NRx Dark Powers

Duck Enlightenment (jokeocracy) hashtags this as an #instantclassic. It is. (Also, make sure not to miss Stirner‘s potted-history of Neoreaction in the comments.)

… and it looks as if we’re stealing the Black Sun too:


ADDED: Brett Stevens visits the Stirner comment, and annotates it.

I also liked this:

ADDED: History being made.

ADDED: Then this —

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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    Perhaps it is time for the Millennial NRxers to take a page of wisdom from the Book Of Master Jim

    NRx Padawan: “Master Jim, I feel that the momentum in Neoreaction has slowed. There is no obvious next step, and there are all the signs of fracture”

    Master Jim: “Blog for years in total obscurity, with shitty commenters. After your first thousand pages of postings, then ask about NRx momentum.”

    NRx Padawan; “…..”


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    The Padawan should be asking what he can do to help. Write? Sure, if you are poor, young, ambitious, and willing to put up with years of obscurity and thankless effort. But if you’re not poor, young, or that ambitious, then your greatest way to help is donating money.

    No, seriously. It’s worth throwing a few bucks to your favorite blogger. It has a real tangible effect that can’t be discounted. Administrating websites (such as Social Matter), correspondence (with important writers such as Nicholas Wade), travel (to the East coast and beyond to establish networks of trust), and writing (blogging, op-eds, books) require a significant investment of time and money. Many of us are poorer than we’d like to admit, and blog as we do with such passion in part because of a more intimate and negative acquaintance than most other Millennials have yet faced (but I predict, and have little hope of being wrong about this, that many, many more will…).

    Kind words are encouraging and supportive. A roof over one’s head, food in the stomach, and the patronage of those who find your words illuminating even more so.


    Stirner (@heresiologist) Reply:

    Bryce, fundraising is going to require more than shaking the tin cup. At least street buskers entertain you with a tune for a few bits.

    The free rider effect is strong, even in Neoreaction. There has to be much stronger incentives provided to make NRx patrons come out of the woodwork.

    I used to date a fundraiser, so I know a tiny bit about this world. You are looking at two audiences:Minor donors, and Major donors.

    The universe of potential minor donors are NRx fans and lurkers who appreciate the insights, but feel unwilling or incapable of engaging with NRx beside lurking on blogs, and maybe commenting on a post, or liking a Tweet. The trick for you and NRx is to find ways to make donation a form of participation and support of the NRx community.

    If your case, people are willing to pay to fly you east for networking purposes, but far fewer are interesting in donating to a general slush fund to support you. Donors want something tangible for their money, so it is going to be up to you and others in NRx to create and organize donation opportunities.

    Some potential ideas:
    Neoreactionary CafePress schwag (T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers)
    Crowdfunding of new Reactionary trading cards, for the new wave or NRx bloggers.
    Crowdfund meetups of major reactionary thinkers, perhaps funders get exclusive access to the video feed of the meetup.
    Use Hestia a channel to convene the first Reactionary census. Find out how big the community really is, where they are, and what their email address is. Use that as the foundation for building reactionary social networks. Use a nominal annual dues system to weed out the unserious, and as a long-term income stream for NRx.
    The next time you come out east, have a competitive auction to determine which ghetto neighborhood you will be sleeping in 🙂

    You minor donors don’t want their money going into some NRx slush fund. They want to participate in making things happen, with their money. Figure out how to do that.

    Major donors. Ahh, if only the eldars were for real, right? Perhaps there are a few out there, lurking already. You, know that guy in Silicon Valley who got the percentage of Aviato and Grindr?

    At the moment, there is zero reason for any of them to give NRx a nickel. What would they get for their money?

    The job here is to make it very clear what a large donation could buy. What would a donor make happen for 500 bucks, 1000 bucks, 5000 bucks, 10,000 bucks and on up the scale. I think it was Henry Dampier or Neo Victorian who laid out a plan for a counter-progressive political infrastructure that would engage in sustained asymmetric political warfare against the progs. That is the sort of specificity needed, at all scales. Again, Hestia has an institutional presence, so build on that infrastructure to get some smallish donations to lay the public foundation of success for larger future donations.

    In the short term though, prepare to be poor. You should read Aaron Clarey’s Bachelor Pad Economics ASAP. But what you should really do is do the legwork to make it easy for one of your readers to buy that book for you with a few clicks, and figure out how to motivate them to keep doing things like that in the future.


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    Thanks. I’ve been looking over many different means of generating some income while engaging in NRx related studies and writing. Starting Hestia and its affiliated sites is a first step towards that.

    Expect to see some attempts at putting together feasible projects like that this summer.

    Joël Cuerrier Reply:

    Possibly, but the French and Canadians (ethnic, which you are too, even if you ignore it) have a true hard solution to go beyond obscurity.

    It’s called Louis XX, it’s a banker and a Monseigneur. It’s the King of France and of Canada.

    You say you want a Restoration? Well, that’s one. He sound like the kind of King that would make a whole lot of sense of our nation. One day, you’ll realize your family is powerful too here… As in, See, your distant cousin have billions. He run Las Vegas. He’s the new Hugh Hefner, he has huge orgies where he gets famous people all the chicks they want. He even emptied Montreal of all black strippers and escorts to make Robert de Niro happy. Good strategist to get rich.

