider that what you’re saying is incorrect.

    Generally speaking, keeping ALL people in their countries and out of ALL others’ would require any particular subset (Country A) with its analogue (Citizen of Country A) to do so as well as ALL OTHER PARTICULAR CASES, which is why the nativist’s statement is ironic and transferential, speaking from a blind-spot of exemption to the universal implications of his own assertion; of course, Citizen of Country B ‘fixing his own country’ is not enough for Country A to keep all people out of their country and inside another.

    You realize this issues out of a deduction, right?

    I’d like more answers ‘in a comprehensive manner’! I scantly imagine what that pedanticism would look like.

    collen ryan Reply:

    What can I say Rohme, you seem to accept all sorts of premises I find laughable and I dont think you even realize youre accepting many of them.

    Actually the president condemned both sides of protests, which is sort of like not condemning what happened at all, so thats something new, if he survives we may be much closer than even i thought

    White supremacy is not good or bad its simply a fact. The fact is the entire world from the slants to the jews to the niggers all operate on the western cultural frame our frame and we are best adapted to it. if in a few hundred years you can show another race thats made a better go of it or replaced it with their own cultural frame ill take another look. In the meantime stop using faggy words like white supremacism – And BTW dont tell me to tone down the machismo cowboy the fuck up. we are men discussing how to rule the world WTF? A huge part of the problem is the utter faggotry of western men these days.

    Lets start with this idea that “WN” as people like you and your counterparts like to describe it: is actually a correlative of identitarian politics.This frame only holds within the liberal concept, and is what I am arguing against, and is what my critique of Taylor is meant to convey. None of its going to last much longer

    The white nationalism I am advocating predates all your political constructs, its simply the natural order, as is all the other ethno nationalism such as hutu, french,kurd and iclandic. It has zero to do with identity politics. Its only because of the mixed nature of most of the hegemonic anglospere that the adjective “white needs to be used sometimes. This seems to be a big gotcha for for some reason that eludes me. these mixed white nations have amply proved they are as well genetically built as any more pure euro nation, -until non white immigration happened.

    Again Jared Taylor you are correct is attempting to Alynski the left and set them up for being held to their own rules- what can i say Good luck with that, the left has no rules but winning. but if it makes you feel better they have a talking point that says whites can never ever be victims because white privilege. So Taylor as I said ,is simply playing the cuckservative game of, as Land put it, accepting how things are.

    And as i said things are not going to remain this way for long. Moldbug too basis his thesis on the 1000 reich of the cathedral- not going to happen its not different this time. Whites are not going to put up with dispossession, they have only played along this far because it didnt seem to cost them anything, fiat accounting and all that. Theres a lot more to how it got this far but suffice it to say leftism is out of road the feedback loop is tightening. Unfortunately for the left its happening both as information is widely available on precisely whats been going on and perhaps more importantly subsequent to their showing just how far they intend to take this- as in existentially. So theres not going to be any more minor oscillations this is the big one. leftisms done stick a fork in it.

    Ok please describe a theoretical exit. Because i have a long list of guys who tried it some even had nuclear weapons most had billions in numbered accounts a lot had huge armies and established nations and their volk behind them and none survived. The world is a smaller place now. You want to exit youre going to have to defeat the cathedral and take your territory and be able to hold it- but of course that been the case since forever. Only once you might find a spot where you were not noticed or worth bothering with for a while not anymore they want one world government so any scrap of desert or jungle island asserting autonomy is a mortal threat. besides they control all money every type. its war or submission. so the only way youre right about exit is like the jewbug imagining these crypto locked sewers in your imaginary future tech patch, but here in real world…..

