Know the Enemy II

The sobs of aesthetic bliss version:



ADDED: China vs. The Cathedral, planetary soft-power cage fight.

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  • The Word Says:

    Yo man I don’t usually read blogs but your bliss picture made sense once I watched this 🙂 Check it out bro


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  • Antisthenes Says:

    Forgive me for my admittedly cursory knowledge of Moldbuggian thought, but doesn’t that flowchart describe the Cathedral itself, with the fact that ‘Cathedral’ is an object within it leading to a problem of infinite regress of some sort? Also I sent you an email asking about accelerationism a while ago and I’ve been more or less of the grid in the meantime, so any arrows to relevant posts whether on this blog or Urbanomic would be much appreciated.

    The flowchart is indeed aesthetically (one wants to say gustatorally) thrilling, though.


    nydwracu Reply:

    The hexagons with equals signs are the Moldbuggian abstractions.


    nydwracu Reply:

    …damn, I fucked up, it’s inconsistent whether things coming out of the Polygon come out of the Polygon or its various bits.

    dunno which is preferable here.


    Rasputin Reply:

    I’m not sure that I understand why this diagram limit’s the Cathedral to Academia, Media and the School System, and places NGOs, for example, outside it?

    Also, surely the CSB IS the Cathedral: it’s just that the AMSS is it’s brain, no?

    I’m clearly gonna need to go back and re-read MM because this seems to limit the Cathedral and the Polygon in a way which doesn’t quite mesh with my own mental image.

    Loving the graphic though!

    nydwracu Reply:

    Cathedral is AMSS. It’s debatable whether think tanks and NGOs are properly considered Cathedral, but I don’t think Moldbug includes them, and my current project is a re-injection of orthodox Moldbuggery into a scene that doesn’t seem to quite grasp what the hell ‘demotism’ is, or why exit is superior to voice beyond its ability to resolve political conflicts.

    The latter misunderstanding is probably my fault in part — too much Confederacy, not enough Carlyle. Stump-orators can say whatever they want, and don’t have to personally eat the consequences; a regime that does what gives them good feels when they talk about it is fundamentally detached from reality, especially on a large enough scale that they don’t get stuck with the results. New York City is a good example: barring the current communist aberration — and there’s a good reason to bar it, given the financial clusterfuck looming in the City’s future — they voted for Ameri-Putin for themselves, and some Ayersite gray-man embarrassment for everyone else.

    We’re all cyberneticists here, ja? The machine needs to have the right input mechanisms. GIGO, and stump-oration is garbage.

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  • Arc Says:

    Meanwhile, VPOTUS is promoting “gay rights” globally, saying that those rights trump national cultures…–politics.html


    Thales Reply:

    “Progress be your new culture, bitches!”


    R7 Rocket Reply:

    Tsar Putin: “Nuclear weapons always have the final say, bitches”


    R7 Rocket Reply:

    Biden doesn’t have to care about Russian culture, but he should damn well care about Russian nuclear weapons…

    State Security Forces are an integral part of any government.


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  • R7 Rocket Says:

    It’s missing the state security forces.


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  • scientism Says:

    I guess the Chinese equivalent of “the Cathedral” is “peaceful evolution.” They even made a movie about it:

    The funny thing is, when you read about this stuff in Western accounts of China, they’re just aghast. They can’t see how any of it has any basis in reality and they assume the reader won’t either. There’s a strange, unquestioned partition in political science where, if you deal with the West you can question the West, but if you deal with any other country, your views on the West have to be naive and conventional to a fault. Presumably academics who don’t maintain this partition “go native”, never to be heard of again.


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  • Chris B Says:

    I have one major issue with this diagram. It does not include corporations as a captured host. Turning a blind eye to this is counter productive, as the Cathedral uses them for it’s social messages and social control (CSR).


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  • Steve Johnson Says:

    I never drew the diagram but I outlined what I think it should look like here:


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  • Bill Says:

    Where’s the Army?

