Mr. Turner

England’s greatest artist, as portrayed by Mike Leigh:


Despite the depiction of Turner as a shambling, grunting, snorting orc — perhaps motivated by revolutionary class politics — the movie is not without its strengths. The cinematography is often breathtaking, with a purpose. Watch it just for the art that burns through the screen.

“The Sun is God.”


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  • Marxist toady Says:

    I found the portrayal of Ruskin — likely England’s last genuinely worthwhile reactionary — to be even more distasteful. By his contemporaries, he was regarded as brilliant in youth, the finest prose stylist and orator of his generation and as a thundering, towering prophet figure late in life — and reduced by Leigh to a sniveling child. (One can easily read his early works and journals to seem how absurd this is –)


    admin Reply:

    Prole resentment is a hell of a drug.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    I was not able to go completely to the end and deleted movie from disk. I love Turner works. But this movie is BS and I’m not buying it. Leviathan is last movie, which I’ve seen which clicks with reality.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Actually I saw some reactionary currents in that movie. The arts society that Turner belonged to was a cozy old boy’s club featuring a narrow DNA distribution. Turner had a mini harem working to no ill effect. The movie had a strong strain of nostalgia for pre-multiculturalist England.


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  • Rod W Says:

    Just watched it… Nearly turned it off early on… Script clunks, Spall a great actor but done some disservice here… Mike Leigh does his best and there are flashes of visual brilliance, as how could there be not, given the subject. But a lumpy film from a social realist hack. As mentioned, the Ruskin portrayal was abysmal. About what I expected, tbh… Derek Jarman would have done a much better job… Could have been worse, the commission might have been offered to Ken Loach… Or the flailingly inept, Ken Russell, away for his tea, as they say, a year or so back… Leigh mentioned Korda’s biopic of Rembrandt, if I remember correctly, and a comparison between Charles Laughton and Timothy Spall is interesting, perhaps. Korda a great director, of course… Leigh… ?


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