    “The big mistake of the left, their sin of omission, was not including white men into their diorama of oppression.”
    I have to go back to this you dont fucking get it you think the lefts aim was immanentizing the eschaton- they did have white men as victims once in the beginning just like jews wer once and one day muslims will also be thrown under the bus. the left doesnt give a shit about people at all any people not niggers women or faggots , they care only about one thing POWER they want to rule the world absolutely, NO NOT TO MAKE IT BETTER JUST BECAUSE TO RULE IS WORTH AMBITION. all your fucking overthinking is garbage there is only one way to win an argument with a leftist PUT A BULLET THROUGH HIS FUCKING HEAD

    “What you don’t say can be more valuable than what you say. Talking how you talk, Collen, is self-defeating. It begs ridicule and scorn, if acknowledged at all.”
    This might be a good place to point out you asked me what I thought. Ill further add there was once a reactionary axiom that plain speaking naming the nigger the jew the statistic the frame the truth accurately was the best defence against newspeak. NICK LAND THE MARXIST DECONSTRUCTIONIST HAS OF COURSE FUCKED THAT UP>perhaps youde be more comfortable in the faculty lounge,

    “If a large group of determined people orientated themselves around this question and conducted themselves appropriately – adopting pacifism (which I admit their comportments may make hard for them) – it would be subversive, an inverse civil rights movement, and could bring a contradiction to bare the liberal edifice – founded on the right of the self-determination of peoples – could not support.”

    Rohme do you really comprehend what an 85 IQ low future time orientation 4 standard deviations higher aggression and etc etc etc really means? I mean not to pick on the niggers but multiculturalism is simply not sustainable, not with affirmative action not with jim crow or apartheid or slavery. niggers are absolutely useless if they are not supported they decay to haiti or liberia well actually haiti and liberia have a lot of support. in the near future we will struggle mightily to keep our own left half going while we engineer newer better generations. and this all works just as bad on the races with higher IQs and more socialized jews and east asians will simply subjugate us if allowed to remain. I dont know maybe youre good with that I predict most whites are not and will soon be expressing their wish to revert to the natural organizational order of ethno states. cicilization is hard the easiest way to make it easier is to separate it into similar groups- its so fucking simple but your uneasiness about multculti faggotry makes you blind.

    “Post-script, I am not at all interested or invested in white separatism. I am interested in the dialectical movement of consciousness. Obviously the white closure of identity politics may eject the left from identity politics altogether, once they see it is self-refuting.”

    what this even mean? Im not interested in white identity politics either I just want to get on with life unfortunately we have a problem, we adopted a jew religion and then over thousands of years got pwnd by jews who first use class warfare then transformed it into race warfare to continue their occupation, their entire mindfuck is so fucking convoluted and been going on for so many hundreds of years most of you assholes cant think straight – its simple throw all the communism both racial economic and faggoot / feminist oriented out go back to a normal nation state and reality. consciousness? how can you have consciousness when your minds full of garbage about how not to offend everyone and what their needs are fuck em- not my problem. you are a politics addict i want to get rid of it all and do science do math do farming do fucking you want to play leftist politics with niggers and jews go do it somewhere else please


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Sup cowboy,

    “Lets start with this idea that “WN” as people like you and your counterparts like to describe it: is actually a correlative of identitarian politics.”

    White nationalists describe themselves as identitarian, as a badge of honor, and have adopted the identitarian logic of the left and appropriated minoritarianism – “If blacks can be proud of their culture, why can’t we?” – likely in the fear, panic and anticipation of encroaching minority status.

    “This frame only holds within the liberal concept, and is what I am arguing against, and is what my critique of Taylor is meant to convey.”

    Fair enough. So we can divide white nationalism into liberal and illiberal camps. And the point made in Land’s ‘latest’ is anything on the side of liberalism is dead (rotting corpse liberalist Norma birthing illiberal Normans)

    “This might be a good place to point out you asked me what I thought.”

    LOL. True.

    “cicilization is hard the easiest way to make it easier is to separate it into similar groups- its so fucking simple but your uneasiness about multculti faggotry makes you blind.”

    Have you read Leopold Kohr’s The Breakdown of Nations? It’s a much better read than Moldbug’s writings on patchwork.

    J. L. Talmon’s The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy?

    If..you don’t shoot me in the head..

    ..and we continue to interface, we should abandon reference to Moldbug, since neither of us show really any deference toward him.