    So you have family members who already have made it. Can they convert to be reactionaries? Who knows? It’s distant, but one think about believing in ethnic group is that you think ethnicity is a long-lasting thing. One can’t become Canadian, that’s just citizenism as State Sailer has it. It’s fair, but I don’t think a Canadian become an American, same as an Irish or Italian remain an Irish or an Italian a century+ later. Still immigrants.

    Canadians are not “French” as far as ethnicity is concerned, same as French are not Romans or Gauls. When you move beyond the sociologist explanations, you discover nations are something that evolves quite fast, but rarely dissolve as quickly.

    My solution for America is simple. Anglo-Americans in the US, Canadians in Canada. Kings for both. I’m not sure Northern-Italians, Northern-Spaniards and the Irish would make more sense in Canadian context than American. But Southern-Italians and Southern-Spaniards/Portuguese are not quite compatible.


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    I was going to say there wasn’t a chance in hell he’s related but he looks a lot like my uncle.

    Not holding out hope for that, though, not to mention I don’t think the monarchism route is feasible.

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  • Ademonos Says:

    The hilarious thing about the black sun, is that the vast majority of the nazis (I do preserve the right to derogatively name anything which in its original description contains the word ‘social’) who make display of it have no understanding of its origin or purpose. Not that I’m going to tell you what it is, of course – that would be to betray my Pythagorean oath, and most certainly have as consequence that yours truly would be drowned in a river.


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  • nydwracu Says:

    The hell is Apocalypse Now?



    admin Reply:

    I don’t really understand it — but I want it to be true.


    VXXC Reply:


    And strangely when I went from NO to FN is cool to Wagner is why A/N succeeded I hadn’t seen this yet.

    Amerika blog right. That was the beginning of at least American NeoReaction.


    defusername Reply:

    As great as that movie is, I would amend that point to read “Heart of Darkness” in lieu of “Apocalypse Now”. If that doesn’t make sense, I recommend reading Mencken’s chapter on Conrad from “A Book of Prefaces”.


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  • NRx Dark Powers | Reaction Times Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    Bryce is right. This is going to start costing some money, possibly before urbit takes over the universe. My understanding is that Theden has a bit of funding flow. Enough to keep the lights on, but not enough for anyone to quit their day job (or move out of their parents’ basement). There has been some talk of a foundation, possibly related to the International Brotherhood of Carlyleans, possibly related to the Hestia Society. Perhaps it could even be related to Moe’s thing. Perhaps a foundation parenting all of the above. I’m trusting Henry to know the right thing to do.

    Honestly the only significance I attached to the Black Sun was what I skimmed off of Wikipedia (and subsequently forgot). It looked occult-ish. That was enough for me.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    I’m having an allergic reaction to what I read about the Black Sun on Wikipedia. I’d much rather have something Lovecraftian.

    Radish posted a link at Sunshine Mary’s to a picture of two ferrets kissing. A kissing ferret logo would work for me.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    “Neo-Nazi” is mentioned a few too many times for my comfort as well. I want something I can wear on a t-shirt that is not associated with the right in any way except through neoreaction.

    Lovecraft is exactly the right mythology to draw on. Does any lovecraftian visual symbology actually exist?


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    The Elder Sign.

    Ansible Reply:

    Does anybody know why denovumnobilitate was deleted? I got all excited and this morning when I went back to check if anything had changed it was already gone. Were entryists detected?


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  • Dan Says:

    That is a dumb symbol to use. It has a history.


    admin Reply:

    Desensitization is our friend.

    (Last piece of the history I’m aware of, it was being employed by a Jamaican Dubstep outfit, but that’s a whole other question …)


    nydwracu Reply:

    Histories change — or rather, memetic allergies change.

    Will the allergy to interwar rightisms have to be destroyed to stop leftward drift? Probably. Holiness is the opposite of whatever the devil wants, and Hitler is the devil.

    (Why Hitler and not Stalin? Why FDR and not Long? America became a communist country in September 1935.)


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  • VXXC Says:

    If you want money get Hollywood’s Lincoln society to make a movie about NRxn.


    Stirner (@heresiologist) Reply:

    Anissimov is already trying to nail down the financing for “12 Years a Slav”


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  • This Week in Reaction | The Reactivity Place Says:

    […] under not only not this week but practically from the undateable past, Land points to this Anomaly UK classic from February 2012. (Did they even have teh interwebz back […]

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  • Owen Arluine Says:

    Nick B Steves: “Neoreaction defeats the natural defense mechanisms of the Progressive by not looking remotely white nationalist. Or Nazi.”



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  • admin Says:

    OK people, the cluebat is striking home on the Black Sun business (although I don’t think NBS was proposing it as a defining emblem, and I’m not either).

    A little context — out here in China (India too) the symbolic environment is pulsing with swastikas, so one gets somewhat more nonchalant about this stuff than one can be in the West.

    Is there a Lovecraftian emblem? I don’t know. There’s a Cthulhian font.


    Ademonos Reply:

    And here I thought that the Black Sun was to be used in some manner of Swiftian inverted or absurd and courageous attempt to strike both confusion and fear into the hearts of the enemies. Though next time I might suggest using the swastika or the scythe and hammer, or perhaps both at the same time…

    One does suppose that tentacles alone should provide horridly appetizing imagery, though.


