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Never underestimate the capacity of modern history’s neo-cyberpunk oddity to reach the place you thought you were heading ahead of time, and in a way that doesn’t seem … quite right. Glenn Beck has set his heart (and checkbook) on a version of neoreactionary secessionism, based on a restoration of the House of Disney. Once you see the plan, it’s immediately obvious that nothing in the reactosphere will ever be the same again:

While Independence is very much a dream at this point, the proposed city-theme park hybrid would bring several of Glenn’s seemingly disconnected projects into one place. Media, live events, small business stores, educational projects, charity, entertainment, news, information, and technology R&D – all of these things would have a home in Independence. With the rest of the country and the world going away from the values of freedom, responsibility and truth, Independence would be a place built on the very foundation of those principles. A retreat from the world where entrepreneurs, artists, and creators could come to put their ideas to work. A place for families to bring their children to be inspired. […] The ambitious project, projected to cost over two billion dollars, has been heavily influenced by Walt Disney. As Glenn has been explaining throughout the week, Disneyland was originally intended to be a place where people would find happiness, inspiration, courage and hope. Over time, Walt Disney’s original vision has been lost. While hundreds of thousands still flock to the town, it’s become commercialized and the big dreams and the heart have been compromised. […] Glenn believes that he can bring the heart and the spirit of Walt’s early Disneyland ideas into reality. Independence, USA wouldn’t be about rides and merchandise, but would be about community and freedom. The Marketplace would be a place where craftmen and artisan could open and run real small businesses and stores. The owners and tradesmen could hold apprenticeships and teach young people the skills and entrepreneurial spirit that has been lost in today’s entitlement state. […] There would also be an Media Center, where Glenn’s production company would film television, movies, documentaries, and more. Glenn hoped to include scripted television that would challenge viewers without resorting to a loss of human decency. He also said it would be a place where aspiring journalists would learn how to be great reporters. […] Across the lake, there would be a church modelled after The Alamo which would act as a multi-denominational mission center. The town will also have a working ranch where visitors can learn how to farm and work the land.

Gnon giveth in overwhelming abundance, and also takes away.

“Neoreaction? Wasn’t that some kind of precursor to the Glenn Beck thing?”

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  • NRx Disneyworld | Neoreactive Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    Unless they choose a crab as their mascot, not seeing it…


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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    Dollywood. Only moreso.


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  • aerdeap Says:

    fortress disneyland


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    As Glenn has been explaining throughout the week, Disneyland was originally intended to be a place where people would find happiness, inspiration, courage and hope. Over time, Walt Disney’s original vision has been lost.

    So build another amusement park which exhibits values rather than preaching them. That’s the difference between Lord of the Rings and Evolatown, USA.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    “things too commercialized? Actually do business in a non-commercialized way.”

    “we’d rather complain about consumerism than go to work at 5am to get the bread ready.”

    “yeah, the Chinese century is definitely coming.”


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  • Thales Says:

    Glenn’s Gulch


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    Now that I’ve seen the plan, I can only worry whether anything in the reactosphere will ever be different again. (Without a plan for sovereignty, it is another fool’s errand to add to Gnon’s Dustbin).


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  • NRx Disneyworld | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • The Index Says:

    No one fights like Gnon
    Douses lights like Gnon
    In a wrestling match nobody bites like Gnon
    For there’s no one as burly and brawny
    As you see I’ve got biceps to spare
    Not a bit of him’s scraggly or scrawny
    And ev’ry last inch of me’s covered with hair

    No one hits like Gnon
    Matches wits like Gnon
    In a spitting match nobody spits like Gnon
    I’m espcially good at expectorating
    Ten points for Gnon


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  • Mountaingazer Says:

    Glenn Beck may be weepy and grating on the ears for any lengthy listen — and his ostensibly anti-progressive politics are all too progressive as he works himself up into a democrazy anti-Putin lather — but in his convert heart he carries the vibe of that most American of relgions, Mormonism. Think of any Christian religion, outside of Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and traditional Protestantnism (and the latter had the Catholic substructure with which to work), that has been able to build a civilization. Christian Scientist? Jehovah’s Witnesses? I think not. They’re parasitical, not builders. If the Feds would not hve had the Mormons in their sights, there would have been a Mormon republic in the West, complete with Salt Lake City as its Rome. Even as a state, sans polygamy, they made the desert bloom. And, to match the First Rome has priceless art treasure, the LDS Church has a stock portfolio to baptize the dead for. And don’t write as a Mormon, mind you.

    The trouble with Beck is that the idea doesn’t go far enough, but it’s a start and an idea. There’s a multidenominational church? What in the world is that? Talk about no substance; real religious identity can ony grow for substance. Plus, the whole things all too theme-park-ish. There’s too much of Beck’s generic Americanism. I haven’t felt that in the air since the early 90s, and even then it was a faint breeze.

