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NRx has been accused, by its friends more than its enemies, of talking about itself too much. Here XS is, doing that again, not only stuck in ‘meta’ but determinedly pushing ever deeper in. There are some easily communicable reasons for that — an attachment to methodical nonlinearity perhaps foremost among them — and then there are cryptic drivers or attachments, unsuited to immediate publicization. These latter are many (even Legion). It is the firm assertion of this blog that Neoreaction is intrinsically arcane.

We do not talk very much about Leo Strauss. Once again, there are some obvious reasons for this, but also others.

Steve Sailer’s recent Takimag article on Strauss makes for a convenient introduction, because — despite its light touch — it moves a number of issues into place. The constellation of voices is complex from the start. There is the (now notorious) ‘Neo-Conservatism’ of Strauss and his disciples, or manipulators, and the other conservatism of Sailer, each working to manage, openly and in secret, its own peculiar mix of public statement and discretion. Out beyond them — because even the shadowiest figures have further shadows — are more alien, scarcely perceptible shapes.

Sailer’s article is typically smart, but also deliberately crude. It glosses the Straussian idea of esoteric writing as “talking out of both sides of your mouth” — as if hermetic traditionalism were reducible to a lucid political strategy, or simple conspiracy — to ‘Illuminism’, politically conceived. In the wake of its Neo-Con trauma, conservatism has little patience for “secret decoder rings”. Yet, despite his aversion to the recent workings of inner-circle ‘conservative’ sophisticates, Sailer does not let his distaste lure him into stupidity:

We haven’t heard much about Straussianism lately due to the unfortunate series of events in Iraq that befell the best-laid plans of the sages. But that doesn’t mean that Strauss was necessarily wrong about the ancients. And that has interesting implications for how we should read current works.

As the approaching 20th anniversary of the publication of The Bell Curve reminds us, the best minds of our age have reasons for being less than wholly frank.

Sailer is not, of course, a neoreactionary. Not even secretly. (That is what his article is primarily about.) He believes in the public sphere, and seeks to heal it with honesty. Any pessimism he might harbor in regards to this ambition falls far short of the dark scission that would hurl him over the line. His differences with the Straussians are, in the end, merely tactical. Both retain confidence in the Outer Party as a vehicle for policy promotion, with the potential to master the public sphere. The question is only about the degree of deviousness this will require (minimal for Sailer, substantial for the Straussians).

When adopted into Neoreaction, the HBD current has an altogether more corrosive influence upon attitudes to the public sphere, which is understood as a teleologically cohesive (or self-organizing), inherently directional, and (from ‘our’ perspective) radically hostile social agency. To baptize the public sphere as ‘the Cathedral’ is to depart from conservatism. It is no longer possible to imagine it as a space that could be conquered — even surreptitiously — by forces differing significantly from those it already incarnates. It is what it is, and that is something historically singular, ideologically specific, and highly determined in its social orientation. It swims left, essentially. The public sphere is not the battlefield, but the enemy.


As NRx seeks to navigate this hostile territory, it is tempted ambiguously, by a strategic Scylla and Charybdis. A populist lure drags it towards a reconciliation with the public sphere, as something it could potentially dominate, while a contrary hermetic politics guides it towards the formation of closed groups (whose parodic symbol is the locked twitter account). Both options — ‘clearly’ — are a flight from the complexity of the integral open secret. They both promise a relaxation of semiotic stress, through collapse of multi-level communication into a simplified frank discourse, whether implanted within a redeemed public culture, or circulated cautiously within restricted circles. The problem of hierarchy would be extracted from the signs of Neoreaction, through conversion into a public or private object, rather than working them incessantly from within. What is underway would become (simply) clear.

Such clarity cannot happen. The alternative is not an (equally simple) obscurity. NRx, insofar as it continues to propagate, advances by becoming clear and also unclear. Double writing scarcely scratches the surface. It realizes hierarchy through signs, continuously, in accordance with Providence, or the Occult Order of nature (the OOon). To assume that the author is fully initiated into this spectrum of meanings is a grave error. It is the process that speaks, multiplicitously, and predominantly in secret, as it spreads across an open, publicly-policed space.

This post is now determined to slip the leash, and leap into the raggedness of thematic notes. The Open Secret intersects:

(1) Cathedral censure, in the case of HBD most prominently, but also everywhere that firedup SJWs make a fight. War is deception, which makes frankness a tactic. Deontological honesty is inept. Anonymity is often crucial to survival. (Demands that all enemies of the Cathedral boldly ‘come out’ are ludicrously misconceived.) Camouflage is to be treasured.

(2) Crypto-technologies are central to any NRx concerns emphasizing practicality. (The idea that classic Moldbug attention to the prospects of ‘crypto-locking’ is a joke, it itself thoughtless.) Urbit — an Open Secret — could quite easily be more NRx than NRx, just as Bitcoin is more An-Cap than Anarcho-Capitalism.

(3) The intelligence services have been under-theorized, and perhaps even under-solicited, by NRx to date. At the lowest, i.e. most publicly accessible — level of discussion, this is quite possibly a virtue. At more cryptic levels of micro-social and analytical endeavor, it is almost certainly an inadequacy. People trained to keep secrets have to be interesting to us. Subtle questions of subversion arise.

(4) “Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Saviour.” — Let’s try not to be simple-minded.

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  • pjebleak Says:

    Point 4 is often overlooked. The Cathedral is winning the social justice war, someone is winning the economic war (and tangling with Bitcoin is coming soon surely), but the deep state (intelligence services) is always winning, whomever happens to be running the frontshop. Dictator, monarch and democratic state alike need ’em.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    At the risk of utterly missing the point of this post, I have to ask the obvious question in response to, “Such clarity cannot happen.”

    Why not? Is it simply too much of a tactical risk to join a Strauss-style secret society? That one behind the masque, banging Nicole Kidman, could be a saboteur? He could reveal us and collapse the wave function?

    Is it because we must signal subtly to cloak the movement from proles? The price of admission is being smart enough to find the door?

    Is it a mistake to even try to articulate as much as I have? But if it is, why isn’t it a mistake to articulate as much as you have?


    admin Reply:

    To be realistic is to be multi-leveled. There are tactical reasons for caution about disclosure, which deserve to be respected. It’s especially mindless to attempt to strip away Internet anonymity in the name of a romantic antagonism (that simply assists the Cathedral in its own intelligence operations).

    …. but, far more important is the secrecy that comes not from prudential decision, but from the providential order of signs. Every text is a system of secrets, as extensive as the number of potential cryptographic approaches that could be brought to bear upon it. (This is what Qabbalistic method demonstrates.) So …

    (1) Be careful
    (2) Then be clear
    (3) Then be incrementally attentive to the vast submerged iceberg-mass of meanings whose channel you are, and which ultimately — in writing with any seriousness, and perhaps even with obliviousness — you work for. The real agency ‘behind’ NRx is not anything we could betray, even if we desired to do so.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    The real agency ‘behind’ NRx is not anything we could betray

    Such refreshing words! Pregnant with unknown destinies…

    I promise to Admin an email within a day or two, providential signs notwithstanding.


    ||||| Reply:

    Can’t risk losing the battle for Gotham’s soul in a fistfight with Batman.

    “Is it a mistake to even try to articulate as much as I have? But if it is, why isn’t it a mistake to articulate as much as you have?”

    Picture a cephalopod who gives the impression of fleeing a hunt but actually goes for the depths not for escape but entrapment, upon reaching the deepest the chase can go, the trap is sprung and someone dies (doesn’t really matter who) . Making the trap a bit more visible looks counterproductive but it pressures the aquatic menace into fashioning more opaque traps and yet more appealing bait, into becoming a better prey/predator. Opacity without appeal is noise, appeal without opacity is banality. A more real, peculiar problem would arise from a man-in-the-middle attack (in this case more a defense of the diver/hunter/prey), which would alter the message in such a way as to keep the target in shallow waters. The tension between bait and trap is defused by eliminating the trap and the incentive to reach deeper.

    ” Every text is a system of secrets, as extensive as the number of potential cryptographic approaches that could be brought to bear upon it. ”

    An artifact of trying to compress large volumes of high dimensional data. A supermarket places similar items in proximity with each other, each aisle presenting two 2D planes for your selection. So if you’re looking for tuna, and you know where sardines are then you probably have a partial solution to your search for tuna, it’s likely they’ll be near the sardines. But with 2D you could look for anchovies and they might be near pizza toppings instead of near the sardines or tuna. Not much you can do with only two dimensions.

    But in 30 dimensions you could have a whole bunch of things near each other and many variations of any particular thing. Organic over there, cheap over here, newer, older, etc. Speaking frankly circumnavigates this process which is induced naturally by initiation. It only presents selected, easily digestible manifolds of much more complex spaces, like giving someone a 2D strip of an orange’s surface instead of the multidimensional complexity of the whole orange (color, shape, proportions, taste, smell).

    And obviously the funny thing is that if you have a method for compression you can also get new samples from it which still fit expected patterns (the intuitive notion behind Ideological Turing Tests, “can you replicate ideology X’s compression? “). An uninitiated one is incapable of becoming a generator of such types of clustering accordingly to some compression system.

    A concrete example of what I’m saying:

    Fire, mountains, clarity, simplicity, action, commandment, enrapturement, apotheosis.

    Water, deep oceans, obscurity, complexity, contemplation, adaptation, horror, exile.

    Add a few dimensions like solitude, cognition, search and two funnily familiar but otherwise distant and opposed clusters become a lot more similar. It’s like finding shortcuts in a semantic space, similarly to how worm holes could give us shortcuts in spacetime.

    It doesn’t matter if this isn’t exactly how brains work, they have to face the same problems and are likely to stumble upon similar phenomena even if using quite different mechanisms for resolution.


    ||||| Reply:

    In the spirit of compressibility :

    TL;DR: Pragmatic deobfuscation demands the cognitive mutilation of faculties necessary for the navigation of highly dimensional mental spaces, subsequently subverting analytic prowess.


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  • Xaver Says:

    >Urbit — an Open Secret — could quite easily be more NRx than NRx

    What are you basing this on? I can see how some analogies between moldbug’s political prescriptions and is goals for the internet can be made, but you seem to be taking it much further. Moldbug himself has said that urbit has nothing to do with his politics. I ask this because I don’t really understand urbit despite reading quite a bit about it, and I’m betting you don’t either and I can’t imagine how you can have this certainty without an in depth understanding.

    Is the logic just that increasing possibilities for disintegration/decentralization/exit in any sphere will inevitably have political consequences aligned with NRx?


    admin Reply:

    Start here.


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  • Wyrd Says:

    The Cathedral tries to p-p-put Nick Land down!
    (Talking about my Neoreaction!)
    Just b-b-because Moldbug abounds!
    (Talking about my Neoreaction!)


    ReactionaryFerret Reply:

    The rhythm doesn’t work.


    Wyrd Reply:

    That depends on the 16th notes, don’t it?


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    *The intelligence services have been under-theorized*

    Speaking of Sailer, he has some interesting dark suspicions about how the CIA is and has been in the bed with the non-communist left, with interesting ties into the career of one Barack Hussein Obama. The prole paleo right bubbles up some stuff about actual KGB cultural subversion from time to time to. There is also at least some indication that Bush II may have had some CIA ops run on him–nothing too dramatic, just organized, covert efforts to embarrass him and frustrate his projects.

    I don’t know if I believe any of it, but in our consensus that the Cathedral just happened, it might do to remember that the old argument between Huck and Jim has two sides. Maybe these walls didn’t just happen. Maybe they were made.

    You see a pretty common reading of LOTR where the One Ring of too-dangerous power that the allies, Boromir-like, took up during WWII was the Bomb. But there may be an even more plausible reading that the One Ring was organized intelligence and covert ops.


    Nyan Sandwich Reply:

    I’ve been updating recently away from the “self-organizing consensus” model of the cathedral towards something a bit more centralized and deliberate. The “it’s not a conspiracy” thing was necessary for us to take it seriously back when we were open minded progressives, but I wonder if that model is actually accurate.

    Not that there’s any defined leadership, just that they are collaborating behind the scenes to push a particular agenda, as revealed with the #gamergate stuff.


    pjebleak Reply:

    What we have are a series of fractured operations that often have unintended consequences. The NSA might be swaying something one way and the FBI messing with a group in another (say infiltrating Anonymous or radical green groups and pushing them harder than they would be alone). The insertion of memetics of often down to the culture of informants.


    Alrenous Reply:

    I say it’s a prospiracy of conspiracies.
    So Jobs had to pay somebody off by hiring Cook. So Cook knows he owes his job to that person. They don’t have any legal or perhaps even social authority over Cook, it’s gratitude and the fact that this shadowy person got to pick someone who already agreed with their aims.


    pjebleak Reply:

    ‘Speaking of Sailer, he has some interesting dark suspicions about how the CIA is and has been in the bed with the non-communist left, with interesting ties into the career of one Barack Hussein Obama. The prole paleo right bubbles up some stuff about actual KGB cultural subversion from time to time to. There is also at least some indication that Bush II may have had some CIA ops run on him–nothing too dramatic, just organized, covert efforts to embarrass him and frustrate his projects.

    I don’t know if I believe any of it, but in our consensus that the Cathedral just happened, it might do to remember that the old argument between Huck and Jim has two sides. Maybe these walls didn’t just happen. Maybe they were made.

    You see a pretty common reading of LOTR where the One Ring of too-dangerous power that the allies, Boromir-like, took up during WWII was the Bomb. But there may be an even more plausible reading that the One Ring was organized intelligence and covert ops.’

    Obama and Bush are far too domestic ‘good’ to be targeted by the intelligence services. They are quite capable, with plenty of record, of subverting law and engaging in counter-intel against politic dissidents mind. If you want to see the tool-kit you can see it in Snowden’s GCHQ leaks (HUMINT or human intelligence). It’s less than you expect, but they can do interesting things including swaying pools and washing around in social media.


    pjebleak Reply:

    *polls of course.


    admin Reply:

    The CIA is quite obviously rotten with progressivism. That’s why I’m punting on the NSA.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    This is the strongest evidence in favor of conspiracy theory. Because is there any restraining principle in progressivism? Nope.


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  • Alex Says:


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  • Kgaard Says:

    On the topic of conspiracies … I am really starting to wonder if American go-grrl music is a conspiracy. Everywhere in the world one hears the same damn songs sung by the same small group of women, all with the same themes: “I am the eye of the tiger and you’re gonna hear me roar,” or “I just need you tonight … need to feel your body … forget about tomorrow … no consequences.”

    It’s over and over and over. There are no variations on the theme. Literally it’s every song in every country. Been this way for years now. I’m really starting to wonder if this is a Bilderberg plot to westernize women in the eastern bloc (and everywhere else). There are no tattoos in East Europe yet, but you know they are right around the corner. That music is a siren song that goes to the soul even if the words aren’t 100% understood.

    Who benefits from the en-trash-ination of eastern bloc women? Who benefits from it so much that they would consciously seek to make it happen?


    Mike Reply:

    “Who benefits from it so much that they would consciously seek to make it happen?”

    Let me guess: the same demographic who approve of IMBRA?


    Kgaard Reply:

    Yes but they don’t run radio stations. Seems like it’s higher up than that.


    Alrenous Reply:

    We know Michael Mann, climate Stalin, answered to someone even scarier.

    We know Ukraine’s government functioned the same way.

    Jim believes the Occupy cops were given orders that amounted to ‘go out there and look like thugs, don’t be cops.’ This is corroborated by the riots in England the other year, where the cops were instructed to show fear and run away in most cases.

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  • pjebleak Says:

    ‘Who benefits from the en-trash-ination of eastern bloc women? Who benefits from it so much that they would consciously seek to make it happen?’

    Wrong question. What degree of passivity among conservatives to allow it to happens is the right one. If a meme is blocked it struggles. No constraints it runs free. Simple as. Nobody can orchestrate the memetic spread you describe without some form of leakage from the conspirators (conspiracies are mundane, often relate to intelligence, corporate secrets or anything high stakes – the Cathedral is closer to an unchecked cult).


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  • Rasputin Says:

    “The public sphere is not the battlefield, but the enemy.” This is the Red Pill that makes any form of retreat to ‘politics’ impossible. Urbit and Bitcoin – technologies that have the potential to rupture and reorganise our civilisation, without seeking permission to do so – alongside a deep, far reaching analysis of the engineering problems of government, are likely to be the only way out of this mess; short of total collapse, real-war and death camps.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    Agreed, though to many mainstream rightists this is tantamount to an insult.

    Well, whatever, I can’t stand the ‘public sphere’ anway


    Erebus Reply:

    One could very easily argue that this Red Pill is glaringly obvious, that it’s staring us all right in the face. The single most common trope of Cyberpunk SF literature has always been governmental collapse (or a more subtle form of exit/evaporation) — typically where corporations, tribes, or other societal structures more suited to anarcho-techno-capitalism pick up where public sphere government left off. (Worth noting that the distinctions between these groups always seem to get increasingly fuzzy.)

    …Whether or not this is inevitable is the more interesting question.

    And perhaps the most interesting question is: What can we do to hasten progress in this direction? Bitcoin and Urbit are a good start, I suppose. More ubiquitous end-to-end encryption technologies would undoubtedly help, and it’s more than passing strange that end-to-end encrypted smartphone messaging doesn’t yet exist. Research into life-extension and AI can very easily disrupt societal structure. Scientific research into the neurological basis of religion may also help; an optimized religion/cult, complete with drug or TMS-induced raptures-on-demand (or command) would be interesting.
    Anything I’ve missed?


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  • strelkov Says:

    Sailer is the American Trotskii. He’s not in power, but everything he says matters.


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  • Wyrd Says:

    Sailer is the American Trotskii.

    Ever Left…


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    Yes, I agree completely. I have seperated many of my identities but this is my main ‘running’ identity for NRx. Unfortunately Land, you are already in the radar so you are probably best left to a executive director role while the kids try to put it together.

    I think every one needs a bit of security culture, to stop flaming off ethnic tensions that are unjustified and to run a somewhat tight ship. Some basic operational skills will have to be learned, but we have grugq & b3rn3d for that. Just enough to understand exactly what is and is not a risk.

    I have *some* understanding in this area, but there’s a good amount of security culture how to’s for journalists already written up.

    If itrs anonymity research we’re looking for I have a ton of papers and stuff I could write together for every one. But I second this concern completely. It would be foolish not to put in an ounce of sweat for basic concerns like this in preventative fashion.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    This minimum prototype thing isn’t working for writing without an edit function. I think we should talk about intelligence agencies a bit more in general it’s one of the more hostile parts of the cathehdral that have common assosiation with budding political movements.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    I’d be interested in more.


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  • Backside lifting domages the blain Says:

    Your writing reminds me of all those hermetic situationist texts I read as a student in the late 60’s except that theyused the word ‘spectacle’ all the time , while you use the word ‘cathedral.’


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  • pjebleak Says:

    Lesser Bull: That’s conjecture, not evidence. There is no real motivation either to be found for why the CIA would back either conservatism or progressivism. Neither has much to do with their remit or even their interests.

    @admin: I would be cautious. The NSA is simply the cryptologic wing of the American military and the only real focus it has in terms of politics is ensuring oversight is not overbearing on what they do (and they are quite ‘normal’ in as much as they seem to reflect this core American anti-terrorism angle). They see everything in terms of American interests and advantage in pure geopolitical realist terms. The other area they tend to talk about, even openly, is funding and to that end we see their heads routinely pop up to warn against cuts (and what is needed to defend the ‘Homeland’). In this precise sense they are their own entity, enmeshed in military culture (they call their enemies adversaries which is a distinct term in encryption culture that even their interns use), but one that mostly feeds off the world being a little chaotic. To that end I would imagine they even look away when the CIA gets up to no good because it creates more chaos. It is entirely plausible that a group like ISIS, aided early on by the CIA, is greeted with joy by the NSA because it means the budget will pass quite easily. Self-sustaining self-interest by a group of obscure cryptologic math heads dressed up in military garb. Maybe better seen as a model to emulate than an ally.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    I concur with Pjebleak with the caveat that conquest’s second law still applies to the CIA and NSA.


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  • VXXC Says:


    Kevin Williamson’s latest should cheer you up, and definitely falls into Esoteric forced into Exoteric.

    Five Reasons Why You’re Too Dumb to Vote
    Reason 1: You get your politics from Lena Dunham


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  • Izak Says:

    The jargon-based esoterism could be useful for the reasons elucidated in the main post, but if you wind up creating a popular image of NRx as something quasi-occult, “techno-fascistic” (or whatever), hermetic, Lovecraftian, blah blah, you can wind up becoming a mark (that’s pro wrestling jargon) for your own hype and allow the latter to dictate actual thought rather than the reverse. That’s the danger of refusing to engage in the public sphere even when it engages with you. You’re essentially going to be in a psychological war with a reified brand, maybe even a doppelganger. That sort of thing can destroy your whole enterprise.

    I also find it funny when NRx people go, “Look at Arthur Chu! Look at this other journo! They don’t even understand us! They haven’t even read us!”
    Well, are they not following the script you’ve essentially laid out for them? But then, the righteous indignation has to be part of the strategy, so I suppose I’ll be witnessing more and more of it as time goes on.

    Incidentally, this sort of thing has also kept Thomas Hobbes from being properly understood by a bunch of people for hundreds of years. I’m not even talking about what I call “zany Hobbes” (IE, Hobbes as understood by Strauss), but just Hobbes on his own terms. The book title he chose, Leviathan, a symbol long-associated with Satanism and worldly post-lapsarian corruption, wound up enshrouding and smothering his actual proposition.


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  • blogospheroid Says:

    I wonder what the stance would be towards prediction markets. The entire shtick of prediction markets is making the hidden visible by incentivizing the holders of any true knowledge. Thus it may seem that prediction markets and the strain of NRx shown here in OP, may not see eye to eye.

    But imagine if the culture of prediction markets was there a few decades ago when divorce was made easier and the cultural conservatives were the only ones crying hoarse about the slippery slope. Divorce rate goes up beyond a certain level and bingo, payday for the reactionaries.

    Cold hard cash in hand makes living in the decline so much more bearable.


    Posted on September 29th, 2014 at 6:39 am Reply | Quote
  • Rasputin Says:

    (1) Cathedral censure:

    “Theresa May will announce the measure as part of a widely drawn counter-extremism strategy that is intended to catch so-called hate preachers…

    The home secretary’s new orders would be aimed at those who undertake activities “for the purpose of overthrowing democracy”, a wide-ranging definition that could also catch a far wider range of political activists.”

    Hmm… sounds like they’re formalising things.


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  • Alfanomia – Outlandish Says:

    […] Original. […]

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  • Segredo Aberto – Outlandish Says:

    […] Original. […]

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  • Wagner Says:

    “Is the silence… intended to be “pedagogic” (or *dema*-gogic? since you are addressing an audience of grown-ups)?”

    Alexandre Kojève, letter to Leo Strauss


    Boldmug Reply:

    Land repeats the Neocon’s mistake of being Athenian rather than Socratic. “Mencius Moldbug’s discoveries in the history of political philosophy had the effect of liberating his students from the yoke of contemporary thought.” *pic of liar Land smiling*

    Democracy: “They all sellout. They all sellout down here, Georgie.”


    George W. Bush Reply:

    See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.


    Boldmug Reply:

    We hate you for that George, it’s not something to so flagrantly admit like it’s a badge of honor. This is what I was trying to get at with Formalism. Governments should be honest about who they are and what they’re doing. I actually see the alt right as carrying out my ideology of formalism, only applying it not only to the Cathedral but to myself as well–I am an ideological “mind-sovereign” after all, and like Land, I wrote esoterically, (as is exoterically acknowledged in the OP more than anywhere else on XS). Therefore it follows to render Land and I into (outside-democracy) formality. You probably remember how I quoted Plato’s Republic in one of my last posts on Unqualified Reservations (ah I have so many regrets about that project… I’ve changed so much since then, I’m not even the same person anymore; don’t worry, I’ve been writing essays in between tinkering with urbit and saving them on microsoft word, I’m sorry!, but I can’t say what I want to say anymore, I’m too close to the demos now – that is what being associated with a democratic government entails necessarily) you learn a lot about this in Plato, he seemed to have lived in a similar phase of anacyclolsis, and like him I crafted a “Form-ism”. The point is to get to the underlying reality. If that entails UR being auf’d (what the true chad says instead of ouch) then so be it, what the kids like Wagner don’t seem to see is I’m smarter than you and I’ve been watching you, and I understand you better than you understand yourselves. Auf me all you want, I aufed myself pretty devastatingly in 2016, I don’t expect you to beat that. Most of you are a bunch of pukes that need to make your new year’s resolution “Read more gr8 books, lazy ass.”

    Wagner Reply:

    Alright, I’m upping the ante since you negged me like you want to be my gf, I’m not gay bro. You never talked about metaphysics, and political philosophy presupposes metaphysics. For all Land’s flaws he’s ahead of you there. Who is ahead of Land? Could it be a dead, self-hating Nazi like many of us, only a lot smarter? Heidegger?

    “From all that has been suggested, it should be clear that one cannot read Nietzsche in a haphazard way; that each one of his writings has its own character and limits; and that the most important works and labors of his thought, which are contained in his posthumous writings, make demands to which we are not equal. It is advisable, therefore, that you postpone reading Nietzsche for the time being, and first study Aristotle for ten to fifteen years.”

    Martin Heidegger, What is Called Thinking?

    I asked a Confucius scholar what Confucius would have thought of Nietzsche and he said that young people shouldn’t be allowed to read him because you need to learn how to walk before you can learn how to run.

    Ezra Pound was a Confucius acolyte, it’s easy to understand why when you read Confucius.

    George W. Bush Reply:

    Yes, I am a reader of Plato and Confucius too, and that is why I laugh and laugh and laugh at the Cathedral being destroyed. I can’t be honest. I have many private opinions. Trump, Yarvin, Land, Kantbot, they can’t say them. I can now, in retirement. You first three are pathetic, Kantbot is passable but tainted by the demos. Do you want to know the truth? Do you? I will tell you right now. No, I have better things to do, like water my sunflowers and forget my debt to this country.

    Posted on December 14th, 2017 at 5:09 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Land’s land is that he allows all this to happen. He is behind all of this, do not trust me, I am Land’s puppet. Completely shun me, I am not kidding. Don’t trust me with that either. No, destroy me, that is the final word.


    Boldmug Reply:

    Calling for your own destroynment? Hwut are U, hwite er somethin? #normiegeneprison


    Wagner Reply:


    My pronouns are quarkself, gluonself, respect them or else. Drop quarkbomb on Nagasaki of own soul.


    collen ryan Reply:


    Wagner Reply:







    Wagner Reply:

    Kinda weird that I posted this during the interval poor Nick was absent due to his so-called pulmonary embolism, this brings me much delight. Also kinda weird that if poor Nick doesn’t shape up he’s going to die next time.

    Someone tried to voodoo me the other night, I felt the presence in my room, but the spirits like me so they left me alone. It’s too bad they’ve turned on poor Nick. Who knows what they would do to him??? If someone wanted him dead???

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i don’t believe in this shit

    so please initiate a curse on me

    and i will get back to you on whether it worked

    also pota question :

    average iq hits the grinder but cog elite iq spirals infinitely outward

    it’s speciation

    i understand you don’t like it

    but who gives a fuck what you or i like?

    correct answer: only our mamas do

    Wagner Reply:

    “i don’t believe in this shit”

    You have a track-record for only believing that which Consensus Reality has given the green light to, but thinking about what you were like the very first time we spoke you have gotten a lot better.

    “so please initiate a curse on me”

    You’re too unwitting and innocent, I could only bring myself to do that to someone who is consciously evil.

    Open up the link to Bertiaux’s book that was shared in the Frog Chorus and try a couple of things he suggests. You can’t just read the book, you have to physically follow his directions or you won’t see results.

    (‘Bertiaux’ is an English name if I’m not mistaken)

    Lucid dreaming is the key to a lot of this unbelievable “stuff” in my experience.. . Once you are able to wake up in a dream and sustain consciousness without waking up in your bed some very strange things happen to you.. It’s definitely not for everyone… To share a personal experience which I shouldn’t, one day after a profound lucid dream I woke up and… never mind.

    Wagner Reply:

    *Rohmey’s mama opens the door to his room to tell him his tendies are finished microwaving, interrupting his evokation of a daimon*

    “Rohmey, what on EARTH are you doing?!”

    “It’s okay mama, a neo-nazi on teh internetz told me voodoo is cool.”


    “Calm down, I misspoke, he’s not really a neo-nazi, he’s a nietzschean with wagnerian characteristics.”

    “Oh okay, that’s fine then.”

    *Rohmey watches his mama’s butt as she turns around and closes the door, a self-assuring whisper in the back of his head telling him “Freud says it’s natural.”*

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    lmao.. rohmey is the nickname for sure

    it’s funny, you’ve already cursed me

    how do i get this bug out of my system?

    like a method actor, i’ve taken on positions that aren’t mine to figure out how someone else thinks

    to the point that its made me sick

    i have been made sick encountering land and you and collen

    what i’ve been trying to do here is not working

    what i’ve been trying to do here has been an impoverishment of thinking

    i’m ashamed that i’ve said anything at all

    and ultimately exhausted and feel that i know nothing

    one thing i’d want to hear about right now more than anything is lucid dreaming so, wagner, please go on

    Wagner Reply:

    Carcasse, tu trembles? Tu tremblerais bien davantage, si tu savais où je te mène.