    “I just want to get on with life unfortunately we have a problem, we adopted a *** religion and then over thousands of years got pwnd by ***”

    Is the 14th Amendment “pownage” by ***? That’s a great source of pain for you, that equal protection clause, legal equality, isn’t it? How is that ***’s fault?

    collen ryan Reply:

    or just shoot them in their lifeboat swarm before they reach our shores


    collen ryan Reply:

    and so we have the liberal WN which is the kamp that is attempting to play by the lefts rule of the hour and who i think we now agree and even reaction agrees are not going to succeed. and the other camp who i will name white naturalists who are not really organized because they are only now beginning to realize what must happen. The multicultural state must be dismantled entirely. Its going to take a while for enough of them to relize this, but the left is doing its utmost to wake them. its inevitable during this process the liberal WN, will try and succeed to some extent for some period to insert itself into this process. But few whites are really interested in being “WN” they may be very interested in aspects of their culture(s) in a natural way as opposed to viking riding wolves way. but they really just want to be left to work and raise families and nations. But they have run out of places to move and must now clean house.

    The 14th amendment? well its pretty dubious to interpret it to mean birthright citizenship let alone that the US is an open territory. It was intended to keep the civil war won and that a whole other can of worms. Lets just say I already said even slavery as multiculturalism isnt sustainable so to quibble over who and why we outlawed it is pointless. Your real point i suppose is moldbugs argument that calvinists were liberal before the jews, well sure to some extent but not calvinists greeks and romans renaissance italians dutch and english we euros have a evolutionary path that could loosely described as liberal, it works great among ourselves and it falls apart when we try to integrate. But lets not underestimate jewish influence going back to rome even.moldbugs right in the sense that christianity is a cuck theology, its inverse judaism. and the extent of jewish thought did not start with christianity then go silent until 1850s its been worming away the whole time but the usa was fertile ground having enshrined the enlightenment in its constitution. That doesnt mean the founders ever intended anything like what you think the constitution means, just that it was pretty easy over 200 years if you owned the cathedral to reinterpret it.
    Land is wrong wasps wont defend their culture thats exactly what they are doing by being cucks. they are defending their culture to the last man when they should be defending their people and when they are secured then defend their culture. Theirs nothing really wrong with white culture whn practiced among whites


    Wagner Reply:

    There was a time-warp on the following post – there are bugs after me now swarming into a human shaped cyclone but I part them and clap them dead and they die knowing it’s right. Sorry, bugs, but I’m sorrier for my shoes that I have to scrape you off with.

    I mean to say that some kind of nerd-magic scrambled the thing I typed; the deep state guys whose wives I make cum all over my chest when they’re at work are shooting arrows, I suggest sending a catapult, Land, filled with X; everyone knows that if you actually took the shot you would hit them right between the brain. Place the bullseye, Fire. Not like you need my jackass advice but this is roughly what got burned:

    “Land is wrong wasps won’t defend their culture thats exactly what they are doing by being cucks.”

    Yup. Except both you guys are wrong:

    “Theirs nothing really wrong with white culture when practiced among whites”

    You defend white culture but what white culture is is being extremely courteous to the Other. (In an alternate history, Land’s Hot Grandmother offers a yellowfurtiveeyed negro “tea and crumpets” and she is “mauled… brutally” – Pummeled-Gramma-Land is known in this history to have tweeted the sole word “niggers” in 2014.) We kinda got thought-KO’d by the 1-2 punch of Socrates and Jesus… [Tape Deleted]Nope don’t delete tapes.

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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    Nick, I love these two sentences,

    “‘Liberalism’ is the most profoundly corrupted word in political history. Without any exaggeration, rhetorical license, or metaphorical latitude, it’s the leathery sliced-off face of something murdered long ago which now serves to disguise a foaming chainsaw-wielding maniac sharing none of its DNA.”

    but I’m confused by the “sharing none of its DNA” bit. Have your views on ideological cladistics changed, or did I not understand them in the first place? I thought you regarded classical liberalism as a species of progressivism?


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    I’m still confused about how the Whig/Tory split maps onto the Left/Right split. I gather from your comment on the “almost” thread that, whatever the relationship between Whig and Left was before 1867, it changed after the Reform Act was passed.