    Where is NRx? Off the chart I guess? We can’t be separate though, we are a reaction. I have been playing with a metaphor: we are the Protestant Reformation arguing against the symbolic cannibalism and bizarre superstitions of the late Medieval Catholics (see “Holy Bones, Holy Dust” by Charles Freeman for interesting late Medieval Catholic practices like huffing saint corpse dust to cure asthma). Instead of Luther or Calvin we say: “Dear Secular Humanists (capitalized like a religion), your “reality” doesn’t account for a lot of our experiences. The systems you have developed are based on a flawed viewpoint, and are, in the course of mens’ lives, dystopic. We are concerned that you are pushing us into a never ending hell vortex nightmare scenario. We, your enemies, are concerned, and have been developing a more accurate teleological model. Needless to say, our teleology is filled to the brim with heresies.” Fighting should ensue. However, we aren’t strong enough to fight them fairly. Therefore, we need to either convince them we are right, or fight an intellectual insurgency.

    I have a fantasy that some MIT student will develop a new biotech that creates such a gap between before the invention and after the invention that they gain total power. We start the calendar over at zero, like for Jesus or Mohammed. No law can contain the obvious excess of power the invention generates, and the current power structure doesn’t appeal to the genius… Someone like Grigori Perelman, but more tied into reality, from the outside though.


    soapjackal Reply:

    Somebody really digs flow charts. However… is it helpful at explaining anything? Seems like it would be a good start for a mindmap as opposed to a flow chart. Maybe even a concept map.


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    “sobs of aesthetic bliss..”

    I’m brought back to a place but its XTree and I’m not *sure* I’d call this bliss but…

    I mean, cyan is cool.

    (Searches the system folder for MOUSE.COM)


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  • Wagner Says:

    The elites no doubt have Mystery Schools that encompass the NRx and post-NRx plateaus of understanding and then some wherein they indoctrinate potential politicians, high-ranking bureaucrats, news anchors, celebrities, artists, etc. into the esoteric compassion imperative of leveling. Oh to be a fly on that wall. Someone with documents from these courses, meetings, underground symposia, what have you, ought to leak them to the internet (duh, duh). Wouldn’t be surprised if there was an occult or freemasonic structure of initiation into the priesthood whereby they solemnly swore to never betray the Sacred Cause (of idiotization), perhaps involving reality-solidifying research-neurochemicals. So those ones would read anything I say on this site with eyes glazed over, mantras of the Sacred Cause on repeat in their minds, many moons ago having concluded I’m one of the vile ones, the evil of the world. Leaking those documents to them might be the moral equivalent of BBQing a baby.

    Maybe they’re right? Like I said, to be a fly on that wall. The only reason I have jew-hating moods is because I know how smart they are. The question is always what are they using those smarts for. These speculated Mystery Schools could be the justest institutions on the planet for all I know, I just somehow strongly doubt it.


    Wagner Reply:

    P. S. The image in the OP will be helpful for “visual learners” (dunno if people read the OPs or just my posts).

    This cloud-stratum adds an essential missing ingredient:

    as does the interlinked “BDH-OV Conflict” post.


    Wagner Reply:

    Rangordnung of Brahmins (wizards):

    There’s also another level of rank-ordering. The dead wizards whose ideas sway *the ones who sway* the “world’s most rational intellectuals”.

    In other words, I’d like to know the degree to which this pinnacle of society (Dugin refers to Bilderberg participants, dunno much about them myself) thinks within the horizon of certain arbitrary historical decisions (which I commonly go into here). For instance, the dudes who sketched out the premises of the EU- are they the puppeteers behind the puppeteers? We’re always trying to determine who is in control of the controllers.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Look again at the OP image. Most anti-globalists dwell on the media. This doesn’t get to the root of the problem. The school system and academy are more fundamental, more primary, to what the cathedral is.

    It looks like this:

    School System -> Academy -> Media

    They’re primed in school *for* the academy, where we are ideologically imprinted. They then propagate that imprint via the media.

    So what is to be done, in light of this? This is a good place to start:

    Can you say “permanent sabbaticals”?