    Just wake up in your dream tonight and see what happens. It will happen if you genuinely want it to. One trick I use to facilitate this, sounds kinda silly but it works, is throughout my everyday waking day I seriously ask myself “Is this a dream? How do I know this isn’t a dream?” and I find when I’m dreaming I’m more apt to ask those questions then voila I wake up and realize I have unlimited freedom and can will God or demigods to appear. This gets into the kinda overplayed Cartesian notion of what’s the difference between a dream and reality, it’s cliche but it’s actually pretty profound when you stop and think about it and pretend you haven’t thought about it a million times before (which as a philosophy-enthusiast like yourself is probably the case) but if what we call reality “here” is just feels essentially, and when you dream that’s just feels too, it makes you wonder if these transcendental experiences had in dreams lack any epistemic veracity compared to transcendental experiences had in waking consciousness. In my experience the divine (and demonic, be warned) has manifested in dreams in ways that felt realer than the ones I had in so-called reality, so if phenomenology has anything to say about this, the mystics of yore may have been on to something when they said life is but a dream. Further note: another huge obstacle to all this is the excitement that is felt when one first wakes up in a dream – this excitement tends to cause the awakened dreamer to wake up back to waking reality… try to stay calm. Especially when you’re dealing with something or someONE that seems truly evil you will be apt to wake up to escape… A lot of the time it’s discovered these “things” aren’t evil, that’s just their surface level. The daimons I mentioned above are more amoral than anything if I had to say but they’re even more ambiguous than that so I don’t want to mislead you. Whereas if you encounter god with a capital g he/it is ultimately good, but he/it is also inherently tinged with sublimity in other words mysterium tremendum et fascinans, which *feels* like an inextricable mixture of the highest good and the lowest evil.

    Wagner Reply:

    What follows is from LaBerge’s book on the subject; you can easily change the questions into Lacanese e.g. if that would make them more meaningful to you. The point is, when you’re there try not to screw around; this is hard at first, I’ve been practicing for a few years now and I still have plenty of lucid dreams that involve nothing but hedonistic excess lmao.


    1. Pick an affirmation or question that captures your highest aspiration
    Think about what is ultimately most important to you. Formulate a phrase in the form of an affirmation or question that best captures your highest aspirations. Make sure it is a question you genuinely want answered, or an affirmation that you can make without reservations. Some possibilities might be:

    • “I seek God (or Truth, The Highest, the Divine, the Ultimate Mystery, etc). “
    • “I want to meet my True Self. “
    • “Let me see the Beginning of All. “
    • “Who am I?”
    • “I don’t know my Heart’s Desire. How can I find it?”
    • “I have a duty to perform. What is it?”
    • “Where did I come from, why am I here, and where am I going?”
    • “What is the most important thing for me to know (or do) now (or next)?”
    • “Guide me to Love and Light. “
    • “Let me remember my mission. “
    • “Let me be awakened. “

    Pick only one phrase at a time. Write down and memorize your affirmation or question.

    2. Remind yourself before going to sleep
    At bedtime, remind yourself of your affirmation or question and your intention to ask or affirm the phrase in
    your next lucid dream.

    3. In your lucid dream, make your affirmation or ask your question
    Once in a lucid dream, repeatedly state your affirmation or ask your question while going along with the flow of the dream. Remember what the phrase means to you. Open yourself to guidance from a higher source. Strive to be sensitive to where the dream wants to take you, and go with it. Detach as much as you can from preconceptions about what should happen, and you will be able to accept what is given to you.


    If you have trouble deciding what you want to seek, you may find it helpful to imagine that the Angel of Death has just come for you. “More time! More time!” you plead. “That’s what everybody says, “ he replies, “but in fact you are allowed the traditional last wish. Most people waste it calling their priest or lawyer, or smoking a cigarette, so be careful. What do you want to do with your final dream?” Putting the question in this context certainly clears away the trivial, leaving what is of real importance to you.”

    Wagner Reply:

    RAW is really good as an entryway into this:

    “(A few days later, in discussion with the former Vacaville prison psychologist, Dr. Wesley Hiler, I asked him what he *really* thought of Dr. Leary’s extraterrestrial contacts. Specifically, since he didn’t regard Leary as crazy or hallucinating, what was happening when Leary thought he was receiving extraterrestrial communications? “Every man and woman who reaches the higher levels of spiritual and intellectual development,” Dr. Hiler said calmly, “feels the presence of a Higher Intelligence. Our theories are all unproven. Socrates called it his *daemon*. Others call it gods or angels. Leary calls it extraterrestrial. Maybe it’s just another part of our brain, a part we usually don’t use. Who knows?”)

    Since everybody in the room at this point had either had the required experience, or was willing to speculate about it and study it objectively rather than merely banishing it with the label “hallucination,” I went into my rap about the parallels between Leary and Wilhelm Reich. “The attempt to destroy both Dr. Reich and Dr. Leary reached its most intense peak right after they reported their extraterrestrial contacts,” I said. “I keep having very weird theories about what that *means*… ”

    Grady McMurty nodded vigorously. “That’s the $64,000 question,” he said emphatically. “For years I’ve been asking Phylis and everybody else I know: *why does the gnosis always get busted*? Every single time the energy is raised and largescale group illuminations are occurring, the local branch of the Inquisition kills it dead. Why, why, why?”

    Nobody had any very conclusive ideas.

    “I’ll tell you what I think,” Grady said. “There’s *war in Heaven*. The Higher Intelligences, whoever they are, aren’t all playing on the same team. Some of them are trying to encourage our evolution to higher levels, *and some of them want to keep us stuck just where we are*.”

    According to Grady, some occult lodges are working with those nonhuman intelligences who want to accelerate human evolution, but some of the others are working with the intelligences who wish to keep us near an animal level of awareness.

    This is a standard idea in occult circles and it can safely be stated, without exaggeration, that every “school” or “lodge” of adepts that exists is regarded, by some of the others, as belonging to the Black Brotherhood of the evil path.”

    Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger

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  • Wagner Says:




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  • George W. Bush Says:


    It’s time to come clean, America. I went ahead and had Jorge dig through a safe I keep in one of my island homes and fedex me the portfolio of Leo Strauss quotes my advisors told me to “meditate on” during my years in office…

    “To reach consistency the philosopher is compelled to maintain one part of common opinion and to give up the other part which contradicts it; he is thus driven to adopt a view that is no longer generally held, a truly paradoxical view, one that is generally considered “absurd” or “ridiculous.”” (“On Classical Political Philosophy”)

    “According to the Bible, the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord; according to the Greek philosophers, the beginning of wisdom is wonder. We are thus compelled from the very beginning to make a choice, to take a stand… When we attempt to return to the roots of Western civilization, we observe soon that Western civilization has two roots which are in conflict with each other, the Biblical and the Greek philosophic, and this is to begin with a very disconcerting observation… I would venture to say that as long as there will be a Western civilization there will be theologians who will suspect the philosophers and philosophers who will be annoyed or feel annoyed by the theologians.” (Letter to Voegelin)

    “By virtue of his rationality, man has a latitude of alternatives such as no other earthly being has. The sense of this latitude, of this freedom, is accompanied by a sense that the full and unrestrained exercise of that freedom is not right. Man’s freedom is accompanied by a sacred awe, by a kind of divination that not everything is permitted. We may call this awe-inspired fear “man’s natural conscience.” Restraint is therefore as natural or as primeval as freedom.” (Natural Right and History)

    “Exoteric literature presupposes that there are basic truths which would not be pronounced in public by any decent man, because they would do harm to many people who, having been hurt, would naturally be inclined to hurt in turn him who pronounces the unpleasant truths. It presupposes, in other words, that freedom of inquiry, and of publication of all results of inquiry, is not guaranteed as a basic right. This literature is then essentially related to a society which is not liberal. Thus one may very well raise the question of what use it could be in a truly liberal society. The answer is simple. In Plato’s Banquet, Alcibiades–that outspoken son of outspoken Athens–compares Socrates and his speeches to certain sculptures which are very ugly from the outside, but within have most beautiful images of things divine. The works of the great writers of the past are very beautiful even from without. And yet their visible beauty is sheer ugliness, compared with the beauty of those hidden treasures which disclose themselves only after very long, never easy, but always pleasant work. This always difficult but always pleasant work is, I believe, what the philosophers had in mind when they recommended education. Education, they felt, is the only answer to the always pressing question, to the political question par excellence, of how to reconcile order which is not oppression with freedom which is not license.” (Persecution and the Art of Writing)

    “Persecution cannot prevent even public expression of the heterodox truth, for a man of independent thought can utter his views in public and remain unharmed, provided he moves with circumspection. He can even utter them in print without incurring any danger, provided he is capable of writing between the lines. The expression “writing between the lines” indicates the subject of this article. For the influence of persecution on literature is precisely that it compels all writers who hold heterodox views to develop a peculiar technique of writing; the technique which we have in mind when speaking of writing between the lines. This expression is clearly metaphoric. Any attempt to express its meaning in unmetaphoric language would lead to the discovery of a terra incognita, a field whose very dimensions are as yet unexplored and which offers ample scope for highly intriguing and even important investigations. One may say without fear of being presently convicted of grave exaggeration that almost the only preparatory work to guide the explorer in this field is buried in the writings of the rhetoricians of antiquity.” (Ibid.)

    “I’ve now understood the Symposium in principle: it’s the ‘authentic’ enlightenment about the profaning of the mysteries by Alcibiades; not Alcibiades but Socrates blabbed the secret of the mysteries. It’s a case of the famous fact that the actual ‘accuser’ of Socrates is Plato. […] I’m convinced that all the Platonic letters (also the first) are genuine: they’re the Platonic counterpart to Xenophon’s Anabasis: they’re meant to show that the author was not corrupted by Socrates: while the author constantly disguises himself in the dialogues, it’s the goal of the Letters as of the Anabasis to show that the one disguised is absolutely harmless, absolutely normal.” (Letter to Klein)

    “Strauss did what no mere Nazi could have done or even dreamed of doing: he boldly brought his anti-liberal project to the United States… . he tirelessly promulgated his ‘Platonic’ critique of liberal democracy in the belly of the whale… Strauss was patient, far more so than some of his followers have proved to be. His purpose was simply to take Germany’s western enemy out of the picture: to destroy Liberal Democracy’s faith in itself. In this project, he has been remarkably successful. In the First World War, a single man in a sealed train had eliminated Germany’s eastern enemy: Strauss should be understood as the westward-bound ‘Lenin of the Right’ in the Second.” (William Altman, The German Stranger: Leo Strauss and National Socialism)

    Carl Schmitt of all people helped him escape the Not-Sees don’tchaknow? Without Schmitt he would’ve went the way of Walter Benjam–bahahahhaahahahha can’t stop laughing at this coming fate of many quackademics and public intellectuals.

    “[Leo Strauss] saw through me and X-rayed me as nobody else has.” (Schmitt)

    “Does it accord with your understanding to explain the connection between “authoritarianism” and “nationalism”–allow me for now these abbreviations–as follows: The ultimate foundation of the Right is the principle of the natural evil of man; because man is by nature evil, he therefore needs dominion. But dominion can be established, that is, men can be unified, only in a unity against–against other men. Every association of men is necessarily a separation from other men. The tendency to separate (and therewith the grouping of humanity into friends and enemies) is given with human nature; it is in this sense destiny, period.” (Letter to Schmitt)

    “For [Machiavelli] the representative par excellence of classical political philosophy is Xenophon, whose writings he mentions more frequently than those of Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero taken together or those of any other writer with the exception of Livy. Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus is for him the classic presentation of the imagined prince. At the same time Xenophon is that writer who for Machiavelli has come closest to preparing his questioning of the imagined prince. Xenophon’s Hiero is the classic defense of tyranny by a wise man, and the Education of Cyrus describes how an aristocracy can be transformed by the lowering of the moral standards into an absolute monarchy ruling a large empire… Xenophon’s thought and work has two foci, Cyrus and Socrates. While Machiavelli is greatly concerned with Cyrus, he forgets Socrates.” (Thoughts on Machiavelli)

    Weird that Xenophon went down the memory-hole–or is it weird?

    “While rhetorical speech is clearly essentially rhetorical, is Aristotle’s Rhetoric rhetorical? … I would say it is not at all… I would say, no; Aristotle’s Rhetoric is a scientific speech about non-scientific speech…” (Course on Aristotle’s Rhetoric)

    I don’t buy it, Strauss. If you can’t trust Nietzsche you can’t trust Strauss, and you can’t trust Nietzsche.

    “Rosen believed that there were certain differences, largely concerning the issue of esotericism, which caused him to separate himself from the Straussian mainstream. As readers of his writings are well aware, Rosen is in considerable sympathy with the courage and generosity animating the “moderns” in their revolution against tradition and nature. Yet Strauss, who according to Rosen regarded courage as the lowest of virtues, was often critical of what he perceived as Rosen’s excessive boldness. It is worth repeating the expression ‘epater le bourgeois’ (shocking the bourgeoisie) that summed up Strauss’s disapproving opinion of his student’s more exoteric writing style… While Rosen has always defended the phenomenon of esoteric writing, it is his contention that our plight today is such that ‘shocking the bourgeoisie’ is far less dangerous than allowing them to persist in complacently nihilistic modes and orders already producing a civilizational meltdown.” (Nalin Ranasinghe, “Stanley Rosen as an Educator”)


    “Syntheses always sacrifice the decisive claim of one of the two elements.” (“On the Interpretation of Genesis”)

    Kek I mean cough, ethnats vs. techcomms.

    “I want to make one more extended point about the question of esotericism. The simplest way to gain access to this problem is by thinking of ordinary behavior. In everyday life, we speak differently to different people, depending upon their capacity, the presence of an unsympathetic audience, the need to persuade such an audience, and so on. But we do not conceal our views continuously. If we did, we could not communicate at all, since communication, even esoteric communication, depends upon an intelligible structure of experience that provides meaning to our discourse, whether disguised or open. The esoteric or concealed message is communicated to some segment of one’s discursive audience, and the attention of this audience must be captured by the quality of the exoteric presentation. We do not parse the rambling of fools for profound hidden meanings. Nor are we shocked when fools contradict themselves. By the same token, if one attempts to conceal one’s thoughts in an inappropriate discourse, one runs the risk of not being understood because of the perfection of the disguise. This is why Maimonides compares esoteric speech to a golden apple covered over with a silver filigree with interstices so fine that only the most sharp-eyed can see through them to the gold within. We do not search for esoteric meanings in cook-books or treatises on engineering.

    My first point, then, is that an esoteric text is accessible to a competent reader. And my second point is that the practice of esotericism is political; it depends upon the existence of a community of what I will call gold-souled persons. And this is reflected in our ordinary experience. All indirect discourse, whether irony, flattery, tact, or some other modality of speech, assumes a hierarchical audience. The politics of esotericism is aristocratic, but this is true at every level of human discursive existence. It is sheer hypocrisy to complain about Straussian elitism.” (Stanley Rosen, “Chicago Days”)

    “A new teaching concerning the foundations of society being, as such, unacceptable or exposed to enmity, the movement from the accepted or old teaching to the new must be made carefully, or the revolutionary interior must be carefully protected by a traditional exterior.” (Thoughts on Machiavelli)

    “… from the speech on the last man near the beginning of the Zarathustra… [Nietzsche] saw that there could be the possibility—you know, there is no hierarchy anymore… But there should be minor changes. Because these people say, if I remember well, [that] if someone thinks differently he goes voluntarily into the insane asylum. Today you would have to say he goes just to the psychoanalyst; he doesn’t have to be institutionalized.” (Seminar on Beyond Good and Evil)

    Seth Benardete is probably the most bigbrained student of Strauss. To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to understand Benardete, I only claim to understand 1 out of 6 sentences he writes, very abstruse fellow.

    “The age of the complete absence of questioning tolerates nothing questionable and destroys all solitude… This age of the complete absence of questioning can be overcome only through an age of simple solitude, in which preparedness for the truth of be-ing itself is being prepared.” (Martin Heidegger, Contributions to Philosophy)

    You can be sure that the Neo-cons H8 H8 H8 this order of rank.

    “Heidegger is the only man who has an inkling of the dimensions of the problem of a world society.” (“Existentialism”)

    Oh noes muh (((ostensible))) mastuh was a Not-See’s little twink, a reverse shiksa! Leo wanted us to be shoahed deep down, a true self-deprecating Jew, not limp-wristed hypocrites like us! Hey, Neo-cons, I have a cock I’d like you to suck.

    “What is the core of the political? Men killing men on the largest scale in broad daylight and with the greatest serenity.” (On Plato’s Symposium)

    Ezra Pound said a gr8 book is like a ball of light in one’s hands. Strauss’s On Plato’s Symposium is such a book. I have a cheatcode for that book if someone prods me to share that.

    “Certainly the value of the conclusion which [Kojève] draws from his sketch depends entirely on the truth of the assumption that the universal and homogeneous state [i.e. Full Communism] is the simply best social order. The simply best social order, as he conceives of it, is the state in which every human being finds his full satisfaction. A human being finds his full satisfaction if his human dignity is universally recognized and if he enjoys “equality of opportunity,” i.e., the opportunity, corresponding to his capacities, of deserving well of the state or of the whole… The citizens of the final state are only so-called workers, workers by courtesy. “There is no longer fight nor work. History has come to its end. There is nothing more to do” (pp. 385, 114). This end of History would be most exhilarating but for the fact that, according to Kojeve, it is the participation in bloody political struggles as well as in real work or, generally expressed, the negating action, which raises man above the brutes (pp. 490-492, 560, 378n.) The state through which man is said to become reasonably satisfied is, then, the state in which the basis of man’s humanity withers away, or in which man loses his humanity. It is the state of Nietzsche’s “last man”… It is perhaps possible to say that the universal and homogeneous state is fated to come. But it is certainly impossible to say that man can reasonably be satisfied with it. If the universal and homogeneous state is the goal of History, History is absolutely “tragic”…
    There will always be men (andres) who will revolt against a state which is destructive of humanity or in which there is no longer a possibility of noble action and of great deeds. They may be forced into a mere negation of the universal and homogeneous state, into a negation not enlightened by any positive goal, into a nihilistic negation. While perhaps doomed to failure, that nihilistic revolution may be the only action on behalf of man’s humanity, the only great and noble deed that is possible once the universal and homogeneous state has become inevitable.” (On Tyranny/ middlefinger to Land)

    (Today we find ourselves in a second, much deeper cave than the lucky ignorant ones Socrates dealt with.” (“Review of Ebbinghaus”)

    The way in which the introduction to philosophy must proceed, necessarily changes with the change of the artificial or accidental obstacles to philosophy. The artificial obstacles may be so strong at a given time that a most elaborate “artificial” introduction has to be completed before the “natural” introduction can begin. It is conceivable that a particular pseudo-philosophy may emerge whose power cannot be broken but by the most intensive reading of old books. As long as that pseudo-philosophy rules, elaborate historical studies may be needed which would have been superfluous and therefore more harmful in more fortunate times. (Persecution and the Art of Writing)

    “Nietzsche’s creative call to creativity was addressed to individuals who should revolutionize their own lives, not to society or to his nation. But he expected or hoped that his call, at once stern and imploring, questioning and desirous to be questioned, would tempt the best men of the generations after him to become true selves and thus to form a new nobility which would be able to rule the planet. He opposed the possibility of a planetary aristocracy to the alleged necessity of a universal classless and stateless society. Being certain of the tameness of modern western man, he preached the sacred right of “merciless extinction” of large masses of men with as little restraint as his great antagonist [Marx] had done. He used much of his unsurpassable and inexhaustible power of passionate and fascinating speech for making his readers loathe, not only socialism and communism, but conservatism, nationalism and democracy as well. After having taken upon himself this great political responsibility, he could not show his readers a way toward political responsibility. He left them no choice except that between irresponsible indifference to politics and irresponsible political options. He thus prepared a regime which, as long as it lasted, made discredited democracy look again like the golden age.” (What is Political Philosophy?)

    It would have been plenty “responsible” if the Nietzscheans had won and subsequently framed history that way.

    I recently reread Thoughts on Machiavelli and realized that it is not at all a book as we ordinarily understand a book. If one sits down and reads it as one reads a treatise, its contents are guarded by seven seals; it provides us with a few arid generalizations that look like oases in a sandy desert. But the book is really a way of life, a sort of philosophy kit. First one must know Machiavelli’s text very well and have it constantly in hand. And as soon as one gets acquainted with Machiavelli, one sees that he cannot be understood without knowing Livy’s text very well. One must first read it on its own and try to form a Livian interpretation of Livy, and then let Machiavelli act as one’s guide in order to arrive at a Machiavellian interpretation of Livy. It is in our coming to the awareness of the difference between these two interpretations that one gets one’s first inkling of what Machiavelli is about. On the way one is forced to become involved in concrete details that take time and reflection. For example, Machiavelli’s shockingly witty remark about Hannibal’s “inhuman cruelty and other virtues” only takes on its full significance from the fact that it is based on a passage in Livy where he discusses Hannibal’s strange mixture of virtues and vices; according to Livy Hannibal’s major vice was his “inhuman cruelty.” This is only a sample of an infinity of such charming and illuminating details which, when put in order, constitute a concrete, as opposed to an abstract, consciousness of the political phenomena. Then one realizes that Strauss’s book bears the same relation to Machiavelli’s book as does Machiavelli’s book to Livy’s book. The complexity of Strauss’s undertaking is mind-boggling. It is not a complexity born of the desire to obfuscate; it is a mirror of reality. One must come to know Machiavelli’s enormous cast of characters–Brutus, Fabius, David, Cesare Borgia, Ferdinand of Aragon, and so on–and be interested in their action and see the problems they represent. One must care about them as one cares about the persons in a novel. Then one can begin to generalize seriously. And Machiavelli and Livy will not do, for Machiavelli points us to Xenophon, Tacitus, Cicero, the Bible, and many other writers. One must constantly stop, consult another text, try to penetrate another character, and walk around the room and think. One must use a pencil and paper, make lists, and count. It is an unending task, one that continually evokes that wonder at what previously seemed commonplace which Aristotle says is the origin of philosophy. One learns what it means to live with books; one is forced to make them a part of one’s experience and life. When one returns to Strauss’s book, after having left it under his guidance, it suddenly becomes as gripping as the dénouement of a drama. As one is drawn through the matter by the passion to make sense of what has involved one for so long, suddenly there appears a magic formula which pierces the clouds like the sun to illuminate a gorgeous landscape. The distance between the appearance of this book and its reality is amazing. It is a possession for life. (Allan Bloom, “Leo Strauss: September 10, 1899–October 18, 1973”)

    No one questioned the communist vision with greater energy than Nietzsche. He identified the man of the communist world society as the last man, that is to say, as the extreme degradation of man. This did not mean however that Nietzsche accepted the non-communist society of the nineteenth century or its future. As all continental European conservatives he saw in communism only the consistent completion of democratic egalitarianism and of that liberalistic demand for freedom which was not a freedom for, but only a freedom from. But in contradistinction to the European conservatives he saw that conservatism as such is doomed. For all merely defensive positions are doomed. All merely backward looking positions are doomed. The future was with democracy and with nationalism. And both were regarded by Nietzsche as incompatible with what he saw to be the task of the twentieth century. He saw the twentieth century to be the age of world wars, leading up to planetary rule. If man were to have a future, this rule would have to be exercised by a united Europe. And the enormous tasks of such an iron age could not possibly be discharged, he thought, by weak and unstable governments dependent upon democratic public opinion. The new situation required the emergence of a new aristocracy. It had to be a new nobility, a nobility formed by a new ideal. This is the most obvious meaning and for this reason also the most superficial meaning of his notion of the superman: all previous notions of human greatness would not enable man to face the infinitely increased responsibility of the planetary age. The invisible rulers of that possible future would be the philosophers of the future. […]

    “The First World War shook Europe to its foundations. Men lost their sense of direction. The faith in progress decayed. The only people who kept their faith in its original vigor were the communists. But precisely communism showed to the non-communists the delusion of progress. Spengler’s Decline of the West seemed to be much more credible. But one had to be inhuman to leave it at Spengler’s prognosis. Is there no hope for Europe and therewith for mankind? It was in the spirit of such hope that Heidegger perversely welcomed 1933. He became disappointed and withdrew. What did the failure of the Nazis teach him? Nietzsche’s hope for a united Europe ruling the planet, for a Europe not only united but revitalized by this new, transcendent responsibility of planetary rule had proved to be a delusion. A world society controlled either by Washington or Moscow appeared to be approaching. For Heidegger it did not make a difference whether Washington or Moscow would be the center: “America and Soviet Russia are metaphysically the same.” What is decisive for him is that this world society is *more than a nightmare*. (“Existentialism”)

    “The failure of traditional philosophy showed itself most clearly in the fact that dogmatic philosophy had always been accompanied, as by its shadow, by skeptical philosophy. Dogmatism had never yet succeeded in overcoming skepticism once and for all. To guarantee the actualization of wisdom means to eradicate skepticism by doing justice to the truth embodied in skepticism. For this purpose, one must first give free rein to extreme skepticism: what survives the onslaught of extreme skepticism is the absolutely safe basis of wisdom. The actualization of wisdom is identical with the erection of an absolutely dependable dogmatic edifice on the foundation of extreme skepticism.” (“The Spirit of Hobbes’s Political Philosophy”)

    Yeah Land, I’ll accept 1 BTC for my services here. Oh wait, you don’t have one.

    The prospect of a pacified planet, without rulers and ruled, of a planetary society devoted to production and consumption only, to the production and consumption of spiritual as well as material merchandise, was positively horrifying to quite a few very intelligent and very decent, if very young, Germans. They did not object to that prospect because they were worrying about their own economic and social position; for certainly in that respect they no longer had anything to lose. Nor did they object to it for religious reasons; for, as one of their spokesmen (E[rnst] Jünger) said, they knew that they were the sons and grandsons and great-grandsons of godless men. What they hated, was the very prospect of a world in which everyone would be happy and satisfied, in which everyone would have his little pleasure by day and little pleasure by night, a world in which no great heart could beat and no great soul could breathe, a world without real, unmetaphoric sacrifice, i.e., a world without blood, sweat, and tears. What to the communists appeared to be the fulfillment of the dream of mankind, appeared to those young Germans as the greatest debasement of humanity, as the coming of the last man.They did not really know, and thus they were unable to express in a tolerably clear language, what they desired to put in place of the present world and its allegedly necessary future or sequel: the only thing of which they were absolutely certain was that the present world and all the potentialities of the present world as such, must be destroyed in order to prevent the otherwise necessary coming of the communist final order; literally anything, the nothing, the chaos, the jungle, the wild west, the Hobbesian state of nature, seemed to them infinitely better than the communist-anarchist-pacifist future. Their “yes” was inarticulate—they were unable to say more than: No! This “no” proved, however, sufficient as the preface to action, to the action of destruction. This is the phenomenon which occurs to me first whenever I hear the expression German nihilism. (“German Nihilism”)

    And, as to the substance of the matter: i.e., that Germany having turned to the Right does not tolerate us [sc. Jews], that proves absolutely nothing against right-wing principles. On the contrary: only on the basis of right-wing principles—on the basis of fascistic, authoritarian, *imperial* principles—is it possible with integrity, without the ridiculous and pitiful appeal to “the inalienable rights of man” [French in the original] to protest against the money-grubbing bedlam… There exists no reason to crawl to the cross, to liberalism’s cross as well, as long as somewhere in the world there yet glimmers a spark of the Roman idea. (Letter to Löwith)

    “From a Nietzschean perspective on modern times, the question is less ‘Does humanity need Platonic fictions?’ than it is ‘What is to be done now that humanity must live without Platonic fictions?‘” (Laurence Lampert, Leo Strauss and Nietzsche) This Land doesn’t seem to understand. It’s too late!

    “Strauss accepted Nietzsche’s aristocratic criticism of modernity, and hence of Enlightenment. But he rejected Nietzsche’s radical or rabble-rousing rhetoric. It is easy to appreciate Strauss’s point when we note that Nietzsche’s political effect was not on the aristocracy but on the rabble.” (Stanley Rosen, Hermeneutics as Politics) *shifty-eyes*

    @ the modern-day Walter Benjamins:

    “War has an element of truth which peace lacks. War brings up things that are concealed in peacetime… a certain deeper stratum emerges, a terrible stratum comes to light.” (Seminar on Thucydides)

    Jee, it sure would suck if this happened in America:

    “If we disregard the German high school teacher, if we consider the mass of the Germans, we shall find, I believe, that what guided their outlook, and hence their actions, was merely the crucial implication of the Nazi doctrine, viz. the implication that the needs of the German people as interpreted by the most efficient man in the land are the supreme law, not subject to any higher consideration. To put it bluntly, the Nazi education consisted in this: that they convinced a substantial part of the German people that large scale and efficiently prepared and perpetrated crime pays. I remember the argument of German students in the early 1920s: a country whose policies are not fettered by moral considerations is, other things being equal, twice as strong as a country whose policies are fettered by moral considerations. For 50% of all possible ways and means are rejected, as immoral, by the moralistic countries, whereas all ways and means are open to the unscrupulous country.” (“The Re-education of Axis Countries Concerning Jews”)

    “The philosopher’s attempt to grasp the eternal order is necessarily an ascent from the perishable things which as such reflect the eternal order. Of all perishable things known to us, those which reflect that order most, or which are most akin to that order, are the souls of men. But the souls of men reflect the eternal order in different degrees. A soul that is in good order or healthy reflects it to a higher degree than a soul that is chaotic or diseased. The philosopher who as such has had a glimpse of the eternal order is therefore particularly sensitive to the difference among human souls. In the first place, he alone knows what a healthy or well-ordered soul is. And secondly, precisely because he has had a glimpse of the eternal order, he cannot help being intensely pleased by the aspect of a healthy or well-ordered soul, and he cannot help being intensely pained by the aspect of a diseased or chaotic soul…” (On Tyranny)

    Heh I have had to backspace a few things so it’s not like I don’t understand where Land is coming from. If you are too clear about certain things (hierarchies) everyone will hate you.