    Baron Ludvig von Nichts Reply:

    How about something like this:×300.png

    I am considering making an armband with this design if anyone is interested.

    I like Lovecraft imagery also, because it has the right kind of mind-flaying, “dark gnosis” feel that is the essence of the Dark Enlightenment. experience. But then, I’m postmodern nihilist reactionary, not any kind of traditionallist. Azathoth akbar!


    admin Reply:

    Hail Hydra!


    Adam Selene Reply:

    There is the “Elder Sign”.


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    The Elder Sign


    Alrenous Reply:

    So, uh, +1 to everyone in this subthread.

    Although, you’re missing out on, “Dark Enlightenment flows from the Black Sun.” I guess it’s this story: “How Everyone Learned to Hate Good Design: Nazi Germany.”

    I don’t want to admit there are limits to flouting popularity. Have to, though. Can’t actively flirt with infamy, I guess? I can see that having to disclaim every instance of your symbol with, “But I don’t actually want to massacre jews” might be going too far.


    Alrenous Reply:

    No wait, not too far, do that exactly. Set it up as a straw enemy and ‘coincidentally’ denounce the enemy, via symbol, in every post.


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    Something closer to this perhaps?


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  • Darth Imperius Says:

    Another interesting symbol is the one at the bottom of It has the added advantage of being a audiovisual widget that can hypnotize the viewer and implant subversive dark side messages in his mind.


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  • j. ont Says:

    I’m imagining an arrow, with a split shaft but a single head (two nocks, two fletchings, but joining together at the shaft). Very clean and simple. Below it, the phrase “Nature, or God’s Nature.” The single graphic could be elaborated on in various ways depending on the context, but the image on its own would be, I think, simultaneously mute and literal. Easy to crudely scratch on stone tablets as well.


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  • Handle Says:

    I like the gimmick in Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles in which the heroes wear little mirror lapel pins. Lots of Lovecraftian motifs in the series.


    Izak Reply:

    The Invisibles is pretty good, yes!

    Also, the punk band Crass’s logo is real neat. Anarchism is weird, because its antifascism is often expressed with fascistic images amd iconography.


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  • MLR Says:

    If we’re aiming to be more than just the new “smart set,” but the truly “wise set,” shouldn’t we aim a little higher than recycled Occultish nonsense a group of boorish populists (who should have been shot by their betters) hijacked in the ’30s?

    After all The Last Psychiatrist articles I’ve been poring over, wouldn’t a symbol like Nemesis (the personification of Divine Justice, inescapable embodiment of the just resentment we hold against a 300 year death cult) be more suited to our Just Cause?

    … the very thing that brought Narcissus to its end:

    In any event, can we please – PLEASE – not aim a bit higher than trashy, kitchsy, sci-fi Sith childishness? St. Paul’s admonishment to “put aside childish things?” No? Anyone? Bueller?


    Puzzle Privateer (@PuzzlePrivateer) Reply:

    Since we live in a culture of narcissism and that culture is a big part of the Cancer that is Killing Western Civilization positioning NRx as the bane of Narcissus seems like a good idea to me.


    MLR Reply:

    There’s an additional power that came to me last night (I’d already turned the PC off)…

    Nemesis will bring divine judgment to Whiggery and its soul-sucking destructiveness. We see the planting of the seeds of this vengeance in so many small ways (the Chinese curiosity wrt HDB, the progs here overplaying their hand in almost every chance they get, to the point of absurdity). But it need not stop there…

    Nemesis will punish US in the NRx just as surely as the Whigs if we fail in our duty. Nemesis reminds us that we, too, are at risk of falling into a life-draining daydream of Sith symbols and Modi-boosting (not to say that’s happening here, but I’d raise the warning, you know… NOW… just to be safe).

    What does it say to the world, to initiates, to our critics who spit on “consistent principle” (pace the latest Radish expose on all the unprincipled Whig thugs from Sam Adams, to Alinsky, to that Jeopardy Chu-guy) that OUR symbol threatens the wrath of heaven if WE go astray of the very principles we put to them.

    Nemesis will see that the Cancer of Whiggery is stamped out, but men of true principle would wisely have to concede that we go down the same drain *glug glug glug* to our deserved doom if we shirk our obligation to ACT in the interests of what is right and true, even if that duty only (!) extends as far as protecting the children in our care from the ravages of Whiggish lies.


    E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Reply:

    Still, Nemesis is quite a loaded concept if raised to the symbolic level… and anyway, I can’t seem to find a particular sign or insignia that pertains specifically to Nemesis… any pointers?

    nydwracu Reply:

    Dunno. Doesn’t seem like the type of thing that would get absorbed into any flavor of occultism, and they’re the ones who generate consistent symbolism. Googling the statues, it looks like it’s a fasces, a wheel, or a tally stick — and the first two are sort of taken. Or just reference the DĂĽrer engravings, but I have no idea what that cup-looking thing is.

    VXXC Reply:

    MLR discovers Nemesis as NRxn Basilisk.

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  • JPOutlook Says:

    Just do a stylized “NRx”

    Upper-case N, upper-case R, lower-case x


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  • JoĂ«l Cuerrier Says:

    [Reply]Bryce Laliberte Reply:May 17th, 2014 at 3:50 amI was going to say there wasn’t a chance in hell he’s related but he looks a lot like my uncle.
    Not holding out hope for that, though, not to mention I don’t think the monarchism route is feasible.

