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Decolonize your mind.

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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    She’s obviously talking about what you call “Gnon”, which she has a hotline to.

    You should read “VI – Joenes and the Three Truck Drivers”

    In fact, you should read the whole novel. He does everything there, better than anyone.


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  • smg Says:

    Oh, God. And Africa is dependent on Western science to treat epidemic levels of AIDS & treat & contain Ebola. If she got her way Africans would die en mass.


    frank Reply:

    >If she got her way Africans would die en mass.

    She’s nature’s way of saying “let us die, we don’t belong in modernity”. Maybe we should listen to her.


    michael Reply:

    not maybe if one is perfectly honest africans and amerindians should be reduced to tiny populations living traditionally in game preserves. the fact of their outliers does not change this one iota. i can show you a video of an ape that can do some math faster than her scientist captor. shall we release apes into park avenue.
    But they are not the problem they are only the muscle for Clinton Soros et al. The average liberal is only following social cue like all great apes, change the cues he she will overnight change their behavior.Their is an elite they need to be slaughtered quickly violently and publicly. nothing else will work and they are maneuvering into a position to be able to do the same to us. yeah sure this is a horror to take in but IT IS REALITY


    frank Reply:


    It’s exceedingly easy to take down the current elite, all you need is a couple of thousand smart motivated men. The hard problem is rebuilding a new legitimate order.

    The most likely outcome of a violent overthrow of the elite is another 1789 or 1917. I’ve been thinking hard about this problem lately; and honestly, it’s undecidable.

    It is becoming abundantly clear that the Cathedral won’t take Moldbug’s deal; they don’t have the capacity to take it. They will summon apocalypse if they have to, but they won’t admit they were wrong. If there’s one thing Cathedral is good at, it’s chicken games. They just won’t swerve. They won’t stop until streets are filled with street-shitting mulattoes as far as the eye can see.

    So I’m reluctantly coming to the conclusion that we just have to take our chances and start taking out critical nodes of the power grid.

    Erebus Reply:

    >”So I’m reluctantly coming to the conclusion that we just have to take our chances and start taking out critical nodes of the power grid.”

    That’s the very last thing you should want to do.

    A far better approach would be to (a) become technically proficient in a high-demand field, (b) make lots of money, (c) invest most of that money into accelerating human genetic engineering and brain-computer interfacing projects, and (d) invest the rest in cockroach reaction readiness.

    Technological acceleration absolutely assures the emergence of a hard and stern posthuman race. Nietzsche saw this coming a century and a half ago — it can be made reality within our lifetimes. It is infinitely important that this come about, and that we are alive and ready to take full advantage of it. This means that it’s imperative to “get in on the ground floor,” so to speak.

    We are poised on the brink of great times. Fantastic times. Our technology base is, at long last, becoming sophisticated enough to make the epochal endeavor of human enhancement possible. Stalling these efforts by destroying power grids is worse than counter-productive.

    The future is likely going to be a competition: Great masses of the worst dysgenic specimens humanity has to offer vs. a comparatively small group of cognitive super-humans. Who would you put your money on? I think that a great die-off is coming.

    Clandestine science labs are a far greater threat to the cathedral, to the existing order of things, than guns and bombs.

    frank Reply:

    The way things are going, we may not have enough time. Clinton’s basically promising mass 80IQ islamic migration combined with apotheosized anti-white racism. This is it. USA 2016 is South Africa 1994. There won’t be clandestine labs in the US. It will be race riots all day every day with police shooting down any kulak that resists looting and rape. And it will not stop until it devours the entire Western Civilization. So the options are (1) exit to East Asia RIGHT NOW, (2) discover vulnerabilities of the economic backbone and go for Cathedral’s jugular, and hope for the best.

    Disclaimer. I disavow all violence, blah blah.

    michael Reply:


    @ erebus
    “A far better approach would be to (a) become technically proficient in a high-demand field, (b) make lots of money, (c) invest most of that money into accelerating human genetic engineering and brain-computer interfacing projects, and (d) invest the rest in cockroach reaction readiness.”
    I get this sick feeling youre not joking. Not surprising this is lands solution.
    This is a jerk off fantasy the nerd equivalent of a karate fantasy I will even say almost any tech is possible given enough time, what you propose is like a 200 years away. Niggers are pouring in by the tens of millions every year while white boys continue to degenerate into utter faggotry like this. Nerds like moldbug because he excuses your cowardice while telling you that youre secretly cleverer than everyone else. During world war one, women used to give yellow feathers to men not enlisted to shame them out of their cowardice.

