Mandatory Mixes

On the Outer Right, where questions of order and disorder are undergoing incremental rigorization, the theme of entropy is becoming ever more insistent. It is already approaching the status of a micro-cultural tic (and this is a positive sign). On the Left, in contrast, and utterly predictably, entropy is a zealous cause. If spontaneous social sorting reduces disorder, then the progressive mind immediately concludes it has to be stopped:

… we should promote ever greater diversity. But the magic of the melting pot wasn’t simply the fact of its jumble; it was that various groups were compelled to interact, share ideas, discuss their differences and learn from their disagreements. […] … America’s social architecture was uniquely adept at incubating a range of collaboration. The fact that we couldn’t get away from one another fueled the nation’s dynamism. […] That’s no longer true. The principle of “live and let live” has led us to look away when coming across someone unfamiliar. We should undoubtedly celebrate victories in the fight for individual rights. But if tolerance is driving balkanization, we need to recognize that the American experience has changed at its root.

The fact that such things are now being said, with some panic-driven directness, strongly suggests that the progressive homogenization hoped for isn’t advancing through social automatism. If elective differences are to be suppressed, they will have to be deliberately crushed. It could get rough.

The preferred social solution of this blog is free association — to mix with discrimination, spontaneously, and variously. Selective hybridity is not homogeneity, or anything close to it. Sadly, and grimly, however, in the titanic clash between an anti-discriminatory (universalist) Left and an indiscriminate (ethno-segregative) ‘Right’, such sensible procedures of dynamic social differentiation are increasingly derided as incomprehensible subtleties, and drowned out.

Order is not uniformity (but non-random difference). As cries for mandatory homogenization are raised everywhere, discriminatory variation will need places to escape, to defend, and to hide.

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  • Chris B Says:

    You already see this attitude on display everywhere. From the School inspectors busing white kids from non enriched areas to visit enriched schools in the UK, to the entire diversity brain death. I even recall seeing a story on the EU fretting over the segregation of Muslims and pondering how to break it up.


    Thales Reply:

    …because they aren’t raping enough white girls!


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  • Mark Yuray Says:

    As always, the progressive reveals himself not as a man of “freedom” or even “equality,” but as a proponent of levelling and uniformity. The progressive is entropy’s biggest fan. He is an enthusiast of entropy. Entropy, as disorder and chaos, often makes one think of explosions, destruction, screaming babies and other dramatic scenes. But the other side of the entropy-coin is total uniformity and stillness. When entropy exhausts itself, all that’s left is a uniform mass of molecules. This is the progressive’s utopia. This is why he celebrates out-of-control fires — because when it dies down, all you’ve got is a pile of grey ashes, and that’s what he loves.


    Thales Reply:

    The Heat-Death of Humanity.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    And yet that homogeneity never quite seems as homogeneous as it might. Especially when the elites are (not) included in the diversity fun. All participants in the game (voluntary or involuntary) are becoming radicalised. Things are at stake. Violence is unfortunately going to represent both exit and non-exit as a natural extension of the ‘conversation’ and ‘teachable moments’ about diversity/free association.

    Gnon and Cthulhu will both be pleased in their own inscrutable ways.


    Chris B Reply:

    @ex-pat – radicalisation has already occured in my view. The report contained in the article on the reduced levels of objection to interracial relationships etc sounds to me as if discussion on a deep level has gone, and robotic answers to diversity along with deep, deep cynicism has seeped in. The extreme levels of segregation and spliting are there for all to see and counter the answers from the survey. Either sorting and exit is allowed unimpeded or violence will break out, of course neither will be allowed unimpeded due to needs to milk the non diverse population to fund/stop the diversity rioting. Increasing tech capability to defang the state is of paramount importance. Leave the diversity and the state to enjoy each others company.

    in addition, anyone else enjoying Annissimovs breakdown? anyone gonna take bets on when he will break with neoreaction and go full WN reaction?


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    >in addition, anyone else enjoying Annissimovs breakdown?

    Not paying attention. What happened?


    Nick B. Steves Reply:

    Anissimov’s claimed (in public IIRC) to be WN. It isn’t clear that this is necessarily inconsistent with Neoreaction. At least for a certain range of values for “WN”.


    Chuck Reply:

    We discussed this prior and Nick had no clear reply — as usual when it comes to the ‘nationalism question’ (broadly constructed). Prior, he was unable to explain why a non-universalistic Ethno-segregation and/or Ethno-nationalism (as defined by Moldbug) — one that cares not how others, over there mixed it up — was inconsistent with (meta-) NRx. Because it, obviously, isn’t.

    admin Reply:

    @ Chuck — why would I contest that? So long as the WNs don’t mess up the cosmopolitan megacities (where everything of tech-comm significance happens), I’m thrilled to see them place themselves on reservations. Full Communism is probably Patchwork-compatible, so it would be vindictive to suggest ‘white’ racial homelands aren’t.

    (While I suspect that Chinese matter more to the fate of the Earth than Caucasians at this point, it’s not a forecast I’m dogmatically confident about.)

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  • Chuck Says:

    Speaking of Mandatory Mixes:

    What one appreciates about the PRC, is that — despite the general Han face-saving circuitousness — the gov is rather, almost embarrassingly, blunt in policy. When it recognizes the DE principle — pithily summarized by Chateau as: Diversity + Proximity = War — it acts on it — naturally, out of national, not globalist interest.


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  • Chuck Says:


    Thanks for the clarity.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with your assessment.


    Posted on September 10th, 2014 at 12:28 am Reply | Quote
  • Michael Says:

    @Ex-pat in Oz
    be kind of hard to mess them up any more


    Posted on September 10th, 2014 at 10:38 pm Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    @Chris B,

    Agree except this “Increasing tech capability to defang the state.” That is the exact opposite of techs trend. Including above all Silicon Valley. Folly to believe tech does anything but give the state better Intel and weapons but information above all. And money. The HHS hub has every extant bit of digital information about Americans, I predicted Obamacare was the Domesday book and events proven correct.

    Technologies are tools. That’s all. And the Tech sector itself the most willing whores the Cathedral ever came across, compared to them Detroit and even the Unions were the defenders of Stalingrad.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Tech is an arms race. Fringe elements have an advantage in innovation. There are balances that are created and disrupted due to tech. In this sense tech is disruptive and alters the status quo. Look at warfare, the cannon made circular fortifications obsolete and more elaborate star forts had to be built in response. Then explosive shells made those obsolete too.

    There is a flow between offensive and defensive warfare based on tech. In cryptography there is the flow between ease of encryption and decipherability. There is the flow between propaganda and truth (truth plays catchup, perception is reality, wile e coyote doesn’t fall off the cliff till he looks down, so does social order).

    Drones are seen as tools of the state, but given even cell phone batteries, hair dryer motors, a kinect sensor bar, radio, actuators, a processor, pistol, and the right pdf file, you have a fleet of drone killing machines hiding behind every blade of grass. Cryptocurrency stands as an even bigger threat to the status quo.

    Tech is an arms race, Gnon doesn’t give us the luxury of not participating. Ares is impartial to politics, war doesn’t swim left or right, it is fog, and it is fickle. There is chaos in the aggregate of warfare, but individual wars are often decided by uncontrollable unpredictable things like weather. This is why you take every advantage you can.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    Michael never underestimate how far people will go to avoid trouble. Really the reason for leadership is to get them in a gang/hunting pack so they feel both safety and have official blessing. It’s why we’re not allowed leaders.

    In the end gravity, atavism and numbers will tell.

    These desperate machinations but prolong their sickly days.


    Posted on September 11th, 2014 at 6:57 pm Reply | Quote

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