I try not to get spittle-flecked about the Boomers, but

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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I despise them, not least for having introduced a narcissism that glories callow youth. Drop the last botox’d 80 year old bimbo in the hole and let’s start being adults again.


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  • Parasites | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • NRxerxes Says:

    The accusations of excess are no doubt sound but I always pause when someone mentions the housing excess of the boomer generation. They bought giant houses in suburbia, but how much of that was due to the lack of civilization in the city limits? If there was a sane enforcement of laws and no public schools or at least public schools where you didn’t fear for the safety of your children would they have bought so many giant houses?


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    And that wasn’t their fault, as far as I know; it was the post-war leftist professors like Noam Chomsky who engineered the sixties and the 1973 collapse.


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  • peppermint Says:

    they bought those houses because mortgages were cheap and they were hoping to sell them. Where else were they going to put their money? In mutual funds that buy mortgage-backed securities?

    And they were told by the Reagan administration that if they pay more in social security taxes they can have social security.

    I’m not interested in blaming people for the decisions of their government, not even when the government is so weak that it has to pretend they have a choice about policies.

    The government chose massive importation of diversities over the past 50 years, because it was captured by politicians who functionally were promising free stuff for votes.

    And now that there’s not much more free stuff to be had, the coalition is breaking, and now that prosperity is stretched too thin, Whites are getting resentful. We will see something different happening in the next 50 years than in the previous 50 years.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:


    From your lips to God’s ears….


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Hey, an excuse to be intemperate.

    Tom Brokaw was correct; the Greatest Generation of Americans was the generation that fought and sacrificed to win World War II, who would go on to build modern America after the war.

    It was the Baby Boomers who, despite being raised by the Greatest Generation

    By Gnon, you’re dense. We’re blaming the Boomers for who they raised but not the ‘Greatest’ Generation for who they raised?

    ProTip: Killing tens of millions of people is bad for society. Who knew!

    Who wants 333 in a nutshell: The Black Death made everyone drastically richer & it would have been better if it had never happened. Fuck you, ‘Greatest’ Generation. You died in a fire, and you deserved it. Behold the ‘freedom’ you fought for and consider maybe telling your great-grandchildren to stay home next time around.

    It is too much to say that the ‘Greatest’ Generation was guilty through negligence of the Great Leap Forward? I say, no. It’s true; murder ten people and you’re a criminal. Murder a million and you’re a hero.


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  • Thales Says:

    Stooping to blame “generations” so soon after this?


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  • admin Says:

    Forget housing, this is the money quote: “[The Boomers] enjoyed a higher standard of living than they could really afford. Why? Because they figured that when they retired, they could just use their voting power to force younger generations to pay for their retirement.”

    The built a welfare system just for themselves, wrecked society in the process, and will depart having sucked it to a sterile husk — leaving a desert behind them.


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  • Izak Says:

    A couple questions:

    1. Is there any truth to the idea that people get more conservative/reactionary as they age?
    2. Is there any truth to the idea that our technology will enable the boomers to live much longer than their parents?

    If the answer to both questions is “yes,” then the boomers seem like they could wind up being a good thing.


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  • an inanimate aluminum tube Says:

    A couple questions:
    1. Is there any truth to the idea that people get more conservative/reactionary as they age?

    Sure, but the things that they’ll want to conserve are the things that reactionaries must destroy.


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