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Walter Russell Mead picks up on a highly-significant political pattern:

What liberals are struggling to come to grips with today is the enormous gap between the dominant ideas and discourse in the liberal worlds of journalism, the foundations, and the academy on the one hand, and the wider realities of American life on the other. Within the magic circle, liberal ideas have never been more firmly entrenched and less contested. Increasingly, liberals live in a world in which certain ideas are becoming ever more axiomatic and unquestioned even if, outside the walls, those same ideas often seem outlandish.

Modern American liberalism does its best to suppress dissent and critique (except from the left) at the institutions and milieus that it controls. Dissent is not only misguided; it is morally wrong. Bad thoughts create bad actions, and so the heretics must be silenced or expelled. “Hurtful” speech is not allowed, and so the eccentricities of conventional liberal piety pile up into ever more improbable, ever more unsustainable forms.

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  • Anomaly UK Says:

    I was tickled by this comment yesterday. “Usually considered”–yeah, by a tiny clique of fanatics. Probably, more people in the world worship Satan than believe what that comment considers “usual”.


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  • Reactionary Expat Says:

    That quote was pretty much the only good part of the article.

    Though there might be a temporary respite in the movement of the ratchet, it still only moves in one direction. If liberals are sore-losers when they lose, conservatives are naive when they win.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    What is promising is that more conservative influence will upset a lot of progressives, who may start to think secession is the only solution to make able full democratic socialism without the opposition spoiling everything with their uneducable non-Marxism. Conservatives still believe in the democratic legitimacy of governance, so their victories are decidedly less reactionary than required for restoration, but it might surprise us all how quickly anti-democratic ideas spread once it becomes clear that the great demotist experiment has failed to unite the world as it promised, and the nation-states are vanishing.


    Orthodox Reply:

    We cannot allow the progressives to secede. The cities are the economic heart of America and without them, all of our projects across the right are doomed. Our talk of secession was always a ruse towards dominance of a unified state. We should always remember that. Good God, do not start talking seriously about secession with progressives!


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Where do we begin?

    Of course it’s a ruse.

    Why should we feed the cities, send them water, power, anything once these idiots can be provoked into this not even rash but suicidal move?

    And the cities are the heart of our economic consumption, they produce nothing, you are referring to Finance and Marketing. One has eaten the out the nation which is why Red is poorer and Blue richer, indeed Manhattan is the City that is eating the world, and DC the city that provides the power – as long as it can command it [heh heh].

    In truth we are the power and they are the insane, defective, syphilitic brains.

    Let them have their dystopia for a month.

    I’m from the Rust Belt, the idea of reducing these scum to literally cannibalizing each other fills me with Admin’s Horror in a warm, tingly way. Talk about popcorn.

    Of course they’ll be strife but on these terms it’s a Gift from God to us.

    Hope this map makes it.


    This isn’t a map you turn down.

    You’re correct to be worried some here would take such a deal to avoid strife, but they don’t control the world.

    Reactionary Expat Reply:

    Dark Psy-Ops: You’re a lot more optimistic than I am!

    Firstly, perhaps moderates will wake up, though I would be suspicious of any demotist response. I don’t think enough will. They’ve become dependent upon the system as it is, and as the system goes into further decline, more will be made dependent. It will have to go down in flames before there will be any awakening.

    Secondly, as for progressives, there are a couple of points. The first is that whilst a few progressives might talk about secession, they will be pulled sharply back into line by the majority. Progressives can’t live and let live. That’s why we’re in this mess to begin with. It’s not enough for them to have “progress”. YOU have to have “progress” also, regardless of whether you want it or not. Furthermore, even when presented with the inevitable failures that result from their way of doing things, few progressives admit that. Instead, they double down. The problem is always that something or someone (we know who or what, and thus, why such people are actually necessary bogeymen) got in the way. Further to that, even if they get what they claim they want, they then move the goal posts anyway. So if they want $1 of funding and get it and it doesn’t work, then they claim it’s because $2 was actually required. When they get the required $2 and that doesn’t work, then it’s because $3 was actually necessary. So it goes on to $4, $5, etc. until they eventually hit a brick wall. The same is true of social issues. The brick wall is the only possible end to it though, and even as their skulls are caving in they’ll still be proclaiming that it can actually work if only people didn’t erect walls to sabotage them…