    @ frank
    do you mean actual infrastructure sabotage?I suppose it one way to make oneself once removed from the genocide that will result if it works.and it might be a way to get the dance started, many have thought so. certainly it put the red necks at an advantage as they have been prepping for that since clinton for order i think an effort could be made to bring the military and ex military police etc on board.sure it would be nice to have enough time to devise a replacement govt but NRX and alt right really seem to have zero interest in any concrete policy or organizational anything that even stps the clock is better than nothing as you say we are on the verge of the afrikaner farmers dilemma except he had places to exit.
    i disagree that one can move to east asia. besides really not being appealing. east Asians are no less ethnically conscious than the rest of the world the only thing keeping land alive is the idaho farm boys on nuclear warships and silos. once the west collapses the prc is not countenancing whites loiving in asia, its advantageous for them today because we are still ostensibly hegemonic. when we are irrelevant land and co are going to be like Australians expats in the pacific during ww2.


    Erebus Reply:

    “Faggotry” is talking tough on internet message boards for years, and yet doing absolutely nothing. You’re all hat, no cattle. It’s pathetic. At least I practice what I preach.

    “Faggotry” is Chicken Little pessimism without end. I don’t understand why you haven’t killed yourself yet.

    Getting into a shooting war with the USG — or engaging in a terrorist campaign against it — isn’t a Karate fantasy? Hah! And, besides, what you think is 200 years away will likely be settled before 2050. The past few years (under Obama, no less!) have been extremely encouraging. I could explain further, but there’s no point.

    To summarize: Michael, shut up.

    anonymous Reply:

    “To summarize: Michael, shut up.” Amen.
    Ban this Michael faggot already.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Censor dis guy who sayin care bout da nigg problem cuz I just want to lead a normal life make lot of money have the sunshine of a good name n not think bout dat

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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    Kill privileging subjective experience before privileging subjective experience makes everyone a fucking Rwandan.


    admin Reply:

    Tutsis are close to the best we could hope for.


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  • michael Says:

    its only funny because we think shes powerless, but the truth is shes not,medici invited savonarolo to florence, people like her are all over our universities actually teaching this, the white kids in the class may not actually doubt newton yet but they doubt all sorts of things that would astound you.and they doubt western civilization is worthwhile .
    above this woman in positions of power all over the us and west are the absolute apex of the power structure the medicis who believe things just as absurd, they simply have more complicated rationalizations to firewall their doublethink.
    What does bill gates think when he fathers two billion useless africans who can not even feed themselves in their hunter-gatherer societies, who does Gates think will support these black bodies he has saved from aids malnutrition and malaria? What does Paul Krugman think when he advises usg to print and spend more fiat money to get out of debt ,and to give it away free to the bankers to invest in cdos to solve the crash caused by the bankers investing in cdos they couldnt cover.What does Obama and Clinton think. At least this black woman has the excuse of a low IQ and a racial chip on her shoulder.This woman is not an outlier and she didnt get to speak at a university by force, and this isnt a small thing this is what genocide looks like.It seems that most will not see genocide until they watch their childrens throats slit. I always wondered probably like so many why didnt the jews flee why didnt they fight back why didnt they need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the box cars.


    michael Reply:

    Deutsche Physiks didnt stop them from doing rocket science, my mother spent her childhood nights sleeping in subway stations


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    michael, shut up.


    michael Reply:

    tell us about our indian heritage mein fuhrer

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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    In general, it seems that true civilizations develop once Aryan, nomadic, “solar”, patriarchal, egalitarian, creative races meet with local, Chtonic, “lunar”, matriarchal, hierarchical races, as it did in India (with the local Dravidian element), in Europe (with the native Alpine and Etruscan elements) and even in China (with the Tocharians “fertilizing” the Chinese culture, brining them the horse and other innovations).

    The Aryans have a high sense of organization, morality and of the rule of law, while the Chtonic races have more intuition, art of living and more connection to the earthy, practical side of life. Neither of the two types of races is perfect in itself. It is when they meet that we see brilliant civilizations appearing, it seems.

    We notice for instance that when a culture is purely Aryan, there are no sculptures, sophisticated temples, big cities, etc. Only war and commercial trade (the British in the Modern Age are an example of this). The Aryan does not bother with embellishing his surrounding and settings things in stone. He’s always on the move.

    When a culture is purely Chtonic on the other hand, then the whole society is based on social status, hierarchy, nepotism and there is little curiosity to expand one’s horizons, to learn from others or to evolve in any way (that’s how most of the world is). There is little space nor incentive for the development of new technologies. People live off the land, or steal from each other (as in the deserts of the Middle East).

    When the Aryan element in a civilization gets diluted and fades away, the culture becomes stales and degenerates. Depending on the quality of the racial mixture, it can preserve itself in immobility virtually forever (like China) or it can decay into oblivion under the pressure of inferior blood (like the civilizations of the Middle East did).

    The Sumerian, Assyrians, Persians, etc were at least partially Aryan, as per their language, their gods and social structure. Then they got overwhelmed by Semitic/Negroid blood (what we today call “Arab”) and disappeared.