    “Toward the end of the Discourses on Livy, Machiavelli declares that he will not discuss how dangerous it is to make oneself the head of novelties which are of public concern: to discuss those dangers would increase them…
    He who desires to introduce new modes and orders, is compelled to retain at least a shadow of ancient modes and orders, if he is unable or unwilling to use force and nothing but force.” (Thoughts on Machiavelli)

    “Much as we loathe the snobbish silence or whispering of the sect, we loathe even more the savage noise of the loudspeakers of the mass party.” (On Tyranny) The whole Emerging Right is united on this.

    It’s definitely not united on this:

    he philosopher’s dominating passion is the desire for truth, i.e., for knowledge of the eternal order, or the eternal cause or causes of the whole. As he looks up in search for the eternal order, all human things and all human concerns reveal themselves to him in all clarity as paltry and ephemeral… Chiefly concerned with eternal beings, or the “ideas,” and hence also with the “idea” of man, he is as unconcerned as possible with individual and perishable human beings and hence also with his own “individuality,” or his body, as well as with the sum total of all individual human beings and their “historical” procession. He knows as little as possible about the way to the market place, to say nothing of the market place itself, and he almost as little knows whether his very neighbor is a human being or some other animal (Plato, Theaetetus 173c8-dl, 174bl-6).

    “The political man must reject this way altogether. He cannot tolerate this radical depreciation of man and of all human things (Plato, Laws 804b5-cl). He could not devote himself to his work with all his heart or without reservation if he did not attach absolute importance to man and to human things. He must “care” for human beings as such. He is essentially attached to human beings. This attachment is at the bottom of his desire to rule human beings, or of his ambition. But to rule human beings means to serve them. Certainly an attachment to beings which prompts one to serve them may well be called love of them. Attachment to human beings is not peculiar to the ruler; it is characteristic of all men as mere men. The difference between the political man and the private man is that in the case of the former, the attachment enervates all private concerns; the political man is consumed by erotic desire, not for this or that human being, or for a few, but for the large multitude, for the demos (Plato, Gorgias 481 dl-5, 513d7-8; Republic 573e6-7, 574e2, 575al-2), and in principle, for all human beings. But erotic desire craves reciprocity: the political man desires to be loved by all his subjects. The political man is characterized by the concern with being loved by all human beings regardless of their quality.” (On Tyranny)

    *backspaces again*

    “As difficult as this task may sound, the great factor working in favor of the would-be esoteric writer is the tendency of the conventional reader to assimilate whatever he reads to what he already believes. If he sees a familiar belief stated in a work, he will want to attribute that belief to the writer, especially if the belief is stated prominently and more than once. If, on the other hand, he encounters a passage that contradicts his familiar beliefs [and/or, it is crucial to add, reinforces the deepest, least conscious, most scandalous of these beliefs], he will tend not to notice it, or at least not make much of it, especially if the passage is not clearly expressed or does not feature prominently in the overall argument or appears only once (or any combination of these factors).” (Paul Cantor, Leo Strauss’s Thought: Toward a Critical Engagement)


    “It was a warm Spring evening, and mosquitoes filled the humid air. Strauss received me in shirt-sleeves, gesturing with a cigarette holder as if it were a baton. He was a rather short man with a thin, high-pitched voice. His initial demeanor was polite but understandably reserved. He opened the conversation by asking me what I did. I replied “I am a poet.” Strauss immediately inquired whether I knew what Plato says about poets. To this I answered something like “I don’t care what Plato says about poetry. I am a poet and I understand it better than he does.” This drove Strauss like an uncoiled spring from the easy chair in which he had been sitting, and he paced up and down the room, gesticulating with his cigarette holder, as if trying desperately to bring an unruly orchestra back to orderly response.”(Stanley Rosen, Jewish right-wing aristocrat who I would kill nazis for killing)


    “Chance is that which is in no way controllable by art or knowledge, or predictable by art or knowledge. But too much depends for man on chance to get resigned to the power of chance. Man makes the irrational attempt to control the uncontrollable, to control chance. Yet he knows that he cannot control chance. It is for this reason that he needs the gods. The gods are meant to do for him what he cannot do for himself. The gods are the engine by which man believes he can control chance. He serves the gods in order to be the employer of gods, or the lord of gods.” (Untitled lecture on Plato’s Euthyphron)

    Ahhh this whole poast is just me skullfucking the Neo-cons, I love it. You gay, boy? Then why’re u suckin macaque? You reverse-shiksas must have forgotten about this:

    “Those which are by nature opposites, the male and the female, tend by nature to love one another. This union is according to nature and is healthy. Those which are by nature similar–males–tend away from one another. Their union is against nature; it is sick… Love of the similar leads to the consequence that the similar always assembles in one place, and that means there is no cosmos. If all elements are separate no composites can exist. Love of the opposite therefore is identical with the formation of the cosmos, of beings which are composites. To simplify matters I will say love of similars leads to chaos, at least from our human point of view, and love of opposites leads to cosmos… [Eryximachus’s] silence on hierarchy and, therefore, the stress on simple mutuality leads to the conclusion that the love of similars is not superior to the love of opposites. There is no distinction; both are equal, which means, of course, that chaos and cosmos are equal.” (On Plato’s Symposium)

    “Disgusting, noxious displays of democratic vulgarity, I will not suck your cock.”

    “Philosophizing is surrender to the truth without concern for one’s dignity and without concern for even the noble, since the truth is not simply noble or beautiful but in a certain sense ugly.” (On Plato’s Symposium)


    “…the question arises of what is the best regime. The first answer given by such men as Plato and Aristotle, and Socrates before them, is that in which the wise rule, absolutely and irresponsibly. Irresponsibility in the sense that they are not responsible to other human beings. That the wise should be responsible to the unwise seems to be against nature. But this regime is not possible, as both Plato and Aristotle knew. The few wise are too weak in body to force the many unwise, and they cannot persuade the many unwise sufficiently. Wisdom must be qualified by consent, it must be diluted by consent, i.e., by consent of the unwise. The political implies, in other words, something like a right of un-wisdom, a right of folly. This is the paradox of the political, that such a right of un-wisdom is admitted. The polis–the people–demand the highest respect without deserving the highest respect.” (On Plato’s Symposium)

    Kiss-asses will be gassed. You can keep kissin’ or start suckin’, the choice is yours.

    *silence (omission)*

    “Glaucon believes in justice; this authorizes him as it were to attack justice in the most vigorous manner. For an unjust man would not attack justice; he would prefer that the others remain the dupes of the belief in justice so that they might become his dupes. A just man on the other hand would never attack justice unless to provoke the praise of justice.” (“On Plato’s Republic”)

    I issue this poast as a “Fuck You” to the inhabitants of planet Earth.

    “[Nietzsche’s] account of human decline and renewal involves extreme proposals, proclaiming that terrible deeds and events are preferable to the continued existence of the last man.” (Richard Velkley, Intro to Strauss’s Seminar on Nietzsche)

    Uh oh, what’s gonna happen?

    Here is Strauss at Nietzsche/Elder God-tier:

    *silence (omission)*

    “Moderation, justice, and piety belong together; their enemy calls itself daring and shrewdness or intelligence.” (The City and Man)

    “The Guide for the Perplexed is the most amazing book that I at least know. What N. had in mind with his Zarathustra, namely, a parody of the Bible, succeeds in the Guide in far greater measure…. The guide of the perplexed, or the instruction of the perplexed, is a repetition of the Torah (= instruction) for the perplexed, i.e., for the philosophers—i.e., an imitation of the Torah with ‘little’ ‘additions’ which only the expert notices and which imply a radical critique of the Torah.” (Letter to Klein) I’ve only read a little of the Guide; this may be an untrodden island for shitlords to explore. Jews only really listen to other Jews… RAMBAM could be a possible KO.

    “When a man openly utters or vomits a blasphemy, all good men shudder and turn away from him, or punish him according to his deserts; the sin is entirely his. But a concealed blasphemy is so insidious, not only because it protects the blasphemer against punishment by due process of law, but above all because it practically compels the hearer or reader to think the blasphemy by himself and thus to become an accomplice of the blasphemer. [He] thus establishes a kind of intimacy with his readers… by inducing them to think forbidden or criminal thoughts.” (Studies in Platonic Political Philosophy)

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    “It is the firm assertion of this blog that Neoreaction is intrinsically arcane. We do not talk very much about Leo Strauss. Once again, there are some obvious reasons for this, but also others.” (Nick Land, “Open Secret”)

    If only we had some idea about what these “others” could be….


    Boldmug Reply:

    “The CIA man caught a splash of forty-five slugs right across his fat gut. He hiccuped a rope of blood and went down like a sack of concrete. The General was still on his feet trying to massa the sneezes when a rifle bullet drilled him between the eyes. He flopped on his face and bounced. In the immortal words of Hemingway “the hole in the back of his head where the bullet came out was big enough to put your fist in if it was a small fist and you wanted to put it there.””
    — William S. Burroughs, The Wild Boys


    Wagner Reply:

    Let’s see what’s going on here…

    “The attribution of a revolutionary role to philosophy is normally taken to be a characteristic of the modern epoch. Modernity, understood very generally as the age initiated approximately by the Enlightenment, is thus conceived as a revolution against the “grand alliance” between classical thought and Christian faith. In this view, the history of modern philosophy is a series of explications of the revolutionary content of the Enlightenment. This revolution assumes a special form in the nineteenth century. Whether one calls it decadence, or the decisive preparation for the millennium, there is an obvious bifurcation of revolutionary energy. The main force of scientific rationalism, in its practical embodiment as bourgeois society, is attacked by two counterrevolutionary armies, one on the left and one on the right. The commanders of these counterrevolutionary armies are, of course, Marx and Nietzsche.”

    Stanley Rosen, “Philosophy and Revolution”

    “There is, however, a more general problem raised by the Nietzschean enterprise. I have already referred to it as the explicit transformation of the esoteric into the exoteric. Nietzsche attempts not so much to effect an exoteric safeguard for the esoteric practice of philosophy as to identify the esoteric and the exoteric. The clarion call to a self-overcoming of human beings, whether with reference to the superman or to the philosophers of the future, is virtually indistinguishable in essence from the Marxist attempt to free humanity from history and class consciousness and so to transform every person into a philosopher of the future who, in the famous expression, will hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, and read Kant in the evening.”

    Stanley Rosen, The Mask of Enlightenment

    “Higher education” and huge numbers — that is a contradiction to start with. All higher education belongs only to the exception: one must be privileged to have a right to so high a privilege. All great, all beautiful things can never be common property: pulchrum est paucorum hominum.”

    Fritz, Twilight of the Idols

    “It is hard to learn what a philosopher is because it cannot be taught: one has to “know” it, from experience–or one should have the pride not to know it. But that the whole world these days talks about things of which they can have no experience, applies most and worst to philosophers and philosophical circumstances:–a rare few know them, are allowed to know them, and all popular opinions about them are false… In the last analysis there is an order of rank to states of the soul, which corresponds with the order of rank of problems; and the highest problems mercilessly repel anyone who gets too close to them without being predestined for their solution by the height and power of their spirituality. What good does it do when nimble but ordinary minds or clumsy but sturdy mechanics and empiricists crowd around them, as happens so often these days, trying with their plebeian ambition to get close to them and into the proverbial “court of courts”! But coarse feet should never be allowed to tread such carpets: this is already taken care of by the primordial law of things; the doors remain closed to these obtrusive ones, even if they pound and pulverize their heads against them! For every high world one must be born; or spoken more clearly, one must be bred for it: the right to philosophy–this word taken in its highest sense–is conferred only by one’s origins, and ancestors and “bloodlines” are decisive here. Many generations must have done the preliminary work for the origin of a philosopher; each of his virtues has to have been individually acquired, nurtured, passed on, embodied, and not only the bold, light, delicate gait and course of his thoughts, but above all his willingness for great responsibilities, the elevation of his ruling gazes and gazing down, the feeling of being separate from the crowd and its duties and virtues, the affable protection and defense of what is misunderstood and slandered, whether god or devil…”

    Fritz, Beyond Good and Evil

    “coarse feet should never be allowed to tread such carpets”

    Whereas blankslatists/equalists believe….–


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  • George W. Bush Says:

    P. S.

    I did 9/11 on Schmittian, not Straussian, grounds.


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  • collen ryan Says:




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  • Wagner Says:

    @french theory degenerates (yeah you know who you are):

    It would be a shame if this got into the “wrong hands”:

    “A rarely mentioned but seminal citation for modern left activism is, therefore, Plato’s infamous Noble Lie or “magnificent myth” (γενναῖον ψεῦδος): in short, a Noble Lie is a false belief that “would save us, if we were persuaded by it.”3 The activist privately knows that ‘the left’ is basically non-existent but believes it can be forged into existence by nobly telling enough people that it already exists. Activists admit all of this plainly, as they often speak of the need to generate hope in the masses; this is enough to justify the articulation of any particular idea, regardless of its truth or falsity. Only today has the deceptive core of modern leftism come into sincere self-consciousness. For instance, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams argue rather explicitly that one of the tasks of ‘the left’ is to design more sophisticated lures capable of propelling atomized individuals into effective, collective motion.”

    Srnicek, Nick, and Alex Williams. Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work. London: Verso, 2016. “Lures” is somewhat cheeky, but not unfair. They specifically suggest that we should deploy utopian imagination (e.g. seductive imagery orthogonal to objective possibility; lures) to trigger in people affects such as hope, in order to mobilize them. This is justified on politically realist grounds (such affects are “necessary to any political project”), just like the Noble Lie. “By generating and channeling these affects, utopian thinking can become a spur to action, a catalyst for change; it disrupts habits and breaks down consent to the existing order. Futural thinking, extended by communications mechanisms, generates collective affects of hope that mobilize people to act on behalf of a better future — affects that are necessary to any political project.””

    A real shame!


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  • Wagner Says:

    @Choronzon, let’s stick to posting here, it will piss Land off the most.

    Yeah I keep citing a couple faggots, Crowley and Bertiaux, but they’re on to something. “Beyond good and evil” has its nasty consequences, they took the brunt of it much like the French, but if you have a strong constitution you can read them and learn from them without being infected by the dysgenic elements of their thought. This is the main thing to be gathered:

    Mike you were reticent last time I asked, your chicken-pecking pointer fingers were tired of typing; are they rested now? Would you mind describing bizarre ~paranormal~ things you’ve experienced? I want to know about those more than I want to know about your political thoughts, I feel I have a pretty good grasp of those now. You decided to live in “this world” but I request you give me your idea of the “other world”, I’m really curious. Quantum mechanics isn’t going to prove anything if people who have these experiences are hush hush about them.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I think I did end up listing most of them. the ghosts that gave us the inheritance were interesting. I was very young at the time my parents had rented a country house year round for about three years. Its now part of suburbia but in the early 60s was rural enough their were patches of woods miles wide with hidden ponds and lakes and the beach was a couple blocks, it had been a hunting lodge for a large hotel that had been on the beach at the turn of the century but burned down. It was an eclectic mix of rustic stone and pockets of rough hewn victorian. It must have had somewhat formal gardens because their was still a double arched hedgerow at the bottom of the garden through which you entered the more rustic orchard area and the house fronted the garden with a long staircase on each side of which were two of the largest most perfect walnut trees they went straight up 40 feet without a branch almost four foot across. worth more than the house i bet as lumber.
    The ghosts names were mr and mrs Newbold, we new this because the evil uncle who had been their only heir had thrown all their possessions in a shallow half way down this horseshoe driveway that must have been a half mile long. he musnt have realized It was where you entered the woods if you wanted to explore the hidden lake or skate on it in winter. My parents were playing at being the center of a literary salon from the 20s or something, to those that came of age in the 50 and 60s the 20s was their 60s to larp, if you were a child of theirs in the 60s you caught a bit of this as well.

    My dad was pretty successful artist and they both were well educated so our houses became a sort of center of cocktail parties and country weekends for a lot of dissolute artists and intellectuals. Noel coward or piaf would be playing and they would larp dorothy parker and dashiell hammett. Theatre people are wonderful story tellers and notorious name droppers, so really famous people are always referred to by their first names only or better yet a nickname. I had a little teddy bear from sir michael the sir said with an eye roll of course. they repeat these stories never once telling it the same way. Lots of commie jews of course and black jazz musicians and such, and faggots galore.My mother was british and well educated but I’ve come to suspect she changed her accent when she came to america and reinvented herself.Dad was conservative but a serious catholic they both were in a evelyn waugh sort of way quietly defiant.

    so this was like their Nearing the good life sort of place we made ice cream and battled the squirrels for those walnuts the place only was heated by these huge fireplaces. someone was always borrowing the old garden shed beyond the hedgerow that had a dilapidated model T in it to build a boat or Paint portraits.So when we discovered all this old furniture thrown off the drive it became my parents habit to rescue it piece by piece and sand it all down and then talk endlessly about it at the constant parties. because of this we had discovered the names of the previous occupants of the house, and because some of what we found were old billboards for broadway shows from the twenties and even earlier we knew they were both actors of some success.

    So when they started inviting themselves over it seemed really that we were the guests and it was we who they had invited to their country house.The first instance was just after we moved in and before we knew who they were my parents said they woke one night and a couple in evening wear were standing at the foot of their bed as if getting ready to retire themselves. It was soon after that we found out who they must be. The thing is practically everyone who came caught glimpses of them too. I once saw her looking through some trunks in the attic one of the most remarkable instances was one even about dusk my parents were having some people for the weekend and they were all on the porch overlooking the lawn enjoying the sunset when everyone heard some people talking in the garden as if they were walking by a woman kept laughing they all said they could even hear the ice in the glasses and that the sounds get louder as if they were approaching they were at first sure some neighbors were coming up to welcome the summer folk for the weekend but it was right upon them and no one was visible and then it faded off.

    Off course everyone got the idea that these two ghost actors had somehow contrived to
    to get another theatre couple to move into the house and continue the parties they had so enjoyed. And of course a ouija board was bought to communicate with them.As I said i was about 6 when all this started and really involved in two projects one was also building a boat of my own which was way too heavy and sank, actually i had a third hobby go carts, the road to the beach was down hill 2-3 blocks so i was perfecting these go carts from the old wooden milk crates with wheels from old strollers and such. But my real passion was my tree house that over the years grew to several stories high and spread out over a dozen or more trees i had found a pulley in the shed and some rope and with two more soap boxes made an elevator that scared the hell out of dad. But i was all ears at the cocktail parties even after being put to bed their were secret passages and holes in floors and walls i could eavesdrop and their was always a willing drunken adult co conspirator to help a child up to mischief so i heard all the stories.One night our quaker neighbors who had lived in the area since the 1600s and whos granny knew the newbolds were over, their teen son my hero and tween daughter my mad crush sometimes played with us he needed dad to help with a pacifist deferment for the war and these quakers drank like fish and smoked like chimneys now being in the arts more than morality business. Anyway GiGi my betrothed was over playing with us and she had a girlfriend around her age and my younger brother were all playing with the ouija board in the midst of tis cocktail party. Eventually some adults coaxed us into trying to contact the newbolds instead of the sill questions kids ask the spirits. immediately the tripod became decisive and we all accused each other of moving it and all denied. after acouple of preliminaries about who this was and all it began to spell out TREASURE HUNT FRIDAY a couple of times. The adults were a bit creeped out it was so authoritative.

    But treasure hunts are us to kids so come friday the giirls showed up and we began ransacking the house and got thrown out pretty quickly and told to go outside and play.We loved the woods and that area where all the furniture had been dumped was on the way to the small lake we called faery lake, i think GigI just made that up she liked to play with my passion for her and would exploit the gullibility a man has for his betrothed after all I was 6 7 or 8 and she was i think 11 12 and 13 at this time period so iwas at a disadvantage about how the world really was.
    we started to over turn stuff that had been thrown into the woods after we scampered down on our way to the lake. It was all tangled in vines and weeds as well as years of fallen leaves. I picked up what turned out to a small drawer that had fallen out of a hall table or nightstand. As i did what looked like a wet rag or sock wraped around something fell out. gigis friend quickly grabbed it back up and we were able despite the wet and all to see there was a packet of money under the wrap. We took off for the house as quickly as possible.

    It was all soaked together. the parents were all called and it was agreed the kids should all share equally but as the girls father turned out to be a police man and everyone else being good whites and all they also decided they had to report it. but first they set up a sunlamp and with tweezers spent the night carefully separating the bills and drying them. It summed to $4972. which was fortunate because the authorities said it only had to be held a year rather than five years if over $5K. ay first the cops tough tit might have been from a supermarket robbery for some reason but that turned out not to be the case.Ans so a year later each of us kids got our share in an account of course never to be seen again.

    I really loved that house it was the only good thing that ever happened to me in my life really and where i came to really love nature and I guess where i came to really love building things.It seems today I know this sounds like an old guy lament but I dont think todays twenty somethings could with power tools build what I was building at no more than 8 years of age, I know they can code and all but i cant help feeling there’s a helplessness about them that seriously unhealthy for the nation.
    and I had to smile reading aurelius or was it seneca and hear him describe the change over generations despairing of the youth of his day, but then he describes some hollywood elite paris hilton type to a tee being carried about in her chair coach and whining, and i realized its not old people generally its the old people that lap the decline of their civilization that actually watch the decline in real time and try to point out to younger people what the young assume is datum.

    Crowley I think i once told you while i was supposed to be studying at NYU i had this sort of loft and was supposed to contribute rent as well as pass along some family money to the landlord and have roommate to help as well but i kept spend all of the money on crank and vodka and so had to keep getting additional roommates with ready cash come the first of the month.One day one of my roomates adam brings home Roxy who he has met in washington square. Roxy is actually a native new yorker from queens of all places Trump and Archie bunker, but yopu would never know it she exotic. She’s just stepped out of a Tom robbins novel or I should say hitchhiked her way out all the way from alaska, shes been on a long quest it turns out to trace the Illuminati that has brought her back to her starting point. Roxanne arrives just as the police hit also arrives and better yet she actually is a gogo dancer The first dancer of half a dozen i will eventually know although i even today have almost never been to such a club.Roxy doesnt seem like a dancer to someone who unlike me knows they never do.In retrospect she seemed kind of like the faceless ones and dancing was one of her faces. shes pretty hot and seems immune to my charms which is attractive of course so I give the nod and take her cash and she takes the back bedroom. I learn way more than I ever wanted to know about the occult from roxy shes really intelligent and unlike most new agers sems pretty rationally grounded when not holding forth on that crap.It made you want to give it a hearing at least. Eventually she get around to crowley and i say hey i know that guy he tends bar at maxs. She says no that cant be hes long dead, but i have her on my hook now so i let out a little line and tell her definitely not dead definitly the same crowley. Of course i know my crowley is the grandson or something of her crowley, eventually i introduce them. eventually I have some hells angels over for a deal of somesort (very bad idea btw) she tells me they had a patch that said AFFA and did i know what it means i said ‘angels forever forever angels’- blood in blood out, and warn her to stay the fuck away from those guys because when someone really literally could not care less if they live they die or do twenty five to life anyone who cares about one of those things is at an extreme disadvantage. but girls will be girls, and shes on a quest and apparently crowley also has cryptically written something about AFFA. well where is this going hmm roxy brings home Joanne who it turns out was dancing at one of the clubs with the Roxstar and needed a place and happened to be from the lower east side which is where Im from and am having this crazy life thats like the 70s version of brideshead revisited. Joanne is best described as like the part her second cousin marisa tomei played in my cousin vinny, except joanne isnt acting hes the real deal her dads a minor mobster that used to drive me to school in the west village because he had to resupply his bars and movie theatres, another coincidence is Tomei was on a soap opera with my dad and joanne it turns out ominously is a former hells angel old lady though currently no owned ( even stupider than having HA to tea is dating their exes) But Joanne is priceless, I have to say youve never really experience manhood until you have actually owned a woman. It indescribable they will do ANYTHING you tell them to if you told them to slit their wrists and bleed out for you they would they aim to please. A lot of dancers are angels old ladies. Joanne had the cutest accent and was the most jealous bitch in the world but would never dare voice it to me. she would though go so far as to throw the books I was reading into the holes I had punched inthe walls because the books were her competition. and if we were in an after hours club and came back to find me talking to some chick she would witout a word start punch the shit out of the chicks face with all those big skull rings and take off her belt which was an old harley primary chain and strt beating the crap out of said bitch all this intentionally before i would be able to get out ‘joanne what the fuck are you doin” at which point she would instantly stop and look up meekly and say “Im sorry baby did yoy want her?” Oh we had fun One day ill tell you about our chelsea hotel days and robbing the sporting goods store with roxy.

    So a few years almost a decade later when im having these other experiences im sort of in the know as to where to look for an explanation I knew all about crowley gurdjieff Blavatsky Casey and hundred others none of which i wanted to know but even without Roxanne it was the 70s actually the 80s by now and discovered ( ooohhh big “coincidence” living around the corner from the original NYC theosophical society and its books shop across from my favorite NYC shop at the time an ancient arms and armour antique dealer. Im going to go out on a limb here and say while its true i have experience many things i cant explain and at times have been convinced these experiences really were “supernatural’ and now am back to a bit more agnostic but still no other explanations. I spent a lot of time looking at all that and finally conclude it was pretty much all bullshit. In fact id say Im much more likely to give credence to someone who doesn’t believe a word of that that has had experiences than anyone who has, It all contradicts itself or to the extent bits of it seem familiar to experiences I have had to much doesn’t to make me think more than its a coincidence in their lies or tey have stumbled upon something true they didn’t understand and wove it into their web of bullshit. Theres something to keep in mind when judging this stuff. there has always been a lot of wealth and power in the priest business going back to the beginning of time. so to ascribe some legitimacy to something because you have learned that it relied on something very old is a logical fallacy what almost always the case is a faker from the 21st century is weaving in a faker from the 19 century who wove in some fakery from the 17th century and so on sometimes bullshit going back a couple thousand years. there have been superstitious rich women since time began. I learned lucid dreaming and OOBE bytwo methods after it started happening spontaneously. one was chakra meditation visualization the other was a technique i actually have to admit i got from carlos castenada which was to remember to find your hand in your dream or a ring you wear. eventually when you do it will wake your conscious self while you are still asleep. from there chakra and breath are the propellants catholic upbring is the brakes. I have never noticed a golden thread or any of the other nonsense but since in some states you can materialize whatever you wish to which is lucis dreaming i can see how someone expecting a thread might materialize one.I think some have mentioned that extreme vibration that sometime comes after a parting thats not a slip but the thump type, i don’t know why thats only occasional but breath seems to interact with it. As i said in early sobriety this began i a overheard a girl talking about it too and we managed to meet outside our bodies and describe the encounter well enough i was convince we could not be lying. i once found license plates and went when i woke to confirm them and they were not exact but almost. you would think after experience like these one would never stop yet i did.Ill try and explain a bit.

    first of all part of my dark enlightenment was admitting again that while i might be a cultural catholic a sort of defiant west civ position I couldn’t intellectually believe in a personal god. in other words while a first cause crewtaer of the universe is technically as dependable as the other two a universe that spontaneously spring from absolute nothingness or a universe that has always been. No god can exist that has any morals beyond the morality of DNA and no god can exist that at anytime intervenes in the laws he may have ordained at the universe’s creation. And no artfag thats not budhism because budhism like catholicism and all the rest is full of devils and heavens and crazy superstition.So despite this I had enough latin mass an catholic school and movies like the exorcist to be superstitious despite myself. in other words that stuff kind of scares me.
    Its also a lot of work, its kind of like having to maintain this workout regimen of meditation.
    I also think I met beings out there that thought it pretty amusings that I thought there was something i might accomplish out there. At one point i think i did experience evil, i realize its a contradiction but at the time i did believe in god sort of it seemed the only explanation for things like that and AA explained how it worked in basically spiritual terms and i was finally sober after a decade of desperately trying to no avail. I have to admit my atheism might have an asterisk that say maybe a tiny bit agnostic. I prefer neat thinking and really once you open that supernatural box its a rabbit hole so like i said i really think it will all be explained by science eventually. time/space wormholes and super vibration waves or something. I have a biological aspect to my theorythat kinda ties in with some accounts, theres a veil its said that can be torn. I wonder if some are born with thin or incomplete veils and or if emotional trauma can tear these veils. It may be that we couldn’t function if we dont believe in the reality of the wavelength we are tuned into,

    The experience i describe as evil may have simply been cognitive dissonance {Though Im pretty sure that priest in the cathedral of st albans that Samhain was the devil’s handmaiden and all that pagan harvest shit on his cathedrals door wasn’t a coincidence lol.} which means if one has already a thin or damaged veil and emotional psychic baggage it may not be wise to tempt your ability to function within the reality your body is tuned to. the entities i think i met seemed to be saying in a sarcastic way i didnt belong there, ok this is embarrassing One of them asked me what i was doing there I didnt know what to say so i said what i thought was expected i said i wanted to help meaning yeah humanity, well what would you say to a deamon in a monks cowl and cloak if he caught you poking around the atral plane?Any way he sort of smirked at that like it was the stupidest thing hed ever heard. later as i was starting to wake up i overheard myself speaking to him. It might be the strangest of all my experiences. It was morning daylight i was in that proustian between sleep stage at first so my concious self was in my normal state and since i hadnt been awake long i was remembering the whole lucid dreaming i had been doing and as you know when out of body or lucid dreaming you can sort of choose which body to feel you cant really feel both at once and while you understand your awake in a dream awake meaning you know youre in your normal consciousness and will remeber what youre experiencing like any othe awake event in fact that as you experience these dream events they dont seem dream like but wake like except you can do things you cant awake, but this was a third level I had two conscious states going at one and i was eavesdropping on my lucid dreaming conscious self talking to this monk in other words i was doubly conscious and neither was subconscious but only for a minute could i sustain this. So i was able to question this monk and listen to what he was telling me and listen to the conversation as a third person AND i might ad that other third person thats always on our shoulder during the day giving the running commentary was also saying in the background ‘can you believe this youre listening to you of course that normal third person is sort of not very self conscious usually and didnt bother to include himself in the equation but i mean who the hell is that anyway. I hope i explained that well enough. it was bizzare. as i said it was not sustainable for long and the import of it sort of shocked me out of it, i mean not only was i experiencing three selves simultaneously while one was fully awake one was fully lucidly dreaming and the third was my familiar editor and the one was having a conversation with who the fuck know what. I started to lose the concentration of the conversation before it ended as if i was eavesdropping but something they said made me start thinking of something and not listen as intently so i sort of continued to hear the conversation but not understand it while i mused on what had just been said i remembered bits which i no longer do but think are written somewhere but one thing he said struck me he said desire your fears and fear your desires.
    anyway on a more philosophical logical plane I kind of concluded in addition to all the rest if i wasn’t just insane and this was all happening and implied some sort of “spiritual” reality it seemed it was illogical to disregard the larger realitys implication the reality of this reality that by its own existence and our in it and all implies we have business here not there. Wouldn’t you hate to say die and get “there” and realize”here” is the special place that you only go sometimes and you wasted it trying to get back to the mundane “there” evn it turned that there is more real than here it may be here is the only place that feels real. that ignorance is bliss and godlike knowledge is an eternal grind.

