Nemesis II

Less than a year after surrendering corporate governance to SJWs, this happens. There’s plenty of room for arguments about the tangles of causality here. Nevertheless, as a dramatic exemplification of harsh Cosmic Law it’s going to be difficult to beat.

ADDED: Mr. Archenemy recommends a link far superior to those given above. Eric Raymond writes: “… all I can think is “They brought the fate they deserved on themselves.” Because principles matter – and in 2014 the Mozilla Foundation abandoned and betrayed one of the core covenants of open source. […] I refer, of course, to the Foundation’s disgraceful failure to defend its newly promoted Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich against a political mob.”

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  • Nyan Sandwich Says:

    Seems pretty ambiguous. I don’t think cosmic justice is being served here.


    Mr. Archenemy Reply:

    ESR has some thoughts.


    Alrenous Reply:

    ‘Defend’ isn’t the right word. All it had to do is fail to amplify the mob’s impotent demands.


    neovictorian23 Reply:

    It doesn’t have to be cosmic justice, but the touch of Gnon is strong in this one…


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  • M Says:

    Nah. Firefox’s decline is due to two main reasons:

    1. The actual decline is because it’s no longer The Cool Alternative (there can be only one such, by definition, and for the last several years Chrome has been it).

    2. The additional perceived decline is because many Firefox users are privacy nuts who don’t want to be tracked, so they install all sorts of interesting add-ons (various ad blockers, Ghostery, NoScript, RequestPolicy, what have you) that effectively prevent them from being counted up. To repeat: those people use Firefox, but they are not counted. Anti-tracking add-ons (though generally less effective) exist for other browsers too, of course, but the bulk of their user population runs Firefox.

    As for the Eich fiasco, I’d actually expect it to have slowed the decline down somewhat instead of helping it. Hard to underestimate the target audience, as far as their political opinions go.


    Hattori Reply:

    The privacy nuts don’t explain the acceleration in decline post Eich.
    As Vox Day put it in his blog.

    Firefox’s user share was at 25.1 percent. It is now at 11.6 percent five years later. Those lost 13.5 percentage points are distributed as follows:

    2010 to 2014 = 7.52 points (13.9 percent of total decline per year)
    2014 to 2015 = 5.98 points (44.3 percent of total decline per year)


    scientism Reply:

    2014 was also the year when Mozilla’s contract with Google expired and Google didn’t renew, so that probably explains the accelerated decline.


    Izak Reply:

    Excellent comment; I appreciate the info. I had a feeling that the wheels of causality in this instance would be mostly apolitical.


    Zimriel Reply:

    For me, Chrome isn’t the Cool Alternative. It’s what I use because I’m a whore. My blog is blogger, which Google bought, and I also have a youtube presence, which Google also bought.

    Plus, I’ve never been cool. Seriously. Not my whole life.


    hb Reply:

    I used Firefox back in version 1.0 because it was the Cool Alternative, but I was (1) a teenager, and (2) not remotely cool.


    Hegemonizing Swarm Reply:

    As a Firefox user almost from the beginning, because it was the better browser at the time, I have to say that “privacy nut reasons” are currently the only reason that keeps me using Firefox. Technically Chromium/Chrome has surpassed it in areas such as performance. Which is understandable with the large amount of funding that Google puts into it.

    The Eich fiasco is weak. But it doesn’t affect my choice of browser at all. Google isn’t too different, only yesterday an (ex?) Googler posted . Neither is Microsoft, I’d think. Even multinational companies can’t ignore the current political climate in the US.


    nydwracu Reply:

    Yeah. Firefox has been awful on everything but Linux for a long time now. I switched to Pale Moon after the Eich thing, but never bothered to see if I could put NoScript on it, so realized there was no point in not using Chrome, which doesn’t grind to the halt at the first sight of a line of JS. And tabs in Chrome are separate processes, which is useful on computers so slow that you can’t not have the task manager open at all times to kill shit that needs killing.