    Usually, their remaining Aryan elites moved out and immigrated into the next remaining civilization and bring with them their technical and spiritual knowledge (Babylonian elites moved into Egypt, then when Egypt was sinking, their elites moved into Greece, when Greece sank, their elites moved into Rome, etc.).

    China also developed into a civilization once the seed of civilization was planted by small numbers of Aryan pioneers (Tocharians and others). And then they were smart enough to retain most of the useful things over the next thousands of years.

    A modern day example of these phenomenon would be places like Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan, where once Aryan law (British Common Law) is implemented among a Chtonic race of good blood (ethnic Chinese) along with a tiny elite of Aryan managers/rulers/advisors, then that particular places flourishes. If you’d remove the Aryan element and Aryan laws, those places would in a few decades return to typical Chinese nepotism, corruption and top-down, hierarchical forms of organization.

    ▬▬▬ by Ahnenerbe @


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    My ancestors would be laughing after reading your well-written Eurofantasy.
    There’s no foundation for any ‘Aryan Invasion’ in India.
    ‘Arya’ is just a word, a Sanskrit word, no more to do with Europe than Ancient Sub-Saharan Africa is. Genetics doesn’t support your fantasy.


    michael Reply:

    ironically he ignores hallstat


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    1. not written by me 2. one can say about any word that “it´s just a word” 3. it happens to be another word (per a milieu of professional usage) for Indo-Europeans 4. Aryan invasion theory is well founded. 5. You made a hugely erroneous and pseudo-intellectual comment. 6. obviously an Indo-European word has to do with Indo-Europeans

    I have so much info from so many places that I am mentally gloating.

    Next move is yours.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    My claims were:

    1) “There’s no foundation for any ‘Aryan Invasion’ in India.”
    2) “‘Arya’ is just a word, a Sanskrit word, no more to do with Europe than Ancient Sub-Saharan Africa is.”
    3) “Genetics doesn’t support your fantasy.”

    [G. Eiríksson] “1. not written by me”

    {AK}: That’s a shame, as I said, it’s quite well-written.

    [G. Eiríksson] “2. one can say about any word that “it´s just a word””

    {AK}: Yes, but what was inferentially suggested: is the doubtfulness of their being any such ‘race’ or ‘tribe’ as the ‘Aryans’; the Sanskrit origin of the word as being non-European; & the Ancient Indian attribution of ‘nobility’ to anyone, irregardless of race, who was seen by others to merit it, through their actions.

    [G. Eiríksson] “3. it happens to be another word (per a milieu of professional usage) for Indo-Europeans”

    {AK}: The whole “Indo-Europeans” thing is a linguistics speculation. That’s all. Whether it’s true or not, is unknown. According to standards of stringency Eurocentricks reserve for any historical data that leaves them out, or that they don’t like, then, no, it isn’t true.

    [G. Eiríksson] “4. Aryan invasion theory is well founded.”

    {AK}: Not in the timespan given by Max Muller. Genetics of the last 5 or 6 years, proves all of that false, so they say. The ‘Aryans’ & ‘Dravidians’ were the same people.

    [G. Eiríksson] “5. You made a hugely erroneous and pseudo-intellectual comment. 6. obviously an Indo-European word has to do with Indo-Europeans”

    {AK}: As said: The whole “Indo-Europeans” thing is a linguistics speculation. Could be true, but hasn’t been substantiated yet.

    [G. Eiríksson] “I have so much info from so many places that I am mentally gloating.”

    {AK}: To each their own, but you’re supposed to ‘mentally’ understand it, not ‘gloat’ about it.

    frank Reply:

    This comment is embarrassing tbh son of Erik, it doesn’t belong in this blog.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    worthless comment.


    frank Reply:

    It has multiple factual errors, even though the general theme has merits. The factual errors are an eye sore that doesn’t deserve to be on this site.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Mention what you perceive as errors, otherwise you´re just spouting an opinion.

    The word ‘Aryan’ is triggering to many. It was a commonplace word for Indo-Europeans before Hitler.

    Also, ‘Chtonic’ in this context probably seems spooky to many. It´s however quite mundane. If Negros are ‘earthy’ (not really building aeroplanes or composing sonatas) that´s what chthonic means in this context.

    People have trouble with words. I am an expert in words. Almost like I´d be autistic, and this was my talent.

    frank Reply:

    I don’t have a problem with the term Aryan (my impression of Artxell is that he’s an old grumpy 3rd worldist, I don’t read his comments).

    (1) The Dravidian civilization was a full blown civilization with worlds’ first sewage systems and all. They rose and collapsed before Aryans ever set foot on India.

    (2) It’s absurd to attribute Sinic civilizational achievements to Tocharians, do I really need to explain this?

    (3) Greece declined well before Egypt became inhospitable to civilized people. In fact, for a couple of centuries Alexandria was the go-to place for all aspiring intellectuals. Many Greek intellectuals left their home to get educated in Alexandria. In other words, Greeks immigrated to Egypt, not the other way around.