    I’d say there is one chance out of one he is related. That’s my odds here. Do realize Canada lost half of her population to US out-migration. There are over 8 million ethnic Canadians in the US.

    Read around the HBD sites about Canadians. You have very inbred. Our consanguinity makes us have very high ethnic solidarity. We evolved similar traits to Ashkenazim. See, now that’s a red pill as you guys say, even if I want to create the Matrix personally (seeing as The One already exist and His name is Obama), people have enough superheroes to worship.

    Monarchism and Reaction is very strong in France and it is VERY YOUNG too!
    You don’t need to understand what they say, check the Royalist there, he look like he’s 18: That’s Royalism in 2014.

    Now look at the cover page of a magazine in France, two versions, same picture:

    GĂ©nĂ©ration RĂ©ac? Think it’s well on its way in France. You think they keep their army in Africa for some mysterious humanitarian reasons? Maybe they fear a Coup d’État at home? I’ve asked a Liberal friend in France what if there’s a Coup d’État? What then? Military dictatorship? NapolĂ©on VII? He didn’t have an answer, they want to get rid of the socialists, but they are unsure what else should comes afterword. So maybe they keep dreaming and vote for the FN. Hoping that Marine Le Pen is Blue enough to maybe go give back the Throne to the King. It’s a possibility, I don’t think it will occur, but it could be a way toward it. Of course, the media control democracy, so they are always working double-time to keep the FN out of power. Even if they went completely PC and keeps talking about Islam being bad and Islamic and Islam. I mean, talking point memo of mainstream communist conservatives and communist liberals.

    Anyway, I repeat you are most certainly related to Guy LalibertĂ©, for the simple reason that there is probably, most likely, just ONE LalibertĂ© original settler in the XVIIth century. He’s your sole ancestor. We come from the bellies of a few hundreds, top few thousands, original mothers. This is super inbred. So crazy, we are closer to Ashkenazim. Probably not you, since you out-bred with non-Canadians quite likely within the last century. I mean, Canadian to me is the more crushing ethnic group in ethnic mixing. Kind of like, you can be as half-Jewish as you want, like Moldbug, you are definitely more Jewish than whatever else you may be. This is not mere ethnocentrism, just an observation I’ve had of this world around me.

    I even met Canadians in the US who mixed with Native Americans. They were insanely conservatives, very close-knit, homeschooling within the reservation via neighborhood schools and all. Have you ever seen what a MĂ©tis du Canada is? That’s Whiter than your average American right there these days, it’s the most hilarious tribe in the Americas. But God Loves Them! They may one day be 99.9% White and they shall remain Native Americans. Gotta love PC! They got their privileges as Native Americans too. So they can segregate and live in their own world and we’ll all pretend they are noble savages. I love Native Americans who are blondes with blues eyes, they’re funny!

    So again, you are related to Guy LalibertĂ©, I wasn’t just throwing this around, you are certainly Canadian and that mean your family return you to, more than likely, one original settler in the 17th century who have thousands of descendants today. In the most extreme causes, we have very inbred family trees with 100,000 descents in, ouch, dozen generations. That mean 2 become 12 become 72 become 432 become 2592 become 15,552, etc… but with all the cross-linkage, you are running around in the bloodlines so fast it makes your head spin. Of course, the Holy Roman Catholic Church is what prevents cousin marriage, but Canadians are not “immigrants”, they are just a race that arose from a tiny colony of settlers who went and had a gangbuster load of babies, populating America with 15-20 millions of her people from a source of 1000 to 6000.

    That is why I say there is no way you aren’t related to Guy LalibertĂ©. He’s your not too distant cousin. Traits of a Canadians is also, like the Ashkenazim, something you can recognize instinctively. We know our in-group by traits. I can watch a crowd of 100 and maybe, possibly, I can pick out who are Canadians in that crowd with a certain measure of exactitude. Yeah, I mean, put 50 French people, 50 Canadians, ask me who is who… I can mostly tell. People can look at each other here and tell who speak French. Most people know this on a purely subconscious level. Then you think about it and you say: Damn, it’s true, I can tell a person is my cousin!

    It is only strong among Canadians here, since we’re kind of like America’s Jews. Hey, our patriotic song, sang by Leonard Cohen, is called “The Wandering Canadian”, we don’t lack any sense of irony:

    I mean, we all easily can tell our history here. I’ve lived in the city founded by my ancestor… it was invaded by immigration, so I was ethnically cleansed and moved to the suburb. But otherwise, very easy to find: Then I can cross-link all my ancestors from there, it’s very easy here, because the links are broad and gets you back a very small set of early settlers. We’re not immigrants, it’s a different ethnic group. That’s partly thanks to Louis XIV who, as you may not have heard, prevented everyone except Catholics to move to Canada. See, Britain was getting RID of the radical sects. France was creating a better world abroad, without religious wars. Louis XIV is among the greatest “politicians” of the last millennium, wherein Charlemagne was prior to that. Anyway, he sent only Catholics. Want a shocker here? What is the first French country on earth? What if I said Canada was? Well, it’s highly technical, but of course Canada was only French, wherein France had a bunch of dialects when we left it. So Canada was French before France unified the language to absorb regionalism. Race-mixing was also banned, thank goodness. We were making babies with the Indians, but it was banned to marry them, so we are almost unmixed today… even if the PC police want to pretend otherwise, Canadians are the Whitest Whiter White of WhitAmerica. Over 99%, the ethnic mix up are partly with Irish really, that’s about it… very little else.

