Moron bites (#3)

This one earns its ‘moron’ status strictly at the point of consumption. At the point of delivery it is by no means unintelligent, and is in fact strategically adept (if crude). Its cynicism approaches the sublime. (By “they” is meant the “us” of NRx.)

The only way this doesn’t consolidate massively in 2015 is for NRx to fall off a cliff.

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  • Alrenous Says:

    Using ‘consumption’ and ‘delivery’ seems unclear to me. I believe you wish to refer to an aspect of the alief/belief distinction. As a belief about the world its is just sad. As a social signalling game it’s quite clever. Unfortunately social signalling is itself pitiful…


    Porphy's Attorney Reply:

    I took “delivery” as = authorship, “consumption” as being the people who will lap up this pablum and repeat it ad nausium.

    Most of the idiotic lipton-tea-bag beliefs that spread like wildfire and are repeated and spread by those who are using it as a form of social signalling are initially created by not unintelligent people (and often it’s hard to tell how sincere they are – on one level they are sincere but on another they know the simplifications they create are crude, but effective at getting the drones to nod along and hold the correct attitudes, if not the correct beliefs).

    At the point of delivery (authorship), it’s more about well-poisoning and only secondarily about status-signalling. At the moronic point of consumption it’s all about status signalling and being led like sheep to know not to look any further into the ideas of Bad People because they’re Bad People with Bad Ideas.

    Which is why it is “strategically adept” beyond the poo-flinging aspects (though those are certainly present even at the point-of-creation: it’s clever at point-of-creation because it *also* has a purpose beyond simply poo-flinging, though the morons who will lap it up and make them a botnet for the propagator are primarily status-signalling: and actually, put this way, it is possible – if strained – to reverse the fascism metaphor and hurl it back at the creator).


    Alrenous Reply:

    Ah, a difference in coordinate system. Ye want to tag it by what it’s doing, but I prefer to tag it by what it is.
    The idea that’s being delivered isn’t quite the same as the idea that’s being consumed. Normally this would be a failure to communicate but the deliverer is doing it on purpose.

    On reflection I’m not sure I agree it’s strategic. I doubt it’s necessary to outgroup NRx. Further, as per Paul Fussell, status-striving tends to be ineffective; it’s not going to do Gillies any favours. What happens with this tweet that wouldn’t have happened otherwise? This moron bite – which is itself for entertainment – and that’s it.

    Perhaps, “I called it fascist first!” Except A: nobody cares and B: no you didn’t. I honestly can’t imagine that this accomplishes.

    Indeed it might be slightly counter-productive. It raises NRx from whacky fringe to respectable enemy that needs be fought. Also raised: awareness. Anyone in Gillies’ audience who wouldn’t already reflexively reject NRx will now have heard of it and risks getting converted.


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  • Moron bites (#3) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Doc Benway Says:

    Unfortunately social signalling is itself pitiful…

    …says the ape smugly.

    If anyone understands the importance of social signaling, it would seem to be Mr. Land.


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  • soapjackal Says:

    @Doc Benway

    The good doctor seems to be right on the money.


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  • Lucian Says:

    He doesn’t like /pol/.

    Something is very wrong with this fellow. He’s missing a funny bone, to say the least.


    pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    myopic aesthetic sense is the first and best sign of nominalists, conditional solipsists, leftists, assburgers, gnostics, degenerates, universalists, and other synonyms. the pleb will concoct the most amazing rationalizations to deny his plebitude (highly calculative plebs especially), including when he does not explicitly realise this himself.

    for instance, ‘we need more immigration to get new ideas’ is an essential expression of the nominalist aesthetic (or lack thereof). if one thing seems as good as any other, lacking insight into anything deeper to think otherwise, a constant carousel of superficially different things is appealing. the idea that ideas can be (are) created through imagination/a function of genius without (with less) outside input is alien to them, as they themselves are lacking in such capacity (and concordantly, assume the same for all other beings, how could they think any different?).

    or in other words, i dont trust anyone that doesnt atleast appreciate (what) 4chan (was).


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