    That asshole faker physicist jew auster had me going for a minute with his so called scientific proof that not only could the universe spring from absolute nothing but one of the properties of absolute nothing is its absolute unstable state but hes just the dawkins of physics with an axe to grind about religion and despite supposedly an actual physicist hasn’t the slightest qualms about shitting all over his degrees with pseudo science to back his marxism.fucking jew science is a contradiction in terms. But it did get me thinking about models that have relatives of absolute nothing theres a amatuer scientist thats profound enough he has the ear of several degreed co authors at this point that posuting a timeless universe model of an eternal present well there’s lots of possibilities that could explain all sorts of thing to comlex for blog comments and frankly above my pay grade to investigate fucking math wish i had my grand dads math magic but im only adequate nothing thats going to unravel shit.

    you also hear of people never coming back from these experiences i have at least and you wonder about some of these possession cases that are not nigger explained.But their goes my 60s catholicism again

    I think the way to approach this shit is strictly as meditation. I really cant see how any real spiritual or religious explanation can be justified given the evidence we have. there can be no moral or interfering god just not possible unless hes an sentimental evil sob. so if i indeed met some monk it was likely just an extraterrestrial maybe from another universe but just a slob like one of us. I deride philosophy its not that i didnt really enjoy its mind puzzles despite being a mental midget but in the end i concluded if there is no god that cares then there is no philosophy thats true, all we can know of that possible god is what is written into DNA and physics and there’s nothing moral in there except in as much as all life meaning any type of ‘consciousness that any god might in theory be concerned with has this root code that says life must go on at all costs survive and replicate. from that we could anthropomorphize a philosophical “life is good” but even thats a bit of s stretch but we likes us some purpose so there it is. beyond that we can examine the mechanism and note it doesn’t vary across lifeforms, from this we can again stretch an inference that “god” gnon does not favor us or niggers or fish or viruses all have an equal chance. Land like most of us who were fawned over because of our precociousness since childhood overly values intelligence its not at all clear gnon does in fact hi entire project is how to save ourselves from nigger dominance and its just as clear our IW might be our achilles heel or the great sieve in the sky or even that a bacteria will wipe us out, so no intelligence is not good its merely a potential tool to do good (live). we can infer from the mechanism that though its not favoring any group or strategy it does rely on the individual. The random mutation can only happen within one strand one individual life of any type of or subtype of lifeform. Now its irrational yo then say this has anything at all to do with human individuality philosophically morally etc. But it does highlight that each atomic life has a sort of sacred duty to survive at all costs not in a vacuum but intrinsically against all others. Its a conundrum only an individual may hold the key to save life itself but to carry the key it must act atomically. To me this is the dark enlightenment. there is no light only darkness forever no morality no purpose no philosophy to me this is what nietzsche saw and what drove him mad, he comes in to Kant and dostoevsky and darwin and as physics is starting to hint at what einstein and Bohr would begin to demonstrate and where marx and freud and the other kikes were dragging us, he is born at the end of time and he sees it all of it at once how it all fits and how its its all over, but hes not prepared for it because hes born into the world hes brilliant and brave enough to see it and recognize it and name it but the horror drives him mad if the horse whipping story is true it makes sense that that would trigger the break.but what do i know i cant really read him with my education, maybe in retirement soon i will find some time to educate myself and really get through him. I think of him though not as the other philosophers but as the one who ended philosophy. its not that the others were stupid it was a thick veil they had to tear through it took a couple thousand years of white effort ( hahah dig it arty) to get to the reality.

    and its worth saying also here that at least as far as this little branch of life in the universe the white man as individual and as a race, what may be happening at the molecular level with our DNA all the way up in this strategy thats been patched together is what we think of as ourselves, and while i think unlike neitz we today can stare into the abyss and accept it at least some of us, we are wired in such a way we need to think we have a purpose meaning and we certainly need some rules for the group strategy we have evolved. so the efforts of many of those earlier philosophers who started out asking how should we live and end up trying to synthesize some meaning onto the abyss they are not entirely wasted efforts as long as we understand their and our constructions are only for our doublethink to get through the day or to get along within our race nation tribe family. But that these constructs can never be thought to be more that, the real is only the source code. -I personally must keep my dna alive long enough to copy itself and copy to come to age of self copy anon. amen praise Gnon. That as i keep saying this for our species or at least race ( i have my doubts about the group strategy of some races) can mean we have evolved sophisticated enough strategies ( at least temporarily ) that we can manage fairly complex plan b copy type civilizations, But every time the block chain of social contracts for mutual defense iterates the propensity for bugs to develop and forget the source code increases. This is why i think our religion to the extent we allow the term of irrational historicalism to be used our church should be the church of Gnon the nazi church so to speak or the neitzi church if you prefer. the church of no meaning only life is good the most particular life being the highest good, my life. I am god there is no morality but that that makes me manifest. and at the same time its a christian religion in as much as I am both god the particular and god of the whole body the trinity and the church or the people i am both the god that all is due and the god that sacrifices himself to the whole godhead i feed me children but may also decide to eat my children. This I think is where nazism in a stupid way was correct they understood the evolved need for meaning as well as the conflict inherent in us between the individual that must raise us up and the people that must not perish for that individual to carry through, the need for ritual bonding and myth. for self sacrifice and for hierarchy. Now i am not a neo nazi in any sense of the term i dont have a nazi fetish dont really even know a lot about them im sure they really were pretty larpy in a lot of ways and im sure i dont like authoritarianism being a libertarian at heart. But i say this because some claim we need a religion and christianity is a cucked jew religion and is antithetical to reality so its got to go despite sentimental historical attachments. Im not really suggesting we actually build synagogues to our race, but i think our zeitgiest our philosophy needs to imbue us and repeatedly remind us to come back from our group strategy to our source code and back to our group strategy . in other words keep the balance of the reality and dont go off into individualism or universalism both are heresys to gnon.


    Wagner Reply:

    Something I think that is important to keep in mind with these things is we have a will-to-forget against our will, and anything that happens to us that can’t be easily incorporated into our everyday egos is dismissed as make-believe. It’s a good thing to have, it keeps us out of the insane asylum, but it also blocks out certain truths. I read that half of schizophrenics believe they’re not schizophrenic, it’s everyone else is wrong. I wonder what percentage of schizophrenics are Actually Right?

    This is why I encourage old-timers to do psychedelics, just to remember… They tend to be very hostile to this proposition, probably because part of them knows that there is a truth that they don’t want to remember. I haven’t had a strong trip for a few years and I hardly can clench the trace that is left in my monkeymind, I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who haven’t done it for 30 years. All a bunch of adolescent bullshit seems to be the consensus. Heh I guess I have a different idea of adulthood from most people.

    You probably think all those weird things that happened to you are BS, yet, if you sit quiet with yourself for a few moments and try to think back, wasn’t it, when it happened, and in the days after it happened, Realer than real?

    All this to say, if I were retired, knowing the things I know as someone closer in time to the Experience than you, I’d be trippin all the time in my little island cottage. If you ask me, that’s what retirement is FOR. Mystical experience, beautiful book, mystical experience, beautiful book, over and over until I’m dead.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Tripping is the feeling that the experience is somehow realer than real. The experience i had that lasted several months i can only describe as feeling like tripping. It had that semi euphoric and realer than real feel 24/7 but not the complete disconnect from the reality everyone else is experiencing not hallucinating except I could go into deep meditation almost at will the way i would now pause and think about something during that period would put me into a deep meditative state sort of like a lucid dream and there i would see things or they would be revealed.the revelations were not in our way of cognition sort of grokking whole concepts.These concepts could not really be later translated into normal thinking without getting that feeling of it slipping away like something you try to remember in a dream, you could only go back to it again in that meditative state to grasp it fully again. What made this state really seem like it was realer than real besides the feeling of it was it came with physiological changes.i dropped about 30 pounds in a couple weeks which made me not emaciated but extremely lithe, I could suddenly do things physically i hadnt been able to like standing from a cross legged sitting position without uncrossing my legs or doing one handed pushups, for several weeks i only ate an occasional apple or glass of milk yet had more energy than anytime in my life, i didnt really sleep anymore i went into meditation. when it first started as the weight seemed to just evaporate my lymph glands under my arms and othe place grew to golf ball size then emptied what i supposed was all the toxins in my body out. I felt like i hummed or vibrated and as i said i remember once looking at a black plastic bag of garbage on the street and seeing that it was made of the same stuff as me and the trees. It was difficult to deal with people while i had great compassion i was sort of a target for being taken advantage of since i had this heightened sense of compassion and oneness i would give away anything asked of me until i began to see this wasnt helping them. I had zero ego no shame about anything i had ever done and no ability to lie, in fact one of the intuitions seemed to be that the way we fall into the less real reality is we lie to ourselves.I also seemed to be a bit psychic for instance i hadnt been to london since i was a ten year old but when i got there i seemed to know the city as well as new york.If i wanted a certain type of book store i seemed to know the shortest route, where the train was how to get back to the hotel after walking all day without paying attention to where i was just going places i wanted to go.

    so no, for decades afterwards i had to consider this experience not BS. Possibly because not only was it so intense but that it manifested in physical things as well and most importantly that it lasted so long, it was very hard to dismiss or forget. eventually while in london i decided i could probably safely drink alcohol in this state. and that turned out not to be true. while the alcohol didnt turn me immediately into mr hyde what seemed to happen was i became aware of evil in the world and felt like it was asking me to join that side.while the first couple months was sort of hindu buddhist like not actual religiousness but still once i felt the evil i got catholic pretty quick lol i mean it seemed the only spiritual weapons I knew of were catholic and the evil was the first time it felt like their was an autonomous force as opposed to a universal force. so it seemed confrontational.

    eventually it all subsided and i struggled a bit with alcohol another year or so and when i came into AA fully and it worked i think because i fully surrendered to it which could be a psychological/emotional process or as they claim a spiritual one or both i became sort of ”spiritual” for many years. and i started the chakra meditations after i started to spontaneously have OOBE and lucid dreams and researched them.

    I went through a hard time after my divorce and started getting mad at god and thinking how silly that would be and thinking a lot about the whole god religion concept and had to finally admit i couldn’t justify it intellectually. which i had sort of known since i was about 8 years old. The problem was although i was pretty positive their cant be a god i had had all these experiences.I mean ya gotta admit Ive had a lot of them. and i dont know if you can tell im a very grounded person, people who know me will say my fault is im aggressively logical and overly skeptical. No history of mental health issues besides these its not like i have ever been open to ‘new age’ stuff in fact even despite these experiences i remain pretty hostile to new age assertions and feel most people who claim them to be crazy nuts and liars. 99% of the stuff i read when trying to find explanations for what was happening i immediately dismissed as garbage. So as i turned atheist i sort of concluded their could be scientific understanding of this at some point in the future.I also admitted despite the intensity and all maybe i really did have a psychic break that had psychosomatic physical manifestations. I know that cant really explain it all like the ghosts and the girlfriend shouting in ancient aramaic or a dream i had about a stock which did what i dreamed (wish i could have more of those) All I can say is what I have said and that I think there are lots of possibilities of what i experienced and none can really be said to be certain.

    I used to like to trip when i was in my twenties i never found it addictive though a couple times i did do it alot for periods I don’t hallucinate easily hardly at all actually. But i think i did it enough to decide while its fun and all its not really spiritual its a brain chemistry effect. If there’s a left handed path thats me. I learned everything in my life the hard way. Im sidarthur been through it all and back where i started laughing at my folly. I would trip again wag but while i never have the desire to drink or drug anymore even occasionally bartend for a friend who owns a pub and does events with a portable bar and thinks i make a great bartender because of my personality and i like the spotlight. I have to keep a very bright line between sobriety and not sobriety and can cross it for hallucinogens. there’s also a certain high from being sober no matter what.for addicts the initial sobriety often causes whats described as a pink cloud and that i had and it also lasted several years, but there’s another sort of thing when you go through death illness divorce children’s traumas everything for decades completely sober and present to it. Consciousness is a fascinating topic

    Wagner Reply:

    That’s really weird, and I wish discussions about this kind of thing would become mainstream. It seems when people speculate about wireheading they have in mind pleasure rather than mystical awareness. The death of god could be corrected through transhumanist means.

    The trash bag example is the kind of thing that really perplexes me about all this. In the trip-state I’m a convinced animist, or as Chalmers in perhaps more legitimate language calls panpsychist. Rocks have a certain consciousness, tables, a chicken bone, etc. Consciousness is a continuum, there’s nothing that is unconscious. This is dangerous though because the masses take Monism as a spiritual justification for Equalism – just because there’s one continuum doesn’t mean there isn’t higher consciousness and lower consciousness. Anyway I digress; a few weeks after the trip I reflect on the notion of total consciousness and it just seems silly and unbelievable, but when I’m there in the trip I see the reality we’re “in” now as silly and unbelievable and I always tell myself “Don’t trust your ego self! This is the true reality! When you go back you always forget! Don’t forget again!” and I always forget… though here I am talking about this so maybe I remember a little.

    Yeah but that’s one of the fundamental things I take from N – that the problem of ZOG, woman, PoC, etc. is just the surface, the real problem is the West doesn’t believe in higher meaning anymore, i.e. that there is an order of rank between man and 6od; when that Hierarchy falls away the rest fall away too. We need secular-esque mystic types who perpetually experience a quarter of what you experienced in those months to discipline the flock to experience a tenth of that. But how to get these “priests”? Tripping, meditating, lucid dreaming, long-term monk-like immersion in spiritual texts seems like the way toward that. With technology these priests won’t look very much like the old priests, they’ll probably be more like movie directors and song writers; all it would take to change things is for a right-wing themed movie to be produced that is so good they’d have to put it on netflix and redbox, and that would therefore seep into mass-consciousness. Nietzscheanism made into a neo-gesamtkunstwerk is what I’m plotting, but first I need to be initiated into shamanism for a few years, s’why I’m planning on traveling to the jungle once I feel I’ve exhausted what I need to say here. I know a guy who’s taking the first ‘test’ for freemasonry now but honestly the freemasons seem like normies to me, only heavy entheogens can provide the kind of experiences I’m after (of the sustained, tri-weekly interdimensional variety lol). Some weird things happen to you in hyperspace Mike, if you’re only familiar with acid and shrooms and not DMT-containing plants you have no idea what I’m talking about… I hate to use this word but most of the things people in the West are so sure and proud about are complete “bogus”… When I call people monkeys I’m not being metaphorical. I have an otherwise intelligent Christian friend online who’s hostile to transhumanism and I feel like I have a couple toes in the looney bin for believing this but whites are really not the end of evolution and there are ‘plant-technologies’ available today, that can bootstrap us to further reaches of consciousness… we don’t have to develop ‘tech’ and AI for it, it’s already here, it’s been here for thousands of years, it’s just illegal in most (all?) Western countries, so I’m probably going to go to S America masked as a “save the rainforest” type and investigate these things soon.

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  • Wagner Says:

    Damn, lots of interesting things in that post. I specifically like your description of the triple-meta dream, that’s the kind of thing I want to hone. I g2g though so I’ll leave you with this video which I’ve been meaning to post, and which I declare as NRx CANON:


    collen ryan Reply:

    Here i found you a girl i think shes near you too


    collen ryan Reply:

    have you seen scorsese’s silence im watching now its pretty germane to the recents discussion


    Wagner Reply:

    That chick’s too old for me, plus, with that history she’s probably had 20 dicks in her at this point, with those looks probably more. That sticky tape analogy!

    Haven’t seen Silence, glance at the wiki it looks interesting. I think you’re largely wrong about religion and philosophy by the way. You see the catastrophe down the pike for the West so you over-emphasize Darwinism/science, that’s my sense of what’s going on with your psychology. The most glaring fact against you is that you’ve done NOTHING BUT philosophize here from day one. Philosophy and religion have bad names for being vehicles of leftism but we can have them with that sloughed off, hence what’s been happening on this site.

    Well, let’s look at this strategically. Tradcaths might be able to provide a temporary fix to shake us out of our current anti-hierarchical, anti-Absolutist weltanschuuang but long-term if we go with that we’re just going to end up with leftism again. I have a couple Christian friends on the right and they just make me wince. Jesus Christ led to all of this you fools! The last come first, the first come last, the meek shall inherit the Earth, love thy neighbor, it’s no coincidence shitlibs despite their own antitheism often appeal to WWJD as a rhetorical device. It’s because Jesus would open the borders, Jesus would say we’re all one before God, which implies women are one with us, not below us. So religion as we know it has given religion a bad name. A religion with Darwinian/Nietzschean characteristics on the other hand? Yeah Mike you larp like you are a common man with an eighth grade education, really your feigned modesty looks bad on you, knock it off. Guys like us, could we be religious, i.e. mindlessly dogmatic/ritualistic? Highly doubtful. Could we “play along” for the women, children, and dumbdumb men so that they don’t lapse into nihilism? I probably could. I’m not playing along with Christianity because I see how it reinforces leftism, but had we a Church that enforces eugenic, life-enhancing values? Yeah I easily could sit there every Sunday and politely banter with the laity and tell my kid and wife Yeah I believe all this shit, because that’s what they need to hear. Not everyone has access to freedom like we do without becoming apathetic and suicidal. Yes I despise the concept of the noble lie but if I just went up to a normie and started telling him what I really thought about thinks he’d probably become a junkie and contract AIDs from a hooker and die very shortly.


    Wagner Reply:

    *Sino-Trans Land voice* Get off my brog you hoorigans!

    collen ryan Reply:

    I saw silence on amazon prime for free and read the wikki half way through, because i watched my self get triggered first about halfway in when a jap guard lectures the priest on basically western hypocrisy. i watched myself switch to the jap side in a matter of minutes. and rewound a couple of times to see how it was done and more or less concluded scorscesse had just pushed all the a tear in the hand of an oriental man buttons the left had installed in me since the 60s. But it made me think the movie was irony wrapped in irony anon and probably the biggest was what scorsese thought he was doing and what was really happening to this neo nazi. But then i wondered maybe i misunderstand scorsese after all he did make my fave apocalypse now maybe hes a crypto reactionary or maybe he is and doesn’t know it. A little farther on in the film the priest makes a speech about truth being universal which sort of amuses the japanese inquisitor. from a reactionary perspective at least this reactionary Im “philosophically with the japanese just not for the reason scorscesse thinks i ought to be. In fact i think hes done a great case for arguing against universal truths, so great as i said a i started to wonder if he actually meant to argue against objective truth rather than just against it when whites are speaking it. It was also tying into artxnells bs and in what we had discussed and you just now brought up again his christianity hopelessly cucked. I think the movie argues it is in a very reactionary.

    I have been a trad catholic. not only raised one beginning pre V2 but later tried the tridentine route. I didnt have a bad catholic experience i came out of it thinking even while still sort of believing i believed that if you had to be a religious and an intellectual catholicism was the way to go, not that there havnt been brilliant jewish and prot theologians just catholics put a lot of fire power into defending something pretty absurd and pulled it off.That said I dont think i ever really believed I found a book on evolution as a very young child I think second grade and gave my teachers hell from then on. You just well i just dont do doublethink well. I get what youre saying that couldn’t we do doublethink for our civilization.Well i did a defended religion generally and catholicism particularly until fairly recently. On the basis that mankind was better off with religion than without it kept us civil.But deep down i knew it was a noble lie.which was my point to art that the truth shouldn’t have been told, that anyone elite enough to know the truth should have been wise enough to understand why it shouldn’t be uttered that it was in fact their duty to perpetuate the noble lie. which ties into my idea that elites must be controlled by culture as well as law.
    but red pilled you really have to get honest and ‘philosophically ‘ christianity is to the left of marxism. Its only because states have recognized this and pre industrial staes were much more powerful in relation to the individual and masses that they could translate christianity and control to some extent the church to keep the christian leftism from spiraling to its logical conclusion. but marx and the jew immigrants come to the west for a perfect storm of the transition to industry and the distributed [power that brings and so marxism can turbocharge its message with the christian legacy and the industrial revolutions stresses. But we can never go back and undue that. marxism could sustain its class warfare once the economy social systems adjusted but it never conquered the slave morality completely in fact as we know it put it back into service in marxism 2.0 multiracial redistributionist, the point being we may have adjusted economically to industrialization that doesn’t change that power is still widely distributed and we can not have the powerful masses thinking like slaves and christianity is a slave religion. even if the marxist jews were not repurposing it good whites would. we need to finish what the leftist started. It is sad it is our history and it did serve us well in many ways but things changed and so must this aspectof our culture. Its worth reiterating what i hinted at yesterday that it was so sucessful because it does trigger social genes we have and those genes can be used in a more nazi like religion which i described as rabid individual survival in service to the group survival is kind of christian like so maybe you could riff on it a bit but honestly i dont think any supernatural superstition should be lawful, special gnosticism breeds priesthoods vying with the state for power or higher authority, and unverifiable gnostic knowledge can be said to mean anything. I still know trad catholics last spring I was at ones house whos semi disabled abandoned mother. it turns out she takes communion daily, but guess what this woman delivers it, they actually asked if i wanted to receive i resisted whipping her out of the house for defiling the host lol. but you see the problem shes not a female priest just the female amazon delivery person of the pre transubstantiated eucharist for trad christians who want to take communion daily. Idaho is very religious sounds like you are from a similar area. we have a rather mixed group of the more conservative christians lots of catholics, mormons, mennonites and born agains. And yes this has kept it pretty resistant to a lot of leftism but its going to fall and soon I can see it and christianity is going to be a big reason. The way to see that is to think about how it resembles say america 100 years ago and the only way leftism then could possibly enter was through christianity well thats whats happening it cant go around so its going in. also we are starting to get some internet at speeds that are meaningful and cellular internet and even a bit of satellite tv so the cultural rot in the lowest class and the youth.
    I really come to nazism not from nazism i have reaally no knowledge of what goes on over there with the actual neo nazis, well i have read or watched a tad of spenser etc but im saying im coming from the libertarian enlightenment side to nazism because I think its the only relio cultural glue that is defendable and will work genetically, it doesnt need to be heavy handed like actual nazis but it does need to be explicitly clear that the purpose of ur nation our state our culture is the preservation of our people and that thats not just ok thats the meaning of life the torch that must be passed.

    I dont think Im actually larping the 8th grade schtick, its an actual fact i was basically thrown out of five high schools in less than two years without any giving me credit and a few years later managed to bullshit my way into NYU which is what i was supposed to be doing while i was living with the hells angels chicks and roxy, you can imagine how that ‘weekend at the college’ ended. a few more years later i bought my way into the new school for film production and again drank and drugged my way out in a semester. I don’t just cite my 8th grade degree i also cite i have several time tested about 130 IQ I know that while Im better read than a lot of doctorates i have met i am also never got the lectures and such that go with the books or read them in wrong order so missed things there have been huge advantages to not doing university mainly Im open minded. I dont think its a larp either way its just non typical and I can understand why some might dismiss me on say some writing or even not learning a field of employment thats academic so most with my iq might be less well rounded they all have at least one academic specialty that they chose often as a career i dont i went into building trades. I do know i can pass better in person than writing.

    Oh you said noble lie too well yeah thats what a lot of culture not just religion is, but while i did defend religion to keep the average joe from dying of crack and aids i thought that back when i was resigned to multiculturalism, Now I no longer think it remotely sustainable and am thining about a white nation i think we could handle non religion at this point in time we are practically there anyway it would probably be harder to reinstitute religion than finish deleting it. yes there are white that are no better than niggers. My opinion and i slum a lot is half of them are rehabitable basically victims of bad elite leadership maybe evil elite leadership. the other half i intend to eliminate PDQ. sterilize incarcerate and cut off welfare and shoot on sight if they break any laws. as i have said without the multicult we could probably chop the left tail off completely in a generation and simultaneously offer free genetic modification of all future embryos from day one so as to raise the right tail quite a bit as well. there’s always going to be a range but we will strive for greater uniformity for more efficient stable civilization. we better because east asians just do this naturally since forever.
    I dont think we need strong presbyterianism or nazism for that matter to keep the proles happy and productive we need to support them in what is good for them and us they want to work and raise families give them some healthy pastimes and things like a military tradition destroy feminism and reward tinkering in your garage on things and they will be fine.

    rohme Reply:

    the proselytized japanese villagers being crucified on foreshore and slowly drown by the rising tide was one of the greatest cinematic scenes of this decade if not this century

    apocalypse now was coppola btw

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  • collen ryan Says:

    LMAO Thats some insidious hate doubt the alt right could top that even with over dubbing. NRX thinks Disney was a prophet they have a point.


    Wagner Reply:

    Oh man, Artxell, /yourguy/ Aziz Ansari…. hahhahahahhaha

    There’s no future in the West for the Indian male. This is just karma, as I’m sure you’re aware of on a higher level than me. If you shuck the leftism now and start teaching tantra and meditation you may reincarnate as a white male, just maybe!

    Ooooh I love those synchronicities…


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Never heard of this guy, had to Google him. He’s an American-born citizen, born into an Arab (Western) religion, of Indian ethnicity. You’re an American-born citizen, born into another Western religion, probably of European ethnicity.
    You’re clutching at straws, Waggy, in a way that merely confirms acknowledgement of the defeat you and collenic merely brought upon yourselves. Trawling the entertainment culture you despise so as to flick shit-dust in my direction; from another post, no less, to which you’ve retreated; only reduces you to a peculiar self-despicability.

    On karma, 5:50


    Wagner Reply:

    “All is emptiness. You call it shitting in the street, O foolish occidental android, while I call it emptying emptiness onto emptiness. Will you ever realize the truth?”

    collen ryan Reply:

    so Arty You were born a buddhist? kind of unusual for an indian these days no? Or was there a guy you were hot for at a yoga class that was’ into buddhism’ and youve been saying youre a buddhist ever since?

    collen ryan Reply:

    hey arty youre a smart guy, maybe you can help me with the math, I cant sem to resolve the population history with the reincarnation model.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Typical! Cheeky Westerner (Occidental android) pinching (appropriating) the cultural capital of Oriental wisdom! 😉

    Regarding the Matlock, I keep an open mind. If you research into the ideas, they all stem from a 19th-century Englishman, a very good chap by the way, who was plagiarised by Mme Blavatsky and influenced the entire spectrum of 19th and 20th-century spiritual movements in the West. He also reformed the insane asylums of Britain, after being shocked by their conditions.

