Obamanation …

… isn’t an insulting name for Obama, or even for what he has ‘wrought’. It’s a name for America, and thus for the leading spirit (or Zeitgeist) of the world. A country where support for a Harvard Law presidency ‘bottoms out’ (repeatedly) at something above 40% knows what it wants — and is getting it (good and hard). Blaming Obama for any of this is like blaming pustules for the bubonic plague.

The world deserves Obama almost as much as America does, and in many cases, even more. If the Cathedral is basically to be applauded — and who doesn’t believe that? — there’s every reason to mainline it, by putting the authentic voice of the academy in power. As the chrysalis-husk of a universal project, America is duty bound to abolish itself as a particular nation. If it defers to its own ‘propositional’ ideals, how could it not? There are even chunks of the Tea Party who kinda sorta felt it was the right thing to do. The conservative establishment certainly did, including the Republican campaign machines of the two last presidential elections. The Idea necessitates blood sacrifice, which Obamanation consummates.

However neoreaction makes sense of itself, it signals what it is through a dismissal of partisan vulgarity. Anybody who thinks the GoP has the key even to the outhouse is decidedly not ‘one of us’. Like the tingle-crotched devotees of the One, we understand that Obama is a destiny, and even an incarnation of logos. What he symbolizes has been awaited for a long time. His personal vacuity and administrative incompetence do not detract, in the slightest, from that. Through the fantasy that he reduces to (with only insignificant remainder), the Cathedral announces itself purely at last. Attitudinal correctness is the only authority to be recognized in the end.

By voiding governance from its summit, ‘Obama’ makes the neoreactionary case. He shows that government is to be found elsewhere, in the machinery of practical elitism, and that — there too — symbolic gestures have almost entirely supplanted functional competence. Government, even real government,  is no longer expected to work. All that is required is that it can be morally legitimated, down to its most minute corpuscle, so that its failures are clearly seen — which is to say promoted — as the fault of something other than itself.

Insofar as retrograde pieces of America insist upon being themselves, as if untouched by the Idea, they are betrayed (by the ‘media’) as unworthy of their government,  and justly suffering for their sins. Carnal privilege blinds them to what they should joyfully give up. To not believe in government — as the radiant sign of the collective — is a  fallen state, from which the Obamanation extends a promise of redemption. By losing everything, with the help of government, one enters into the Kingdom.

The Obamanation is not what Obama has done (an intrinsically ridiculous construction). It’s what chose Obama, as its symbol. It is the virtual evacuation of the world into America, and the complementary evacuation of specifically American power from the world. This is the phase of historical progression in which neoreaction necessarily emerges, its diagnoses dramatized by everything that now occurs, undisguised.

For that we are truly grateful, intrinsically, which is to say, in our very existence as the channel for something else. Conservatives will continue to find that hard to understand.

Consider this Instapundit visual joke, just for a moment:


The ‘Bush’ angle sounds partisan, and thus embarrassingly knuckle-draggy to brandy-sipping sophisticates of the Outer right, but that judgment might be over-hasty. Perhaps partisanship itself is swallowed up into the lampoon. In any case, it still makes me laugh, due mostly to the tacit understanding that “World War III” is what Obama is for.

Of course, when you elect the pure totem of the Cathedral to the world’s highest office, you’re really — or consequentially — calling for the cleansing of the earth in the fires of hell. It requires only the most elementary comprehension of Occidental religious history to understand that.

Spiritual purity, and damn the consequences, that’s the Obamanation (and, by the way, you’re a racist). It’s the bloody ruination of world order in the name of moral fanaticism, eclipsing all strategic realism through its wishful thinking and associated, narrow political maneuvers, before blundering into the present stage of terminal, incendiary, paralysis.

Who could have imagined that the world going to shit would be so bizarrely entertaining?

ADDED: Breaking point?

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  • VXXC Says:

    Great post. I think you nailed it.

    Can we get this down to FB or T-shirt size? For the masses?

    “‘The world deserves Obama almost as much as America does, and in many cases, even more. If Academic governance is basically to be applauded there’s every reason to mainline it, by putting the authentic voice of the academy in power. ‘ [The world you see needs a good World War.] “And it’s time it got it, good and hard.”


    “The world deserves Obama almost as much as America does, and in many cases, even more. The world you see needs a good World War. And it’s time it got it, good and hard.”

    I gotta get something ..well…frankly cliche size out to my boyz. And grrlz. Less grrlz than boyz but they exist.

    Support the Trooppzz Admin. Trust me. We’re about the only fxxxing hope you got.


    Posted on September 2nd, 2013 at 6:32 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    And if you don’t know who’s pushing this, it’s Bandar.


    admin Reply:

    The Saudis? Or Bandar in particular?


    Posted on September 2nd, 2013 at 6:35 pm Reply | Quote
  • Jack Crassus Says:

    We’re all born racist, it’s the doctrine of original sin all over again. Pray to the slain martyr, MLK and absolution may be yours.


    Posted on September 2nd, 2013 at 7:45 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:



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  • etype Says:

    Good article. So it’s a given we are headed into the pit. However a principle Neo-Reactionaries
    seem to miss despite their cognitive talents, is that collective descent into the pit is a procedure that follows rules outside of the failures that brought said-society ‘Anglo-Americanism’ or as you call it ‘world order’ to the rim of the abyss – a procedure that co-opts and envelopes all dissent – in other words ‘total war’, not just missiles and bullets, but on everything.
    It’s worked before, it will work again, and it’s just beginning. Obamination is only a facet.


    Posted on September 4th, 2013 at 4:22 am Reply | Quote
  • Al Fin Says:

    And then eventually perhaps individuals flowing in the swell of The Dark Enlightenment will grow beyond self pity, beyond cynical disconnect, and achieve a dawning realisation that they are still alive and capable of quasi-independent thought and action. Then, what will they do?


    admin Reply:



    VXXC Reply:



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  • Al Fin Says:

    Migration is how humans came to populate so much of the planet. The ability to successfully migrate to a new environment is a good test of fitness. A lot of it is luck as well.

    I wonder if I can interest you in a nice little space habitat on Ceres . . . ?



    admin Reply:

    Stephen Baxter (Manifold Time, 2000): “Space is for the Cephalopods.”
    I’d be more inclined to think nano-plastic hyper-intelligent robots.
    The invitation is nevertheless highly welcome.


    Posted on September 8th, 2013 at 9:52 am Reply | Quote
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