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    This Paris Review interview with novelist Michel Houellebecq is great for further demonstration of out-of-touch leftist academics, just listen to the social science feminist professor try to squeeze a confession of guilt out of her interviewee for his oh-so-unsavoury anti-enlightenment thinking: http://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2015/01/02/scare-tactics-michel-houellebecq-on-his-new-book/

    The novel is looking forward to a fully Islamized France, though Michel apparently downplays the politics and is determinedly non-partisan (or so he says).


    Kgaard Reply:

    Thanks for this … I love Houllebecq. Dude is a prophet.


    Garr Reply:

    He seems pretty naive about Islam — thinks it’s essentially non-violent and really all about prayer, and the way of the future. Would we really be happier living in a Muslim society than in a feminist one? Here in this feminist society I’m free to be a lonely weirdo; I don’t think that this would be possible in a Muslim society. There would be constant pressure to fit in with the group. No more Dune, no more Gormengast, no more Xenosystems. No more fantasy art online. No more Hearthstone.


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  • Quote note (#140) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    I read the article. First of all, I don’t believe it’s true. He is overstating Obama’s disapproval rating – Obama is still more popular than Congress by a large margin, and climbing. I don’t think Obamacare is an albatross across the dem’s necks anymore. In fact I think that particular tooth in the ratchet has already clicked home for them and that the legislation will never be repealed – exactly according to the plan of its enactors.

    To NRx and peripheral forces, 2014 was “the year of the liberal lie”, and we are all patting ourselves on the back in acknowledgement of our good work in exposing that lie. But 2013 was the year of the liberal lie. 2012 was the year of the liberal lie. 2015 will be the year of the liberal lie. Meanwhile, in real life, the stock market is approaching all-time highs, the ruble has crashed, oil is cheap, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the most admired man and woman in America, tuition prices and professor salaries are rising, and amnesty has been accomplished without a shot fired.

    The Republicans won some seats in Congress. So what? “Republican” is just a word. The ostensible and objective beliefs of these people are virtually indistinguishable from the hard left of fifteen years ago. If anything, this latest election is best interpreted as a consolidation of the liberal gains. For the politics of the 114th Congress of the USA is now the floor of the liberality of the Overton window.

    Second of all – as an accelerationist, I see these pressure relief cycles as unfortunate diversions to be avoided. They are cases of the market staying irrational longer than I can stay solvent. So – if Mead is right and I am wrong, then I’ll be disappointed.

    Let me put it a different way. Suppose that history is a road and that our political situation is vehicle driving along that road. The government can get to our destination by keeping its lane and driving along in an orderly fashion, or it can get there by putting on a blindfold, chugging down a fifth of whiskey, holding its foot on the gas pedal, and careening between the guard rails on one side to the guard rails on the other.

    As an unwilling passenger in this car of fools, I would strongly prefer the former method of conveyance, and this is true despite the fact that I do not like where we’re going and would prefer that we turn off and try going to a different place.


    forkinhell Reply:

    You would be from the Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre Accelerationist arm then?


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    What is the point of being an orderly, safe accelerationist?

    Obama and Hillary are most popular people in America etc, blah…is this the MSNBC wing of NRxn?

    Look the world is moving on it’s own whether liked or not. Don’t worry you can’t control it, reality is asserting itself. We’re not responsible, although we may be held responsible.

    You might want to mentally and spiritually plan for a good death, a brave one.

    My personal fear is being unarmed on the potty. Irrational I suppose. If I am brave and true God will grant me a good death. If not I suppose I’ll die looking ridiculous. These things happen.

    I must be from the Right Wing Trad accelerationist Jacobin wing. Not to be confused with Jacobite. My people gave those cunts a whirl 300 years ago = FAIL.

    Let’s get it on.

    And git er done.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    It’s not, like, my opinion, man.