    But you know, I’m never sure what rise above. Is Michael Cera more Italian than Canadian? Is Jello Biafra a Canadian (real name: Eric Boucher)? Is Amanda Marcotte purely Canadian? Sorry about that BTW!

    This is highly underestimated. But my nationalism is PURE Zionism. That is, I want to do like the Bronfman. They have Birthright Israel? Dandy, I want Birthright Canada. I want a return of our Diaspora in Canada so that ethnic Canadians re-become a majority in the country of Canada. That would make sense no? That’s my plan, I think it’s sensible. Re-split Europe upside down. Catholic in the South, Protestants in the North. Romans in the South, Germanic Tribes in the North. Let’s agree to do the opposite in North-America and have the Romans take Canada and the Germanic Tribes keep America. Isn’t it better when things are simple. As for Russians? Holy hell, NapolĂ©on tried, we all did… We don’t know what to do about our old Slaves the Slavs. They’re amazing people. We love em, we want to unite with them, we want to overthrow the communists in America. But how damn baloney, they need to stop drinking, smoking and shooting heroin already. Stop killing yourself please. Can Putin do this? Well… I don’t know, I’m more along the lines of this Florida death metal band: Hail Caesar, hail the Czar, same difference, Peter The Great was one hell of a guy. Catherine The Great just shouldn’t have talked with this monster: Voltaire! He sold off Canada you know! Bastard bitch Voltaire, we try to tell the French why we hate him, they don’t get him, but we’ll kick on Voltaire around till we die. Die Voltaire, die Rousseau, you destroyed everything. France was the greater Power until they destroyed everything. We should have won America, India, Europe. Freaks of Lights. Enlightenment overdose, way worst with French coffee. They overdosed on the coffee.

    Basically, Dark Enlightenment is a revolt against Voltaire to me. I am mad at Voltaire. I want OBSCURANTISM. Screw your LIGHTS. Bring darkness. Bring the flavors of grey. Voltaire was fighting Obscurantism, so he destroyed Canada, Europe, the whole planet… and he of course became a Freemason. Traitor to the Human Race. Understand darkness have the longest freakin’ shadow in the French mind, we go back very far. We always were the resistance against the Eagles. I mean, it is true for both our symbols. Eagles are always Empire. We are always on the hardworking symbols. So the symbol of the French is the Rooster. Early to rise. The symbol of the Canadian is the Beaver. No Eagle here… hey, here comes the rooster, oh yeah, you know he ain’t going to die.

    So break it down in a bubble, which we do. We use to be Romans, the Germanic Tribes took it over. They’ve become the Romans, what did we turn into? Think hard! We have become Hellenic. Do the Greeks become Romans even when you kick their ass around? Forget about it, you can impose whatever tyranny you want, a Greek remain a Greek, he’s an ass like that, you don’t make him a Roman.

    So the French are the Greeks, the Germanic Tribes are the Romans. Long term inversions. I’m not hostile to anyone, just stating the long-term history of ethnic groups, merging with culture and resistance to Eagles. Who’s the Eagles? Huh, England, Germany, USA?

    This is true understanding of French history in broader context. We always were stupid however, we always have believed we were Romans, so we tried so often to rebuild the Roman Empire. Understand Napoléon, see he wanted Roman Empire. Hitler was our worst nightmare, because of course we wanted to conquer Germany all the way to Berlin! Our people! Napoléon III made Rome part of France, Roman Empire, everywhere. Hitler just went bunker and wanted Germanic Holy Roman Empire. We said no-no-no, but oh well. You know what was the most famous Canadian name in the XIXth century? Well, take a guess, baby boys were called Napoléon and baby girls were called Joséphine.

    We still had Lordships back then. Liberalism had not yet destroyed us. So the Revolution, we hated. NapolĂ©on, we loved. We just wish he wasn’t so stupid and send his men toward America, not in Egypt! We’re all speak French if he didn’t do all the wrong moves and gave the Rothschild all powers over the world.

    True reaction, hardcore, is very French. I’m in America. I’m not ethnically French, but I’ve read the details of my long history, all the way to VercingĂ©torix, to know exactly where I stand in this world.

    Are you Canadian? Yes you are. Is Guy LalibertĂ© your cousin, yes, totally, completely. You’re actually my cousin too in a sense, not too detached. The circles of Canadians is so tight as to be physically distinguishable. Hybrid vigor maybe, since of course too much inbreeding is catastrophic, but it did create the Ashkenazim. It also, by accident, did create the Canadians.


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    Fascinating. My family on the dad’s side has poor records of ancestry, so I wasn’t aware of any of this. And we’re a crazy bunch, eh? Explains a lot.

    Time to find out if a billionaire wants to make the Laliberte name big.


    Joël Cuerrier Reply:

    I’ve discovered something quickly doing research. Your name is LalibertĂ© but it is LainĂ© too.
    Like my name is Cuillerier AKA Léveillé. First book about Iroquois is this

    But yes, it didn’t take me more than a few minutes to find where you were from. You come from Britanny. This is your old hometown, it’s sort of nice:

    This is the original settler:

    First wife was already Canadian, a Dionne, a name that may ring a bell.

