Play the Decline

Bryce Laliberte passed along this pop culture celebration of democracy’s death in imperialist chaos. It’s worth a look. (Kevin Spacey seems to have made himself the iconic face of mass media dark enlightenment.)


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  • Hurlock Says:

    More truth about politics in one Call of Duty trailer than in a whole presidental election. In fact more truth than almost anywhere else today, actually.

    Also, Kevin Spacey is a god.


    R. Reply:

    Except it makes no sense at all.

    Militaries are exceptionally expensive. Mercenaries even more, as fighting is risky…
    And building an effective army takes decades. What kind of company would spend trillions of $ to fund the creation of an army? What would be the business model there?

    Waging war ceased to be profitable.. not sure when, but probably in the 17th century.


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  • Extinction Says:

    Speaking of decline[maybe even collapse]—from an anthropic-probabilistic angle—anyone here familiar w/ the deliciously disturbing Carter-Leslie (DA)? For many of us, Bayesian oriented thinking inevitability leads to similar conclusions—only to realize that others have already been there.

    See: The End of the World: The Science and Ethics of Human Extinction

    It would be great to see the (DA) dissected further on here or someone else’s blog. The bottom line, though, I think, is that NRx is an instinctive sociopolitical manifestation—w/ biologically primordial roots—and the recognition that resource competition is about to get downright fierce….



    admin Reply:

    The Doomsday Argument is fascinating stuff. Whenever I get started on statistical ontology Alrenous shows up to sort me out, but I’m going to limber up for another sally some point soon … I’d do a Paul Almond recommendation, but he seems to have let his (superb) website fall into desuetude. This has to do for now.


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  • Play the Decline | Reaction Times Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • scientism Says:

    “The game will focus on a private military corporation, headed by a villainous figure portrayed by actor Kevin Spacey, that has turned on the United States government.”

    I guess nobody told him about Idaho.


    Konkvistador Reply:

    Watching the trailer it is not so subtly implied he isn’t talking about the third world, he is also talking about America. And he is going to do something about it. He is going to step in and provide good governance, starting quite rationally with explosions in San Francisco.

    Fromw Wikipedia
    “The year is 2054, and the world has suffered an attack on its militaries around the world. The largest military force in the world isn’t a country, but a corporation. Jonathan Irons (Kevin Spacey) is the leader and founder of Atlas, the largest private military firm in the world. Irons begins a war with America over his beliefs that the U.S., for over a century, has failed numerous attempts to install democracies all over the world.”

    He is of course right and good and considered the villain.


    Blogospheroid Reply:

    So, do the players of the game play in his army or against his army for the US or have the option to do both at different times?


    R. Reply:

    You can bet that in the end you’ll be fighting for Mom and Apple Pie or whatever it is that right-minded Americans fight for..

    At least, every Cod so far was that way.

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  • Amon Khan Says:


    Yes, I was led into this realm of thinking after a severe bout of doomeritis, in which I became convinced beyond all reason that a horrific dark age is about to dawn. I still think this is likely, but no longer fear it or fret about it. I’ve come to view it as the great moment of gnosis for our civilization as it approaches the inevitable end of the age and the collapse of its mythology on all fronts. My advice is to learn from past dark ages, start training your army now and get ready to go on the offensive when things get, shall we say, “interesting”.


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    “Ideas don’t determine who is right. Power determines who is right. And I have the power. So I am right.”

    Darkly Enlightened


    R. Reply:

    That being in power-thus-being-right worked out great for Stalin, especially where kulaks & collective farming was concerned..

    Trying to make something so won’t work if your ideas are crap.

    Reality doesn’t care about who’s ‘right’ and who is not.


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  • JPOutlook Says:

    Interesting ideas being floated.


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  • Extinction Says:

    @Amon Khan – there are times when I think we’re on the cusp of a precipitous descent into hell and the shit is about to get real—but the timeframe is relative and things could unravel over decades or centuries. I see one of the most significant threats in our exploration/exploitation of ever more diffuse sources of hydrocarbons. Scientifically/thermodynamically inept Cathedralist economists love to tout horizontal drilling/multistage fracking as the Holy Grail to our energy woes—completely neglecting to realize that the game is becoming somewhat analogous to mining ultra low concentrations of gold from the worlds oceans. Increasing entropy [more and more diffuse energy deposits] will manifest itself in our economic system becoming less and less efficient. There’s no doubt that we’ll be squeezed through a tight population bottleneck sometime this century. Things are already getting interesting on so many different fronts.

    @admin – thanks for the link. Looking forward to your statistical ontological speculations on the Doomsday Hypothesis!


    Alrenous Reply:

    We sort of got into the doomsday stuff here.


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