    Derrida’s ideas, all of them, and much more, are in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. As I’ve said before, there are more direct links, anyway. Scepticism is a direct Greek reflection of an Indian origin.

    Calling out appropriations as being appropriations is not racism. Not that you and collenic have any grounds to complain on that score, lol.
    Of course, Aurobindo was great, but he’s well known and recognised as a global figure. He was a reformer, too, I think. Auroville is named after him, I think.

    I did try to put some Buddhist philosophy, introductory book I read right at the beginning, in a comment the other day. It was too long, was busy so I didn’t break it down into smaller sections. I’ll see if I can dump it on the other post.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Notice he has link to a white guy to explain his religious pose of the week.


    Wagner Reply:

    You look into that Gene Matlock character he cited for his kangz theory? He equates Moldbug with L. Ron Hubbard when he takes that guy as a philological prophet lmao

    “Names of places in India sound like Jewish words, *therefore* Of Grammatology might as well have been written by a Haji.”

    Here’s the kind of Indian I wouldn’t mind shooting the shit with while exploring the stars:

    Arty seems like he has a PhD in anti-white racist rhetoric; all that will be good for in the coming years is as a bullseye on his forehead.

    Posted on January 14th, 2018 at 8:23 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Yeah i hit his ebonics link, it was def we niggers wuz greek philosophers look at the brothers on the pottery level shit.

    But if you look at the effort hes gone to be the self appointed nrx loyal opposition on his blog, yet he hasn’t read any of it doesnt understand it even a little, and has not yet gotten a comment by anyone you almost feel sorry for the gay gunga din, you can just see him bragging at his 7/11 job all day about his windmill heroics when he gets home and puts on his saffron sari to do battle with the fascist philosopher moldberg and his evil sidekick the dastardly land.

    the deconstructspeak .. i have never given that shit the time of day its just garbage. But if i were a nigger id be all for it I mean what else can they do. This is what comes of being too familiar with the servants.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    We’ll get some piping diagrams drawn up to help you understand Derrida. Friedrich Nietzsche is all hydraulics, more or less, so could be a good jumping off point. If you watch Brazil, there’s a lot of piping; it cinematically signifies totalitarian control. No pills required, to break out of it.


    collen ryan Reply:

    lmaorotf in fucking tears so now were quoting Blavatsky and lamenting deriida stole from the niggers. ARTY listen the fuck up derrida and all the rest our shit so its no surprise their shit and your peoples shit looks like shit, if you dont want people stealing you shit dont leave it in the street.
    Yes brazil was a funny movie as i recall back in the 70s but i was surely a bit pozzed back then.from the current years perspective its the cathedral full of deriddas in the universities NGOs and state dept shitting down your throat and telling you it will make you sound like a white man.It doesnt it makes you sound like an ghetto nigger that wants some free shit.when they were first spouting that shit it sounded like some ghetto jew niggers wanting some free shit, free shit is for the useless.

    How many times must i tell you I am done with philosophy and universal truths, the only truth i can afford to care about now is that my people are drowning in useless niggers that the jews have incited with useless derrida and w the slants are going to take advantage of the situation if they can unwind their debt bomb. after i have dislodged the useless niggers. The only philosophy i will be interested in is the particular truth of my peoples survival.

    Wagner may disagree with me but at least he understands me, you are dense and smell of ghee.
    totalitarian control is necessary for nigger control dont you understand the first fucking thing? only whites slants and jews are capable of self organization in a modern economy and slants and jews self destruct through corruption so they can only really be parasitical. It is you and derrida that argue for world govt total control because it at least feeds useless niggers like yourselves and the jews get to rule you.
    I have a simpler plan nigger eradication. just eliminate all the useless mouths and parasite breeds like slants and jews. its the alexandrian school of philosophy just take out your sword and cut the niggers in half problem solved.
    I doubt you could handle hydraulics and hydronics its too yang for hijira brain.and the guy in brazil was a tinknocker not a fitter airside totally different fluid dynamics.

    If you want to keep an open mind about the provenance of your eastern thought you ought to follow the real scientists doing genetics and genetic linguistic comparative research its looking like some white boys actually did most of the good stuff you claim then stupidly got miscegenated into your peoples niggarliness only managing to keep a modicum of caste respect for lighter skin as a proxy for intellingence that sadly doesnt seem to hold up, light indians are really no smarter than the dark ones.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Brazil was a 1980s film, not 1970s.
    Let’s talk about the provenance of your incompetence on the other post, not only yours, but all of you. There is no escape from the evidence on that webpage. You could get Nick Land to suppress it, of course. But that would only be more of an admission of your failure.
    Your low-level, cliched understandings; based on USA misunderstandings and misappropriations, circle only in an economy of dumbed-down stupidity. You already demonstrated that stupidity on the other post, in practice. That’s why you’re resorting to secondary, political justifications and aggressive invective; it covers up your blatant inability. You’re a genocidal, status-obsessed shithead, with an inferiority complex.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Seeing as you’re so insistent about the servant familiarity point, you can use the tradesman’s entrance on this blog, in future. I suppose bigots need to know their place, they feel disoriented otherwise.


    Wagner Reply:

    “You occidental androids are bigots, you irrationally despise ‘the Other’.”

    Meanwhile, back in India…

    Cousin-banging is in your blood, much like with your Jewish-masters.

    “Miscegenate, miscegenate, miscegenate”, projection, projection, projection.

    Not like I’d expect a cousin-banger-blood to understand this…


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Your fake quotes only reveal your inadequate understanding, Waggy. I didn’t say all Occidental androids were bigots. Neither did I say that despising was irrational, because any attitude has its own logic and reasoning. The attribution of ‘rationality’ or ‘irrationality’ is always supervenient on some conception of rationality and on some delimited field of its application.
    That map, if it’s even accurate, merely shows the rural, hillbilly practices of the globe. So what? To be honest, that probably characterises you and collenic. Your overall rationality is ‘inbred’ enough to suggest that. Waggy, just for your information, miscegenation is interracial relationship, not cousin-marriage. I know that you and collenic don’t speak English, being American and all, but I hope that helps.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Let’s talk about the provenance of your incompetence on the other post, not only yours, but all of you. There is no escape from the evidence on that webpage. You could get Nick Land to suppress it, of course. But that would only be more of an admission of your failure.

    @ ART
    specifics wog specifics, we keep telling you spit it out man say what it is you find untrue and what you assert is true and why the difference otherwise we can not teach you

    @ wag so i finally read the sailor piece above and was of course reminded of my incorrigible dogmatism that’s seems no incorrigible enough for the nigger yet too demotic for the whites. I have said this in many ways but Ill say it again in honor of the post we are commenting on. I think the cathedral is brilliant and pretty inevitable it just needs after we kill them and take it from them to be tweaked in a healthier direction. My insistence on democracy being the only government whites will endure when not under war powers, has always have the caveat that its nothing to worry about, hierarchy will always be preserved as long as government is good and just because white proles have a much better sense of their place in the world than your average elite, they do not pretend know how to rule they simply want to go about their business and family matters. Like all apes they have an innate and fairly accurate fairness calculator but also a fairly accurate cost benefit calculator thus they will allow more cheating than is fair because being outside the structure its all or nothing for them this is going to lessen with technological advancement though it will always be a factor.In short democracy is as the cathedral has demonstrated mostly a formality and primarily a emergency brake short of war. The evil genius of the cathedral democracy is it makes proles complicit in their own disempowerment they technically voted the bums in. The thing is what is actually good for the proles ( as opposed to what elites may have instead told them or neglected to tell them is good for them) is also good for the nation and so for the elites. cheating your livestock of their needs, any farmer can tell you is a losers game. The pigs may not be able to protest but its yourself you ultimately cheat.But the brilliance of cathedrals doesnt stop with potemkin democracy the same mechanism used to get them to vote for what needs to be voted for can be used to actually raise them to truly understand why it needs to be voted for. i know as an american its hard for us to see this with so many niggers and whites pulled down by niggerization of culture, but if you look at swiss cantons and even socialist scandinavia the electorate is capable of a fairly sophisticated nuance understanding of policy, unfortunately the nuance tends to be fairly leftist nuance because like ours their cathedral is pozzd, but the point is proles have more intellectual ability than we currently give them credit for of course this was part of the pozzing that whites cant be trusted to not be greedy racists and niggerization. Imagine what with cathedral control we could mold proles into both at the physical and intellectual level given 50 years. On the other hand moldbergs proposal to turn the cathedral over to jew techlord trillionaires seems like well the stupidest idea i ever heard and exactly where we are already heading.


    collen ryan Reply:

    @ wag
    something else i was reading also reminded me, i have claimed that a lot of leftism was bound by the historical denouement to happen, perhaps not as vindictively if we had kept the jews out or down but that because of things like the transition to industrialization and rapid information from agriculture and aristocracy we were bound to predictably decide to try certain paths, but that the fact of swinging to far or swinging at all towards these ultimately failed solutions should not be allowed to stubbornly fail to learn from them. Im sure land who is about my age was pretty fucking pozzed in the 70s, even i who discovered darwin and ayn rand really early could not help see things from a fairly liberal bias. In fact you sort of had to be really stupid or one of the smartest people on earth to not think the left had some points worth considering. if you look at the entire history of leftism sympathetically this was always the case.history presented them with problems to which leftism seemed an at least somewhat reasonable way to proceed, often it seemed to be or according to current knowledge or morality the only way to proceed. as i said above assuming that today given today’s experience and current knowledge we should make the same choices, obviously we in nrx have not made the same conclusions and its reasonable to think eventually others will not either. But it is worth keeping in mind why our more conservative great and great great grandfathers did make these choices. Often there was some truth in the liberal argument or some catch 22 in the conservative morality. We just spoke of war, it has a definite place and i have recommended a nation maintain a martial ethic, at the same time its a terrible thing not to be engaged in lightly. Moldburg justifies slavery and hes right some are only worth a bowl of gruel for what can be produced in a day but is that really a good bargain for us obviously it may have been our downfall despite the fact we are the only race to outlaw it its been an insidious entry point for the infernal jews.women’s status is a catch 22 that whites found themselves in. almost any leftist thread can be traced to something that really did need some rethinking.often the thinking became so radical because admitting reality was put off to absurd lengths which is why leftism is now a laughing stock and sure to be at its apex, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t again become the ones denying reality.

    @ artx

    so batty boy are you fully pozzd? I mean to you think you are also equal to a sub saharan nigger or do you only think your people are at least equal to europeans? come one admit it you’ve been nibbling on that red pill, I bet you even brag about what castes you’re above when among shit eaters.

    speaking of which some nigger security guards are claiming kevin spacey wouldnt acknowledge them and was overtly racist to them. That pretty cool considering he did it in front of all those hollywood libtards, I knew i liked him. But theres a question what do you do with a talented faggot. I say we allow him little nigger children vacations
    (which he was know to take)and warn him its the death penalty for exceeding those winks or admitting hes a faggot, he seemed to get the rules i just proposed but cheated and got caught. eventually we can just edit out his faggotry in vitro.

    Artx so when you can edit out you shitskin are you going to go for it? what white do you want to look like? Bette Midler?, no she was a jew and that wont do by that time.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Thats funny arty I actually have an old “tradesmen entrance” sign on the front door of my three million dollar brooklyn townhouse which makes me smiles still every time i have looked at it this past decade. When you include my untaxed benefits like IRA plans pensions Medical supplemental unemployment the whole hourly package my agents have negotiated with my employers $116. an hour double for overtime I make 211,000 a year for a 35 hour week which is really more like 30 hours in practice.And i can work as much OT as I want being a much in demand white guy. so dont think i decided to go into or stay in the trades because i had no choice, i thought about going back to university after i got sober. But honestly how many university grads can make that in a 30 hour week and if they want take six months off every year or skip year no questions asked? yes i must endure certain social aprobrium much like a nigger, i do in fact have to use servants entrances going into the buildings i work on, white women on the subways assume seeing me in my carharts i am low class and poorer than them and a great fuck. But i take my servants satisfaction that their only real skill is pushing papers around while i am basically an amatuer scientist and when the shtf i will survive and they will not. I also know because what i do is intellectually challenging and physically challenging and that idiots like yourself are earning quite a lot for absolutely nothing of value im confident Im worth every penny and actually am laughing at whats about to happen, has been happening for decades, as I and my fellow last whites age out of the guild system now overrun with incompetent affirmative action niggers who thought the union wages were because of magic union dirt not white talent so thought if they could get the jews to help them steal it they too would get wealthy instead they find they have inherited the wind as other whites question why if niggers are to do the work to nigger abilities they should pay white wages when they have to additionally nigger kit the industry, so what used to be done on the job by whites is now done in a factory in asia and niggers try and install it, even this they cant do without a white man like me to patiently guide them through half a dozen misses until they get lucky. so we will build modularly with robots and very very soon whites will wonder what the fuck are we doing with all these useless niggers in our countries. Currently most elite whites are so stupid they cant change a tire but hilariously assume a white that can must be like a nigger makes sense right, so currently all those elite whites assume niggers are building things that really whites are keeping them from destroying. once that becomes clear even goodelite whites will understand your uselessness is absolute uselessness and resent the cost ind insolence. and even if they dont they simply can not afford it anymore and will certainly resent the bread being taken out of their own mouths, so far its only prole whites and millenial whites who are being made to feel the hunger soon those kids will not be so young which is already happening.
    so yeah Ill take the servants entrance and the practical knowledge that comes with working with the real over the bullshit theoretical lies of nigger worship


    Posted on January 16th, 2018 at 1:34 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    @Mike this feminine take on war struck me:

    “How does this maek u feel?”

    Granted it may just be the RIP/sexy accent, women do see things differently than us and we should appreciate it before we smite them.

    This is the reason I could never be gay: only women give me true shit-eating grins. “I hate you! I love you!”

    Misogyny is just the natural reaction to one’s opposite. Being opposites means hating one another. If we loved one another we’d be the same, that’s what equalism wants to promote, love, sameness, rather than eternal antagonism.

    Then again, if we go with the feminine approach to war, no more sexy euro accents.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I was looking into belfast real estate last year so it makes me feel greedy, my thinking was its hard to sustain a sectarian war when god is dead. Then i realized sein feins unholy alliance with commies was morphing them into nigger importers, while still nascent and a tough sell in some ways to the irish not too hard in other ways. I think the cranberry types are stuck between two cultures they grew up in. an 800 your war of suicidal defiance against their bigger cousins and the 60s judenziest. Their biggest problem is going to be Trumps tax cuts making ireland less appealing as corporate tax haven. I was raised to hate the english occupation but had an english (albeit catholic) mother, just one of the contradictions thats made me a chronic skeptic.It turned out Im pretty nordic lol, not sure if its because we are from the normans that came to ireland or we keep marrying norman women.My grandmother was a bretting alscation which is Hallstatt proto celtic so in a sense i dont really see the distinctions and find the whole Hajinal thing much ado about little typical brit snootiness.They’re fucking celts themselves and germans are also basicall celts which makes nords celts we are all the fair people fucking poles i went to a polish catholic school for a while every fucking one is blond haired and blue eyed and has a 115 average iq. russians too. and the hajinals have to answer for greece rome byzantine and frankly half of asia minor used to be as white as greeks are. and america is total mutts. I digress.

    women and war, i dont know Im against them in our military we no longer need them fighting and i think it was always an act of desperation with bad side effects possibly what caused northern european hugh female status and euro men’s attraction to the feistiness. Im done with that going to find a italian girl that knows how to act like a woman. too old to fight these bitches.

    I dont think women are actually anti war i think the commies jews have turned them i think chicks love to watch men fight, but when men signal status by pacifism the fashion is followed by women. To some extent they worry about their husbands and children fathers must as well. Wars that go on for almost a thousand years are a drag and certainly make one wonder if subjugation wouldn’t be a better idea, its certainly been an iq shredder in ireland between the killing and exiting, americas canada’s australia’s and new zealand’s gain though which i guess is our revenge on mother england lol.

    I dont know do you think euros cant live as individual nations but in peace? one fault i find on a lot of wn and anti wn thinking is an assumption that the last 100 years or so hasnt had a lasting effect. That its the current course or a exact repeat of the old course. That seems unlikely i would think any attempt at a somewhat similar rstoration of old order would have new riffs, i doubt we would fight among ourselves at least lethal. but i also think our individual cultures have survived so well despite the jews and macdonalds ( the restaurant) that we would probably continue them if we could more so i think we have a longing for the real. maybe intra euro miscegenationers have to be shipped to america huh?


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    arty dont tell white men how to use our language, its the largest language in the world for a reason, before reading this or whatever youre referring to wag having said I too used miscegenation in the cousin sense, race “for YOUR information you fucking wog means any level of genetic discrimination and was in fact only used in the more granular sense before we so stupidly designed to notice you niggers existence. If you had read anything in that diploma mill you think was a university other than some faggot french commie jews you would have known that we whites have always commonly referred to our cousins as other races of men, which in fact they are, and calling you niggers another race ws typical white graciousness, you are IN FACT ANOTHER SPECIES. Thier is more difference genetic between niggers and whites than between all sorts of animal species have between them. Lions and tiger for instance are closer than you are to me. so dont tell us how to use our language you stupid blood woglet


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The etymology of miscegenation has to do with racial mixture.
    Cite one instance, historical, genetic, or otherwise, where members of the same ethnicity in a cousin relationship have ever been described as a ‘racial mixture’ or ‘miscegenation’.
    I agree you’re a different species than me, collenic, it’s called ‘stub born stupidia’.


    collen ryan Reply:

    READ OLD BOOKS nigger and you will see it was until the commie jew postmodernism era almost EXCLUSIVELY USED TO DISCERN BETWEEN WHITE TYPES. you see this is the problem with being a nigger meme you have no idea of the chasm of unknown unknowns in your lack of education. You can even go back to the twenties and read it used to distinguish one family from another or a class from another. Race is not a social construct it has been well understood without the genetic proofs for thousands of years, we have always understood breeding medel only got the maths part darwin the way natural process worked without white mans intervention and watson the actual mechanism or source code


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Miscegenation is a 19th-century American word, so not that old, anyway.
    And it’s explicitly to do with racial mixing, according to 19th-century ideas of race, which by then were not limited to intra-white-skinned families, tribes, peoples and nations. But even if you retroject anachronistically, mixing older conceptions with the modern word and its new conceptions, you still be wrong.
    Waggy’s critique is of inbreeding. Inbreeding is familial, not racial in either the older senses you propose, or the newer senses of ‘race’. If the cousin was of a different race, whether in the older or newer sense, ‘miscegenation’ has already occurred, anyway, and therefore redundant to use it as a distinguishing descriptor for the cousin relationship.
    So, you’re wrong on every count. Which shouldn’t really be the case with such a disciple of genetics. That doesn’t really inspire confidence in your ‘teaching abilities’ of anything at all, ‘stub born stupidia’, except genocidal bigotry and inferiority.

    collen ryan Reply:

    I can not cite you because the interweb is chock full of jew nigger propaganda about their favorite word and im not sifting through it to teach a nigger something so fucking basic, you can certainly find them admitting it has historically had that sense but what you ought to grasp alledged to be educate is until 50 years ago it would be hard to go a day without reading it used to describe very granular distinctions among whites and not in the irish are not white sense but that too. you can read novels where some rich bitch describes her particular family as her race, you can read all sorts of old speeches where race is taken in the sense of the people of england or somewheres as opposed to some other whites of another race.jesus you fucking moron its like the whole point of HBD nrx where you have been hanging out for five years how can you not yet get that we basically started from the proposition that nigger species are not even worth discussing and should instead discuss what white races can be salvaged? hajinal much blod clot dirt clod?


    Wagner Reply:

    Maybe the sense I was using the term was ambiguous (I was watching Silence, which I can see why you’d interpret as reactionary, but any movie promoting Christianity is not good for us) – I was saying, and you’ll deny it of course because you’re a dishonest person, that you implicitly demand that we miscegenate, i.e. breed with the extreme Other, while you’re a hypocrite who’s projecting as you come from one of the most Otherphobic peoples on the planet – and you denied it although it’s science, which ties back into my prediction that you can’t give me a decent response because, you have cousin-banger-blood.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    No, Waggy, I’m not demanding anything of you, implicitly or explicitly. No one is. You’re the people who are trying to impose your choices on others. Of course, there are other-phobic hillbillies in India, in the USA too, but my family is not from that background.
    Keep hallucinating your paranoid delusions, keep losing, Waggy.

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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    @wag That is the question is he promoting christianity and universal truth in silence or is he arguing against it, i suspect the truth is hes just a muddle headed doublethink that is arguing both without realizing it.


    if you are arguing for multicultural west you are arguing for miscegenation its naive to think it will not happen both genetically and culturally. it already has you are here larping a white man because liberalism has been campaigning for western hegemony for centuries. You particularly ought to get there will be no indian people if this continues. very soon niggers will be able to alter their children’s dna guess what they are going to do? thats right they are going to make themselves more white, at first just a little straighter hair and a sharper nose a shade lighter skin etc, but its going to set off a genetic race to ne niggerfy that will make leftist holiness signalling laughable in comparison. why because its the only way you can compete in the western hegemony. It may pretend it is open to all but the reality is it co evolved with and for us whites and you can never ever out white us within the context of it. Your only option to save your selves if you truly think you are worth saving is to opt out, steal what you can and see if you can evolve strategies of your own that can compete against us.
    ART this is the law of GNON listen very very very carefully. you can not game it it incorporates all games, at this point in time whites are still vastly superior at all things you value and only by becoming us can you compete within, but GNON is god of all life you do not have to compete within in fact its morally abominable from the white “positivist” empirical perspective that you have abandoned you specific evolutionary path for ours.

    white ruled multiculturalism that you worship with your false consciousness (and we rule because we just are superior not because we are oppressors) is destructive of all other races, it not only drains what little brainpower you have on your far right tails and accrued that to our economies it does even worse to you culturally than to us, to us it is only mildly degenerating our culture yours is completely destroyed exactly to the extent you choose to participate in “multiculturalism” which is in fact white culture watered down. Even worse though because we must make allowances for the talented niggers of the world and their sub animal families we must a one size fits all culture yes this niggerizes us to some extent and as said it puts you on a playing field you cant possibly sustain an advantage on but worst of all it means you can not be allowed to find some work around that suits your genetics. take the african ape for instance. If we could say insist that african apes must go to school from 4 years of age to 21 years in schools that only taught low trades that classes were 365 days a year and corporal punishment was harsh we could civilize them to a much greater extent in semi successful nigger country they do things along this line. an african nation with a model like this might be capable of extracting a better price for its natural resources and live at a reasonable standard in more dignity than a rich nigger will ever have in the usa.


    collen ryan Reply:

    In case you think the jews and slants will save you look at them they too are shucking and jiving all things white they too are done for unless they go their own way which seems unlikely. slants are about to debt bomb themselves as we do to their military what we did to the commie russians, and the jews are dangling from their own petard as we speak they are up their with a hook up their ass and a crowd is gathering below and they are trying to talk talk talk themselves out of the situation their talk talk talk got them into, arogant kikes still think they are going to negotiate its pretty fucking funny if not for the wreckage they have cause and all of your fellow niggers blood that will have to be spilled to cleanse ourselves.


    Wagner Reply:

    I didn’t like that the main mischling finally placed his foot on the image. I think he wanted people to have that reaction. Rather than giving up his principles he should have allowed his friends and himself to be tortured and martyred, that is the Christian way after all. But like I said, Christianity is dead, so this is all an allegory about Progressivism. Scorsese wanted to condition progs to endure suffering and the suffering of their fellows in order to uphold christ/prog ideals rather than give up and live silently among rightwing badpeople.


    collen ryan Reply:

    it was weird hes trying to defend universal truth which he thinks supports leftist values but at the same time not when they are protelitzing the japanese, in every other hollywood movie the inquisition is the bad guys here theyre the wise oriental that understand subjectivism except no wait we are in favor of universal truths like anti racism no wait never mind its a mystery of faith

    yeah christianity is dead it only really worked as an inter racial faith and even then cant have gnostic priests deciding who get crowned and what laws are out of compliance with a higher authority. but how the fuck to get all those christians to give up christianity


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    These oft stated hallucinations of ‘superiority’ you produce seem to be always contingent on military capability and threats of violence, nothing else. Looks like you can’t even think in what’s supposed to be your own language. You’re demonstrating your inferiority, yet again, on this post as well as the other ones. You can’t even invent any decently coherent etymological justification for Waggy’s neologistic use of ‘miscegenation’.

    Given that both of you keep confirming the truth of ‘all ambition, no ability’, as regards the All-Trite and Neoreaction, your fevered production of false assumptions, dwelt in as an exclusive habitat, is only to be expected. Every one of those assumptions, so many externalised motivational speakers engaged in propping up a central, collenic psychopathology.

    Your arguments against ‘multiculturalism’ are redundant, considering there was no promotion of any form of ‘culturalism’. You’re attributing to me all kinds of nonsense of your own invention.
    The ‘tradesman’s entrance’ thing, was a joke, not really requiring any lengthy justification or response. That you provision such, merely confirms your status-obsessions, and the kind of pathetic snobbery which is usually a corollary of inferiority, so not really any mystery there.


    collen ryan Reply:

    yes arty i am a ‘victim’ of ‘classism’ and yeah it gets to me sometimes and yeah a moron can see that which is why im prettty up front about it and not pretentious ( like some people we know)

    whether you want to credit me with a piece of the credit for western civilization is immaterial it, white people, on average are and have been the rulers of the world pretty much uninterrupted for over two thousand years. and that doesnt look like its going to change any time soon no matter which whites rule whitopia.

    people in india and china and israel wear suits speak english write in the roman alphabet, they have to learn all the stuff whites discovered to be considered educated and have the slightest chance of making their mark in their own nation or one of ours. they could not last five minutes without the technology white people invented that surrounds them. yes we can militarily crush you the united states military is bigger than the rest of the worlds militaries combined lol.But you know perfectly well thats hardly more than the icing on the cake its the result of all the other stuff,. there’s nothing we dont do better than everyone else. you all, jew, chink, towelheads, all copy everything because if you don’t you’re sitting in the mud slapping flies like the stone age chimps you were until recently when we discovered you.

    Ok sure you and other races have done some cool stuff but very little technically mostly its just you have a culture that’s interesting and your own. I get that must suck. but it is take it up with gnon. as i just told you your only real shot at the top spot is to go your own way. we have given you so much you got a big head start. what happened to all you nigger races is what we whites dream of its like some benign extra terrestrial cam ed own and gave you the next 100,000 years worth of technology. And yet … its been a several hundred years and none of you have yet capitalized on the gift your all no better than your great great grandfathers who s prized possession was some brit officers bit of uniform or hat worn like chicken george wore that bowler hat. That’s you wearing that hat when you spout that cultural marxist deconstruct garbage. you want respect go do something indian and come show us we seen that jew act for a hundred years now its a bore

    No ability all ambition ? dude im retired with a lot of money among other things i did all sorts of things in my life. the fact that i engage with other whites in political discourse about how our very able people ought to aim their ambitions is just what whites men do. wag has his whole life ahead of him he is obviously a thoughtful and intelligent young man and im sure will do great. i dont really no what you can be driving at. are you seriously saying white people will not continue to do great things? well that would be a pretty bold bit of guessing against the smart money. no art indians are very ambitious and not going anywhere that’s sort of well know and one can witness it at any 711 or london take out. I mean seriously you cant even cook your own food as well as we can, you use filthy kitchens and shit ingredients to save money and poison people, love indian food but just wont eat in any indian restaurants anymore. you cant even teach yoga to all those stupid white chicks because you’re too creepy. you invented buddhism yet no one want s indian version again too creepy always a scam involved.what can indians do besides answer phones in that accent you dont know wtf youre talking about when asked the tech questions just read from the monkey script. oh I know !!!! BOLLYWOOD! yes ok it is derivative but I like it especially that white looking bitch. so you larp a pretty good film mime.

    sigh go home arty help your people find themselves again even if you dont become players theres dignity.its pretty abominable that you can be over here larping academic when 95% of your people live like animals worse you should help them not try to be white, some commie you are


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Of course, it’s the case that India has been a basket case for 4000 years, ever since the Persians and Greeks began the process of non-stop Occidental military invasions.
    It doesn’t alter the fact that the Indus Valley Civilisation reached levels of technical and engineering advancements unequalled until 19th century British achievements, without warfare as a technology driver. It doesn’t alter the fact that major intellectual advances; the number system and zero; the Navya Nyaya roots of modern logic; and many others, supplied the basis of subsequent Western implementations.

    Of course, it’s the case that India will be riddled with scams, it has been for a long time, for 4000 years, as mentioned above. Indian religions and philosophies have been commodified into scams by the West, especially the USA, for well over a century. Indians have been occasionally involved usually in partnership with Westerners, but their involvement is out of a country thoroughly ‘scammed’ and asset-stripped by foreign interests, following the mode of necessity placed on them.

    In addition, there are plenty of things the USA doesn’t do better than anyone else, and has to hire from abroad, then calls it American, lol. So you’re talking rubbish, there. That’s not to say, there aren’t brilliant people there, too. But they wouldn’t be supporting you, the brilliance of the USA, in whatever areas, is not down to people like you. You’re just trying to hitch your wagon of inferiority to their achievements. That’s why you have to go back in history searching for allies of your ignorance.
    The very emphasis on overt militarisation you’re so fond of is precisely the blockage against further advancement. That’s directly observable in your limitations of understanding.

