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Under such popcorn bombardment here it’s impossible to think, so we might as well at least go for the quality stuff:

The significance of this asymmetry is that liberals have the power to legitimize the existence of problems. They can alone enter things into evidence, as it were. Max Ehrenfreund, writing in the Washington Post, has a gathered a list of discontents from various publications that are now being talked about even in liberal circles, which means the population at large can talk about them now. Liberals set the agenda, when they talk about things going down the tubes then it’s on the agenda. Here are some things it’s now relatively OK to bring up. … […] … But probably the biggest shock talking point is Robert Reich’s assertion that the US is in a sort of pre-revolutionary stew of discontent, after nearly seven years of Obama. In an article titled The Revolt Against the Ruling Class Reich says that “the biggest political phenomenon in America today is a revolt against the “ruling class” of insiders that have dominated Washington for more than three decades.” … Jim Tankersley, writing in the Washington Post elaborates on the same theme. … The new narrative is that America is in crisis. “Unexpectedly,” one might add. … Which direction you go will depend on your party. The Democrats will argue for more carbon controls, more immigration, Single Payer, more deals with foreign dictators, etc. The Republicans will argue for more GOP Senators and Congressmen to be elected to Capitol Hill — after which they will vote for more carbon controls, more immigration, Single Payer, more deals with foreign dictators, etc. … We have it on good liberal authority that there’s a copious amount [of] tinder and straw scattered all over the floor. If one day a spark should start a fire, it won’t be due as much to the intensity of the spark as the abundance of fuel. … Perhaps the most most potent forces for change are disruptive technologies that undermine established elites. A “revolt against the ruling class” still concedes their capacity to rule; it is the destruction of their basis to rule by innovation that is a more fundamental threat.

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  • Popcorn Night | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Rorschach Romanov Says:

    “The procession moves on, but it’s all theater.” Thomas Pynchon

    The Cathedral is masterful in dangling the illusion of meaningful folk politics (revolt against the ruling class) to the masses; it keeps the rabble in line, while giving the mainstream Right something to tremble over.

    Every now and again the pop-Right is tossed a plastic “Trump” card, and continue their march into oblivion. Does anyone else at least struggle, even in the slightest, with pangs of excitation over Trump? I was watching the debate with my lady and felt that flurry of “damn! Maybe Trump really can…” I caught my reflection in a mirror, the eyes that looked back at me uncanny in their disdain.


    admin Reply:

    There are some damned robust homeostatic cybernetics in this machine. Trump — with his overt contempt for the niceties of PC — is looking like a substantial correction to me, in the interest of re-established system stability of course (i.e. uninterrupted, but sub-catastrophic, descent to Left Singularity). The establishment are having conniptions about it right now, but they’ll soon get that this is all in the interests of unavoidable pressure release — the operation of a steam-engine ‘governor’. Since everything ‘right’ about Trump is entirely restricted to symbolism, they should be able to live with it. Most importantly, whoever wins in 2016 probably inherits the global economic mega-crash, so to be able to pin that on a ‘conservative’ loud-mouth would be just gravy. Gives them some time to line up the overtly-socialist Democrat transsexual candidate for 2020.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Is that the same global economic mega-crash that all the alarmists said was going to occur during Obama’s presidency or a different one?


    admin Reply:

    Obama could still get it. Timing is hard.

    Puzzle Privateer (@PuzzlePrivateer) Reply:

    “Does anyone else at least struggle, even in the slightest, with pangs of excitation over Trump?”

    The only good thing I think Trump is doing is moving the Overton window and showing other politicians that you can win with something resembling realtalk. It’s not that Trump can fix things or even that he might make a good President, but rather that he can (maybe?) open the door for others or even the alt-Right. “I am the mind virus, let me in.”

    I don’t know what he’s like in real life, but imagine someone as verbally articulate as the writings of Roissy up on the stage of a Republican debate.

    This essay makes a few good points about this: “Donald Trump, haplessness and clownishness notwithstanding, has shown how easily this regime may be threatened just by refusing to be intimidated.”


    He does shit the bed at the end when he talks about “equality”, but still makes some good points about current American politics.


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  • Hattori Says:

    An R president would be hard on all the alt-right.

    At least the cathedral can’t put up it’s attack dog act effectively when a democrat is in the white house. They have to actually be the establishment. All reactionaries should root for Hillary.


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  • Anonymous Says:

    “On the right are the wreckers.”

    Is Reich being ironic here, or is he actually using Soviet terminology? At first I thought it was like Steve Sailer, who uses the term to mock progressives, but everything after that was pure true believer’s dogma (gerrymandering, voter suppression, racism etc).


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    I would never attach the word Ironic to Reich, he is probably immune to irony.

    The man worked for Bill Clinton.

    He’s probably using it in the Communist/Stalinist sense.


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  • Popcorn Night | Reaction Times Says:

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    On the Right are the Wreckers…The Tea Party.

    On the Left are the Rebuilders – Occupy Wall Street.

    LOL Robert Reich…

    Occupy Wall street could barely build their pup tents.

    The Tea Party are people who can actually build…

    Nowhere mentioned are the Clinton’s, who apparently had nothing to do with our current predicament or the marriage of government and Finance [and corruption].


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Robert ReichMinister of Free Trade Sellout sounds toscin of revolt.

    America’s working class Todt.

    [there’s some meat for the NatSocs].


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  • michael Says:


    ‘Armed revolution to protect liberties’ may soon be necessary, 44% of Republicans say
    A Fairleigh Dickinson University poll found nearly half of Republican respondents believe a gun-fueled rebellion may soon be a reality. Only 18% of Democrats agreed.

    this came out a couple years ago and blew me away anecdotally i find people from all walks quite resigned to the inevitable.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Why yes Michael so they are.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Advanced level of development in US somehow correlate with severity of crisis, but for others it is merely illustrative. Manifestation of crisis will be different everywhere. One good reason for US to accelerate is a fact that faster they will enter into full blown crisis better prognosis will be and better will be outcome. At the time when US and Europe (perhaps) will be recovering and restructuring institutions, other countries will be still digging deep into dung in search for bottom.


    michael Reply:

    I have noticed being first mover in re inflating the bubble helped the US, I cant figure out how to protect assets through the coming crash.Partly because I am pretty sure they will not let markets do their thing, expecting bail ins etc.I could even see them closing the exchanges hard to say, Im not even confident in gold and silver prefer lead and brass. thinking of selling NYC RE and getting ready to short the stocks but just have a feeling theyre ahead of me.


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  • Anomaly UK Says:

    I think this tweet is as good an answer as any to the “why does NRx pay any attention to a populist buffoon?” question:


    Donald Trump doesn't really want to be president, though he perhaps nurtures hopes that a grateful nation will appoint him Emperor.— Nelson Jones (@Heresy_Corner) August 10, 2015


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