    Trying to find information with google return this name very often, but no clear biography. Britanny ancestry is rarer among Canadians. Jacques Cartier was from Britanny, but the immigrants were mostly from Normandy and surrounding areas. But yes, you are one of the founding families of this place in ĂŽle-d’OrlĂ©ans

    There are 300 founding families there and it is a key spot of the colony. So it is listed and your first ancestor is on a board in ĂŽle-d’OrlĂ©ans as such. My family tree is on the Montreal side. Showed up a little earlier than yours in the very early days of the city in 1658. Montreal was meant to be a New-Jerusalem, it used a name we also used during the Crusades: … Which, if you link to the Crusades, takes you back to this King of Jerusalem: … So Montreal is a reference to all of that, because we are bastards! The Mormons were way late in inventing a Jerusalem in America, we had done this a while before in the 17th century. Montreal in a bubble is that, very simple and the people who invaded the British isles, the people who went Crusading… maybe similar people who moved to America.

    As I was saying, it is insanely easy for us to do family trees. Our cousins in France have no idea who their third ancestors are most of the time, we know who we come from in the XVIIth century, link is crystal clear. Records suck once you’re back in France, but our parish are crystal clear. Also, Canada was always for four centuries richer than France. I’m not talking capitalism version of wealth here. I’m talking a society that can have 12 children per family and never starve or lack any necessities. This is true wealth, true productivity, not a backwater, not India where they had perpetual Malthusian consequences to overbreeding. That’s ancien rĂ©gime and lordships, worked better than liberalism, always will. It took a while for liberalism to destroy our ancien rĂ©gime, it lasted until 1854, but the State could only steal all the money in the 20th century. I know it is very far-fetched to try and bring back the King, but there are a few who are trying and this is the closest path to a real Restoration, one that is way more likely than the Stuarts, it’s the Bourbons.

    Anyway, now you can tell your family you are from Britanny and this is factual, nothing theoretical about our ancestors. They are easy to find. It doesn’t make us like Jews, not completely, just a certain subset of Canadians are similar to Ashkenazim very specifically, because they evolved similarly in certain circumstances. I also think Ashkenazim are basically Whites who evolved a certain way due to external circumstances, pressure from out-groups, same as Canadians. The IQ is not above average for generic non-mixed Westerners, but genetically we are the least obese in America, so definitely an advantage there.

    It’s all a working theory, but I’m starting to make the links that do make sense to me. I think Leonard Cohen himself sort of understood that, that is why he always stood by us and have written Beautiful Loser even before he started composing songs. His only French song is A Wandering Canadian, which is a patriotic song that goes all the way back: The son of Leonard Cohen is also perfectly French-speaking and his disciple like Rufus Wainwright and family are alll French-speaking and he sleeps with GW Bush daughter! Because he’s a fag, of course, a fabulous fag. So are we hostile to Jews? Not at all, the stupider ones are hostile to us, like Ezra Levant or more angry supremacists, not the smart ones like Leonard Cohen. I had a teacher who use to know Leonard Cohen when he was a bartender as a younger man. His songs resume him well, he was a crazy ladies man, but he ended up being screwed over by his wife when he went to California to become a Buddhist Monk. That’s why he had to return to the singing business at such old age, he was ripped off by his wife. But he likes Sainte-Kateri and our generic history. He’s not stupidly hostile to Catholics like “some people” who draw too quick conclusions. If there are Kings, you need a God as King of Kings, get with he program folks, the Jewish reactionary is the good half-pill, you need to draw whole conclusions. That was my biggest bug reading Moldbug lately… stop talking about the Catholics, it’s always a bad idea. The hierarchy is super simple otherwise: God-King-Men-Women-Children. This is structure of civilization, you don’t need to love God and King to submit, it’s just the theoretical framework of this hierarchy. Louis XIV is not Hitler, I can’t remember him ever opening concentration camps. The Pope is also not nor have he ever been Hitler. Have he ever been critical of Freemasons and Jews? Well duh, hello, have anyone not been? Does he run concentration camps? Nope. If all history of the world is just proto-fascism, maybe your history books need a revision. Because perhaps solisism does not only apply to women and this is something we understood a while ago.

    Every generations since the boomers have lied about us… it’s a disgusting travesty. But this song, the Wandering Canadian, tells the truth. Canadians are a wandering people with a gigantic diaspora. This is the deeper truth, just don’t tell the immigrants who call themselves Canadians that or they call you Adrien Arcand. I think this can be true of some that goes in this path, they always end up leading up to the wrong conclusions. Of course, Adrien Arcand was completely bankrolled by the Conservative Party of Canada and ran quite a few newspapers before being sent to prison during the war. He’s the founding father of all Holocaust-Denialism. I mean, Ernst ZĂĽndel is his disciple. I did read Arcand, but not Zundel who sounds like a complete freak. Again, monomaniac obsession there that’s way worst than Hitler, his texts have been re-used non-stop ever since, kind of like Henri Ford, same type of character. I’ve discovered regarding the Ford dynasty that Henri Ford III converted to Catholicism. Kind of like Bro Conrad Black. Done the opposite thing than Mark Steyn, who went from being a Belgian-Irish Catholic, converted to be Anglican once he moved to England, converted to be a Baptist once he moved to America. That’s the official top tier Right? Not bad, always from Canada somehow. Of course, the Steyn note of Jewishness do rise back to the forefront even if he keeps defending Republicanism on way to Royalism. He enjoyed poking fun at me that I was a Subject of Her Majesty… I think he believed that would annoy me. We’ve been in a Monarchy since Clovis in the 5th century, think we’re used to the idea. We never had anything but Kingdoms since we stopped being Romans and turned Franks. The big difference is that we had the Kingdom of France, the other one is more “Universal Kingdom”, or “United Kingdom”, which can be a bit too similar to the universalism of the RĂ©publique Universelle. Like in this painting that resumes the whole problem with liberalism :