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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Very nicely put


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  • Peter George Stewart Says:

    Eh, I’m seeing the complete opposite of this, I’m seeing a resurgence of classical liberalism, coming from two sides, 1) people peeling off from the Left by rejecting identitarian politics and recovering a sense of universalist humanism, i.e. “returning” to classical liberalism, and 2) people on the Right continuing to stick to Constitutionalism as the core principle. They both converge.

    Trump’s victory WAS a victory for classical liberalism – even the economic populist aspect is within the boundary of it.

    The “Alt Lite”, the broader church of Trump supporters basically is people who share classical liberal core values, civic nationalism, individual liberty, etc., whether they’re “ex-Left or from within the Right as it has been.

    Politics is always a broad church, but insofar as there’s anything that’s united the reaction to the identitarian politics of the PC cult, it’s been a rediscovery of liberal, individualistic values. Which is why most of them continue to reject the Alt Right proper (because the Alt Right proper is taking the identitarian ball the Left’s given them and running with it).

    I think part of the problem with NRx lucubrations, fascinating as they usually are in terms of fearless exploration, is that there’s an assumption that classical liberalism was an unstable position that necessarily evolves/devolves (depending on how you look at it) to some sort of Borg-like future. But I think of it more as a balancing act that requires constant vigilance.

    Again, part of the problem is in this looking for a machine that will take care of itself – if you’re looking for that, rather than something to be eternally vigilant and alert about, then that’s what you’ll get.


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  • dmf Says:



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  • collen ryan Says:

    @ wag

    it is white culture to be extremely courteous to the other in a sort of reserved way. The thing is this developed among whites, so the other was a dutchman or even someone as exotic as an italian or an englishman.

    We had rules about fair play that worked so well we refuse to see how they cant work when the other doesnt have the same culture of other honor. (which certainly isnt the only problem with multiculturalism). Now we also had a sense of order and hierarchy, although it seems genetically egalitarian we had enough aristocracy natural and legal that we had sense of class, but along with this we had a sense of class obligation, again this sense of obligation to the other. So on one hand you dont allow yourself to become too familiar with the servants or they with you to preserve the class lines you also dont mistreat your servants, you might be legally able to get away with it but culturally it would be the end. The same with the sexes, euros have always had higher status for women and children, even animals.

    While a lot of this might have paid lip service to christian values it was far deeper and older, we were a much more fertile bed for the jewish heresy than the jews were.But no mistake christianity is morbid always was going to be often was.It goes beyond noblesse oblige into flattening communism with a moral imperative. Its also important to note until the modern era it simply wasnt possible to carry noblesse oblige to its extreme of a welfare state so it wasnt ever weighed under possibilities like that until communism shows up along with capitalism and it goes from being about noble grace to guillotine.

    The wasp is looking back over 500 2000 years of this system and its achievements and saying Im not going to give up on this culture of mine so full of tales of archetypal sagas of my ancestors holding fast to these principles and prevailing- Im going mad dogs and englishman down with the ship women and children first, a company man esprit du corps, we happy few, and m sure it will work out it always has. Im certainly not going to stoop to conquer to be like these savages or these low bred whites who have lowered themselves to the savage level. And of course theres a massive army of jew led propagandists academics and artists feeding into these ancient beliefs with just subtly enough revisions that it all seems to be of a piece, and yet not. This is why moldbugs puritain meme works so well as with all good lies theres some truth in it.


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  • Wagner Says:


    “On the evening of the last day’s march an order had been received that the commander in chief would inspect the regiment on the march. Though the words of the order were not clear to the regimental commander, and the question arose whether the troops were to be in marching order or not, it was decided at a consultation between the battalion commanders to present the regiment in parade order, on the principle that it is always better to ‘bow too low than not bow low enough.’ So the soldiers, after a twenty-mile march, were kept mending and cleaning all night long without closing their eyes, while the adjutants and company commanders calculated and reckoned, and by morning the regiment–instead of the straggling, disorderly crowd it had been on its last march the day before–presented a well-ordered array of two thousand men each of whom knew his place and his duty, had every button and every strap in place, and shone with cleanliness. And not only externally was all in order, but had it pleased the commander in chief to look under the uniforms he would have found on every man a clean shirt, and in every knapsack the appointed number of articles, ‘awl, soap, and all,’ as the soldiers say.”