    (4) It’s absurd to claim that purely Aryan cultures don’t produce megalithic artifacts. Who invented skyscrapers?

    There are others too, but these should suffice.

    Aryans don’t need to seed all the civilizations to merit being considered great. They invented truth telling, that alone should suffice.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Much better.

    Best include what another commenter said in that thread.

    ▬The two greatest race which have [built] the civilizations are the Indo-Mediterranid (Indians, Egyptians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans) and the Sinid Mongolid (Han China, Yamato-Japan). Our dear Nordish ancestors hunted each other naked and drugged with mushrooms when these Mediterranids and Sinids made the greatest empires of the world. Moreover the Indian, the Persian, the Chinese and the Japanese empires are existing nowadays too.

    Of course, he´s wrong about the NW-Europeans & the Nordish. Among other things, they were masters of ship building and invented the compass.

    What other things they invented, so far as it is even known, I will reproduce here.

    I will also reproduce info on Indo-Euroean, or otherwise White presence on the Indian landmass.

    >”The Dravidian civilization was a full blown civilization with worlds’ first sewage systems and all. They rose and collapsed before Aryans ever set foot on India.”
    >”It’s absurd to attribute Sinic civilizational achievements to Tocharians”

    He did say: when a culture is purely Aryan, there are no sculptures, sophisticated temples, big cities, etc.

    I.e. he said that such technology is, as it were, pre-Aryan. Which aligns with you saying Dravidian civ had sewage systems.

    He says it doesn´t become a ‘true’ civilization until it has attained things like ‘Aryan ethics’, which seems to match with you saying the Aryans invented truth telling.

    Since these are yuge historical topics, I end this comment now, by saying, as you: There are others too, but these should suffice.

    frank Reply:

    Yeah, so my point was that due to blatant factual errors, the comment is very subpar. I bet you yourself could write a much better summary than that.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Since this is a politically hunted topic, I will take pleasure in reproducing here info from highly mainstream sources, along with speculative theories.

    Both pre-pretentious history and science was done by complete amateurs. The word amateur used to mean ‘one who loves his interest.’ Re history the most famous example is probably the discovery of the ruins of Troy.

    By now, as is often discussed here, virtually all arms of academia are utterly pozzed, and honest dis-covering is relegated to more obscure venues.

    Of course, STEM is by its nature quite exempt of this — so far.

    As is evident w/ Nietzsche´s case, philology was already stagnant by his time.

    The following is a composition (some of it isn´t ‘mine’).

    To prevent triggering, view this as hyperstitional.

    We wuz kangz!!!


    First, aside from a synonym w/ the more recent term ‘Indo-European’ and the older term ‘Indo-Germanic’ (both are very recent, i.e. from 1813 and 1810 respectively), what does ‘Aryan’ mean?

    The Sanskrit word arya and its cognates actually trace back to PIE, and refer not so much to a race as to its elites. Still, all the IE races were Aryan, and the ancestor figure is easily recognisable, that is, the similarities between Aryaman, Armenak, Erimon, probably Irmin, etc.

    }}}Coincidence intensifier{{{

    Sanskrit: Arya (kind , favourable; attached to , true , devoted , dear; excellent, master, lord, a respectable, a man highly esteemed, or honourable or faithful man, an owner)
    Anglo Saxon: Ár (honour, worth; glory, dignity; grace, prosperity; kindness, benefit, help)

    The following words from various IE languages have similar root and close association of meaning.

    Old German: era
    Germanic: erilaz = (member of the noble class, Runemaster)
    German: ehre = (honour, honesty, praise)
    Irish: Aire
    Dutch: eer
    Greek: αριστος
    Ancient Greek: Aristos = (best, noblest)
    Persian: áriya
    Latin: ars (Art)
    Icelandic: aðall (nobility)

    Purely by coincidence Icelandic, ‘ar’ means ‘fire’, but fire was worshiped by Aryans.

    The Rig-Veda [Indo-European literature] contains a great number of hymns addressed to the god of fire. The Romans and Greeks also worshiped fire. (Wikipedia tier info.)

    The real problem is one of usage. Paul Thieme famously investigated it in Der Fremdling im Rigveda for the word “arya” and related terms. Others have made similar attempts without realising the inner unity of their divergent readings. Then, Eric Hamp wrote in The Dag(h)d(h)ae and his relatives about the possibility that *Danu might be related to Latin bonus, Old Latin duenos, Faliscan duenas, meaning “good”. This would be from proto-Italic *dwenos, PIE *dueno-, also yielding proto-Celtic *Duonū, largely matching the word “arya” in denoting well-ordered, well-fitting, cosmically just, aristocratic persons without having any etymological relationship with it. Additionally, it shines some light on the naming of the Tuatha Dé Danann (the Irish Gods) and possibly the Danaans (the Greeks in Homeric poetry) and maybe the Danava (from the Mahabharata). How do the various rivers and river goddesses who seem to continue this name material “fit in”? Not sure!