    Cosmic justice? Maybe at some distant remove. But I think all it is is that Firefox is absolute garbage on Windows, and probably OS X as well — back when I had OS X, the only half-decent browser was Opera.


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  • Mike in Boston Says:

    It’s also worth noting that on Windows, the damn thing leaks memory like a sieve, requiring regular reboots.

    Not that one would expect SJW leadership to be as diligent in rooting out memory leaks as in rooting out incorrect thoughts.


    pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    you might even say its a leading cause of memory leakage.


    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:


    I remember a time long ago when I was completely satisfied with the performance of my browser, but nowadays Firefox can be pretty awful in terms of performance, at least on a Windows computer with moderate specs. And it has been like that for a while.

    The decline of Mozilla seems to be about more than just SJWs.


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  • Izak Says:

    Hey, I’ve got a question for people who actually do important things. When an organization “forces you to resign,” what does this actually mean? Like, practically? I keep reading this phrase everywhere, and it’s in that opinion blog linked above, when it says that Mozilla put “Eich under enough pressure that he felt he had no alternative but to resign.” But what does it entail? Does everyone in the office just act like a jerk to you, or do they put you off the payroll through legal loopholes, or what? I hate to clog the comments with such a pedestrian question, but one day I might ruin everyone’s day through metapolitical tomfoolery and I want to see what the expected procedure might be.


    neovictorian23 Reply:

    Usually it means the Board tells you that you can resign, or they’ll vote to fire you.

    This in contrast to all the women who were “forced” to “flee their homes” over #GamerGate. They were “forced” by reading a tweet or FB post–some of which they or their “allies” sent themselves.

    So there are many connotations of “forced.”


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    I remember during the events that people said he was not forced to resign and that he did it on his own will. I remember okcupid putting unreasonable pressure on them. See here


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  • Butler Says:

    If we’re asking pedestrian questions, I’ll throw one into the ring:

    Out of interest, did Eich ever offer some sort of defense of his historical pro-prop-8 stance? Or was everything deployed at the time just of the “defense of the right to hold generic unpopular opinions” variety?


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  • Benedict Says:

    Gnons law:

    Leftists will take over all organisations.

    All organisations taken over by leftists will rot.


    Hegemonizing Swarm Reply:

    > When Brendan Eich was attacked, the correct response of the Mozilla Foundation from within hacker and open-source values would have been, at minimum “His off-the-job politics are none of our business.”


    Many engineers, also in open source, are afraid of that mob. I have seen questionable changes authored by miniorities fast-tracked instead of being subjected to the normal strict review process, because the project management was afraid that they’d attract the wrath of the SJWs. No one dared revert the changes either because of the danger of a twitter/blog mob being mobilized, potentially ruining careers (like happening ). No public discussion on this was possible because of the same fears.

    I’m all for being inclusive of developers whether they are women, different races or LGBT, but it should be their work that counts. The internet is a great place to judge people on their technical merit. No one even needs to know your race or gender. But when people use fear of polictical exclusion as a weapon then it’s just an infection, a corrupting influence…


    Hegemonizing Swarm Reply:

    This was not meant as a reply to Benedict, but as a top-level reply.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    “corporate governance” surrender.

    Yet this is the model of governance you advocate, on the strength of the delusion a citizen or “customer” of these Corporations can simply pick another and leave, when the free movement of both people and capital is entirely contingent on the USA remaining the worlds dominant superpower, for this is a marked characteristic of our reign. For your patchwork to exist the USG or not even it’s equivalent but identical twin must exist to enforce your social contract.

    At least surely you admit it’s contingent on the Free movement of People and Capital.
    Notice the word “Free.” Normally a NRxn term of mockery. Despite that being Free is the primary condition of NRxn and a million other schools of rebel thoughts very existence.

    BTW anyone who’s worked for Corporations not only isn’t surprised they surrender at first push but would be astonished if they didn’t. They have Property and when Force is the Milieu you don’t own things The Things Own You .

