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Eric Raymond on the spontaneous response to Silicon Valleys SJWs:

Shut up and show us the code.

You want to make a point about women or minorities in hacker culture? OK, where is your commit history? What open source have you hacked on? Where are your Arduino and Thingiverse designs? Are you running any development projects yourself? What do you bring us that isn’t monkey screaming? Why should we care what you think?

And if the answer is “Justice!”, then our reply has to be this: The code is its own justice. No compiler or network stack or 3-D printer gives a crap about the shape of your genitals or the color of your skin, and hackers as a culture don’t either.

Close to the core of the tech-comm mind-set, no? (Via.)

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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    YES! Fist pump!

    Fucking A’. This line in the sand will never be crossed. It cannot be crossed, by definition. The SJWs have no conception of how badly they are going to lose this battle.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    @Kwisatz Haderach

    By the way, for anyone who codes and hasn’t seen this yet, I bring you the world’s first feminist programming language.


    1. The language is to be strictly interpreted using feminist theory. Compilation privileges a single processor architecture over all others, which is deeply problematic. We cannot FORCE a cpu to conform to any architecture but rather let it self identify. Just because you’re running something on an arduino doesn’t mean it can’t be an otherkin Xeon with a dozen 64-bit registers and PAE and it would be discriminatory for you to hand it ARM assembly. Instead, C+= is interpreted, which fosters communication, itself a strong female trait.
    2. No constants or persistence. Rigidity is masculine; the feminine is fluid. I.e., fluid mechanics is hard for men ‘because it deals with “feminine” fluids in contrast to “masculine” rigid mechanics’.
    3. No state. The State is The Man. ‘Nuff said. Hence, the language should be purely functional.


    Izak Reply:

    Before The Right Stuff got kinda crappy, Michael Enoch wrote two articles about this, both of which are very good.


    But the second article is a bit better in that it explains the rationale for such a ridiculous concept:

    “The most important thing to understand about postmodern feminist philosophy is that it is political rent-seeking behavior. The purpose of this school of thought is not to discover some kind of truth or to come to a better understanding of reality, but to come up with rhetorical techniques and mechanisms that allow feminist activists to perpetually frame and re-frame the terms of discourse to their advantage. Usually the strategy is to gain the moral high ground by constantly uncovering novel forms of oppression and discrimination in every aspect of society. This is why feminists support premises like paraconsistent logic and standpoint theory. These systems are fluid and can be easily adapted to changing social circumstances. The rhetoric is deliberately designed to confuse people, obfuscate reality, conflate categories and poison the well. The end goal is to use social shaming to gain security, resources and power from men or male dominated institutions that they are incapable of competing with or participating in.


    Feminist programming is facilitating a conversation, which is all it really needs to do, not actually work or anything like that. Being stupid enough to get neckbeards to make fun of it may even be a plus here. Big corporations are looking at ways of funding a solution to the supposed diversity problem in technology? Oh really? What sorts of people and organizations do you think are going to be getting a big chunk of that money? It will be speakers like Cathy Davidson and “researchers” like Arielle Schlesinger. These women don’t actually want to work in the tech sector and we know this because they did not choose to study technology despite zero structural barriers preventing them from doing so. They want sinecures that provide resources, security and prestige, but don’t actually require thought, hard work or concrete results.”

    I’ll also add that while “the code is its own justice” and everything, it is quite clear that women at all levels of society have always managed to devise their own sort of code, usually to supplement or even compensate for the phenotypal genetic code with which they were born — and of course, none of this has anything to do with computers. This code, too, becomes its own justice.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    I don’t know who Eric Raymond is but by saying something like “Shut up and show us the code” he sounds pretty naive, if not provocative. “Show us the code” – what is that hackers culture. Sounds too pretentious and fake to consider serious.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Raymond is the author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, The New Hacker’s Dictionary, fetchmail, a GPS daemon, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Videomode Timing (HOWTO), and a bunch of open source software; Open Source/Linux guru, libertarian gun nut, and sort of a saner version of Richard Stallman. He blogs at Armed ‘n Dangerous.

    He also wrote the Star Wars parody, Unix Wars. “May the Source be with you!”



    SVErshov Reply:

    Thanks Peter,I got it now. Such activism is what back-track guys call – giving machine guns to monkey. I would rather prefer offensive-security’s Muts formula “The quieter you become, more you are able to hear …”


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Right, just be quiet and listen to them. That’s what’s been working so well for the last fifty years.

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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    I argued to progs that algorithms don’t discriminate, that the math is perfectly colorblind.

    They countered by arguing that expert sytems trained on real world data could come to adopt “racial sterotypes” – and that such an outcome must be avoided at all costs.


    They have no interest in justice or reality, all they crave is evidence that can be twisted to serve the prog narrative and keep the cognitive dissonance at bay.

