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SoBL on the Running Man prophecy:

Here is the set up: 2017, world economy has collapsed, natural resources, food and oil are tapped, America had an economic cataclysm, the Big One hit California, a totalitarian police state (Cadre) exists with heavy security at airports, cultural activity is heavily censored except for the broadcast reality competition game shows. Most of America seems to live in squalid, third world conditions, there are political prisoners mixed in with regular prisoners, there are re-education camps, heavily armed helicopters are used to pacify rioters, but there is also a small number of people living a decent life with nice apartments, travel options, and spiffy clothes. There is a play on patriotism. Los Angeles has shiny towers and plenty of squalor with armed police members everywhere, resembling a Brazilian city. That is pretty horrifyingly close to today.

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  • mlaurel Says:

    Seeing as how both economic disaster and the Big One are still on the table, this looks eerily like the Modern USA. Except There will be no Los Angeles with towers, that’s for sure.

    Picture the Big One hitting Silicon Valley. What will that do to America? What will that do to the world? Time will tell.


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  • sobl Says:

    Thanks Outsideness. I put it on for a laugh and then was struck by the creepy believability.


    admin Reply:

    I like the fact it’s half comedy and half “Holy s**t!”


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  • Al Says:

    Los Angeles has shiny towers and plenty of squalor with armed police members everywhere, resembling a Brazilian city.

    As a Brazilian, I have to protest against this prejudice-laden mischaracterization of my beloved country. If Brazilian cities had armed police members everywhere, Brazil would not have something close to 70,000 murders every year, and the living conditions here would improve markedly. If we actually started putting violent criminals in jail, then… – just the thought brings tears to my eyes. Of course, there’s no chance in hell of that happening.

    In you want something resembling a Brazilian city for your dystopia, put in the squalor, and leave the police almost entirely out of the picture, with at the most a token presence along some of the more touristy areas of cities like Rio de Janeiro.

    Thankfully, conditions outside the major metropolises are much better because there are so much fewer criminals in the heartland.


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  • Uriel Alexis Farizeli Fiori Says:

    “That is pretty horrifyingly close to today.”



    SVErshov Reply:

    Only today it sound much less horrifying, cause life does not make much sense anymore.


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