    But such a privately owned village/city could weather the coming storms, especially if it were to make the right allies. The necessity is to fly below the radar and keep the Feds from ruining it. If it were run as one large non-profit, I wonder if that would keep it safe enough.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Good point on ex-Mormons. Gary Young is another one. Built an empire with the Young Living line of essential oils and related products. Now a billion-dollar business. Dude is a real zealot. Started the thing from the trunk of his car. Always hacking through the Amazon looking for new plants from which to extract oils.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Beck is an ex-Mormon now? Could be, I don’t follow him closely, but I hadn’t heard anything about that.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Eh turns out he’s still in the Mormon church. I don’t follow him that closely because it’s impossible to listen to him talk for more than a few minutes without IQ points starting to drip out the side of my head. He’s not bad … just not a naturally verbal sort of person.

    Mechanomica Reply:

    Despite the wishy-washy name, Non-denominational Christianity is a draw for a fairly specific group of Americans. They’re almost all white, conservative, traditional, and deeply suspicious of anything that resembles Catholicism. Beck’s “multi-denominational mission center” is probably intended to appeal to this set.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    A multi-denom and a non-denom are two different beasties. Multi-denoms weren’t that uncommon back in the day, in small towns and the like. Mormons were familiar with the concept because in Utah towns where they predominated, they used to let Jews and Catholics use their buildings for the occasional service, since with only a handful of followers, building their own structure wasn’t feasible.

    As a practical makework, its fine. As a goal, its silliness.


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  • The Word Says:

    We should probably let Dampier know that the leader of NRx is now Glenn Beck.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Only two billion? I was budgeting fifteen.
    Sure two is base, but add in things taking longer, you get to 3-4, add in things going wrong, you’re up to 6, add in enemy action and it’s over 10 easy. Plus you never want to spend 100% of your reserves, so 15.


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  • Barnabas Says:

    But is the Alamo an appropriate venue for worship of MLK?


    Alan J. Perrick Reply:

    It could be…problematic.


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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    It could be…problematic.



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  • SVErshov Says:

    I bet they will have elected governor and immigration policy like in EU.


    Erebus Reply:

    See, the joke here is that the Department of Justice (and its many regulatory vassals) would vigorously oppose any “immigration policy” which excludes certain undesirables. And that’s just the beginning. Beck’s idea is so thoroughly inane and farcical, and yet is presented in such a passionate way… one has to laugh, I guess…


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  • spandrell Says:

    Glenn Beck and his friends are a good candidate.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    @ “…. small group of aspiring intellectuals are starting to notice that Progressivism is bogus. They probably thought … ” that AI will prevail, but AI mistaken them with bio fuel.


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  • Erebus Says:

    In a coincidentally-timed event, Putin just opened “Patriot Park” outside Moscow.

    “Alexander Zaldostanov, better known as the Surgeon, leader of the pro-Putin biker group the Night Wolves, who was touring Patriot Park on its first day, said: “When I look at all this stuff it makes me feel proud of Russia and realise that we have something to answer the Americans with. They wouldn’t dare to press the button.””


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  • SVErshov Says:

    @Erebus when politicians unable to offer people “good life”, they still can offer them good death.


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  • mountaingazer Says:

    It’s so hard not to fall into the adoration of Putin after articles like this. Must … fight … urge.

    From the article:

    Visitors will be able to ride tanks, shoot guns and play extreme sports.

    “I think this park is a gift to Russian citizens, who can now behold the full power of the Russian armed forces. Being here gives you a sense of internal self-sufficiency and makes you confident we can defend our territory,” said Sergei Privalov, a Russian Orthodox priest who attended the opening ceremony. “Children should come here, play with the weaponry and climb on the tanks and see all the most modern technology, which they would not have known about before.”

    What a country!

    Gnon has a dark sense of humor. Russia is becoming, publically, more and more the sort of country the Left would nuke, and the establishment “Right” only sees Putin as the next in a line of Adolf clones, instead of the nationalist he is. A war with Russia would not rekindle the spirirt of the West (even the spirit of the World War II generation) but rather accelerate the leftist-ratchet at home to warp speed, as the enemy would be everything we’re taught to hate on the march.


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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    My two cents. Glenn Beck himself is in fact an enemy of Reaction. He is another of the left’s controlled opposition. You only have to listen to his diatribes against the European ‘far right’ and Aleksandr Dugin. The man is an ‘Enlightenment’ sycophant through and through with a Founding Fathers/MLK fetish. His recent ‘army of God… but with no guns!’ is the most laughably insane thing I’ve ever heard. It is yet another trick to placate the dissident right into playing by the rules of the Liberal state. Yeah, let’s just protest really loud! Don’t actually oppose the state! Join hands, this always wins the day!
    His plan to actually set up this thing might work (though how long has it been on hold?), but since his organization already includes Leftists, it is compromised from the beginning.

    Let’s remember that Conservatism and Libertarianism are useful foils for the Left. They slow down the degradation process and hinder the chances of seeing an actual Reactionary state by diluting the recruitment base of the radical right.

    I can already predicts Glenn’s response to #NRx (which is inevitable because it gives a great opportunity for conspiracy theorizing):

    “A fifth column of violent fascists are operating in the West! They have links with Nazis and Dugin. And they plan to overthrow our freedom and liberty. Now forget about the Liberals, and let me tell you all about this much bigger threat!”


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  • James G Says:

    Completely unrelated, but I have a recommendation for a TV show that is remarkably interesting from a NRx perspective: Wayward Pines. (Pro tip: it’s essential to watch through to Episode 5.)


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