Poor Choices

Don’t miss Christopher Orlet’s succinct observations on the subject, which sum to the conclusion: “We know what it takes to be successful in America. What we can never know is how to make people want to be successful.”

(Kevin Williamson has complementary points to make, at another scale.)

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  • VXXC Says:



    admin Reply:

    Eventually, yes.


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  • nydwracu Says:

    America is a middle-aged woman with an adult-child NEET living in her attic, pissing down her walls, and occasionally doing a chore or two to make up for it. She keeps enumerating his flaws to him, but won’t boot him out; he said he wanted to leave a few years ago, but she beat that idea out of him.

    I get Maulana Karenga — no matter how right he was about Kwanzaa, the dude was a sadist — but I don’t understand why the black nationalists in the 60s and 70s are so hated. Their only failing was that they were nowhere near religious enough, and frequently too spiritual.

    I’ve talked to two black nationalists in my life. One admired George Lincoln Rockwell; the other said his people were degenerate and needed a Hitler. It’s a shame the liberals won.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    I normally disagree vehemently with Moldbug’s and Jim’s perspectives on slavery. However, as I’m fond of saying, coercion begets coercion. Having been shafted, these people now breed criminals, and so the status quo is coercion. But the only way out for them is also coercive. (Or to stop supporting them and let them die horrible deaths.) As they would never agree to the measures that will stop them being poor, the only way out is to enslave them and force them to stop being poor.

    The real crime is allowing/urging such a self-destructive cancer of a thede to grow in the first place.


    admin Reply:

    The option is stark: enslavement or neglect. The former has a truly terrible track record, and almost inevitably ends up as inverted parasitism. The latter, without secession or some functionally equivalent exit mechanism, tends to invert the other way (mob intimidation). Nevertheless, it still seems preferable to dissociate from social detritus than to take on the futile task of reforming it into something else. An efficient geo-dynamic sorting machine leaves ‘the underclass’ either starving in libertopias or disciplined in hellish quasi-communist enclaves. Both solutions make sense.


    Thales Reply:

    There are no “good” options short of eugenics, whatever form that takes.


    admin Reply:

    First step, after escaping, is to stop them following you. (That’s what Elysium is about, isn’t it?) Eugenics should operate automatically if that can be sorted out.

    Alrenous Reply:

    I’m fairly certain Moldbug is correct; a little grapeshot goes a long way. The bell curve for cowardice is a harsh, harsh thing.

    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Both of the admin’s efficient geo-dynamic sorting machine options are eugenic.

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  • VXXC Says:

    I suppose if welfare went away, they could discover America.

    And get the Hell out of there. This being the American way.

    Don’t look for state solutions. That’s been the problem.

    Remember you are talking about a minority within a minority, that is to say 1/3 of the thede. To the extent that 1/3 is the thede. This is all new, I remember it starting in the 80s. Crime glorification and rap that is…

    Restoration/Atavism solves the issue in a generation.


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