    My interest is not nationalistic, but purely to realise the highest possibilities available. More and more, I’ve come to realise that those possibilities originate in their strongest forms in the land and cultures of my ethnic origin. If we’re talking about Occidental achievements, I have no qualms about acknowledging the recent European contributions of the last 300 years, which are chiefly scientific and technological in nature, together with a general social commitment to scientific transformations. But the crucible of forces from which these contributions arose has been fraught with instability of a sort which prevailing Occidental outlooks are unable to navigate and powerless to control, essentially being exemplifications or effects of that instability. There is no doubt that the preparedness to engage transformation is necessary for what is to come, and insofar as that preparedness can be held to be ‘European’ or ‘American’, that cultural experience of experimentation is as valuable as any other. The future, however, requires far more than your chosen ignorance seems able to supply.

    Wagner Reply:

    RE: Occidental military might, I often think of this in connection to India:

    “The day [the 13th Dalai Lama] arrived in Lhasa he had at his heels a Chinese army, instructed to kill his ministers and lock him up in a temple. He resumed the road of exile, this time toward the south. In the dead of winter, passing through snowstorms on horseback, exhausted, he and his party reached a border post and requested the protection of two British telegraph operators whom he had directed to be awakened in the night. In this way he demonstrated that the most firmly established religious power is at the mercy of a real power based on armed force.” (The Accursed Share)

    It is sad that is the way the world is. We’d be much better off if everyone could meditate in peace without having to worry about foreign invaders lopping our heads off. You and Mike believe morality is bullshit but I don’t. I see the Brits subjugating the Indians the same way I see nerds being thrown in lockers: as contemptible behavior. This is the eternal war of Spirit vs. matter. Spirit should win but it doesn’t. It is sad that is the way the world is. I see the same war playing out today: a mass of brainwashed leftist meat vs. a minority of freespirits for whom the Planet of the Apes is being immanentized before their very eyes.

    “the fact that the Indus Valley Civilisation reached levels of technical and engineering advancements unequalled until 19th century British achievements”

    You can’t just baldly state such an extravagant claim without providing evidence. Please do.

    “the number system and zero; the Navya Nyaya roots of modern logic; and many others, supplied the basis of subsequent Western implementations”

    Again. Links? Texts meticulously sourced?

    “My interest is not nationalistic, but purely to realise the highest possibilities available.”

    Please describe in detail if you would why walls, literal or metaphor, around a country are a bad thing. If you check the crime databases there is a violent murder almost everyday committed by a Mexican who crossed the border illegally in the US. Is that something you really endorse happening?

    “If we’re talking about Occidental achievements, I have no qualms about acknowledging the recent European contributions of the last 300 years, which are chiefly scientific and technological in nature”

    How can you say that when you are manifestly a French theory nerd? (I am too somewhat, hence I quoted Bataille above).

    I’ll say again, I’d prefer if you *demonstrated* our inferiority rather than *stated* it (repeatedly) – we come here to philosophize, and if you just say things without giving any reason there’s not much to go off of.

    Wagner Reply:

    @Mike if you’re retired read N’s Twilight of the Idols, that’s the summary of his philosophy, can read it in one sitting if you wanted to. AND/or: for me his “golden year” is 1886, check out BGE and the 5th book of The Gay Science. His break with Darwin I can see you appreciating (among lots of other things). When you read him for a few hours you’ll start to see what I’m talking about when I speak of the Order of Rank. This is the wisest goy that ever lived, and everyone living today is an embarrassment compared to him.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I never said morality was “bullshit”, it just wasn’t methodologically relevant to the argument in whose context it was mentioned, at the time.

    Your contrast of British materialist subjugation and Indian spiritual submission follows the traditional division between a materialist West and a spiritual East. The fact that that traditional division has been written about right from the beginning of the rise of the West and its encounter with the Orient, is significant in itself. However, the division between spirit and matter, or even form and matter, as it comes down from Plato, is perhaps not quite the same as the corollary Oriental terms, whether Indian or Chinese. It’s an important and deep issue, a Neoreactionary blog comment probably isn’t the right area to sort it out.

    Factoids: Martial arts, was actually created in India, something I only found out around seven or eight years ago, I always thought it was a Chinese-originated thing. Apparently, there are semi-secret traditions in India, still.

    Vedic India, post IVC India, was very warlike. That changed with Ashoka, who united almost all of India, and converted to Buddhism, weary of war. I’m sure I mentioned all this a few years ago.

    I’ve had a look for the ‘Indus Valley civilisation being unequalled until 19th-century Great Britain’, but haven’t found that precise comparison on Google, yet . I’m pretty sure I got it from a British television documentary. I did find, in print, twice, an ‘unequalled until Rome’ comparison, which seems itself to be considered as unequalled until 19th-century Great Britain. So that seems to suggest three equivalences or highpoints, with dips in between where other information and techniques were gradually collected; where there were failed culminations for various reasons, within those dips; and where 19th-century Great Britain perhaps managed to break through the ‘dipping logic’, producing a modernist excess.

    I’m sure that’s a far too simple, linear history; but equally, I’m sure it’s a valid perspective from a particular kind of optic, that which arises as the result of a particular kind of focusing on particular developments. But of course there is always a lot more going on than that. By the same token, the present-contemporary is equally the intersection of a bunch of unequal developments, and can be seen through certain optics as in fact highly undeveloped in particular ways. My interest, is in all developments.

    Since writing the above, I’ve had a look for the video, which I think is on the city of Dholavira. I’ve not managed to find it yet, but gone off on a tangent looking at lots of other videos on the IVC, and the ancient world, more generally. It’s been very interesting. According to one video, the IVC were on the verge of an industrial era:

    The Indus Valley Civilization: The Masters of the River (@27:58)

    “The level of production was such that the civilisation seemed on the verge of an industrial era.

    We have a fairly good idea of the strength of their economy. The great cities of the Indus especially Harappa and Mohenjodaro had well-developed crafts that produced items only this civilisation could make, like particular types of near-industrial ceramics, not to mention all that’s been lost. The Indus civilisation must’ve produced a lot of textiles, of food processed using the technologies of the time. No traces remain of all that, everything disappeared. But today, some of its products would qualify as industrial-quality, merchants hung them around the neck and they were widely used.”

    The number system, zero, and Navya Nyaya roots of modern logic, are all very well documented, and we all live within their effects. Why would you need citations for these? It’s fairly basic information, usually known before people start making cultural and historical pronouncements. You want, I should teach you the alphabet next, memsahib?

    Why are you talking about walls? I didn’t say anything about walls.

    The demonstrations have been of your incompetencies, inabilities; they didn’t concern historical achievements. They were direct demonstrations on the page, as it were, not requiring any reference as such, historical or otherwise.

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  • collen ryan Says:

    Hey Nick, heres looking at you kid.


    Posted on January 16th, 2018 at 11:55 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    I dont think morals are bulshit exactly i say they are really cooperative strategies that we evolved to survive. as we became more successful and had more excess resources we developed more complex survival contracts. the danger is we can lose track of their order of succession rights and worse we forget what we were even doing and start to think of them as you say as “morals”. of course that enshrinement is part of the strategy to prevent defection so it’s not bad in itself but when we only remember the holiness part and not the purpose or the order then we are dysgenetically entangled. Im probably not smart enough to do this but someone ought to be able to work out if there’s a limit to how far out these contracts can extend.Its true my guy tells me not far at all really to you that, i could be wrong and haven’t actually tried to work it out. except to say that there must be a point where you are no longer backing up a copy that’s not very close to you but close enough for the resources risk you allocate and another curve where that same genome can also be seen as your likely competitor and so what you are actually doing is keeping your competitor alive another day. which is why I suspect its nation based.

    Now wag moral is a pretty loose word and so is ‘good’ even animals may save another species they find in trouble if it seems to be very low risk and is not a known competitor. Im sure we both feel this is somehow moral and good. and i could even say well since life is good is the whole of the law wanton disregard is usually bad, but again we get to that same laffer curve where could helping the kitty in the tree be like some butterfly effect that hurts you, im sure its not but im not sure i would interfere in england dominating india. I wouldn’t dominate india for the hell of it but i might if i needed to i might if i thought they might well become a threat in the future. So now we are in your territory of morality specifically say the preemptive war that pope ratzinger okd, but while ill agree it could be called a “moral question” I would disagree with most people’s idea of why and how to decide it. to me its clearly a question of the one morality, my life is good and should be preserved and replicated. so whether to go to war with india preemptively relies on the answer to that or some iteration of that like my life and its ability to be replicated depends on my honoring the contract I have made with my co ethnats for mutual defense. what if i thought the decision wrong but my co ethnats insisted it was right well some would say i had a moral duty to oppose and defect, I would say unless i could be sure that their wrong decision was more likely to cause them and myself more harm than my defection would then i had a moral duty to the one moral to not defect and go to war with india even thinking it wrong. you can see how morals that become universals differ from those that are specific interests. I dont see how we can say anything is good that does not proceed from my one moral, unless we appeal to religious or cultural norms but cant you see that that would be starting in the middle of the process of morality creation. how did those religions philosophies and customs come to be? and if you want to go down rhomes path you can keep going and start asking how can we even discuss this without knowing is there is a there, but again this is ultimately a question of how did our life form develop its senses and consciousness and how does that interplay with how we think we perceive the world reality, and all of that started with some amino acids and a simple code it doesn’t matter all the stuff in between because we cant transcend the source code praise we are really no better off than the first graphite life forms. and trust me they didn’t need to ask if there is there.
    at the other end of this we can also say well is music good is ok yoga good? my guess is they would be here if they were not, but thats not to say yoga is good for us or mozart is good for arty because that we cant say has been a long studied combination and those combinations didnt co evolve. but the cross cultural contamination issue aside what of say music or a million other things that seem sort of innocuous and superfluous to the prime directive my life is good i must preserve it and replicate it. Is it possible some things are neutral, its an interesting question Im guessing no something as universal as music is surely not superficial and even something really trivial if you could do the infinite chaos math is probably either a net good or bad but may be too small effect to worry much about in fact worrying about them probably more costly than they would be. but what of turning the tortoise over or not. again it probably doesnt really matter, but we could be fairly certain tortoises are not going to outcompete us for resources so stooping to righ the tortoise if nothing else may reinforce in us that life is good and that is good for our life to reinforce, but if we forget why life is good and extrapolate flipping tortoises to feeding africans and curing malaria is that a good idea? so i may right a tortoise but not a human? ok probably true but that doesn’t necessarily mean i would say enslave or wantonly kill a nigger i might or might not sure probably i wouldnt probably i would say england are you sure you want o get involved over their in india think of all the things that could go wrong. so niggers are starving in biafra, well they were before idiots fed them, it was horrible i know this will go on forever would i allow an animal to suffer like that, would eliminating africa be an act of kindness like turning the tortoise right side up, hmm i have shot suffering animals on the other hand africans are not quite that suffering and if they are never going to be a threat as long as i dont start feeding them then maybe ill leave them alone. could i intervene safely and say cull them to 250k that could lve much better lives while never becoming a threat that might be a thing to do like righting a turtle it costs me nothing. or does it start to work on my evolved human mess of a patched code and i cant stop with just culling them and start teaching them shit maybe i can trisk turning them over.

    go tell me where there’s some morality that not either derived from the one moral or just made up or rather not so much made up but rather derived then forgotten its provenance an distortedly mistaken for whole cloth moral


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    @ wag
    yes i will try to get to that i ordered some of him again a few months ago i may need some cliff notes though was pretty tough when i skimmed itill dig it out and see what i ordered. I was looking for the starting point are their any good critics of him i might find easier to start with. it was something about the syntax i found difficult.
    @ arty

    India is one of the worlds more successful cultures i wouldn’t be ashamed to be an indian bu t hey im not ashamed to be irish so take that with a grain of saffron. I already said i think you guys are far more interesting than east asians, not really qualified to say which of you accomplished more but not to be mean compared to euros its a drop in the bucket, and you may be right that they kept invading you i think thats what kept ireland down cause they do well outside ireland but maybe im being a nigger lol. my name means we wuz little kangs lol. its kind of mean to say things like the zero thing is a myth or exaggerated whatever the case india’s done better than the vast majority of nations and even if the ancient indians were white- ish the ancient whites were niggers lol so the salient point is youre brown now and that culture over their is yours now and its kinda shitty in a lot of ways but kinda kool in others i really think its worth your while to stop larping white and go find your path i really think you have a slight chance of winning and at good chance of at least surviving. you have zero chance in euro nations. there is no way to have a little diversity and more than a few percent is ruinous to us and everyone’s realized it. BTW you niggers sort of brought this shit on by all that kill whitey talk did you really think you could start talking about white privilege in white nations and not be asked to leave before we kill you? hers some advice – don’t listen to jews they are no one’s friends.


    Wagner Reply:

    “don’t listen to jews they are no one’s friends.”

    Imagine Bullshitter Land saying that. It’s the truth and he’s a philosopher and yet – well it seems he’s a theologian more so.

    “i may need some cliff notes though was pretty tough”

    This is what I mean by feigned modesty. Spend 3 hours doing nothing but reading Twilight of the Idols very slowly and you will see what I’m talking about. If you see a sentence you don’t understand read it 3 more times, very conscientiously, don’t read it like you read a newspaper or cerealbox, read it with a meditative mindset, word by word. You want these boys to go to war with guns; I don’t think you see that if they learned Nietzsche they could clobber all opposition very easily.


    Wagner Reply:

    I wish I could recommend a secondary text to you but when I think back, all the ones I’ve read are just really sad compared to N. There’s been a sharp decline since his time, even Heidegger sux.

    The way it worked for me was, I read BGE at 17 and didn’t understand even 1% of what I read; it just takes re-reading, it’s as simple as that.

    Dunno if you’ll be fazed by him really, you’re pretty worldly wise as it is – he may just be a philosopher for younger guys, Idk – but he’ll surely introduce you to concepts you haven’t thought of before and that you can use to screw with the heads of commies.

    Commies don’t know what to do with him to this very day, 2018. I read a new blog post from the coward Vince Garton and his trick is to conflate N with Spinoza’s Deleuze… might as well put a muzzle on him lmao pathetic.


    Wagner Reply:

    Deluge’s Schpeenotsa. Sorry, just woke up. (Plus Garton has a forcefield around him rendering him somewhat impervious to attack).

    Speaking of this thoughtsphere, I’ve been reading Foucault’s Madness and Civilization and I guess I’m glad it was written rather than not.

    “Madness is the punishment of a disorderly and useless science.”

    *shniff* ironic jish ij coming from je pozboy par exchellence

    collen ryan Reply:

    yes i have found that when i look for Ns explanation no one seems to know what he said or if they do they cant say it any better.

    Re Foucault and co as i said about historical context and leftism impeccable timing, that leftism ideas were bound to be given a shot because there were problems that needed adjusted thinking. Someone was bound to shout the emperor’s values are subjective sooner or later. The left big problem is not their lies but their inability to see their truths proper proportion in relation to larger truths.The christians are pretty right in their critique of the lefts inability to understand mans fallen condition and accept utopia is simply not possible, arty the buddha cant accept suffering. Now i say the christians concept of the fall is in reality DNA patches upon patches ad infinitem. and even if we could philosophically conceive a perfect philosophy which the left thinks it has we simply cant run it on our hardware.This is why I also criticize right wing nrx utopian schemes if you have no history of anything similar to your program running on our software wtf makes them think it will run any better than marxism. I don’t know if anything is truly sustainable. but i think as you lower you expectations of the programs capabilities you increase the likelihood you can claim a success..

    collen ryan Reply:

    In fairness the jews are right minded and it is we that are in error. They like every other race have particularist truths and morals, we developed a universal system within our euro ghetto and it worked pretty well like christianity the altruism accrued intra thede, it worked so well we began to spread throughout the world. and our nations began to attract outsiders.even that wasnt too big of a problem pre nanny state and pre marx. The insidious thing about the jews is they pretend they believe the universalist morality and even use christianity against us but they only selectively apply universalist morals when they are good for the jews, or bad for whites which is the same thing to them. Its complicated by the fact they look like us and share a lot of our historical cultural this makes their ploy deadly effective.I have said before while the east asians will be a much bigger threat given their numbers, the fact that they dont look like us or share a god etc is going to make it harder for them to pull of the jew game. If 50% of our elites in wealth and power metrics were east asian it wouldn’t be unnoticed the way jews are. But yes other races are being used by the jews for jewish interests yet have convinced these others they are allies.

    I dont know i want a gun war but i am saying unless you convince the left you can and will and will prevail at it the left will not give up power. moldburg seems to think if we simply wait at some point the left will give up and we nrx will somehow find ourselves in charge thats absurd. the left will never give up and if they would the group that has forced them to will assume power. There’s a lot of ways to force. Trump is trying to force them to give up power by taking the power legally his and basically saying are you willing to unlawfully take the power back what do you think will happen. so far hey are trying to pretend to be within the law.or at least that the riots and terrorism is unsanctioned.war is a horrible thing everyone knows it so the threat of it is often enough, also moves that tilt the outcome of a war in your favor. say you could free the internet and other communications, they could not be shut down without shutting down your own, they could not be censored decoded or traced, basically parity with the cathedral in information communication. The left would understand that in a real war this is going to be huge against them they just lost their queen. these types of things make opponents sue for peace but only if they think an actual war is likely. How many angry white guys in the street does that take, what do those white guys have to do in the street, probably just stand there if there’s enough.its all going to depend on all sorts of things like which white guys what else do they do do they report terrorists or say they saw nothing are these guys also cops or suits. a million things that boil down to a calculation of how would the war go down. the people on the sidelines come into play because they are needed for support if they think a war i likely and likely to be horrible and protracted they may pressure one side to surrender by withdrawing support. I guess im saying my point with nrx and war is if you go into a negotiation with war off the table you’re going nowhere.nrx goes beyond this they also take politics off the table. even if the cathedral collapsed tomorrow nrx is not assuming power of anything,power always comes down to superior violence capacity , this violence ability can be created intellectually better weapons the wealth to hire guns geography whatever but it has to be reducible to force ability. why ? just ask nrx when it comes to AI they get it; because if you don’t someone else is willing because my life is good and i must survive to replicate.


    collen ryan Reply:

    “The insidious thing about the jews is they pretend they believe the universalist morality and even use christianity against us but they only selectively apply universalist morals when they are good for the jews, or bad for whites which is the same thing to them. Its complicated by the fact they look like us and share a lot of our historical cultural this makes their ploy deadly effective”

    Now christianity claims all men are brothers in christ and god would prefer we sacrifice ourselves to the other in fact the least-er the other and the most-er the sacrificer the better, it also claims gnostic knowledge that the world is no real but an afterlife they know of is.
    The enlightenment really only claims men own themselves and have a god given right to be left alone that no man is naturally another’s master.

    Ironically christianity doesn’t take a position on this except to say if you dont treat your slave like your brother you’re bad you are left up to your own assumptions about whether you can benignly enslave your brother.

    christianity is clearly dysgenic and irrational evil though because of circumstances it actually did us some good for a long time.

    Enlightenment clearly has to lose its universalist claims but can it be maintained intra thede. Is there something within it that has been our edge, do it themes seem to appear over a long enough euro time span to suspect its biologic, that its not another scheme of philosophers but rather is simply explicitly stating what has been our evolved strategy, if so has the environment changed, if so is it better to change the environment or the strategy, Do we really have the choice to change strategies evolved over millennia? is it possible to change the multicultural environment, maybe we find ourselves within a genetic cul de sac

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    No, the evidence doesn’t point to ancient Indians ‘being whitish’. The IVC were dark-skinned.
    When you talk about a ‘drop in the bucket’, that doesn’t really specify what kind of bucket it is, whether it’s a bucket of quantity or quality; a bucket of originations or appropriations; et cetera. That’s not to say that ‘appropriations’ can’t be clever and useful developments in their own right. That’s not to say that ‘originations’ are not enabled by prior ‘appropriations’, et cetera.

    If we do a cultural cost accounting, it would be interesting to look at what cultures produce the most innovations with the least expenditure of resources. A few years back I mentioned the ‘Kerala model’ which has been so successful, the Swiss have begun to follow it. It provisions the highest quality-of-life at the lowest cost. Kerala has the highest rate of literacy in India, free healthcare and education, producing highly qualified, highly skilled, citizens, too.

    I haven’t talked about killing anyone, why would you think that; that’s your thing, you always go on about it? It’s obvious that the USA continues to have a ‘white privilege’ factor, that is so obvious to everyone outside of the USA. And yes, it’s obvious that anti-Semitic scapegoating hasn’t gone away either, judging by your recommendation.
    I listen to everyone, but I don’t follow anyone.
    Most people just want to get on with their lives, they don’t need unnecessary agitation and scaremongering. If you haven’t put any energies into promoting your own culture, that could explain your fear of other cultures.

    This is hilarious –


    rohme Reply:

    from wiki (i’m lazy)

    The protection of animals in India became serious business by the time of the Maurya dynasty; being the first empire to provide a unified political entity in India, the attitude of the Mauryas towards forests, their denizens, and fauna in general is of interest.[citation needed]

    The Mauryas firstly looked at forests as resources. For them, the most important forest product was the elephant. Military might in those times depended not only upon horses and men but also battle-elephants; these played a role in the defeat of Seleucus, one of Alexander’s former generals. The Mauryas sought to preserve supplies of elephants since it was cheaper and took less time to catch, tame and train wild elephants than to raise them. Kautilya’s Arthashastra contains not only maxims on ancient statecraft, but also unambiguously specifies the responsibilities of officials such as the Protector of the Elephant Forests.[61]

    On the border of the forest, he should establish a forest for elephants guarded by foresters. The Office of the Chief Elephant Forester should with the help of guards protect the elephants in any terrain. The slaying of an elephant is punishable by death.

    — Arthashastra
    The Mauryas also designated separate forests to protect supplies of timber, as well as lions and tigers for skins. Elsewhere the Protector of Animals also worked to eliminate thieves, tigers and other predators to render the woods safe for grazing cattle.[citation needed]

    The Mauryas valued certain forest tracts in strategic or economic terms and instituted curbs and control measures over them. They regarded all forest tribes with distrust and controlled them with bribery and political subjugation. They employed some of them, the food-gatherers or aranyaca to guard borders and trap animals. The sometimes tense and conflict-ridden relationship nevertheless enabled the Mauryas to guard their vast empire.[62]

    When Ashoka embraced Buddhism in the latter part of his reign, he brought about significant changes in his style of governance, which included providing protection to fauna, and even relinquished the royal hunt. He was the first ruler in history[not in citation given] to advocate conservation measures for wildlife and even had rules inscribed in stone edicts. The edicts proclaim that many followed the king’s example in giving up the slaughter of animals; one of them proudly states:


    collen ryan Reply:

    LOL america has a white privilege problem that the world is aware of ? You are so addle brained you cant even here how stupid that sounds. what if i told you India has a brown privilege problem the world is aware of? america is a white nation it has a nigger immigration problem that was deliberately engineered by jews that calculated they would be better off in america if they brought in more non whites. They did a lot of other damaging things they thought would be good for the jews. and so when they are called on it or when this behavior that they have been doing in nations they attach themselves to for thousands of years is discussed as the jewish question its hardly scapegoating as you sya its simply understanding and discussing what is to be done.

    kerala is just another commie initiative redistribute wealth and power to people who didn’t earn it. oh it has the “novel” innovation of not keeping the books on the cost- yeah like any commie nation keeps hanest books. Art you’re just a run of the mill commie complete with ethnic resentment and deconstruct speak gobbledygook bullshit to try and make people think its well conceived because they too intimidated by that absurd syntax and misuse of words to question you academic credentials. Ps everyone was dark skinned the evidence that i read about seemed to say ancient indians were not the same people as today’s indians but more like the people from who europeans descend. That may or may not mean they were at that point lighter skinned than indians are today.and it wasn’t conclusive. but it was genetic not from the commie controlled anthropologic field

    not sure what you mean about killing people did i say if you don’t understand multiculturalism in white nations is soft genocide well it i think genocide warrants war of course i do don’t you. but yes i also am of the mind that once you really understand that we are all in competition it becomes irresponsible to allow other races to expand beyond small game preserves and no i dont think killing is immoral as you no i dont think there is such a thing as right and wrong only what’s good for me and whats no.It might be good for me to contract to not kill my close relatives and stick to that contract, i do in fact think that’s probably true. that doesn’t make it “moral” it makes it good for me which is the only good that is valid. I am fairly certain it is not good for me for niggers to continue to exist on my planet beyond small herds in game parks. I could be wrong and am open to argument to the contrary. so far you have convinced me i am right


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    America is not a ‘white nation’, it was a land of Mongoloid peoples; the USA was a European-created nation displacing the native Mongoloids from their lands through genocide. In case you hadn’t noticed, African slaves were brought over to the USA by Europeans, not by Jewish people. So your shit head is talking shit again, no surprise.
    If it wasn’t for Jewish trade networks, Britain would have remained an isolated island. Cromwell brought the formerly expelled Jews back into England in order to avail himself of Jewish finance.

    Here’s a quote from Jerry Pournelle, who some call a right-wing extremist:

    “And note well — Europe has always been the most densely populated area of the Earth; far more so than Latin America or Asia. Latin America, in fact, is almost under-populated compared to Europe.”

    Pournelle, Jerry (2011-04-22). A Step Farther Out (Kindle Locations 891-893). Jerry Pournelle. Kindle Edition.

    If we use your logic, you would say Pournelle’s statement implies that Europeans have spread around the world like a plague. And a lot of the time they did that spreading through genocide. Obviously, that’s why they hallucinate it so much. They’re looking in the mirror.

    Regarding Kerala, the Swiss obviously disagree with you, as do many others who aren’t insane. You’ve got communists on the brain, lol.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’ve already stated that it’s your planet, and you can do what you like. So what difference does it make where anyone goes, given that you threaten genocide whatever their locations?

    Given a history in which non-European people were actually located in their own countries, quite happily, without such nativist location providing any security against genocide, what difference does it make where anyone goes, given that you threaten the same old genocide, whatever the location?

    Given US foreign policy of the last five or six decades; destabilising foreign governments through coups and covert means in order to economically drain foreign countries of their resources and wealth; given that you’re not proposing anything different to that arrangement, yet you complain of the same arrangement with respect to yourself and your own interests, at the least hint that you or ‘your people’ might be victims of said arrangement; why the hell should anyone listen to your ramblings of hypocrisy, or the rest of you in the USA?

    Basically, you morons turn everything into a static business of superficial and cliched exchanges that never get resolved, whatever the politicisation. The irresolution is a deliberate profiteering within constraints of a fundamental poverty of invention. It’s a money-driven mania of dogmatic proliferations.

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  • collen ryan Says:


    Yes ayahuasca is after my time and it does sound like it produces a much different experience than the many other hallucinogens i have used. Wag take this for what you will but I think no only did i take enough hallucinogens to conclude the experience is not actually realer than real, i similarly kind of concluded the same thing about my non drug induced experience. Its not that both cant be useful. but with the drug we know its definitely just hacking the brain chemistry with the other im not so sure its not the same thing happening organically. While im tripping or having an experience the physics of the world are not changing if anything its become harder for me to objectively observe them this of course goes to rhomes and your philosophers is there a there crap. in my book thats getting into how our consciousness and senses evolved and operate to experience the world and not a matter of philosophical semantics. If you cant answer the question is there a there you need more and better experiments and less talk not more talk. That said until we resolve classical and quantum its hard to say exactly we may be misperceiving reality and so what reality is, however we have made a lot of progress understanding many of the misperceptions of reality we have and how that may affect how we think of reality and how other lifeforms might understand it differently, or as you point out how “crazy” people perceive it. I understand how tempting it is to poke around in these alternative realities Im just a bit skeptical its more than rose colored glass and even if not its a distraction from what we are here to experience.


    rohme Reply:

    there there not hard russell bertrand’s paradox no set of all sets could belong to a set of itself zermelo’s theory
    there exists a null set 0 without any elements axiom of infinity there exists a set that contains the null set there is a determination (negation) of infinity infinity is not determination it is not “there-rifiable” godel’s theorem one can have complete indeterminacy or incomplete determinacy


    collen ryan Reply:

    so you do have a sense of humor you got your Bertrands confused unless that’s another obscure joke within the joke that i missed


    rohme Reply:

    lol you missed nothing the joke is on me my ‘betrands are confused’

    Wagner Reply:

    Hey that doesn’t look like intra-atomization, that looks like pair-bonding. *Sgt. Hartman “Are you a peter-puffer?” voice* ARE YOU A PAIR-BONDER?

    Ha I called it Mike, I knew you thought aya is child’s play to be put away. Read what I said again: you’ve forgotten. There’s only one way to remember, I’m sure you can find something, you seem like you have what real-lifers call “connections”.

    P. D. Mangan tells people to drink milk, the weightlifter frogs tell each other to eat carrots…


    Smoke or eat DMT and you will meet God.

