London II

Surreptitiously recorded commentary on The Thing:

It‘s started to spread from … to …”

“You see some remnants of the housing estate people around, and they really seem as if they’re from another century…”

“Of course, the Conservative government is not going to do anything to stop what is happening …”

“There are still islands of social housing …”

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  • Michael Says:

    i been thinking all week ill bet they caal to ban gone with the wind soon- well i just saw the first story in the nypost,of course this will mean all sorts of other films -casablanca?


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  • Michael Says:

    was the banning of huck finn when the left first began canabalizing its self


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  • London II | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Chris B Says:

    Islands? as in Tower Hamlets or south London which are vibrant shit holes? Don’t get me started on the Islamic State of Newham and Finchley. Entire regions cleansed of inhabitants that have existed there for millenia – and for what?


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    London is defending herself in secret total war, which is what gentrification is. No matter how determined the democratic masses are to destroy their own country capital will seek to preserve itself. and it can offer workers what socialism can not: real value and wealth. It might be that London will just pack itself up and move into the sea at some point, but its more likely the great hordes of immigrant mass-invasion will destroy it all.

    My sister is moving to London this year. I do hope she isn’t raped by ‘Asians’ and all that. What they need is a government as tough as that fucking ‘she-guardian’!


    Xoth Reply:

    Pushing the problem next door doesn’t solve it, unfortunately.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    Social housing islands might be worth maintaining to some extent as the pricing-out of “problematic” populations also prices-out the low-paid likes of hospital workers, nurses, refuse collectors, street cleaners, carers, bar-staff, waiters, security guards, and various other desirable service providers.


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  • Saul Solex Says:

    @John Hannon Nice try, but “let them take taxis” will be the NRx response.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Why would they bother?


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  • Erebus Says:

    -Bruce Sterling just said pretty much the same thing on his blog, calling London “a self-devouring Venice for offshored billionaires”:

    -Property in London is quite unique in that it’s sold around the world. The newspapers I see in Hong Kong and Tokyo often advertise London condos and new property developments. I can’t recall having ever seen ads for foreign real estate in New York, or Paris, or other cities.

    -The numbers are interesting. Apparently there are only 74 billionaires who call London home, and just ~9700 multi-millionaires with assets worth more than $2M… But, thanks to rising real estate prices, ~395600 (395k) people now own assets valued at $1M or more.
    …If we look at cash (or equivalent), and disregard the value of property, London probably contains less than 35,000 millionaires and 5000 multi-millionaires. So clearly has the rise in real estate prices generated tremendous wealth for London’s inhabitants! And although the Arab and Russian billionaires are conspicuous, it’s the millionaire-next-door who has truly benefited.

    -@John Hannon:
    Commuting into London is very easy. The rail lines are relatively regular and fast. The underclasses are just going to keep getting pushed out to near-suburban places like (dismal) Luton…


    John Hannon Reply:

    “Commuting into London is very easy. The rail lines are relatively regular and fast.”

    Also notoriously unpunctual and overcrowded at peak times, and completely unaffordable for anyone not paid an above average wage.


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  • Mr. Archenemy Says:

    Whatever one’s opinion about gentrification, London’s done at least one thing right:

    Why I’m leaving London, By Cory Doctorow


    Xoth Reply:



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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    The West is selling itself by the pound to keep the franchise going. Rome went out the same way. #yolo


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