Moron bites (#12)

More of an ‘Evil bites’ this time — but it’s a doozy:

(To colonials and others who may not be paying attention, this is a prospective UK Prime Minister tweeting support for murderous full-communism.)

A scarcely less impressionistic, but vastly less depraved corrective can be seen here.

ADDED: Odd lessons being taught —

(Who needs price discovery when you can have more “people’s voice in the government”?)

ADDED: “To watch a country kill itself is not something that happens often. …” (Superb piece.)

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  • Moron bites (#12) | Neoreactive Says:

    […] Moron bites (#12) […]

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Every con man loves a pity-object to use to hide his own deeds. This is why politicians always speak in defense of “the poor” and find capitalism troubling, because like most realistic things, it implies we are victims of our own decisions.

    As Venezuela implodes in the typical South American arc — miscegenation is death, and the Third World is mostly the miscegenated remains of former thriving societies — Corbyn might reconsider his statement. Except that he does not measure his success in being realistic, but in being popular, and to all the scared sheep in the West, “It’s Not Your Fault” is a tempting message.

    And that is the message of the anti-Capitalists: if your bad decisions lead to bad results, it’s not your fault, and the state should subsidize everyone so that you personally are safe from your own inexperience, greed, foolishness and so on…

    In the market where politicians and entertainers work however this is a competitive message. Reality does not sell; excuses, justifications and rationalizations do. 🙂


    tokarev Reply:

    Colombia is doing pretty well in comparison GDP per capita is apparently up almost 10-fold since 1990. Both countries have astonishingly high homicide rates though. Interestingly Venezuela used to be the successful country and Colombia was the basket-case.


    michael Reply:

    Corbyn isnt worried about the thoughts of some failed poor person, poor people have to be bribed to bother to vote, he is worried about the SJWs attacking from the left, and seeks to brand himself as the furthest left possible.But most leftists actually believe not that their is no personal responsibility [ they love assigning responsibility and personalizing] but that the game is rigged and the hopeless need caring for regardless ability. this might seem a small distinction but its important to understand your enemy.The problem is they are actually right some times and use these instances to convince themselves and others. The useless can not be left to decay on street corners its a health hazard,And the marginal are not able to keep up and will become hopeless if not guided. Yes Yes genetically editing these types out will be fine one day and not incentivinzing them will better meantime. Obviously they have an over developed emotional trait and find long term solutions beside the point. They also accepts a lot of KGB myths about how power is distributed so see a capitalist under every bed.
    The problem is religious type elites have converted to leftism; not pitchforks.Ambitious type elites make a show of belonging to the church. Why would a religious type elite change churches? Part of it was old time religion began to seem absurd and impede the enjoyment of progress.The ratchet is a different problem yes its optimized for bio fitness signaling but why not the signal the opposite way, because there is no opposite way once a civilization is tuned the only signal opportunity path is untuned.Its true more granularly theres no permanent tune constant tweeking needed but tweeking too subtle for signalling.A dark enlightenment points out irrational absurdity of new old religion elites convert.But this time vatican has the guttenberg and dark lords stupid faggots. Need to get serious about war stop waiting for gnodot savior muh collapse. Proles are not going to oppose being led by whoever they dont give a shit unless manipulated to throw shit they just follow.


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  • Wrong Side of History Says:

    Thank you, Hugo. Your buying off of the public with oil revenue was an inspiration to all of us democracy-empowered con men.


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  • TheDividualist Says:

    Jesus. Alas, I don’t think the elites want to get Corbyn elected, his role to play is that of the bad cop, so that the people accept a more moderate leftie as a comparatively better cop.


    Anomaly UK Reply:

    There’s that wild idea that “elites” are in control and have some idea what they’re doing.

    The Labour Party switched leader selection to membership vote out of democratic idealism, then dropped membership fees to the price of a beer as a media-aimed gesture to appear relevant, and the “elites” were too busy scheming against each other to actually do the numbers on what would happen after that.

    If I thought there was some master plan behind it all, I would relax that the government was in such capable hands, and go back to my proper work.


    michael Reply:

    yes and no, In the cathedral type power market not everything can be controlled precisely but usually bad memes can be effectively dampened while a wide selection allows fortuitous memes to be championed as organic genius.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    it is just divertion trick, what he is actually saying, – see I like Hugo, how I can be at the same time American straw man (what obviously he is). for elites he is just perfect, everything can be cheaply corrapted looted. that is when you can make money. in artificially stable environment opportunities are few and not for everyone. good study example is Manmohan Singh former Indian premier. during his tenure corruption and lotting went on atronomical level. not problen for Inida, I’m sure UK will survive Corbyn, and prosper after that, cause worse will behind.


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  • NRK Says:

    Calling Chavez murderous is fair enough, but full communism? That just breaks the concept, very much like calling every alt-right blogger and their german sheperd a neoreactionary (or a nazi, for that matter).


    admin Reply:

    Comprehensive destruction of the private economy counts as full-communism from the materialist perspective. The Bolivarian Socialists are basically there now.


    Ahote Reply:

    Without gulags and holodomors can it really be FULL Communism?
    Hugo Chavez is no Stalin, he is not even Lenin. He most closely resembles Slobodan Milosevic (Venezuela even has the same symptoms as Slobo’s Yugoslavia – restrictions, empty rafts, rampant crime, inflation, etc.).


    admin Reply:

    “Full-communism” used here in the sense: leftism to the point of utter social collapse. Comparison with the Milosevic regime seems quite convincing, though.

    Tek Reply:

    Honestly, people talking about mass murder might be ahead of the curve anyway, since the people talking about hyperinflation and shortages were ahead of the curve back when every Western leftist was praising Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela as an example of socialism that works.

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  • Akira Says:

    When did Chavez send the entire ruling class to die in labor camps?


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  • spandrell Says:

    Chavez had the good sense of dying young. Now all that is bad can be blamed on Maduro, the same way Stalinist is evil government but Leninism is just a way of organizing a political party.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    If Chavez is Lenin, who’s Trotsky? They’re the ones you’ve really got to watch.


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