    So, after having established a second shaky semantic field, let us think about what we are talking about.

    If we accept that it is wrong to use the word “Indra” when talking about Thunor, because we are not talking about Indra, then surely ethel and thede (þeoden æþeling) can never retreat an inch before foreign words that will never, ever be charged in quite the same way. To my mind the attempt to popularise “Aryan” over native words is the same foolishness that leads people to believe their real tribe is called “R1b”. “Deutsch” and “edelblütig” must be the name of the game.

    In his very cautious book of 1989, ‘In Search of the Indo-Europeans’, Mallory (an Irish-American archaeologist and Indo-Europeanist. Mallory is an emeritus professor at Queen’s University, Belfast, a member of the Royal Irish Academy and the editor of the Journal of Indo-European Studies and Emania: Bulletin of the Navan Research Group) has this to say of the Aryan Tocharians:

    “The area occupied by the Tocharians was not a desolate refuge but rather a series of profoundly important oases along the silk-road that led from China to the West”.
    [Mallory ib.,]

    So we have clear evidence of Aryan/ Sino contact: note, “not a desolate refuge”. And influential?;

    “Tocharians were instrumental in spreading Buddhism to China”.

    Let’s get our time-frames sorted out;

    “In the eastern expansion of the IE languages, Tocharian preceeded Iranian into Turkestan [i.e., before 1,000 BC]”.

    Mallory puts the earliest date for the Tocharians at about 2,500 BC.

    Of course, the recent finds of Aryan Mummfied remains in these regions has confirmed the Aryan thesis.
    We now have evidence of Aryan culture [Tocharian], geography and race [see the many links in my post above for the recent finds and their ramifications].

    2) Philosophy

    Now philosophy itself begins within this time-frame in the main areas of Aryan influence, expansion and settlement.

    Here is a basic time-frame for the origins of [Aryan] Philosophy;

    India c.1400-1000 BC Composition of the Rig VEDA.

    China c. 800 BC The Odes, Changes

    Persia c.630 BC Zarathustra

    India c. 600 BC The Upanishads

    Greece c. 595 BC Thales

    India (died ? 544 BC) Buddha

    China 551-479 BC Confucious

    China c.550 BC Taoism

    Greece c.530 BC Pythagoras

    Greece c.500 BC Heraclitus

    China c. 479-381 BC Mo Tzu

    Greece c.470-399 BC Socrates – 427-347 BC Plato – 384-322 BC Aristotle

    China c.372-c.289 BC Mencius

    Greece 341-270 BC Epicurus

    So we see that Philosophy itself follows the flow of Aryan man within a millennia.

    Western philosophy begins with Thales, as is acknowledged.
    The Cambridge Companion to Philosophy says of the origins of Philosophy in India and China;

    “The beginnings of philosophical speculation in India can be traced back to the ancient body of oral literature called the Veda”.


    “Chinese philosophical thought is often supposed to have originated and blossomed in the last few hundred years of the Chou dynasty [mid 11th century BC to 249 BC]”.

    This answers an observation I made as student, that Philosophy is fairly incomprehensible to most non-Aryan peoples – they just don’t GET IT!

    At one point white people were in northern Asia, nowadays genetic anthros try and avoid racial language, but its clear from the aDNA that the Ma’lta boy was white. I was thinking much more recently, mind you. Yes, the Iranians who were in historical East Asia.

    The connection of Mongols to Asiatic people is just a trick to steal and hide our history.

    The mongols in Mongolia do not know a Dschinghis Khan in their lore nor their history. they got this from the outside hundred years or so ago. The statue in Ulan Bator of Dschinghis Khan still shows a men with a full beard, something Asian do not have, if they have a beard it is mostly flimsy.

    The Aryan moghuls used support troops with Asian people but at the core it was white. In our history they turn it the other way around and say Mongols were Asian in nature but had white support troops.

    From Marco Polo’s reports we also know that the Moghuls controlled China, then called Khatay. The pictures in the above post shows Tocharians who most likely initiated the culture which we now know as Chinese.

    The false history uses the similarity of names between mongols and Moghuls.

    another remnant of white people ruling the area at the today’s border Russia/China is the mummy of Princessa Ukoka, belonging to the Skyth.

    The Slavic Veda reports that China was Aryan, then Asiatic people moved in and took over. There has been a big war between China and the Aryan Empire about 7,000 years ago. The Aryans won and made a peace treaty with Chinese invaders. (the old calenders an historical events in Russia showed the year counting from that event)

    A lasting symbol is the hero who fights the dragon (symbol of China), Like St. Georg killing the Dragon with a lance.