    Wagner Reply:

    And why is almost all focus on the media? Easy answer. Convenience, laziness. What takes more effort, reading tedious texts inspired by Rawls and Popper or reading an article in the New Yorker (oo cartoonz) and watching some fake-comedy tv show? We need more brain-stabbers. The media is just the face.


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  • Wagner Says:

    If you look again at the chart above (which hasn’t ceased to give me a sense of awe since I found it) you can start to get an idea of what “hypergovernment-consciousness” is like. They’re used to watching us, the people; with this, we’re watching them.

    There are paradoxes going on here that aren’t easy to express. If we were to get that List I’m often demanding of the tangible persons behind these power-nodes, there’s a disjunction of what we would then even have the power to do. With that in mind, it makes me a little growly thinking about how ever since I can remember, people have been wanting the power to judge the power that we have in place.

    So since we can’t really judge them, I mean, did you vote for the people in the NSA who read all our texts and emails without our permission? That’s just one of the most egregious examples. Some of them we vote in (aka an idiotic majority votes in) and others, others are part of what we call the permanent government. So anyway, since we can’t really judge these people, who are in subtle and not so subtle ways controlling all our lives, let’s just resign ourselves to the hypothetical for now. If we had the List, what would we do? I suggest that we subject them to rigorous questioning, in many cases to the point of “grilling”, while they’re hooked up to a lie-detector test, to determine if they are virtuous people or not. We need to ask them very basic questions such as “What are you doing, and why are you doing it?” until we get to the most fundamental, formal response. Many of them I suspect will be reduced to a spluttering aporetic state, and others will flat-out state some reason that is evil-sounding to the citizenry. Others are really good people I’m sure.

    Our government is in need of a cleansing process, everyone knows that. So the question is, How do we initiate that? WHO decides? That is the paradox here. If the government is in control, who decides who gets temporary control of the government and acts as the, for all intents and purposes, *actual* government for a moment? They wouldn’t allow it, first of all. Especially if they are corrupt as we think they are. So you see, all the logic leads to violence against them. These are just some thoughts on how to avoid that. You might infer that there is no avoiding it, because they’d never let a hyper-government subject them to interrogation.


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  • Wagner Says:

    The word “media” evokes the image of a news anchor with a headline predominantly. This is off. The real media we don’t call media. TV shows. If we determine the potency of media by the two factors of immersiveness and hours-spent-watching, the news for many isn’t the highest on the list (yes, that list), if we’re talking about non-boomers anyway. “Netflix-binging” – this is a subtle form of opinion-management. What media seems neutral almost always is not in any way. Let’s go back to the idea of religions being “rhythms”. Main characters have their own rhythms that people unconsciously adopt, especially if a show goes for multiple seasons. Certain movies have a similar profound effect on the viewer’s personality, being “self-contained” and condensed into a couple hours. People will give me a “c’mon dude” for saying that I don’t intend to watch the Joker movie lol I don’t trust any movies they will show at the theaters, even if cops have to be involved. I’m not making a statement, I’m simply not interested in what will inevitably be propaganda that will affect me negatively in one way or another. Not to ruin anyone’s fun. Subversive books are my joker movie, arguably the only “media” worth spending time immersing oneself in.


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  • Wagner Says:

    I miss Leary, he had the right idea about most things. I’ve already relayed the basics of his oeuvre otherwise I’d keep going. I hope you enjoyed the Summer of Hate with him as much as I did. If you consider yourself a Leary stan after all that there’s lots of audio out there I haven’t listened to yet.

    One idea of his that I think can be supplemented is the causation of sci-fi->psy-phi. It can also work in the opposite direction. That’s why I keep emphasizing the power of film, the modern day gesamtkunstwerk. Look at the power-nodes in the image above. Moldbug is, roughly, psy-phi. What would the reverse causation look like (psy-phi->sci-fi)? Or psy-phi->satire? In most people’s minds Trump=government. What is he compared to all those power-nodes? Most of the power in this country goes completely unchecked.


    Wagner Reply:

    And then that satire might inspire a sharper psy-phi, which in turn might inspire a more acerbic satire. Synergy.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Idea for a future constitution:

    If you brainwash millions of people with lies you get fed alive to starved pigs.