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  • collen ryan Says:


    There is a branch of my clan that is in fact still “down in the ozarks” which was where they moved up to from the appalachians. Have you seen that movie ” winters bone” some of them are actually like, that scary people but proud and smart. I was in a walmart last year in appalachia ahead of me was one of these matriarchs she had half a dozen perfect little blonde appalation littleun grandkids with her. She was writing a check and the nigger cashier was having trouble with her name Campbell and finally said oh like the soup. To which i gave the little nigger bitch a lesson in highland history. So now youre the nigger bitch. warrior celts have nothing to apologize for least of all living in nature, its a good life to defend your culture and people from. LIttle faggots in offices would be in gulags sucking slavic dick if not for the warrior celts in the anglosphere. we also did most of the engineering and science because rrurallife is the mother of invention


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  • collen ryan Says:

    liberalism is an ideal,maximum liberty theres points of diminishing return no matter what the outside circumstance. But the curves vary greatly depending on political construction, technological advancement, demographic construction, etc. whites are liberal it a white thing its our evolutionary edge and so wasps are willing defend it to the last man, and outsiders love exploiting this. we can no more give this up than we can shed our white skin. We can however realize its not universally applicable. And that its often wise to defend your life over your principles.This isnt complicated you know darwin science, culture is part of the evolutionary feedback loop for humans nature nurture same shit, ergo cultures are not fungible nor transferable, ergo multiculturalism is not possible. really fucking simple if youre not a wet brained marxist larping as a neonazi philospher


    collen ryan Reply:

    This is what war is for in white cultures after a few generations we become faggots, its good for art science and economics but bad for survival. every so often we have to consolidate our gains with a good war cull all the faggotry remind young men that civilization is hard a delicate balance never to be taken for granted. but we have to win these wars or the road back is long and arduous.

    We lost the last war the germans were the side that would have repaired western civilization, their socialism was not going to be the problem the nrx cucks larp on about it muh capitalism, it was simply the world zeitgeist reaction to the industrial revolutions upheavals. It would moderated if instead of crushing germany we had crushed the soviet jews. Instead the jews, bitches and faggots won, and have now recruited all the nigger races to their cause. The road back has been long and hard. But its probably for the best communism was bound to be tried capatilism was bound to also allowed free reign for a while, and the jews were bound to get as far as they have passing as whites , but now its all revealed without doubt. This wont be a minor cycle this will be a major cycle its the end of illusion for a long time to come.


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  • Bob Says:

    Appalachian Scotch-Irish aren’t descended from Highlanders or Celts. They’re actually derived from Lowland Scots, similar to Anglo-Saxons, and traditionally used by the English to fight the Highlanders and Irish.

    They may be fine people, but obviously you’re not going to most effectively fulfill some “western cultural frame” with such people and surpass say the Jews on that account.


    collen ryan Reply:

    The campbells were highlanders fought with and against english at times. Im a bit skeptical of the whole hajinals are the real whites meme places like greece rome byzantine the current anglosphere are outside the line. Theres reasons talent attracts talent thats not genetic, and hajinals are the ones committing suicide. and making broad statements about the english irish welsh scotts etc etc etc is a rats nest it may be true some areas done much better than others really not possible to point to genetics as a reason

    But Ill agree we are not going to compete with jews or more importantly over time with east asians if we allow them to piggy back on us. We have more than raw IQ


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  • Wagner Says:

    Land could learn something from this:



    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    No, I don’t agree, Big W, the guy’s not the brightest penny. You’re lowering yourself with such a reference.


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  • collen ryan Says:


    Trump should have said who's next Washington? Jefferson?- the Democrat party? Your calling these pro confederates nazis, is strange. The Nazis were a german political party, the party that defended slavery and fought the civil war and instituted jim crow were called Democrats. You should be calling these "racists" Democrats not Nazis.


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