    BHO and HC are actually the most admired man in and woman in America, unless you want to argue that Gallup rigged the poll. [1] “Most admired man” isn’t very significant, since it’s pretty much always the POTUS. But “most admired woman” has more information content. Clinton has been so for the last twelve years running. If you don’t like it, don’t blame me – blame Gnon. It’s His doing.

    Mead’s article is wish fulfillment, not a cold-eyed report on the state of things. If NRx is anything at all, it’s the discussion that takes place under a contractual agreement to eschew the world of “ought” in favor of the world of “is”.

    [1] http://www.gallup.com/poll/1678/most-admired-man-woman.aspx

    Reactionary Expat Reply:

    Kwisatz Haderach: That’s a good description of my own position. The really important part of your post was “I see these pressure relief cycles as unfortunate diversions to be avoided. They are cases of the market staying irrational longer than I can stay solvent.” Coming to that understanding — that although I’d prefer less political pain in the short term, it’s better to experience as much now so that things will be better in the long term — has really changed how I view politics and society. The analogy I use now is that if you want to save the frog from boiling in the pot, the real way to save it is not to fight the progressive and try to turn the gas off; rather, turn the heat up as much as possible, as quickly as possible.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Rather than the frog boil analogy, I think of this argument in terms of euthanasia. But how confident are you in your prognosis? You want to be pretty certain that the patient is terminal before you euthanize him. My crystal ball is clouded. To switch metaphors again, the US still seems to be the tallest Pygmy, or at least, close.

    The other question is, “What is your theory of the psychology of people responding to a crisis?” Is John Q. Public going to hit bottom and then suddenly “come to Jesus”, or is he going to respond according to the ideas he was indoctrinated with beforehand? I’m in the latter camp. I think we need to win the argument, or at least inject some serious doubt into John Q. Public’s mind, before Gnon forces him to make a quick decision. How willing is John Q. Public to learn from (yet another) example?


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Good Morning all,

    Mr. Taylor and el al,

    That’s sociopathic. A failed model I assure you, and I do mean model. An actual sociopath wouldn’t of course say euthanasia, nor would a psychopath. Really I do think NRxn will get farther with John Q if they inject some morality into their “model” and also try being more genuine. In such times being genuine is a model for survival, even if you’re a right wing Scott Alexander type.

    John Q is suffering from a complete lack of leadership beyond the informal and the local, none of whom wish to stick their heads up in public. This is because not only America’s elites have betrayed all trusts, oaths, morality, decency and even survival in exchange for personal security or profit – although they have – but we’ve allowed media and academe utter and complete license, and they’re on the Ashkenazim pornographic slander and ruin ethical plan. Any Frog who points out the obvious is ruined and…it’s legal.

    However as survival becomes important when it’s a close or immediate existential question …and that time is now….the strangest thing has been happening.

    I almost hesitate to point it out in these quarters.

    Leaders have been rising, and rising upon the very franchise of the voters.
    And these leaders as they are backed by guns and gunslingers but also law have been increasingly public and fearless, not to mention have assured the citizens privately they have nothing to fear from their men.

    Support your local sheriff. Unless he doesn’t get it..in which case …vote him out.

    This is the damnest thing in history, it’s an organic mutation of our organic political system of fantastically fragmented and duplicated administration of Jeffersonian democracy. We have over 89K political entities and 19K law enforcement agencies in America. If you don’t understand the basic mechanisms of divided and limited powers – if they merely pursue their own self interest or even just inertia they act to counterbalance the natural struggle and acquisition of power of others then it works.

    By the way unless you’re willing to pursue the traditional alternatives to voting [bang] I don’t think I’d pooh pooh it.

    The people by the way not only are voting more and more such types in…they’re responding to 12/21 by buying Blue Line Ribbons and accessories to the point of selling out on Amazon. Christmas Lights, bands, and Blue Ribbon for their property trees and so on.

    My goodness! The only other thing that’s been selling out in America last few years that fast is ammunition.

    Guess who’s houses will get their neighborhoods patrolled, and who’s houses and neighborhoods don’t.

    Never mind morality, that’s for low IQ types. Superior people don’t need such affectations. They might want to survive though, so invest in some Blue Line accessories. It’s the new Black.