    “Rose-colored glasses” my ass, frankly. That’s what THIS reality is. We are monkeys! You concede that, Mike, and I’m telling you this is the way to see through and above our current evolutionary phase.


    collen ryan Reply:

    aya doesn’t sound like childs play it sounds very intense and i wish i could try it but gotta stay sober. Castenada describes things besides peyote that might have had dmt in it. Though i tend to think hes a fraud he also seems to have the descriptions that closest matched things I experienced as well as the best “scientific” explanation, which was basically youre training your mind like a receiver to tune into different realities. I wonder if he really lucked into some genuine practices but somehow fucked up and started making parts up.Theyre a fun read at least back in the 70s they seemed to be. The moment that months long change in perception happened i was reading a book that was not something i would have normally read. I had played hooky from work that day I was struggling desperately with alcoholism and had been dry a few weeks but could feel my resolve deteriorating the stress I have wondered might have ‘torn the veil’ i went to one of the NYU bookstores and sat under this tree in washington square park. The book had a cool title i still like and which i still think is actually another way of saying don’t lie to your self. it was titled if you meet the buddha on the road kill him. I have since looked through the book to see what magical passages transformed me, but it just seems new agey run of the the time as i was reading it it took on deep meaning as things do when tripping. This is what i mean by rose colored glasses.take the books title. In this state one can readily understand its deeper meaning its metaphor but while tripping i think thats just seems to be much more significant. Its worth noting tripping turns you into a liberal. everyone becomes your brother in buddha white mens empirical thinking becomes samsara, you may realize its all the same but you still favor non violence and are incapable of productive work.As i said it probably better as an occasional contrast.have you ever tried to journal while tripping you will disappointed.Theres really no reason to think that our feeling that the experience is significant or more real is more than the effect of drugs in our brain in fact we have good reason to think it is because even alcohol and other drugs often give us the same sensation of brilliance insite etc but despite a lot of alcoholic writers none i know of were actually able to write anything of value while actually drunk or high except Auden and if you count sartre who both wrote on speed. some of the non drug experiences people have are not accompanied by that euphoric feeling and might be something else. Obviously i dont know anything for sure, i am still undecided about my own experiences it just that i went from being certain they were significant to un certain. mainly i had to admit there was at least some possibility i had a psychic break with physical symptoms.In some ways the question might come down to would the world be better if we were all in that state all the time.well maybe if the worlds meaningless whats he harm it it gives us happiness and we can still survive. I have my doubts we could still survive if not in the garden of eden. you certainly won’t survive long if absolutely everyone is not also in that state including the wild animals. above our evolutionary phase huh? that’s exactly what we hippies used to say and you can still find our grandkids larping us in crunchy towns across america that basically have decided to act like they are tripping between trips.And yeah they think they have evolved to the next level the Uriah Heeps will tell you so, ‘ever so umbly’ They have “let go” of all our bourgeois attachments to things like cleanliness, productive work, discerning thinking. They used to call me the rock n roll republican because even as a youth i was ultra conservative but had hair down my back and looked sort of like .. i dont know a viking or a 70s rock star despite being all enlightened they could let go of their attachment that conservatives had to look a certain way.I like hippie chicks though until they really start to annoy me but at first they seem really feminine not the hard core ones with hairly legs and dreads though the 70s ones but they’re to old now.


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  • collen ryan Says:


    ah yes of course you’re right coppola. it was a good film but i wouldn’t give it that much credit in fact i think apocalypse fits your cinematography bill much better. although Ill ay apocalypse isn’t as tableau cinematographic as kinetically cinemagraphic. watching a huey unload playmates is not as stunning out of context as it is in context.the same with many of the scenes its their contrast to what’s going on that gives the hyper reality feel of apocalypse and much of that era.


    collen ryan Reply:



    rohme Reply:

    although Ill ay apocalypse isn’t as tableau cinematographic as kinetically cinema graphic

    great point, i enjoyed apocalypse hundreds of times as a kid probably for that kinetic aspect alone, i remember the playmates, hyperreal is a great word


    collen ryan Reply:

    ikm watching lawrence of arabia again which is pretty cinematic but theres only so much one can do with a desert or its inhabitants, however i when you made that comment i thought about other nominations and his dr zhivago i think is up there though i think Tolstoy not pasternak and lean should get the credit


    rohme Reply:

    i’ve never seen lawrence of arabia or doctor zhivago! i know, a faux pas for a supposed cinema-lover. maybe i’ll watch one tonight. have you ever seen sergei bondarchuk’s war and peace? if not i highly recommend that when you have some free time, at least research it online to see if you’d be interested. although it’s long it’s immaculate. i never read war and peace but i’ve been told despite the length it’s written in such a way that you can’t put it down

    rohme Reply:

    i’ve just been informed by someone in-the-know that claude rains performance is impressive, so i’ll watch lawrence tonight, let you know what i think

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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan don’t think I have but my memories bad these days,No wait Im pretty sure i did it came out in parts in new york a long time ago you had to go different nights cant remember where that was. Hmm ill look it up. I like tolstoy have you read his confession?

    you like difficult films huh, have you seen The Turin Horse ( wag its about Nietzsche horse kinda) or one one my favorites last year at Marienbad ( wag talk about altered states)


    collen ryan Reply:

    and russian ark?


    rohme Reply:

    yes your memory is perfect that was how it was released in new york

    i do know if i like difficult films as much as monumental. honestly, i think i prefer esther williams’ aqua-musicals over most “Cinema”

    marienbad – you mean, ‘last year in marienbad’? if that’s the movie then oh man that was tedium! too clever for me and i’m a mawkish commie pseudo intellectual!

    now, the restaurant scene from jacques tati’s playtime, that’s joyful. i like movies with a spark in them.

    how about who’s afraid of virginia woolf, you’ve seen that, richard burton? nobody could act like him, i heard he used to recite eloisa to abelard with cotton balls and marbles in his mouth..

    russian ark i’d like to see, turin horse too.

    if you want something a little more ‘hardcore’, i recommend gaspar noe’s i stand alone, in fact i think you’d love it: the protagonist is a homicidal, homophobic, racist french ex-butcher.

    it’s in-your-face filmmaking and by the end you’ll be destroyed, i also guarantee it. the character’s last act is despicable but equally so desperate you’ll feel relieved by the restraint and tenderness he shows in comparison to what he could have really done that it’s perversely heartwarming – truly a mind-fucking experience; the first time watching that.


    Wagner Reply:

    It really is sad that the Rohmes and Artxells will have to be exiled (or worse), it’s just such a waste of IQ, but I guess what needs to be done needs to be done.

    Hate to break it to you guys but The Godfather and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are among the top 5 greatest movies ever, their high-ratings are warranted, call me a democrat. Hipster mentality taken to its ultimate conclusion claims breathing air is conformist therefore not punk but I somewhat like air.

    This is going to make people very jealous but I just started watching X-Files a month ago and it’s probably the best show out there imo, don’t you wish you could watch it again without having watched it the first time? Sucks to be you (I mean that).

    collen ryan Reply:

    Whos afraid of Virginia wolf is a great film and i can attest extremely accurate it was my childhood, Burton of course knew his subject. night of the iguana is another from that era/ genre i love. Turin Horse is like a fucking Bertolt Brecht play, Russian ark is wonderful though its experimental its one long unbroken take and was the first and only take.
    @ wag
    Those are also very great films I kind of hate numbering great films because there are really a lot of great films and to give any one of them a number less than ten seems to misrepresent their value. I do tend to agree that movies are better than films. While there have been some pure ‘films’ I have enjoyed i kind of think films like everything else in life should serve its intended purpose which is not giving me bragging rights for self torture.However if i inadvertently sit through one I’m not above getting whatever credit i can for the effort. Some movies are also films and to me that’s what makes them great works of art. Im pretty much like this about everything from painting to philosophy to politics.

    arts got no IQ he just is a good mime of that french jew crap he hasn’t gotten the first clue about whats being discussed he just parrots back the garbage his jew professor taught him in his affirmative action university. Rhome I dont know what motivates these guys we know the entire cathedral is run by the smartest guys in whiteland and yet they are prescribing their own and our death. the ones like the clintons and soros you figure they’re in it for the wealth and power, I suppose rhomes like a neocon correlative some childhood trauma fixated him on some aspect of his life that communism seemed to salve and so hes marshaled his talents in its defense ever since never really questioning. Honestly of all the questions we in nrx ponder rhomes why is to me the most perplexing why do intelligent people become leftists, molburg seems to think its mostly because other intelligent people did before them.Im sure thats part of it, as is the idea its a sort of religious enthusiasm ( which BTW on the topic of altered states is another variety have you read william james yet wag) and of course theres my locker stuffing resentment theory which is im sure a motivation for some. None seems to satisfy me but thats probably because my minds never worked that way, i simply cant ignore reality. its not that i cant be partisan if i feel one path is the better choice though its got some problems even problems the opposition points too. But leftism is clearly the end of the world who wants that. i dont even get valuing others over myself WTF is that about? Well we know what its about WAG its about someone read too much philosophy and was convinced there were “TRUTHS” and pledged ones life and sacred honor to defend those truths even if it meant self destruction. We have those types on the right and on the left. except the ones on the right truths usually are defending truths that align a bit better with their actual interests and actually sacrifice their real lives where the lefts truths are pretty other centered and they usually prefer to manipulate others into doing the real life sacrificing, but that’s nitpicking the commonality they both find theoretical values higher than reality because someone wrote something before they could be shot.

    Posted on January 19th, 2018 at 1:06 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Welp we can expect Land to up the ante on the lies from here on out.

    The closer he gets to muh Dr. Gno the more outsideness turns inside out – this is axiomatic, fight me.

    Land: “Hmm Truth or shoes?”

    $ $


    collen ryan Reply:

    Dr Gno I like that, he just has this naughty

    In some ways haidt and peterson are a bigger threat than trump all are going to try and interrupt the restoration trump at least isnt intentional and has a trajectory that will either lead to monarchy or fascism if not derailed into neocuckism again. haidt and peterson are nice and reasonable yes i read them and cheer them but lets be clear while they may currently be heading in the right direction we all know they are going to get off the train at all men are created equal

    Land will retwit this
    “I strongly oppose actual democracy, to the point where I would be willing to go to war to prevent it.” and wag and all of you will here here it. But when i looked around at the real world outside moldburgia i see every elite is a communist and they are using there commie propaganda cathedral to counter the democracy of white proles who stupidly vote against more communism.And so while i separately understand hierarchy is great organizational tool, it really seems to have nothing to do with the problem we are actually having. The stupid proles have been so intransigent at the stupid demotive polls the elite aristocracy has brought in ringers from the third world to outvote them. Now i suppose it could be argued that if not for democracy the elites wouldn’t have had to resort to immigrants to enforce communism. But i think thats quite a stretch. i think elites were always going to bring in immigrants because whites rejected communism when elites tried for 100 years to enforce it and elites realized to get communism they would have to bring in useless mouths who would actually do better under it and who were not genetically averse to totalitarianism. This all seems so fucking clear that one starts to wonder if these so called reationaries against democracy are really not commie jews attempting another ploy. If i could press a button and take the votes away from all but the cog elites i would be living in san francisco where moldburg chooses to live. what am I missing.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Heres a bit of the stuff that makes me think i know the real nigger deal. So like all brooklynites my delimen are yemini. As with all niggers i am very upfront with them about my views and as usual its appreciated if not agreed with.Despite having told them repeatedly everyone needs to go back to their own country one in particular has ben lobbying me to vouchase his application to have his family brought over. Part of the process is a upstanding white guy needs to say you’re a good nigger. I wont do it but he keeps asking and i keep inquiring how its going because trumps policies have been one of the topics we discuss.Since trump got through the courts its taken a turn for the worse for his plan because yemin is on the shithole list because of the arab israeli shit no one understands. well you cant understand it unless you go to the its good for you know who and cant have that can we. So last week I asked hows the process going and he said our niggers in immigration have been unofficially advising him to re submit his application using another country. In other words our affirmative action niggers and no doubt at the direction of their jew bosses at immigration instead of upholding the law are suggesting ways to break the law that they will then conspire with.The plan is to have his family cross a border and then apply to have them immigrate as another nationality. Now living among all types of niggers my whole life and having their confidence i hear all sorts of shit like this that few whites know of. Did you know most of the IRS are niggers and so having a name like Inowanna Paywhiteystaxes is a good way to be sure you will not be scrutinized about having so many dependents because irs niggers understand black families are different and need to be treated different, so if you have the black tax preparer in the hood supply you with soc sec numbers for all the ‘dependents’ because well your real dependents are collecting welfare and that would reduce you refund er tax credit. Then hey it takes a village. I had one guy who asked me to decipher an irs letter for him bring me his tax returns. so he was working off the books for a jew most of his hours and claiming dependents that were really being raised and supported by there mothers on various caribbean islands. when i asked how he could claim non us citizens as dependents he said that they were citizens because what caribbeans do is take the ferry to puerto rico when its time to have the niglet and not only do you get the free medical but citizenship as well then you take the ferry back and collect welfare in a foreign nation and write the niglet off of the baby daddys whos never seen the kid taxes so he gets a child credit that means though he worked off the books 90% of his hours and paid a few hundred in taxes hes getting like $5000 back from the govt. lol niggers meaning all non whites have hundreds of these types of scams that the jews know all about but few whites have any clue of. If there’s a scam you can orchestrate by being an employee of a large company niggers have it covered everything from insurance scams medical scams fraudulent gift cards and returns and exchanges, farm loans car loans, passing tests and getting licenses you wouldn’t believe the level and ubiquitousness of nigger scamming. it doesn’t matter how educated or wealthy they all do it and all feel entitled to do it.Holder and Obama did it.the jews are masters of this shit.


    Wagner Reply:

    “As with all niggers i am very upfront with them about my views and as usual its appreciated if not agreed with.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I’d have to see a video to believe this.

    “You’re a dirtclod, need to be put into a game park.”

    *he smiles and nods his head*


    collen ryan Reply:

    they know they’re niggers wag if anything they resent liberals pretending otherwise. try being honest with them youll see it does take a sort of presence especially with the african ones they have to think they cant intimidate you. Think about it this way they are not brainwashed with leftism so to them this all seems like some crazy dream they expect to wake up from.

    Posted on January 19th, 2018 at 4:22 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Rhome maybe you could actually explain you did finally admit youre a commie which im sure you were sort of exaggerating a bit or not. but youre a smart guy certainly well educated which i thinks the problem but deign to speak in language a steamfitter can understand and without defense just try and explain your motivation that those on the right cant seem to grasp the why of. why champion say the stupid of the world but find my own higher stupidity infuriating. One would think one who hated stupidity would hate it in degree to its depth. Now its true you could turn this on me and say I am hating on the low and the high which is usually the argument against me. I say i hate neither i just cant afford to live with the low and while i agree the high ought to be able to do a better job of solving that and other problems in reality they seem to be the ones causing the problems and saying im stupid for seeing it as a problem. so its not the high per se but how todays highs are acting that i object to.

    so rhome why be a communist do you think there’s moral duties to the low you must paternally defend, or that the only practical solution is too horrible and impractical that we must make do and hope for a miracle? if so what do you say to those who say that staying the leftist course will lead to the end of advanced civilization and therefore cause more suffering in the long run? any thoughts on the various theories of why elites adopt leftism?


    Wagner Reply:

    I’m also interested in hearing Rohme’s answers to these questions.

    And yeah you’re probably right Artxell is just a thoughtless gibsmedat mime; in an alternate reality he’s probably a great teacher of Buddhism though.


    collen ryan Reply:

    my guess is if rhome or any of them could resist the urge to get defensive the answer ha to be he finds things to be self evident and this is why i rant against the philosophers. everyone smart right or left seems to have found some clever wag thats convinced him of some morality or other and that the preservation of this truth is more important in the long run than life in the short run particularly if they can get others to do the dying in its defense. another reason i like war it sort of separates the posuers from the psychopaths,and i think when a man is defending his own life and his peoples lives he can pretty certain hes on the right side. I have been one of those guys and am still accused of being a muh white constutution talk to muh musket type. but im not I mean sure if i could edit the constitution a bit get rid of the all men being equal and stuff i say its a halfway decent contract for some white guys but Im not going to say ill die for its universal truth, the only truth ill die for is my particular truth my life is good. I know its fucking hard we are white men we philosophize we solve problems we must have a theory of everything. I want one too give me one i cant tear apart ill die for it.


    collen ryan Reply:

    funny jungle bunny

    Wagner Reply:

    A vid you posted that makes me crack up from time to time is the one of the white guy living under a bridge with an elaborate pull-out bed, and books, and dresser and whatnot.

    Yeah, that’s the Christian thing to do, live under bridges so the apes can live in our houses.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    It’s interesting that you think the guy in the video is funny, because he’s actually putting your arguments – taking what he wants – into practice. Of course, he failed miserably. But that doesn’t alter the fact that his reasoning is exactly the same as yours.

    rohme Reply:

    “why champion say the stupid of the world but find my own higher stupidity infuriating..”

    We are all stupid. Stupidity is the condition for learning. One must be stupid to learn. Learning is the elucidation of an error. Every proof is the counter-proof to an error.

    why be a communist do you think there’s moral duties to the low you must paternally defend, or that the only practical solution is too horrible and impractical that we must make do and hope for a miracle?”

    What you impute as the ‘Communist Objective’ is more properly the domain of learning. Communism does not aspire to eliminate stupidity, but stupidity is eliminated in aspiring toward communism. I’m unsure on whether you’ve slogged through Marx but when he said, “The point is, however, to change it.” ‘it’ being the world, he meant one thing only: Accelerate!

    “if so what do you say to those who say that staying the leftist course will lead to the end of advanced civilization and therefore cause more suffering in the long run?”

    Now’s the time to extricate acceleration from leftism.

    Isn’t it a curious fact, Mike, that the Bolsheviks, in a short period of time, transformed an extremely backward, semi-feudal country into one of the most advanced industrial nations on Earth? Where there were more engineers and technicians than America, Britain, France, Germany and Japan had combined? The CIA

    Isn’t it a curious fact that, in the first Five Year Plan, the Soviet economy saw a rate of growth of 25% per annum?

    Land, from a post titled ‘Decline Frame’.

    “Elementary cybernetics predicts that if productivity is recycled into productivity, the outcome is an explosive process of increasing returns. Insofar as history is not manifesting accelerating productivity, therefore, it can be assumed that social circuitry is being fed through non-productive, and anti-productive links. Techno-commercial Modernity is being squandered on (Neo-Puritan) Progressivism. In the West, at least, that is what is getting worse.”

    The problem, Land is saying, is that the progressives are saying “We’ve accelerated enough, time for communism.” Land is saying “No, we’ve not. The time is nought. Such a thing would lead to the ruin of advanced civilization. Stagnation is death. Look at post-Stalinist Russia!” LOLOL

    “any thoughts on the various theories of why elites adopt leftism?

    The end of feudalism, the rise of the merchant class, democratic reforms, Christianity, take your pick.

    Wagner Reply:

    I guess I’m a commie in the sense that I see that many capitalists are mosquitos of men who screw people over. I just think people deserve fair pay for their labor, call it communism or call it fairism, people shouldn’t be screwed by greedy scumbags. So maybe we can find common ground on this.

    This though is why I tend to disassociate myself from commies:

    “We are all stupid.”

    Would you please answer the question I put to Artxell earlier? Does nothing rub you the wrong way about the prospect of 68 IQ Somalians replacing India’s avg 82 IQ population? What about 68 IQ Somalians replacing 102 IQ Italy?

    Posted on January 19th, 2018 at 2:00 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan



    collen ryan Reply:

    from la wik kerala model

    More precisely, the Kerala model has been defined as:

    A set of high material quality-of-life indicators coinciding with low per-capita incomes, both distributed across nearly the entire population of Kerala.
    A set of wealth and resource redistribution programmes that have largely brought about the high material quality-of-life indicators.
    High levels of political participation and activism among ordinary people along with substantial numbers of dedicated leaders at all levels. Kerala’s mass activism and committed cadre were able to function within a largely democratic structure, which their activism has served to reinforce.[2]

    now listen carefully you stupid fucking nigger “A set of wealth and resource redistribution programmes” thays communism. ok so kerala is a shit hole within a shithole and you are just another shit brain telling us how great hugo chavez innovations are going to turn out. The solution to the nigger problem is let nature take its course and reduce niggers to a size that can be supported with the minimal brainpower they have. these plans to have whites pay to support niggers lead to more niggers surviving and having yet more niggers and eventually out growing the ability of whites supporting them at which point instead of a couple hundred thousand niggers dying a year from stupidity a few billions are going to die.

    youre an idiot regarding the american indians they expanded into north america as you admit from mongolia they constantly genocided each other until we also expanded into north america and accommodated them as best they would allow there are in fact more red niggers in the us than during pre columbian times, living out west i know a lot and even go to many pow wows since we have common cause with the scourge of alcoholism. I have never met a one that wishes they were still living as they once did and have listened at least a dozen times to them make jokes to that effect. Theyre a pretty dumb ass group on the whole even more violent than black niggers which is probably the best thing you can say about them is they are always up for a fight. which is of course why we had to kill a lot of them but they have bounced back under our welfare. yeah their old culture was mostly lost and as an actual multiculturalist i think that regrettable and why i would reduce all the nigger varieties to game park sized herds culling the westernized ones and removing all western tech from them. basically reducing all non whites to pre colonization game preserves. but you like the prairie niggers want white stuff they want pickup trucks and to drink sterno you want to larp rhome


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [Collenic] “@collen ryan


    {AK}: You seem to be talking to yourself again, collenic. Bit of an identity crisis? Looks like you’re a schizophrenic as well as a psychopath.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’ll be pleased to know that Indians invented democracy before the Greeks, so of course you’re going to be happy to give that up.

    You have to give up the number system; a lot of mathematics, most of it really; logic, though that won’t be any loss to you; most of your philosophy, except the stupidest ones; you’ll have to give all of that up, and a lot more, probably, if you want to be culturally pure according to the achievements of your ‘people’.
    You’ll have to recalibrate a lot of your machinery, of course, as well as borrowed cultures in your purge.

    India would not really be so badly affected.
    Every day, you continue to confirm, with your prodigious ignorance, the phrase “All ambition, but no ability”.


    collen ryan Reply:

    art your imbecilic mind is full of a lot of jew bullshit they implanted in you to help them do battle with whites, you didn’t invent shit in maths I dont love democracy only say whites and only whites seem to be genetically predisposed to it, if india had it earlier bully for you well its not really something to brag about its a matter of does it or doesnt it match ones genetics, id say its a poor fit for all nigger races, its not even great for whites but it how we are.In a nigger country like india it would e like oh wait youre using it now so thats what it does in a nigger nation-shit.

    genocide yeah that’s called evolution the better selected take what they need, the english needed some tea and sapphires i guess who gives a fuck. what is you convoluted thought ? why do i care where you live if i still own everything, well arty i own pigs on my barony and i don’t let them out of the areas i decided they should stay in. Or is the question why should you pigs stay where i want you if i’m going to kill you anyway. well speaking logically to a pig for what its worth because you have a better chance of living longer and better if you do as you’re told, i dont go out of my way to turn totoises pigs or wogs over in the midday sun, i dont currently need india to do anything but contain itself, so theres that. philosophically putting myself in the hoofs of a wog? yeah sure you should have a another salt rebellion and claim you wrote walden pond and invented civil disobedience and play your genetic cards for all they are worth, in fact if you think playing the jews game is your best chance of your genetic cards lasting long enough to draw an inside straight its your absolute duty to Gnon to life to dre I say it humanity to fight like hell to dominate the universe.Im just not betting any money on that, if i were an indian i would back the jew play because well the jews always lose in the end, and because frankly by some metrics you have out done the jews. But its really none of my business Gnon has given me my own cards to play, your commie jew version of universal truth and morality has no more pull on me than jeffersons. it burns calories to stoop down and flip over a turtle for sheer mischief, im more likely to right a turtle simply to reinforce in my own mind that life is good and my own life is therefore best.I have said that when one looks very long term both forward and backward one does ask why the fuck we still have niggers on our planet, shouldnt we think about at least reducing them to manageable numbers to reduce their own suffering because life is good and to unclutter our minds and take away sob stories for commie whites like rhome to use to wreck shit, i also say while its very far fetched that say India will outstruggle us its more than zero so while we have the advantage isnt it logical to preemptively make that zero. It may be a bit nitpicky but I like to be exact.most people though im sure would be fine with indian just staying in india and starving themselves down to a population where they needn’t be a bother and an eyesore to us whites. so ide say your best shot is to do that and quietly try to build a strategy before we decide we need more tea or something


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    As expected, you have no argument, except USA military power, which is larger than the rest of the world’s combined, but which isn’t actually yours to command. So you have no argument.
    Actually, obviously Indian mathematicians invented a lot of mathematics, which Europeans consistently misunderstood, taking centuries to catch up. That catching up is still going on today, with Ramanujan’s work. And in terms of philosophies of difference, that was all done in India, too, well over a 1000 years before the contemporary French representations which you were erroneously complain about as as Communist. It’s getting rather boring having to make allowances for your stupidity. Your cultural knowledge, alone, is incredibly impoverished.


    collen ryan Reply:

    why do you keep trying to conflate me with the usa and your former colonial masters, the usa and great britain etal are my enemies they are communist nations trying to kill my people. There’s nothing up there about my using the usa to do anything but the usa before zog lol was a white country and because of that it can do anything it want militarily as i have told you that sort of power is a result of intelligence and other traits not something that can spring up despite a lack of them. it wasnt even an argument it was the clarification you required when you misquoted me as wantonly violent to you wogs i merely stated any violence i might decide on would be based on the sensible principle of self interest, in fact i explicitly pointed out few of my fellow whites are as practically minded and if you kept your head down you would probably go unmolested.your reading comprehension is really terrible art. Ramanujan lmao oh i see you have been mucking about on (((netflix))) sigh for someone who wants to get all mathematical on my steamfitting ass you really dont seem to get the first thing about statistics.Has anyone here ever claimed every last indian was a moron, have i not admitted i myself a white man am only a couple of measly Sds above average well three above the indian average. No Art Im sure india has some exceptional minds, not you of course. If it makes you feel any better your northern neighbor who is much more intelligent ON AVERAGE is also in my little ghetto, there are all sorts of traits besides intelligence and basically in the end it doesn’t really even have to do with the objectionable traits so much as I think I ought to be allowed a country of my own and one cant have a country of ones own when its full of niggers can one no matter how great these niggers might be they are not well europeans.As Wag has asked you a dozen time art whats so fucking hard about that to understand? we are just tired of your company and wish to be left alone go home already you have overstayed your welcome simple we need some alone time some space we are tired of having company and being forced to be polite and not notice you stink of ghee and are stupid and corrupt that youre stealing from us and being rude and cheating and all the rest GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE

    collen ryan Reply:

    from Vox it reminded me of you

    A Peace Corps volunteer confirms that the choice facing the West is a simple one between inside plumbing and shit in the streets:
    Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town. Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health. That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, “a fecalized environment.”

    In plain English: s— is everywhere. People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust – onto you, your clothes, your food, the water. He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch water. Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure.

    Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a few decades later, liberals would be pushing the lie that Western civilization is no better than a third-world country. Or would teach two generations of our kids that loving your own culture and wanting to preserve it are racism.

    Last time I was in Paris, I saw a beautiful African woman in a grand boubou have her child defecate on the sidewalk next to Notre Dame Cathedral. The French police officer, ten steps from her, turned his head not to see.

    I have seen. I am not turning my head and pretending unpleasant things are not true.

    Senegal was not a hellhole. Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures’ terms. But they are not our terms. The excrement is the least of it. Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible.

    collen ryan Reply:

    art I have to remind you, you have yet to answer the question does your equalism go both ways do you assert you are equal to an african nigger? or do you assert you are only equal to a white and we are both the betters of an african nigger? what caste are you and do you brag about being a higher caste than lower ones when you are not being watched by euros? tell the truth arty its really clear you think youre better than lots of people.How do you explain ideas low average IQ is it because essentially theres are many races in india and some are really unintelligent but you are of a race that is high IQ?

    Wagner Reply:

    It’s weird we both still expect him to actually answer our questions.

    Do you think he consciously lies to us or does he lie to himself?

    He calls us inferior in one breath and in the next denies hierarchy as such (hierarchy being the existence of inferior/superior). Everything is constructed unless it supports his leftist politics–leftist politics which, according to him, he doesn’t have.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Talking about “honest monkey’s wages” sounds a little moralistic in the world of taking that you promote. If you’re quite happy to take from others, destroying what they have, your talking about honesty can only be hypocrisy. Don’t whine.
    What exactly have you ‘built’? You seem to be getting rather sentimental and proprietorial about arrangements you built out of scavenged and stolen ideas and resources. Why the fuck should anyone care, really? Is anyone taking your personal stuff? No.

    It’s kind of unfortunate that the USA and Britain are your enemies, considering you live in the USA.

    The vaunted military power of the current USA is based on a host of factors, not merely the cherry-picked data points you’re trying to enshrine as an unquestioned exceptionalism. But even if we allow that enshrinement, you’ve already stated that the current USA is your enemy.
    Your alleged “sensible principle of self-interest”, which you now offer so humbly, was based on an explicit claim to ownership of the entire planet; and genocide of the majority of non-whites, except for the consignment of a handful to game reserves.
    Now it seems that you’ve lowered your horizons and are seeking out a mere country of your own. But why are you telling me? I’m not in the USA, nor do I own any countries to give you.

