One in 10,000

The ‘profoundly gifted cohort‘ isn’t ever going to be a constituency.


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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    Kek @ the black girl building a palace out of blocks. We wuz quainz.

    The dearth of blocks and toys and parents who don’t talk (seriously) remains the go-to explanation for the retardation of black kids.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    As Schopenhauer pointed out, genius does nothing practical. It does not usually earn money, nor does it do popular things. However, it can warn of hidden dangers and provide guidance to a society. Any lesser role tends to destroy it.


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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    Hoppe, in The God That Failed, said that democracies have no incentives (or insufficiently strong incentives) to retain brains and talent — but plenty of incentive to import low IQ folks.

    BTW Admin, what do you think of Chinese governance? Is Xi Jinping da man or what?

    Do you have any writings on the subject? Does anyone have anything positive to say about the Chinese way of governing? I know Tom Friedman won’t some wistful stuff for the NYT a good few years back, but is there any substantial stuff.

    In the Chinese school I worked in, top students were put into a special class, they got the best teachers and were worked like the devil.


    grey enlightenment Reply:

    maybe ask spandrel


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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    (A new Anti-Democracy Book. Nothing new in terms of analysis of the fundamental problems, but his solution is that “Brahmins should rule.” )


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  • pyrrhus Says:

    Helicopter parenting, the answer to nothing. Actually, the research shows that highly intelligent people need support and backup, but that your attempts to direct them are worthless and possibly counter-productive. In general, nurture beyond providing the necessities of life has not been shown to be any factor in producing genius…


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    The irony is that the only people trying to raise a genius (might as well raise your kid to be double jointed) and having their kids’ IQ’s tested at age three are wealthy bien pensant liberals who otherwise deny the genetic basis of intelligence.


    grey enlightenment Reply:

    cognitive dissonance runs deep in the left


    michael Reply:

    I dont know, youre not increasing IQ but youre broadening horizons challenging . sure there is a certain amount of autodidaction that will happen regardless,but its not going to reach maximum potential. like an untrained racehorse. even geniuses can get addicted to porn, drugs and video games or drop out of school from boredom, that said you can also overdo it they are kids and i think sometimes keeping them balanced is as important as keeping them challenged.
    One of the things you notice about gifted people is theyre idiots its rare i meet a person with an IQ over, id guess 145 that i would think will not be my serf if the shit hits the fan. thats because as IQ increases it tends to specialize and moves so far beyond its other cognitive abilities it is difficult to integrate that talent, its why nerds love books movies and tv shows where they actually can integrate their talent into everyday life.If alexander had had a 145 Iq he would still be studying that knot.Then after he got it untied hed be thinking about how best to avoid those knots in the future what led to it being tied that way and how it might be improved………………


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  • Chirpsithra Barman Says:

    The ‘profoundly gifted cohort’ never needed to be a constituency.

    As for what profoundly un-gifted people want, one of the first tests of survival for a truly intelligent being is to calculate how to obtain the best fit for benefits from the best fit for effort. The ‘profoundly gifted cohort’ takes this to an extreme by calculating the ways in which others would treat them as pawns, routing their lives to an even more extreme degree around them, avoiding many of their negatives while occasionally establishing minor raiding parties for the positives.

    The only reason you’ll notice them at all is that in environments such as book shops, museums, and such like, they’re not quite entirely able to blend in with everyone in a way you’d consider normal, unless they’ve also calculated the ways in which they can simulate the pretence of normality in plausible ways, implementing reasonable proxies for social personae that prevent certain forms of interrogation by others.

    If you do happen to meet one of the one in ten million, I have some useful advice:

    Don’t buy a lottery ticket that week.

    Just discovering this fact probably used up any of the good joss you’ve acquired, and it will take time for entropy and luck to be on your side again.


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  • Archon Alarion Says:

    Admin, I believe you will enjoy the hidden layers to this joke:


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Compare a society who all have Ph.Ds vs. a society where nobody has them but everyone is Elon Musk.


    Henk Reply:

    If everybody is Elon Musk, who’s left to pay for the subsidies?


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Compare a society who all have Ph.Ds vs. a society where nobody has them but everyone is Nikola Tesla & Peter Thiel.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Try raising the boys to be boys – then men.
    They’ll then be able to stand up for themselves and apply their precious fucking gifts.

    The girls to be girls then wives and mothers….

    The way it was done for all of history until THE TRULY GIFTED were given a hand in policy.

    Intelligence and rule of the insanely silly clevers was just one of our 20th century post Christian lurches.

    We lurched away from it.

    In America being Intelligent was the best path to avoid Military Conscription and the meat-grinders of 20th Century war. So our technocratic elites became warped towards cowardice and shirking and promoted their own likeness.
    The results are known.

    The Truly Gifted is another episode of The Grifters.

    Want to know who’s truly gifted? Syrian refugees in Europe taking taxpayer paid vacations in the lands they “fled” from…now that’s a Gift.


    michael Reply:

    The entire history of leftism is revenge of the nerds any wonder the nerds cant see that.


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  • michael Says:

    Tp parphrase yeats The ivory tower will be free one day but you will still break code


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  • Worm Says:

    Found this comment at Taki’s, in response to Steve Sailer’s “Sick and Tirade” essay:

    Re: Ta-Nehisi Coates
    Q: Why will Coates never fly on a plane?
    A: At low air pressure, his lips could over-inflate and explode.


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  • Worm Says:

    “New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Tuesday that his office has launched an ongoing “inquiry” into whether the nonprofit Donald J. Trump Foundation is “complying with the laws governing charities in New York….”

    But no investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

    Meanwhile the President and Vice President are campaigning in place of Hillary after she collapsed due to the illness she didn’t have, except in the minds of all us “deplorable” conspiracy theorists out here.


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