    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Mr. Taylor, your words of caution are wise. As John Boyd or William Lind might put it, we need to win at the mental and moral levels of warfare. A political discontinuity such as secession, rebellion, or collapse to feudalism will do no good and quite a bit of harm if reactionary forces haven’t won these battles. We need to set the stage with alternative institutions which are more constructive. (Whatever those may be. I think that NRx thinkers strongly part ways when we get to this far in the discussion. This is getting back to “oughts” again.)

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Oddly when it suits people not only democracy and the now little used franchise [1/3 voted in Nov] are appealed to, along with Ashkenazim virally infected legal codes, but Gallup polls are appealed to…

    So what? This is NRxn and there’s no contractual anything…not to mention with democracy or the hated demos.

    The only thing that counts in Strife is Force.

    And strife began 12/21. Like it or not the world keeps turning.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:


    “Oddly when it suits people not only democracy and the now little used franchise [1/3 voted in Nov] are appealed to, along with Ashkenazim virally infected legal codes, but Gallup polls are appealed to…”

    Pointing out that Obama polls well is not an appeal to give Obama a second look. It was meant as an indictment of populism. You’ve completely – completely – misunderstood me.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    I doubt I have misunderstood.

    Taking you at your word which seems to be misunderstood when needed you are suggesting that Neoreaction or reaction must win the arguments and have alternative institutions ready so that….so what? To take Power? Which those who’ve done the Taking are supposed to hand over to those that did the Tweeting?

    Team Blue [police] and Team Green [MIL, Vets] don’t win arguments by scoring more meaningless debating points. Neither did the Left. Power from arguments has ever come from orators who appeal to THE PEOPLE. aka the Mob, aka Demotism.

    That’s their only power, and it’s the dogma of neo-reaction that any such appeal is intrinsically the worst evil. For it means disorder and violence and the prophet Moldbug are completely against: DANGER. Also the commons are despised, by their putative betters dreaming of Downtown Abbey from their mothers basements.

    Now that’s taking you at your word. Frankly you’re coming across to me as an entryist seeking to disarm any danger from this quarter. Well you can get more productivity somewhere else, they’re no danger even with snark the moment danger stopped being their hypothetical “popcorn” – that is the instant potential danger appears their wit and snark dies in their throats and does not pass their fingertips.

    Don’t waste time de-fanging this bunch, they never had any fangs.

    At least Dr. Land is consistent, he wishes humanity to be replaced by something better altogether.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    What exactly are team blue and green going to do? The ones in uniform occasionally make sounds but they’re still too invested in the system to actually fight it. The ones who have been purged and those out of uniform on the other hand are the ones you’re really talking about. Hypothetically they seize power. Then what? They hang the people they don’t like and maybe exile a few groups. Then what? There’s a power vacuum that needs filling and mouths to feed, their options on how to do that is strictly limited to the ideas floating in their heads. Right now most of the ideas floating in their heads are toxic because guess where most of those ideas came from.

    Now that we’re on the topic of origin of ideas, when they did the bloody purge did they just purge the political class or did they also purge the intellectual class? If they did purge the intellectual class which set of intellectuals did they replace it with so they’ll have a model to structure their power base on. If the intellectuals they’re following are the enlightenment ones that most of team blue and green currently worship then they have accomplished absolutely nothing, meet the new boss, same as the old boss (which is also the default path they will take if you say no intellectuals involved).

    Say they do have intellectuals within their own ranks that look and think exactly like you, how exactly do these wiser heads get their ideas on how power should be distributed actually implemented over the default demotism? Actually it’s too late for that, the power structure already ossified by the completion of the takeover. The new power structure in place will in fact be a reflection of the power structure during the conflict, Gnon help you if it was a free for all. The existing police and military institutions are corrupted like the rest of USG and will no doubt insist on serving some kind of demotist system of power since that’s what they’re designed to do (Besides the idea of a uniformed coup on the USG is laughable).

    Hypothetically, what you actually want to do is figure out who’s ideas you’re going to use to base your power structure on, (they can be long dead or degenerate manlets, it doesn’t matter because they’re not the ones actually occupying power), build institutions based on that power structure (fyi existing institutions are all tainted by enlightenment influence so you want to start from scratch), align your team blue and green people with those institutions, now set them loose with new institutions as vehicle for power distribution. Congratulations, you have a new power structure, hope it works better than the last one.

