Let It Burn …

… (the Middle East version):

Why can’t America be more like China?

(a) Stay out
(b) If you have to interfere, help whoever’s losing (but not too much)
(c) Recognize there’s an intricate theological argument going on that we can’t hope to understand:


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    To think US “elites” in Foggy Bottom are even attempting to parse all this….

    Americans were better when we were intimidated by the world… we may have considered ourselves secretly superior but at least we kept our heads down and our mouths shut….

    China has much to teach NRx


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  • Orthodox Says:

    The irony is that if you look at oil supplies, if America behaved like China, China would be forced to behave like America. Wu wei FTW.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    I agree with this.
    But since the Chinese aren’t total idiots, they’d probably do a much better, cheaper job of it. IMHO the Chinese state is corrupt and stupid, but you have to go far beyond corrupt stupidity to mismanage things as badly as USG has.


    Hanfeizi Reply:

    The Chinese would not attempt to disguise their geopolitical maneuvering in cloaks of idealism, and if they did, it would be so transparent nobody would even pretend to believe them.

    (That, and they might be more willing to use blatant brutality. America’s enemies aren’t scared of her because her hands are tied. China would win many a battle without firing a shot because many prospective “enemies” would be too terrified to resist.)


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Precisely. I remember being puzzled when we didn’t make sure the oil contracts went to American companies after the Second Gulf War. Blood for oil made a lot more sense than blood for nothing.

    Alrenous Reply:

    Be precise. American elites are still psychologically isolationist. This means they care more about internal conflicts and happily sacrifice foreign policy so they can win at home.

    Contemplationist Reply:

    Besides, China is already carrying on the real neo-colonial project in Africa. What makes you think they couldn’t do it quietly, peacefully (relatively) in the MidEast as well?


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  • Let It Burn … | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • scientism Says:

    The Diplomat article is full of oddities:

    1. Taking time to think about things before committing yourself is a bad thing.

    2. Being a major power means acting like America.

    3. Major power status is conferred on a country.

    4. China doesn’t get involved in conflict. China also displays a unique ability to form relationships with countries on both sides of a conflict. These two things, however, are not related and China should use the latter mysterious ability to resolve conflicts.

    I’ll file this with all the “China can’t be a major power because it doesn’t have an ideology it’s trying to impose on the world” articles.


    admin Reply:

    Zachary Keck is a smart guy, but his perspective is neoconservatism on steroids. Your gloss on his article is exactly right.


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  • Dan Says:

    China does not care. At all.

    To them, the situation in the Middle East is like the weather. They just have a look outside and if its not intolerably stormy, they go about their business there. If it’s too stormy, they just go about other business somewhere else.

    In any case, why the hell would China want to try to lead? Russia has dipped a toe in the water as an independent force in world affairs, and the Obama administration has completely lost its mind.

    I would enjoy it if China trolled the administration the way Putin trolls the administration but China is too boringly practical.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    China’s already playing games in the East China sea and is contending for the Spratly Islands (a place worth watching as closely as the Caspian Sea region). They’re working towards the development of nuclear carriers, a vessel that has a very specific purpose, force projection. Things will get interesting when China’s decides it’s ready to make things interesting. Both China and USGov militaries think the other military is a paper tiger and have wet dreams about killing each other (I can’t actually speak for Chinese dreams but my classmates at USAFA, present day Captains, most certainly did), which gives it some extra kindling. By the time the financial collapse hits the trade thing won’t be there, China will be ready, and a war would China would be imagined as a shiny distraction for a US that I predict will be under martial law during the collapse. I imagine the Deep state doing it’s best to provoke China into using it’s shiny anti-carrier missiles to sink one of their carriers. Probably the Enterprise since she’s the oldest and her name will give the best press.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Shit, my last sentence proves I”m an idiot, she’s already inactive.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    Hmmm. Perhaps I should defect to China before I find myself on the wrong side of history.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    More like stay neutral and make a fortune backing weapons manufactures after the crisis but before the war. I think it will be a stalemate in order to avoid a nuclear exchange. Might want to avoid Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Singapore (so include Malaysia too), South Korea, East China, and the West Coast if you want to be on the safe side. India and Russia are wild cards. A lot of the outcome will depend on how important protecting South Korea is to USGov since it’s the most vulnerable (something about land wars in Asia and not to fight them), I can all but guarantee that China will be denied sea access. The other question is the extent that GPS satellites will be hardened. Quite frankly if you’re a civilian in East China during such a war, pray to FSM that the GPS satellites are working because the bombs will come GPS or not (protip, pilots hate JDAM almost as much as they hate drones, they miss the laser targeting pods, see they even wrote a song about it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng3HPrea90k&feature=kp ).

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  • Michael Says:

    the President is bleeding from behind


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