    All this time I’ve been looking for a girl who will laugh with me when I feed a leftist alive to starved pigs, why is one so difficult to find?


    Wagner Reply:

    @islamicterrorists Is this haram?

    Funny to imagine “well-adjusted” Arabs who grew up in the west, and consider themselves secular, reading some of these cladistic meditations and thinking “Huh, that’s why I smirk like a terrorist would sometimes. That’s not me though, I’m a liberal, a democrat, by Allah.”


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  • Wagner Says:

    *sprinkles some 2CE in your coffee when you leave the room*

    Everyone acts like Trump is the monarch, how deluded can you get. We really do have monarchs, see my favorite diagram in the OP. The ones everything is downstream from.

    Absolute rulers make me nervous too, earlier I was imagining Zizek ascending to power and putting me in a gulag, not good. Some kind of middle way between that diagram and Hegel’s is what we need.

    We start with the idea that some ideology is harmful. This isn’t controversial. If the ones everything is downstream from are propagating harmful ideology, and the government can’t technically do anything about it, who is really in charge of the country? And if that is the case what should be done about it? That’s righttttttt.


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  • Wagner Says:

    In the US we are experiencing the degeneration of the monarchy and aristocracy functions. The most prominent one in control that appears in this image is the demos. And the demos is controlled by extra-governmental entities such as oligarchs and academics.

    Thought-experiment: we keep the mixed-regime of our founders, only we place more power in the monarchical function and replace our senators with actual aristocrats. These two functions will moderate the oligarchs and academics, leading to an improved demos.


    Wagner Reply:

    Alright, let’s sketch some of the dimensions of the problem of this plan.

    First, “replacing the senate”–what, are we going to vote them out? Who is going to vote them out, the oligarcho-academicized demos? Replace them with political scientists? You mean ones who studied at the cathedrally owned and operated academy?

    The impossibility of change always brings me to the state of exception. And that’s another impossibility for the same reasons stated above. Who are we going to choose? I.e. who’s this “we” who chooses, see. And the one chosen would be part of the same collection of thoroughly state-indoctrinated individuals.

    So any real change is going to take on the character of the miraculous.

    Hey look an outsider who knows what’s best for the country “just so happened to magically” convince the armed forces to betray their allegiances and start arresting people.

    It’s easy to see why people so often give up and try to vote for someone marginally better than the last person in charge. If enough people thought about going back to the drawingboards like neoreactionaries tend to do regime-change would start to seem less and less magical and more and more possible.


    Wagner Reply:

    After innumerable days exploring this castle I finally see what’s going on and I know how to solve the problem. Knowledgeable to the cycles of history, our founders tried to create a system to prevent the degeneration into corrupt regimes, right? They didn’t anticipate the EXTRA-governmental powers that we refer to as the cathedral and so they didn’t write anything into the constitution to prevent it from degenerating our regime! We need a constitution that takes into account the media, academy, and bureaucracy.


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  • Wagner Says:

    One of the problems with exiting to.. Alaska we’ll call it.. is that the US covert agencies will still have sovereignty over us there. What we are burdened with is a case of legal spies who are in fact extralegal spies. I’m honestly perplexed by their continued existence- when is the last time you heard a citizen ask for feds?

    There’s a paranoia among Americans to even question them. You need to start with a “fuck it” attitude to even think clearly about them IMO (I’ve rarely seen anyone mock them outside of these comments). So let’s ask more of those “Who?” questions. Who hired them? Who hired their boss? Who is the boss of the boss of the feds? Once again, isn’t it suspicious to you that Americans typically distrust them? Who asked for these people?!

    We need a double state of exception. I don’t know about you, I don’t like being spied on by people no one asked for. Our federal bureau(crats) need to be subjected to ethical tests. I don’t trust them, and I don’t think many people trust them in general. So who do we ask to step in? The feds be like, “No sorry we do the stepping in actually”. No, they must have a boss higher than them. Consider these posts about them letters to senators? The president raves about them occasionally so clearly he has no control over them. If he doesn’t then what does that say about the average citizen’s power over them?