    That’s the Utopia. Doesn’t work, we all know it, you can’t have a New World Order. If Glorious Revolution is denied. Then you need to roll back quite a few things. The problem do start with the creation of the Bank of London, it’s been a while. When you toll back the real things, you remember that Usury is considered wrong in the Bible and in Aristotle. So maybe it isn’t a proper way to run our civilization to have that. Jews use to play that role, as we knew that while this gave them temporal power, their soul would burn in hell. You can be a complete atheist and still see the internal logic here. This is why it has been stated over and over why Jews could not run a civilization. They run chaotic structure that do not produce the elegance of Gentiles creativity. It doesn’t make us or them evil, it is just not their best position as a group to try to govern a polity. There’s a reason why the Temple was burned by the Romans and why the Christians who were persecuted eventually rose to replace the Romans. Edward Gibbons already had it sort of wrong when he simplified it in his opus. There’s more to it than merely one culture destroying another. Then again, the Brits did draw some very bad conclusions about all that came after the Romans due to Protestantism. The very simple psych-history theory is that Martin Luther hated his Father, so he projected his hatred further up toward the Pope. It doesn’t take much once you “debunk” this hierarchy to collapse the rest along with it. So of course, Catholics and Orthodox created what we call the West of today. It will always be Christendom until someone take it over, but there is nothing around. Maybe between Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky, there’s a lot in common. Who is more right? The one who follow the notion of a Man-God or the one who believe humanity will rise to created a God-Man (Superman or Singularity?). Both are propositions that can be debated. I’ve been reading Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky and Darwin since I’m a teenager, I think there is value to variety. There is no way I can be anything else than a Catholic, for it is Throne and Altar. You lack one of the two, it’s too much power to the King or CEO not to have a CEO in the Sky who run all CEOs on Earth. Mainframe Urbit? Does Urbit speak to God? Is it 2001 A Space Odyssey? Stanley Kubrick too was Jewish, same as Charlie Chaplin (probably) and Groucho Marx. But of course, I think we’re all Marxists in that way:

    But if Urbit is mainframe, I have ideas to sort out the internet too. Make sense, I’m not sure why Nick Land says pass the popcorn all of the time, but I founded the site called passthepopcorn which is the largest archive of movies online, all built through torrenting. I just got the right people in the right place and it worked. It is massively all automated with bots and scripts, sort of elegant in design and it recently reached 100,000 individual movies, which is potentially more than any other archives. I’d do this with a lot more things. I like organizing systems. So if Urbit was a real thing, I’d probably know a lot of what it should do and how it should do it. But it’s not a red pill, it would be to create The Matrix and hand out blue pills so people stop shooting at policemen and burn the whole world to “save it”. More orderly. Master and slave drives. It’s as the Canadian slogan go for “Peace, Order and No Government”. Can work, still need a God in the Matrix, otherwise you just have the motherboard without a Fatherland. Matrix is female only, too Jewish. Need a reboot. Enter the correct data. You need Patriots in a Patriarcal society that have a Pope, not just Matrix, but Patrix so to speak. Order, hierarchy. Moldbug was just partly correct, but the bugs in his system can easily be fixed. MoreRight also recently made the mistake to take Varg Vikerness seriously… No way! Don’t ever do that. 2001, can have it but check what happen in the end? Also Sprach Zarathustra, I read that when I was 13. Is it more lucid to imagine the Motherboard give birth to the Man-God? I can accept the possibility, I just believe in the wisdom of moderation and in the sexes needing to unite or else, we all die. God-King-Man-Woman-Children, learn the correct hierarchy, it doesn’t change, it’s civilization. When France kill the King, it’s the families killing their Father. The families of a nation are the children of the King (they submit, they are Subjects). When the children are poorly disciplined, you get the French Revolution. Then they kill babies in the name of Progress… otherwise known as Terrorism. This is my interpretation of Moldbug and I think I get a few things right. I am not certain about the details, I was never either a libertarian or a progressive. I had read most books that mattered by my 20’s, the rest just stick around in the back of your brain even when you’re a rambling idiot and probably mentally ill of course. The historical references are on our side. I have said way before discovering the NRx that we were living in the Dark Ages or maybe in the Blinding Light Ages, which is worst. Since the Quiet Revolution here, our revolutionaries have told us about the Grande Noirceur, the Great Darkness that existed prior to their revolution. I resume it thus, since 1960, we have the Great Lightness, for the prior 200,000 years, it was Great Darkness. Of course, I side with the darkness in this regard. Our Great Men were mostly from the Great Darkness era, let’s not fool ourselves, Progress have sucked hard. Liberalism have forced us to desegregate, we worked so hard to stay segregated, but Lightness blinded us.