    Frankly, if done right there will actually be no need to call for violent action, will armed to affirm commitment to self defense sure but that goes without saying. You want more action and less tweeting, help build new institutions. What’s better than offering tokens of fealty to corrupted institutions, converting the capable warriors to ideas that work.

    TL;DR Killing the trouble makers won’t change a Gnon damn thing if you don’t change the power structure. It only creates power vacuums, instead you have to build new power structures to replace the old ones.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    “Hypothetically, what you actually want to do is figure out who’s ideas you’re going to use to base your power structure on.”

    Why The Fuck would someone do that? Because they like making the same mistakes?

    Well because it suits your interests, no doubt.

    Those that take the power and some will make these decisions. Intellectuals are in bad odor now since Rule of the Smart stinks.

    Intellectuals base their pseudo rule on ideas. Power bases it’s rule on the levers of force and gain, the only levers over men. Power is the Strong doing what they must whilst the weak do what they can. Intellectuals are of course – among the weak.

    Power doesn’t need to be based on ideas, it can quite be based on basic human nature and there’s nothing more basic than survival. After that comes sanity, after that dignity.

    We don’t need any such canon of new ideas, and we certainly don’t need a new set of Intellectuals. Rule of the Smart has been the worst disaster in Human Civilization and self-interest of survival will have people avoiding the credential waving as Lepers. They are.

    We already have a canon of ideas, traditions, and even a working government ready at hand, we merely need to restore it. Tens of millions are sworn to it that bear arms, but in fact every single public servant takes the Oath to the Constitution.

    We can file we need a brand new Canon with we need a brand new religion. NO.

    Finally Intellectuals and the Smart you know don’t actually rule now. Our current government are Power Lawyers and have been for some while, decades in fact. That is another blessing, for none of them have legitimacy. Nor any skill at ruling.

    “The Intellectuals are Humanity’s eternal race of Whores” – Moldbug. Correct. All they’ve been doing other than occasional and rare fighting and killing chaotically until put down like the mad dogs they are the last 2 centuries is acting as the Priest class divining from vapors instead of the entrails of sacrificial birds [which was probably a better system, it certainly worked for the Greeks and Romans]. All these Charts and formulas have simply been cover for the actual [unfit] ruling class to loot, and that’s pretty much the extent of their rule – the looting of America, it’s Hegemonic vassals, and indeed the legacy of 3000 years of Western Civilization.

    That Western Civilization wasn’t built by Philosophers. It was built by Men of Power, men of the Sword, men who worked stones, men who worked fields, men who went to market, men who sailed to sea for fish, trade, conquest.

    We are taught that Philosophers founded our civilization because at the moment in time we occupy they are the Priesthood class holding up this obscene farce that’s actually a Control Fraud looting Western Civilization. That Philosophers rule is an anachronistic lie and ruse of our teachers that is of our time, not all time. It’s as true as everyone needs college and debt slavery a small price to pay for it, for was it not exactly those agents of “the system” that instilled that LIE in all of us? A lie you Sir still believe?

    Western Civilization wasn’t built by Philosophers. It was built by Men of Power, men of the Sword, men who worked stones, men who worked fields, men who went to market, men who sailed to sea for fish, trade, conquest.

    We’ll no longer be needing your services, Priesthood of The Great Predation.

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Do understand you are seeing now leaders step forward from the ranks.

    It happens when leadership utterly fails.

    Human nature is a predictable and reliable mistress.

    There will be more.

    There will be more blood.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    I’ll do whatever it takes to preserve my extended kin called Americans and Western Civ. Playing the Murderous Fool/Dupe for USERS isn’t what it takes.

    Men who do any kind of work have been seeing though guys like you since we first pick up shovels or the sword.

    Want that corner office, university chair, promotion that bad from that Vibrant who robbed you of your elite white [prog spawn] status? Then you go get it yourselves.

    Do own Dirty Work. You might find how refreshing building something, cleaning something, fixing something and yes killing something is….


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