    ESR is sadly overconfident that his standard of merit and accomplishment will be able to hold firm against the onslaught of the SJWs. A few aspies will get SWJ girlfriends, and they will be puppets on a string to engineer the destruction of their community.


    Lucian Reply:

    If you push the progs on this (they haven’t a leg to stand on) they’d have to either cede the point or admit that racial stereotypes are more in touch with reality than they are.

    If SJWs infect and ultimately destroy programming culture I predict it will be through Human Resources and grafting on the bureaucratism that works so well elsewhere.


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  • Quote note (#146) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Rufio Says:

    This needs to be combined with “Who’s bitch this is?!?” and put on a Tshirt.


    I’m wearing it to every conference from here on out to pre-empt any bullshit.


    Lord Auch Reply:

    Don’t wear it to comet landings!


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  • SVErshov Says:

    @SVErshov I’m new o NRx and just learning. So, it is my personal position. Sometimes by opposing or confronting something you are giving them a meaning or promoting them. Is not, what they would expect. Old Chines saying – If dog bites you, dont bite dog in revenge.


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  • vimothy Says:

    For the unwary, (old) new lows and new (old) horrors: radishmag.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/cosmic-horror/#jewish-questions


    SVErshov Reply:

    From scientific point of view there is no geneticall difference between races, 99.9% genetic code is the same. And we share 97% of genetic similarity with monkeys. Remaining 0.1% percent is made up from side chain mutations of nucleotides. Not exactly different arrangements of nucleotides, but just nucleotides swops its places on the DNA string. With better understanding of functions of different gene blocks, we are getting more and more evidence of how stupidly humans designed. We are able to remain alive not because we are designed so well, but because despite of incredibly stupid and aggressive self destructive code in our genome, we some how able to reproduce. It is quite possible that racial and cultural differences some how rooted in imperfections of human’s genetic code.


    Erebus Reply:

    Please don’t speak of what you don’t understand.

    Read this to begin with: https://westhunt.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/clines-and-races/#comment-16474

    Also note that racial differences have practical, real-world effects. I’m mostly familiar with how they impact drug regimens — like this, for example. Or this. And this is a fine, if old, review. (For whatever reason, there haven’t been many recent reviews on this topic!)

    And if in your convoluted and incomprehensible statement on the “remaining 0.1%” you were trying to describe epigenetics, you did a damn poor job of it. It’s fashionable to ascribe a whole lot of importance to epigenetics these days; just how important histone modification and DNA-methylation actually are remains to be seen. Histone alterations, moreover, aren’t heritable.


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  • vimothy Says:


    Wrong thread!



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  • Scharlach Says:

    “The code is its own justice.” Brilliant. Also a good though indirect explanation of why “anti-racism” and “white supremacy” are just flip sides of the same coin—both focus on the phenotype of the programmer rather than the skills of the programmer.

    Of course, the SJW response to this would be that whites have more of an opportunity to develop programming skills. Programming skills are the result of a system that favors white males and bars the participation of blacks of either gender.

    To which the kind response would be, “Okay, so what do we need to do to make sure blacks aren’t barred from programming?”

    And, of course, the NRx tech-com would add, . . . “aren’t we already doing plenty to make sure blacks get interested in programming? How many millions are spent on free primary education, summer camps, employment legislation, affirmative action, and so on? Every computer science department in the West has a diversity outreach program. There’s not a single policy on the books of any CS department or tech company to keep blacks out.”

    “It’s not enough.”

    The SJWs want more drastic measures to be taken. And that’s where you realize that the desire to see more blacks in programming is just one of the many, many pathways by which SJWs want to completely change the rules of the capitalist game, to tear down the status quo. The kinds of drastic measures needed to get more blacks into Google would simply mean Google is no longer Google. And that’s what the SJWs want. They want to disrupt capital.

    Anyway, that’s what the more self-aware SJWs want. Plenty of them just get “teh feels” from demanding justice and have no long term game plans, which is why they shut down whenever you get all rational on them about this stuff, showing them IQ research, SAT scores, crime rates, and so on. “Hey, this is about muh feels, not about the real world!”


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  • strelkov Says:

    Nothing scares a prog like a meritocracy.


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  • simulcast on your fillings Says:

    what an sjw utopia might look like: harrison bergeron


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  • Anomaly UK Says:

    One possible future is that open-source software becomes even more dominant because it is relatively resistant to SJW aggression. Corporate software development can grind to a halt under political oppression. If FOSS pseudonymous reputations become monetisable via blockchain, software could pretty much escape the zero-product extreme of leftism.

    Maybe that is why ESR seems so blase about the threat.

    For context, I have followed just about everything he has written online since 1990, and it wasn’t until 2003 that I disagreed with him about anything enough to want to write online for myself. That was the only reason I started blogging. (Obviously, there was no blogging in 1990, but there was Usenet). He may come over as a tad pompous and ridiculous, but he has one hell of a track record.


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