    Later on the Chinese wall was built by the Aryan empire to contain Chinese people in China (another reversal of history). The defense structures on the wall facing China, not the other way around. Which proofs that the wall was against the Chinese.

    There was most certainly a western (in this context, IE) influence upon early China as seen on the one hand in technology such as chariots and, on the other hand, examples of pre-Buddhist religious and other terminology that are clearly borrowings. See shuma (=soma), *tees (=*dyaus) etc.

    On the whole though China resisted ‘Aryanisation’ very well whereas neighbouring Japan has far deeper influence from the steppes.

    It seems that there may have been influences of the Tocharians on early Chinese civilization (technological introductions, possible spiritual transmission of Aryan spirituality into Daoism, and much later certain transmission of Buddhism into China via the Tocharians, etc.) but Chinese culture predates their interaction with the Tocharians and hence the latter certainly weren’t the initiators or origin of Chinese culture, especially since all the core cultural figures (Confucius, Laozi, etc.) were Chinese.

    There is most certainly an Indo-European or racially European element to Mongols and other Central Asian people (Uighurs, etc.) due to the presence of people like the Scythians, Tocharians, etc. in those areas and these elements survive strongly to this day in certain Mongol groups (Oirats, etc.), but I sincerely doubt the entire core of the Mongols were completely Caucasoid/Europid.

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  • Aristocles Invictvs Says:

    If SA descends back to pre-colonial conditions or at least close to them it will merely vindicate our theories, either way this was hard to watch.


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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    To designate an African a moron is to grant her an unjust amount of agency. I had Chinese professors who partook of that same decolonization archetype, which probably is pure void worship 96% of the time, but they suggested things like acupuncture and Qigong. One of them said he was charmed by a Qigong master and didn’t have to (nor want to) eat for two months. Wtf is Qi? Does Western science know or care? Maybe the West has too much Yang and is blind to certain things.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    There´s plenty of academic literature on things such as “qi”.


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  • smg Says:


    Watch this Pentagon produced video within the post.
    This is what they seem be planning for.
    It is a horror show for white ppl.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    >It is a horror show for white ppl.

    Oh, don´t be a wuss.


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  • smg Says:


    Sorry, to admin is this is duplicate.

    Watch the pentagon produced video in middle of post.

    What the Cathedral is planning for:


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    Another belter from Douthat. He’s creating great primers for the on-the-fence types.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Science does not exist. There are no facts, only interpretations.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Science is another word for knowledge, but more recently it refers to a specific method of measuring.


    Chris B Reply:

    1) This whole thread is retarded.
    2) Brett’s comment is the only redeemable comment.

    Despite the evident retardation of the fallists, they are actually on some robust ground. “science” as a concept is largely nonsensical and attempts to explain it are rooted in time, place and geography. I was trying to raise this discussion vis a vis Feyerabend before, but got nowhere.
    Using the example of Newton, the theory of gravity has been superseded hasn’t it? I mean, didn’t Newton work on the aether theory? so in effect, Newton was wrong. So is he still “science”?


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Don’t say the word “retarded” – it’s very McDonald’s. Brett’s comment was a satire.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    It´s pretty retarded to overuse the word retarded as you do. Consider your comment retarded, retard.

    >Science does not exist. There are no facts, only interpretations.

    Nietzsche is obviously being hyperbolic here.

    To say that something doesn´t exist is pseudo-intellectual. Everything exists.

    The question is, on which level? Deontological nonexistence is the fantasy of ascetics.

    It´s nihilistic to say that science doesn´t exists. All nihilists are pseudo-intellectuals.

    Do you even know what Nihilism is? I´m not sure that the scenester dude Brett Steven does, even though he wrote a book on it.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    The McDonaldization of the anti-anti-retard meme brought to you by G. Eiriksson

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    This is “feeding the Moon” on a vast scale, or something even worse. The Fathers dealt with these creatures in the deserts of the Thebaid, because these misguided angels need man’s energies either to survive at all or simply out of envy (no one really knows for sure – their intentions are not “enlightened”, even to the extent that Lucifer’s were). This lower order of fallen angels is purely demonic and sub-lunary.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:



    Dick Wagner Reply:

    It is an Official Synchronicity that Moonman advertises for burgerbarf.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Is McDonalds Communist or Capitalist?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You know, I was in Mumbai — the Capitalist neighbourhoods were much nicer.

    Anonymous Reply:

    Reminds me of the five stages of development model from David Chapman’s blog.

    Identifying the issues with stage 4 could lead to stage 5 if one does not fall to nihilism or relativism (“4.5”) along the way. Both 3 and 5 account for this “solid ground”, yet going from 4 to 3 is regressing. Iirc he said that 3 and 5 look alike from the perspective of 4.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You´re right.


    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 5:45 pm Reply | Quote
  • Worm Says:

    Frank: “The way things are going, we may not have enough time. Clinton’s basically promising mass 80 IQ islamic migration combined with apotheosized anti-white racism. This is it. USA 2016 is South Africa 1994.”