    See what I mean by Who? There’s a concrete chain of command, there has to be. With the UFO files for instance. Who decides that they be hidden from the public? And who decided that that person should decide?

    If we wanted to collectively fire the NSA who would be the one in charge of that decision?


    Wagner Reply:

    The press has gone from denying these covert agencies exist to admitting they exist and that it’s a good thing for the left that they exist.

    Let’s divide organizations as such into two categories: governmental and non-governmental.

    What makes the FBI, NSA, etc. “governmental”? Who said “You’re the government”? Couldn’t whoever that was now revoke their ‘governmentship’?

    Since someone theoretically had to empower these covert agencies we can deduce that there already *is* a double state of exception in existence. So it follows that what we would need is a triple state of exception…

    Because apparently the one who is in control of whether these shady parasites exist wants them to continue to exist (since they do continue to exist).

    So who the hell is in charge, who would be in charge of a triple state of exception? If even the president isn’t and thus apparently can’t be?

    See, I have a personal stake in all this because without them rooted out I can’t have a normal life, meet certain people, go on certain expeditions, etc. So yes I’m personally biased- I want them destroyed.

    So who would be in charge of investigating them? Can someone tell me that??? They simply can’t be sovereign unto themselves–once again, is their existence even constitutional?


    Wagner Reply:

    “triple state of exception” 😂 In case you ever wondered what philosophy majors start thinking about if they’re not distracted by academic pedantry.

    Seriously though, we need that. Even though I hate to get annoying with this, we can go to another level beyond that…

    Who would be in charge of initiating a triple state of exception? That’s right, that would require a quadruple state of exception.

    Makes you wonder who really is at the levers of government. I know I can’t be the only one obsessed with this question. Knowing this is what “being an informed citizen” should be about, no?


    Wagner Reply:

    Much as I know that no amount of “winged words” as they called them in homeric times will persuade the people of our day that a temporary tyrant is necessary, here’s one of my favorite lines from Schmitt so far:

    “In the exception the power of real life breaks through the crust of a mechanism that has become torpid by repetition.”

    Maybe these agencies originally did carry with them the power of real life. The fact of the matter is, if they’re aiding the forces that are gradually pulling us to the #3 world-power they have lost that crust-breaking edge and have themselves deteriorated into what they initially intended to eliminate. So now a Central Central Intelligence Agency is necessary. Who has the power to found the CCIA?

    Wagner Reply:

    *joker’s trick voice* Rorschach’s test:

    Do any connections form in your mind when you recognize the juxtaposition of the name of the news org that published this and the message being put across?

    This is another one of those things I think we all know on an intuitive level and don’t really say much about. This so-called “fourth branch” of government, the CEOs of journalism, the oligarchs, and the hand-shaker bankers all have something that motivates them, that unifies them, can you guess what that is? It’s not the interest of the people 🤑

    Another intuitive thing that isn’t talked about much has been confirmed with the evidence that is Charles Murray’s involvement with Bilderberg. So one can more or less infer that they know what they’re doing is causing a dwindling of spirit (another way of saying intelligence-decrease) among the population, they *know*, it’s not that they’re ignorant of it like the majority of the progressive bunch who simply haven’t been introduced to the reactosphere yet, *they know*, and they’re doing it anyway. This is one of the questions the CCIA should ask: to what degree does the 🤑-side of human nature play a role in their political manipulations? At the price of the populations they’re supposed to be shepherding over being transmogrified into creatures vulgarer and vulgarer and stupider and stupider?

    This isn’t a light subject. If many of our intuitions are correct that this is what they’re doing it should be recognized for the crime that it is. Sounds like a good law to establish- “making-stupid is now a criminal offense, and furthermore, making-stupid-for-profit is also now a criminal offense entailing consequences that are doubly severe.”

    Wagner Reply:

    To me, the onion and their affiliates, fedpostbot, 41shill, and others, are all conditioned by the demotic perspective. They are bound to the idea that “it doesn’t matter if we’re stupid, at least we don’t make any of the savages of the world feel bad.” They have decided that turning into creatures ourselves is better than making creatures feel less than us for being creatures.