    Nick Land done a swell job grouping all these subatomic elements. There’s a lot of good truths, some just need precisions and proper apraisal from different angles. The whole Christianity mockery however, sorry a King needs a King of Kings. Not just motherboard and a programing language. What language does God speaks in?


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  • JoĂ«l Cuerrier Says:

    Anyway, Bryce, since you wonder… You are a Wandering Canadian. Which is exactly like a Wandering Jew. Leonard Cohen almost gets it until he goes super Jewish-Supremacist in The Future:

    I am serious about my ethnocentrism, I am a Zionist Canadian. Beat this jack.


    Posted on May 17th, 2014 at 6:00 pm Reply | Quote
  • JoĂ«l Cuerrier Says:

    Remember MUST be ‘Master of Puppets.

    Pull strings learn strings


    Posted on May 17th, 2014 at 6:41 pm Reply | Quote
  • E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Says:

    @j. ont

    Try this one on for size:


    nydwracu Reply:

    Bell bottom rocket.

    There’s got to be a pre-existing symbol we can use. I like the Tidewater swords, but there is obvious regional bias at work and also it does not exactly look friendly.

    Or: take two infinity symbols and stick them over each other to get a cross-looking thing. That looks vaguely and unidentifiably fash, but there’s plenty of symbolism in it, especially if you make it look particularly double-helical. The Cross of Gnon! But someone must have gotten there first — it’s too obvious.

    But does having one logo fit with the times? Seems like modernism is over, and overtly signaling thede-affiliation is considered generally gauche. What we’d need then is a lot of symbols — once one gets marked as Satanic, there’s still a hundred more.

    That would require a mechanism for generating recognizable symbols and whoops now we’re the Illuminati


    admin Reply:

    “… whoops now we’re the Illuminati” — Well, we know that!


    Posted on May 17th, 2014 at 8:41 pm Reply | Quote
  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    I kind of like the Church of the SubGenius “Wings of Slack” logo. It may appeal to people who have an unusual relationship with time.


    Posted on May 18th, 2014 at 3:28 am Reply | Quote
  • MLR Says:


    I wouldn’t be the first one here to suggest that it’s time for the NRx to start making some of its own art. So someone crack open the Paintbrush and whip up a goddess with wings carrying a measuring stick and/or sword of divine vengeance.

    If we want to BE the thing that kills the poisonous narcissism of our age, then borrowing from filthy failures is just more Narcissus-staring-into-the-pond-and-daydreaming. We’re at the waters edge, imagining … what? Exactly? TIE Fighters emblazoned with Sith logos filling the skies? Just shoot me now. This is nothing more than the emptiest of empty, narcissistic branding, and Nemesis will punish us, too, as we painfully waste away, waiting to die, having done NOTHING.

    The paintbrush sketch will suck.

    Then someone will do it better.

    And everytime we DO something, we’ll remember the DUTY we have to our daughters not to let them become failed adjunct professors on food stamps, or Belle Knox; to our sons to serve them up as batteries to a Matrix that will drain them dry. Remind us that if we FAIL, Nemesis will crush the Whigs and come for us, next: condemn us to stare into a reality we never lifted a damn finger to BUILD because we were daydreaming, captivated by the hazy image of what might be.

    Someone. Open. Paintbrush.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Be careful what you wish for!


    Posted on May 18th, 2014 at 5:11 am Reply | Quote
  • MLR Says:

    apologies to our host, I’m not sure why this May 18th, 2014 at 5:11 am comment didnt reply in response to E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Reply: May 17th, 2014 at 11:53 pm


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Nrx is Dark Powers only because light and dark are inverted. The Progressive fears the Truth. The Progressive fears Judgement. The Progressive hates Beauty. Satan animates the tongues of the Progressives.


    Posted on May 18th, 2014 at 4:47 pm Reply | Quote
  • E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Says:

    Yes, there is a sense in which the Good always hides itself from crude and grasping hands; if men walk in darkness it is a blinding light, if they invent a false light, it becomes an impenetrable shade.


    E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Reply:

    Also for those who don’t follow our blather on the Twit

    This has been suggested as a starting point. Our host wants to drop the base, while I prefer the shape with it. In any case, any further suggestions should be given to me on Twitter or left here – I’ll put out some hi-res variants and then an svg copy of the original if anyone is interested.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Is there a caption? Like, “It’s a Twitter thing. You wouldn’t understand.”?


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    The base is the occult motivation of NRx.


    admin Reply:

    Not very occult if it’s lying there in full view.

    admin Reply:

    One aesthetic fork — should it be a picture (or a diagram)? It’s probably already evident that I find pictorial elements in symbols intolerably crude. Pandering to sensibility mires one in the mob.


    E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Reply:

    Ordinaries are fine as part of a complex symbol, but composing an ordinary out of ordinaries is a little weird. The trick to getting it to work is to simplify the ordinary to the point that it becomes no longer simply identifiable as that thing. This process is the reason why Chinese characters are so aesthetically pleasing.

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  • Multiheaded Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ, Mr. Land.


    Posted on May 19th, 2014 at 9:18 pm Reply | Quote

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