    But hasn’t WikiLeaks more or less proven what many of us already suspected, that Hillary is working for George Soros?

    Chutzpah means calling whites racists while exterminating them.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Ordo ab chao is a Freemasonic motto. Probably, in the case of profiteering it can be predicted the way the money moves when revolutionary groups threaten common order. I.e. if you know that people typically buy X in casus tensione, then if you promote tension (or release of tension), and have shares in businesses that sell X, you profit.

    This is a sure way to have control over a specific section of a market.

    It works fast and relatively easily (in an already altered society).

    Natural disasters are more unpredictable.

    Other trends are less predictable.

    Terror-profit is science.

    Laudare Gnon.



    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 6:21 pm Reply | Quote
  • Dick Wagner Says:

    It’s funny to imagine that during UR’s peak years MM was pretty much fantasizing about dethroning Arnold Schwarzenegger and becoming the Uber-Governator.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Slightly related: Is it any coincidence that Moldbug wrote from the state that was the heart of hippiedom?

    Another question RE: unwitting cladistical sublimation: by exposing the counter-establishment as the ultra-establishment was he being a “true hippie”?


    Tentative Joiner Reply:

    >”true hippie”

    The word is meta-contrarian.


    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 7:07 pm Reply | Quote
  • smg Says:

    @smgPossibly this is too far off topic, but I’m seeing lefties gloating because with a Clinton win they’ll have control of the state enforcement arm – military & law enforcement – and would enjoy putting down right militias. I wonder if they understand who makes up the majority of the manpower in those institutions. I have some familiarity with the command level of USM & they are Deplorables almost to the man.

    There’s some hubris on display or some real illusion of control when it comes to military/law enforcement.


    Anon Reply:

    The right wing thoroughly overestimates their power in LE and the military. The organizations are top heavy with prog-friendly leaders. The low-end is made up of poorly educated yes men losers who will do whatever people tell them to do. If it was the case otherwise, you would have seen them: not fight for neocons, not fight in Iraq, not help in the various countries toppled by Obama, and not help in the current shitfest of Syria and Yemen. Instead we see the exact opposite. This is the calibre of men you put your hope in. It is about as much as bullshit fantasy as Erebus’ cyberpunk LARPing.


    smg Reply:

    I’m not putting my hope in any group of men, for the record. I was making an observation based on experience. My experience seems to differ somewhat from yours.


    michael Reply:

    yes men? soldiers uh huh you know they shoot soldiers for saying no, soldiers whole being is obeying orders and trusting in the command want to complain that trhe command structure has been cucked fine but these soldiers when they leave service they are quite clear they know the score. btw they leave service fully trained


    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 7:41 pm Reply | Quote
  • Dark Reformation Says:

    Admin might like this:


    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 8:24 pm Reply | Quote
  • Dark Reformation Says:

    @ dick

    See my above link for your “hippie” crack.


    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 8:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • Ur-mail Says:

    The old belief that one can get the leverage/power they want and feel entitled to by rewriting narratives with imaginary empowering alternatives.

    What is even worse about all of these is they always end with some call to action that the speaker themselves does not intend to take. Something tells me this woman is, in no particularly realistic way, actually trying to carry out the project she describes – she’s expecting others to do it. When enough of them aren’t particularly motived or interested in carrying out her project, she’ll eventually turn to the government to try to force them to do it via legislation.


    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 8:42 pm Reply | Quote
  • Phwoar Says:

    Sounds like a T-Shirt slogan to me. NRx should go all in.


    Posted on October 15th, 2016 at 10:04 pm Reply | Quote
  • John Hannon Says:

    However, unscientific Afro-irrationality does occasionally have a certain charm (or at least some charming exponents) –

    Reminds me of my late friend Charlie “Bad Boy” Mitton (ok so he was white, but he was very irrational)


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 1:18 am Reply | Quote
  • Melanie L'Heuremaudit Says:

    Does the world have to have a meaning, then?

    That’s the real problem.

    If we could accept this ultimate meaninglessness of the world, then we could play with forms and appearances, without worrying about their ultimate destination.

    As Cioran says, we are not failures until we believe that life has a meaning – and from that point on we are all failures, because it hasn’t.


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 2:22 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    [A while ago, In a secret chat chamber, deep in the midst of AR*** territory…]

    @Egoist_Skeleton: The relation to the production process was entirely tossed into dissarray with the advent of the internet.
    And i dont know if any marxist theorist today can re-frame das Kapital to account for camwhores in chatturbate and MLG
    Even then, i still think communism is a pipedream.
    In any case we should aspire to completely demistify capitalism once we’ve dismantled the vanguard of globalization.
    And the NEET outlook that permeates the alt-right is fertile ground for that.
    They want traditional 50’s americana but they still loathe the wagecuck life.
    That’s important.