    Important Tangent on the Free movement of People and Capital: Why do you think Soros/Et Al/Finance/Left wants to both use us to force the Empire everywhere whilst at the same time taking us over from within? To end exactly the escape of capital, for in our current degeneracy the IRS follows one everywhere. You have to surrender your passport to escape them and renounce your citizenship, and then in a country that doesn’t have extraditions/or repatriation of wealth back to the money starved USG.

    So I guess the good news is is indeed ending and there will be replacements, but with that end is the world America made. I’m American and bid it good riddance, but I don’t think the world will like facing itself alone.


    admin Reply:

    You have an amazing ability to turn things on their heads. A company is taken-over by leftoids and is then driven out of business. When was the last time that happened to a state?


    Mike in Boston Reply:

    Is the question rhetorical? It did happen on August 6, 1919..

    If you are not familar with the history, you will be shocked, shocked to learn that the U.S. and its allies tried to install their own socialist government after Bela Kun’s government collapsed, and were only prevented from doing because the Romanian Army, which had its boots on the ground, would not consent.


    Hegemonizing Swarm Reply:

    > BTW anyone who’s worked for Corporations not only isn’t surprised they surrender at first push but would be astonished if they didn’t. They have Property and when Force is the Milieu you don’t own things The Things Own You .

    Not surprised in the least. Corporations are organisms in an ecosystem set by politics and popular opinion. If politics changes the “environmental conditions” they will adapt to them to survive. There is the feedback loop through lobbying/media to influence politics, but you’ll never find corporate governance openly contesting popular opinions. That doesn’t mean those at the top actually buy into them, but they have to be careful (as what happened to Eich), the winning strategy is probably just to go along.

    Popular appeal to the consumer base, reputation management, greenwashing, profiting from wishful thinking. There are some parallels between leftism and overweight marketing departments draining the oxygen from the normally productive parts of companies. Signaling over substance. It works: . Somewhat expected from a species that has been on top of the food chain for so long.

    Only a “predator” that Just Doesn’t Care could substantially turn this around. Corporations clearly are not. Any contenders?


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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    I have to capture this hilarity and then answer..

    Pointy Haired Boss of Firefox sounds DOOM

    “combined its cloud services group with the one responsible for Firefox. “We have been exploring how we can integrate client software on desktops and mobile with cloud service approaches to evolve what Firefox can do for people,” Beard said.”

    …and not surprisingly

    “we’re in good shape.”


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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    To answer your question: If one advocates Corporate State Patchwork then every single such Corporate state with the rare exception of those laundering the elites money or trading in their goods will be knocked off by leftoids in their relentless pursuit of wealth and power, and with every Merger and Acquisition their power and momentum will grow, along with the staying power and resources gained by Conquest. The Left can be summarized as Intellectual Gangsterism Conquest. It works because of it’s incredible incentives for the Left of money and power unencumbered by Traditions or Customs or Law or even keeping your word. These are fantastic incentives to socialize, do you think these swine at Firefox are the poorer for it as individuals?

    To further answer when the last time THIS -a corporation is taken over and driven out of business, when does has this happened to States- Ukraine. Contested by Russia now.
    The United States Constitutional Government in 1933.
    Cuba under Batista. That was pretty much a Corporate State.

    And all of these States had the previous economy aka business destroyed, and are kept alive by tribute and conquest. Ala the USSR.

    Only in Theory may an Elephant actually be eaten one bite at a time, in practice one nip and you’re dead. Unless of course the elephant is a corpse already carved for supper.

    Indeed the Vulture Capitalists&Communists would be fools not to welcome Corporate Patchwork Governance, to the extent they aren’t doing exactly said gobbling up of bites now.

    Thank you for the opportunity to answer.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “You have an amazing ability to turn things on their heads.”

    Admin this is the highest praise I’ve received in some time, thank you graciously.

    ‘Amazing.’ The most glowing Fitness report I’ve ever received [and they’re usually good to great].


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  • Jefferson Says:

    I think Vxxc is on to something. Unless capitalism replaces progressivism as a religion, I’m not sure how corporate governance solves anything.


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