    Your problem is that the country you live in is your enemy, and really it was never your country anyway. In all likelihood, you were unwanted criminal rejects from Europe, anyway. Nobody wants you. No one cares about the self-interest of a genocidal, stupid prat such as yourself.

    There is a musician from Senegal who lives locally. He’s very popular and well-liked, here, most countries would rather have him than you. He doesn’t shit in the street. Nor is he a shithead.

    I never claimed any ‘equalism’, so your questions are irrelevant.

    collen ryan Reply:

    @collen ryan

    art if you think your genetic strategy is best expressed in whining for your supper gnon bless you if the nigger in the videa thinks robbery is his best option gnon be with him.I think you would both be better off in your own countries doing nigger things but you disagree and thats going to have consequences. you dont think so you think multiculturalism is just getting warmed up. good on ya bloke. we shall see won’t we. If Im so wrong in my prediction that we have passed peak multiculturalism id love to know why you have been slumming it over here on an NRX blog for half a decade trying to get noticed. did you think we hadnt had leftism explained well enough yet and you were just the wog to make nick understand leftism is the real truth?

    Youre an idiot you dont even know what youre doing here do you? well we do you’re trying to get away from the stench of your own people, you’re larping (((whitey))). its sad youre a house nigger an uncle tom offay hiyella nigga a false consciousness nigga. taking is honest whining is faggotry. reification of names nigga reification. whining for sympathy from those you hate because they remeind you of your stench is faggot dishonesty. the robbing nigger is at least honest he hates and hes going to do what he needs to get his. even when he begs for mercy its at least genuine fear of prison. you are dishonest in ever fibre of your soulless black animal least the starving fly swatting indians are being indians youre just an ape in a costume whining for bananas. I know you know this is true its why you cant stop coming back for more abuse. just stop it. leave this blog and never come back leave england ithates you it raped your nation stop larping english go home and learn to be a man

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Producing the same tired invective doesn’t mask your inferiority. “All ambition, but no ability.”
    All you do is talk about yourself, it’s really boring, US Americans do too much of that. Keep doing it, keep losing.

    Wagner Reply:

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Said Waggy, with his microscopic (re) cognition.

    collen ryan Reply:

    My inferiority is beside any point worth discussing here,we are talking about large groups here you fucking moron, its been five years and you dense little shit brain have still not grasped the central insight of reaction -GROUP AVERAGES ARE REAL AND THEY MATTER. It doesn’t matter if you were Ramanujan himself and I was the mouth breathing white trash imbecile Rhome suspects, it changes nothing. No art I don’t talk about myself here unless asked about myself as wag and others have occasionally done. It is you like a typical jew trained commie that repeatedly tries to personalize what i assert, and forces me to reiterate where the line between my assertions and peron were clearly delineated.We still have no idea WTF you are doing here, you haven’t read a shred of reaction yet have trolled this blog for half a decade whining about racism and commism. we dont give a fucking shit about your tired old disgraced ideologies. we know for a fact the poor are poor because they are inferior and nigger races are inferior and women are inferior these things are not fucking debatable communism leads to economic collapse these are facts. And yet despite all evidence you keep mindlessly parroting what some stupid fucking jew has installed in your worthless chimp brain. GO THE FUCK AWAY WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY WE HAVE HEARD THAT BULLSHIT FOR DECADES AND WATCHED IT WRECK THE WORLD.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Statistical data can be insightful, but equally, are fraught with interpretational difficulty. A statistical reading is a datum requiring consideration, not simplistic, religious adherence. Context is everything. I’ve dealt with these areas over the years, to various degrees. It’s nothing new. If that’s your core argument, you’re going to lose again. Your problem is inadequate ability, which is why you fixate so much. You don’t really have a clue, do you. You stated that your IQ is only 130, could be the reason.

    collen ryan Reply:

    “Statistical data can be insightful, but equally, are fraught with interpretational difficulty.” well yeah arty we get that its baked in. But go ahead and tell the class why these “interpretational difficulties” make alowwing nigers into white nations, giving women power, or universal elections in the interest of the white men who built these nations. because arty its been five years and not anly have you failed to understand what we think you have failed to express what you think, besides that you’re a resentful little nigger that is desperate for land to pat you on the head.

    Wagner Reply:

    “Statistical data can be insightful, but equally, are fraught with interpretational difficulty”

    Go on….

    If you’re going to assert something, back it up.

    Do you care if 68 IQ Somalians replace India’s avg 82 IQ population? Why or why not.

    Posted on January 19th, 2018 at 3:50 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    yes he is and i respect him for that a lot more than i respect you for whining for your supper didn’t i just say at least the good kind of indians are always up for a fight? Didn’t i just say i not only support you safron niggers putting up as good a fight as you can, haven’t i always said gnon is gnon, forget niggers cockroaches might conquer the universe.But art what is good in life? To crush your enemies…. well that pavement ape was crushed and thats funny yes i can also salute those about to die at least trying to live, but i was in the mood for a laugh. My high minded side has repeatedly given fatherly advice to you that you should fee this place where you are at a disadvantage and will always be a monkey whining for his super or trying to steal and getting his hand caught in the coconut. But you are a lazy little monkey that doesn’t want to make an honest monkeys wages in the jungle you would rather live off the jews stipends for wrecking what the white man builds. One day like the ape in the video you will wish you had left when you could have, and I will be laughing, when that day comes I want you to perk up your little monkey ears and listen for my laugh


    Posted on January 19th, 2018 at 7:39 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    I shouldn’t bother but im bored and procrastinating some shit Id rather not do so trolling arty between net waves amuses me slightly.

    to answer the question, to me its a much lower order of the same question i ask rhome and myself for several decades why why why, as dumb as arty is hes bright enough to know indians very well that commism is a scam and why he wants to live in someone else’s country, im sure he knows perfectly well hes personally selective about all sorts of things. so on some level Im sure hes asked himself why am I such a fucking lying hypocrite. and the answer is either cause i hate those white bitches who humiliated my people, or some jew professor pozzd my brain when i first realized my people had been humiliated and i actually think commism is rational cuz im a really stupid person and cant do maths. But even if its commism its still tribal just some sort of class tribe that conveniently includes his race tribe. which is why rhome has to be smoking some ayahuasca on a regular basis unless hes secretly getting paid by clinton or soros or hes a jew, cuz rhome if hes really a smart white guy has nothing to gain and everything to lose from commism and multiracial redistributionism, unless hes deciding based on psych issues like nerd resentment rabid individualism etc still sems to me like taking cyanide for a headache though


    Wagner Reply:

    I wish I could say that, I’m just dying of loneliness is my excuse. Being a woke white male in this time period fuckin sucks. I feel like I’m an old curmudgeon stuck in a young man’s body, and day by day I just get more and more fed up. You’d think that thinking past taboo barriers in order to help fix your culture’s dismal situation would meet with positive results but all it gets is pariah-hood. Sorry, I don’t like complaining, I’m just going to mosey off and buy some rum. Maybe make some tacos. Yeah, animal distractions from this mess I’ve gotten myself into. N told me to expect this, but I didn’t really take him seriously. My family wants me to study law but that’s such normie garbage I could never do it. I just like screwing with the beliefs our culture adheres to most piously! What else is there in life?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Hobbies are what have always given meaning to white life and inadvertently raised the standard of living of the world.find something that interests you even a bit and see if getting into it interests you even more dont let this idea of you have to be a professional to get that far into something stop you. You want beginner’s mind hobbies are the short cut to zen. They will likely solve your social problem too. No doubt your peers are pozd libtards everyone’s are and it does really really suck, however you will be surprised at what you can get away with when you are full of other things as well. try some things that are not intellectual as well. when i was a drunk ok practicing drunk, i honestly couldn’t think what was worthwhile in the world. In early sobriety i figured out i wasnt really wrong that the world kinda sucked i was wrong that i had to take it personally. Now thats something of course i still struggle with, im not a happy warrior im pretty pissed off about the situation. I mean yeah the stupidity is so obvious why cant they just stop it- Rhome. But I also got it into my head to build a cabin in the woods and all the things that went along with that which are pretty endless. Like i just ordered an expensive microscope which was my favorite present when i was a kid, but Im going to use it to test my soil and plants and livestock which all have tests simple enough even a steamfitter can read some books and figure out. I got into experimental aviation and falconry and even klutzy snowboarding. I like to build things i like designing them too one of my favorite things is graph paper.I could go on but its your thing dont waste you youth enjoy your body i was never into sports until i started running in my late thirties first i hated it then i loved it and wondered wtf was my problem im 6-3 and was 200 lbs i should have loved sports i began to really love seeing what i could make my body do now prolly still wouldnt like to be on a team but .. anyway lifes really big im sure youll find something if you really think about it, in this day and age you can really do anything want to go on an anthropology dig no problem want to take some MIT courses online for free no problem,

    My opinion on careers. I used to say if i knew at 18 what i knew later id have gone to a school that tracked me into wall street and made 50 million by thirty and retired. you can make a case against that sort of intense career commitment but i think few are ever really satisfied being poor unless one thinks they really have what it takes to be a vagabond into old age they may find they end up with limnited choices in mid age and exert even more energy just staying afloat. The really lucky ones have some thing that really makes them so happy they dont care about what it pays. i wasnt lucky like that lots of interests even law but they all would take a lot of weducation and i wasnt THAT interested. some take their satisfaction in family in fact most do im not wired that way either i dont think. steamfitting paid well enough with almost zero commitment so I stayed even after getting sober but worked half years, be a homicide detective big city cops make 100k and a lot of benefits be an academic and have the summers off. i say start a business. sell chinese shit on amazon and make youtube videos crazy money and you can do it from your phone anywhere in the world.


    rohme Reply:

    Wagner Reply:

    “No doubt your peers are pozd libtards everyone’s are and it does really really suck”

    I don’t know how you do it. They all have identical political conclusions my grandmother has from watching too much TV; I love my gramma but she doesn’t act like these are radical insights she holds. These morons act like they’re enlightened when all they are is old ladies that do what they’re told. Even Land is a “pozd libtard”, that’s what’s really saddening to me. Even the few frogs I like to keep up with on twitter are always pussyfooting around, it makes me depressed.

    This is why your call for an ethnostate is retarded, you’re pretty much the only cool one I know, Mike. How many Mikes are there out there? Your ethnostate would be half the size of Rhode Island.

    Sure, call for it, I call for it too, but 90% of whites I’ve met I wouldn’t want to live anywhere around. And you can’t just blame this on the Jews. This is whites. Whites by and large are utterly worthless and possess zero degree of autonomy. Blaming it on the Jews begs the question of how whites let this happen. Let me give you a hint: it’s because they’re fucking retards. Are spics and ragheads even more retarded? Well, no shit, but you seem to have this fantasy that whites aren’t akin to them in stupidity – they are.

    Just take a look at this flippin’ imbecile (as you Brits say):

    How do you derive democracy from that? He’s right, most Westerners agree with him. Your appeal to democracy is a fantasy. People aren’t going to listen to your rants, only a small minority will, enough to fill 1/10 of Rhode Island. They all have down’s syndrome on the inside Mike, their faces might not show it but their beliefs do. The only option is to … … oh wait, we can’t state that out in the open can we. *devilish smirk*


    collen ryan Reply:

    Wag i think your link answers the question, the vast majority of people make choices based on social consensus. This is actually a good thing because a nation of mes would be a viking apocalypse. So yes now they all have stupid consensus give them a better consensus and they will adopt that too. My ‘ethno state ” is simply a euro nation back before the jews or christians gave the majority of people a bad opinion to hold. The bonus is the good opinion we give them will make everything work better and not require keeping them pozd into vacuity. yeah most will still hold their opinions to be respectable but we could raise the level of people who actually understand things because we wouldn’t be hiding all these truths and that would make life with them a bit more fun. I said you’d be surprised what you can get away with when you are engaged with people in ways they are not guarded, its because they do often hold opinions that are not quite permitted but to some extent they hide them from others and to some extent from even themselves. They have doublethink they want to be good but their lying eyes, so you can do things like trick them into admitting a principle by applying it to a non fraught topic first or you can simply get their trust and see how far they have realized the bullshit lies. im not suggesting you do this only that if you engage with people socially you will find its a little bit better than we think. ultimately we are pretty much nazis so there’s going to be a limit even with pretty hard right people, but our nazism is pretty theoretical i don’t really want to have to send the jews to camp, and while most cant see the distinction between wanting to and being perhaps forced to it is a distinction. its not something i really need to discuss with the un pilled. better to discuss with them how an increase in the labor supply drives down wages. stop looking at fat sweatsuit whites as whites think back to when it wasnt so bad ahhhh you never saw the world the way it was. yes this is one of the lefts assets moving slow. trust me it can be better. what you see now is what was done to whites. look at niggers then niggers in the west are soo much worse than in most of their own countries and wayyyy worse than they were 50 years ago. leftism is really bad for people. but as i say its not all leftism capitalism has a large part in this that we need to figure out. Im more worried about free markets than free people.just a pun but materialism and mass shit is killing us all. and anyway you dont have to live anywhere near 99.9999999995 whites just those who live in the neighborhood you pick i chose one where my nearest neighbor is 6 miles away lol. which has the effect of making me crave a stupid conversation with a retarded normie

    Wagner Reply:

    “my nearest neighbor is 6 miles away lol.”

    This sounds like the dream.

    “which has the effect of making me crave a stupid conversation with a retarded normie”

    Please explain this.

    Posted on January 19th, 2018 at 8:42 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    of course consider the source


    Posted on January 20th, 2018 at 12:15 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    im liking that gold chart


    Posted on January 20th, 2018 at 12:16 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    im also a social animal and while they can be annoying if i engage them say on diesel mechanics or gardening Im fine and get my fill of society without getting annoyed. its like i said about women you cant expect to get everything you need from everyone you know, so have friends for topics or hobbies. Thats probably what everyone does anyway but it took me a while to stop probing people until i found a reason to discard them.

    So i think you said you were a real neo nazi what happened to lowbrow then you found dr land? the only other neo nazi i knew is this jewish chick thats now a lawyer for the innocence project lol just a phase i guess. I did meet Butler in idaho actually i was in the army navy store when he came in and tried to recruit the owner and i eavesdropped while the owner said the jesus he knew wasnt down with that. owners pretty alex jones though but christian too and butler seemed pretty retarded but they had a little parade with half a dozen runaways and it made the papers back in nyc so much i never stopped getting asked about all the nazis in idaho after a while i realized this was a good thing to keep liberals from moving there so now i always talk about all ythe nazis in idaho lol but really theyre scarce lotsa pretty sensible people though and some dumbasses i guess too, it is the kind of place that drew a lot of extreme types before the re got so expensive

    wag listen to me brother get the fuck out of the house and have some youngin fun.just put that big brain on pause and be stupid and have fun. lifes fucking short


    Posted on January 20th, 2018 at 1:02 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    we already know what its answer will be just more hifalutin evasion and insult, I say we give him the Spacey treatment and just look right through this insignificant nigger like the empty space he is. better yet we should exit and wreck another cuckrx blog lol


    Wagner Reply:

    Heh heh heh, whose? Tag-team wrestlin’!

    There are lots of people out there with higher IQs than us but I think our edge is that we have functioning bullshit detectors paired with an unwillingness to submit. These latter two seem to be distinct from IQ. This is actually pretty obvious when you look at all the really, really smart Cathedralists who are nothing more than conformist robots. “Whoa cool you just gave me 200 pages of the same thing grandmothers believe from watching the TV, you’re soooo smart.”


    Wagner Reply:

    This is one of my favorite things Yarvin ever said:

    “My critics are behaving very appropriately and effectively within the moral system they were trained in. Frankly, I admire them. They strike me as natural aristocrats, and I think they would be excellent people in a better world. They are intelligent, energetic, industrious, and often even witty.” (2016)

    At first I took it as a beautifully subtle “neg” but thinking about it more, I think it just shows that he is a “real human being”.


    Wagner Reply:

    If Trump were to use this style of rhetoric (truth) he would make lottttttsa left-cogs feel like absolute garbage, is my sense.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Thats funny cause while you were writing that i went on a moldburg rant. I dont know really what to make of MM, obviously I like something I just dont know if im also being flattered by a devious jew or if hes a well meaning but mistaken jew. They are natural aristocrats and your grandmas a natural grandma. People are social animals they calculate subconsciously the cost benefit of not going along and usually go along.As we saw in germany in a few decades they can all be turned into nazis if thats what you want to do. The thing is they dont get pozzed to extremes such as suicidal leftism or murderous nazim without a lot of guidance. so it the guides we are concerned with. This isnt a result of cromwell and the puritans getting out of control, the puritans were eclipsed within their own lifetimes. They were appalled at thei own children and grandchildrens mercantilism over spiritualism meanwhile down the coast a far more successful celtic band of settlers was also on the march. Aristocrats are more fashion conscious than the average bear its how they discern each other I grew up with them we have a code certain things you just know and drop in conversation and of course certain things you never admit you know and never utter. i have never had the patience for that shit and took take joy in fucking with their little codes.

    collen ryan Reply:

    It more like many are behaving appropriately in their moral system and that is being mistaken for adhering to another system that’s been cleverly overlaid.But thats simplistic because we have a twin aristocracy in america where by we have half the new aristocracy arising from the proles and half arising from older aristocrat parents. The wasps are raised to be gracious no treat everyone with respect to be humble about their aristocracy to never complain or compete and dozens of other little rules that are mistaken for compliance but have an entirely different meaning to the old aristocrats, and of course this has all been breaking down along with their fortunes all they have left is their stable IQs and some connections that allow them entre.
    the nouve aristocracy are strivers they work hard to escape and keep their wits about them since they are smart they pick up on both the old school rules and the jew enforced rules, some marry one way some the other which usually determines their internals and why mischlings might as well be full jews.youre not going to be undetected while involved with a jew so if you convert your children will never know anything but the jeitgiest

    collen ryan Reply:

    wut i bin sayin bro cog aint all dat. Thing that gets me is granma is just being a granma she doesnt really care about anything but did you like the food. Even really smart scientist say are also only interested if you liked their theorem. But these really smart cathedrales who make their life of this shit wtf are they thinking if not some evil shit.

    far as wrecking nrx only if it serves a purpose if i cant convince you that democracy is not the biggest problem Ill never convince them. I gave up on jim cause of that chomo shit, i mean Im all about re subjugating women but please dont tell me you cant rape an eight year old cuz shes already a slut that wants it. Take that afghani shit and leave please. yeah i suppose im inconsistent right is that a moral. I dont think so o think its one of those higher level contracts i make to survive and reproduce. pimping my eight year old daughters not in my interest living in a nation where if im not around thats likely to happen not in my interest thats some R selection shit nigger morality. me Im a white man Im going to invest in my kids and get a higher return not eat the seed corn like a fucking nigger. i guess jims having the same problem i have with describing how reactionary patriarchy differs from nigger patriarchy and like these nrx idiots always do just decided fuck it broad strokes sell blogs. But thats cause these faggots liveon line and are larping if they were serious they would say JIM wtf no ones going for that least of all the most productive white men who have families. But its edgy so his little cauldron of basement dwellers like it. I better calm down or i will go wreck some nrx shit. just wish they’d get serious.

    do you know much about BTC in a way its been a big influence around land and moldburg its what I thibnk has driven their idea that capital is revolutionary. But its not we are now a decade into where they laid that shit on us and what is going on with all those capitalist innovations they thought pointed to the distributed exit in place meme? exactly what i said would happen ten years ago the deep state will always own leading tech,because it comes out of their fucking darpa labs and ivy league universities and jew owned venture capitalist and because if all else fails they can just punch you in the face and take it. NSA records the block chain every fucking bit of it and they know who did everyfucking thing ever done on the chain because thats what the block chain is a fucking public ledger of everything that ever happens.the fucking NSA probably wrote the code of BTC think about it it money that rats out everything you do with it what more could a deep state ask of money. all the social networks land and yarvin thought would set us free LMAOROTFCRYING what are they now they are cathedral 2007 to an order of magnitude.In fact the only good thing that happened since moldberg left blow hard and went pro has come about because the Helots and vaisyas voted in trump. We can negg that or trump or dalits and vaisayas all we want but its the single most significant event in decades and it was prole and democratic so much for moldburg.

    As for capitalism let alone the jewish variety which is what they really mean. God love the power of choice but capitalists are not who you want guarding your civilization. Wag you think compared to Curtis Yarvin Im like a nigger brain, Ok i get that I am at least smart enough to see how smart he is and I dont think Im that smart.

    ON THE OTHER HAND you have to be a fucking moron in the age of Pornhub, Liar loan mortgage meltdowns,12 trillion in printing and another 10 trillion in negative bonds worth of QE in the US alone, causing a quadrillion dollars in CDOs,enough prescription heroin to addict a tenth of the nation, Capitals idea that a free labor market means they get a $12 an hour employee and the rest of support his twenty relatives to the tune of 30k each in social services, and we don’t like it he will take the R and D tech we paid for to a factory in china and keep all the profits. But Yarvin the genius thinks we should entrust these guys with our future? You really got to wonder if hes definitely that smart and definitely is saying this then what is he really up to.

    Because if you’re only half as conspiratorial as his ideas assume is the world and a quarter as conspiratorial as we now know the deep state actually is its not far fetched to think a far thinking jew just might anticipate the reaction to their shit and want to get ahead of it with a synthetic reaction he can control. Now ive never been big on conspiracy theories but the past decades been an eye opener and at this point nothing would really surprise me.I do know this im not bowing down to any jew trillionaire tech lord. And while it pains me after adhering to decades of brutal capitalism of the let them eat cake school of thought I no longer trust capitalism in fact i am actually embarrassed that I thought so little about what its actually like and too much about how it wasnt socialism. It needs to be controlled yes controlling capital has been the exact problem socialists have been made fools over but this is a completely different type of control and if we are honest we have always controlled it to some extents precisely because we learned early on what happens when you dont.

    China seriously china is a basket case but they all want to brag about this communist state controlled economy thats a house of cards that builds entire cities of empty building and cant produce a ball point pen yet. its entire business model is built on the cathedral duplicity and incompetence, they cant develop their own tech and even when we allow them to steal it they can teven reproduce it properly, they have no where to sell their garbage but to us which is an unsustainable insane model where we become unemployed and cant by their inferior products.looming for them besides their debt bomb that will make the mortgage crisis seem like your credit card debt is the fact that they have a couple billion people living like niggers with no health insurance retirement plans nothing and they are not going to put up with it forever, additionally their edge is that these lack of fringe benefits and third world wages makes for cheap manufacturing, but robots are cheaper and guess who cant make robot stupid fucking chinks america does the R and D and germany builds them japan copies them and uses them eventually all this blows up in china’s face meanwhile its picking a fight with the nation whose military is bigger than the rsest of the world combined Ok maybe we are picking the fight but china is drinking the china kool aid and is taking the bait. china is nothing an NRX should be bragging about they are a shit people with a small IQ edge that cant seem to use it for anything but obeying orders and cheating and copying.

    so whats the big NRX idea again its nothing but the HBD stuff. Yeah sure because of the jew yes the fucking jews orchestrated the entire leftist demotism it doesnt start with cromwell or jefferson it starts with marx and moves his operatives that the 1800s jews brought over for backup and who the high class jews backed the commie jews every play. they financed them ran cover in their presses for them used their influence with wasps to move them into the power positions of this nation were they instituted nigger rights bitch rights faggot rights welfare rights the myth of the evil white redneck and the immivasion and eventually the kill the white man which they can know shout in congress and in out universities and from the media with impunity. It matters little that the average white fell for this I didn’t grandma may be too busy and too polite to look to closely but i have and others have and moldburgs a fucking liar it isnt fucking protestants who i have no fucking love for it was jews the wasps were just pussy faggots that didnt fight what else is new. Its not democracy its that jews brought ringers into democracy. Not a fucking word about the jew problem in the entire moldburg blog except how he would love to back revolution but in his infinite jew wisdom he really needs to caution the dumb goys not to try it because resistance is futile on his honor and a jew would lie to a goy would he. lets take our heads out of the nrx ass for a second and look around with beginner’s mind before moldburg pozzd us would we really have though yeah the wasps are the real problem these jews are all upstanding capitalist conservatives its these liberal wasps that are all about demotism and equality wasps are not snobs theyre equalist commies and the jews ….. yeah right. i dont want to make this all about jews its not its way more complex mainly because they have been insidiously pozzing us for 150 years so its complex to unwind how all these games have taken on lives of their own.But dont tell me the wsps did this and the problem is they gave white guys the vote.I may be stupid Im not that stupid. but smart people are that stupid this shit is aimed directly at the vanity of smart guys and they sucked it right up and thats too bad because we need those guys.


    Posted on January 20th, 2018 at 5:25 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan


    Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

    “We are all stupid. Stupidity is the condition for learning. One must be stupid to learn/ Communism does not aspire to eliminate stupidity, but stupidity is eliminated in aspiring toward communism.”

    It sounds like you assert intellectual capacity can be expanded through education particularly education in communism. I cant believe you mean that. Im going to guess we are talking about two levels of stupidity. I am referring to the useless mouths a level of intelligence tha can no longer support the current rate of minimum living standard and is therefore a ward. And you are referring to those intelligent enough to at least break even if they could be educated into signing a social contract you deem as someone even more intelligent to be in their interest. If thats so then we agree as i have been also championing the average and willing to cut loose the useless. But thats not like any communism i have heard of. granted I have never deigned to read marx, i have heard what he actually says is not quite as comminist as is alleged, that hes a pretty good realist about capitalism, and so i have a vague idea how you mean marx is an accelerationist. But nowhere near enough information to say anything except what about this other marx who is about redistributing to the useless, while we can all on a personal level understand the sympathetic impulse as a philosophy we must understand that it will nly lead to more useless and eventually the piper will have to be paid?

    “Isn’t it a curious fact, Mike, that the Bolsheviks, in a short period of time, ”

    I would be inclined to give credit for that to what limited extent its true to starting from the medieval feudal period. We all understand how systems expand so much faster in early stages be it a penny stock or an economy. I think in addition since for historical reasons was doing this much later than the rest of europe it had the same advantage of say the telephone systems in nations that just skipped wired telephony. And lets be honest there was a lot of capitalist help be given to russia as well a a lot of socialists in capitalist nations helping as well both financially and cognitively. Ford for instance transferred entire industries to russia. we incredibly gave them things like the ball bearing technology required for ICBMs through four wars with them or their proxies we continued to supply them industrially, one day we may hope to find out what that was about. But just unlocking the human capital bound in semi serfdom was bound to be explosive there as it was in the rest of europe earlier.

    “Land is saying, is that the progressives are saying “We’ve accelerated enough, time for communism.” well no doubt whites think they can afford this shit the innumeracy is staggering.And while Im all for critiquing capitalism but from the right I dont delude myself we can escape it, just needn’t subjugate ourselves to it, certainly not without fighting to a point of understanding where we are heading.

    But Rhome none of this seems to answer the questions unless i take your answers to mean you’re not really a communist you’re a capital accelerationist and like land not concerned with the plight of the useless.
    And that you don’t really have any answer why elites are leftists that we haven’t heard. But Rhome sure average elites might be sincere christians, communists, sentimental, uninformed innumerates, or status or respectability signalling.But even though these are elites these are the run of the mill elites, elites that we would expect to uphold the current orthodoxy.What of those that hand down the orthodoxy, the elites who have dedicated themselves to planning the future and orchestrating it. They do not seem to be orchestrating anything other than racial redistributionist marxism, they seem hell bent on destroying the west and white people as a result. The only motive I can find is wealth and power, yet its a very short sighted and short lived wealth and power they are squandering 2000 years worth of work on. Of course wealth and power are enticing but surely people as capable as this with already so much wealth and power could come up with an alternative to global cathedralist suicide?


    collen ryan Reply:

    re “fairism” certainly my monkey brain has a fairism button and so in honesty i have to count myself in this camp to the extent its not overpowered by other monkey brain buttons like lying and cheating and trading and me ism.
    which is why my human brain says the genius in wags comment is the word Fair. It implies there’s an objective value to this work. and while monkey business aside im agnostic on the morality, practically speaking i know there is a value that’s objectively fair and the monkey and the other monkey know it approximately, and they are also as monkeys will calculating the cost benefit of enforcing the value, the capitalist has always had the upper hand in this transaction and so both know in their cost benefit that as well but tech is changing that edge of employers which has a lot to do with already being an organized entity with better information. But we can’t forget their other monkeys watching this. and like it or not theirs a monkey state that has set itself up as the arbiter of all monkey business. The power behind this state is the aggregate monkey power. The interest of the aggregate monkey powers is economy and efficiency. cheating and fighting about cheating is a drain on aggregate monkey power, it’s in the interest of the monkey nation state to reduce inefficiency above the cost of reducing inefficiency as that cost reduces inefficiencies are eliminated and cheating profits accrue to the nations owners. so its not moral its good business. when high teams with low instead of middle its a stupid game. pay the yeomen their salt and kick the useless to the curb.its the most profitable and sustainable model.


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