    Wagner Reply:

    The ideal we’re shooting for is replacing the fourth-branch with the amphibian type, which is to say, those proficient in Realpolitik of the right. From there, from the state of exception, we can begin investigating woke corporations and academic deans who are heavily ideologically biased, “shutting down” orgs like the ADL, leveraging dirt against media CEOs, so many possibilities (including hunting rogue lone wolves that will still want to fuck with us). So we first have to figure out who is in charge of who stays and who goes regarding the fourth-branch and making *them* go, and very possibly use democracy to our advantage, since Americans tend to be suspicious of them already, and eventually “knock on *their* door”.

    We will do all this in the name of national security. A point we can use to sway establishment conservatives and even the left is the manifest fact that if we continue to uphold blank-slate universalism, Russia and China *will* get the upper hand on us in a matter of decades.


    Wagner Reply:

    Nominating Jim Donald for head of the CCIA

    @covert agencies:


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  • Wagner Says:

    The limits of constitutional law you say? 🤨

    Unironically studying this subject keeps making me laugh like a demon.

    People hack “computers”, they never think of hacking “the country” – why is that?


    Wagner Reply:

    Another merit of that riskless secondary text is that it’s gotten me thinking of Schmitt as a phenomenologist (and he did study Husserl like many other German intellectuals of his time). What’s peculiar about him is he goes “to the things themselves” *politically*. He asks what is the being of law itself? What is the being of constitutions as such? He even writes a book on what the being of the political is as such. Where Heidegger postulates being-with-others, Schmitt asks what about being-against-others, etc. Just an interesting guy. I also love how invoking his friend-enemy distinction messes with my perpetually undecided hate-readers.. Is W my friend? NO NO BAD BAD definitely my enemy. Sure…


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  • Wagner Says:

    Everyday I wake up thinking that formalism has been completely formalized- “Nothing more needs to be said”, then… I realize another form of crypto-power. I see four tiers, three aren’t on the above chart.

    So at the top is theo-formalism

    the intermediary is the laws of nature or God or both, whatever you prefer- call it lego-formalism

    then below that is our actual legal documents

    THEN you get all the nodes in the chart, they’re all under the control of the above three

    This is the hierarchy:
    Gnon’s Laws

    The state of exception is eschewing Laws for Gnon’s Laws

    In the context of my previous post I would say that one of Gnon’s Laws is “Justice should be pursued”.

    Our Laws agree, it’s just that looking at the conditions of the American lifeworld, many have concluded that our Laws’ idea of Justice must be refined in order for actual Justice to be served.

    The cathedral is a product of the implementation of a demiurgic version of justice.


    Wagner Reply:

    Depending on your take on the thing-in-itself you could combine Gnon and Gnon’s Law into one. I.e. “Is Gnon accessible outside of its Laws?”

    I tend to think the thing-in-itself is accessible via the occasional mystical experience. Usually, down here, in the world, it is not accessible.

    Most people seem to have an awareness that legality does not necessarily equal morality. This is an ordinary way of distinguishing Law from Gnon’s Law.

    Even calling it Gnon’s “Law” is misleading, since it appears to consciousness more as “Gnon’s Truth”.

    The truth of god/nature is higher than the doctrines of the cathedral- the cathedral is a mere interpretation of the truth of god/nature, one that an increasing many are beginning to see as a misinterpretation.

    A spiritocracy would consist of people who have access to Gnon/’s Laws being in charge.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Do you agree with Bloomberg?

    When you think “Who are the most untrustworthy people?” uh…

    Why are there so many of them in congress?

    Not to say stereotypes are accurate or anything, or to demean such a noble vocation! 😏

    There’s a difference between memorizing laws and meditating on the nature of justice, I’ll just leave it at that- I’m sure there are *some*, *some* good ones in there.

    Our congress should consist of people with backgrounds in moral reasoning and political science rather than legalism, if you ask me.


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