    @mfckr_: We’re definitely in a historical blindspot, unknown territory
    i haven’t been able to come up w/ many analogues
    the ideological forces are much the same as they’ve always been… oligarchal communists pining to be technocractic philosopher-kings
    but the confluence of that with the context we live in today? wildly unpredictable
    (which, i think is part of why they seek the control they do… to constrain the unpredictable)

    @Egoist_Skeleton: I don’t know to what extent Hideo Kojima’s MGS2 patriot dialogue with Raiden was intentional… But it describes this urge to control you speak of to a T


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    “They want traditional 50’s americana but they still loathe the wagecuck life.”

    This is futural. A synthesis of Marx and Nietzsche to rule the world. I mean 50s America is for pussies with lawn fetishes but the general idea that the left and the right need to unite and hybridize, that’s the Promethean elixir of postmodernity. So far both factions are too rooted in great-grandpa monkey’s territorialism. Oo oo!!! The only way will be to begin to develop the territory of “hybridized right/left” VERSUS “left” or “right” by themselves. A crappy blog called “alt-left” came out a few months ago that was reaching for this.

    There were a few Marxists out there that were transparently superior to Moldbug intellectually. NRx will turn its nose up at me for saying so but it is an apparent fact. No Marxists superior to Nietzsche but some sure as hell can graze the mustachioed bastard with a cannon ball:
    “Lacking any understanding of capitalist economics, [Nietzsche] was solely capable of observing, describing and expressing the symptoms of the superstructure.” – György Lukács

    It’s heretical to say because it’s a progressive catchphrase but we need to be more tolerant about the enemy. Opening ourselves to the enemy and absorbing them is the only way to become titans. And if we lose ourselves in the process that is what Zeus has willed. Moldbug himself revered the Cathedral, describing it once as elegant.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Opening up ourselves to(o) the enemy, is not what many are saying. I can only think of @draknats and Spencer, along w* u (L)and me.


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 3:01 am Reply | Quote
  • Melanie L'Heuremaudit Says:

    My date with Erebus:


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 3:16 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    The feeble-minded may be divided into: (1) Those who are totally arrested before the age of three so that they show the attainment of a two-year-old child or less; these are the idiots. (2) Those so retarded that they become permanently arrested between the ages of three and seven; these are imbeciles. (3) Those so retarded that they become arrested between the ages of seven and twelve; these were formerly called feeble-minded, the same term that is applied to the whole group. We are now proposing to call them morons, this word being the Greek for “fool.” The English word “fool” as formerly used describes exactly this grade of child–one who is deficient in judgment or sense. [Henry H. Goddard, in Journal of Proceedings and Addresses” of the National Education Association of the United States, July 1910]


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Hmm. Then again, retard is one of those words like nigger. There’s no replacing them because they’re the nadir. It’s not our fault that’s the only word that fits the particular being it describes. Can either side be scientific about the word nigger for one minute? Probably not. Definitely not. Why have we inherited this race debate itself! We are swirls in the destiny of our ancestors. I want to go and study Color like Goethe instead of debating about the damn communists. But I have a compulsion driven by the ROT I see everywhere in everyone.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    youre pozzed by the ideal


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 5:36 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

     Schools Black Feminist NAACP President


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 6:03 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    Thinking that how something is written is more important than the raw ideas it presents, is so outdated.

    In fact it was always outdated.


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 11:37 am Reply | Quote
  • Melanie L'Heuremaudit Says:

    Dick Wagner: “Censor dis guy who sayin care bout da nigg problem cuz I just want to lead a normal life make lot of money have the sunshine of a good name n not think bout dat”


    And the picture of that fucking google with a bone in his mouth is priceless


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 4:03 pm Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    ▬▬▬ Tengri is indo european as fuck
    ———— @SanguineEmpiric
    (whos actually a Sikh)


    Posted on October 17th, 2016 at 6:08 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:


    Posted on October 19th, 2016 at 1:35 pm Reply | Quote
  • This Week in Reaction (2016/10/16) - Social Matter Says:

    […] cynicism doesn’t make a good foundation for a church.” Also… his special blend of outrage porn. […]

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  • Melanie L'Heuremaudit Says:

    “The sacred personage…..did not live in the little agricultural village, but in the woods, like the hero Enkidu of the Chaldean epic, or on the mountain, in the sacred enclosure.

    His occupations were those of herdsmen or a hunter, not those of a cultivator. The obligation to resort to him for sacred marriages, the only kind of marriage that enhanced the woman’s position, therefore entailed ipso facto, an exogamy.

    Under these conditions only the young woman belonging to the same group as the ritual deflowerer could be endogamous.”

    Pierre Gordon “L’initiation sexuelle et l’evolution religieuse” pg. 164


    Posted on October 27th, 2016 at 12:32 am Reply | Quote

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